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Water and Nature Initiative: Issues of the Upper Catchments ... - IUCN

Water and Nature Initiative: Issues of the Upper Catchments ... - IUCN

Acknowledgement The

Acknowledgement The author is like to acknowledge the support provided by Mr. Zakir Hussain, Deputy Director, Water Resources, Water Resources Directorate, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad and Miss Rashida Majeed, Master of Engineering student in Water Resources Engineering and Management at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand to complete this assignment within the stipulated time period. The area of water and nature is going to be critical in future with the continuation of the prevailing paradigm of water resources development for various sub-sectors of water use in the country. Further, the increase in population would further demand additional water resources for agriculture, industrial and domestic purposes. Thus pressure on the requirements of water for nature and ecosystems would be increased in the near future. At the end, the author would like to thank the IUCN for providing the opportunity to the author and his team in conducting this initial study. Dr. Shahid Ahmad ii

Table of Contents Acknowledgement Table of Contents Abbreviations and Acronyms Executive Summary ii iii v vi 1. Country’s Background and WANI Target Area 1 1.1. Physiographic Regions of Pakistan 1 1.2. WANI Initiative Target Area 2 1.3. Mountain Watersheds of the Selected WANI Region of Pakistan 2 2. Issues of Upper Catchments of the HKH Region of Pakistan 4 2.1. General Situation in the Country 4 2.1.1. Discourse 4 2.1.2. Practice 5 2.1.3. Governance 6 2.2. Contribution to Livelihood 8 2.2.1. Discourse 8 2.2.2. Practice 10 2.2.3. Governance 10 2.3. Economics and Finance 11 2.3.1. Discourse 11 2.3.2. Practice 11 2.3.3. Governance 11 2.4. Resource Situation 12 2.4.1. Discourse 12 2.4.2. Practice 14 2.4.3. Governance 17 2.5. Local Empowerment 17 2.5.1. Discourse 17 2.5.2. Practice 18 2.5.3. Governance 19 2.6. Information System to Support EA in IWRM 20 2.6.1. Discourse 20 2.6.2. Practice 20 2.6.3. Governance 20 3. Institutions and Existing Institutional Arrangements 22 3.1. Federal ministries and allied Institutes 22 3.1.1. Ministry of Environment, Local Government and Rural Development 22 3.1.2. Ministry of Water and Power 22 3.1.3. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock 22 3.1.4. Ministry of Scientific and Technological Research 22 3.1.5. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs, Northern Areas, State and Frontier Affairs 23 3.1.6. Ministry of Planning and Development 23 iii

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