"Del Sudoeste" PDF - Library

"Del Sudoeste" PDF - Library

"Del Sudoeste" PDF - Library


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DEL SUDOESTE 1960<br />

san<br />

state<br />

diego<br />


ADMINISTRATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8<br />

SENIORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32<br />

ORGANIZATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72<br />

GREEKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100<br />

SPORTS . . . . . . .-. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 160<br />

BEAUTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200<br />

ACTIVITIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 208


THE MAIN ARCH, entrance to the Business Administration building, is one of the most familiar campus landmarks.<br />

Dean<br />

C. E. Peterson<br />

4<br />

The 1960 <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste is dedicated to the memory of<br />

Dean C. E. Peterson, better known as "Dean Pete" to<br />

his many colleagues and students. "Dean Pete" came<br />

to SDS, then San Diego Normal School, in 1920.<br />

Coach for each of the four major sports, as well as a<br />

counselor, he was known and loved by hundreds of<br />

students. In 1928, he was named dean of men, a position<br />

held until his retirement III 1953. His death, in<br />

February of this year, was a sad event to his many<br />

friends and former students. In the words of one, the<br />

Rev. Alexander Milmine, "I wish I could have lived<br />

all my life next door to him; he would have shown me<br />

how to live."<br />

ACROSS-THE-CANYON view of the Hunanities-Social Science building.<br />


AN OLD LANDMARK is statue of Monte, guardian of the Quad. THE BELL TOWER, atop the library, chimes the hours.<br />

\<br />

LIVING HOSPITALITY CENTER of the Home Economics department. To left is part of HS building.<br />



WORKING WITH the students and student activities in an advisory<br />

capacity is one of the jobs the administration performs at San Diego<br />

State. Students are free to talk to these people in seeking solutions<br />

to their problems and in seeking advice. They play an indispensable<br />

part in the functioning of our campus by organizing and heading<br />

projects and activities of the college.<br />

The decade of the 60's will be one of<br />

outstanding achievements at San Diego<br />

State College. In facing the next decade,<br />

you students on the campus at<br />

this time will become the backbone of<br />

our Alumni Association. Your relationship<br />

to the college will be a crucial<br />

factor in determining the destiny of<br />

San Diego State and the direction of<br />

all higher education during the next<br />

ten years. Developments now and in<br />

the near future will shape the form of<br />

higher education. As active members<br />

of our Alumni Association, you will<br />

be in an excellent position to serve<br />

those who aspire for the best in higher<br />

education. The next few years will<br />

bring important developments of interest<br />

to all of us.<br />

Malcolm<br />

A. Love<br />

President<br />

ERNEST B. O'BYRNE, Vice President of the College, is concerned with<br />

public relations between the college and the community. Dr. O'Byrne has<br />

charge of the coordination of administration and research.<br />

DONALD R. WATSON, Dean of the College, has the responsibility<br />

for the instructional program of the college. Dr. Watson<br />

works with the president of the college on problems regarding<br />

the faculty.<br />

DR. MALCOLM A. LOVE, who is serving his eighth year as president<br />

9f SDS.<br />

10<br />

DR. LOVE speaks to student leaders.<br />

DR. LOVE and Cetza President Linda Dobbs<br />

have a friendly talk at annual Presidents'<br />

Banquet.<br />

DR. LOVE AND MRS. LOVE are shown<br />

at one of many banquets which they attended<br />

this year.<br />

DARRELL HOLMES, Executive Dean, is shown<br />

looking over master plans for the new gymnasium<br />

now under construction. Dr. Holmes is<br />

administrator of the college building program.<br />

HERBERT C. PEIFFER JR., Dean of Students,<br />

is seen here talking with a student on campus.<br />

Dr. Peiffer coordinates and stimulates the develop.<br />

ment of student personnel service.<br />

SELWYN C. HARTIGAN, Business Manager, has<br />

charge of preparation of the budget and control<br />

of the business and maintenance functions of<br />

the college.

ALAN S. MISHNE, Administrativ Assistant, direct the campus traffic<br />

parking program and the loan program. Mr. Mishne also assists the<br />

Dean of Students in the per onal services area.<br />

'II Fln,f) II. (IIHlJPP, Deun of Educurlon lind Extended Services, admires the<br />

fir \ lllg ufl fir t j.:lllll,'1' in iiII' CUIllPU~ Laboratory School, Dr. Schrupp is director<br />

of I ,Iwr "dul uion pro 'ram" and of extended services, including summer, exteninn,<br />

aml "Il-llillg rla-ses,<br />

MARGERY ANN WARMER, Dean of Activities, seems<br />

quite amused at this telephone conversation. Mrs. Warmer<br />

administers the college-wide program of activities and<br />

scholarships for students.<br />

RICHARD H. THOMAS, Graduate Manager, handles the activities<br />

of the auxiliary corporations of San Diego State, which are the<br />

Aztec Shops, including the Bookstore and the Commons, and the<br />

San Diego State College Foundation.<br />

lEL"l r ~[)ER ON, Dean of Admissions and Records, is shown checking<br />

students' admission files, Dr. Anderson maintains a complete and accurate accounting<br />

of all students currently and formerly enrolled,<br />

MAURICE M. LEMME, Dean of Graduate and Professional<br />

Studies, checks the folder of a graduate student.<br />

Dr. Lemme has supervision over all graduate work.<br />

MARJORIE WALLACE, Activities Adviser, is concerned with the<br />

coordination of women's activities such as Associated Women Students<br />

and Panhellenic Council. Mrs. Wallace is an ex-officio member<br />

of these organizations and of the Associated Students Council.<br />

JACK DAUGHERTY, Activities Adviser, coordinates the activities of the<br />

men's organizations on campus. Mr. Daugherty is an ex-officio member<br />

of the Associated Men Students, the Inter-Fraternity Council, and the<br />

Associated Students Council.<br />

12<br />

SIDNEY L GULICK, Dean of Arts and Sciences, has charge of setting up a<br />

student program in the liberal arts and sciences,<br />

ROBERT T. GRAY, Dean of Counseling and Testing, is<br />

shown here, with his secretary, checking an IBM card.<br />

Dr. Gray is in charge of the Personnel Services Center,<br />

whose function is to help students adjust to their college<br />

experience in the hest possible way.<br />

WILL M. KIDWELL, Placement Officer, is in charge of the place.<br />

ment of graduate and undergraduate students in permanent, parttime,<br />

and SUmmer jobs.<br />

JOHN M. YARBOROUGH, Housing Director, is concerned with developing<br />

a student personnel program in San Diego State's new residence<br />

halls.<br />


ULTY<br />

DIVISION OF EDUCATION-Row 1; from left: Clayton<br />

Gjerde, Marvin Alcorn, James Linley, James Kinder. Row 2;<br />

from left: Richard Houseman, Paul Anderson, Paul Bruce,<br />

Bjorn Karlsen, Charles Falk. Row 3; from left: Francis Ballantine,<br />

Evans Anderson, Robert Briggs, Thorsten Carlson.<br />

DIVISION OF AIR SCIENCE-Row 1, from left: Charles<br />

Brown, L. W. Leach, Lloyd Walker, Jackson Williams. Row 2,<br />

from left: Donald Brown, Alden Wright, George Donnelly, R. R.<br />

Wilson, 1. D. Koeth.<br />


MENTS-Row 1, from left: Lynn Straub, Leslie Snudden, E.<br />

Dana Gibson, Robert Moesch, <strong>Del</strong>bert Williamson. Row 2, from<br />

left: Evangeline Le Barron, Maurice 1. Crawford, Robert Lanzenbach,<br />

Vern E. Odmark, Ivan Peterson. Row 3, from left:<br />

Ellis Archer. Leroy Pemberton, Lowell Dodds, Charles A. Lamden.<br />

Row 4, Eugene Brown.<br />


from left: Ruth Talboy, Marybelle Bigelow, Helen Dorris, Paul<br />

Lingren, Jean Swiggett. Row 2; from left: Mary Martin, Nona<br />

Canon, Norita Comin, Alice Thomas. Row 3; from left: John<br />

Dirks, lIse Ruocco, Martha Longenecker, Robert Wallace. Row<br />

4; from left: Lawrence Rasmussen, Everett Jackson, William<br />

Bowne, George Sorensen.<br />


1; from left: Frances Torbert, Dale Lovell, Simon Reznikoff,<br />

Glenn Hodge. Row 2; from left: Donald Lawson, Dick Roberts,<br />

Gerald Sharkey. Row 3; from left: W. H. Hippaka, William<br />

Barber, Alexander Srbich.<br />

SPEECH AND MUSIC DEPARTMENTS-Row 1; from left:<br />

Christine Springston, Nancy Jo Reed, Sue Earnest, Robert Lee,<br />

Hunton Sellman, Phyllis Rogers. Row 2; from left: Mervin<br />

Snider, Deane Smith, Millard Biggs, Lyman Hurd, E. K. Povenmire.<br />

Row 3; from left: John Blyth, Jack Mills, Don Powell,<br />

William Adams, Paul Anderson. Row 4; from left: Richard<br />

Harris, Robert Benjamin, J. Dayton Smith, Cleve Genzlinger,<br />

Benny Kemp.<br />

14<br />

DIVISION OF EDUCATION-Row 1; from left: Edna Koehn,<br />

Russell Trimmer, Manfred Schrupp, Helen Prouty. Row 2; from<br />

left: David Malcolm, Richard Madden, George Koester, John<br />

J arolimek, Morrow Stough. Row -3; from left: Robert Nardelli,<br />

Earl Grotke, Douglas Baker.<br />


Row 1; from left: Guerard Piffard, Richard Lawson, Elizabeth<br />

Brown, Clifford Baker, Gail Burnett. Row 2: from left: Leonard<br />

Messier, William Freitas, Vytas Dukas, James Baker. Row 3;<br />

from left: Glenn Sandstrom, Lowell Tozer, Ernest Marchand.<br />

Row 4; from left: Chester Kennedy, James Tidwell, George<br />

Sanderlin, John Theobald.<br />



from left: Lionel Ridout, Abraham P. Nasatir, Harry Ruja, Mary<br />

Mendenhall, Allan Shields. Row 2; from left: William Han.<br />

chert, Kramer 1. RohfIeisch, Mark Van Aken, Arvid T. Johnson.<br />

Row 3; from left: Stanley J. Pincetl, John Merrill, Herbert 1.<br />

Searles. Row 4; from left: C. R. Webb, Martin Ridge, Sherwood<br />

Nelson.<br />


DIVISION ON Row i. f;om left: Mary Cave, Charles Sports-<br />


W H Lauritsen.<br />

-. 'R<br />

ow<br />

2'<br />

,<br />

from left: Margaret Murphy,<br />

man, . Shr nnon Dorothy Tollefsen, Bill Schutte, Mary Ellen<br />

Florence a '.. R 3' from left: LeRoy Harper,<br />

b A gela Kitzinger. ow ,<br />

Ab ott, G n li Kennet h Coch ra ne , AI Olsen , William Terry.<br />

Paul overn; lieft. Larry Schimpf, Harry Broadbent, Charlie<br />

Row 4;F fro Smith, rank Sco. tt' Row 5' , from left: Ralph Grawunder, Carl<br />

Benton, George Ziegenfuss.<br />


left: Dorothy Harvey, Neva Nye, Dorothy Moses, Constance<br />

Carmody. Row 2; from left: Beatrice Atkinson, Cecelia Coveny,<br />

Doris Geitgey, Constance Ganong, Wanda Grist. Row 3; from<br />

left: Avery Gallup, Mary Wiley, Dudley Preston.<br />

DIVISION OF ENGINEERING-Row 1; from left: MRa:tihn<br />

Capp William Shutts, Charles Morgan. R ow 2 ; f1'0 m left· .' IC'<br />

ard Mann , Hamilton Stone, Her bert Spencer, Henry Bilterman. . h d<br />

Row 3; from ' left: Frederick Quiett, C urtis . W a11' mg, RIC ar<br />

Fitz.<br />

P , /I lOGY D[P RTME T-Row 1; from left: Merle<br />

Tlirn r, J 110 'mit". Lark Dani I, Oscar Kaplan, Edward O'Day.<br />

Row 2: Irom J It; Duan Rumbaugh, Wolcott Treat, Hilding<br />

rI on. R " 3: Irom left: Wayman Crow, Robert Harrison,<br />

\\ alt r<br />

1 f m left· Gerhard Wolter,<br />

PHYSICS DEPARTMENT-Rohw T; rO dale<br />

Row 2· from left:<br />

. P Sogo Jon eascaie. .<br />

John Carrison, . ower 'Crai Richard Morris. Row 3;<br />

Ernest Nieschmldt, MRobe~ . S%ith Orrin Clark.<br />

from left: Chesney oe, OUlS ,<br />

16<br />


from. left: Henr: ."\\ alch, Gordon Tucker, James Crouch,<br />

Frank Ratty. Ene BarlJam. Row 2: from left: Merrel Taylor<br />

Edward Huffman. Andrew Olson. Hale Wedberg Mab 1M'<br />

Row 3: from lelt: David Jameson, Kurt Boh'nsack e Ch:~rs.<br />

Brandt. Ronald W. Crawford, David Shepard. ' I' es<br />

MENT-Row 1; from left: John<br />

MATHEMATICS DEPART H len Clark, Deane Bran-<br />

R· Joseph Moser, e W 1<br />

Eagle Lester iggs, S ith Kenneth a tel'S,<br />

' f left: Newton rm ,<br />

stetter, Row 2; rom . R 3' from left: Calvin Holmes,<br />

P t Shaw ow , D . I<br />

Albert Harvey, eel' B Robert Hemminger, arne<br />

R H. Jones, Charles R. .urton, H I' is Kenneth MacDonald,<br />

. . from left: Vmcent a I' ,<br />

Saltz. Row 4, ld B ker LeRoy Warren.<br />

Charles Bell, Gera ec ,<br />



DUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENTS-Row 1; from left: Lawrenee<br />

W. Luce, R. Gordon Gastil, James McMullen, Wirt Me-<br />

Loney, Kenneth Phillips. Row 2; from left: W. Carlisle Anderson,<br />

Raymond Elliott, Walter Ford, Robert O'<strong>Del</strong>l. Row 3;<br />

from left: Dean Milow, Burt Nelson, Clifford Smith, Ellis<br />

Roberts. Row 4; from left: Claude Merzbacher, Paul Stewart,<br />

Blakemore Thomas, Baylor Brooks, Arthur Ford, Frank Irgang.<br />

ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Row 1; from left: Roy Cameron,<br />

Marjorie Brookshire, George Babilot, Robert Barckley. Row<br />

2; from left: Don Bridenstine, Graydon Anderson, Adam Gifford,<br />

Frederick Ryan. Row 3; from left: Carl Behrens, Denis<br />

Flagg, Joseph McClintic.<br />


PARTMENTS-Row 1; from left: James Julian, Warren Brier,<br />

Paul Ezell, Frank Young, David Milne, Spencer Rogers. Row<br />

2; from left: Earle MacCannell, Bernard Kirby, Morris Daniels,<br />

Kenneth Barnhart. Row 3; from left: Aubrey Wendling, Thomas<br />

McJunkins, Walter Harvey, Orrin E. Klapp, Jack <strong>Del</strong>ora.<br />


-Row 1; from left: Lauren Post, Minos Generales, Henry Janssen,<br />

James Kitchen, Alvena Storm. Row 2; from left: Robert<br />

Wilcox, James Taylor, Ned Joy, Melvin Crain. Row 3; from left:<br />

James Woodruff, Ivo Feierabend, Vincent Padgett, Richard<br />

Bigger. Row 4; from left: Robert Richardson Donald Eidemiller,<br />

Charles Yahr, Richard Gripp. '<br />

"",<br />




FRANK HOOLE, AS President<br />

CHUCK INSKEEP, AS Vice-President, has the job of seeing that all AS<br />

committees function smoothly,<br />

20<br />

THE PURPOSE of the Associated Students is to promote student welfare, maintain<br />

consistent and constructive procedures in all matters relating to student affairs and<br />

extend the influence and good name of the college everywhere. Under Frank Hoole<br />

this year's AS president, various actions were taken to realize these goals. Work'<br />

aid s~hol::ships were increased, and rugby was added as an intercollegiate sport.<br />

The. first Annual S~udent Report" was published and distributed to students at registration,<br />

and a part-time student news director was added to the public relations staff.<br />

~rank Hoole represented SDS at many convocations and conferences, including one<br />

In Cuba as guest of Fidel Castro.<br />

FRANK HOOLE, discussing proposed<br />

allocation for new athletic budget,<br />

shows variety of expressions from perplexity<br />

to optimism.<br />

THE STUDENT COUNCIL includes four elected officers, representatives<br />

from every class, from both upper and lower divisions, from<br />

Greek organizations and from the dorms. The AS Committees are<br />

responsible to the members of the Council. The Council this year<br />

moved into the 'academic field by sponsorship of Vocational Information<br />

Day and by passing a motion advocating academic honesty.<br />

They also took a stand on State Legislature bills that would have<br />

injured SDS and aided in influencing withdrawal of these bills.<br />

They also added a long-range planning committee to determine<br />

MONTE DICKINSON, AS Commissioner of Finance, has<br />

future plans of the AS program. charge of the planning of the AS budget.<br />


"'. ... -- .-<br />



!'per Divi ion Representative<br />


Upper Division Representative<br />


Upper Division Representative<br />


Upper Division Representative<br />

The publications board is the advisory board for<br />

all student publications. It main function ar to<br />

award contract and choo th editor for th<br />

Aztec and the D I udoe teo It i a tudent-Fa ulty<br />

committee and is composed of memb rs from th<br />

faculty, AS Council, and tudents at lara .<br />


Upper Divi ion Representative<br />


Lower Division Representtaive<br />


Lower Division Representative<br />


Lower Division Representative<br />

PUBLICATIONS BOARD: Front T(}W; from left: Dr. Warren Brier, Marie Tillotson,<br />

Dr. James Julian, Bob Battenfield, Lynne Walker, Judy Thompson. Back row; from<br />

left: Dr. W. C. Anderson, Gordon Lee, Dick Thomas.<br />

The finance committee entru t d with th responsibility<br />

for investment and disbursem nt of A<br />

funds. The planning of the yearly budget, for which<br />

the sale of AS cards provide mo t of the income,<br />

is under its direction. Organizations and d partments<br />

with requests for AS funds bring them before<br />

the Finance Committee for discussion and settlement.<br />


Graduate Representative<br />


Senior Representative<br />


Junior Representative<br />


Sophomore Representative<br />

FINANCE COMMITTEE: From left: Ron Svalstad, Dick Thomas, Norman Rost {not a member}, Monte Dickinson, Jim Crock,<br />

Dean Herbert<br />

Peiffer, Leola Cline.<br />


Freshman Representative<br />


AWS Representative<br />


Panhellenic Representative<br />

JIM<br />

IFC<br />


Representative<br />

Under the new reorganization plan,<br />

the activities committee has under its<br />

jurisdiction the Campus Chest, Who's<br />

Who, elections, constitution, awards<br />

and publicity code. Both students and<br />

faculty have a vote in the decisions of<br />

the group. Ohuck Inskeep, AS Vice<br />

President, was chairman of the committee.<br />

Faculty members were Mrs.<br />

Marjorie Wallace and Dean Wanner.<br />


Inter-faith Council Representative<br />


Maya Hall Representative<br />


Toltec Hall Representative<br />


AMS Representative<br />

ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE: Seated, from left: Sharon Petersen, Mrs. Marjorie Wallace, and Dean Margery<br />

Warmer. Standing, from left: Chuck Inskeep, Jerry Crowley, and Bob Christensen.<br />


• I'<br />

The function of the Publicity Committee<br />

is to see that the rules of the publicity code<br />

are complied with. For this reason, the<br />

committee must okay all on-campus publicity<br />

before it is posted or announced over<br />

the P.A. system. The chairman of this<br />

year's committee was Blaine S. Hollimon.<br />

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: from left: Dick Bergmann, Gordon<br />

Lee, Bob Battenfield, Claude Merzbacher, Marie Tillotson, Dr. Walter<br />

Wineman.<br />

The Public Relations Committee was<br />

formed to further better PR for the campus.<br />

This past year a new position, that<br />

of student activities news director, was<br />

created. This person provides campus publicity<br />

to all San Diego area newspapers.<br />

Bob Battenfield held the job this year. The<br />

committee also compiled the results of a<br />

survey taken last year of all graduating<br />

seniors. The results will be used in future<br />

work of the committee.<br />

/<br />

- , \'<br />

The Social Committee is in charge of<br />

planning various activities during the<br />

school year. This past year, the "Get-Acquainted"<br />

dance for freshmen was held<br />

under their supervision. They also took<br />

charge of the President's Dinner, at which<br />

President Love spoke to the presidents of<br />

all campus organizations. Chuck Inskeep<br />

was chairman of the committee this year.<br />

PUBLl lTY CODE COMMITTEE-Seated; from left: Christie Davis,<br />

herry Hatcher. tanding; from left: Blaine S. Hollimon, Ruth Place.<br />

S c rip p s Board is a<br />

student-faculty committee<br />

which makes all policies<br />

concerning the management<br />

and finance of<br />

Scripps Cottage. Dean<br />

Margery Warmer, David<br />

Neptune from the College<br />

YM - YWCA, and Mrs.<br />

Marjorie Wallace are faculty<br />

members of the committee.<br />

24<br />

SOCIAL COMMITTEE-Seated' from left· Betsy Limbach Mrs I'll . .<br />

Butler, Chuck Inskeep, Ruben' Domingues, Jerry Crowley. . arjrme Wallace, Dean Margery Warmer. Standing; from left: Bob<br />

W Carol Stough. Standing, from left: Dave Neptune,<br />

SCRIPPS BOARD: Seated, from left: Dean Margery armer,<br />

Vern Whitaker.<br />



THE ASSOCIATED Women students has as its<br />

members all of the women on campus. Many wornen<br />

leaders meet through the President's Council,<br />

which is composed of presidents of all campus<br />

women's organizations. The AWS Council, numbering<br />

20 members, sponsored All-Women's Week.<br />

with Carry the Books Day, the All·Women's Assembly,<br />

and Frosh Fete, a fashion show with all freshmen<br />

models. There was an attendance of 500 at<br />

the fall get.acquainted party, to which all incoming<br />

freshmen women were invited. The final event<br />

on the AWS calendar was Spring Sing.<br />

AWS COUNCIL: Row 1, from left: Karen Briggs, lAWS represntative; Judy Herz, music and drama chairman; Jeanette Pritchett, College Y representative;<br />

Christie Davis, orientation chairman; Mary Jo Yarbrough, Cetza representative. Row 2, from left: Julie Holbeck, vice president; Betty<br />

Dawson, president; Sharon Graham, secretary; Sherry Hatcher, treasurer; Mrs. Marjorie Wallace, adviser. Row 3, from left: Ruth Place, campus<br />

display and design chairman; Julie Kaufman, publicity chairman; Anne Hawley, judiciary board chairman; Sandy Botteron, editor; Bettianne Moore,<br />

service chairman; Carolyn Meadors, corresponding secretary; Cookie Bagdoian, Maya Hall, representative; Carol Stough, Scripps Cottage chairman ~<br />

Beverly Reynolds, social chairman; Patsy Drummond, program chairman; Barbara Christian, Panhellenic representative.<br />

BETTY DAWSON, president<br />

JULIE HOLBECK, vice-president<br />

AWS JUDICIARY BOARD: from left: Mrs. Marjorie Wallace, Dr. John Yarborough, Patti<br />

Kling, Anne Hawley, chairman; Miss Mary Martin, Sharon Graham, Barbara Kunkel.<br />

26<br />

SHARON GRAHAM, secretary<br />

SHERRY HATCHER, treasurer<br />

ANNE HAWLEY, judiciary board chmn.<br />

THE WAlTERS were the only males at the AWS banquet in November.<br />

BOTHERED BY frustrations of adult life, this<br />

coed has reverted to her childhood, where lollipops<br />

hold the limelight, and there are no such<br />

animals as men.



J-UNIOR<br />

CLASS<br />

. . . h AWS . . . g orientation and the AMS-A WS dance. The Barbershop Quartet contest,<br />

Ttll . YE I joined WIl In sponsonng sprm . .<br />

I Id d t J k of entrants. The new adviser was Mr. Jack Daugherty. Officers were Mike<br />

u uully ponsored hy M, was nolle ue 0 ac .<br />

I 0 '.'1' , "I" .ideut ; Gary Mc urdy, vice·president; Vic Bianchini, secretary; and Dick Barnes, treasurer.<br />

THE JUNIOR CLASS again pon or d the pring Blue<br />

Book Ball. The profit mad will be u ed for th s nior<br />

gift next year. Adviser for the la wa Dr. J. h rri k<br />

Fisher.<br />

"-' -<br />

........<br />

, ,<br />

J<br />

MIKE ROGERS, President AMS COUNCIL: Seated; from left: Mike Rogers, Gary Riggs, Vic Bianchini,<br />

Errol Mackzum. Standing: from left: Gary McCurdy, Dick Barnes, Ed Miller,<br />

Bob Butler, Jim Salmon, Gary Cook, and Larry Shipley .<br />

RALPH KELLY, president<br />

ED MILLER,<br />

vice-president<br />

.r:~ . ~~<br />

~<br />

GARY McCURDY, Vice-president<br />

VIC BIANCHINI, Secretary DICK BARNES, Treasurer<br />

28<br />

CAROLYN BUTLER, secretary<br />

DEANNA DUNBAR, treasurer<br />




CLASS<br />

THE SOPHOMORE CLASS had as its main goal<br />

this year raising money for a gift to the school<br />

when the class becomes seniors. To do this, it sponsored<br />

a rummage sale in the spring semester. In<br />

the fall, they challenged the freshman class to a<br />

tug-a-war, which the sophomores won.<br />


Pre id nt<br />

BUZZ HALLE, President<br />

DOROTHY WAGNER, Vice President<br />

DENNIS NIX, President<br />


Secretary<br />

30<br />

BOBBIE McCALL, Secretary<br />

BILL FRO NTIS, Treasurer<br />

DR. WILLIAM HIPPAKA, Adviser<br />

MARILYN DUPREE, Treasurer<br />

CABINET MEMBERS: Seated, Pinkie Sutorius, Barbara Maloney, Mary Ann Corley, Lynne<br />

Loughery. Standing, Linda Duffey, Diane Dawson, Janet Pitts, Jerry Monell, Jo Ann Davis,<br />


.~<br />

I' '/\

· "pl'<br />



In this ?ay, of long-ra?ge missiles and thermo-nuclear power,<br />

our z:atlO.ns de~e~se IS a tremendous project with a budget<br />

runnIng into hillions of dollars. The main bulwark of our<br />

defense program is the United States Air Force<br />

The Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corp~ has 176<br />

detachments at colleges and universities throughout 49<br />

states and Puerto Rico.<br />

AF~O,!,C ca?ets un.dergo a four-year program of instruction<br />

beginning with then freshman year in college. The importance<br />

of .aerospace power is stressed during the first two<br />

years, with leadership training occupying the latter part<br />

of the program.<br />

Th~ s~m~er training camp, attended by all cadets between<br />

then junior and. senior years, is the major testing ground<br />

for officer matenal. The cadets undergo training similar to<br />

t~at of a boot. camp, including experience in flying jet<br />

aircraft and survival exercises.<br />

Within the organization of the Corps are several national<br />

honoraries includi~g Arnold Air Society for upper division<br />

ca?ets, Sabres ~~cIety for lower division cadets, and Angel<br />

Fhght, an auxiliary organization of coeds who serve as<br />

hostesses at the Corps' social functions.<br />

COL. LLOYD A. WALKER, JR., chairman of the Division of Air Science.<br />

JERRY GORDINIER, president.<br />


vice president.<br />

(<br />

FUTURE AIR FORCE officers parade and review smartly before the officers' stand in<br />

Aztec Bowl.<br />

AFROTC OFFICER stands ready to escort his<br />

lady out on the field.<br />

34<br />


secretary.<br />

BEVERLY REYNOLDS, treasurer<br />



OF<br />


The Division of Business Administration at San Diego<br />

State offers one of the nation's leading programs in the<br />

fields of accounting, business education, business law, real<br />

estate, and insurance; management, and marketing.<br />

In today's expanding world of business and finance, a sound<br />

education in business administration gives the student an<br />

excellent key with which to unlatch the door of success.<br />

The growth of business and industry in San Diego alone<br />

indicates the need for promising young men and women<br />

graduates in this field.<br />

Organized research activity is carried on through the Bureau<br />

of Business and Economic Research. The Bureau is a part<br />

of the Division of Business Administration and is financed<br />

by the San Diego State College Foundation. One of its<br />

principal objectives is to facilitate research by faculty and<br />

students in the areas of economics and business, with special<br />

reference to local and regional problems.<br />

THERE ARE many types of equipment the BA student mu t rna ter<br />

before graduating.<br />

THE PROFESSOR is always close by when students find<br />

problems they can't solve.<br />

DR. CHARLES W. LAMDEN, chairman of the Division of Business<br />

Admini tration.<br />

EVEN DURING classroom breaks many students till<br />

work on homework that has piled up on them.<br />

LEARNING SHORTHAND requires many hours of practice.<br />

W~ ALL make errors, and just have to erase and do lt<br />

again.<br />

lover<br />

(J<br />

IF YOU PUNCH the wrong key your total may be off a million<br />

or more.<br />

FIRST YOU read off the numbers, then you punch the<br />

numbers on the machine.<br />


Asaro Anderson Beachler, J. Beachler, R.<br />

Bellatti<br />

Blair Bourcier Brown<br />

Callahan Carlson Cazares Choft Costello Crandall Davis Demos<br />

ADAIR, HENRY A., B.S., Accounting; Accounting Society.<br />

AIKEN, KELMAN R., B.S., Industrial Management. AMADOR,<br />

DONALD L., B.S., Marketing; KA, Marketing Association, Judo<br />

Club. ASARO, VITO J., B.S., Marketing; xs. ANDERSON,<br />

MARTIN L., B.S., Industrial Management; TKE, SAM.<br />

Amador<br />

Bryant<br />

Derr Dickinson<br />

Dunn, D. Dunn, G. Dwyer<br />

Ek<br />

Harman Eulitz<br />

BEACHLER, JAMES F., B.S., Marketing; AXA, IFC, Marketing<br />

Association. BEACHLER, ROBERT E., B.S., Business Management;<br />

l;1I, Oceotl, Marketing Association. BELLAHI, RONALD<br />

E., B.S., Business Management; SAM. BLAIR, CHARLES H.,<br />

B.S., Business Education; Business Education Club. BOURCIER,<br />

ROBERT S., B.S., Business Management; Tau Sigma, Christian<br />

Science Organization, Inter-Faith Council.<br />

Aiken<br />

Burel<br />

Famme Flaming Foushee<br />

Graham, G. Graham, R. Guyer<br />

Hartwell<br />

Hawkins<br />

BROWN, MARCIA M., B.S., Secretarial Management. BRYANT,<br />

JAMES A., A.B., Personnel Management. BUREL, 'HOWARD<br />

L., B.S., Accounting; Sabres, Arnold Air Society, Tau Sigma,<br />

Accounting Society. CALHOUN, WILLIAM H., B.S., Business<br />

Management; LEtreasurer.<br />

Adair<br />

Calhoun<br />

Heap Hendricks<br />

Hicks<br />

Hook Hopkins Humphrey Hyde<br />

Jack<br />

CALLAHAN, JOHN M., AB., Personnel Management; zx. SAB. CARL-<br />

DERR, TERRY G., B.S., Banking and Finance. DICKINSON, MONTE, B.S.,<br />

SON, EDMOND W., B.S., Accounting; ATn treasurer, Accounting Society,<br />

Business Management; LX, SAM, AS commissioner of finance, IFC<br />

Greek Week dance chairman. CAZARES, CARLOS, B.S., Accounting; Ac-<br />

treasurer, finance committee chairman, Who's Who. DUNN, DAVID A.,<br />

counting Society. CHOrr, HENRY, B.S., Industrial Management;<br />


A., B.S. Business Management; IIKA secretary, freshman baseball.<br />

DAVIS, RICHARD W., AB., Personnel Management; SAM. DEMOS, WIL-<br />

LIAM, B.S., Business Management, rally committee.<br />

B.S., Business Management; KL secretary, rally committee, Xolotl.<br />

DUNN, GLEN R., B.S., Accounting; Accounting Society, SAM. DWYER,<br />

ROBERT J., B.S., Marketing; IIKA. EK, GARY, B.S., Personnel Management;<br />

TKE, Homecoming committee. HARMAN, EUGENE E., B.S., Business<br />

Management. EULlTZ, GUSAVE, AB., Personnel Management; TKE,<br />

SAM, varsity gymnastics. _<br />

38<br />

LEARNING EQUIPMENT is one f th h<br />

o e many t ings the BA student must know before graduating.<br />

FAMME, JOSEPH B., B.S., Industrial Management; ATn. FLAMING,<br />

ARTHUR, L., B.S., Marketing; Kl;, AMS president, vice president; Blue Key<br />

varsity baseball, Who's Who. FOUSHEE, JAMES, B.S., Personnel Management;<br />

l;AE, AS Council, SAM president, AMS Council, Who's Who,<br />

AMS Man of the Month, Blue Key. GRAHAM, ROBERT W., B.S., Business<br />

Management; TKE. GUYER, JUDITH A., AB., Personnel Management;<br />

SAM, College YM·YWCA, Maya Hall president. HARTWELL, CLIFF, B.S.,<br />

Business Management; SAM. HAWKINS, TILLMAN R., B.S., Accounting.<br />

HEAP, SANDRA J., B.S., Secretarial Management. HENDRICKS, HOWARD<br />

W., B.S., Accounting. HICKS CHARLES N., AB., Personnel Management;<br />

KL. HOOK, ALAN, B.S., Business Management. HOPKINS, WIlliAM,<br />

B.S., Business Management; xz, HUMPHREY, THOMAS R., B.S., Banking<br />

and Finance; Wesley Foundation, Circle K secretary. HYDE, EDWARD H.,<br />

B.S., Accounting. JACK, H. WILLIAM, B.S., Business Management; LX,<br />

varsity tennis.<br />


JAUREGUI, MARY ANN, AB., Personnel Management;<br />

KAe, song leader, Cross and Crescent Girl of<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha, Blue Book Ball queen, SAM<br />

secretary. JOHNSON, BEVERLY, B.S., Secretarial<br />

Management; Iri-S, Wesley Foundation. KEELER,<br />

RONALD J., B.S., Marketing; K~. KRAEMER, DORO.<br />

THY, A.B., Business Education; Pi Omega Pi, CSTA,<br />

Business Education Club. LAFFERTY, MELVIN T., B.S.,<br />

Business Management; SAM.<br />

PUSKER, DON L., B.S., Business Management; ~X,<br />

SAM. RAINWATER, LAUREL E., B.S., Business Management;<br />

~X, SAM. RANSON, LARRY N., B.S.,<br />

Business Management; TKE. REDINBAUGH, LARRY<br />

D., B.S., Business Mnagement; SAM. RILEY, MICHAEL<br />

0., B.S., Industrial Management; sophomore class<br />

president, cheerleader, ~AE.<br />

Pusker<br />

RalnwClter Ranson Redlnbaugh<br />

Riley<br />

LClkin Lamberson Lowrey Lytle MClCkzum<br />

LAKIN, WILLIAM R., B.S., Marketing; IIKA, Marketing<br />

Association, Sailing Club. LAMBERSON, GARY,<br />

B.S., Marketing; ~AE, Tau Sigma, SAM. LOWREY,<br />

ROBERT K., A.B., Personnel Management; SAM.<br />

LYTLE, KENNETH J., AB., Personnel Management;<br />

SAM. MACKZUM, ERROL J., B.S., Accounting; Alpha<br />

Phi Omega, Newman Club treasurer, AMS Council,<br />

Xototl, Accounting Society.<br />

ROBERTSON, BROCK L., B.S., Industrial Management;<br />

Alpha Phi Omega, Marketing Association.<br />

ROBERTSON, WALTER G., B.S., Business Management;<br />

K~ president, treasurer. ROCKENFIELD, WAR-<br />

REN E., B.S. Marketing; Alpha Phi Omega, Marketing<br />

Association president. ROGERS, MICHAEL D.,<br />

B.S., Marketing; AMS president, vice president;<br />

Oceotl, K~, SAM, Who's Who. SAWDAY, MARY<br />

SUE, B.S., Marketing; KAe, Tri-S treasurer, SAM,<br />

Xolotl, Panhellenic, Leadership Camp committee, social<br />

committee, publicity committee chairman, inter-<br />

Collegiate Cooperative Council secretary.<br />

Robertson, B. Robertson, W. Rockenfleld<br />

Roger.<br />

Sawday<br />

MARIKLE, ROBERT, B.S., Marketing. MAYNARD,<br />

WALTER L., A.B., Personnel Management; Alpha<br />

Phi Omega, SAM. McADAMS, GRANDERSON E.,<br />

B.S., Industrial Management; SAM. McELRATH,<br />

CHARLES, B.S., Industrial Management; Alpha Phi<br />

Omega, Canterbury Association. MEADER, KENNETH<br />

L., B.S., Business Management; AKA, SAM, Tau<br />

Sigma.<br />

SCHWEND, FREDERICK D., B.S., Business Management;<br />

ATfl. SCOZZAFAVA, CARMEN D., B.S., industrial<br />

Management; IIKA, SAM, Marketing Association.<br />

SERPA, JOHN R., B.S., Industrial Management.<br />

SHERESH, RICHARD D., A.B., Personnel Management;<br />

SAM. SHIELDS, HARLEY A., B.S., Business<br />

Management; SAM.<br />

Marikle Maynard McAdClms McElrath Meader<br />

Schwend Scozzafava Serpa<br />

Sheresh Shields<br />

MEEUWENBERG, PAUL, A.B., Business Education;<br />

Wesley Foundation. MERRILL, HOWARD B., B.S.,<br />

Accounting. MICHAEL, VIRGIL, A.B., Personnel Management;<br />

SAM. MILES, NEWTON E., B.S., Accounting.<br />

MITCHELL, WILLIAM G., B.S., Industrial Management;<br />

SAM.<br />

SKINNER, BEVERLY, B.S., Marketing; AZ, Cetza,<br />

Marketing Association, SAM, Pi Phi Epsilon. SKIN-<br />

NER, ROBERT G., B.S., Business Management; freshman<br />

class vice president, ~AE, SAM, Pi Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta, debate. SMITH, RICHARD A., B.S., Marketing;<br />

