Tad Kleindienst - MARAMA


Tad Kleindienst - MARAMA


• Condensable material formed from gas-phase reactions of

hydrocarbons produce secondary organic aerosol (SOA)

that comprises part of the organic carbon (OC) in PM2.5.

• SOA typically contains organic compounds more highly

polar than those from primary emissions and can be

semivolatile or nonvolatile.

• Recent data indicates SOA can be a significant summer

component of PM2.5 in the eastern U.S.

• Laboratory experiments indicate that organic products in

field samples can be associated with specific hydrocarbon

precursors (Edney et al. Atmos. Environ., 2003).

• Organic tracer technique for SOA has recently been

described (Kleindienst et al., Atmos. Environ., in press)

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