Albums - Studio Five Photography

Albums - Studio Five Photography

the premium presentation Boxes are hand

crafted from the finest materials available, with

an obvious attention to detail shown when you open

the box to reveal the astounding finish. even the base of the interior section is cushioned to protect your

valuable display.

All of the image areas on the box are produced using traditional photographic print, finished with a

smooth satin laminate. the front cover (or lid) is finely cushioned and once opened reveals a second

gatefold for a continued design theme. the lid is secured with a concealed magnet leaving your

design undisturbed. text can be placed on both spine areas of the box, giving a more personalised finish.

there are two depths of image boxes – one for the classic and infinity coffee table Books (30mm deep)

and the other for the Bellissimo and Artemis albums (65mm deep). Sizes for each are detailed below.

Available sizes

Bellissimo 6×6 7×5 — 7.5×5 8×6 8×8 10×8 10×10 12×8 12×10 12×12 14×10 14×14 16×12

infinity — — — — — — 10×8 10×10 12×9 — 12×12 — — —

classic 6×6 7×5 7.5×5 — 8×6 8×8 10×8 10×10 12×9 — 12×12 14×10 — —

All sizes shown above are in inches and are available in both portrait and landscape. Artemis 10×10 boxes are also available.

Remember albums and

books are a perfect

complement for your

presentation Box!


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