Marketing Association. SMITH, STANLEY R., B.S.,<br />

Marketing. STEGEMANN, JOHN D., B.S., Accounting;<br />

AXA, Accounting Society,<br />

Skinner, B. Skinner, R. Smith, R. Smith, S.<br />

Stegemann<br />

MOORE, HARRY A., B.S., Banking and Finance.<br />

MOSLEY, JAMES R., B.S., Accounting; AXA, Accounting<br />

Society. MULDER, GERALD S., B.S., Accounting;<br />

varsity bask~tball, ~X, Accounting Society.<br />

NELSEN, T. CURTIS, AB., Personnel Management;<br />

SAM. NELSON, JOHN S., B.S., Accounting.<br />

STRATTON, JAMES, B.S., Business Management; KA.<br />

STRICKLAND, LOUIS B., B.S., Accounting; Accounting<br />

Society, Aztec Christian Fellowship. SUTTER, RON-<br />

ALD J., B.S., Accounting; Accounting Society. WAS-<br />

SON, ROBERT E., B.S., Business Management. WILLS,<br />

VICTOR D., B.S., Business Management; Alpha Phi<br />

Omega president, vice president, treasurer; Newman<br />

Club.<br />

Stratton Strickland Sutter Wasson<br />

Wills<br />

PEDERSEN, EUGENE P., B.S., Industrial Management;<br />

SAM, ~AE, AMS CounCil: PETERSON, JAMES E.,<br />

B.S., Marketing. POPE, SAMMY L. B.S., Insurance;<br />

n. PRAGER, KAY E., B.S., Banking and Finance;<br />

Inter-Faith Council vice president. PRENDA, PAT-<br />

RICIA, B.S., Secretarial Management; Iri-S.<br />

WILLIAMS, GERALD H., B.S., Marketing. WOOD,<br />

DAVID W., B.S., Industrial Management; AS Council,<br />

commissioner of elections, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste senior<br />

editor, ~AE, SAM, IFe. YACKEY, GEORGE F., AB.,<br />

Personnel Management; TKE, SAM. ZELLMANN,<br />

DONALD, B.S., Business Management; Marketing<br />

Association, SAM. ZUERN, FRANCES L., A.B., Business<br />

Education; Pi Omega Pi vice president, Business<br />

Education Club.<br />

Williams Wood Yackey Zellmann Zuern<br />

40<br />



Th Divit ion of Edu ation is Lhe largest in the college, with<br />

nrollm nt x ceding 16% of the total student body. To<br />

it! in me Ling the rapid d mand for teachers in the state,<br />

n iw thr ·e·sLory education building, containing one of the<br />

fin' L edu .ational clinics on the West Coast, has just been<br />

ompl ted,<br />

tud -nt in the cadeL Leaching program used closed-circuit<br />

t I vi iion to ob erve cI mentary classes in session. Use of<br />

the TV y t m permit Lea her trainees to hear lectures on<br />

cia 'room proc dure and to observe pupil reaction without<br />

disturbing the pupil .<br />

Th ampu Laboratory School, training ground for future<br />

1 rn ntary chool t achers, has an enrollment of over 200<br />

pupils.<br />

uring June of thi year, the division was host to the annual<br />

onf r nc of the Teacher Education and Professional<br />

tandard ommi ion of the National Education Association.<br />

0 legate from all 50 states and several foreign<br />

countrie attended.<br />

MINIATURE BLOCKS help children understand the basic skills<br />

of arithmetic.<br />

DR. GEORGE A. KOESTER, chairman of the Division of Education.<br />

READING TO the class is another function of a student teacher's<br />

job.<br />


gui es the studies of the<br />

young CLS students.<br />

STUDENT TEACHER smilingly approves the painting exercises of two<br />

students.<br />

TWO CHILDREN work together in keeping the bulletin board up<br />

to date.<br />

'<br />


Abdelnour 'Adaml Akers Allen Asbury<br />

ABDELNOUR, SARAH A., A.B., Elementary Education;<br />

Theatre Guild secretary, Skull and Dagger<br />

president, secretary-treasurer; CSTA. ADAMS, CLAU-<br />

DETTE, A.B., Elementary Education; CSTA, <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Phi Upsilon. AKERS, JOAN L., A.B., Elementary<br />

Education; K~, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi, Alpha Lambda<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta, Cetza. ALLEN, BARBARA, A.B., Elementary<br />

Education; IIB, Cetzc, Cap and Gown, lecture<br />

and assemblies committee, Who's Who, AWS secretary,<br />

CSTA, <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. ASBURY, LEONA,<br />

A.B., Elementary Education; K~ secretary, Angel<br />

Flight.<br />

Gustlin Hadwiger Hall<br />

Harper<br />

Harvey<br />

GUSTLIN, ZOE, A.B., Elementary Education; AXn.<br />

HADWIGER, NONA, A.B., Elementary Education.<br />

HALL, BEVERLY A., A.B., Elementary Education;<br />

<strong>Del</strong>to Phi Upsilon, Pi Theta, ACE, CSTA. HARPER,<br />

PAULINE E., A.B., Elementary Education; AXn vice<br />

president, secretary; Alpha Lambda D Ita, Musical<br />

Comedy GUild, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta PI, little Sisters of<br />

Minerva. HARVEY, DIANE A., A.B., Elementary<br />

Education; ITB

Pylt Rekdahl Reynolds Riehle Robinson<br />

Rogers<br />

Salmon<br />

Scharback<br />

IT MUST be hard to remember just which switchbox is to be used<br />

for what motor.<br />

Ward Whitlock Williams<br />

MARTIN P. CAPP, chairman of the Division of Engineering.<br />

PYLE. L. EMILY, A.B., Elementary Education; CSTA treasurer, <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi<br />

Upsilon secretary, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi vice president, Industrial Arts Club<br />


, -r •. , ementary Education' CSTA ACE REY<br />

NOLDS JUDITH A ABEl .".,<br />

, ., .. , ementary Education. RIEHLE, MARY LYNN<br />

A.B, Elementary Education; A

,.' h"<br />

r ~;;.-,<br />

ENGINEERING STUDENT ponders geometry problem.<br />

Mumma Neal Nelson Ohlin<br />

Orfanos Ornstein Ramsey Siayen Winn<br />

AFTER STUDENTS plug in the cord, they can tell if their experiment<br />

is good or bad.<br />

ANDERSON, FRED C., B.S., Electrical Engineering; United Campus Christian<br />

Fellowship president, Engineers Association. BAKER, KENNETH E.,<br />

B.S., Civil Engineering. BALESTRIERI, MARIO J., B.S., Civil Engineering.<br />

BANKSTON, KENNETH M., B.S., Civil Engineering; ASCE treasurer.<br />

BARNEY, LAWRENCE A., B.S., Civil Engineering. BROWNING, DAVID<br />

LEE, B.S., Civil Engineering; TKE, freshman class treasurer, AMS secretary,<br />

Alpha Phi Omega, ASCE treasurer, Engineers Association. BUR·<br />

KETT, RICHARD H., B.S., Mechanical Engineering; SAE, Engineers As-<br />

SOciation. BUTTEMER, DAVID R., B.S., Mechanical Engineering; SAE,<br />

Engineers Association. DOHERTY, DONALD W., B.S., Electronic Engineering.<br />

FRANKLIN, GLENN R., B.S., Civil Engineering; ASCE. GRABLE, RONALD<br />

C., B.S., Mechanical Engineering; SAE. HOFFLAND, DALE, B.S., Civil<br />

Engineering; Engineers Association, ASCE. HARVEY, DAVID L., B.S.,<br />

Industrial Engineering; ~AE, Engineers Association, Xolotl, SAM, Musical<br />

Comedy Guild, Young Republicans. HAYASHI, GEORGE, B.S., Mechanical<br />

~ngineering; SAE, Engineers Association. JOHNSON, HADLEY,<br />

B.S., Civil Engineering; Engineers Association, ASCE. KERTESZ, THOMAS,<br />

B.S., Mechanical Engineering; SAE, Aztec Engineer, Campus Chest<br />

committee. LAUGHON, JAMES H., B.S., Engineering. MORRIS, JOHN I.,<br />

B.S., Civil Engineering; ASCE.<br />

MUMMA, GAIL E., B.S., Enqineerlnq, Engineers Association, SAE. NEAL,<br />

WILLIAM A., B.S., Mechanical Engineering; SAE. NELSON, CLYDE W.,<br />

B.S., Engineering; Engineers Association vice president, Aztec Engineer<br />

editor. OHLIN, GERALD, B.S., Industrial Engineering; Engineers Association,<br />

SAE, varsity football. ORFANOS, HARRY S., B.S., Engineering;<br />

ASCE, Engineers Association. ORNSTEIN, STANLEY I., B,S., Engineering;<br />

ZBT, IFC, Xolotl, ASCE. RAMSEY, ROBE.RT W., B.S., Civil Engineering.<br />

SLAYEN, HARRY, B.S., Electrical Engineering; ZBT, varsity gymnastics.<br />

WINN, CHARLES B., B.S., Engineering; Toltec Hall president, AS Council.<br />

48<br />

WHEN STUDENTS RUN into t bl h<br />

rou e, t e professor is nearby to offer help.<br />

/~<br />

~/ .,.<br />


working right. stu y each meter to see if everything is<br />

WIRES, DIALS AND SWITCHES bring students to grips with problems<br />

they will face on the job after graduating.


Th Fine Art Divi ion include the departments of art, home<br />

economics, music, and speech arts.<br />

The music department is planning a $500,000 building addition,<br />

scheduled for completion in 1965. The structure will provide<br />

new cla rooms, practice rooms, and offices and a new instrumental<br />

rehearsal room. Next fall, both the Men's and Women's<br />

Glee Clubs will be reorganized and a college male quartet will<br />

be formed.<br />

The California State Board of Education has authorized the<br />

art department to grant a Master of Arts degree. The depart.<br />

ment will offer an Advertising Design Workshop and Seminar<br />

next fall, to be directed by the San Diego Art Directors' Club.<br />

In home economics, graduate courses are now being offered<br />

in all major departmental areas. In March, the department sent<br />

a student delegate to die National White House Conference on<br />

Youth, and another student was the first- place winner of the<br />

National Cooking Contest sponsored by Seventeen magazine.<br />

The speech arts department has expanded in its use of mass<br />

communications media, with plans for increased city-wide TV<br />

programs and the addition of a new FM channel for radio,<br />

operating approximately six hours daily.<br />

In debate, John Raser and Bob Arnhym took second place in<br />

the annual West Point Debate Tournament. In the field of<br />

dramatics, six major productions were given during the year,<br />

and a number of student-directed one-act plays were presented.<br />

GEORGE N. SORENSON, chairman of the Division of Fine Arts.<br />

FINELY FINISHED products belie the messy work associated with ceramics.<br />

50<br />

A WOULD·BE artist smiles admiringly at his masterpiece.<br />

STUDENT ARTIST puts finishing touches to her work.<br />

SPEECH ARTS students get practical experience before<br />

and behind a TV camera.<br />

WIDE AWAKE enthusiasm is shown in the TV and radio news writing class.

·'.lij<br />

Bergelis Bergstad Brockelman Bryce Byrum Campbell Carpenter<br />

Chombeau Christensen<br />

Driscoll Famme<br />

Hallett Hill<br />

Hjemvik<br />

Karmalin<br />

STUDENTS LISTEN intently to a professor's lecture in the CLS auditorium.<br />

Lupus Mcintire Nicks Severns Snyder<br />

Oakes<br />

Petersen<br />


~LLEN, MARILYN L., A.B., Music. BERGELIS, DONNA, A.B., Speech Arts; AXn,<br />

:~A~appa <strong>Del</strong>ta president, debate, Radio-TV Guild, Newman Club. BERG-<br />

, BE.TTY K., A.B., Home Economics; Home Economics Club president,<br />

Homecoming committee. BROCKELMAN, BARBARA J. A BAt BRYCE<br />

JOHN W t •• r r. r<br />

. ., A.B., Speech Arts; TKE, AMS secretary, sophomore class vice<br />

presldent, 'FC, Oceotl secretary, Who's Who. BYRUM NANCY R A B H<br />

Econom~cs; CSTA, Home Economics Club. CAMPBELL: MIRIAM I.'; A.·B:: H:::<br />

Economics; Home Economics Club, K~, CSTA, CARPENTER CAROL A B<br />

Home Economics. ' t •• ,<br />


SEN CAROL A B " .. , rr, ex, Blue Book Ball chairman. CHRISTEN-<br />

, , .. , Art. DRISCOLL, FREDERICK E A B M .<br />

ICE JAB HE' " .. , uSlc.FAMME VAN-<br />

., .. , orne conomtcs xn CSTA H '<br />

AUDREY A B H . . ' , ,orne Economics Club. HALLETT<br />

, .. , ome Economics. HILL MARIE A B M . '<br />

M., A.B., Speech Arts; Theatre GUil~. KARr:AZ;N" PA~~~~I:JEMVIK, ERVIN<br />

, A., A,B., Art,<br />

LUPUS, MADELEINE, A.B., Home Economics; IIB, Angel Flight, Homecoming<br />

attendant. MciNTIRE, SALLY M., A.B., Home Economics; Home Economics<br />

Club, NICKS, MARGARET E., A.B., Home Economics. OAKES, RODNEY, A.B~<br />

Music; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. PETERSEN, SHARON, A.B., Speech Arts; A<br />

secretary, Cop and Gown, Ar~ vice president, Pi Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta, d.ebate,<br />

l.i tl S' f' . . ld AWS rvice chairman,<br />

It e lsters 0 Minerva president, vice presl ent, se<br />

Presidents Council, Who's Who. RAYHILL, FREDERICK G" A.B., Art; ~X.<br />

SEVERNS, PHILIP R., A.B" Speech Arts, SNYDER, LETA A., A.B., Art.<br />

SWENNES, LELAND, A.B., Art; varsity tennis, Art Guild. TYLER, ~AR: :~<br />

A.B" Home Economics. VAMSTELLE, LAVON, A.B., Home Economics; °MI .<br />

Economics Club secretory. VENTURA, FELICE J., A.B., Speech Arts. WILH~~A~<br />

WILLIAM, A.B., Art., Art Guild. WINCHELL, KARL, A.B., Art. WISHEK, S I<br />

d Te e-<br />

A., A.B" Art; K~, Art Guild. ZEMKE, W. KENNETH, A.B., Radio an<br />

Vision; TKE, Radio-TV Guild, Theatre Guild.<br />

The Division of Humanities carries out its program through<br />

each department individually rather than as a divisional whole.<br />

The obviously wide range of differences between the departments<br />

of English, foreign languages, history, and philosophy<br />

make this separation necessary.<br />

The fastest-growing Humanities department is philosophy. This<br />

department is planning the addition of graduate courses, leading<br />

to a Master of Arts degree.<br />

This year, the Humanities Division offered a series of weekly<br />

lectures on literature, language, philosophy, and cultural history,<br />

which were open to the general public, as well as to students<br />

for credit.<br />

Seniors graduated with general majors are pictured in this<br />

section. Such a major offers students an opportunity to obtain<br />

a general type of learning not otherwise provided for in the<br />

regular college curriculum. Students taking a general major<br />

complete course requirements in three minors, or fields of ernphasis,<br />

thus giving them a broad general background.<br />

DR. JOHN R. ADAMS, chairman of the Division of Humanities.<br />

52<br />


Bagdoian Bergmann Blackford Blessing Burnett Cook Cook Cline<br />

A MEETING of minds comes in a classroom discussion in philosophy.<br />

Corbin D. Corbin S. Farrow Fetter Fitzpatrick Fox Gelzer Golich<br />

Goodwin Hallett Harness Hasman Havens Hawkins Heinlein Hendricks<br />

Johnston Kolender Limbach Lotze Lynn Manning Massery Maupin<br />


A.B., General; ElX, Sigma <strong>Del</strong>ta Chi treasurer, Oceotl, Aztec staff, public<br />

relations committee. BLACKFORD, LINDA L., A.B., English; Modern Dance<br />

Club president, Phi Alpha Theta, Wesley Foundation. BLESSING, ED-<br />

WARD W., A.B., Pre-Legal; AS president, AS Council, Young Republicans<br />

president, Blue Key president, vice president; Pre-Legal Society<br />

president, vice president; Sabres Society president, vice president; ~x,<br />

Oceotl, Xolotl, Pi Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta, Circle K, debate, Rugby Club, Who's<br />

Who, AMS Man of the Semester, athletic committee chairman, publicity<br />

GOODWIN, HERBERT M., A.B., History; Phi Eta Sigma, Inter-Varsity<br />

Christian Fellowship. HALLETT, HAROLD M., A.B., General. HARNESS,<br />

PHYLLIS, A.B., General. HASMAN, MEL, A.B., Philosophy;· Wesley Foundotion<br />

vice president. HAVENS, JEANNINE, A.B., General. HAWKINS,<br />

GEORGIA J., A.B., General; Kt. vice president, Cetza, Sigma Alpha<br />


A.B., History; Pre-Legal Society president, Circle K, Young Republicans,<br />

debate.<br />

committee chairman. BURNETT, BETTY J., A.B., General. COOK, JUDITH<br />

J., A.B., English; AXn, Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta, Angel Flight. COOK,<br />

JUNE M., A.B., General. CLINE, LEOLA M., A.B., History; United Campus<br />

Christian Fellowship, Inter-Faith Council, Inter-Protestant-Anglican<br />

Council treasurer, Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta, Alpha Mu Gamma, finance<br />

ccrnmlttas.<br />

A STUDENT learns correct pronunciation by listening over earphones<br />

in the foreign language<br />

lab.<br />

CORBIN, DAVID K., A.B., General; Wesley Foundation. CORBIN, SANDRA<br />

R., A.B., General; Wesley Foundation, Tri-S. FARROW, JO ANN D., A.B.,<br />

General, rB vice president. FETTER, EDGAR M., A.B., English; ~AE.<br />

FITZPATRICK, ROBERT G., A.B., General; varsity football, varsity track,<br />

Theatre Guild. FOX, FREDERICK I., A.B.; General; AS commissioner of<br />

finance, AS Council, finance committee chairman, Blue Key president,<br />

Pi Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta president, debate, Oceotl, ~x, Who's Who. GELZER,<br />

EDWARD D., A.B., General. GOLlCH, THOMAS S., A.B., General; TKE,<br />

senior class treasurer, junior class treasurer.<br />

JOHNSTON, CLARA I., A.B., General; Sigma Alpha Iota secretary.<br />

KOLENDER, WILLIAM B., A.B., General. LIMBACH, ANNE P., A.B., English;<br />

KAEl president, Cetza president, vice president; LAC, Xolotl. LOTZE,<br />

PAUL R., A.B., General. LYNN, IRA T., A.B., General; Alpha Phi Omega.<br />

MANNING, TERRY R., A.B., English. MASSERY, JANET L., A.B., General;<br />

Marketing Association, Young Republicans. MAUPIN, JEAN E., A.b ..<br />

History; Phi Alpha Theta, Le Cercle Francais.<br />


PovenmJre Quist Rasmussen<br />

Reese<br />

Reynolds Rivera Roman<br />

WHATEVER THESE students are daing it seems to be very<br />

interesting.<br />

Sandall Shackelford Smith Struve Svalstad Thomson Tillotson Uecker<br />

DR. ROBERT D. HARWOOD, chairman of the Division of Life Sciences.<br />



Within the last 60 years, science has made great steps in the<br />

Van Buren Vanderlinde Walden Westling Whitson Wyatt Young<br />

Wilson<br />

development of technical knowledge designed to better and lengthen<br />

the life span of man. The Division of Life Sciences, through the<br />

departments of botany, microbiology, nursing, psychology, and<br />

zoology, has the tremendous job of training talented young men<br />

and women to meet the ever- increasing demand for scientists in the<br />

world of today.<br />

McLAUGHLIN, RICHARD K., A.B., English; Skull and Dagger, Theatre<br />

Guild vice president. MILLER, GORDON C., A.B., Spanish; lecture and<br />

assemblies committee, Aztec staff. MILLER, VERLYN B., A.B., General;<br />

SAM. MILNER, HAROLD E., A.B., English. MOORE, KATHLEEN, A.B., General;<br />

Cosmos Club, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship secretary, United<br />

Campus Christian Fellowship. NAIMAN, EDWARD, A.B., General; ZBT<br />

Marketing Association, Hillel treasurer. PATE, CAROL, A.B., General:<br />

PETERSON, EDWARD R., A.B., General; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow.<br />

ship, Cosmos Club.<br />

SANDALL, MARY P., A.B., English. SHACKELFORD, JOHN, A.B., General;<br />

United Campus Christian Fellowship. SMITH, CHARLES E., A.B., English;<br />

KA'lr, College YM-YWCA. STRUVE, ROBERT, A.B., General; :ra:. SVAL-<br />

STAD, RONALD, A.B., Pre-Legal; AS Council, finance committee, publications<br />

board, ~X president, IFe. THOMSON, JOHN R., A.B., Pre-Legal;<br />

l:IT. TILLOTSON, MARIE P., A.B., General; <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste editor, Aztec<br />

copy editor, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste sorority editor, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste copy editor,<br />

Leadership Camp chairman, publications board, public relations committee,<br />

publicity committee, rally committee, AWS editor, AWS judiciary<br />

board chairman, KAE> vice president, Alpha Phi Gamma, Cetza, Little<br />

Sisters of Minerva secretary, Musical Comedy Guild secretary; Xolotl,<br />

Who's Who. UECKER, ROBERT W., A.B., General.<br />

The scope of the division's work has greatly increased through the<br />

addition of Master of Science degrees in applied biology and<br />

psychology.<br />

Graduate research in the effects of radiation on heredity has been<br />

made possible through a three-year, $10,000 grant from the<br />

National Science Foundation to the SDS department of zoology.<br />

Specialization for a particular occupation in the fields of entomology,<br />

fish and game, plant quarantine, and wildlife are offered within<br />

the major of life science.<br />

The Animal Behavior Laboratory is used by psychology students<br />

for experimentation in learning and motivation.<br />

POVEN~IRE, H. KINGSLEY, A.B., Philosophy; Phi Mu Alpha, Wesley<br />

56<br />

Foundation, Cosmos Club, marching band. QUIST, SHIRLEE B., A.B.,<br />

Eng.lls~; A~n, Angel Flight. RASMUSSEN, ESTELLA M., A.B., English;<br />

Christion SCience Organization secretary. REESE, LESLIE A B G I<br />

REYNOLDS BE ' .. r enera .<br />

, VERLY A., A.B., English; AXn president senior class<br />

treasurer, Phi Alpha Theta, AWS social chairman, Pan~ellenic, CSfA.<br />

RIV~RA, ANITA G., A.B., Spanish; Alpha Mu Gamma, Sociedad His.<br />

pcrucn, Cosmos Club. ROMAN, MARJORIE P ABE I'<br />

D I . ., .. r ng lsheta<br />

PI, Home Economics Club. ROSE MAURICE A B G '<br />

I I ." eneral.<br />

Kappa<br />

VAN BUREN, GEORGE, A.B., General.<br />


Spanish; Alpha Mu Gamma secretary, Sociedad Hispanica, Cosmos<br />

Club, Le Cercle Francais. WESTLING, CLAY, A.B., General; l:X, varsity<br />

track. WHITSON, 'PEGGY JO D., A.B., English; Acf>, Sigma Alpha Iota,<br />

CSTA. WILSON, DAVID F., A.B., General; Young Republicans. WYATT,<br />

JAMES L., A.B., General; xz, AFROTe. YOUNG, KENNETH, A.B., General;<br />

Kl:.<br />

TAKING CARE of the caged small animals are part of the Life<br />

Sciences professor's job.<br />


Cartmill Casey Cheri in Clark Clews Daly Dodd English<br />

A BOTANY student uses a microscope to examine a plant.<br />

AHART, JESSE E., A.B., Life Science. ALBERIGI, VALERIE, A.B.,<br />

Life Science; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi president. ANDERSON, EVELYN<br />

S., B.S., Nursing; Student Nurses Association. BROWN, RICHARD<br />

G., A.B., Life Science; ex president. CARTMILL, BETTY, B.S.,<br />

Microbiology; Ara, Phi Mu Epsilon president.<br />

Brown<br />

Englund<br />

THE CLASSROOM situation is among the most rewarding of learning<br />

processes for the Life Sciences student.<br />

CASEY, RICHARD E., A.B., Life Science; ex vice president,<br />

Rugby Club vice president, Aztec cartoonist. CHERLlN, ED-<br />

WARD A., A.B., Zoology; ZET, Aesculopians secretary, Circle<br />

K president. CLARK, SIDNEY E., A.B., Psychology; TIBet><br />

president, Young Republicans vice president, Panhellenic<br />

office manager. CLEWS, JACOB B., A.B., Psychology. DALY,<br />

ARLENE A., A.B., Psychology; BluE' Book Ball publicity chairman,<br />

rally committee chairman, homecoming committee.<br />

Anderson<br />

Erickson<br />

DODD, BARBARA A., B.S., Nursing; Student N'urses Association,<br />

Newman Club secretary. ENGLISH, ROGER W., B.S.,<br />

Zoology; ex secretory. ENGLUND, CARL E., A.B., Psychology.<br />


A.B., Pre-dental; ~X, varsity basketball.<br />

Alberigi<br />

Finlay<br />

Ahart<br />

THE SUBSTANCES have to be mixed just right or the<br />

experiment won't be any good.<br />

"AFTER WE get you all hooked up to this machine we'll<br />

turn the electricity on and see what happens."<br />

Ii.<br />

58<br />

_<br />

BIOLOGY STUDENT takes notes at reptile cage for a laboratory experiment.<br />


Hoch Holmquist Lemke . Lucas Nelson<br />

Moore Place Porter<br />

Povenmire<br />

Recaido<br />

Redmond Repp Rieser Roush Sarkin<br />

FISKAALI, DON A., B.S., life Science. FOGEL, SHE-<br />

LAGH, B.S., Nursing; Student Nurses Association.<br />

FOLSOM, BARBARA J., B.S., Nursing; Student<br />

Nurses Association. GILBERT, LAURA, B.S., Nursing;<br />

'Student Nurses Association. HETRICK, W. ROBERT,<br />

A.B., Psychology; Psi Chi, College YM-YWCA.<br />

HOCH, JEAN E.,' B.S., Biology; ~K. HOLMQUIST,<br />

JOYCE A., B.S., Nursing; Student Nurses Association,<br />

Aztec Christian Fellowship. LEMKE, JOAN; B.S.<br />

Nursing; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Student<br />

Nurses Association. LUCAS, KENNETH M., A.B.,<br />

Psychology. NELSON, MARLENE, B.S., Nursing; ArA,<br />

Student Nurses Association president.<br />

MOORE, JOHN M., A.B., life Science. PLACE, RUTH,<br />

A.B., life Science; xn vice president, AWS campus<br />

display and design chairman, AWS orientation<br />

chairman, Cap and Gown, Cetza, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste administration<br />

editor, Xolotl. PORTER, JONATHAN J.,<br />

A.B. Zoology; KA president, Blue Key, Newman<br />

Club, Los Buzos. POVENMIRE, ROBERTA, A.B., Psychology;<br />

Wesley Foundation, Concert Choir, Cosmos<br />

Club. RECAIDO, GLORIA B., B.S., Nursing; Student<br />

Nurses<br />

Association.<br />

REDMOND, ELLEN D., B.S., Nursing; Inter-Varsity<br />

Christian Fellowship, Student Nurses Association.<br />

REPP, DAVID N., A.B., Zoology; zx secretary.<br />

RIESER, KATHLEEN J., A.B., Psychology; xe. Cap<br />

and Gown, Xolotl, AS Council, sophomore class<br />

secretary, junior class vice president, publications<br />

board, rally committee, Psi Chi president, Who's<br />

Who, Spring Sing chairman, AWS program chair- .<br />

man. ROUSH, CLAUDIA, B.S., Nursing; Studenr<br />

Nurses Association. SARKIN, MURRAY, A.B., Psychology;<br />

Hillel.<br />

DR. WILLIAM 1. TERRY, chairman of the Division of Physical Education,<br />

Health Education and Recreation.<br />

Completion of the new gymnasium, cheduled for January of<br />

1961, will be a much-welcomed event by th Divi ion of Physi 1<br />

Education, Health Education, and Recreation. The old phy ical<br />

education facilities will soon he unable to a ommodate cia<br />

if enrollment at SDS continues to skyrocket as it ha in the<br />

past few years.<br />

Men's physical education, women's phy ical education, h alth<br />

education, and recreation are the four d partm nts within th<br />

division. Inter-collegiate athletic ar aloin luded in th program.<br />

A solid foundation for most of the division' activitie i provided<br />

by a student organization, CAHPER. CAHP R stand<br />

for California Association of Health, Physical Education, and<br />

Recreation. Meetings of the group featured talks and exhibitions<br />

by leading sports figures.<br />

In the field of inter-collegiate athletics, rugby was added as a<br />

varsity sport.<br />


SAXMAN, JOHN H., A.B., Psychology; TKE, Homecoming<br />

parade chairman, AMS Council. SKELTON,<br />

MARGARET A., A.B., General Science; xn, Angel<br />

Flight, junior class secretary, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. STEW-<br />

ART, ELEANOR M., A.B., Psycholoy. THOMAS, GARY<br />

M., A.B., Psychology, ~x president, Los Buzos<br />

president, TUPPER, CHARLES W., A.B., Psychology.<br />

WILDE, JUDITH L., A.B., Nursing; Student Nurses<br />

Association. WING, BRUCE L., A.B., Zoology; Phi<br />

Sigma Xi president, Phi Eta Sigma vice president.<br />

YAMAMOTO, JOHN K., A.B., Zoology. ZELINKA,<br />

HARRY, N., A.B., Psychology; Alpha Phi Omega.<br />

ZINNIGER, M. JEAN, B.S., Nursing; Student Nurses<br />

Association, Newman Club.<br />

Yamamoto<br />

Zelinka<br />

Zinniger<br />

iI.<br />

60<br />

____<br />

SOME OF the dancers seem to be falling to the floor while doing<br />

this dance.<br />

DANCERS IN A SDS gym class are all smiles as they swing their.<br />

partners. 61


George Hough Imlay Kutzke Leigh Matson<br />

Increased world-wide interest in the physical sciences has<br />

caused this division at San Diego State to advance rapidly.<br />

Enrollment reached its peak last fall, with 15% of the<br />

student body enrolling in the Division of Physical Sciences.<br />

Departments within the division include astronomy-physical<br />

science, chemistry, geology, industrial arts, mathematics,<br />

and physics.<br />

Last year, SDS was one of five universities to receive a<br />

$27,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for the<br />

establishment of a Mathematics Institute at the college,<br />

Completion of the new Chemistry-Geology building this<br />

spring resulted in the addition of modern equipment valued<br />

at one-half million dollars. Within the Chemistry Department<br />

itself, ten research grants with a total value of<br />

$75,000 have been awarded SDS.<br />

Dr. Gordon Gastil of the Geology Department has been<br />

invited to deliver a report before the International Geologic<br />

Congress which meets in Copenhagen in August of this<br />

year. The Congress is held once every five years.<br />

Schroeder Watson Whitby<br />

ATKIN, MARY R., AB., Physical Education; Physical Education Club,<br />

Women's Recreation Associotion. CAHPER, CSTA. BARDON, ALICE, AB.,<br />

Physical Education; Physical Education Club vice president, Women's<br />

Recreation Association president, CAHPER. BARRETT, ARLENE, AB., Physical<br />

Education; Women's Physical Education Club president, Women's<br />

Recreation Association, CAHPER vice president, secretary, CSTA BURT,<br />

BARBARA JO, AB., Physical Education. DEWOSKIN, SHELIA F., A.B.,<br />

Physical Education; Physical Education Club president, Women's Recreation<br />

Association, Hillel. FELLMAN, THOMAS P., AB., Physical Education;<br />

CAHPER vice president. GEORGE, DONALD A., Physical Education.<br />

HOUGH, JOHN E., AB., Physical Education; Inter-Varsity Christian<br />

Fellowship, CAHPER. IMLAY, ROBERT C., AB., Physical Education; K~,<br />

CAHPER, athletic committee, varsity baseball.<br />

KUTZKE, CAROLYN A., AB., Physical Education; Women's Recreation<br />

Association vice president, Physical Education Club. LEIGH, DONALD J.,<br />

AB., Physical Education; ~AE, CAHPER, varsity baseball. MATSON,<br />

LUDWIG E., AB., Physical Education. MULDROW, VERNA H., AB., Physical<br />

Education; Physical Education Club, Women's Recreation Association,<br />

CAHPER, <strong>Del</strong>ta Psi Kappa. PARTCH, ANDREW F" A.B., Physical Education;<br />

CAHPER vice president, SCHROEDER, TED N'" AB., Recreation; Wesley<br />

Foundation vice presidenr. WATSON, MAUREEN, AB., Physical Education;<br />

Women's Recreation Association, Physical Education Club, CAH-<br />

PER, WHITBY, WAYNE A" AB., Physical Education; varsity football,<br />

CAHPER.<br />

DR. DUDLEY ROBINSON, chairman of the Division of Physical Sciences,<br />

BAD~INTON IS one of the coeducational classes offered by the physical<br />

educatIOn department. . . .<br />

. . , AND IS becoming very popular with the girls.<br />

ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT of all types is available to the science student in the physical sciences,

Carmean Cheney Chew Conrad Console Cooke Coxon Crafton<br />

LOOKING AT STARS through a telescope is not only interesting,<br />

but fun.<br />

STUDENTS MUST know not only how to operate the equipment, but how to<br />

repair it.<br />

ARNOLD, MERIT R., B.S., Physics; TKE, Engineers Association.<br />

BANKS, JAMES, B.S., Physics. BECKER, PAUL R., AB.,<br />

Mathematics. BOWEN, EDWIN D., AB., Physics; Sigma Pi<br />

Sigma.<br />


R:, B.S., Physics; ~AE, Sigma Pi Sigma, IRE. BULMAN, DAVID,<br />

B.S., Mathematics. BUH, JOSEPH, A.B., Industrial Arts Club,<br />

Epsilon Pi Tau.<br />

CARMEAN, JAMES W., AB., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts<br />

Club. CHENEY, GLEN T., AB., Physics; Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma<br />

Pi Sigma president. CHEW, LONNIE, B.S., Mathematics. CON.<br />

RAD, JOHN W., AB., Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial<br />

Arts Club secretary, <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi Kappa.<br />

CONSOLE, RUSSELL, A.B., Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club<br />

vice president, CSTA. COOKE, THOMAS H., B.S., Mathematics;<br />

IIKA, Sigma Pi Sigma, SAE, Engineers Association, Aztec<br />

Engineer. COXON, KENNETH, AB., Industrial Arts; ~E<br />

president. CRAFTON, CARL H., A.B., Mathematics; TKE.<br />

IF YOU WANT to take direct aim at a certain star, you have to<br />

know how to regulate the dials.<br />

TAKING THE MACHINERY apart and putting it back together<br />

can be a real job.<br />

64<br />

WHEN THE BUNSEN BURNER gets the objects heated, this student<br />

will complete the problem.<br />

ANOTHER DAY with another chemistry problem for the science student<br />

to solve.

