Tad Kleindienst - MARAMA


Tad Kleindienst - MARAMA

Next Steps

• Conduct studies combining both CMB analysis for primary compounds

and mass fractions for secondary compounds to see the degree of

consistency between SOA and “other OC” from the CMB analysis.

• Look at alternative double derivative technique to improve sensitivity of

tracers from aromatic hydrocarbons.

• Use information from laboratory and field studies to provide basis for an

improved SOA module for CMAQ.

• Determine tracers compounds from other classes of possible SOA

producing hydrocarbons, such as, high MW alkanes, etc.

• Determine tracer compounds from additional high volume aromatic

hydrocarbons (e.g., m-xylene, 1,2,4-TMB) and sesquiterpenes (e.g., α-

humulene, α-farnesene).

• Examine SOA production from complex mixtures.

• Further study role of acid-catalysis on SOA formation and possible tracer

compounds produced.

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