Attorneys - KWR

Attorneys - KWR

Dr. Helen Pelzmann LL.M (LSE)

Education: University of Graz (Mag. iur. 1991); University of Vienna and Paris (Dr. iur. 1993); London School

of Economics (LL.M. 1994) Professional Experience: Attorney at law in Vienna since 1999 Practice Areas:

Corporate, M&A, International Transactions, Distribution Law, Employment Languages: German, English,


Dr. Thomas Rabl

Education: University of Vienna and Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (Mag. iur. 1995, Dr.

iur. 1999) Professional Experience: Research and Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Civil Law of the University

of Vienna (1995-1999); attorney at law in Vienna since 2002; lecturer at the University of Vienna, the

University of Linz, and the University of Salzburg; lecturer and author of numerous publications in the fields of

energy law and corporate law; contributor to the law journal “ecolex”; laureate of the Walther Kastner Prize in

2001; editor of the column “Energierecht auf den Punkt” in the VEÖ-Journal Practice Areas: Energy, Climate

and Renewable Energy, (European) Commercial Law, Public Grants, Public Sector, Sector-Related Contracts,

Litigation and Transactions, Compliance Languages: German, English, French.

Dr. Paul Schmidinger

Education: University of Vienna (Mag. iur. 2002; Dr.iur. 2006) Professional Experience: Setting up and management

of the Citizen Hotline and the telephone hotline of the Austrian Federal Chancellery (2000 - 2002);

legal advisor to the Undersecretary of State for Art and Media (2003 - 2006) Practice Areas: Construction

and Real Estate, Architects’ Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Arbitration Languages: German, English.

Mag. Clemens Schöfmann

Education: University of Vienna (Mag. iur. 2004) Professional Experience: Lecturer at the University of Applied

Sciences in Banking and Finance (since 2008) Practice Areas: Civil Law, Corporate, Insolvency, Damages,

Litigation, Construction Languages: German, English.

Dr. Katharina Trettnak-Hahnl

Education: University of Vienna (Mag. iur. 2000, Dr. iur. 2001) Professional Experience: Lecturer at the University

of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (since 2000) and at FH Campus Vienna (since 2005); author

of numerous publications Practice Areas: Public Procurement, State Aid, Public Law Languages: German,


Mag. Diana-Maria White LL.M. MBA

Education: University of Göttingen (1993); University of Berkley (1996); First State Examination, University of Konstanz

(1998); LL.M. European/International Business Law, University of Amsterdam (1999); Bar Exam, High Court

Hamburg (2002); admission to the Bar 2002 (RAK FFM); MBA Global Management & Business Administration, University

of Phoenix/Arizona (2004); registered as Austrian and European Lawyer Professional Experience: COUDERT

BROTHERS, Berlin (1999-2000); JONES DAY, Frankfurt (2001-2002); Head of Legal, THE THOMSON CORPO-

RATION, Westlaw, Frankfurt (2002-2005); lecturer at the European Business School (EBS) (since 2004) and at the

Berufsakademie Nordhessen in Germany and Croatia (since 2003); lecturer in the field of corporate and business

law in Germany and Austria (since 2006); Head of German Desk at one of the world leading international law

firms (2006-2009) Practice Areas: Corporate, M&A, Joint Ventures, Compliance, Contract and Commercial Law,

Pharmaceutical Law Languages: German, English.

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