"I<br />

KIKER, JOHN R., B.S., Physics; ATn. KYBURZ, BRYCE R.,<br />

A.B., Industrial Arts. LE BLANC, ROBERT W., A.B., Ge.<br />

ology. LYERLY, ALBERT E., A.B., Industrial Arts. MARSH,<br />

FRANKLIN L., A.B., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau.<br />

Fink<br />

Fong<br />

Gaughen<br />

MARSHALL, LESLIE E., A.B., Industrial Arts; Industrial<br />

CROCKER, WILLIAM F., B.S., Physics; IRE, marching band,<br />

t.~4>, Oceotl. CSATO, SUSAN A., AB., Mathematics; Newman<br />

Club. DEIN HO, DAISY, A.B., Mathematics. DONNELLY, PAT-<br />

RICK" A.B., Mathematics; Newman Club. DORRIS, ROBERT,<br />

AB., Industrial Arts. FINK, WILLIAM A., AB., Industrial Arts;<br />

Industrial Arts Club, Epsilon Pi Tau.<br />

Arts Club vice president, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. MARTIN, PAUL<br />

M., A.B. ,Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Art.<br />

Club. McCLEANY, HERBERT E., A.B., Industrial Arts; In.<br />

dustrial Arts Club. MURTAGH, RICHARD J., B.S., Physics;<br />

Sigma Pi Sigma. NAYLOR, DAN L., AB., Industrial Arts;<br />

Industrial Arts Club treasurer, Epsilon Pi Tau secretary.<br />

Donnelly<br />

Dorris<br />

Hilton<br />

Hutton<br />

Marshall Martin McCleany Murtagh Naylor<br />

OFSHANNEY, ANDREW J., A.B., Industrial Arts; Indus-<br />

FONG, ROBERT W., B.S., Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma, IRE.<br />

GAUGHEN, DAVID F., B.S., Physics; Newman Club. GOOD-<br />

WIN, CLARENCE R., A.B., Industrial Arts. HALTERMAN, JAMES<br />

R., AB., Industrial Arts; AXA president, IFC vice president,<br />

IFC [udiciory board. HANIMAN, RANDCLlFF, A.B., Mathematics.<br />

HECKMAN, PAUL J., AB., Physics; IRE.<br />

trial Arts Club. PASTORE, THOMAS C., B.S., Physics;<br />

~AE, IRE, Musical Comedy Guild. PEARCE, JAMES L.,<br />

AB., Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts<br />

Club president, ~AE. PETERSON, FRED, B.S., Geology.<br />

ROBERTSON, PAUL, B.S., Chemistry; ~X secretary, Aes.<br />

culap/ans president.<br />

Ho<br />

·Kemper<br />

Ofshanney Pastore Pearce Peterson Robertson<br />

Davis<br />

HENSTRAND, MELVIN L., A.B., Mathematics. HILTON, JAMES<br />

C., A.B., Mathematics; ~AE, Rugby Club, varsity wrestling,<br />

varsity rugby, cheerleader. HUTTON, DO RON, AB., Industrial<br />

Arts; Industrial Arts Club vice president, Epsilon Pi Tau, Phi<br />

Eta Sigma, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. KEMPER, WILLIAM, B.S., Physics;<br />

KENNEDY, IAN C., B.S., Physics. KESTER, FRANK L., B.S.,<br />

Chemistry; ~AE; American Chemical Society.<br />

K;ennedy<br />

Russell Scoffin Secor Shaw Smith<br />

RUSSELL, JANET C., AB., Mathematics; Art. president,<br />

<strong>Del</strong> Sud oeste sorority editor, Presidents Council. SCOFFIN,<br />

JAMES M., A.B., Mathematics; Alpha Phi Omega vice<br />

president, Engineers Association. SECOR, SANDRA, A.B.,<br />

Graphic Arts; Art Guild president. SHAW, DAVID N.,<br />

AB., Chemistry; Aesculapians treasurer. SMITH, LAVON<br />

J., A.B., Physics; ~K, Cap and Gown, Xolotl, Cetza,<br />

Musical Comedy Guild, Sigma Pi Sigma, Alpha lambda<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta.<br />

SMOTHERS, LARRY A., B.S., Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma, IRE.<br />

SPENCER, DONALD D., A.B., Mathematics. STRICKLAND,<br />

WILLIAM J., B.S., Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma, IRE. TITTLE,<br />

CAROL D., A.B., Chemistry; Aesculapians secretary, Alpha<br />

Mu Gamma, American Chemical Society, marching band,<br />

symphonic band. TOSHIO, IKEDA, A.B., Physics.<br />

Csalo<br />

Kester<br />

Smothers Spencer Strickland Tittle Toshio<br />

VANDERLINDEN, WAYNE, A.B., Physics. WALDEN, Wil-<br />

LIAM R., A.B., Industrial Arts; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship<br />

treasurer. WEBB, BRUCE A., A.B., Industrial Arts.<br />

WEINSTOCK, SARA A., A.B., Chemistry; American Chemical<br />

Society, Cap and Gown, Alpha Mu Gamma, <strong>Del</strong><br />

Sudoeste activities editor. WRIGHT, PAUL E., A.B., Physlcal<br />

Science.<br />

Crock ...<br />

Vanderlinden Walden Webb<br />

Weinstock<br />

Wright<br />

66<br />

ACCURACY AND PRECISION are two of the main tools for<br />

industrial arts students.<br />


J'<br />

, '.<br />

THIS BEATS studying at the library-it's much quieter.<br />

KNOWING WHERE to locate research material is a must for<br />

political science students ...<br />

... THEN THE STUDENT must check various sources of news<br />

to confirm their findings.<br />

"I'D ADVISE you students to memorize this map,<br />

you'll be expected to know it thoroughly."<br />


The Division of Social Sciences is one of the most diversified<br />

divisions at San Diego State. Its departments include economics,<br />

geography, journalism, political science, and sociology<br />

-anthropology.<br />

A grant from General Atomics, part of its Atoms for Peace<br />

plan, made possible a lecture series in the social sciences<br />

category. These lectures were started for the first time last<br />

spring.<br />

The Institute of Labor Economics, in connection with the<br />

SDS economics department, sponsored a number of conferences<br />

this year.<br />

In the geography department, a Master of Arts program<br />

has been authorized to SDS by the California State Board<br />

of Education.<br />

Through the efforts of students and faculty in the department<br />

of political science, the Model United Nations will<br />

hold its annual conference at SDS next year.<br />

Another annual convention, that of the California Intercollegiate<br />

Press Association, will also be held here next<br />

spring. An SDS student has been elected CIP A vice president<br />

and will head next year's convention.<br />

THE GEOGRAPHY Department has maps of every section of the world available for student use.<br />

68<br />

DR. DAVID S. MILNE, chairman of the Division of Social Sciences.<br />

AASE, BETTY H',I A.B., Sociology. BEACHLEY, LEONARD W., A.B., Sociol<br />

Science; Phi Alpha Theta president, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Xi.<br />


BENTER, MARGARET, A.B., Anthropo.logy. BIAN-<br />

CHINI, VICTOR E., A.B., Politicol SCience; Xolotl<br />

president, AMS secretory, Who's Who, che~rleader,<br />

AS Council, varsity gymnastics, debate, PI Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta, Circle K, Pre-Leqcl Society. BROWNELL, JO~N<br />

E., A.B., Economics; AXn, Cop and Gown, Tri-C<br />

president, secretory; Inter.Protestant-Angllc~n Council.<br />

BRYANT, PATRICIA A., A.B., Social Service; res.<br />

Xeletl, Alpha Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta. BWY, DOUGLAS P., A.B.,<br />

Economics; <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste, Pre-Legal Society, Aztec<br />

NETTERFIELD, DONAVEE, A.B., Sociology; rcf>B vice<br />

president, AWS service committ e. NINTEMAN,<br />

SHARON A., A.B., Journalism; Alpha Phi Gamma.<br />

PEPPER, SUZANNE, A.B., Political Sci nee; Cop and<br />

Gown, Pi Sigmo Alpha. PETERSON, JOHN H., AB .•<br />

Journalism; Sigma <strong>Del</strong>ta Chi, Canterbury Club,<br />

freshman basketball, Aztec stoff. PHAIR, HAROLD<br />

A., A.B., Geography; Arnold Air Society.<br />

photo<br />

editor.<br />

Bianchini Brownell Bryant<br />

Bwy<br />

Netterfield Ninteman Pepper Peterson Phair<br />

CHENNELLE, GERTRUDE, A.B., Sociology; Alpha<br />

Koppa <strong>Del</strong>ta. DELL'ACQUA, BELETA, A.B., Social<br />

Science. CLARK, CAROLYN A., A.B., Journalism;<br />

KA, Aztec society editor, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste activities<br />

editor, Alpha Phi Gamma. DICKEY, EDGAR, A.B.,<br />

Geography; Alpha Phi Omega treasurer.<br />

DOMBO. WILLIAM L.• A.B .. Social Science; CSTA.<br />

PRANGER, ALPHA 5., AB., Sociology; Alpha Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta. ROWE, PHYLLIS A., AB., Social Science;<br />

Alpha Mu Gamma, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. RUNDLETT,<br />

KENNETH, AB., Economics; TlKA. SAKS, LEONARD<br />

V., A.B., Political Science. SCHMICH, WALTER, AB.,<br />

Political Science.<br />

Rowe Rundlett Saks Schmick<br />

SCHMIDT, CATHERINE, A.B., Social Science. SILVA,<br />

DOMINGUEZ, RUBEN, A.B., Political Science; IIKA,<br />

Oceotl. DORIA, MANUEL J., A.B., Sociology. DRAKE,<br />

PATRICIA A., A.B .• Sociology; KAe vice president,<br />

Social Work Club, Little Sisters of Minerva. ERIKS-<br />

SON, ASTRID E., A.B., Political Science. FELSON,<br />

JACK R., A.B., Political Science; ~X, Homecoming<br />

committee, Greek Week committee.<br />

ALBERTO, AB., Social Science. SINCLAIR, JOHN J.,<br />

A.B., Economics; ~E, Order of Artus, Pre-Legal<br />

Society vice president. SKINNER, STANLEY T., AB.,<br />

Economics; l:X, AS commissioner of finance, Order<br />

of Artus, AS Council, Oceotl, Xolotl, debate.<br />

SUTHERLAND, FREDERIC P., AB., Economics; varsity<br />

baseball, Order of Artus, ~AE, Phi Eta Sigma.<br />

Dominguez: Doria<br />

Drake<br />

Eriksson Felson<br />

Schmidt Silva Sinclair Skinner Sutherland<br />

SWANSON, PATRICIA L., AB., Sociology; College<br />

FRACCHIA, ALLEN V., A.B., Social Science. FRENCH,<br />

ROBERT E., A.B., Social Science. GILMORE, TERRY,<br />

A.B., Political Science; Acf>. GORDINIER, JERRY, A.B.,<br />

Social Science; ~X, junior clcss president, senior<br />

closs president, CSTA vice president. HARRIS, JOHN<br />

P., A.B., Geography.<br />

YM-YWCA, Social Work Club. TATREAU, DOUGLAS<br />

R., A.B., Economics. THREADGILL, AUDREY, AB.,<br />

Social Science. TRYSLA, JOHN E., A.B., Social setence.<br />

VIERHUS, MARGARET W., AB., Social Science;<br />

KAe, Little Sisters of Minerva, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste administration<br />

editor, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste sorority editor,<br />

CSTA, Panhellenlc, Cosmos Club, Pi Sigma Alpha,<br />

Challenge.<br />

Fracchia Gordinier Harris<br />

French<br />

Gilmore<br />

Swanson Tatreau Threadgill Trysla Vierhus<br />

HOLMBERG, JAMES C., A.B., Social Science. LACY,<br />

LEAMOND R., A.B., Social Science; ~X. LESTER,<br />

LARRY K., A.B., Political Science; AU. LESTER, MAR-<br />

GARET C., A.B., Social Science; Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

treasurer, KAe vice president, Pan hellenic, CSTA.<br />

LEWIS, JACQUELINE D., A.B., Sociology; Social Work<br />

Club, Wesley Foundation, lnter-Fcith Council, Inter-<br />

Protestant-Anglican Council.<br />

VORPAHL, LINDA, AB., Sociology; Lutheran Students<br />

Association, Alpha Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta. WAGNER,<br />

JUDITH, AB., Political Science; xn, Panhellenic rush<br />

chairman, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pi Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta, debate.<br />

WALKER, FRANCIS, A.B., Sociology. WERNER, ERIKA,<br />

A.B., Political Science; International Relations Club.<br />

WILKINS, ALDHA, A.B., Journalism.<br />

Vorpahl Wagner Walker Werner Wilkins<br />

LUCK, LEA R., A.B., Sociology; Social Work Club<br />

Young Republicans. LYNES, Jr:RRY K., A.B., SOcio:<br />

logy; Aesculapians. McCAULEY, MARY JANE, A.B.,<br />

Journalism. McMAHON, SHARON L., A.B., Journal.<br />

ism; KA president, Alpha Phi Gamma, Aztec layout<br />

editor, Aztec news editor, Aztec society editor.<br />

WILSON, WARREN J., AB., Social Science. WILSON,<br />

WILLIAM, AB., Social Science. WOOD, GERAL.o L.,<br />

A.B. Anthropology; Gamma Theta Upsilon. YACOUB,<br />

MOKElIS, A.B., Economics. ZWALL, RICHARD, AB.,<br />

Social Selence.<br />

MEACHAM, JOHN, A.B., .Geography; Inter-Faith<br />

Council.<br />

Luck<br />

Lynes<br />

McCauley<br />

McMahon<br />

Meacham<br />

Wilson Wilson Wood Yacoub Zwall<br />

Ii.<br />

70<br />

_<br />



THE LOCAL CHAPTER of Alpha Phi Omega, a national<br />

service fraternity, was founded on campus in<br />

1925. Membership is open to all men students interested<br />

in serving the school, community, and country. Members<br />

must have been affiliated with the national Boy<br />

Scout movement. Activities of the group this year were<br />

publishing the student directory, a~a:ding scholars~ips,<br />

ushering at football games, and aiding the San DIego<br />

Boy Scout program. Officers for the year were Paul<br />

Kelly, president; James ScoHin, first vice president;<br />

Darrell Miller, second vice president; Errol Mackzum,<br />

secretary; and Bill Wilson, treasurer.<br />

BLUE KEY<br />

BLUE KE i the honorary rvi e organization<br />

for upper-divi ion m 11 tudents.<br />

Memb rare el ted on th<br />

basi of leader hip, s holarship and<br />

service to the tudents and fa ulty.<br />

The group a ist d with Home oming<br />

and other chool activiti . Fr d Fox<br />

was pr sident during th fall me ter,<br />

and Ed Bles ing wa th spring em s-<br />

ter presi dent.<br />

ALPHA PHI OMEGA officers: Row 1; from left: Warren Rockenfield, James<br />

coHin, Paul Kelly. Row 2; from left: Darrell Miller, Bill Wilson, Errol<br />

Mackzum, Robert Letson, Robert Bell.<br />

Fred Fox, fall president Ed Blessing, spring president<br />

Bob Battenfield<br />

Monte Dickinson Jim Foushee<br />

ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Row 1; from left: Jack Anderson, Walter Maynard, Warren Rockenfield, James Scoffin, Paul Kelly, Tony Barksdale. Row 2;<br />

from left: Brock Robertson, Art Werner, Darrell Miller, Fred Schrupp, Jon Sandy, John Bowen. Row 3; from left: Kirby Johnson, John Berg, Ray Still,<br />

Vaughn Thompson, James Hively, Bob Letson, Bob Bell. Row 4; from left: Victor Wills, Ray Row, David Brule, Bill Wilson, Errol Mackzum, Bob<br />

Calhoon, Frank Peacher, Bill Mann.<br />

74<br />

Jon Porter<br />

Bob Shank<br />


CAP AND<br />

GOWN<br />

CElZA<br />

Cap and Gown, senior women's honor society, encourages activities<br />

and scholarship of women on campus. It is the campus parallel<br />

to Mortar Board, national honorary. All members have excelled<br />

in giving service to the school in at least three major areas, plus<br />

maintaining a high scholastic average. Among the activities of the<br />

group are the annual spring Alumni Banquet, teas each semester<br />

for outstanding women campus leaders, and formal tapping ceremonies.<br />

Sharon Petersen was chancellor; Ruth Place, vice chancellor;<br />

Betty Dawson, secretary; and Marilyn Allen, treasurer.<br />


fall president<br />


spring president<br />

I I<br />

CETZA is a 10\ er divi ion honorer ser ic oraanization<br />

for women. A 2.5 grad avera c ]5 hours<br />

of school ervice and parti ipation in at lea tone<br />

school acti ity are mernb r hip qualifications. w<br />

members ar tapped at the spring and faJl A<br />

banquet. FaJl officers were Linda Dobbs pr I-<br />

dent; Pat kelton, vic -pr id nt : Judy H i I<br />

ecretary; and arilyn Han son, trca urer, pring<br />

officers were hri ti Davis, pre ident : D rothy<br />

WaO'ner, vi e-presid nt : Midins Miraflor, sere.<br />

ta r y ; and Janet Pitts, trea ur r.<br />

haron Pet rsen<br />

Lynne Ball Carole Blackerby Patsy Boyle Sharyn Campbell Justine Copold Marie Cunningham Portia Darelius Marilyn Dupr e<br />

Barbara<br />

Allen<br />

Marilyn<br />

Allen<br />

Joan<br />

Brownell<br />

Betty<br />

Dawson<br />

Margaret Early LUi Fago Nancy Glazier Sherry Guess Carilyn Hansson Marilyn Hansson Sherry Hatcher Marian Hawley<br />

Sandra Hayes Judy Heisler Mary Hill Carol J aneck Sue Jeffrey Linda Johnstone Julia Jorgensen Patti Kling<br />

Suzanne Pepper<br />

Ruth<br />

Place<br />

Kathi<br />

Rieser<br />

Diana<br />

Sickler<br />

Linda Koenig Mary Lamprou Bobbi McCall Joan Nelson Karen Ohre Gay O'Malley J an O'Malley Janet Pitts<br />

Loretta Rodgers Marchelle Sasaran Carol Sedlock Pat Skelton Merleen Smith Carol Stough Pinkie Sutorius Dorothy Wagner<br />

76<br />

Lavonne Smith<br />

Sara<br />

Weinstock<br />

Mary Jo Yarbrough<br />

Joanna<br />

Williamsen<br />


CIRCLE K<br />

OC 0<br />

Circle K, men's national service organization, is sponsored by the College Area<br />

Kiwanis Club. The purpose of the organization is to build character of its members<br />

and to provide service to the campus and community. Among the many activities<br />

of the group this year were the annual Pancake Breakfast, with proceeds going to the<br />

World University Service Fund, and a pre-Christmas Date Sale to benefit the<br />

Student Scholarship Program. The group also assisted the local Kiwanis Club with<br />

their annual "Kids' Day." President of Circle K was Ed Cherlin.<br />


fall president<br />


spring president<br />

OCEOTL is an honorar ervic or anization for<br />

men students. Qualifi arion for mcmb rship an'<br />

a 2.0 grade a rase or belt r a past re ord of service<br />

to the college and ophorno tandinz or hi her.<br />

Fall officers were B b lark pre ident ; Bob A<br />

vice-president: Ed Hariman, r lory' Ra L I·<br />

singer trea urer; and Frank Ho lc, spiritual adviser.<br />

pring om r were Ray L ling r, pr j ,<br />

dent ; Ralph Ily, vi ·pr sident ; Bob BUll r, ecretary<br />

; and Boh Agn \ , tr a UT r.<br />

Bob Agnew<br />

Bob Battenfield Dick Bergmann Ed Blessing<br />

Bob Butler<br />

Warren<br />

Dean<br />

\ J<br />

Ruben Dominquez Larry Ferguson<br />

Chips<br />

Fleming<br />

Jim<br />

Foushee<br />

Fred<br />

Fox<br />

Bill Frontis<br />

Jay<br />

Goldberg<br />

Ed Hartman<br />

Blaine<br />

Hollimon<br />

Frank<br />

Hoole<br />

Chuck<br />

Inskeep<br />

Bob Johnston<br />

Paul<br />

Kelly<br />

CIRCLE K :-Front row; from left: Dr. Robert Gray Gary Eb l'<br />

left: Dave Humphrey, Gene Rothstein, Dave Hendrick Dick V er mg, Tom Hump~rey, Ed McCrary, Ed Cherlin, Ron Weiss. Back row; from<br />

, aughan, Tom Hendricks, Jack Kalling, Phil Cherlin.<br />

Ralph<br />

Kelly<br />

Sonny<br />

Leopold<br />

Fred<br />

Lipscomb<br />

Boyd Malloy<br />

Ed Miller<br />

Gary<br />

Riggs<br />

Mike<br />

Rogers<br />

78<br />

Jack<br />

Sharpe<br />

Jack<br />

Shelver<br />

Tom<br />

Shows<br />

Larry<br />

Sisson<br />

Chuck<br />

Smith<br />

Jim<br />

Upshaw<br />

Lee Whistler

XOLOTL<br />

OLOTL is a coeducational ervice honorary. Its<br />

main purp i to advise and cooperate in the<br />

adj u trn nt and ori ntation of freshmen and transfer<br />

tudents to th scholastic and extra-curricular life<br />

f the 011 g. Member hi p qualifications are second<br />

em ster fre hman tanding or higher and the<br />

re ommendation of a faculty member. Officers<br />

were Vic Bianchini, president; Bob Clark, vicepr<br />

sidcnt ; Lucille Bro seau, secretary; Mike O'Connor,<br />

tr a urer; and Marla Brown, membership<br />

hairman.<br />


president<br />

Ed Blessing<br />

Aesculapians<br />

The Aesculapian wa organiz d<br />

in 194·3 to stimulate and aid tudents<br />

who are int r ted in pur·<br />

suing pre-medical and pr -dental<br />

courses. Aes ulapian wa nam d<br />

after the Gr ek god of mdi in<br />

Aesculapius. M mb r hip i honorary<br />

with the purpo of prornoting<br />

fellow hip, tirnulating int r-<br />

est, and contributing to th growth,<br />

as well as the under tandin of<br />

students .. Requirement for membership<br />

are a 2.5 grad avera<br />

and 30 unts of college cr dit.<br />

Meetings were held once a month<br />

on campu with Paul Robert on<br />

Robin<br />

Briscoe<br />

Lucille<br />

Brosseau<br />

Marla<br />

Brown<br />

Bill Cabral<br />

Bob Clark<br />

Sandra<br />

Crain<br />

Judy<br />

Daniels<br />

presiding<br />

as president.<br />

AESCULAPIANS from left are: Row I; John Borsje, Ed Cherlin, Paul Robertson, Angelica Cassel, Veronica<br />

Field. Row 2; Steele Lipe, Ron Ridgway, David Shaw, John Fait, Howard Charman, Stephen Coutts, Jerry<br />

Lynes.<br />

Chris tie<br />

Davis<br />

Patsy<br />

Drummond<br />

Dave Dunn<br />

Ed Hartman<br />

Sandra<br />

Hayes<br />

Carol<br />

J aneck<br />

Linda<br />

Johnstone<br />

Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Julia Jorgensen<br />

Marie Musso<br />

Ralph Kelly<br />

Pat Nichols<br />

Linda Koenig<br />

Mike O'Connor<br />

J<br />

Joyce<br />

Long<br />

Gay O'Malley<br />

Errol<br />

Mackzum<br />

Diane Oswood<br />

Guy' Maddox<br />

Lois Parker<br />

Clara Michael<br />

Darlene Pierceall<br />

Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta is a national<br />

scholastic sorority for freshmen<br />

women' who have achieved a grade<br />

point average of 3.5 or above duro<br />

ing their freshmen year. Members<br />

are active into their sophomore<br />

year. The group's goal is to maintain<br />

high scholastic achievement<br />

while developing comradeship<br />

within the group. The organization<br />

was started on this campus in Jan·<br />

uary, 1956. There are 95 active<br />

chapters in colleges and universities<br />

throughout the United States.<br />

Carol J aneck was elected president<br />

for this year.<br />

D M bel Trail Carol Stough,<br />

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA members from left are: Row 1; Pat Skelton, r. a ,<br />

June Hose. Row 2; Mary Anderson, Carol Janeck, Lynne Ball, Dean Margery Warmer.<br />

81<br />

Janet<br />

Prior<br />

Mary Sue Sawday<br />

Paul<br />

Sincock<br />

Ron<br />

Slocum<br />

John<br />

Staley<br />

Dean<br />

Steel<br />

Marie<br />


American Society of<br />

Civil Engineers<br />

c. S. T. A.<br />

All students enrolled in the civil<br />

engineering curricul urn here are<br />

eligible for membership in the<br />

American Society of Civil Engineers.<br />

The organization strives to<br />

promote congeniality and develop<br />

professional spirit among the<br />

members. The local chapter was<br />

organized in 1949. Activities include<br />

guest speakers, field trips,<br />

films, parties and bi-monthly<br />

meetings. The president this year<br />

was Frank Wilson.<br />

r<br />

j<br />

t<br />

The local chapter of the California<br />

Student Teachers' Association was<br />

started at San Diego State in 1949.<br />

The aim of the organization is to<br />

create high ideals of professional<br />

ethics and attitudes, to promote the<br />

social, professional and economic<br />

welfare of teachers, to improve<br />

educational services in general and<br />

to foster active cooperation between<br />

student groups in teachers'<br />

education. The group sponsored<br />

lectures, campus tours for high<br />

school students and hosted the National<br />

Education Association Convention<br />

held in San Diego in June.<br />

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS from left are: Row 1: Frank Wilson, Jim Panek, S. H.<br />

Stone, M. J. Balestrieri, Kenneth Bankstom, John Corrigan, Philip Taylor. Row 2: John Dainwood, Richard<br />

Allen, Ronald Pfoutz, Dale Hoffland, Glen Franklin, Al Higdon, Joe Truban, Don Gladden. Row 3: Larry<br />

Barney, Jerry Cole, Hadley Johnson, Jim Agrahamson, Kenneth Baker, Jan Winkler, Bruce Herms. Row<br />

4: Kenneth Goldkamp, John Morris, Earl Fitzpatrick, Dave McNielly, Ed Bankstom, Charles Brogen, Frank<br />

Ducote, S. Orfansos.<br />

MEMBERS of the California Student Teachers' Association listen to Mrs. Mary McMullin, past dean of<br />

women at SDS and now principal of Crawford High School. Each month members of the association<br />

listen to talks by prominent leaders in the field of education.<br />

,.<br />

I<br />

Aztec Radio and<br />

TV Guild<br />

Aztec Theatre<br />

Guild<br />

82<br />

AZTEC RA~IO AND T.V. GUILD members are from left-Seated: Mike Witte, Bob Gordener. Row 2: Jerry<br />

B~mber, Elaine Heck, John Merino, Robert Lee, John S. Morgan, Dennis Baker, Bill Steele, Bill Hilchey,<br />

MIke Anderson, Nanette Paulsen, Ron Estes, Jim Honeycutt, George Farina.<br />

Since its founding in 1949, the<br />

Aztec Radio-TV Guild has been<br />

open to all students interested in<br />

radio and television. The group<br />

strives to produce and disseminate<br />

programs that will serve as a practical<br />

exercise for broadcast majors<br />

and all other interested students.<br />

The Guild has produced such programs<br />

as "The Beat Generation,"<br />

a documentary which was heard<br />

over a local radio station, and its<br />

annual Christmas show, which was<br />

broadcast over several local stations.<br />

Dave Newton was president<br />

this year.<br />

The Aztec Theatre Guild is open<br />

to all San Diego State students<br />

with an interest in participating in<br />

campus productions. The group's<br />

interest lies in the directing, producing,<br />

acting, and managing of<br />

Guild plays presented during the<br />

year. The Guild took part this<br />

year in the production of the fol-<br />

_lowing plays: Lady from the Sea,<br />

Of Mice and Men, Misalliance and<br />

Tiger at the Gates. Priscilla Lawson<br />

was president of the organization.<br />

AZTEC THEATRE GUILD: Front row; from left: J. Marriner, Erv Hjemvik, Walter Stump, Bob Fitzgerald.<br />

Center row; from left: Sharon Price, Sandra Berke, Linda Zukerman, Marjorie Betts, Mike Anderson.<br />

Back row; from left: Jack Wilson, Annette Abdelnour, Johana Paladino, Priscilla Lawson, Fredric<br />

Berling.<br />


Arnold<br />

Air Society<br />

College Y<br />

Arnold Air Society is an honorary<br />

group of' outstanding AFROTC<br />

cadets. The SDS group is regional<br />

headquarters for a six-state area.<br />

To qualify for membership, a cadet<br />

must have an overall grade<br />

point average of 2.0 and at least<br />

a 3.0 in air science. He must successfully<br />

complete and pass a national<br />

and local training period<br />

lasting one semester, and he must<br />

show high interest, aptitude, good<br />

personality, and ability to further<br />

interest in air 'power. Richard<br />

DeDoes was president this year,<br />

Th DC"" group i a f llowhip<br />

of stud nt and fa ult who<br />

d ir to di ov r through tudy,<br />

action, and worship th id al of<br />

Chri tian Ii ing. Memb r hip i<br />

op n to all tudent and fa ulty.<br />

The group orzaniz d th 0 mo<br />

lub to ori nt n w tud nt from<br />

abroad. Th y hay di u ion<br />

group with th international tud<br />

nts as well as mu ical nights<br />

which f aLure mu i from around<br />

~h world. Faculty fire id and<br />

group m etinz ar also part of<br />

the program. Diana ickl rand<br />

Don Hammill wer co-pr idents<br />

for the year.<br />

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY members from left are: Row 1: Rod Schneider, Bill Lounsbury, John Vogt, Kirby<br />

Ludwick. Row 2; Jim Vlasek, Tom Matson, Harry Bavstad, Howard Bubel. Row 3; Ken Magers, Ed Heim,<br />

Tom Oldham. Row 4; Bob Battenfield, Ron Grow, Phil Papin, Dick Russell. Row 5: Jimmy Kelly. Row<br />

6; Hap Phair, Dean Steel, Ned Lessem, Claude Mitchell.<br />

COLLEGE Y-Row 1; from left: Toshio Ikeda, Camille Miller, Pari Meftah, Daisy Jones, Pat Swanson,<br />

Ferol Martin, Shirlee Thomas. Row 2; frem left: Linda Denlinger, Steve Brown, Rose Sackerson, Linda<br />

Dawson, Sharon Williams, Eunice Smith', Margot Nilsen. Row 3; from left: Elizabeth Mulcahy, Iqbal<br />

Baloch, Hal Brown, John McKiernan, Sarah Wallace, Esell Doksum, Charles Smith, Row 4; from left:<br />

Creta Eaton, John O'Gara, Dave Neptune, Stan Froske.<br />

.'";ttl:",....<br />

~;..<br />

-r»<br />

...~-t"<br />


Marketing<br />

Association<br />

SOS( Physical<br />

Education Club<br />

The Marketing Association was organized<br />

in the fall of 1957. Qualification<br />

for membership is an interest<br />

in the field of marketing.<br />

Monthly dinner meetings were<br />

held at Hayne's Streamliner with<br />

guest speakers from various industries<br />

in the San Diego area.<br />

Bi-monthly meetings were also<br />

held on campus. The group strives<br />

to promote interest in marketing<br />

through valuable group discussions.<br />

Richard Martin was president<br />

this year.<br />

{<br />

SPEC was organized six years ago<br />

to stimulate professional interest<br />

in physical education and related<br />

fields, provide social and recreational<br />

functions for majors and<br />

minors in the field and to help<br />

prepare new teachers in physical<br />

education. Any woman student at<br />

SDS who is a major or minor<br />

in physical education or recreation<br />

is eligible for membership.<br />

Activities include pot-luck dinners,<br />

a Christmas party, and progressive<br />

diners. SPEC is interested in professional,<br />

social and recreational<br />

activities. Sheila DeWoskin was<br />

president this year.<br />

MARKETING ASSOCIATION-Front row; from left: Ed Naiman, Bill Lakin, Ken Mansfield, Anne Schenk,<br />

Be.ve.rlySkinner, Harry Pils!' Back row; from left: Gerald Sharkey, Don Zellman, Brock Robertson, Gary<br />

WillIams, Cheryl Dudley, Don Amador, Dick Noren.<br />

SDS PHYSICAL EDUCATION members from left are: Row 1; Alice Bardon, Verna Muldrow, Mary Atkin,<br />

Maureen Waston, Janet Kimball, Sheila DeWoskin. Row 2; Nancy Carr, Barbara Doty, Sue Buzzell,<br />

Cynthia Mudgett, Billie Thompson, Janice Hallett, Joan Dienes, Arlene Barrett, Emily Hawkins, Virginia<br />

Bernd, Eula Benton, Marjorie Rhodes.<br />

Modern<br />

Dance Club<br />

Society of<br />

Automotive !Engineers<br />

The Modern Dance club offers an<br />

opportunity to participate in a concert<br />

dance group. The organization<br />

was founded in 1949 to stimulate<br />

interest in the dance as a creative<br />

art. Activities of the group this<br />

year included participation in the<br />

music department's opera, Dido<br />

and Aeneas, a dance symposium<br />

for high school students, 'a Found·<br />

er's Day demonstration, and a<br />

Spring Concert. Connie Colonelli<br />

was president this year.<br />

The student chapter of the Society<br />

of Automotive Engineers was organized<br />

to acquaint students with<br />

mechanical developments in industry<br />

and to promote good fellowship<br />

among the students. Membership<br />

is open to all engineering<br />

majors. Joint monthly dinner<br />

meetings are held with the graduate<br />

chapter of the organization.<br />

Kenneth Conger was president this<br />

year.<br />

86<br />

MODERN DANCE CLUB-Front row' from left· V' ki P I<br />

from left: Darlene Wilds, Daisy Jones' Diana Co'd IC I auI ' R~nee Suberi, Barrie Cooke. Center row'<br />

S h W II ' r ova, C aro Crelghto B k '<br />

ara a ace, Joan Dienes, Marie Kwon Nancy M EI . E I n. ac row; from left: Janet Elder<br />

, c vam, ve yn Lockman. '<br />

SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS members from left are: Row 1: Reinhold Gerber, J. C.<br />

Naugle, Ken Conger, J. C. Porter, George Hayashi. Row 2: Bill Neal, Bill Gallaher, William Meixner.<br />

Row 3: Lynn Townsend, Richard Powell, Jim Pearce, William Hubbard, Richard Burkett. Row 4:.Warren<br />

Theis, J. H. Smith, Thomas Kertesz, Gail Mumma, Wiley Yip. Row 5: Donald Ceta, Robert Gudde, Larry<br />


Society for the<br />

Advancement of<br />

Management<br />

Student Nurses<br />

Association<br />

The Society for Advancement of<br />

Management is open to all stu.<br />

dents with an interest in industrial<br />

management and industrial engineering.<br />

The members conduct and<br />

promote study and understanding<br />

of social, psychological and economic<br />

implications of scientific<br />

princi ples of modern management.<br />

Activities of the group include<br />

monthly dinner meetings with spe·<br />

cial guest speakers from the business<br />

world and social functions.<br />

This year, Gary Loso served as<br />

president of the organization.<br />

The Student Nurses Association is<br />

the local affiliate of the State and<br />

National Association of Student<br />

Nurses. The group, which is mainly<br />

a social organization, holds par·<br />

ties, dances, teas, and an annual<br />

fund raising carnival. It also acquaints<br />

members with graduate<br />

nursing organizations and informs<br />

them of the opportunities of the<br />

nursing profession. Most of the<br />

members live in the County Hospital<br />

dorms, where they hold their<br />

weekly meetings. M~rlene Nelson<br />

was president this year.<br />

SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT members from left are: Row 1: Earl<br />

Vikander, Jim Foushee, Al Bousquet, Mary S~e Sawday, Judith Guyer, Verlyn Miller, Richard Davis,<br />

Larry Redinbaugh, Douglas Tatreau, Robert Cox. Row 2: Ron Bellatti, Bill Bulley, Joseph Weber, Bob<br />

Butler, Mike Rogers, Carmen Scozzafava, Chuck Peters, Gary Williams. Eddie Welch, Cherryl Dudley.<br />

Student Nurses Association members from left are: Row 1; Mary Alice Haswell, Marcia Lethbridge, Gail<br />

Dodd, Marlene Nelson, Peggy Bradly, Gretchen Thompson, Kathy Watson, Gloria Riciado. Row 2; Ellen<br />

Calloway, Joyce Holmquist, Ellen Redmons, Jean Zinnerger, Judy Wilde, Rosemarie 'Salmon, Edna Van<br />

Horn, Flordia La Suer, Julie Grand, Carrie Parker. Row 3; Olive Glenn, Barbara Folsom, Shelia Boylen,<br />

Joan Lemke, Claudia Rouch, Barbara Duhrsen, Julie Jarvis, Adrian Atkins, Evelyn Anderson, Frankie<br />

Harmon, Charlene Cannell, Peggy Johnson, Janie Bradshaw, Patty Dryer.<br />

Skull<br />

and Dagger<br />

Tri-S<br />

88<br />

SKULL AND . DAGGER members from .', left are: Rowl : Linda Zuckerman Eri H' JOmOI, ik Annette Abd eInour,<br />

~~.alron Price, Ed Creason. Row 2: Dick McLaughlin, Bill Hektner, Priscilla Lawson, Al Pickett Jack<br />

'IIJI son. '<br />

Skull and Dagger is an honorary<br />

service organization for students<br />

majoring or minoring in the<br />

speech arts. Among the qualifica·<br />

tions for membership are a 2.7<br />

grade average in the major field<br />

and approval of the members. The<br />

group works in a service capacity,<br />

with members assisting the drama<br />

department in the production of<br />

campus plays. They also assist in<br />

the planning and judging of high<br />

school speech tournaments held at<br />

San Diego State throughout the<br />

year. Activities of the group include<br />

monthly meetings, potluck<br />

dinners and social functions.<br />

TRI-S members from left are: Row 1; Jean Baber, Darleen Platt, Liz Eagle, Gail Ford, Nancy Houldcroft,<br />

Marilyn Easley, Donna Taylor. Row 2; Andree Pineda, Christie Davis, Esme Picken, Marie Jeffrey,<br />

Sharon Secrist, Susan Cunningham, Pat Prenda. Row 3; Martha Kuhnel, Brenda Lindsay, Sharon Mullenix,<br />

Madeline Acosta, Helene Figoten, Karen Reed.<br />

The secretarial management club,<br />

Tri-S, was organized in 1952 to<br />

bring secretarial majors together<br />

in social and business situations<br />

and to further professional goals.<br />

Activities of the group included a<br />

get.acquainted pool and barbeque<br />

party. Hostess organization at the<br />

Second Annual Office Equipment<br />

Systems Conference in Balboa<br />

Park, a Christmas toy drive, caroling<br />

party, a mid-semester break<br />

trip to Disneyland and a tea for<br />

campus secretaries during National<br />

Secretarial Week were some of<br />

their activities. Donna Taylor was<br />

president<br />

this year.<br />


Women's Recreation<br />

Association<br />

Inter-Protestant<br />

Anglican Council<br />

_<br />

0; .. "" * "\''''''!,' '\; ,";."',,'" ~ .<br />

:<br />

" " ~ \.., , *,_ - ~ ~ ~<br />

..<br />

'"'~ ~ ~ • _:;-I

United Campus Christian<br />

Fellowship<br />

Canterbury<br />

Association<br />

UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP members are: Row 1; Nancy Forsberg, Cammy Miller,<br />

Leola Cline, Fred Anderson, Charlotte Stout, Anne Brownell, Sandra Kraisin. Row 2: Garry Eberling,<br />

Torn Matson, Jack Brennan, Sue Henry, Gloria Hunsberger, Joan Brownell, Sherry Guess, Dave McGown.<br />

United Campus Christian Fellowship<br />

was organized in the fall of<br />

1958, when Tri-Westminster and<br />

the Disciples of Christ merged.<br />

The organization strives to provide<br />

for the effective growth of Christion<br />

fellowship, to further the mission<br />

of the church and to broaden<br />

Christian understanding. Activities<br />

of the group have included intercollegiate<br />

conferences and retreats,<br />

religious seminars and guest<br />

speakers. Fred Anderson was president<br />

this year.<br />

CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION-Row 1; from left: Lewis Perry, Jane Kerner, Sara Romberg,<br />

Judy Douglass, Charlotte Currier, Aileen Burroughs. Row 2; from left: Peggy Shine, Peggy Smith,<br />

DeEtta Stewart, Jon Gamon, Marjorie Kuscerka, Karen Ross, Charles McElrath. Row 3; from<br />

left: Reverend Gillett Bechtel, George Hemingway, Bob Gavuzzi, Bill Wilson, Leonard Johnson,<br />

Fred<br />

Perkins.<br />

The Canterbury Association i the<br />

Episcopal student organization on<br />

campus. It functions as a part of<br />

the National Canterbury A ociation.<br />

The group offer it memo<br />

bers in truction in the faith and<br />

practices of the Episcopal Church.<br />

The purpo e of the club is to further<br />

Christianity through studying<br />

the life of Chri t. Activiti include<br />

worship s rvi e, ocial<br />

gatherings, and weekly meeting.<br />

Canterbury members make u e of<br />

the new student cent r which<br />

opened last year at St. Dun tan's<br />

Episcopal Church near the campus.<br />

The president was George<br />

Hemingway.<br />

Wesley<br />

Foundation<br />

Christian Science<br />

Organization<br />

'--.<br />

WESLEY FOUNDATION members from left are' Row l : B bhi .<br />

Charles Castle, Audrey Knauer. Row 2. B I 'Ah ' 0 bie King, Abrahim Muzaffar, Jack Ville<br />

hi ' ever y rens Charles T' b D" '<br />

Cynt ia Davis, Elizabeth Magnusson Carol M K . F' ie out, ixie Crain, Connie Young<br />

' c enzie anda Fri II M '<br />

Row 3; Bob Wright, Bob Seeley Thomas Du T' H izzeu, ary Arnold, Julie Parkhurst<br />

' ncan, om umphre S II L' I .<br />

son, J 0hn Berg, Karen Grant Torn Matson R 4 R . y, a y Itt e, Chuck Luby Kirby John<br />

M ,. ow ; ev Willi M dB' -<br />

cFarland, Joseph Strople, Bob Adams Lee Ad D . am un t, ob Letson, Mel Hasman Roland<br />

. ' ams, on Palmer. '<br />

The oldest religious group on campus<br />

is the Wesley Foundation, a<br />

unit of the Methodist student<br />

movement. The organization<br />

strives to help students find friends<br />

away from home, develop their<br />

personal religious life and promote<br />

Christian fellowship both on campus<br />

and in the world. Activities<br />

of the group include weekly meetings,<br />

guest speakers, parties, and<br />

the presentation of their annual<br />

open bid dance, "Winter WhirL"<br />

The president this year was Bob<br />

Adams.<br />

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION-Front row; from left: Estella Rasmussen, Mary Lou<br />

Nicholas, Pat Madson, Penny Warren, Cathie Phillips, Marie Jeffrey, Arlene Austin, Mrs. JoAnn<br />

Tanzer. Back row; from left: David Thurmon, JuLee Swygard, Raymond Crane, Trent Ciani,<br />

Jon Sutherland, Bob Bourcier, Farrell Dernbach, Glenn L. Hodge.<br />

The Christian Science Organization<br />

seeks to unite Christian<br />

Science students on the campus<br />

by encouraging the application of<br />

Christian Science to their studies.<br />

A reception is held at the beginning<br />

of each semester for the new<br />

members. Each week the group<br />

holds testimony meetings. Offi·<br />

cers for the fall semester were<br />

Arlene Austin, president; Jon<br />

Sutherland, vice- president; JuLee<br />

Swygard, recording secretary;<br />

Estella Rasmussen, corresponding<br />

secretary; Farrell Dernbach, treasurer.<br />


Inter- Faith Council<br />

MAYA<br />

HALL<br />

The Inter-Faith Council is cornposed<br />

of representatives from each<br />

of the various fatihs on campus<br />

- Catholic, Jewish, Protestant,<br />

and Independent. The organization<br />

strives to promote further<br />

understanding and cooperation<br />

among religious groups on campus.<br />

The council's main job is to<br />

provide a means for getting together<br />

people of different faiths<br />

to work for common religious<br />

purposes. M~ry Arnold was president.<br />

Cordelia Bagdoian<br />

president<br />

An opportunity to form la ting friend hips and to parti ipat<br />

in school activities is provided the 200 residents f Maya Hall<br />

San Diego State's first women re iden e hall. Among th<br />

year's activities w re e change with Tolt c, an all- rirl pajama<br />

party and an open-bid Christma dan ,"Winl r Rhap ody," at<br />

the Hotel del Coronado. On Ianuar 17, Maya Hall held it<br />

first open hou e for student and fa ulty mcmb r. ord lia<br />

Bagdoian was pre idcnt during the fall m t rand Judy Guy r<br />

was president<br />

in the spring.<br />

INTER·FAITH COUNCIL-Front row; from left: Lewis Perry, Kaye Bamford, Charlotte Stout, Bob Bourier,<br />

Lili Gardner, Mary Arnold, Kay Prager, Jackie Lewis, Sandra Krasin, Sonia Weitzman. Back row;<br />

from left: Marilyn Scharn, Glaude Shouse, Rev. Gillett Bechtel, Tom Matson, David Brule, John O'Gara,<br />

Rev. William Mundt, Noel Janko, Katie Dangel.<br />

Anthropology<br />

Club<br />

.The newest organization on earnpus<br />

is the Anthropology Society,<br />

which was organized in January<br />

by Mrs. Margaret Benter. The<br />

purpose of the organization is to<br />

stimulate, strengthen, and preserve<br />

interest in anthropology and its<br />

associated fields. Charter officers<br />

are Gerald L. Wood, president;<br />

John Weir, vice president; and<br />

John Henninger, secretary-treasuter.<br />

Dr. Paul H .Ezell is the ad;<br />

viser of the organization.<br />

ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIETY-Front row' from left· Frank W Y G Id<br />

Spencer Rogers. Back row; from left: John Henning~ M . o~ng, era L. Wood, Paul H. Ezell,<br />

Stedt, Virginia Cox. r, argaret enter, certrude Chenelle, Pauline<br />

C I C dr Bagdoian, Nancy Pangborn, Roz"J ames. Back row; from<br />

COUNCIL MEMBERS _. Front row; from left: Macy ;Vieira, Betty rysta,. or e ia<br />

. left: Mary Eads, Patricia Chappel, Lyn· Reeves, Virginia Prock, Mary Jane Bigg.<br />


From left: Row 1; Linda Dobbs, Laimomi Sproat, Virginia Prock Linda Gravelle, Hermie Balagot. Row 2',<br />

Mary Io Livingston, Sonja Carroll, Dorothy Thompson, Jan Hodge, Raeoma Marlin, Diana Beechler,<br />

From left: Row 1; Mary Ann Marohon, Helene Figoten, Nancy Rupert, Mrs. Eva Gookins, Darlene Bongianni, Vi ki Howard, Linda Ko~h, Mona<br />

Keller. Row 2; Joan Plourde, Marilyn Hales, Ruth Parnell, Joyce McGaugh, Judy Mitchell, Cynthia Corbin, Lynda Kirby, Judy Mar hall, w n<br />

MacGowan, Laurel Wilson, Judy Fogl, Alice Lyman.<br />

From left: Row 1; Joyce Fast, Geraldine Hill Nancy P b<br />

Row 2; Esther Provencio, Rosanne Hobble N' V. ang om, Lynn Reeves,<br />

Roz James, Jeannine Lee Virgini N 'Aand cy iera, Chloetta Napier, Niki<br />

, a unez, u rey Mautz, Dale Johnson.<br />

Joan Millard, Nancy Wycoff, Janet Foster, Dorothy Chandler.<br />

Patterson, Pequita Anthony, Gail Mitchell, Diana Grassfield,<br />

Left to right, Row 1: Frances Zuern, Kay Snyder, Carol Graham, Dottie Dobson, Susan Reno, Judy Bown, Laurie Jones, Penny Wiley. Row 2: Virginia<br />

Dickerson, Carol Story, Sharon Simmons, Dixie Dahms, Marjorie Benson, Ethyl Kidd, Marvel Simbach, Barbara Kunkle, Bert McNichol, Elizabeth<br />

Otten, Linda Lindsay, Liela Berman, Sharon Howard.<br />

96<br />

From left: Row 1; Linda Boyle S d<br />

Row 2; Harriet Carr Nanc ' ~n y Stayer, Sharon Ray, Judy Gu er M<br />

S.trubhar, Linda Spindl Cy P.erkllls, Susan Wicks, Gretchen Collin Y , d ary Eads, Mati Jene Swerdfeger, Dona Schulz, Mary Corcoran.<br />

er, onrne Gardner, Carole Nelson, Linda Ritt:;o;e' Barb~ra Jo Ramby, Sandra Johnson, Judy Adams, Mary Ann<br />

, ggy Shine, Mary Crafton, Sara Romberg.<br />

Left to right, Row 1: Joan Dienes, DeEtta Stewart, Bette Feuerrborn, Mary Jane Bigg, Margie Skelton, Pat Doetsch, Margot Nilsen, Cherie Ninteman.<br />

Row 2: Pamela Castle, Edie Howe, Marie Tanner, Dolores Hammond, Sandra Thompson, Carol Jones, Ann Barnes, Jerry Ann Luke, Susan Humphrey,<br />

Jackie Neumann, Pat Goit, Alice Brown, Edie Kelly, Ginny Larkin. Row 3: Marty West, Marlene Richter, Dianne Rust, Mary Sue Sawday, Corine<br />

Muir, Connie Colonelli, Julie Getz, <strong>Del</strong>oris Schaub, Janet Thompson, Ann Mattson, Caroline Weddle. .

TOLTEC<br />

HALL<br />

This year, for the first time, San Diego State<br />

had campus reisdence halls. The social fuctions<br />

at Toltec were set up not only to provide fun<br />

and enjoyment, but to maintain a high standard<br />

of courtesy and dignity for the residents.<br />

Dorm functions this year included a faculty<br />

tea, float building, a talent night contest with<br />

Maya Hall, a caroling party, and intra-dorm<br />

athletic events. Ed Creason was president during<br />

the fall semester, and Charles Winn was<br />

president in the spring.<br />

OFFICERS-Row 1; from left: Jim Sullenberger, Charles Winn,<br />

Gary Landers. Row 2; from left: Grant Behnke, Bill Welsch,<br />

Wayne Cavanaugh, Dan Sibbet, Don Schroeder.<br />

From left: Row 1; Manuel Quintero, Ron Brown, Ray Jones, Roy Lechner, Grant Behnke, Pete Amarillas, Bob Whealer, Dick Donald on, Phil<br />

Giannangeli. Row 2: Gary Garner, Eddie Albanez, Richard Crinol, Hector Moreno Carl Han on, Jim Walsh, David Whi.ttington. Bill Funn,<br />

Arnold Hornstein, Walter Rosenthal.<br />

Row 1; from left: Jim Stanley, Vaughan Thompson, Laurence Klemm, Wayne Cavanaugh Jim Sibbet Jerry Blad Jim Kleinfelter Bob Mederis.<br />

Row 2; from left: Ray Fukmizu<br />

'<br />

Ray Tom<br />

,vm<br />

Cal' Ph'II'<br />

I IpS,<br />

BI'<br />

ame<br />

W<br />

arner,<br />

W'll"<br />

I lam Thompson, Eugene<br />

,<br />

Cochrane,<br />

,<br />

Ken Dibold, Norman<br />

~<br />

Mc<br />

V<br />

ey,<br />

Charles Hartshorn, Rolf Iverson, Ken Yerty.<br />

From left: Row 1: Jon O'Malley, Art Valencia, Bob Polis, Dick Jaramillo, Bill Welsch, Tim Tilyer, Jerry Scheer, Dick Butcher. Row 2; John<br />

Purdy, Mike Richardson', Steve Wendkos, Wayland Taylor, Mike Morgan Gary Coleman John Shackelford, Kent Jones, Dave Hunter, Lee<br />

Eperson,<br />

Ernie Dawe.<br />

Row 1; from left: Doug Hues J k H .<br />

S'nyder, Wally Robsen. Row 2', f:~m 1;;tt~eDlter,GS~bobrge BDergstrom,Dan Rigoli, Frank Duran, Don Schroeder, Ted Willoughby, Charles Winn, Monte<br />

K . h • ,. an I et ave Brow V KI<br />

rug t, Bob Medlock, Tom Tompkins Cars S. h'D F' n, erne assen, Ralph Pawley, Mike Peters, Gary Sols, Cliff Thompson, Ed<br />

, on mitn, on de, Gerald K W I K d<br />

From left: Row 1; Mokh Zaky, Jim Sullenberger, Gary Landers, Vic Bianchini, Larry Lanza. Row 2: Don Saudill, Harold Hall, Rob Mau, Bill<br />

ay, at enne y, Mike Keegan, John Smithline. 99<br />

Lafund, Kip Hering, Chuck Pickering, Fred Bradley, Tom Humphrey.


PANHELLENIC spent an active year guiding and coordinating the<br />

activities of the sororities on campus. Under the leadership of Francie<br />

JaIlu, the group, which consisted of two delegates from each sorority,<br />

sponsored the rush seasons, the spring Panhellenic workshop, and open<br />

houses. One of the most important jobs of Panhellenic was to help<br />

sponsor Greek Week, which was held in March. Other officers for the<br />

group included vice-president, Barbara Christian; secretary, Julia Jorgensen;<br />

treasurer, Patti Kling; office manager, Pat McKee; and rush<br />

chairman, Judy Wagner.<br />


President<br />

t<br />

MRS. MARGARET TURNER, left, Panhellenic rush adviser,<br />

confers with president Francie JalIu, center, and Judy Wagner,<br />

rush chairman, before rush orientation.<br />

RUSHEES leave CLS auditorium on their way to sorority open houses.<br />

I<br />

J<br />


Vice-President<br />


Secretary<br />

102<br />


Treasurer<br />

PAT McKEE<br />

Office Manager<br />

JUDY<br />

Rush<br />

WAGNER<br />

Chairman<br />

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Row 1; from left: Betsy Limbach, Anne Crosby, Jean Paden, Pat O'Reilly, Lois Parker, Diane Oswood. Row 2;<br />

from left: Sharon Petersen, Helen Thayer, Peggy Stimmel, Carolyn Meadors, Sheri Cope, Sandy Van Bibber. Row 3; from left: Katey Bosworth,<br />

Marian Stille, Carol Stough, Jeanne Morey, Carol Smith, Suzanne Jeffrey, Linda Dobbs, Lynne Ball, Peggy Lester.<br />



THE ANNUAL kidnap breakfast for the pledges was one of the activities of the<br />

Alpha Chi Omegas this year. Also on their social calendar was their annual<br />

Christmas formal dance and their annual Christmas tea, which was given for all<br />

sorority pledges on campus. The group also put on a roller-skating contest to<br />

support the Easter Seal Drive on campus and made toys for the children at<br />

Sunshine School. Active A Chi O's this year were Betty Dawson, AWS President,<br />

Cap and Gown, Angel Flight, Xolotl, and <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Joan Brownell, Cap<br />

and Gown, and Xolotl; Shirlee Quist, Angel Flight and Phi Mu Alpha; and Bev<br />

Reynolds, AWS Council. Officers for the year were President, Bev Reynolds;<br />

Vice-Presidents, Betty Dawson and Pauline Harper; Secretary, Joan Brownell;<br />

and Treasurer, Shirlee Quist.<br />

JOHNNY MATHIS and Nat King Cole seem to hold much more interest for these girls than Shakespeare or History 17A.<br />

BEVERLY REYNOLDS, President<br />

Mary Lee Hogan Medora Lethbridge<br />

Norma<br />

McCarty<br />

J<br />

Laurie McIntosh Barbara Maloney Joyce Moore<br />

Louise Rundlett Gail Rundstrom Rosemarie Salmon Gwen Small Sara Smith Catharine Suran<br />

t<br />

I<br />

Jody Grandey Jean Hall Pauline Harper Sue Henry Barbara Hobart<br />

Marigene Swerdfeger Donna Tainsh Jan Thompson Sandie VanBibber Vonnie Varner Janice Walker<br />



DELTA<br />

THE ALPHA GAMMA DELTAS' newly built patio was widely used in the<br />

warm fall weather. Among the social activities was an International Reunion<br />

Day, when alumnae and undergraduates held a luncheon honoring the founding<br />

of Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta, a Christmas dance where the "Alpha Gam Man" was<br />

chosen, and the annual spring formal dance which was a dinner-dance. Girls<br />

~ctive on campus this past year were Sharon Petersen, AS secretary, president<br />

of Cap and Gown, debate, and Pi Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta; Mary Lou Nicholas, Senior Class<br />

secretary, secretary of Christian Science Organization, and president of the<br />

Association for Childhood Education; and Priscilla Lawson, president of Theatre<br />

Guild, vice-president of Musical Comedy Guild and Skull and Dagger. Officers<br />

for the year were, president, Janet Russell; vice-presidents, Marcia Maus and<br />

Robin Briscoe; secretary, Sharon Petersen; and treasurer, Sandra Blodgett.<br />

STUFFED ANIMALS are small comfort on cold nights, but it looks like they'll just have to do here.<br />

JANET RUSSELL, President<br />

Diana<br />

Alduenda<br />

Gayle Berner Priscilla Lawson Rachel Love<br />

Pat McKee Marcia Maus Anne Morris Barbara Musso<br />

Sandi Blodgett Robin Briscoe<br />

Sandra Burnham Betty Cartmill<br />

Cathy Cheverie Joan Nelson<br />

Marlene Nelson Mary Lou Nicholas Janet O'Malley Jean Paden Sharon Petersen<br />

Barbara Chuhna Mary Cowhick<br />

Cathy Culver<br />

Rene Ann Cuthbertson<br />

Julie Peterson Gwen Porch Gerry Regman Becky Roberts Mary Jean Shivers Merleen Smith<br />

106 Ninnette Hall Susan Heath<br />

Judy<br />

Heisler<br />

J<br />

Nancy Houldcroft Kay Humphreys<br />

Cara Jenkins<br />

Betsy<br />

Spencer<br />

I.<br />

Regina Stadler Marilyn Strimple Julee Swygard Pat White Jackie Wixen<br />


ALPHA<br />

PHI<br />

THE LAGUNA MOUNTAINS were the scene of the Alpha Phi annual retreat<br />

this year. Other activities put on by this busy group were their annual Founders'<br />

Day Banquet at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a Mother and Daughter Christmas party,<br />

their Christmas dinner-dance held at the <strong>Del</strong> Mar Hotel, a benefit fashion show<br />

at the El Cortez Hotel, and a steak and beans scholarship dinner. Alpha Phis<br />

took top honors in the first annual Sigma Chi Derby Day. Active on campus<br />

from this group were Joyce Long, cheerleader; Sandy Hayes, Angel Flight and<br />

Cetza; and Dorothy Wagner, Sophomore Class Vice-President and Homecoming<br />

House Decoration Chairman. Alpha Phi officers were President, Diane Dodgion;<br />

Vice-Presidents, Diane Oswood and Lois Parker; Secretary, Carol Carpenter;<br />

and Treasurer, Darlene Pierceall.<br />

MUUMUUS seem to be the latest thing. They're worn for such leisure-time activities as gardening.<br />

DIANE DODGION, President<br />

Nanci Bennett Sandy Brown Jeanette Burrell Joan Cairncross Carol Carpenter Sue Chapin<br />

Ann Jeanes<br />

Clydene Johnson<br />

Mary Jo Livingston<br />

Joyce Long Lynn Loughrey<br />

Clara<br />

Michael<br />

Carol<br />

Freeman<br />

Gretchen<br />

Raddatz<br />

Diane<br />

Rider<br />

Mary Lynn<br />

Riehle<br />

Loretta Rodgers Barbara Slade Carol Smith<br />

108<br />

Sandy Gardner Terry Gilmore<br />

Barbara Witte<br />

Carol Goodwin Marilyn Sutorius Dorothy Wagner Judy Wehinger<br />

Sue Hadreas Sandy Hayes<br />

Donna Huber<br />

Carol Wheatcraft Sandi Wilks<br />

J<br />


ALPHA<br />

XI DELTA<br />

AMONG THE activities put on by the Alpha Xi <strong>Del</strong>tas this year were their<br />

Christmas dance, their spring picnic and their local philanthropy drive. The girls<br />

also are hostesses for the Western Psychological Association Convention when the<br />

convention is in this area. Prominent Alpha Xis on campus this year were<br />

Barbara Christian, vice-president of Pan hellenic and AWS Council; Anne Hawley,<br />

AWS Judiciary Board Chairman; Julie Holbeck, AWS Vice-President and Cetza;<br />

and Carol Stough, Scripps Board Chairman, Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta, and Cetza.<br />

Officers for the year were President, Barbara Christan; Vice-President, Margo<br />

Tyler; Secretary, Barbara Thomas; and Treasurer, Julie Holbeck.<br />

THAT GIRL on the right seems to find the cameraman more interesting than the telephone conversation.<br />


President<br />

Carol Adams Pat Andrew<br />

Julie Holbeck<br />

Marilyn Knapp Lisa Krantz<br />

Cathy<br />

McKittrick<br />

Linda Bartholomew Daraliene Copp Carol Maranda<br />

Mary Lou Duff<br />

Carolyn Duncan<br />

Mary<br />

Marshal1<br />

Carolyn Meadors Judy Medler<br />

Barbara Edwards Margaret "Eldridge<br />

Sandra Montgomery<br />

Sharon Graham<br />

Nancy Grimard<br />

Judy<br />

Perry<br />

Carol<br />

Stough<br />

Bobbie<br />

Thomas<br />

110<br />

Anne Hawley<br />

Marian<br />

Hawley<br />

Claudia Heimburg Judi Herz<br />

Margo Tyler Joanna Williamsen<br />

Sheryl1 Zaruba<br />

Mrs. C. Roland,<br />

housemother<br />



THE CHI OMEGAS began the fall semester by presenting their annual "Showboat"<br />

dance. Santa Barbara was the scene of their All-State Day in October.<br />

November was highlighted by the crowning of Joan Cerny as Homecoming<br />

Queen and also by their winning sweepstakes honors for their Homecoming<br />

house decorations. Other activities of the Chi Omegas were their annual Christmas<br />

formal and their Founders' Day Banquet in April. Active Chi O's on campus<br />

this year were Ruth Place, Cap and Gown, AWS Council, and <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste Administration<br />

Editor; Kathi Rieser. Spring Sing Chairman, Cap and Gown, and<br />

Xolotl; and Judy Wagner, Panhellenic rush chairman. Officers were President,<br />

Frances Sherman, Vice-President, Ruth Place; Secretary, Jo Ann Thatcher; and<br />

Treasurer, Carilyn Hansson.<br />

GRACE IN ACTION, the Chi Omegas perform their nightly exercises in an attempt to benefit their anatomies.<br />

FRANCES SHERMAN, President<br />

Karen<br />

Milstead<br />

Linda<br />

Crain<br />

1<br />

Beverly Roletto Sandra Shows Margaret Skelton<br />

112<br />

Lynne<br />

Kidder<br />

Roberta Kline Dianne Krisch Ginny Larkin<br />

Patty Skelton Karen Smith Carole Suchy JoAnne Thatcher Judy Wagner Margaret Whitaker<br />



MUCH ACTIVITY took place aound the <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta house this spring as a twostory<br />

addition was made to the sorority house. The new addition will serve as<br />

a chapter room and dormitory. A few items on the annual social calendar included<br />

an Easter party for children at Hillcrest Home, a Founders' Day Banquet<br />

at Cafe <strong>Del</strong> Rey Moro, an annual retreat at Cuyamaca, "Mistletoe Magic"<br />

formal, a spring dance, "Dream Whirl," where a <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta Man and a Dream<br />

Girl were chosen and an annual fashion show, "Gingham Gaieties." Active <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Zetas on campus were Katey Bosworth, President's Council and AWS Council;<br />

Toni Lee, AWS Council and CSTA board member; and Marian Stille, Aztec<br />

society editor and Alpha Phi Gamma. <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta officers were president, Katey<br />

Bosworth; vice-presidents, Sally Marvin and Marian Stille; secretary, Anne<br />

Alesch; and treasurer, Rosara Petrone.<br />


President<br />

LOOKS LIKE a class in elementary education. Maybe that department should add flower-making to their curriculum of clay<br />

modeling, mosaic-making, and autoharping.<br />

Anne Alesch<br />

Toni Lee Sally Marvin Sharon Masuen<br />

Jean<br />

Colonell<br />

Linda Denlinger Judy DeWoody<br />

Judy Mathews Georgine Maulis Madalyn Miller<br />

Patty<br />

Dryer<br />

Cherryl<br />

Dudley<br />

Carole<br />

Erickson<br />

Beverly Skinner Sharon Spratling Marian Stille<br />

114<br />

Liz Geiser<br />

Marie<br />

Jeffrey<br />

Betty<br />

Landt<br />

Diane Swinford Connie Thompson Mrs. Funnell, housemother<br />

J 15

GAMMA<br />

PHI BETA<br />

THE GAMMA PHI BETA-Tau Kappa Epsilon Aoat, portraying the First Olympics,<br />

took sweepstakes honors in this year's Homecoming festivities. Among the<br />

Gamma Phis' social activities for the past year were their closed-bid Christmas<br />

dance, an International Convention held in even-numbered years, and a province<br />

conference held in odd-numbered years. Outstanding in campus activities were<br />

Linda Frey, AS Council Representative, president of Cetza, and Rowing Team<br />

Committee Chairman; Sherry Hatcher, AWS Treasurer. Cetza, and Los Buzos;<br />

Bobbie McCall, AWS Council. Cetza, and Sophomore Class Secretary; and Patsy<br />

Drummond, AWS Program Chairman, AWS Historian, and Xolotl. Gamma Phi<br />

officers for the year were President, Anne Crosby; Vice-Presidents, Linda Frey<br />

and Janet Mackerras; Secretary, Dianne Mueller; and Treasurer, Bettianne Moore.<br />

I<br />

THERE'S MORE THAN one way to get news, and a gossip session can reveal more than the daily newspaper about some things.<br />

ANNE CROSBY, President<br />

Marcia Anderson Julie Armstrong Jean Jenks Barbara Lahoud Sue Linquist Bobbi McCall Joyce McSwan Janet Mackerras<br />

Garyanne Arnsen Carol Benzine<br />

Carole Blackerby Marilyn Matson<br />

Mary Blankenship Linda Boyle Betty Bussey<br />

Bettianne Moore Judy Moore Jeanne Morey Dianne Mueller Donna Netterfield<br />

Sharyn<br />

Campbell<br />

Marlene<br />

I<br />

Quick<br />

Harriet Rice Ellen Scott Barbara Sheridan Barbara Tum Suden Sally Turner<br />

116<br />

Betsy Ginn<br />

Elaine Jameson Carol Jacox<br />

Suzanne Jeffrey<br />

J aci Vanselow<br />

Marisue Walker Kathy Warner Mary Alice Will Gail Wright Mrs. J. Smart, housemother<br />



AMONG THE social activities of Kappa Alpha Theta this year was the Theta-<br />

Kappa Sig Christmas party for underprivileged children, "Hi-Fashion Holiday,"<br />

a fashion show to raise money for a scholarship for a foreign student and the<br />

Theta-Sigma Chi Halloween party for neighborhood children. Prominent Thetas<br />

on campus this year were Francie JaIlu, Panhellenic president, AS Council Representative<br />

and President's Council; Carol Janeck, Cetza, Angel Flight and president<br />

of Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta; Mary Sue Sawday, AS Social Committee and<br />

secretary of the Inter-Collegiate Cooperative Council; and Marie Tillotson, <strong>Del</strong><br />

Sudoeste Editor, AS Leadership Camp chairman, Publications Board, and Public<br />

Relations committee. Officers for the year were president, Anne Limbach; vicepresidents,<br />

Patsy Drake and Marie Tillotson; secretary, Sally Dillemuth; and<br />

treasurer, Carol Hoover.<br />

Carol<br />

J aneck<br />

ANNE LIMBACH, President<br />

....---- r------,r------,,...-------- ...... -------.--------.<br />

Mary Ann Jauregui Linda Johnstone<br />

THETAS STRIVE to build neighborly relations with Sigs.<br />

Karen Adams Julie Anthony<br />

Marilyn McBurney Bonnie McRae Jaci Myers<br />

f<br />

t<br />

I<br />

.Ii<br />

Pat Nichols Gay O'Malley Judy Payne<br />

Donna Pearse Anne Perkins Linda Pierce<br />

Janet Prior Rosalee Reed<br />

Diane<br />

Rust<br />

,t<br />

Mary Sue Sawday Carol Sedlock Kathy Stevens<br />

118<br />

Joni Hale Joyce Harris Barbara Hilchey Carol Hoover Susan Hornaday Frances J allu<br />

Marie Tillotson Carol Tyson Jay Underhill<br />

Carole Wade Joni Wilde<br />

Mrs. I. Evans,<br />

housemother<br />


KAPPA<br />

DELTA<br />

A HIGHLIGHT in the Kappa <strong>Del</strong>tas' busy year was the moving into their new<br />

house at 5066 College Avenue. Their social activities included their Christmas<br />

and spring formal dances and their Bridal Fashion Show. The money from<br />

this show is put into the Student Union Fund. Their Homecoming float, which<br />

was a replica of the "Mayflower," won first place in the sorority division. Prominent<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>tas on campus this year were Sharon McMahon, Aztec staff,<br />

Publications Board, and Alpha Phi Gamma; and Julia Jorgensen, secretary of<br />

Pan hellenic. Officers for the group were President, Sharon McMahon; Vice-<br />

President, Pat Mehl; Secretary, Joyce Busse; and Treasurer, Vanita Catlin.<br />

Julia Jorgensen Betty Lasko<br />

BARO<br />

McMAHON, President<br />

Peg Mandolf Doris Matlin<br />

MOVING FURNITURE isn't exactly what I dreamed I'd be doing when I pledg d, but<br />

life is always full of little surprises.<br />

Adrianne<br />

Adkins<br />

Leona Asbury Barbara Bertoy<br />

Mary Matthews Pat Mehl<br />

Joyce Burwell Joyce Busse<br />

Vanita Catlin Connie Clark Amelia Constantine Justine Copold Barbara Mount Sharon O'Neil<br />

Sonja<br />

Riches<br />

Charlene<br />

Rietz<br />

Sandy Crain Kinta Dickard<br />

Carol<br />

Smith<br />

Olga Todorica Penny Warren Judy Waud<br />

120<br />

Judi Hastings Georgia Hawkins<br />

Sharon Henderson Io Ann Wetterskog<br />

Suzi Ron'all<br />

Sue Ann Weaver<br />

Judy Jenkins<br />

Nancy Johnson<br />

Marcia White Susan Wishek Carol Woods Mrs. M. Byrne, housemother

PI BETA<br />

PHI<br />

THE PI' BETA PHI·Pi Kappa Alpha float, portraying Disneyland, took top<br />

honors in the mixed division of Homecoming this year. Social activities on the<br />

Pi Phi calendar included their annual Homecoming mum sale, profits of which<br />

went to the Student Union Fund, a Christmas formal, which was held at<br />

the' Catamaran Hotel, and a Mother-Daughter Christmas party. The group<br />

also put on Dads' Night, when the girls escorted their fathers to a football game<br />

and then to an after-game party. Active on campus were Barbara Allen, LAC,<br />

Cap and Gown, <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon, and Xolotl; Linda Dobbs, Cetza president<br />

and Rally Committee; and Judy Thompson, AS Council representative, debate,<br />

Publications Board, Angel Flight, and Pi Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta. Officers for the year<br />

were President, Sidney Clark; Vice- President, Susan Johnson; Secretary, Linda<br />

Dobbs; and Treasurer, Sharron Gregg.<br />

SIDNEY<br />

CLARK, President<br />

PI PHIS use their patio for various amusements, but that look Bev Buehner is giving seems to indicate that bicycles may be<br />

out of place.<br />

Barbara<br />

Allen<br />

Susan Johnson Patti Kling<br />

Lynne Luckey Madge Lupus Pat McWilliams Collette Mertel<br />

Phyllis Mowry Nancy Olson Pam Prather Jo Est Price Sue Riley Sara Romberg<br />

Nancy Ruehlow Marchelle Sasaran Mary Jane Schroeder Pat Sibley Lynne Smith Betty Sue Snyder<br />

122<br />

Judy<br />

Goodman<br />

Sharron Gregg Marilyn Hales Jan Hodge Sandra Jaworski<br />

Margaret<br />

Tamer<br />

I<br />

Helen Thayer Julia Thayer Judy Thompson Margie Webster Mary J 0 Yarbrough<br />



FEBRUARY marked the Sigma Kappas' 10th anniversary on the SDS campus.<br />

They celebrated it with a banquet and program. The group also put on "Jingle<br />

Bell Ball" at the Town and Country Club, their semi-annual spaghetti dinner,<br />

a spring "Violet Ball," their annual Founders' Day Banquet at the Kona Kai<br />

Club, a Dad and Daughter Banquet, and a Mothers' Day Tea. Prominent Sigma<br />

Kappas on campus this year were Marilyn Allen, Cap and Gown, Alpha Lambda<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta, treasurer of Sigma Alpha Iota, and Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi ; LaVon Smith, Cap<br />

and Gown, honorary physics society, and ACA chemistry honorary; Marilyn<br />

Dupree, Freshman Class Treasurer and Cetza; and Marlene Smith, Cetza, Alpha<br />

Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta, and American Chemical Society. Sigma Kappa officers for the<br />

year were President, Christine Phillips; Vice-Presidents, Marty Eberhardt and<br />

Ann Carlson; Secretary, Marilyn Allen; and Treasurer, Claudeen Bachman.<br />


l<br />

SO, WE can't sing; at least we can clap our hands in rhythm, and that's more than some group can do.<br />

Marilyn Allen Willena Hofman Barbara Holsclaw<br />

Margo Axtell<br />

Carmen<br />

Hunter<br />

Diane<br />

Kerch<br />

Claudeen Bachman Michael Anne Burrell<br />

Anne Carey Patricia Carlile<br />

Linda Lamar<br />

Sandy<br />

Lewis<br />

Sandi<br />

Liflander<br />

Marilyn<br />

Marsden<br />

,<br />

Ann Carlson Lynn Clark Pauline Martin<br />

Mary<br />

Patty Colonell<br />

Sandy Cummings<br />

Ann Moss<br />

Pat<br />

O'Reilly<br />

La Von Smith<br />

124<br />

Marilyn<br />

Dupree<br />

Marty<br />

Eberhardt<br />

Susan<br />

Felker<br />

{{.1<br />

125<br />

I Karen Waddel<br />

Marlene Smith<br />

Chesley Hill Linda Smith<br />

Mrs. R. M. Butler,<br />



THE INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL during the past<br />

year formed a new judiciary board to further interfraternity<br />

relations as well as relations with other groups<br />

on campus. They are co-sponsors of the Annual Greek<br />

Week. This year the council was led by J. Alan Goldberg,<br />

president; Jim Halterman, vice-president; Jon<br />

Porter, secretary; and Monte Dickinson, treasurer.<br />

Larry Sisson, commissioner of activities, was in charge<br />

of the Fraternity Pledge Chariot races in both the fall<br />

and spring semesters. Winston Carter was rush chairman.<br />

BETWEEN ROUNDS at IFC Fite Nite: "You mean I'm<br />

supposed to hit him?"<br />

IFC JUDICIARY BOARD: seated; from left: 1. Goldberg, Jim Halterman.<br />

Standing; from left: Skip Sutherland, Bill Carey, Dean Herbert<br />

Peiffer.<br />

,1<br />

1. ALAN GOLDBERG, President<br />

JIM HALTERMAN, Vice-President JON PORTER, Secretary<br />

IFC DELEGATES: Row 1; from left: Jack Daugherty, Larry Ferguson, Bill Carey, Bob Jensen, Ed Hayes, Jim<br />

Halterman. Row 2; from left: Warren Dean, Jack Close, Wally Robertson, Mike Eddy: Row 3; from left: Dennis<br />

Pennell, Jack Vedell, Jon Porter, Fred Lipscomb, Arlen Eberhardt. Row 4; from left: Mike Reed, Alan Sachrison,<br />

126<br />


Treasurer<br />

LARRY SISSON, Commissioner of Activities WINSTON CARTER, Rush Chairman<br />

Boyd Malloy, Fred Cook, John Laughlin.<br />


TQ<br />


THE SELECTION of the annual Miss Shipwreck at the open-bid "Shipwreck"<br />

dance, the closed-bid Heidelberg dance, and the "Help Week" painting<br />

of the Boys' and Girls' Aid Society building highlighted 1959 for Alpha<br />

Tau Omega. The ATO Christmas formal, "Tri-Tau," was held with chapters<br />

from UCLA and USc. Active on campus were Ed Carlson, Greek Week<br />

dance chairman; Fred Cook, IFC Orientation chairman; John Laughlin,<br />

Homeecoming committee and IFC Activities committee; and Mike O'Connor;<br />

AS Council represenative and Xolotl treasurer. Officers for 1959-60 were<br />

President, Fred Cook; Vice-President, John Laughlin; Secretary, Bill Coleman;<br />

and Treasurer, Russell Pike.<br />

I<br />

FRED COOK, President<br />

VARIED STYLES of hunkering are demonstrated by ATO's.<br />

WE DON'T CARE who th~y are;' they can't build a str et through<br />

our living room.<br />

{<br />

Tom Best<br />

Newell Bowen<br />

Ed Bohanon<br />

Mike Brooks<br />

Ronnie<br />

Carr<br />

Bill<br />

Coleman<br />

John Kiker Jerry Krause Vic Landa Ronnie Lane John Laughlin<br />

Jary<br />

Croom<br />

Bill Curran<br />

Frank<br />

Ducote<br />

Joe Famme<br />

Mike<br />

Fricks<br />

Ron<br />

Green<br />

Dick Lennon Hunter McLaughlin<br />

Dick Montgomery Mike O'Connor Russ Pike<br />

/<br />

Leroy Price ,Mike Sulprizio<br />

Bob Tholl Dave Unger Orin Wallace<br />

Gene Hartlett<br />

Hank<br />

Hinkley<br />

Darwin<br />

Hoogesen<br />

Paul<br />

Hyman<br />

Rolf<br />

Iverson<br />

Larry<br />

Jacobs<br />

128<br />



PHI<br />

DELTA SIGMA PHI'S float, portraying the first American flag, took top<br />

honors in the fraternity division of the Homecoming Parade. <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigs'<br />

social calendar was highlighted by such events as a Christmas party for<br />

neighborhood children, a closed-bid costume dance, "Sailor's Ball," Founders'<br />

Day activities, and the closed-bid spring formal, "Carnation Ball,"<br />

where their sweetheart was chosen. Active <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigs on campus this year<br />

were James Bodenhamer, wrestling champion; Jack Brennan, CSTA president;<br />

and Robert Brooke, Arnold Air Society president. Officers were<br />

President, Jack Close; Vice-President, Alex Doig; Secretary, Frank Schuld;<br />

and Treasurer Fred Williams.<br />

THE DOG doesn't look too happy at having his picture tak<br />

THAT FARMER on the floor is the only one in the group who really<br />

looks comfortable.<br />

JACK CLOSE, President<br />

Bob Dunne Glen Johnson<br />

Chuck Malone Jim Metts<br />

Gary Bailey<br />

John<br />

Bell<br />

James<br />

Bodenhamer<br />

Frank<br />

Moog<br />

Frank<br />

Phillips<br />

Ralph Ricks Rod Rogness<br />

Bob Boyd<br />

Bob Brooke Don Bullen<br />

i<br />

Jim<br />

Saw<br />

Tom Schumaier<br />

Bob Taiclet<br />

Dick Clark Alex Doig<br />




INCLUDED IN Kappa Alpha's activities was the "Dixie Ball," its annual<br />

open-bid dance. This dance was preceded by a Secession from the Union<br />

when Kappa Alphas took over San Diego State on behalf of the Confederacy.<br />

On January 19, the annual Convivium was held commemorating Robert E.<br />

Lee's birthday. Both active and alumni members gathered for this occasion.<br />

Outstanding men on campus included Jon Porter, IFC secretary and Blue<br />

Key; Octavio Cano, varsity football; Bob Monroney, varsity football; and<br />

Wayne Whitby, varsity football. Officers for the year were President Jon<br />

Porter; Vice-President, Gerry Wyatt; Secretary, Don LeBlanc; and Treasurer,<br />

Jim Maggert.<br />

r<br />

HIGHLIGHTTNG the Kappa Sigma social calendar this year were "Farmers'<br />

Frolic," an open-bid dance, a Kappa Alpha Th ta-Kappa igma hri tma<br />

party for underprivileged children and a losed-bid weeth art dance. M n<br />

outstanding on campus from this group w re Tom Bi cotti, varsity ba eball;<br />

Simon Carey, varsity track; Jim Doherty, varsit basketball; Bob Imlay<br />

varsity baseball; Chuck Inskeep, A vice-pre ident; Mike Rogers, AM pr i·<br />

dent and Bob Shank, var ity football and Blu K . Officer for th group<br />

were President, WaIter Robert on; Vice-President, Ken Young; cr tary,<br />

John Goddard; and Trea urer, Phil Papin.<br />

JON PORTER, President<br />

WALLY ROBERTSON, President<br />

Mike<br />

Adams<br />

Fred<br />

Anderson<br />

Ron Barkett<br />

Jeff<br />

Beal<br />

Bill Bean<br />

Tom Biscotti<br />

Don Amador Jim Atkinson Bob Buzzone Dan Galba<br />

Terry<br />

Brandt<br />

Jerry<br />

Brown<br />

Bob Butler<br />

Simon<br />

Carey<br />

Larry<br />

Christianson<br />

Gary<br />

Cook<br />

Ron Garland Milt Kern Don LeBlanc James Littlejohn<br />

Marty<br />

Cox<br />

Dave Dunn<br />

Mike<br />

Eddy<br />

Doug<br />

Englehorn<br />

Dick<br />

Ferrara<br />

Dick<br />

Fifield<br />

Johnnie<br />

Nash<br />

George Smith<br />

Bill Turner Joe White<br />

132<br />

Jeff<br />

Fishel<br />

John<br />

Goddard<br />

Randy<br />

Haniman<br />

Mike<br />

Hart<br />

Bill Holz<br />

Chuck<br />

Inskeep<br />


LAMBDA<br />


THE REASON Bob Shank, fourth from left, is laughing so hard is that<br />

the ping-pong table was just broken and he's current champion.<br />

CHESS can be an engrossing game. Wonder if that boy<br />

knows that's a piano he's sitting on?<br />

AN ANNUAL EASTER party for underprivileged children was ponsor d<br />

by Lambda Chi Alpha this year. Other events sponsored by the group<br />

were their "White Rose Formal," their "Cross and Crescent Ball" and<br />

"Lambda Chi Alphatraz." Outstanding in campu activitie from this group<br />

were Jim Halterman, IFC vice-president and A ouncil repr entative;<br />

Gary Riggs, Homecoming parade chairman, Mu ieal Comedy Guild pre i-<br />

dent, Oceotl and Xolotl; Alan Sachrison, varsity track and Oc otl; and Lc<br />

Whistler, Homecoming floats chairman, Oeeotl, and Xolotl. om er wer<br />

President, Jim Halterman; Vice-President, Alan Sachri on; cr tary, Gary<br />

Riggs; and Treasurer, John Stegemann.<br />

Jim Halterman,<br />

President<br />

Jim<br />

Joyce<br />

Bill Macomber<br />

Bill Marsh Ron McCleave Joe McDole<br />

Barney<br />

McGee<br />

Ed Miller<br />

Tom Miller<br />

Charles<br />

Morgan<br />

Ron Myers Russell Mullins Gary Nelson<br />

Bob Olson<br />

Phil Papin Dick Arriessohn<br />

Dennis Baker Bill Barendegt Ernie Bertram<br />

Jim<br />

Peterson<br />

Ron Pritchard<br />

Vern Quillen Norm Reeder Phil Rowley<br />

Doug<br />

Rue<br />

Bob Shank Paul Bledsoe<br />

Don Bowman Dave Brown Bob Bubel Mike Cathcart<br />

Don Shank<br />

Brian<br />

Sigler<br />

Bob Skiles Mike Tarlton Jack Van Cleave<br />

Dick<br />

Wagner<br />

Frank Westphal Bob Chandler<br />

Dick Crawford Bob Cronk Lew Fay<br />

Dave Franken<br />

Jim<br />

Wilson<br />

Mike Wright<br />

Jim Wyatt Craig Wylie<br />

. Ken Young<br />

Rufus Young John Freymueller<br />

George Full.er Rich Gallagher Jack Gordon Hal Griffin<br />


AXA<br />

AXA<br />

THAT GRACEFUL leap will be wasted if he doesn't catch the ball.<br />

WHA T A SNEAKY way to get a good picture.<br />

LOOK YOUR BEST, now. The camera is right on you.<br />

Bill Guest Tom Hahn Mike Hall Ed Heim<br />

John Heron Hal Pique<br />

Brooks Powell Gene Quigley Jim Reed Mike Reed<br />

Gary Hill Don Hines Terry Hughes Pete Hoidal Maury Redman<br />

Eric Huggins<br />

Bronson Rideout Gary Riggs Don Rodrigues Alan Sachrison<br />

Dennis Johnson Larry Johnson Bill Kronberger<br />

Jim Shores<br />

Bill Lehmann Rich Lessor<br />

Chuck Smith John Stegemann Joe Sturz Dave Stutz<br />

136<br />

Phil McLewin Jerry Thatcher<br />

Saben Mroz Jack Pavlu Larry Peters Roland Piazzoni<br />

<strong>Del</strong> Tiffin Jim Upshaw John Ware Tom Whitthingham<br />


PI KAPPA<br />

ALPHA<br />

PI KAPPA ALPHA'S annual acuvities included its open-bid Thanksgiving<br />

dance, "Turkey Trot," its closed-bid Dream Girl dance, and its pie-eating<br />

contest held this year in the Quad. They used their 1926 Segrave Pumper<br />

fire engine to participate in the Muscular Dystrophy campaign and the Tri-<br />

Hospital Fund. Outstanding men on campus were Blaine Hollimon, AS<br />

Council representative, Publicity Committee chairman and Xolotl; and .<br />

Eddie Sada, player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, professional baseball team.<br />

PiKA's float won first in the mixed division of the Homecoming parade.<br />

They have a mascot, a Dalmatian named Pike. Officers for the year<br />

were President, George Roach; Vice-President, Ruben Dominguez; Secretary,<br />

Ralph Miller; and Treasurer, Chuck Walsh.<br />

GEORGE ROACH, President<br />

NOT DALMATIANS, nor girls' pictures, nor even the cameraman<br />

can keep that guy on the far right from reading his letter. Must<br />

be pretty<br />

interesting.<br />

THE DOG seems more interested than the guys in where that T is<br />

going.<br />

Chuck<br />

Aiken<br />

Dick<br />

Anderson<br />

John<br />

Barker<br />

George<br />

Benter<br />

Bob Berg<br />

Larry<br />

Bennett<br />

Blaine<br />

Hollimon<br />

Gary<br />

Hottenstein<br />

Mike Hubbard Norm Jangaard Tom Leonard Ron Lower<br />

William<br />

Bissell<br />

John<br />

Blackwood<br />

Wayne<br />

Breise<br />

Tom Carpenter<br />

Bud<br />

Clark<br />

Vern Deason John Lyman<br />

Tom Macklin<br />

Boyd Malloy James Mathews ---- Al McBeth<br />

Bill McDonald<br />

Mike Dunham<br />

Don Echelberger<br />

Dick<br />

Eide<br />

Ken<br />

Gruebel<br />

Earl<br />

Hale<br />

Wayne<br />

Harmon<br />

Wayne<br />

McElrath<br />

Darrell<br />

McMullen<br />

Dave Miramontes Dean Moffat Steve Monfort Gary Montgomery<br />

138<br />


nKA<br />

SIGMA<br />


SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON held its annual Chri tma formal, "Black and<br />

White," at the <strong>Del</strong> Mar Hotel. "Purple and Gold," AE' spring formal, wa<br />

held at Catalina. The fall Chariot Races wer won by AE pl dges. Out·<br />

standing SAEs on campus were Bob Battenfield, A Council repre ntativ<br />

Aztec columnist and Oceotl; Dennis Bri bane, A Council r pr cntativ .<br />

Jim Foushee, AS Council representative and AM pre id nt; Frank Hool ,<br />

AS president and Oceotl; Ralph KeJJy, Junjor la s pre id nt and Rally<br />

Committee chairman; and Dean Steel, head cheerlead rand ommander<br />

of the AFROTC. Officers for the y ar were Pre ident, Bill arey ; Vi .<br />

President, Larry Shipley; Secretary, Bob Battenfield; and Trea ur r, Ralph<br />

Kelly.<br />

I'<br />

;1<br />

rtA'TU<br />

~,<br />

1<br />

~: \ ,<br />

I<br />

Ira<br />

h<br />

BILL CAREY, President<br />

Pat<br />

Abbott<br />

Frank<br />

Arrington<br />

Larry Baber Tom Ballard Bob Bane Bob Battenfield<br />

Ken Huehlman<br />

Lanny<br />

Pasas<br />

Gary Ramet<br />

Diether<br />

Roth<br />

. Ken Rundlett Jim Reed<br />

/<br />

Bob Becker<br />

Gary<br />

Becker<br />

Dennis Brisbane Mike Boren Robin Brock Craig Burdette<br />

Ed Russo<br />

George Scoortis<br />

Gary Solbue<br />

Ed Stokes<br />

Manuel Thomas Gary Todd<br />

Richy<br />

Butler<br />

Thomas<br />

Carter<br />

Jim Crane Fritz Dahms Ron Diemoz John Doren<br />

140<br />

Dexter<br />

Tuttle<br />

John<br />

Wenzel<br />

Ed Wohland<br />

Ken Ulbrich Leroy Vadney<br />

Jon<br />

Drumm<br />

Steve Evans<br />

Steve Evarkiou Ted Faris Buzz Fetter Bill Fiss<br />


2:AE<br />

LA<br />

QUIT SCOWLING, Willie. All SAE presidents are wearing Sig hats<br />

these days.<br />

THIS i a pring formal!<br />

THE BROS take a "yacht"<br />

to Catalina.<br />

"Steppin' out with my baby . . "<br />

Chuck<br />

McKeown<br />

Charles<br />

Mehlberger<br />

Fred<br />

Miley<br />

Jerry Monell David Olson Thoma Pastore<br />

Jon Florer<br />

Jim<br />

Foushee<br />

Jon<br />

Fremo<br />

Skip<br />

Fritz<br />

Marvin<br />

Gilbert<br />

Lalo<br />

Gonzales<br />

Ken<br />

Pendleton<br />

Elon<br />

Place<br />

Martin Raborn Fred Rader Paul Richter Bob Riley<br />

Jean<br />

Harris<br />

Joe Hardy<br />

Herschel<br />

Hendrickson<br />

AI Higdon<br />

Dave<br />

Hopkins<br />

Bob Jensen<br />

Art<br />

Samuel<br />

Bob Shaw<br />

Jim<br />

Salmon<br />

Larry Shipley Thomas Shows Robert Skinner<br />

Ralph<br />

Kelly<br />

Pete<br />

Ketchum<br />

Ken Krause<br />

Gary<br />

Lamberson<br />

David<br />

Learned<br />

Don Leigh<br />

Michael<br />

Smith<br />

Jerry<br />

Stamper<br />

Robert Steel Dean Steel Ron Wakefield Blaine Warner<br />

143<br />

Jack<br />

Lightbody<br />

Steve Lydon<br />

Luther<br />

Lymon<br />

Millard<br />

Maddox<br />

Gary<br />

McCurdy<br />

Bill McGrath<br />

John<br />

Williams<br />

Keith<br />

Williams<br />

David Wood Jack Woy James Young Dick Zane


SIGMA CHI held its annual Sweetheart dance at the Catamaran Hotel in<br />

Pacific Beach. Sigma Chi pledges joined Kappa Alpha Theta pledges in<br />

entertaining Campus Lab school pupils and neighborhood children at their<br />

annual Halloween party. The Sigma CIii social calendar Was climaxed with<br />

an annual open-bid dance, "Tropical Cruise." Once again, Sigma Chi placed<br />

first in the annual "Fite Nite" in December. Among the outstanding men<br />

on campus were Ed Blessing, PSP A president and Blue Key; Monte Dickenson,<br />

AS commissioner of finance and IFC treasurer; Larry Ferguson, AS<br />

Council representative; Fred Fox, Blue Key president and varsity debate;<br />

and Jerry Gordinier, Senior Class president. Officers for the year were<br />

President, Gary Thomas; Vice-President, Larry Ferguson; Secretary, Bob<br />

Christenson; and Treasurer, Ron S~alstad.<br />

GARY THOMAS, President<br />

SIGMA CHI'S and dates enjoy night air and light conversation<br />

at annual rush party at the home of Clair Burgener.<br />

CAN'T TELL whether they're bored or ju t tired,. but the<br />

only one who seems to have any life is ig advis r, Dr.<br />

Paul Pfaff.<br />

Charles<br />

Abdelnour<br />

Mike<br />

Abdelnour<br />

Robert<br />

Agnew<br />

Roger<br />

Anderson<br />

Dave Ault Larry Ferguson Bernie Finlay Fred Fox Jeff Goff Jerry Gordin ier<br />

Barney<br />

Bartelle<br />

Doug<br />

Beavers<br />

Russ<br />

Berglund<br />

Ed Blessing<br />

Philip Buechler Clarence Hamren Wade Havens<br />

Jack<br />

Henn<br />

Philip Hutchins William Jack<br />

Art<br />

Bunch<br />

Wayne<br />

Britt<br />

Gary<br />

Bunker<br />

Robert<br />

Burton<br />

Winston<br />

Carter<br />

Donald<br />

Jenkins<br />

Ronald<br />

Jones<br />

Pete<br />

Kenyon<br />

Bob Laeson<br />

Raymond<br />

Letsinger<br />

144<br />

Robert<br />

Christensen<br />

Tom<br />

Cholewa<br />

Monte<br />

Dickinson<br />

Jim<br />

Dubbs<br />

Dick<br />

Fago<br />

r I Robert Lewis<br />

Andy<br />

Lilley<br />

Cliff Long<br />

John Low Joe Moorehead<br />


TAND BACK, girls. The next one's going right through the bed:<br />

room window of your sorority house.<br />

THAT RUSHEE on the right seems a little confused<br />

by some of the activities that go on at college parties.<br />

DE IS PE ELL, Pre ident<br />

Mike I. Neil<br />

Mike L. Neil<br />

George<br />

O'Hare<br />

Bob O'Leary<br />

Dick Aldridge Larry Ayres<br />

Presly Betts Bob Bohn Bill Bray<br />

v n Brown<br />

Jon Orvick<br />

Ed Patterson<br />

Leo Perkins<br />

Jack<br />

Purdum<br />

Bob<br />

Hogelstad<br />

David<br />

Repp<br />

Jerry Burwell Stacy Chase<br />

Bill Christensen Jerry Clark Bob ox<br />

Ed Dahlkamp<br />

Dick Roppe<br />

Wally Runnels<br />

Jerry<br />

Sanger<br />

Dan<br />

Shepherd<br />

Timothy<br />

Shortt<br />

Woodie<br />

Thomas<br />

Ron Dick Danny Donovan<br />

Bill Elliott<br />

Ed Ewert<br />

Wes Fisher<br />

Jerry<br />

Frazier<br />

146<br />

Larry Thompson<br />

Zoran<br />

Vidanovic<br />

Manuel<br />

Villalpando<br />

Jim<br />

Walsh<br />

Deshler<br />

Whiting<br />

Barry<br />

Worthington<br />

George Gallagher John Gallo<br />

Willy Gray Dave Hobbs Ken Horn<br />

Len<br />

Kamp<br />


SIGMA PHI'S raise empty mugs to toast the cameraman.<br />

FRED LIP OMB, Pr . id nt<br />

Joe Kiefer<br />

Al Knoll<br />

Gale Knutson<br />

Dave Little<br />

John<br />

Loss<br />

Lou Maudsley<br />

Bet Doria Jim Baker Bill Bark r<br />

Rich<br />

Mauerhan<br />

Lionel Mordecai<br />

Dave Oden Butch Phillips<br />

Bill<br />

Pipes<br />

Richard<br />

1:11<br />


DOING ALL the actual lifting is Brother Casual, wearing<br />

the straw hat.<br />

WELL, they may think it's funny, but that policeman isn't doing<br />

much smiling.<br />

TAU KAPPA EPSILON held its annual open-bid dane or ity Draz."<br />

at the Hotel del Coronado. The HiLo pro id d th nt rtainm nt. Other<br />

social activities included their two 10 d-bid dan 'Carnation ar u I'<br />

and "Moonlight Cruise." Th TE E gav a Thank i in dinn r for hom -<br />

less children. Their float, which d pict d th fir t Olympi am won th<br />

sweepstakes award in the Homecoming parade. Among th out tandina<br />

men on campus were Bob lark, A oun il r pre entative, Hom omin<br />

chairman, and Oceotl pre ident ; Bill Fronti ophorn r 10 tr a ur r;<br />

Eddie Hartman, varsity track, var ity ros ountr and otl ; and Larry<br />

Sisson, IFe Activities chairman. Officer for th year w r Pr id nt, John<br />

Saxman; Vice-President, Frank emser; e r tary, Woody Moor h ad; and<br />

Treasurer, Jack Weid.<br />

JOHN SAXMAN, President<br />

Jim Emerson Jim Greene<br />

George Hines Tom Hitchson<br />

Merit Arnold Wayne Beachley Greg Bean Don Bowers<br />

Roland Koluveck John Moulton<br />

Bruce Palmer Ray Still<br />

Phil Brenes Denny Coates Victor Dilloway Roland Dowell<br />

Stan Siebanthal Frank Stribling<br />

John<br />

Thomson<br />

Dave Wiley Dennis Wilson<br />

Bill Frontis Tom Golich Buz Halle Russell Harter<br />

150<br />



SOME Theta Chi activities included an op n-bid pring dan whi h wa<br />

sponsored by Playboy magazine, a clo d-bid liri tma formal, and the<br />

Dream Girl dinner- dance, which was attended by hapt r from LA<br />

and San Jose State. They also held an annual hri tmas party for und r-<br />

privileged children. Active Theta his on ampu in Iud d Di kay, i<br />

president of the Rugby Club and val' ity rugby; hip Flemin , A un il<br />

representative, Oceotl, and varsity rugby; Larry Marquand c otl, and Phi<br />

Eta Sigma. The fraternity has a rickshaw from Forme a a gift of aptain<br />

Fleming, who commands the aircraft carri r aratoga, Hi r for th y ar<br />

were President, Richard Brown; Vic Pr ident, Ri hard a y; r tary,<br />

Larry Marquand; and Treasurer, Jim Gould.<br />

ONLY GaRTH, bulldog mascot of the TKE's got to ride during<br />

the chariot races. Humans and pledges walked.<br />

TKE's and dates try to outdo one another hogging the camera at beatnik party.<br />

DICK BROWN, President<br />

Pete Heinig John Hoss<br />

Ken Mansfield<br />

Gary<br />

O'<strong>Del</strong>l<br />

Waid<br />

Parker<br />

Richard Bergmann Dave Bren Dick Casey Edmond Chombeau Pete Danielson<br />

Don Pepper George Regan<br />

Charles<br />

Rebert<br />

Ken<br />

Richards<br />

Bob<br />

Rimel<br />

Pat Dennis Paul Diller Don Dresser Gary Eberling Roger English<br />

David Rowell Bob Sarsfield<br />

Jerry<br />

Sisson<br />

Larry<br />

Sisson<br />

Mike Evans Chips Fleming Dick Foss George Geyer Ron Grow<br />

152<br />

Jal.OkShelver<br />

John<br />

Stanley<br />

Searle<br />

Turner<br />

Niel Heis Dave Hendricks Richard Herrera Edward Isberg<br />


ex<br />

ZETA<br />

BETA TAU<br />

HIGHLIGHTING the Zeta Beta Tau year were uch acti itie as a prin<br />

formal initiation dance, an annual bach party the annual Buttermilk football<br />

game with Sigma Pi fraternity, the annual Bo 0 Bowl football gam<br />

with Theta Chi fraternity, a Founders' Day dance and a Hallowe n party.<br />

Outstanding ZBT's on campus wer Ed Cherlin, pre id nt of ir I and<br />

secretary of Aesculapeans; J. Alan Goldberg IFC presid nt, JF Judi iary<br />

Council representative, Publicity Committ e chairman and olotl ; athan<br />

Lessem, AFROTC Band commander and varsity rugby; and B rnard hertzer,<br />

Aztec feature editor. Officers were President, J. Alan Goldb rg; Vi .<br />

President, Warren Dean; Secretary, Bud Kader; and Tr asurer, ed L em.<br />

THIS COULD PROVE pretty funny but he probably doesn't<br />

have the nerve to really shoot that extinguisher. .<br />

HE'D BETTER get that ball in action before that boy with his<br />

eyes closed goes to sleep and the rest of them get muscle cramps.<br />

J. ALAN GOLDBERG, President<br />

Gary Johnson Richard Keesee<br />

Bob Kithin<br />

Roger<br />

Knight<br />

Gary<br />

Landers<br />

Don Avid Phil Cherlin Kenny Clayman Warren Dean<br />

Neil Marshall Larry Marquand<br />

Fred<br />

Maxwell<br />

Lee Miller<br />

Bob Myers<br />

Chuck Goldberg Neil Goldfarb Steve Gordon Bruce Handwerker<br />

Bryson Penn oyer Gary Ragsdale<br />

Bob Rettinger<br />

Frank<br />

Russo<br />

Al Slocum<br />

Larry Harper Steve Harper<br />

Lenny Heumann Buddy Kader<br />

154<br />

155<br />

John Southard Skip Sutherland<br />

Mike<br />

Swatzell<br />

Mike<br />

Vitkauskas<br />

Cliff Wynne

ZBT<br />

GREEK<br />

"Education mu t ha e balanc betw n a ad mic and ocial<br />

life," educators say. " ou're ri ht,' ay the Greek. And<br />

balance wa stressed in a ar of pig cha ing 1Y01dfih<br />

swallowing and pie throwina ...


J<br />

Anne Limbach<br />


Frances Butters<br />


Carole Coody<br />


Frances Jallu<br />


\,<br />

158<br />

JoAnne Thatcher<br />



Nand Olson<br />


Evanna Phegley<br />


Aztecs<br />

Aztecs<br />

Aztecs<br />

Aztecs<br />

Aztecs<br />

Aztecs<br />

Aztecs<br />

Aztecs<br />

FOOTBAll<br />

3 LA State 21<br />

6 Cal Poly 13<br />

6 - Long Beach 14<br />

19 -.- - -.. Redlands 15<br />

13 Fresno 38<br />

7 '.'- Santa Barbara 29<br />

14 -_ _.Pepperdine 14<br />

6 ..- ---....._.Marines 64<br />

The football season of 1959 was one of disappointment<br />

and frustration for SDS fans and players alike. With a<br />

record of one win, one tie, and six 10; es, the Aztecs failed<br />

to win a conference game for the first time since joining<br />

the California Collegiate Athletic A sociation.<br />

Even before the season began, the Aztecs' problems started.<br />

Bobby Ball, the team's top runner as a ophomore in 1958,<br />

suffered a leg injury in practice and missed the entire<br />

1959 campaign. And throughout the rest of the year, injuries<br />

con.tinued to plague SDS. Line standouts Octavio<br />

Cano and Dennis Magee and backs Tom Cholewa, Jim King,<br />

and Joe Duke were among the Aztecs who fell victims to<br />

a series of crippling injuries.<br />

However, it's difficult to estimate how much the injury<br />

jinx actually affected the Aztecs' record. In the losses to<br />

Santa Barbara, Fresno, and MCRD, SDS was so completely<br />

outmanned that the injuries seemed insignificant.<br />

The season did produce some outstanding individual performances<br />

by Aztecs. Halfback Dick Morris turned in<br />

consistently fine play that earned him a place on the allconference<br />

second team - the only such grid honor accorded<br />

an Aztec in 1959.<br />

Three Aztecs dominated the offensive grid statistics. Quar.<br />

terback Joe Duke set 3.year records for passes attempted<br />

(403) , passes completed ( 174) , yards gained passing<br />

(2,204), and total offense pIa ys (529). Duke also tied the<br />

Aztec seasonal punting record with an average of 39.8<br />

yards for 33 kicks. Morris and Jim King led in ball carrying<br />

and pass receiving departments. King gained 264 yards<br />

rushing in 45 carries for a 5.8·yard average. Morris avo<br />

eraged 4.6 yards for 68 carries in gaining 313 yards.<br />

Morris caught 28 passes for 283 yards, King 10 for 88<br />

yards, and end Al Silva 10 for 172 yards.<br />

In the line, Max Gresoro, John Shacklett, Bob Moss, and<br />

Silva were standouts.<br />

PAUL GOVERNALI, head football coach, heads {or the dressing room<br />

at half-time. The expression on his face indicates that the Aztecs are<br />

behind.<br />

AZTEC VARSITY GRIDDERS: R~w 1, from left: Coach Schutte, Hays, King, Symington, Duke, Coach Governali, Ball, Cruz, Hansen, Morris, Coach<br />

Vitale. Row 2, fro~ left: France, Sanger, Dotson, Shacklett, Parker, Goycochea, Smitty, Whitby, Potter, Hannasch. Row 3, from left: Coach Smith, Silva,<br />

Sibbet, Paden, Jones, Shank, Walsh, Cano, Jacobus, Moss, Marzano, Romig. Row 4, from left: Maroney, Whittington, Murphy, George, Magee, Knoll,<br />

Hammes,<br />

Gresoro, Roberts.

AZTEC END AI Silva outmaneuvers a Cal Poly man to receive<br />

pass from Joe Duke.<br />

AN OFFICIAL signals an incomplete pass as a Cal Poly<br />

player lunges to the ground in pursuit of the ball.<br />

DICK MORRIS catches a pass deep in Long Beach territory despite<br />

Long Beach efforts to intercept.<br />


LOOSE BALL is chased by Cal Poly's Gary Van Horn 11 Azt cs clo in.<br />

OS £! OS 1.0. rNG THEAI AGAI • T HEDLA 'I<br />


The Aztecs opened the season at LA State, losing to a surprisingly<br />

strong opponent, 21-3. The Aztecs grabbed a 3-0 lead<br />

in the first quarter when halfback Dick Morris kicked a 41-yard<br />

field goal. However, LA State came back with two second<br />

quarter touchdowns and were never again headed. Despite the<br />

loss, the game did hold some bright spots for SDS. Backs Joe<br />

Duke, Jim King, and Dick Morris played strong games defensively<br />

and offensively.<br />

D~CK MORRIS threw a running pass to Jim<br />

King on this play for a long Aztec gain against<br />

Long Beach.<br />


The Aztecs fought hard against a heavily favored Cal Poly team,<br />

but were defeated 13-6. Playing before a crowd of 8,000 in<br />

Aztec Bowl, the Aztecs repeatedly stopped Cal Poly drives deep<br />

in SDS territory by taking advantage of pass interceptions,<br />

fumble recoveries, and strong line play.<br />

SDS took a 6-0 lead on a 23-yard pass from Dick Morris to<br />

end Al Silva in the second period. The score was set up on a<br />

43-yard pass interception run by Jim King. Cal Poly tied the<br />

score at 6-6 before the half and racked up the deciding touchdown<br />

the first time they had the ball in the third period. The<br />

deciding touchdown came on a march of 45 yards in 4 plays.<br />

SDS made only two first downs in the game.<br />

J300-POUND D k Sylvester Cooper f C I Polv annli<br />

0 a 0 y applies pressure on Aztec quarterback,<br />

oe u e, but Duke managed to get the pass off.<br />

1<br />

A crowd of 8,000 in Aztec Bowl watched SDS lose probably its<br />

most frustrating game of the season, 14-6 to Long Beach State.<br />

A scoreless battle for three quarters, the game finally opened<br />

up in the last quarter. LBS scored first on a 3-yard run and<br />

a place kick for a 7-0 lead.<br />

With both teams unable to make ground and time running shorL.<br />

the Aztecs finally started to move. Quarterback Joe Duke completed<br />

several crucial passes and with approximately three minutes<br />

remaining in the game, capped the drive with a seven-yard<br />

pass to Dick Morris. With the score now 7-6 in LBS's favor,<br />

the Aztecs decided to try for a two-point conversion and victory<br />

instead of attempting the less difTicult place kick and a likely<br />

tie. The attempt failed and the Aztecs were forced to try a<br />

desperate ansi de kick. A LBS lineman fielded the ball and the<br />

Aztecs' last chance for victory had slipped by.<br />

LBS moved quickly through the disheartened SDS team to score<br />

another touchdown with a few seconds remaining and the game<br />

ended ]4-6 in LBS's favor. One consolation for the Aztecs was<br />

the play of Jim King. King made several fine runs and finished<br />

the game with a 5.5-yard rushing average.<br />

SDS FANS had high hopes for a victory against Long Beach, but the team edged the Aztecs 14-6.<br />

Behind the outstanding play of Dick J\lorris. who scored all of<br />

the Aztecs' points. DS ended a 7-ganw 10. ing streak \\ ith a<br />

19·]5 victory over Redlands. The 10. ing streak, four games<br />

in ]958 and three in 1959, was broken when D scored a<br />

touchdown in the last quarter, then ran out the lock for the<br />

triumph.<br />

Morris scored on passes of /15 and] 1.yard from Joe Duke and<br />

on a 12-yard return of an intercepted pass. Morris also ki k d<br />

an extra point. Other outstanding players for D were Joe<br />

Duke and fullback Norm Hansen. Duke completed 5 pas es for<br />

101 yards. Hansen consistently gained ground through the<br />

Redlands Iine.<br />

JOE DUKE runs for his life as Long Beach<br />

linemen swarm in to throw him for a los.<br />

164<br />


AZTECS' Carl Hays manages to deflect pass intended for Santa<br />

, Barbara's Fred Tunniecliff.<br />


Fresno State treated itself to a 38-13 Halloween victory at the<br />

Aztecs' expense in Fresno. Displaying fine speed, Fresno proved<br />

to be too strong for SDS early in the game. The Aztecs scored<br />

their first touchdown late in the first quarter on a 31.yard pass<br />

from Joe Duke to end Jerry Sanger after Fresno took a 14·0<br />

lead.<br />

Fresno came back for two second-quarter touchdowns and a<br />

26-7 lead at the half and little doubt remained as to who would<br />

win. The final SDS score came on a seven-yard run by Joe<br />

Duke. After the game, Coach Paul Governali lauded Fresno<br />

as the "best team" SDS had played up to that point.<br />

JOE DUKE tugs at helmet of a Santa Barbara opponent in Homecoming<br />

game, which was lost by SDS 29-7.<br />


The Santa Barbara Gauchos defeated SDS 29-7 before an Aztec<br />

Homecoming crowd of 6,500. The Aztecs took the lead when<br />

they moved 77 yards to a touchdown after taking the opening<br />

kickoff. Joe Duke ran the final three yards of the drive and<br />

Dick Morris converted for a 7·0 lead. However, Santa Barbara<br />

battled back to take a 14·7 halftime edge. SDS lost a touchdown<br />

pass from Duke to end Al Silva in the second period when<br />

an official called holding against the Aztecs.<br />

The Aztecs were held scoreless in the second half and the final<br />

score read 29·7 in favor of Santa Barbara. The teams continued<br />

to battle each other after the final gun sounded - this time<br />

with fists. However, officials and coaches stepped in to stop<br />

the outburst.<br />

THREE AZTECS hang tightly to a Marine ball carrier as Bob Moss rushes KNEES PUMPING<br />

in to help.<br />

Dick Morris.<br />


The Aztecs traveled to Pepperdine, where they were tied<br />

14·14. Entering the game as a Lpoint favorite, SDS took<br />

a 14·0 lead at the half behind a strong running. game and<br />

Joe Duke's passing. In the first period, Norm Hansen scored<br />

the Aztecs' first touchdown from the one· yard line. Duke<br />

passed to Al Silva for the 2.point conversion, and SDS<br />

led 8·0. In the second quarter, Duke passed 28 yards to Silva<br />

for the second Aztec touchdown. The conversion attempt<br />

In the final game of the season, the Aztecs were soundly<br />

trounced by unbeaten MCRD 64·6. If anything favorable<br />

can be said for the Aztecs in their 58 point defeat, it would<br />

have to be Joe Duke's punting and passing. Duke punted<br />

10 times for an average of 43.8 yards a kick, including a<br />

75.yard boot. He also completed 18 of 28 passes. A 19·yard<br />

pass from Duke to Al Silva accounted for the Aztecs' only<br />

score.<br />


high, a Marine runner sails into Aztec halfback,<br />

was missed, but the Aztecs were ahead 14.·0.<br />

The second half proved SDS's downfall as Pepperdine<br />

scored on a 92·yard third quarter punt return and a 5-yard<br />

pass in the final quarter. A successful run for the twopoint<br />

conversion after the first touchdown accounted for<br />

Pepperdine's other points. SDS dominated the game statistically,<br />

leading in first downs 21 to 14, and in rushing<br />

yardage, 226 to 103.<br />

The Marines' line completely throttled the Aztec ground<br />

attack, frequently throwing SDS runners for long losses.<br />

Standouts for the Marines' offense were halfbacks Al Hall<br />

and Walt Kelly and quarterback Vern Valdez. The route<br />

was even more embarrassing to the Aztecs in that Marine<br />

coach Bull Trometter, freely shuttled reserves into the<br />

game who also outplayed<br />

SDS.<br />

:t-,<br />

.,<br />

•<br />

166<br />

TENSION MOUNTS in Aztec dressing room before the start of Fresno State game.<br />

TENSION TURNS to fatigue as a battered Octavia Cano<br />

stares at floor during halftime of Fresno game.<br />

AN AZTEC and two Marines collide in mid-air in vain attempt<br />

catch a pass.<br />

to<br />

BILLY MARTIN sweeps end and heads for open territory against Aztecs.<br />



AZTEC GRIDDERS board bus in preperation<br />

for out-of-town-game with Peperdine<br />

College.<br />

UNDERWAY, Aztecs Dick Hammes and Jerry<br />

Sanger catch up on sleep. Looks like they<br />

need it.<br />

MUST BE a good joke he's telling.<br />

They look like they're listening pretty<br />

hard.<br />

Carl Hays Al Jacobus<br />

STEAK for dinner somewhat makes up<br />

for the rough life of a football player.<br />

WILL CRUZ takes advantage of spare time to<br />

study. Even football player~ have midterms.<br />

TRIP OVER,' playing gear is unloaded<br />

from bus by members of<br />

Aztec team.<br />

DICK MORRIS seems preoccupied<br />

as he slips on Aztec jersey<br />

before start of game.<br />

GRIDDERS show variety of moods as<br />

Coach Governali explains last-minute<br />

strategy.<br />

A CONTEMPLATIVE team streams out of<br />

. locker room to playing field for start of game.<br />

168<br />

PRE·GAME limbering up exercises,<br />

a necessary routine,<br />

are undergone by Aztec<br />

players.<br />

COACH GOVERNALI checks watch to see<br />

time remaining before game. "Will we win<br />

this one, boys?"<br />

GAME OVER, scoreboard indicates the final<br />

score, a 14-14 tie.<br />

Al Silva Paul Smith Jim Symington Norm Hansen


Like the varsity, the Aztec frosh gridders suffered through<br />

a dismal season in 1959, losing three and tying one in four<br />

games. However, this year's Papoose team did show some<br />

offensive punch, unlike the 1958 frosh team that failed to<br />

score a touchdown in four games.<br />

Coach Eddie Johns' Papooses opened their season at Palomar<br />

Junior College, losing by a 14-0 score. The frosh played<br />

a strong defensive game, but lost because of offensive shortcomings.<br />

A penalty played a big part in the Papooses' 14-6 loss to<br />

Oceanside-Carlsbad Junior College. Trailing 14-6 with a<br />

few moments remaining in the game, the Papooses marched<br />

to their opponents' three-yard line, but were set back by<br />

a penalty and time ran out. The Papooses' score came when<br />

quarterback Ken Diebold crossed the goal line from the<br />

two-yard line in the second quarter. Oceanside scored in<br />

the second and fourth quarters.<br />

In the only game in which the Papooses were really outclassed,<br />

the UCLA frosh romped to a 45-6 victory. SDS<br />

put up a good battle in the first half and were behind by<br />

only 7-6 when the first half ended. SDS scored when halfback<br />

Travis Griffin plunged into the end zone from two<br />

yards out. The greater UCLA depth proved too much for<br />

SDS in the second half as the Bruins scored on long plays.<br />

The frosh gained some consolation in their poor season<br />

when they played the Long Beach State Frosh. Fullback<br />

Allen McBeth scored all the Papooses' points in an 18-18<br />

tie. LBS took an early 12-0 first quarter lead, but SDS<br />

rallied on McBeth's running to even the score at 12-12 at<br />

halftime. McBeth scored on runs of 30 and 5 yards. LBS<br />

once again took the lead at 18-12 in the third quarter and<br />

once again McBeth drew the Papooses even - this time<br />

with a two-yard plunge.<br />

Coach Johns said he believed the frosh team came up with<br />

several players who could help the varsity next year. Guards<br />

Pat Roberts and Vic Schisler, tackle Randy Griffin, and<br />

backs Travis Griffin and Allen McBeth were among the<br />

players who turned in good jobs for the Papooses.<br />

AZTEC FROSH GRIDDERS: Row 1, from left: Eldon Vogt, Larry Johnson, Ken Diebold, Travis Griffin, Louie Anaya, Joe Webb. Row 2, from left: Al<br />

J~fferson, Al McBeth,. Las~ Stevenson, ~d Duckett, Pat Roberts, Jim Blair, Simon Ferriera. Row 3, from left: Coach Ed Johns, Bill Turner, Hendy Chaffin,<br />

JIm Dubbs, Ed Neffhn, JIm Soulak, VIC Schisler, Coach Larry Schimpf.



) .<br />

As the dismal football season dragged on, San Diego State<br />

fans found consolation in the hope that many of the Aztec<br />

football indignities would be avenged by the perennially<br />

strong SDS basketball squad. For years, Coach George<br />

Ziegenfuss' basketball clubs had been near the top in conference<br />

standings, displaying a fast, aggressive style that<br />

became an SDS basketball trademark.<br />

However, 1959-60 proved to be the season for an Aztec<br />

downfall in basketball as the Aztecs slipped into the conference<br />

cellar with a 9-won, 17-lost record.<br />

The team continued to play fast and aggressive ball but<br />

lacked the height and bench strength of previous SDS<br />

teams. Without the height to compete with taller opponents,<br />

SDS was unable to rebound sufficiently.<br />

Early in the season, SDS set a pattern of playing strong<br />

basketball in the first half of games and then wilting in the<br />

final periods. This late-game weakness stemmed directly<br />

from a lack of bench strength. Frequently, the same Aztecs<br />

that started a game would play the entire game without<br />

substitutions. These men just couldn't play on an even basis<br />

with fresher, taller opponents.<br />

Despite these weaknesses, the Aztecs could still have escaped<br />

the conference basement if four players hadn't been<br />

declared ineligible for the last six games. The players declared<br />

ineligible were first stringers Jim Doherty and Carl<br />

Hunter, and reserves Jerry Stryker and Ron Sadis. These<br />

players missed the final four conference games, all of which<br />

were lost by the shorthanded Aztecs.<br />

Aztec fans were treated to outstanding performances by<br />

Finlay and Doherty even though the team fared badly.<br />

Finlay was named to the all-conference first team and<br />

Doherty made second team despite missing four conference<br />

games. This Aztec pair finished one-two in the conference<br />

scoring race for average points a game.<br />

LONG ARMS fail to help Aztec Gene Phillips as opponent snares<br />

rebound.<br />

GEORGE ZIEGENFUSS, former All-American at University of<br />

Washington, coached SDS.<br />

172<br />

FINLA Y DRIBBLES around a Long Beach<br />

State man.<br />

FINLA Y OUTREACHES two Pepperdine<br />

men in rebound attempt.<br />

FINLAY TRIES a graceful hook against<br />

San Francisco State. ACTION GETS ROUGH in the Long Beach game as Bernie Finlay<br />

sprawls over a fallen opponent.<br />

STAR GUARD Jim Doherty sails in for a layup and two points<br />

in the Aztec victory over Whittier. 173


All-Conference forward Bernie Finlay moved into second place<br />

among all-time San Diego State basketball scorers on a pointsper-game<br />

basis. Finlay averaged 20.1 points in 26 games while<br />

leading the Aztecs in scoring, rebounding, and practically every<br />

other offensive department. Finlay also led all conference scorers<br />

on a points-per-game basis, with a 23-point average in conference<br />

games.<br />

Finlay wasn't the only outstanding performer for the Aztecs<br />

though. Guard Jim Doherty made the second all-conference<br />

team and averaged 16.5 points in 20 games. Doherty finished<br />

second to Finlay in conference scoring, with better than 20<br />

points for each conference game.<br />

Until forward Carl Hunter was declared scholastically ineligible,<br />

he led the Aztecs in rebounding, pulling down 159 rebounds<br />

in 20 games. Hunter's 159 rebounds placed him second to<br />

Bernie Finlay's 167 rebounds, despite playing in fewer games.<br />

Bernie Revak and Gene Phillips also turned in excellent perform.<br />

ances for SDS, averaging 9.2 and 6.8 points per game respectively.<br />

Dan Hendrickson came off the bench after Doherty exhausted<br />

his eligibility to play steady, ball-hawking games and<br />

give the Aztecs a surprise lift.<br />

Howie Higgins and Dick Roppe shared the center post for the<br />

Aztecs, with Higgins being hampered by the lack of height and<br />

Roppe being dogged by illness.<br />

JUMPING ONE-HANDER by Jim Doherty heads for basket against San Francisco State.<br />

STERLING FORBES leaps high in the air in futile attempt<br />

to block a Bernie Finlay shot.<br />

AZTECS' Gene Phillips flies through the air in an attempt to g t a<br />

rebound.<br />

HE WENT that-a-way, says a Long Beach man as Bernie Revak abruptly stops dribble.<br />

DICK RaPPE (30) appears to be beckoning to ball in<br />

S.F. State game.<br />

BERNIE REVAK shoots from the outside as a Pepperdine man makes a vain<br />

attempt<br />

to block the shot.<br />

CORNER JUMP SHOT is taken by Aztec Danny Hendrickson, but<br />

the Aztecs lost. 175

BIG OBSTACLE, Sterling Forbes, to stop the familiar Bernie Finlay hook shot.<br />

BERNIE REVAK (52) sails through the air to flip layup<br />

against Pepperdine.<br />

BERNIE FINLAY gives fans an amazing display of underhasket shooting .<br />

the action as Finlay goes in for basket. in game with Pepperdine. Pepperdine's Simms (No. 51) calmly watches<br />

G<br />

Finlay 26<br />

Revak 26<br />

Phillips 23<br />

Higgins 25<br />

Roppe 20<br />

Fischer ll<br />

Low 9<br />

Hendrickson .. ] 3<br />

Neil 6<br />

Griffin 2<br />

Nelson 2<br />

"Doherty 20<br />

*Hunter 20<br />

*Sadis ll<br />

*Stryker 13<br />

FGA<br />

426<br />

240<br />

]60<br />

80<br />

58<br />

22<br />

18<br />

22<br />

19<br />

I<br />

2<br />

298<br />

]65<br />

9<br />

]8<br />


FG Pet. FT A FT<br />

168 .394 234 186<br />

97 .404 68 46<br />

62 .387 55 32<br />

33 .412 50 29<br />

19 .327 23 18<br />

12 .545 11 9<br />

7 .388 12 5<br />

4 .18] ]0 7<br />

4 .211 ] 0 5<br />

I 1.000 0 0<br />

I .500 0 0<br />

] 32 .443 98 65<br />

64 .338 65 37<br />

3 .333 12 5<br />

3 .]67 5 0<br />

Team Totals 26 1538 6]0 .390 653 444<br />

Opponents 26 1723 685 .397 622 427<br />

"Left squad after first semester<br />

G---games; FGA-field goals attempted; FG-field goals;<br />

-free throws attempted; FT -free throws; PTS-points;<br />

game.<br />

p'ct. Pts. Ave.<br />

.794 522 20.1<br />

.676 240 9.2<br />

.581 156 6.8<br />

.580 95 3.6<br />

.782 56 2.8<br />

.818 33 3.0<br />

.4]6 19 2.1<br />

.700 ]5 1.2<br />

.500 13 2.1<br />

2 l.0<br />

2 l.0<br />

.664 329 16.5<br />

.569 165 8.3<br />

.417 II l.0<br />

.000 6 .5<br />

.679 1664 64.0<br />

.686 1797 69.1<br />

pct.-percentage; FT A<br />

Ave.-average points a<br />

SDSC 76 Alumni 63<br />

SDSC 54 Loyola 69<br />

SDSC 63 F State 56<br />

SDSC 59 ; Loyola 57<br />

SDSC 65 Whittier 62<br />

SDSC 50 Arizona 65<br />

SDSC 46 Portland 63<br />

SDSC 69 Gonzaga 72<br />

SDSC 59 SF State 66<br />

SDSC 82 S.D. Marines 75<br />

SDSC 67 Pasadena 76<br />

SDSC 67 L.B. State 61<br />

SDSC 81 Cal Poly (SLO) 64<br />

SDSC 63 Santa Barbara 69<br />

SDSC 88 LA State 104<br />

SDSC 57 Fre no State 61<br />

SDSC 62 Fresno State 80<br />

SDSC 52 San Jose State 57<br />

SDSC 58 Whittier 51<br />

SDSC 74 Pepperdine 71<br />

SDSC 72 L.B. State 104<br />

SDSC 58 Pepperdine 63<br />

SDSC 64 Cal Poly (SLO) 68<br />

SDSC 52 Santa Barbara 66<br />

SDSC 71 LA State 98<br />

TENSION MOUNTS as scoreboard show th d ..<br />

with Loyola, The game went into overtim s ree secon s remammg and the score tied in a game<br />

e ...<br />

. . . WITH AZTECS winning in last seconds of<br />

overtime, 59 to 57 on Finlay's basket.<br />


-<br />


CAGERS<br />

SHOW<br />

o<br />

Gene Phillips Bernie Revak Jim Doherty Carl Hunter John Low<br />

San Diego State produced a strong freshman basketball<br />

team that won 14 out of 21 games while unveiling outstanding<br />

varsity candidates for the future.<br />

The Papooses featured a well-balanced attack in compiling<br />

their impressive record as four regulars averaged better<br />

than ten points per game.<br />

Guard Jerry Dinsmore paced the frosh in scoring with<br />

251 points in 20 games, an average of 12.4 points-per-game.<br />

However, Bill Lee, Mike Steffan, and Pete Colonelli closely<br />

followed in the scoring race with 1l.1, 10.5 and 10.2 points<br />

per game averages, respectively.<br />

The 6'7" Steffan and 6'3" Lee teamed to supply the Papooses<br />

with under-the-board rebounding strength. Steffan<br />

gave indications that he might solve the center problem<br />

for the varsity cagers during the next few years.<br />

Dinsmore. Colonelli, a n Brill, and John P w II ~av<br />

SD ha k· ourt trcnath. Din more, Ion >I1i and Brill<br />

were good out id hot with Pow II a tina primarily a<br />

a playmak r.<br />

Coach Carl B nton termed Pow II "a t ad in influ n<br />

and a mart ba ketball play r. '<br />

Forward Wayn Br i al 0 proved to b a valuabl m m-<br />

b r of the Papoo whil ompiling a fi .p int pram<br />

scoring av rage.<br />

John Bowen, Ed Du k tt and Dave Hunt r w r fro h<br />

reserves.<br />

Coach Carl B nton had high hop s for ent r Harry tadnyk<br />

until Stadnyk suffered injuri that Iorc d him to it<br />

out the campaign. However, he till rated highly a<br />

a varsity pro pect for next year.<br />

Papoose<br />

Basketballers<br />

~li"~li;Y .:;;~ • ~<br />

"'. "'".,<br />

.,,..~... .<br />

- - -<br />

,<br />

Dan Hendrickson Hal Griffin Dick Roppe Ron Sadis<br />

178<br />

Jerry Stryker Bernie Finlay<br />

Dick<br />

Fischer<br />

Howie Higgins Mike Neil<br />

Front row; from left: Pete Amarillas, John Bowen, John Powell, Wayne Britt, Pete Colonelli. Center row; from left: Glenn Smith, manager, Jerry<br />

Dinsmore, Randy Nisleit, Wayne Breise, Dave Hunter, Ed Duckett. Back row; from left: Loren Sheppard, assistant coach, Phil Lind, Don Morgan,<br />

Bill Lee, Harry Stadnyk, Mike Steffan, Carl Benton, coach. 179

clads<br />

Finish<br />

a<br />

TRACK<br />

-<br />

The San Diego tate decline in athleti hit<br />

the Aztec track team in 1960 as the quad<br />

finished last in conference play for the<br />

first time in SDS history.<br />

The decline of the trackmen was not unexpected,<br />

however. Coach Choc port man<br />

says graduation had tripped the Aztec<br />

ranks and a mediocr sea on wa not a<br />

surprise. Fortunately, all was not 10 t for<br />

SDS in track as an outstanding fre hman<br />

team produced many varsity candidates<br />

for future years.<br />

Sportsman rates the 1960 Irosh team a th<br />

finest SDS has produced since the squads<br />

of 1950 and 1951 that made the Aztecs<br />

a track power.<br />

Outstanding freshmen were Mike Dragila,<br />

Doug Helming, Ed Ott, Gary Todd, Bob<br />

Wheeler and Jim Thibault.<br />

with r lumina r it I 1\ rm 11<br />

man sa the e fr 11m n should iv:"'<br />

zle ' mu h lmpro ed tra p rforman<br />

in 1 ')l.<br />

For the ar it , high jump r llnd br ad<br />

jump r Bob Ball was th hi h point-s orer,<br />

Ball, who stand 5 f 1,8 in h I II hi Fi<br />

jumped 6 f et ,1, inch ' nd br d jump d<br />

22.7 f et.<br />

Larr hipley, Jim<br />

and Ru .. 130 hmk f rm d 0. tr n<br />

410 r lay team. Boehmke al 0 w<br />

print r, running th hundr d in<br />

W ndall Maiz and Roland ddy h W d<br />

promi e a mil rs, harl y Davi and m k<br />

V runa w rood quart r mil r .<br />

D wa hurt by th 10 of low hurdl r<br />

Gen Phillips who wa unabl to comp t<br />

on a t hnicality.<br />

TRACK CAPTAIN Bob Larsen<br />

was top man in mile and twomile<br />

runs.<br />

Varsity<br />

Trackmen<br />

Front row; from left: Larsen, 'Eddy, Orvick, Hanson, Boehmke, Luna. Center row; from left: Lowe (managed, Gentry, Erickson, Carmean,<br />

Shipley, King, Harold (managed. Back row; from left: Cochran (assistant coach 4.- Davis, Worthington, Carey, Jenkinsy, Erunac, Sachrison,<br />

Sportsman (coach). 18 1

•<br />


STAR Bob Ball was top point scorer for the trackmen.<br />

SI CAREY failed to equal record javelin throw of<br />

205 feet he made in 1959.<br />

TONGUE-TIED Doug King comes to an abrupt stop after completing broad jump.<br />

/'<br />

182<br />

JIM CARMEAN ran 440 relay and ranked third in conference as a low hurdler.<br />

QUARTER·MILER Charley Davis started slowly for<br />

the Aztecs, but finished strong.<br />


•<br />

FLYING HIGH, a Fresno State high jumper<br />

over the cross bar.<br />

sails<br />

JIM CARMEAN (center) trails Long Beach and Cal Poly opponents in low hurdles.<br />

Frosh Trackmen<br />

Row 1; from left: Leonhard, Iguchi, Dye, Todd, Horstein, Halliburton, Dragila, Helming. Row 2; from left: McMullen, Taehiki, Webb, Mauerhan, Fay,<br />

Holt, Wheeler, Miko (manager). Row 3; from left: Swoy, Thihault, Huhbard, Wiersama, Woy, Fricks, Morris, Boysen. Row 4; from left: Thomas, Cargal,<br />

Ott, Weaver, Vaulderhaug, Piorek, Robinson, Sweet (coach).



A late-season winning streak that was capped by double-header<br />

victories over Fresno State carried the Aztec baseballers to the<br />

CCAA championship and a shot at the National Collegiate Athletic<br />

Association championship.<br />

SDS surged to a successful season after appearing to be eliminated<br />

from the conference race due to early season losses.<br />

The Aztec season would have been an even more successful season<br />

were it not for three encounters with the formidable Pepperdine<br />

Waves. Pepperdine took two early season battles from SDS and then<br />

knocked off the Aztecs in the NCAA regional playoffs. The NCAA<br />

defeat was a heartbreaking 3-2 game that dashed Aztec hopes for<br />

the national championship.<br />

Coached by Charlie Smith, the Aztecs were a blend of veterans,<br />

J.e. transfers and men up from the frosh.<br />

Three SDS men, pitcher Tom Biscotti, outfielder Dick Salomon and<br />

pitcher-first baseman Bob Imlay were named to the all-conference<br />

squad.<br />

Other outstanding men were catchers Jim Kennedy and Bob Steel;<br />

infielders Rick Sutherland, Ernie Miller, Marty Nellis and Burt<br />

Swaim; outfielders Dennis Rickards and Bob Moss; pitchers Larry<br />

Thompson, Bob Randolph, and Don Tenney.<br />

Another fine player, outfielder-infielder Chuck Salbato, left the<br />

team early in the year after hitting well over .300.<br />

SDS prospects for next year appear good despite the graduation of<br />

Bob Imlay and Marty Nellis.<br />

VETERAN COACH Charlie Smith piloted Aztecs to another<br />

CCAA title.<br />

AZTEC CATCHER Jim Kennedy appears to be heading after an opponent who is armed with a bat, but his goal is really a wild pitch.<br />

SDS VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: Front row; from left: Jim Kennedy, Bob Steel, Arvin Sethman, Bob Lucas, Marty Nellis, Rick Sutherland, Jim<br />

Lisee, Dennis Rickards, Dick Salomon, Burt Swaim, Dave Olsen. Back row; from left: Ken Painter, Ted Faris, Tom Biscotti, Ernie Miller, Jerry Janguard,<br />

Bob Randolph, Larry Thompson, Bob Imlay, Don Tenney, Bob Moss, Charlie Smith (coach).<br />

A THROW to first arrives before the streaking Rick Sutherland on this play.<br />

BOB STEEL came from the frosh to hit .320 as SDS catcher.<br />


Tom Biscotti<br />

AB<br />

Beachley 1<br />

Faris 6<br />

*Kennedy 71<br />

Lisec 23<br />

Lucas 14<br />

*Miller 136<br />

*Moss 99<br />

*Nellis 76<br />

Olson 24<br />

"Rickards 133<br />

Salbato 20<br />

"Salomon 147<br />

Sethman 15<br />

Steel 47<br />

"Sutherland 139<br />

"Swaim 105<br />

"Imlay 122<br />

Biscotti 40<br />

Jangard . . . . . . . . . . . 2<br />

Randolph 21<br />

Thompson 16<br />

Tenney 14<br />


*Regulars, over 50 times at bat.<br />

G5 GC<br />

Thompson ..... 7 4<br />

Biscotti . . . . . . .. 7 4<br />

Tenney. . . . . ... 7 2<br />

Imlay. . . . . . . .. 4 2<br />

Randolph 7 5<br />

Graves 1 0<br />

IP<br />

59<br />

R<br />

o<br />

2<br />

14<br />

5<br />

1<br />

21<br />

16<br />

17<br />

59<br />

38Y3<br />

49%<br />

62<br />

15%<br />

10<br />

29<br />

7<br />

32<br />

6<br />

8<br />

28<br />

17<br />

17<br />

3<br />

o<br />

3<br />

1<br />

7<br />

H<br />

o<br />

1<br />

19<br />

5<br />

4<br />

39<br />

34<br />

19<br />

4<br />

38<br />

7<br />

50<br />

6<br />

15<br />

39<br />

31<br />

35<br />

10<br />

1<br />

6<br />

5<br />

4<br />

IB<br />

o<br />

1<br />

19<br />

6<br />

5<br />

45<br />

45<br />

26<br />

4<br />

58<br />

7<br />

70<br />

8<br />

21<br />

47<br />

37<br />

49<br />

15<br />

1<br />

7<br />

8<br />

7<br />

2B<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

1<br />

1<br />

3<br />

5<br />

4<br />

o<br />

5<br />

o<br />

6<br />

o<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

4<br />

1<br />

o<br />

1<br />

o<br />

o<br />


3B<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

2<br />

oo<br />

3<br />

o<br />

4<br />

1<br />

o<br />

1<br />

1<br />

3<br />

2<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

HR<br />

ooooo<br />

1<br />

1<br />

1<br />

o<br />

3<br />

o<br />

2<br />

o<br />

I<br />

1<br />

o<br />

1<br />

o<br />

o<br />

o<br />

1<br />

1<br />


W<br />

L<br />

7 1<br />

7 1<br />

4 2<br />

3 2<br />

3 3<br />

o 1<br />

PCT<br />

.875<br />

.666<br />

.666<br />

.600<br />

.500<br />

.000<br />

R<br />

24<br />

47<br />

24<br />

26<br />

29<br />

8<br />

H<br />

52<br />

66<br />

39<br />

41<br />

49<br />

15<br />

ER<br />

21<br />

30<br />

17<br />

14<br />

20<br />

8<br />

ERA<br />

3.20<br />

2.54<br />

3.98<br />

2.54<br />

2.91<br />

4.60<br />

RBI<br />

o<br />

1<br />

11<br />

5<br />

3<br />

18<br />

10<br />

11<br />

3<br />

24<br />

3<br />

20<br />

1<br />

16<br />

23<br />

20<br />

32<br />

5<br />

o<br />

6<br />

1<br />

6<br />

BB<br />

13<br />

57<br />

34<br />

24<br />

25<br />

7<br />

Pet.<br />

.000<br />

.166<br />

.2 8<br />

.217<br />

.286<br />

.287<br />

.343<br />

.250<br />

.167<br />

.286<br />

.350<br />

.340<br />

0400<br />

.320<br />

.281<br />

.295<br />

.217<br />

.250<br />

.500<br />

.286<br />

.313<br />

.286<br />

50<br />

34<br />

84<br />

38<br />

30<br />

36<br />

11 LARRY HIMPF, form r var ity catcher,<br />

coached the frosh team.<br />

I,<br />

188<br />

Bob Randolph<br />

Larry<br />

Thompson<br />

Jim Kennedy Bob Moss<br />

FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM: Front row;' from left: Elon Place, Dave Dowhos, Bob Palos, Travis Griffin, Jim Cox, Buddy Hunter.<br />

left: Bob Isom, John Powell, Larry Kramer, Bill Gunn, Jim Ferris, John Barnier, Bill Christiansen, Dick Butcher, Earl Alexander.<br />

I<br />


AZTEC FULLBACK Dick Morris goes around the short side of a lineout despite the attempts of a Michigan man to bring him down.<br />


The San Diego State rugby squad came through in fine style<br />

in 1960 as it finished second in the collegiate division of the<br />

California Rugby Union.<br />

The Aztec Ruggers took the second spot with four wins, three<br />

losses and one tie against collegiate foes. A final- game loss was<br />

all that stood between SDS and a tie for first place. Coach<br />

Eddie Johns' squad was paced by forwards Bob Shank, Bob<br />

Whitebread and Chuck Rebert, and backs Bob Johnston, Le Roy<br />

Dotson, Mike Tarlton and Dick Morris.<br />

Morris a star halfback on the Aztec football squad, was the<br />

leadin~ scorer for the SDS Ruggers with 23 points. This point<br />

score placed him third in the league scoring race.<br />

Coach Johns was pleased with the showing of the inexperienced<br />

Aztecs, saying they "progressed rapidly."<br />

He says he has the nucleus for a much-improved team for<br />

next season.<br />

QUICK BREATHER is taken by Aztec Mike Tarlton as he gulps air from oxygen mask during the five-minute rugby halftime.<br />

Front row: from left: Gallaher, Andrews, Peterson, Johnston, Pattillo, Hering, Edic, Rebert, Casey, Knight, Werts. Back row: from left: Johns, Leopold,<br />

McMillan, Shank, Robinson, Dilloway, Morris, Whitebread, Huntington, Davis, Sibbett, Gookin, Parker. Not pictured: Dotson, Tarlton, Mullins.<br />

MICHIGAN PLAYERS converge on<br />

Chuck Rebert in contest won handily by SDS.<br />



The Aztec Cro<br />

in 1959, winnin 5 out of 8<br />

Aztecs w re Captain Bob Lar<br />

Dragila.<br />

rrnan<br />

I r th<br />

rfik<br />

The mo t surpri ing asp l of the zh 'fine y ar wa th<br />

dominan of fr shm nand undcrclasm n on th squad.<br />

letter winner, junior Bob Lar en wa th nly upp rcl man.<br />

Five leLLermcn were Ir hm n and two w ph m re .<br />

The lettermen w r Mik Dra ila, l v offman, Dou H I·<br />

ming, Ed ou and Phil Taylor, Ir shm n; Willi Gr nand F d<br />

Shapley, sophomores; and Bob Lar en, junior.<br />

~~~SVIOL;~CE seems to be the keynote of this lineout as Bob Shank<br />

stan s ead and shoulders above opponents.<br />

DOUG PATTILLO wrestles an opponent to the turf as Aztec<br />

teammates close in to help.<br />

THE SMILE on the face of Choc Sportsman, SDS cross country<br />

coach, indicates he's pleased with a runner's time.<br />

•<br />

192 DOWN BOY! Chuck Rebert tackles I M' hi<br />

/l IC igan serum half as ball bounces away<br />

CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Front row; from left: 'Phil Taylor, Gary Todd, Fred Shapley, Mike Dragila, Bob Larsen. Back row; from left: Willie<br />

Green, Woodie Thomas, Ed Ott, Steve Coffman, J.D. Wilerdson, Doug Helming.


The Aztec wrestlers had an impressive season while compiling<br />

a five-win, one loss and one tie record.<br />

Led by Buddy Wilkerson and Napoleon Jones, the Aztecs<br />

defeated such teams as Long Beach State, Santa Barbara<br />

and the University of California, losing only to San Jose<br />

State.<br />

The freshmen wrestlers also had a good year, winning<br />

from 6 out of 8 opponents. Freshman Andrew Luckey managed<br />

the incredible by defeating an opponent in 5 seconds.<br />

Napoleon Jones of the varsity threw an opponent in 23<br />

seconds for the fastest Aztec varsity mark of the season.<br />

Varsity lettermen were Willie Green, Napoleon Jones, Grant<br />

Jordan, William Naylor, Joe Sullivan, Buddy Wilkerson,<br />

Richard Winn and William Charman, manager.<br />

Fresh lettermen included Pat Bennett, Howard Charman,<br />

Andrew Luckey, Ed Neillen, Jerry Takashima, Lou Villaescusa<br />

and Tom Rygh.<br />


FRED KASCH JR. paced Aztec gymnasts with his work in all-around<br />

events.<br />

Unlike many San Diego State teams that fell below<br />

expectations in 1960, the Aztec gymna t xceed d<br />

pre-season predictions.<br />

Coach Fred Kasch says that before the a on h had<br />

expected SDS victories over Los Angeles City College<br />

and maybe Cal Poly.<br />

However, the gymnasts dashed thi gloomy pr di tion<br />

by posting victories again t Brigham Young, an Francisco<br />

State, East Los Angel s Junior oil ge, Arizona<br />

State, Los Angeles City College and al Poly.<br />

Outstanding all-around performance wer turned 111<br />

for the Aztecs by Fred Kasch Jr., Bill Mill rand Ru<br />

Simmons. Thie trio give SD a bright outlook in<br />

gymnastics since all three have two more year of<br />

college eligibility.<br />

Coach Kasch says he al 0 has high hope for everal<br />

gymnasts from the freshman team. He cited Di k<br />

Donaldson and WaIt Rosenthal as particularly impressive<br />

freshmen.<br />

Another optimistic note for the gymnasts is that the<br />

completion of the new SDS gym will give them an opportunity<br />

for additional practice.<br />

BUDDY WILKERSON was named "most colorful" Aztec wrestler.<br />

Aztec<br />

Gymnasts<br />

f<br />

194<br />

Front row; from left: Napoleon Jones, Willie Green, Buddy Wilkerson, Pat Bennett, And~ Luckey; Center row; from left: William Charman (managed,<br />

Louie Villaescusa, Tom Rygh, Charles Devereaux, Grant Jordan, Bill Broadbent, Jim Stillwell; Back row; from left: Don Scholl, Al Potter, Bob Wests,<br />

Joe Sullivan, Ed Neffiin, Howard Charman, Charles Smith, Frank Millman, Bert Cabanes, Harry Broadbent (coach). Missing: Dan Dierdorff (freshman<br />

coach), and Bill Naylor.<br />

. holder Mike Cameron, Dick Donaldson. Center row; from left: Bill Miller, F~ed Kasch J~.,<br />

Front row; from left: Jim Cook, Pete Davies, Bob Burk from left: Dr. Fred Kasch, coach; Tony Buccheri, Tom Bates, Russ SImmons, Ollie<br />

Walter Rosentha, I L ~· arry r immons, Gary Becker. Back row;<br />

Askew, Ken Bonine, assistant coach. 195


The Aztec netmen won the 1960 California Collegiate Athletic Association<br />

championship in tennis by virtue of a play-off victory of Los<br />

Angeles State.<br />

The playoff was necessitated after LA State had a defeat turned into<br />

victory by a CCAA ruling. LA State had lost to Cal Poly earlier in the<br />

year, but had protested the defeat because an ineligible man was used.<br />

Had the LA State protest been turned down, SDS would have won the<br />

championship during the regular season.<br />

Coached by Al Olsen, a former major league pitcher, the netmen won<br />

ten of eleven conference matches. Their overall record was thirteen<br />

victories and three defeats.<br />

The team was headed by senior Bill Jack, who was undefeated in<br />

conference play the past three years. Gary Bunker, Searle Turner, Mike<br />

Sperber and Tom Mullen were other outstanding members of the<br />

championship team.<br />

Next year's tennis team will be without the strvices of Jack and Mullen,<br />

but Bunker, Turner and Sperber return to give the Aztecs the nucleus<br />

of another<br />

fine team.<br />


San Diego State had the most successful<br />

golf season in history in 1960<br />

as the Aztecs finished the season as the<br />

match play champions of the conference.<br />

Led by the strong one-two punch of<br />

Chuck Courtney and Ron O'Connor,<br />

the golfers compiled an impressive 16<br />

victories against two defeats in match<br />

play competition. Coach Frank Scott's<br />

tea m won nine of ten conference<br />

battles.<br />

Coach Scott ranks this team as the best<br />

he has had in his 13 years of coaching<br />

here, and points to statistics as<br />

the basis of his judgment. The 75<br />

average strokes per man this season<br />

was the best recorded for an SDS<br />

team. In a match against the El Toro<br />

Marines, an 8-man SDS team averaged<br />

71.8 strokes per man for another<br />

Aztec record.<br />

But the high point of the year came<br />

when the Aztecs won the Northern<br />

California Intercollegiate Championship<br />

against 31 colleges. Competing<br />

against such teams as Oregon, Stanford<br />

and the Air Force Academy, SDS<br />

came through with the championship<br />

for the biggest golf win SDS has ever<br />

had, according to Scott.<br />

The prospects for next year are considered<br />

excellent by Scott. Despite the<br />

loss through graduation of Ron O'Connor,<br />

all other letter-winners are set<br />

to return with two more years of eligibility.<br />

CROW<br />

BILL JACK, Aztec tennis star, was undefeated in 3 years<br />

of conference play.<br />

AZTEC<br />


CARL WELTY showed great promise in<br />

SDS championship year.<br />

t<br />

Front row; from left: Al Olsen (coach), Searle Turner, Phil Taylor, Tom Davey, John Drehner, Tom Mullen. Back row; from left: Pete Danielson,<br />

Lee Swennes, Mike Sperber, Bill Jack, Gary Bunker.<br />

W f I ft D ' k Long Chuck Courtney Jim Fournier, Ron O'Connor. Back row;<br />

FRONT RO ; rom e: IC, '.. .<br />

k S ( h) Frank Hawk Carl Prince, DIck Curtis, Carl Welty, Mike Hall.<br />

trom left: Fran cott coac , ' CHUCK COURTNEY shot a 65 against Santa<br />

Barbara for SDS record. 197



A new athletic venture at San Diego State was the Aztec<br />

Sailing Club in January 1960.<br />

The Sailing Club competed with members of the Pacific Coast<br />

Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association. Since many of the<br />

members had no prior sailing experience, the year was devoted<br />

primarily to testing and getting the feel for sailing. I<br />

Despite the inexperience, the Aztecs managed to win a regatta<br />

at the Los Angeles Harbor, defeating such teams as Orange I<br />

Coast, Occidental, and Cal Tech. I<br />

The club is co-educational and<br />

this year.<br />

was composed of 25 members<br />

The group has plans of buying several dinghys<br />

year, with hopes of eventually collecting a fleet.<br />

before<br />

I<br />

next<br />

Club President Norris Brock says the premises of the organization<br />

are participating in sailing and learning the basics of<br />

seamanshi p.<br />

S D S Sports Re<br />

urn<br />

/<br />

SAILING CLUB members prepare to test their dinghy in the San Diego<br />

Harbor.<br />

'I<br />

PLACID SCENE is enjoyed by club members.<br />

The 1959-1960 Aztec sports year was marked by a succession<br />

of high and low points. Unfortunately, the low<br />

points were primarily in the major SDS sports-football,<br />

basketball and track. In these major sports, SDS teams<br />

finished at the bottom of the CCAA conference.<br />

The only sport that could be considered major and had a<br />

successful season was baseball. Even then, the Aztec baseballers<br />

weren't considered on a par with many previous<br />

SDS baseball teams. They won the CCAA title, but were<br />

defeated in their first NCAA playoff game.<br />

In wrestling, golf, cross country, rugby and tennis, Aztec<br />

teams were strong. But these sports have to be considered<br />

minor, especially in Aztec student body interest.<br />

The biggest disappointment in the SDS sport year was<br />

probably the weak performance of the basketball squad.<br />

The Aztec cager , a prim factor in th conf ren until<br />

this year, fell all the way into th conf r n ba m nt.<br />

Weak performances in track and football w re no urpri e<br />

to SDS fans since SDS has been inf rior in both for the<br />

past few seasons.<br />

Despite the SDS decline in conference athl tic, th que lion<br />

remains as to whether it i the fault of weak Azt c team<br />

or an improved conference. The opinion of many i that<br />

the conference has gotten strong r, especially at Lo Angel<br />

State and Long Beach State.<br />

Although SDS was the doormat of the conference thi<br />

year, hope remains that the school will be able to cap<br />

the cellar in the future. The CCAA has admitted a new<br />

member to the conference in San Fernando Valley tate<br />

College-and this school isn't noted for its prowe in port.<br />


S .' ront row; from left: Henry Wakefield Th<br />

o7-anso~, Ro~ Creigh, Back row; from left: Lynn Stevens Su 'R 0m;s Kertesz, Wally Gravzinis, Norris Brock, Pierce Harris, Barry Worthington, Gary<br />

rver albraith, (faculty adviser). ' san orna ay, Carol Knibbs, Sue Riley, DeEtta Stewart, Margaret De Witt, Judy Nash,<br />


· I<br />



-<br />

BOOK<br />

BALL<br />

SPRING<br />

BOOK<br />

BLUE<br />

BALL<br />

The fall semester Blue Book Ball, traditionally<br />

marking the end of finals, was held on January<br />

28 at the Balboa Park Club. Music was provided<br />

by the band of Tiny Markle and vocal entertainment<br />

was furnished by June Christy. Belle of the<br />

Ball was Melinda Mellusi, 18-year old freshman<br />

and a member of Chi Omega sorority. She was<br />

sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Chairman<br />

of the dance was Dennis Nix, freshman class<br />

president.<br />


Belle of the Fall Ball<br />

CI<br />

Th nin irl pi turcd on th f Jlowin<br />

pag s hav b en jud cd th mo t b autiful<br />

0 ds on ampus. They w r ltd<br />

by a pan I of judg s on i tin of Guy<br />

Ryan, community r lation dir tor for<br />

the an Di 0 Ev ning Tribun , Jam<br />

Meade, amusem nt page editor for the<br />

San Diego Union, and Mike 0' onnor,<br />

youth page editor for the an Diego<br />

Union. The girl wer cho en on the ba i<br />

of beauty and personality. Jani e Walker,<br />

18-year-old freshman and a member of<br />

Alpha Chi Omega sorority, was named<br />

most beautiful. She was sponsored by Zeta<br />

Beta Tau fraternity. Runners.up and their<br />

sponsoring organizations were Barbara<br />

Bender, Sigma Chi; Patti Carlile, igma<br />

Kappa; Connie Colonelli, Little Si t r<br />

of Minerva; Dee Anne Flaming, Alpha<br />

Phi; Mary Ann Jauregui, 'Sigma <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Chi; Peggy Smith, Alpha Phi Omega;<br />

Kathy Stevens, Kappa Alpha Theta; and<br />

Bonnie Yates, Toltec HaJJ.<br />

The spring. semester's end was celebrated by the<br />

traditional Blue Book Ball, held at the Balboa Park<br />

Club on June 9. Carole Coody, 20-year old junior,<br />

was crowned Belle of the Ball. Miss Coody was<br />

sponsored by Sigma Chi fraternity. Howard Hamsey<br />

and his Lighthouse All-Stars furnished the<br />

music, and intermission entertainment was given<br />

by members of Starlight. Ralph Kelly, junior class<br />

president, was -chairman of the event.<br />


Belle of the Spring Ball<br />

Janice Walker<br />

202<br />


Barbara B d en er Connie Colonelli<br />

Patti Carlile Dee Anne FI . orrunq<br />

204<br />


,<br />

Peggy Smith<br />

Mary Ann Jauregui<br />

Bonnie Yates Kathy Stevens<br />

206<br />




~--<br />

T<br />

Student life is many things. It is football games<br />

and chariot races; pig chasing and pie-eating. It<br />

is hayrides in the fall and water-fights in the spring.<br />

It is cramming for finals and between-semesters<br />

skiing trips. It is fraternity. dances and socials;<br />

Greek Week and Spring Sing.<br />

NT II<br />

It i new friend and n<br />

gling to find our pIa in<br />

thing. It i knowl dg and<br />

and t ars ; lation nd d pr ion; 10 in<br />

I arning. It i th h eieht f b in<br />

tim of your lif .<br />

The Scene and the Herd<br />

By Bob Bottenfield<br />

Outside Innis<br />

By Joe Innis<br />

With a LemonTwist<br />

By Bill Lemons<br />

1<br />

II<br />

Got a bad ease of finalitis of the back<br />

this week. Too much typing, too many<br />

hours. Wrote six papers at the end of this<br />

year ...<br />

Six papers in eight' days of reading and<br />

writing ...<br />

Fairly basic ...<br />

My typewriter has become part of me, like<br />

maybe my left arm it has become already<br />

and I'm so young to have a typewriter for<br />

a left arm ...<br />

Everybody ought to be a student for at<br />

least one semester while .he is going to<br />

college-ought to take sculpturing and<br />

literature from 1910 to today and do a<br />

little dabbling in basic frog-slaughtering ..<br />

Break loose from the designed course of<br />

study . . . take Russian so you will be<br />

prepared .<br />

Comrade .<br />

Do it next fall; there's still time ...<br />

Brother ...<br />

And don't rush yourself through collegethe<br />

whole man is more important than the<br />

wage-earning years.<br />

The beauty of sitting in the <strong>Del</strong> Sud office<br />

at night during finals with two hours of<br />

sleep under each eye (left there the night<br />

before and before), listening to the spit of<br />

sprinklers on the Speech Arts ivy, the<br />

tread and squeak of key-laden janitors<br />

passing in the hall, the laughter of some<br />

sweet young thing who just cooled a final<br />

floating' in the dark-being receptive to<br />

your world and appreciative of your place<br />

in it-this is what college is for .<br />

Stand still .<br />

What for ?<br />

... for a while ...<br />

Would you believe it? At one time I was<br />

skeptical about the values of a college<br />

yearbook, particularly the <strong>Del</strong> Sud. But I<br />

doubt no longer. What I'm about to tell<br />

you comes from the pit of my mud-colored<br />

heart.<br />

One day during the last week of school I<br />

was approached by a pudgy little coed.<br />

You probably know her. She's the girl<br />

with that happy, toothy smile. Normally<br />

I like smiling people because it sort of<br />

warms you inside. But with her it was<br />

different. I don't think she ever brushed<br />

her teeth. You couldn't help but notice<br />

what she had eaten for her last meal.<br />

"Hello there," she said, bouncing up to<br />

me. Pinned to her SDS sweatshirt was a<br />

little round button that said, "I'm a SDS<br />

rooter. Are you?"<br />

"Would<br />

you like to buy a <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste?"<br />

she smiled. I had to look away.<br />

"A <strong>Del</strong> what?" asked ignorant I. ?<br />

"You're not new here. You must know<br />

what the <strong>Del</strong> Sud is."<br />

"A yearbook?" I guessed.<br />

I said I didn't want one.<br />

"In 30 years you'll have wished you had<br />

bought one. An investment in posterity. I<br />

bet your grandchildren would like to see<br />

it some day."<br />

I told her I wasn't even married, but she<br />

kept talking, getting louder and louder.<br />

She smiled a great deal. I was beginning<br />

to feel nauseous.<br />

" ... and when you're old and wrinkled<br />

you'll pick up the <strong>Del</strong> Sud, yellowed with<br />

age, and recapture the real spirit of col.<br />

lege life as you lived it."<br />

'''B t I' fl ki "<br />

u m un mg out, I injected.<br />

A crowd had started to gather. They were<br />

chanting, "San Diego State, San ... "<br />

I had no choice. I bought, one and I'm not<br />

sorry ... except that on page--is a picture<br />

of the chubby little coed ... and she's<br />

smiling-For Posterity.<br />

Who cares about the year? It's over and<br />

everyone is making plans for the summer<br />

or thinking about next year or graduating<br />

and planning a career, but no one gives<br />

a damn about this old dead and gone year.<br />

I hated the year. It's over and I'm glad.<br />

It began when I drove all the way from<br />

L. A. to get in the priority registration<br />

line after staying up all night at my girl<br />

friend's 21st birthday party. I got here at<br />

8 a.m, just to find that my name wasn't<br />

on the list. This was a hint of things to<br />

come.<br />

It was my last year of college and all l did<br />

was sweat for the end. It was the year I<br />

went to L. A. so many times my friends<br />

now call me "the commuter."<br />

I didn't study on week ends, carried 16%<br />

units, had to raise my grade point average,<br />

got jumped on by the independents for<br />

making an innocent attempt at humor, got<br />

letters.to.the.editor piled on my back accusing<br />

me of being a bully, a scoundre~, a<br />

corrupt Gref;k, a rabble rouser, an adJec·<br />

tive monger , anti.minorities, anti. people, ,<br />

anti-college. One Ietter sal<br />

id<br />

,<br />

"Why you re<br />

even agamst . yourse If ."<br />

It was the same year that I planned an<br />

effigy hanging of the Athletic Director, and<br />

only three of us showed up and we didn't<br />

even see each other. I<br />

I'll always remember it as the year<br />

worked at a home for juvenile delinquents<br />

1 member·<br />

and developed a guilt eomp ex re<br />

ing my own delinquent days.' d<br />

1 got censore<br />

It was the year my co umn .<br />

more times than a Brigitte Bardot mOVIe,<br />

.' the cen'<br />

and I wrote a column exconatlDg d<br />

sor and he censored the whole thing an<br />

what was the most tactless thing I ev~r<br />

a dramatIC<br />

wrote was lauded on T ., V as<br />

stand<br />

for press freedom.<br />

Looking, laughing ...

•<br />

Bull shooting with the bros ...<br />

Goofing around ...

Greek activities-Spring<br />

I<br />

Sing practice, trophy stealing, chugalugging . •

WHO'S WHO<br />

THE PEOPLE selected for membership in Who's Who<br />

were chosen on the basis of scholarship, citizenship,<br />

extra-curricular activities, and future usefulness to business<br />

and society. They were chosen' by a studentfaculty<br />

committee<br />

of five members.<br />

Most of their activities were in the field of student<br />

government, publications, and social and scholastic<br />

organizations. They will be listed, along with members<br />

from other institutions, in Who's Who Among Students<br />

in American Colleges and Universities.<br />

Art Flaming Jim Foushee Fred Fox<br />

Barbara Allen Diane Anderson Bob Battenfield<br />

Frank Hoole Mary Lou Nicholas Sharon Petersen<br />

Vic Bianchini Hal Brown John Bryce<br />

!<br />

John Raser Kathi Rieser<br />

Gary Riggs<br />

Ij<br />

216<br />

Betty<br />

Dawson<br />

Monte<br />

Dickinson<br />

Claire Vesco Felson<br />

Mike<br />

Rogers<br />

Marie Tillotson Jean Zinck<br />


AFROTC<br />

The objectives of the Air Science program offered at San Diego<br />

State are the development of qualities of leadership and character<br />

essential to civil and military responsibility, and the training of<br />

officersfor the Air Force.<br />

THE CADETS march past reviewing stand during final parade of<br />

semester.<br />

OFFICERS' BARS are pinned on the cadets by their girl friends.<br />

CAROLE<br />

COODY, Military Ball queen.<br />

THE AFROTC commemorates Armistice Day with ceremonies.<br />

CADET STEVE EVANS receives commiSSIOn from Lt. Col.<br />

Joseph M. Berger, USM Ret. during Commissioning Day<br />

ceremonies.<br />

RODERICK SCHNEIDER, spring semester Cadet Group Commander.<br />

218<br />

THE COLOR GUARD presents the flag.<br />


MUSIC<br />

ACTIVI<br />

\<br />

San Diego State's musical groups kept busy this year<br />

with a varied schedule of offerings. Members of College<br />

Chorus presented Handel's "Messiah" in December and<br />

"Requim" in May. Two formal concerts in November<br />

and April headed the schedule of the Symphony Orchestra.<br />

The group also assisted in the presentations of<br />

"Requim" and "Messiah." The Symphony Band gave<br />

a concert in May. The band also presented three concerts<br />

in the Quad. Beine host to the ourhern nlif rnia<br />

Madrigal Festival in pril wa one of the function of<br />

the Madrigal inger thi ear. The r up pr sent d<br />

Chri tmas carol con rt in December and a Madrizal<br />

concert during May. Member f j rna Alpha lola.<br />

national mu i frat rnit f r worn n parti iput d in a<br />

concert entitled "Am ri an Mu i a1."<br />

MEMBERS OF THE UPPER DIVISION debate team are left to right;<br />

Row 1: John Raser, Irene Wessell, Eleanor Chassey, Donna Bergelis,<br />

Johanna Paladino, Bob Arnhym. Row 2: Terry Van ass, Rodney Walker,<br />

Dr. Mills, Dr. Ackley, John Breedlove, John Thompson, Fred Sanders.<br />

The forensics program at San Diego' State includes intercollegiate<br />

competition in debate, discussion, extemporaneous<br />

speaking, impromptu speaking, interpretative reading, and oratory.<br />

Major emphasis is placed on debate, with squads traveling<br />

as much as 5,000 miles in one year. SDS speakers this<br />

season won sweepstakes in four major intercollegiate tournai<br />

I<br />

MEMBERS OF THE LOWER DIVISION debate team are left to right;<br />

Row 1: Tom Hall, Judy Thompson, Karen Tobin, Patty Walsh. Row 2:<br />

Dr. Benjamin, Roland McFarland, Jon Sutherland, Joe Kiefer, Bruce<br />

Chassey.<br />


ments. The debate squad was invited to compete in the national<br />

tournament at West Point for the tenth consecutive year. The<br />

team of Bob Arnhym and John Raser finished second in the<br />

nation at the tourney. Advisers for the debators were Dr. John<br />

Ackley, Dr. Robert Benjamin, and Dr. Jack Mills.<br />


MEMBERS OF COLLEGE CHORUS relax before their presentation of Handel's "Messiah."<br />

220<br />

DEBATORS OF THE West Point Tournament are Bob Arnhym, left,<br />

and John Raser, right, with Dr. John Ackley, adviser, holding the trophy.<br />

ADVISERS to debate actrvities were Dr. Robert Benjamin,<br />

left, and Dr. John Ackley.<br />





SING R<br />

,<br />

\ t , , .......<br />

- t ,<br />

, \ \<br />

,<br />

I J<br />

1<br />

I<br />

J,<br />

l<br />

\<br />

,<br />

I<br />

,<br />

f<br />

J<br />

IT T<br />

t<br />

,<br />

I<br />

I<br />

-•<br />

THE SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA rehearses for one of its performances.<br />

A CONCERT in May was given by the Madrigal<br />

singers.<br />


BAND<br />

SIGMA<br />


•<br />

II ""<br />

\ ,<br />

1<br />

,<br />

1<br />

I<br />

•<br />

r<br />

I<br />

J<br />

MEMBERS OF THE Symphony Band, one of San Diego State's active instrumental groups.<br />

MEMBERS OF Sigma Alpha Iota, national music fraternity for women, take time out from one of their rehearsals.


UNDER THE leadership of Lynne Walker, the fall<br />

Aztec continued publication of Vistas, a magazine supplement<br />

to the paper, begun last spring. Bob Battenfield<br />

and Bill Lemons alternated with their respective<br />

columns, The Scene and the Herd and With a Lemon<br />

Twist.<br />

BURT KUHLMAN, assistant layout editor, asks<br />

for volunteers to read sheet of wire copy .<br />

SALLY FISH, news editor, stamps copy to be<br />

used in the Friday edition of the Aztec.<br />

CO NIE LARK, layout ditor, h k avail.<br />

able pac for position of new arti I<br />

-::'-<br />

......-<br />

-.~.<br />

.,<br />

LYNNE WALKER, editor- in-chief, takes a break from her daily routine<br />

of coordinating pictures and copy that make up the Aztec.<br />

JULIE KAUFMAN, managing editor, pauses during a busy<br />

deadline day.<br />

BOB BATTENFIELD, columnist, hugs<br />

typewriter . . . his best friend and<br />

companion.<br />

BILL LEMONS, columnist, rereads his<br />

column for the fifth time ... he's still<br />

smiling.<br />

REPORTERS aid Phil Joannes in writing a<br />

feature article for the fall Aztec.<br />

I<br />

, I<br />

II<br />

BERN SCHERTZER, feature editor, gazes into space ... he's<br />

thinking.<br />

Ii<br />

224<br />

MARIAN STILLE, society editor, smiles as she thinks of lead<br />

for next column of Quad Quotes.<br />

DR. WARREN BRIER, adviser, checks Aztec copy for possible evidence<br />

of libel or obscenity.<br />

LYNNE WALKER, standing,<br />

gives assistance to students in news reporting class.<br />


SPRING<br />

AZTEC<br />


I<br />

GO(){) t<br />

L<br />

In an effort to improve the readership of th A<br />

. ff . e ztec the<br />

spnng sta estabhshed a liberal and oft ' .<br />

. Th ... en controversial<br />

poI ICY, ey initiated an Aztec world news<br />

the college's first "State of the Campus" page, spondsored<br />

message an pre.<br />

sented the first Aztec fashion issue. .<br />

SHARON McMAHON, news editor, proofreads<br />

copy selected for front page.<br />

FRANK FATELEY, layout editor, ch w. intently<br />

on cigar . . . it help him think better.<br />



The school year is ending and, with it, the work of most<br />

of the 1960 <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste staff. Some of us will work on<br />

into the summer proofreading copy and organizing late<br />

activity and sports pages so that you may enjoy a more<br />

complete yearbook. The staff is proud of the job that they<br />

have done, and if you enjoy the 1960 <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste, it will<br />

make worthwhile every day, night, and week-end hour that<br />

went into producing it.<br />

JANET RUSSELL, sorority editor, completes<br />

work for January deadline , , , in March,<br />

JOE HARDY, fraternity editor, smile trium<br />

phantly as he counts shot on AE peg .<br />

mar<br />

MARIE TILLOTSON, editor-in-chief, . , , she must not have seen the<br />

errors yet because she's still smiling,<br />

DR. JAMES L, JULIAN, adviser, in typically happy day of correcting<br />

errors in copy.<br />

I aids Judy Heisler in choosing picture.<br />

ADVISER, Dr. James Ju ian,<br />

"THREE CUPS of coffee and a boule 0f tranqui ilizer ,., und r land?"<br />

RUTH PLACE,. administration editor, reads proof<br />

book . . . upside down, Love is grand,<br />

DON FERRELL, senior editor checks layouts<br />

while rest of staff does his work. '<br />

FLORADEL GREEN, organizatIOns<br />

,<br />

e<br />

dit r checks<br />

10,<br />

spelling on names , , , she<br />

fda<br />

oun<br />

funny one.<br />

PAT McKEE, activities ediitor, Iaug<br />

hs at picture<br />

of her boyIri rien d found in proof book.<br />

BOB LEARN, photo editor, reads latest issue<br />

of the Aztec, , , he's a hard worker,<br />

BILL PAUL, photographer, smiles during one of<br />

his rare moments in me <strong>Del</strong> Sud office.

<strong>Del</strong><br />

Sudoeste<br />

AZTEC<br />


Published quarterly, the Aztec Engineer has a circulation<br />

of more than 2,000. It keeps local business and industrial<br />

leaders informed of what students at San Diego State are<br />

doing in the field of engineering, physics, mathematics,<br />

and chemistry.<br />

BOB BECKER, photographer, aims camera at a<br />

pretty girl on the lawn outside HS building,<br />

RON DOLLIMORE, photo retoucher, removes spots<br />

from a picture to be sent to the printer.<br />

KATHY STEVENS, photo secretary, catches up on<br />

back work of filing negatives and proofs.<br />

MIKE THOMPSON, editor-in-chief, checks crop marks on picture of<br />

Miss Aztec Engineer.<br />

MR. ROBERT BEDORE, adviser, oversees publication of the magazine.<br />

SUSAN THOMBS, index editor, adds twelfth page<br />

number to one card , . . must be Frank Hoole's.<br />

JUDY HEISLER, organizations assistant, finishes<br />

third rewrite of a page . . . she can't spell.<br />

BETSY LIMBACH, copy editor, laughs at copy she's<br />

written . . . she's digging someone again.<br />

CAROLE WADE, photo secretary, phones fraternity<br />

presidents, .. she has a hard job.<br />

FRED FOX . .' promotion manager, types up <strong>Del</strong> Sudo<br />

este promotion plan ... in June.<br />

FEMALE staff members compare legs ...<br />

way. they have brains.<br />

well, any'<br />

AZTEC ENGINEER STAFF, clockwise, William Thompson, William Gottwald, Howard Foreman, Jim Banks, William Hubbard, Clyde<br />

Thomas, LeRoy Archibeque, Mike Thompson, Joe Stein, Bill Miller, Darwin Hoogensen, Donald Gladden.


WHAT DOES the book say to do when your classes have been<br />

closed out for the tenth time?<br />

ON-CAMPU parking permits w re sold for th fir L tim, mu h to<br />

students' displea ure,<br />

BEST-DRESSED MEN ON CAMPUS are from left, Paul Bledsoe, third; Dave<br />

Olson, first; and Jim Nelson, second.<br />



"HE'S THE Sweetheart of Sigma Chi."<br />

~I<br />

Approximately 10,000 students enrolled for San Diego<br />

State's 61st fall semester. Registration was held in the<br />

library for the first time, thus saving the long run from<br />

the gym to the Campus Lab School. Dr. Melvin Anderson,<br />

dean of admissions and records, said students in education<br />

predominated with approximately ]6% of all tud nts in<br />

this field. Physical science and busine admini tration, each<br />

with approximately 15% of the student body, wer econd.<br />

"SITTING ON THE RAILING, watching all the girls<br />

go by, ... "<br />

. . AND HE can lick any English bulldog in town."<br />

232<br />

VARSITY GRIDDERS take time out on a road trip to eat.<br />

IF I DON'T get this written out before my turn, I'll be at the end<br />

of the line again.<br />

THE CHEERFUL student assistants at registration were an integral<br />

part of a delightful experience. 233

• •<br />

JUDY WAGNER, Panhellenic Rush Chairman, greets the fall crop of<br />

rushees.<br />

RUSHEES listen, with varied expressions, to Panhellenic orientation<br />

speech.<br />

"WHAT IS your name, please?" A rushee waits anxiously for his<br />

bid.<br />

THEY NEVER TOLD HIM he'd have to tand in lin and<br />

shake hands with girls.<br />




PLEDGE<br />

316 IN FAll RUSH<br />

SORORITY RUSH began August 31 with an orientation assembly<br />

in the Campus Lab School auditorium, followed by an afternoon<br />

tour of the sorority houses. Rushees then spent the next<br />

two weeks attending parties at the various houses. Informal<br />

pledging took place September 10, and the traditional "Pledge<br />

Presents" dance was held September 21 at the Lafayette Hotel.<br />

Open-bid rush was used for the first time by sororities during<br />

post rush. Informal party invitations and bids were extended<br />

to the rushees during the six-week rush period.<br />

INTER-FRATERNITY RUSH began September 11 with an orientation assembly<br />

in the music auditorium featuring talks on fraternity life by members<br />

of the college administration and the officers of the Inter-Fraternity<br />

Council. A series of open houses, parties, and dinners then followed for a<br />

two-week period. Preferential dinners were held at various hotels. Formal<br />

bidding took place at Scripps Cottage, followed by pledging that evening<br />

at the fraternity houses. Post bidding lasted for a two-week period. A total<br />

of 409 men signed up for rush the first semester, with 316 accepting bids.<br />

CORSAGES, pledge ribbons, and momentary limelight seem to be<br />

very enjoyable to this new sorority pledge.<br />

AN ACTIVE fraternity<br />

at preferential dinner.<br />

member speaks to rushees<br />

"'- ,,-<br />

THE LINE-UP of actives view rushees at a fraternity picnic.<br />

234<br />

- CHARACTERIZATION of average, nervous rushee is presented in a skit.<br />


Greek society.<br />

of new sorority pledges as viewed by members of<br />

A BASEBALL GAME is one of many activities enjoyed<br />

at a rush picnic.<br />



INFORMA liON<br />

DA y DRAWS<br />


VARIED<br />


A FRESHMAN'S WORK is never done, and it could certainly<br />

be more enjoyable.<br />

SDS SONGLEADERS show their form at Freshman Orientation<br />

rally.<br />

AT THE second annual Vocational Information Day, approximately<br />

150 representatives from Southern California businesses<br />

and industries participated in the advising of students in determining<br />

their vocational fields. Chairman of the event was Jim<br />

Foushee.<br />


FRESHMAN ORIENTATION DAY included such events as<br />

registration, tours, lunch, seminars and a rally where the song<br />

and cheer leaders led SDS cheers and songs. Student leaders<br />

on campus led tours in which approximately 800 students were<br />

shown the campus. Sponsoring the day were members of Xolotl.<br />

General chairman of the event was Vic Bianchini.<br />

"YES, SON, the armed services can offer you many benefit - trav J,<br />

prestige, high wages." This boy, however, still lie ms a bit dubiou .<br />

"NO, starting salaries for engineers do not begin at $750 a month." The<br />

vocational counselors seem to be getting quite a laugh from this question.<br />

n<br />

I<br />

"AND OVER THERE . . . " A Xolotl worker shows<br />

main points of interest on campus to a gang of approximately<br />

3500 freshmen.<br />

"TOTE THAT BAG, lift that sack!" And another bag of limestone for<br />

painting S Mountain is loaded on the shoulders of a weary freshman.<br />

SDS STUDENT receives counseling from a San Diego businessman.<br />

JIM FOUSHEE, left, chairman of Vocational Information Day, is<br />

shown discussing leadership training program with Dr. Will Kidwell.<br />

237<br />






org B rnard haw wor<br />

ONE OF LAC' s most outstandmg . programs thi<br />

assembly featuring Vincent P . A IS year was the<br />

the Quad to hear the noted act:;e~nd s c;o;d of students filled<br />

feature sponsored by this Ph a er. Another popular<br />

. . group was t e weekl LAC '<br />

which was always well-attended Th' y mOVIe,<br />

singers, Marais and Mira d ' e program featuring folk<br />

to be popular, n a, was another event that proved<br />

VINCENT PRICE speaks to I. '.J<br />

in the Quad, arge crowd of students during LAC lecture<br />


ceiling of the house f~ h mt czcepanowska, arrives through the<br />

a er er pane crashed into the greenhouse.<br />


H ,as ercival, talks things over with<br />

ypatia, Elizabeth nite,<br />

STUDENTS pass the time while wai i<br />

At least half of a colle e stud ' ' t ng for an LAC movie to open,<br />

g ent s time seemingly is spent waiting in line,<br />

238<br />

FOLK SINGERS, Marais and M' Iran da, were another LAC feature.<br />

• •<br />

A PORTION of the crowd seen I' isterung ' to LAC lecturer, Vincent Price,<br />

THE ENTIRE . "M' isaII' lance " cast were members of the Theatre Guild<br />

, WhiICh pro duced the play.<br />


SIGMA<br />



DAY<br />

ALPHA PHI sorority took top honors at the first annual Sigma<br />

Chi Derby Day in October. Sonja Carroll, Maya Hall, was<br />

chosen Derby Day Queen, and Io Est Price, Pi Beta Phi, was<br />

given the award for the outstanding athlete of the day. A dance<br />

in the men's gym concluded<br />

the day.<br />

MEMBERS of Pi Kappa Alpha po with turke • ill et f Lh ir


WOME AC IVE 0<br />

FALL ELECTIONS saw 1640 students voting at the<br />

three major voting areas - in the Quad, at the Commons,<br />

and in the HS patio - for 83 candidates for the<br />

various campus offices. Class presidents elected were<br />

Jerry Gordinier, Senior Class; Ralph Kelly, Junior<br />

Class; Buzz Halle, Sophomore Class; and Dennis Nix,<br />

Freshman Class. Fall commissioner of elections was<br />

Dave Wood.<br />

the worn n n<br />

THREE CANDIDATES for senior class officers confer upon which<br />

political technique is best for vote-getting. "Well, there's always the<br />

hot-dog approach ... "<br />

SHE'LL NEVER MAKE IT, once he adds a ticket to that pile of<br />

books.<br />

GIRL MARKS BALLOT, and the wheels of student government<br />

turn.<br />

FIVE OF THE finalists for the Mo t Beautiful Woman on<br />

Campus Contest sponsored by the <strong>Del</strong> udoe teo<br />

CAMPUS is covered by banners and posters 'of hopeful candidates.<br />

242<br />

AN SDS VOTER picks up his ballot from a h I<br />

somew at weary<br />

Cetza worker.<br />

BOB CLARK, candidate \ for Upper Division Representative,<br />

views a poster with careful scrutiny. "But being a sophomore,<br />

he can't run against me. And, then too, he's a fraternity<br />

brother."<br />

GIRLS FROM Maya Hall gave a skit at All Women's Assembly<br />

duri~g AWS Week.<br />

A NEW MEMBER of Cap and Gown was taken by surprise when<br />

she is tapped outside her class.<br />



MANY<br />


THE S~~~ an~ chee: leaders performed at all major<br />

fall activities, including rallies, football games, and<br />

Homecoming events. Heading the yell leaders was Dean<br />

Steel, backed by Joyce Long, Marie Musso, Jaci Myers,<br />

and Vic Bianchini. Songleaders, led by Lynne Luckey,<br />

were Carole Coody and Peggy Bradshaw.<br />

I<br />

THE SDS MARCHING BAND performed at all hom football game.<br />

Cood" Lynne Luckey, head song.<br />

The marching band, majorettes, and flag twirlers provided halftime<br />

entertainment at all home football games. These pep units<br />

worked out many intricate routines for presentation on the<br />

field. The pep band provided music from the stands throughout<br />

the games at strategic moments, calculated to spur the team to<br />

victory.<br />

The pep band wa al 0 pre ent at all Quad ralli , th H m m-<br />

ing bonfire ralIy, and ba k tball gam . Th mar hin band<br />

performed in the Homecomin parad and in oth r par d in<br />

the San Diego area. Director of th e group wa orman R t.<br />

CHEERLEADER Vic Bianchini auctions off copy of 1959·60<br />

Redbook at Homecoming rally.<br />

t<br />

I<br />

THE PEP BAND was seen at many of the fall Quad rallies.<br />

CHEERLEADERS are, from bottom<br />

head cheerleader, and Joyce Long, ,Marie Musso, Jaci Myers, Dean Steel,<br />

DEAN STEEL, head cheerleader, poses for photographer.<br />

FLAG TWIRLERS, Lynne Samuel, left, and Lana Wahler, right, and<br />

majorette, Barbara Jones, center.<br />



A VE I BO FIR nd rail at th zit<br />

SDS PEP BAND silhouetted against the sky during Hornecoming<br />

bonfire rally.<br />

BLAZING fire provides background for AZl c songleadc rs.<br />

CHEERLEADER Vic Bianchini lights the first spark for<br />

bonfire rally.<br />

CROWD watches bonfire smoke unfurl against the night sky during<br />

Homecoming<br />

rally.<br />




THE HOMECOMING QUEEN was selected after two<br />

teas. The judges rated each girl on the basis of poise,<br />

personality and beauty. At the first tea, the judges<br />

interviewed the girls in groups. At the second tea, each<br />

girl was interviewed individually. Some of the questions<br />

the girls were asked were: (1) What is the most<br />

exciting thing that ever happened to you? (2) Why<br />

did you decide to attend college? (3) What are your<br />

interests outside of college? The judges were all memo<br />

bers of the alumni association and included: Mr. Lynn<br />

McLean, Mr. Rubert Crosthwaite, Mr. Elliot Cushman;<br />

Mrs. Ruth Gonsalves and Miss Sandra Jordan. Hornecoming<br />

Queen Chairman was Jan O'Malley.<br />


humorous award.<br />

at the Tau Kappa Epsilon house won the most<br />

.<br />

,,-'<br />


JUDGES for Homecoming Queen, all members of the SDS Alumni Association,<br />

compare selection sheets.<br />

HOMECOMING candidates share joke, in attempt to banish<br />

nervousness, at Queen's tea.<br />

HOUSE DECORATIONS depicting the theme "Welcome<br />

Gauchos" were seen on most of the sorority and fraternity<br />

houses during Homecoming Week. Trophies were given in<br />

four different divisions. The decorations were judged on<br />

the basis of their beauty, construction, and portrayal of<br />

theme. Dorothy Wagner was chairman of the event.<br />

THE CHI 0 Brand of WeJcom won the sweepstakes award for ho" .... •<br />

decorations during Homecoming We k.<br />

PI KAPPA ALPHA'S house decorations won awards for most beautiful and best portrayal of th me.<br />

248<br />

HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES: Front row, from left:<br />

Janet Russell, Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta; Margie Skelton, Sigma Pi;<br />

Madge Lupus, Sigma Chi; Gail Yaras, Theta Chi; Margo Tyler,<br />

Alpha Xi <strong>Del</strong>ta. Back row, from left: Jo Est Price, Alpha Tau<br />

Omega; Terry Trau, Alpha Phi: Lynne Smith, Pi Beta Phi; Van<br />

Phegley, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Mary Sue Sawday, Toltec and Maya<br />

Halls.<br />

HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES: Front row, from left:<br />

Jackie Lewis, Wesley Foundation; Betty Dawson, Kappa Sigma;<br />

Anne Alesch, <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta; Joyce Chadwick, Pi Kappa Alpha; Georgia<br />

Hawkins, Lambda Chi Alpha. Back row, from left: Sharon Petersen,<br />

Zeta Beta Tau; Anne Limbach, <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi; Mary Ann<br />

Jauregui, Kappa Alpha Theta; Pauline Harper, Alpha Chi Omega;<br />

Leona Asbury, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Joan Cerny, Chi Omega.



JOAN<br />

C<br />

THE QUAD was the scene of the first Homecoming Assembly<br />

at which the candidates for Homecoming Queen were presented.<br />

Awards for house decorations were also given. The sweepstakes<br />

award went to Chi Omega for their "Chi 0 Brand of Welcome."<br />

Tau Kappa Epsilon won the award for most humorous decorations<br />

and Pi Kappa Alpha took trophies for most beautiful and<br />

best portrayal<br />

of theme.<br />

AT '59 H<br />

JOAN CERNY, sponsored b Chi Om ga orority, wa<br />

1959 Homecoming qu en at an a embl in the Quad. fi~<br />

a 21·year old elementary ducation major with dark br<br />

green eyes. Her attendant w r Lynn Gambl mith,<br />

Est Price, and Madge Lupu .<br />

A SURPRISED Joan Cerny, SDS' 1959 Homecoming<br />

queen, and AFROTC escort.<br />

PI BETA PHIS hold an annual Mum Sale during Homecoming<br />

Week to benefit the Student Union Fund.<br />

ONE SPECTATOR seems to find the Aztec more interesting than<br />

the Homecoming Queen candidates.<br />


is escorted into Quad.<br />

TWO OF the many photographers on<br />

the scene.<br />

FRANK HOOLE, A president, crown Joan<br />

queen of the 1959 Homecoming Iestiviti .<br />

rny<br />

I,<br />

DOROTHY WAGNER, chairman of house decorations, presents<br />

sweepstakes award to Chi Omega Pat Skelton.<br />

250<br />

SOME OF the candidates for Homecoming Queen presented at an<br />

assembly in the Quad.<br />

LYNNE SMITH, one of the four attendants,<br />

with her AFROTC<br />

escort.<br />

GAIL YARAS, attendant, walks past crowd in<br />

the Quad.<br />

JO EST PRICE, another attendant, makes her<br />

way to center of Quad.

SOME PEOPLE WORK, some eat, and some<br />

just stand around an watch.<br />

FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR, the Tau Kappa<br />

Epsilon-Gamma Phi Beta float during parad .<br />

RE EIVr ROYAL TREAT fE T i rth,<br />

an Engli. II hulldo • and m cot (TKb'.<br />

A BLEARY-EYED WORKER can only mutter, "The float must go<br />

on."<br />

STAPLE GUN in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, a float<br />

worker struggles to make a man out of papier mache and wire mesh.<br />


\V··<br />

l<br />

THA T BOY in the bermudas is going to be awfully cold by 3 a.m.,<br />

and that's just when the work begins.<br />


THE TAU KAPPA EPSILON·Gamma Phi Beta float took<br />

sweepstakes honors in the 1959 Homecoming parade. The<br />

float, depicting the first Olympics, featured TKE Chuck<br />

Rebert, who was covered with gold glitter and portrayed<br />

an Olympic discus thrower. The float won over nineteen<br />

others participating in the mile-and-a-half parade down<br />


Montezuma Hoad. All tw nly 110111- p rtray d th<br />

parade theme of "Monty alut Famou •ir I.' Th winning<br />

Hoats were pre ented during halftim at th anta<br />

Barbara game in Aztec Bowl. G neral chairman f Hom .<br />

coming was Bob Clark.<br />

TAU KAPPA EPSILON-GAMMA PHI BETA float, depicting the first Olympics, copped the sweepstakes award.<br />

"THAT'S FUNNY, the finished float doesn't seem to look like the<br />

master plan."<br />

252<br />

THE DOG, instead of the flowers, seems to hold more attraction for<br />

these float workers.



FIRST PLACE in the mixed division went to Pi Kappa Alpha<br />

and Pi Beta Phi for their Hoat, "First in Fantasy," which portrayed<br />

Disneyland. The Aoat also won the award for the best<br />

use of real Rowers. <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi's Aoat, "The First Thirteen,"<br />

which depicted the first American Aag, was given top<br />

honors in the fraternity division, as well as the award for the<br />

best use of artificial Rowers. "The Dawn of America" was the<br />

theme of the Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta float, which took top honors in the<br />

sorority division. The Aoat, which was a replica of the "May-<br />

Aower," was also awarded the trophy for the best construction.<br />

'AHD for Ihl 111'1'11 portrn al of<br />

theme and second ploel' in . ororit tli·<br />

vi. ion were giwl1 10 Ihe i~lllll k: p-<br />

pa's fl at, "A I·irst in DnJftltl." "1 he<br />

Fir:;t Prcsidcntiul E chan t ," lphu<br />

TOil OJ11l'~u'. parade' nil', WII. ('h "t Jl<br />

as Iht sccond-pla s winnc I' in th fraternity<br />

division. TIll' %(·ta Bt·ta Tuu.<br />

and Alpl a amma J)p]tas to k /it ('ond<br />

place in mi I'd division with thei<br />

float, "The Pir. t icamhoat."<br />

254<br />

•<br />

DAWN OF AMERICA, a model of the Mayflower, copped a first in<br />

sorority and best construction awards for Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta sorority.<br />

THE FIRST 13, featuring an eagle holding tbe first United States flag<br />

in his beak, won first place for <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi in tbe fraternity division.<br />

UNCLE SAM and a Russian grizzly hear, symbolizing the first<br />

'von a second in the fraternity division for<br />

Presidential exchange, -<br />

Alpha Tau Omega.<br />


gave Sigma Kappa a second in sorority division.<br />



FINISH<br />

PARAD<br />

THE JUDGES chose Lambda Chi Alpha's float, "The<br />

Vikings Discover America," as the third-place winner in<br />

the fraternity division. The float signified the discovery of<br />

Greenland by Leif Ericson. "The First Television Western"<br />

was the theme of the third-place winning float in the mixed<br />

division. Built jointly by Sigma Chi and Chi Omega, the<br />

float's main attraction was a large television set with six<br />

horses galloping out of the center of the screen. The Kappa<br />

Sigma-Alpha Phi float, "The Golden Spike," which burned<br />

minutes before the start of the parade, was given an honoarary<br />

award.<br />

FAMO<br />

DON HO\ AnD was master of ceremcnics for th IT me min.<br />

parade, which includ d twenty n ars buill h ,tl'IJlU, oruuulrntion<br />

• variou band with their marchins units, 11)( llom. omine<br />

queen and h r attendant, rand Mar. hal, HI nr dmiral C.<br />

Hartman, and scv ral honored ulumni.<br />

Queen, rides atop car in Home-<br />

JOAN CERNY, 1959 Homecoming<br />

coming parade.<br />

DON HOWARD, left, master of ceremonies, and Bob lark, chairman of<br />

Homecoming, confer on parade route.<br />

THE TRUCK of Tijuana Alpha, fast becoming a tradition in the<br />

annual Homecoming parade.<br />

GRANO<br />

ARSHAL<br />

GRAND MARSHAL of parade, Rear Admiral C. C. Hartman.<br />

THE GOLDEN SPIKE, built by Kappa Sigma and Alpha Phi,<br />

depicted the first steam engine.<br />

ALL AFLAME, the Kappa Sig-Alpha Phi float burns to the ground<br />

just before the start of the Homecoming<br />

parade.<br />


CHEERLEADER Steel points accusing finger<br />

at someone in the crowd. The animals are at<br />

it again.<br />

SONGLEADER Carole Coody is dressed in true<br />

Aztec fashion for the Homecoming festivities.<br />

HOME OMING 0 EEN ilnd ourt par d.. a-<br />

ross Ii ld at halftlme. Escort ar memb rt<br />

of AFROTC.<br />

MARY JO YARBROUGH, Homecoming dance chairman, presents the<br />

Homecoming queen and her court. That man with the trophy looks like<br />

he doesn't want to give it up.<br />

JOAN CERNY, 1959 Homecoming queen, awards sweepstakes trophy to<br />

Tau Kappa Epsilon and Gamma Phi Beta for their float entry.<br />


THE BUSY Homecoming Week was ended with the annual<br />

Homecoming dance. Many very weary float builders traveled<br />

to Hotel <strong>Del</strong> Mar for the dance and the pre-parties. The trophies<br />

for the winning floats were presented at the dance by the Homecoming<br />

queen and her court. A special trophy was presented<br />

to Kappa Sigma and Alpha Phi for their float, which burned<br />

before it could be in the parade. The Nick Woods trio provided<br />

the entertainment. Chairman of the dance was Mary Jo<br />

Yarbrough.<br />

WILSON<br />


II<br />

1." t,<br />

if<br />

•<br />

f I<br />

PRESENTATION of the 1959 Hom coming que n<br />

Joan Cerny, and her court highlighted the half-tim<br />

activities of the Homecoming game. Congre sman Bob<br />

Wilson officiated at the event, which al 0 included announcement<br />

of winning floats and the alumni-var ity<br />

cross country race.<br />

THE WINNERS of the cross country race, which was held during<br />

half-time, arrive on the field.<br />

"IT'S BEEN a long time since I've had any sleep, and I just don't think<br />

I can make it through this song."<br />

AND SOME COUPLES just never made it through the dance. They fell<br />

asleep on the dance floor.<br />

THE MOOD must be catching, because even the band is yawning.<br />

CONGRESSMAN WILSON watches his old alma mater play<br />

in the annual Homecoming game.<br />

ONE OF THE more pleasant duties of a con?ressman includes<br />

that of kissing the Homecoming queen from hIS alma mater.



SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON pledges pulled their chariot into<br />

first place in the final heat of the Inter-Fraternity Fall Chariot<br />

Races held November 10 in Aztec Bowl. As a reward for their<br />

efforts, their candidate, Carole Wade of Kappa Alpha Theta, was<br />

crowned Chariot Queen and the fraternity was awarded the<br />

large perpetual trophy. In the final heat, Kappa Sigma finished<br />

second, Tau Kappa Epsilon third and Alpha Tau Omega fourth.<br />

They were all winners of previous heats. Lambda Chi Alpha<br />

won the pageantry trophy for the fifth consecutive time. An unexpected<br />

attraction of the day was the burning of Sigma Phi<br />

Epsilon's chariot, which was set on fire by flames from one of<br />

the torches decorating it.<br />

CAROLE WADE, fall chariot race queen, receives flowers and<br />

trophy with a smile. Miss Wade, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta<br />

sorority, was sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon.<br />

"WATCH OUT BELOW, this gymnast is about to land." "OUCH, that hurt."<br />

"I<br />

I<br />

GORTH, English bulldog mascot of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity,<br />

receives his share of the attention.<br />

WINNER of the pageantry was Lambda Chi Alpha. Those pledges and<br />

their Queen candidate, Jo Ann Davis, look mighty proud.<br />

SIGMA PHI EPSILON chariot goes up in flames. And that pledge<br />

had better let go of that stick before he flares up, too.<br />

CANDIDATES for Queen of the semi-annual chariot races smile though<br />

sweltering, in the 90-degree November heat. '<br />

MEMBERS of Sigma Chi, winners of Fite Nite for the second consecutive year, pictured with "Miss Knockout," Joni Hale.<br />



LAMENT<br />


B<br />

"Tiger at the Gates" an ironic lament over the inevitability<br />

of war, was produced by the Theatre Guild. It was the<br />

first directing assignment for Richard Harris, assistant professor<br />

of speech arts, since he joined the faculty. The cast was<br />

headed by Al Pickett as Hector, Elizabeth Snite as Hector's<br />

wife, Andromache; Fred Berling as Paris, Ron Shapiro as<br />

Ulysses and Dawn Daniel as Helen, "the face that launched a<br />

thousand<br />

ships."<br />

t<br />

THE HAPPY "Belle," Melinda Mellusi, with Dennis Nix, freshman<br />

class president, moments after the crowning.<br />

THE ANXIOUS candidates are given a last-minute bri Iing b {or their<br />

presentation on stage.<br />

RON SHAPIRO, as Ulysses, beckons to Al Pickett, who plays Hector<br />

in the play.<br />

DAWN DANIEL, on the right, plays Helen and Elizabeth Snite takes<br />

the part of Hector's wife, Andromache.<br />

BLUE BOOK BALL, which marked the end of the fall semester,<br />

was held January 28 at the Balboa Park Club. The dance,<br />

sponsored by the freshman class, featured June Christy in<br />

intermission entertainment. Music was provided by Tiny Markle.<br />

Highlight of the dance was the traditional selection of Belle<br />

of the Blue Book Ball.<br />

This year's Belle, Melinda Mellusi, Chi Om ga wa pon or d<br />

by Lambda Chi Alpha. She was the fifth B II from th I a t<br />

six sponsored by Lambda Chi. he wa rown d by nni<br />

Nix, freshman class pre ident. Committee chairm n w r J rry<br />

Monnell, publicity; Pinkie Sutoriou , decoration ; Dav Dr wn,<br />

queen; Io Ann Davis, invitation ; Diane Daw on, bid.<br />

JUNE CHRISTY entertains overflow crowd at Balboa Park Club.<br />

THE ENTIRE CAST at the conclusion of the play.<br />

EACH CANDIDATE picks up corsage, a gift from her sponsoring<br />

263<br />

262<br />


RIGGS<br />



THE MUSICAL Comedy Guild's presentation of "Me<br />

.and Juliet" was the second staging of this musical on<br />

the West Coast. The play, which was directed by Gary<br />

Riggs, was really a "play within a play." The plot<br />

concerned the backstage story during the rehearsals<br />

and perparation of a musical comedy. The action<br />

centered around a love affair - a chorus girl, Suzanne<br />

Reamo, an assistant stage manager, Don Warren, and<br />

a stage electrician, Gary Long. Other principals included<br />

Mike Reed, Dave Franken, Joe Doogan, Celeste<br />

Loustalet, and Connie Grader. The assistant director<br />

was Priscilla Lawson, and the musical director was<br />

Sal Ferrantelli.<br />

THE DANCE TROUPE rehearses a scene for the "backstage story."<br />

CLElI4ENT ATTLEE, former British prime minister, has tea in office<br />

of President Love. Attlee spoke on world government.<br />

ATTLEE LISTENS to question of new r porter, Th form r prim<br />

minister said that U. S. has "government of the boob. for th boob,<br />

and by the boobs,"<br />


CAST AWAITS the go-ahead from director, Gary Riggs.<br />

CHORUS GIRL, Suzanne Reamo, and backstage manager, Don<br />

Warren, take part in love triangle in the "play within a play."<br />

CLEMENT ATTLEE, former British prime minister, addressed<br />

an audience of 1300 in the Aztec Gym at an LAC event in<br />

March. He spoke in favor of world government and said such<br />

government is the world's only hope for peace. He called for<br />

the younger generation to take an active political int r t. "Thi<br />

generation must be political; it mu t car. Th ur ival of<br />

civilization and democracy is the great conte t facin th world.<br />

To survive, Communist and non-Communi t mu t liv to th r,<br />

GARY RIGGS, senior speech arts major,<br />

direited his cast into an outstanding musical<br />

comedy production.<br />

JOE DOOGAN and Connie Grader rehearse<br />

a scene for the fifth time .. , "and this is the<br />

last dme we'll do it."<br />

SOME MEMBERS of the cast take time out<br />

from rehearsal to check on their social life.<br />

ATTLEE WAITS in airport with John Martin, managing editor of<br />

THE AZTEC,<br />

FRANK HOOLE, AS President, greets Attlee upon his arrival in San<br />


ROYALTY-King Apollo, Ken Mansfield of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and<br />

Queen' Athena, Francie Jallu of Kappa Alpha Theta.<br />

EXCHANGE DINNERS at fraternity and sorority houses brought men<br />

and women from several groups together.<br />

"I BET I can travel faster without that chariot." LOOK LIKE a )0 h at.<br />




The social fraternities and sororities on campus stressed unity<br />

in their second annual Greek Week. Through workshops held<br />

during the week, the groups exchanged ideas with the hope of<br />

strengthening one another individually and the Greek system as<br />

a whole. The event, initiated on the SDS campus last year, was<br />

sponsored jointly by Panhellenic and the Inter-Fraternity Coun-<br />

cil. Fred Lipscomb was chairman. The celebration began with<br />

fraternity and sorority open houses on Sunday and ended with<br />

an open-bid dance on Friday night. Other events included an<br />

All-Greek Assembly, panel discussions, chariot races, the crowning<br />

of King Apollo and Queen Athena, and exchange dinners.<br />

The pledges of Sigma Chi fraternity were the winners of the<br />

spring semester chariot races. The semi-annual races feature<br />

the pledge classes of each fraternity. Each pledge class constructs<br />

a chariot and selects a freshman girl as their queen candidate.<br />

The girl whose sponsoring fraternity is the winner of<br />

the races is crowned queen. Th candidate are pre nt d durina<br />

the pageantry before the races. This seme t r' pageantry w<br />

won by the pledge class of Alpha Tau Om gao Barbara B nd r<br />

of Pi Beta Phi sorority was named chariot que n.<br />

ROLL CALL at the All-Greek Assembly was answered by a fraternity<br />

or sorority song from groups present.<br />

PI KAPPA ALPHA brought their mascot to the assembly to aid the<br />

group in singing.<br />


BENDER, Pi Beta Phi, was crowned queen.<br />


wait for races to begin.<br />


"I JUST NEVER saw two fellows that traveled together." "I CAN SEE it! I can see it!" says Lennie just<br />

seconds before his companion kills him.<br />


THE AZTEC THEATRE GUILD presented John Steinbeck's<br />

"Of Mice and Men" in a six-day run at the Little Theatre. This<br />

powerful drama, which probes into the human heart is set in<br />

California. Featured in the cast were Vernon Ashbrook as<br />

George, and Ron Shapiro as Lennie. Others in the cast were<br />

Virginia Mitchell, Burt Fox, Jon Groves, Ray Borras, Harry<br />

Learned, Norm Robbins, Jack Pickett and Jack Winnans. Dr.<br />

Wi~liam J. Adams directed the play, which was adapted by<br />

Steinbeck from his novel of the same name. It has been presented<br />

on the Broadway stage and was made into a movie. The<br />

Theatre Guild production of it was very well received on earnpus<br />

with sellout crowds during its six-day run.<br />

FRANK HOOLE, AS President delivered a State of the<br />

Campus address, an event sponsored by the Aztec.<br />


who asked Mr. Hoole a question<br />

after his speech.<br />


Spring brought many LAC-sponsored activities to the Quad.<br />

George Davis, Caryl Chessman's lawyer, presented Chessman's<br />

side of the controversial case to SDS students. The Brothers<br />

Four, a quartet hailing from the University of Washington,<br />

entertained a record crowd. Sam Hinton, the scientist folk<br />

singer, was featured at one assembly. The Quad was the site<br />

for the first State of the Campus address delivered by AS<br />

F LK 1 R am II int n<br />

nt rtained crowd at LA<br />

It mbly.<br />

ATTE<br />

DE<br />

President Frank Hoole and spon or d by th AZl . In hi<br />

speech, Hoole urged the new council to mak lud nt ov rnment<br />

more meaningful than it has b en in th pa t. r 1I~rskating<br />

contest, sponsored by Alpha hi Om ga in c nn ti n<br />

with the Easter Seal Drive, wa another prin ime uad<br />

activity.<br />

THE ROLLER-SKATING CONTEST, sponsored by Alpha<br />

Chi Omega, left many participants battered and bruised.<br />

GEORGE DAVIS, lawyer of Caryl<br />

.Chessman, explained the controversial<br />

case.<br />


entertained crowds at another LAC<br />

event.<br />

A MOMENT OF tragedy is port raye d as Cur Iy discovers the body of his wife. THE BIG BOSS suddenly enters and finds a woman<br />

with the men in the forbidden quarters.

DON BROWN speaks in the Quad in the<br />

midst of his "sucker" campaign for AS<br />

president.<br />

CHUCK INSKEEP lists his platform at the<br />

election assembly in hopes of getting votes for<br />

AS president.<br />

BOB CLARK, AS presidential candidate, listens<br />

worriedly to his opponents.<br />

THE SDS ALUMNI ASSflCIATION chartered buses to take<br />

visitors on tours of the campus.<br />

IN TH E EW hemlstry-C, clog hnilding, j,it I' vlc'w d<br />

ment conduct d by ('h mistr facultv 11,1,lillI, nt .<br />

rio<br />

I<br />

THE CROWD devouers Don Brown's suckers as they<br />

listen to candidates in Quad.<br />


SPRING<br />


Don Brown, a 30-year old junior, topped the long-standing Greek<br />

stronghold on campus offices when he was elected to the office of<br />

AS president. He won out over his two Greek opponents, Chuck<br />

Inskeep and Bob Clark, with a campaign which included bus service<br />

for the students from campus to the parking lot, truck campaign<br />

headquarters, and candy suckers for all. The interest created by this<br />

campaign season caused students to turn out to the polls in the<br />

largest number since 1956, when the issue was the universal AS<br />

card. Over 2,000 students voted. Another independent, Vern Whittaker,<br />

won the office of AS vice-president over his Greek opponent,<br />

Jerry Crowley. His platform included a solution of the parking<br />

fees and a daily Aztec. Winners of other AS offices were commissioner<br />

of finance, Joe Moorehead; secretary, Sandy Hayes; upper<br />

division representative, Woody Moorehead, Ray Letsinger, and<br />

Cathy Culver; and lower division representative, Zoran Vidanovic,<br />

Leo Perkins, and Judy Thompson. Bob Butler was elected AMS<br />

president, and Sherry Hatcher was elected AWS president. Larry<br />

Ferguson was commissioner of elections.<br />

IN THE ART DEPARTMENT, the annual All-Media Art Exhibition<br />

was featured.<br />

FOUNDE<br />

BRINGS C ow<br />

An estimated crowd of 10,000 per ons attend d th 63rd annual<br />

Founders' Day on May 1. All of the 011 ge' 40 a d mi<br />

departments took part in the event. Bu w r chart r d to<br />

give visitors tours of the campus. The n w hemi tr - 10<br />

building and the student dormitories were op n to public in. p c-<br />

tion. Events were planned to have family-wid apr al. r.<br />

Lauren Post was chairman of the vent.<br />

I<br />

BLAINE HOLLIMON, candidate for commissioner of<br />

finance, tries to get last minute votes on the day of elections.<br />

VOTES ARE COUNTED in the Commons by<br />

members of the elections committee.<br />

CANDIDATES WAIT to be introduced to the<br />

crowd at the election assembly.<br />

THE VICTOR'S campaign headquarters held<br />

the thousands of lollipops for his campaign.<br />

USAF<br />


demonstrations of creative and folk dancing in the Quad.<br />

h· "R I " air-to-ground missile<br />

THE AFROTC demonstrated t e asca, an<br />

now carried by Air Force jet bombers.<br />


IN MIXED DIVISION, Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Alpha Theta tied for first place with their rendition of "Ghost Riders in the Sky."<br />


The tenth annual Spring Sing was held on May 6 in the Open<br />

Air Theater. Master of ceremonies was E. Kingsley Povenmire.<br />

Kathi Rieser was chairman of the event. Entertainment was<br />

provided by Oceotl and two campus quartets, The Dappers and<br />

The Border Singers.<br />

In mixed division, Lambda Chi Alpha-Kappa Alpha Theta and<br />

Pi Kappa Alpha-Chi Omega tied for first. Sigma Alpha Epsilon-<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta took second, and Tau Kappa Epsilon-Alpha Phi<br />

placed third. Tau Kappa Epsilon was the winner in men's<br />

division, with Pi Kappa Alpha second. Sigma Chi and Kappa<br />

Sigma tied for third. In women's division, Chi Omega took<br />

first, followed by Alpha Chi Omega second and Gamma Phi<br />

Beta third. Novelty winners were Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta in<br />

women's division and Tau Kappa Epsilon in men's division.<br />

THE HAPPY TKE's sent their director to pick up trophy for first<br />

place in men's division.<br />

DIRECTORS OF all first-place winners were on stage to receive<br />

trophies for their group.<br />

KINGSLEY POVENMIRE was master of ceremonies for the second<br />

consecutive year.

"MISS PLAYMATE," Sally Turner of Gamma<br />

Phi, was elected at Theta Chi's "Playboy Dance."<br />

PATTY EGAN was chosen "Miss Mint Julip"<br />

at Kappa Alpha's "Dixie Ball."<br />

Ilt<br />

TARTUFFE, left in center, threatens to dispossess argon and his family, but the King's<br />

officer apprehends the villain in the end.<br />

argon, under table, is hidden by Elmire so that<br />

he can detect Tartuffe making love to her.<br />



"TARTUFFE," one of the world's great comedies was presented<br />

by the Aztec Theatre Guild. The play, written by Moliere, had<br />

touches of melodrama and suspense. Among the play's unusual<br />

aspects was the fact that the hero was also the villain. He was<br />

also a comic character combined drama with suspense by posing<br />

a real threat to the other characters.<br />

GUILD<br />

Ron Ray portrayed Tartuffe. Charles Johnson appeared as argon,<br />

a friend of Tartuffe, and Darlene Gould appeared as argon's<br />

wife, Elmire. Others in the cast were Charlotte Spadaro, William<br />

Pari Loo, Joe Newman, Terry R. Nellis,Bruce A. Hoover, D'Ann<br />

Paton, Elizabeth Jones, Gary Hill and Jon Groves. Hunton D.<br />

Sellman was director.<br />

THERE WERE many fraternity-sponsored dances held in the<br />

spring. Three of the dances were highlighted by the selection of<br />

a queen by popular vote of those attending the dance. Candidates<br />

were sponsored by fraternities, sororities, and by Maya and<br />

Toltec Halls. At Theta Chi's Playmate Dance, Sally Turner was<br />

selected as "Miss Playmate." "Miss Mint Julep" was the title<br />

given to Patty Egan, the queen of Kappa Alpha's "Dixie Ball."<br />

Judy Payne was chos n a "Mi hipwr k" at lpha Tau<br />

Omega's Shipwreck Dance. Each dan adv rti~d<br />

various promotion activitie the w k befor th dane.<br />

Alpha Psi featured a combo and a ras hut to adv rti<br />

dance, "Bal Caribe." igma hi p n or d a old-f h tin<br />

contest in the Quad to adverti e "Tropical rui<br />

argon, far right, has decided to marry his daughter, Marianne, on knees, to<br />

Tartuffe and all her protests are in vain.<br />

ki love to El-<br />

Tartuffe is discovered rna 109 f<br />

mire and throws himself to the mercy 0<br />

THIS COMBO entertained students in front of The Commons to<br />

advertise Kappa Alpha Psi's "Bal Caribe."<br />

SIGMA CHI'S held their annual gold fish eating contest<br />

to advertise "Tropical<br />

Cruise."<br />

275<br />


FACULTY MARCH into the Open Air Theater to watch record number<br />

of graduates.<br />

GRADUATES MOVE to ceremonies as tower chimes ring good-by to<br />

college days.<br />

AFTER COMMENCEMENT scenes like this are common<br />

as grads pose for pictures.<br />

THE COMMENCEMENT ADDRE is d liver d by Dr. Abraham plan,<br />

professor of philosophy at UCLA.<br />

1,036 IN THE CLASS OF 1960<br />


Commencement exercises were held in the Open Air Theater<br />

on June 10. A record 1,036 students received bachelors' degrees<br />

during the ceremonies. Masters' degrees were received<br />

by 159, the largest number ever given at SDS. Bachelor of Arts<br />

degrees were conferred on 709 students, Bachelor of Science<br />

degrees on 295 and Bachelor of Education degrees on 32. Dr.<br />

Abraham Kaplan, professor of philosophy at UCLA, was the<br />

commencement speaker. His address was entitled "The Myth<br />

of Maturity." Benediction was given by Dr. Walter H. Stone<br />

of the First Congregational Church and Invocation by the<br />

Reverend Walter Buetzier of the University of San Diego.<br />

THE GRADUATING class hears Dr. Love congratulate them on their accomplishments.<br />

THE CHANGING OF the tassles signifies that they are officially graduated.<br />

GRADUATION means the beginning of alumni status.


Aesculapians-81<br />

AFROTC-218, 219<br />

Alpha Chi Omega-104, 105<br />

Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta-l06, 107<br />

Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta-81<br />

Alpha Phi-108, 109<br />

Alpha Phi Omega-74<br />

Alpha Tau Omega-128, 129<br />

Alpha Xi <strong>Del</strong>ta-llO, 111<br />

AM5-28<br />

Angel Flight-84<br />

Anthropology Club-94<br />

Arnold Air Society-84<br />

ASCE-82<br />

AS Committees-23, 24, 25<br />

AS Council-22<br />

AS officers-21<br />

AW5-26,27<br />

Aztec, fall-224, 225<br />

Aztec, spring-226, 227<br />

Aztec Engineer-231<br />

Aztec Radio & TV Guild-83<br />

Baseball-185, 186, 187, 188, 189<br />

Basketball-l7l, 172, 173, l74,<br />


175, 176, 177, 178<br />

Blue Key-75<br />

Canterbury Club-93<br />

Cap and Gown-76<br />

Cetza-77<br />

Chi Omega-1l2, 113<br />

Christian Science Organization-<br />

93<br />

Circle K-78<br />

Class Officers-29, 30, 31, 32, 33,<br />

34<br />

College Y-85<br />

Cross Country-193<br />

CSTA-83<br />

<strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste-228, 229, 230<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi-130, 131<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta-l14, 115<br />

Epsilon Pi Tau-81<br />

Football-162, 163, 164, 165, 166,<br />

167, 168, 169<br />

Fraternity Sweethearts-158, 159<br />

Gamma Phi Beta-1l6, 117<br />

Golf-197<br />

Gymnastics-195<br />

Inter-Faith Council-94<br />

Inter-Fraternity Council-126,<br />

127<br />

Inter-Protestant Anglican Council<br />

-91<br />

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship-90<br />

Kappa Alpha-123<br />

Kappa Alpha Theta-1l8, 119<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta-120, 121<br />

Kappa Sigma-133, 134<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha-135, 136,<br />

137<br />

Marketing Association-86<br />

Maya Hall-95, 96, 97<br />

Modern Dance Club-86<br />

Newman Club-91<br />

Oceotl-79<br />

Panhellenic-102, 103<br />

Physical Ed Club-87<br />

Pi Beta Phi-122, 123<br />

Pi Kappa Alpha-138, 139,140<br />

Rugby-190, 191, 192<br />

SAE-87<br />

Sailing-198<br />

SAM-88<br />

Sigma Alpha Epsilon-141, 142,<br />

143<br />

Sigma Chi-144, 145, 146<br />

Sigma Kappa-124, 125<br />

Sigma Phi Epsilon-147, 148<br />

Sigma Pi-149, 150<br />

Student Nurses Association-89<br />

Skull and Dagger-88<br />

Tau Kappa Epsilon-151, 152<br />

Tennis-196<br />

Theta Chi-153, 154<br />

Track-180, 181, 182, 183, 184<br />

Toltec Hall-l00, 101<br />

United Campus Christian Fellowship-,90<br />

Wesley Foundation-92<br />

Who's Who's-216, 217<br />

Women's Recreation Association-<br />

90<br />

Wrestling-194<br />

Xolotl-80<br />

Zeta Beta Tau-155, 156<br />

Abbott, Mary-17<br />

Ackley, Dr. John William-220<br />

Alcorn, Dr. Marvin D.-14<br />

Anderson, Dr. Evans L.-14<br />

Anderson, Dr. Graydon Keith-18<br />

Anderson, Dr. Melvin A.-12<br />

Anderson, Dr. Paul S.-14<br />

Anderson, Dr. W. Carlisle-l7, 23<br />

Atkinson, Beatrice-16<br />

Babilot, Dr. George-18<br />

Baker, Clifford Henry-15<br />

Baker, Dr. Douglas L.-15<br />

Baker, Dr. James R.-15<br />

Ballantine, Dr. Francis A.-14<br />

Barber, William Frederick-14<br />

Barckley, Dr. Robert E.-18<br />

Barham, Dr. Eric George-16<br />

Becker, Dr. Gerald Anthony-17<br />

Behrens, Carl F.-18<br />

Bell, Dr. Charles B., Jr.-17<br />

Benjamin, Dr. Robert L.-221<br />

Benton, Carl W.-17, l79<br />

Bigelow, Marybelle S.-15<br />

Bigger, Dr. W. Richard-18<br />

Bilterman, Henry L.-17<br />

Bohnsack, Dr. Kurt K.-16<br />

Bowne, William-15<br />

Brandt, Dr. Charles L.-16 .<br />

Branstetter, Dr. R. Deane-l7<br />

Bridenstine, Dr. Don C.-18<br />

Brier, Dr. Warren J.-18, 23, 224<br />

Briggs, Dr. Robert M.-14<br />

Broadbent, Harry H.-17, 194<br />

Brooks, Baylor-l7<br />

Brookshire, Dr. Marjorie S.-18<br />

Brown, Major Charles E.-14<br />

Brown, Capt. Donald D.-14<br />

Brown, Dr. Elizabeth-15<br />

Bruce, Dr. Paul-14<br />

Burnett, Dr. Gail A.-15<br />

Burton, Dr. Charles R.-l7<br />

Cameron, Dr. Roy E.-18<br />

Capp, Martin P.-17<br />

Carlson, Dr. Hilding-16<br />

Carmody, Constance E.-16<br />

Cave, Mary F.-17, 90<br />

Clark, Helen S.-17<br />

Cochrane, Kenneth-17<br />

Comin, Norita N.-15<br />

Coveny, Cecelia T.-16<br />

Crain, Dr. Melvin-18<br />

Crawford, Dr. Ronald W.-16<br />

Crouch, Dr. James E.-16<br />

Crow, Dr. Wayman 1.-16<br />

Daniel, Dr. Lark-16<br />

Daniels, Morris J.-18<br />

Daugherty, Jack-13<br />

De Lora, Dr. Jack R.-18<br />

Dirks, John H.-15<br />

Donnelly, Major George W.-14<br />

Dorris, Helen L.-15<br />

Dukas, Vytas-15<br />

Eagle, Dr. John E.-l7<br />

Eidemiller, Dr. Donald I.-18<br />

Ezell, Dr. Paul H.-18<br />

Falk, Dr. Charles John-14<br />

Feierabend, Ivo K.-18<br />

Fitz, Dr. Richard A.-l7<br />

Flagg, Dr. Denis A.-18<br />

Ford, Dr. Arthur B.-17<br />

Ford, Walter B.-17, 85<br />

Freitas, Dr. William J.-15<br />

Gallup, Dr. Avery H.-16<br />

Ganong, Constance L.-16<br />

Garrison, Dr. John D.-18<br />

Gastil, Dr. R. Gordon-17<br />

Geitgey, Doris A.-16<br />

Generales, Minos D.-18<br />

Gifford, Dr. Adam-18<br />

Gjerde, Dr. Clayton M.-14<br />

Governali, Dr. Paul-17<br />

Grawunder, Dr. Ralph M.-17<br />

Gray, Augustine H., Jr.-12<br />

Gripp, Dr. Richard C.-18<br />

Grotke, Dr. Earl M.-15<br />

Hanchett, Dr. William-16<br />

Harper, Dr. Leroy A.-17<br />

Harris, Dr. Vincent C.-17<br />

Harrison, Dr. Robert C.-16<br />

Harvey, Dr. Raymond-17<br />

Harvey, Dorothy R.-16<br />

Harvey, Walter E.-18<br />

Hemminger, Robeert L.-17<br />

Hippaka, Dr. William H.-14, 29<br />

Hodge, Dr. Glenn L.-83, 93<br />

Hodges, James H.-14<br />

Holmes, Dr. Calvin V.-17<br />

Holmes, Dr. Darrell-ll<br />

Houseman, Dr. Richard A.-14<br />

Huffman, Dr. Edward W.-16<br />

Irgang, Dr. Frank 1.-17<br />

Jackson, Everett G.-15<br />

Jameson, Dr. David L.-16<br />

Janssen, Dr. Henry 1..-18<br />

Jarolimek, Dr. John-15, 91<br />

Johnson, Arvid T.-16<br />

Jones, Ronald H.-17<br />

Joy, Dr. Ned V.-18<br />

Julian, Dr. James 1..-18, 23, 228,<br />

229<br />

Kaplan, Dr. Oscar 1.-16<br />

Karlsen, Dr. Bjorn-14<br />

Kasch, Dr. Fred W.-195<br />

Kennedy, Dr. Chester B.-15<br />

Kidwell, Dr. Will M.-13<br />

Kinder, Dr. James S.-14<br />

Kirby, Dr. Bernard C.-18<br />

Kitchen, Dr. James D.-18<br />

Kitzinger, Dr. Angela-17<br />

Klapp, Dr. Orrin E.-18<br />

Koehn, Edna B.-15<br />

Koester, Dr. George A.-15<br />

Lauritsen, Dr. William H.-17<br />

Lawson, Donald F.-14<br />

Lawson, Dr. Richard H.-15<br />

Lemme, Dr. Maurice M.-12<br />

Lingren, Paul A.-15<br />

Linley, Dr. James M.-14<br />

Longenecker, Martha-15<br />

Love, Dr. Malcolm A.-I0<br />

Lovell, Dale F.-14<br />

Luce, Dr. Lawrence W.-17<br />

MacCannell, Dr. Earle H.-18<br />

Faculty<br />

MacDonald, Kenneth A.-11<br />

Madden, Dr. Richard-15<br />

Malcolm, Dr. David D.-15<br />

Mann, Richard 1..-17<br />

Marchand, Dr. Erne t-15<br />

Martin, Mary F.-IS, 27<br />

McClintic, Dr. 1. 0.-18<br />

Mcjunkins, Thomas O.-lS<br />

McLoney, Wirt L.-17<br />

McMullen, Dr. James D.-17<br />

Mendenhall, Dr. Mary-16<br />

Merrill, Dr. John E.-16<br />

Merzbacher, laude F.-17, 25<br />

Messier, Dr. Leonard N.-15<br />

Mills, Dr. Jack-220<br />

Milow, E. Dean-17<br />

Moe, Dr. Ch sney R-18<br />

Morgan, Charles H.-17<br />

Morris, Dr. Glen J.-18<br />

Moser, Dr. Joseph M.-17<br />

Moses, Dorothy V.-16<br />

Murphy, Dr. Margar t-11<br />

Myers, Dr. Mabel A.-16<br />

Nardelli, Dr. Robert R.-15<br />

Nelson, Dr. Burt-17<br />

Nelson, Dr. Sherwood M.-I6<br />

Neptune, David W.-25, 85<br />

Nieschmidt, Ernest B.-I8<br />

Nye, Neva E.-16<br />

O'Byrne, Dr. Ernest B.-Il<br />

O'Day, Dr. Edward Franci , Jr.-<br />

16<br />

O'<strong>Del</strong>l, Robert D.-17<br />

Olsen, Albert-17<br />

Olson, Dr. Andrew C.-16<br />

Padgett, Dr. I.. V.-lS<br />

Peiffer, Dr. Herbert C., Jr.-Il,<br />

23, 127<br />

Phillips, Dr. Kenneth-17, 25<br />

Piffard, Dr. Guerard-15<br />

Pincetl, Dr. Stanley J., Jr.-16<br />

Post, Dr. Lauren C.-IS<br />

Preston, Dr. Dudley A.-16<br />

Prouty, Dr. Helen-15<br />

Rasmussen, Lawrence M., Jr.-15<br />

Ratty, Dr. Frank J.-16<br />

Rezni oil', imon-14<br />

Ri h rd n, Dr. Rob r1 .-18<br />

Ridge, r, f rlin-16<br />

Rid UI, Dr. Li n I .-1<br />

Rill; ,Dr. L ter .-17<br />

Rob rts, Dr. Elli •.-17<br />

Ro er., Dr. p n r .-]S<br />

Rchfleis h, Dr. Kr III r 1.-]6<br />

Ruj ,Dr. n rr -16<br />

Rumbaugh, Dr. Du n f.-16<br />

Huo 0, It 11.-]5<br />

R n, Dr. Fr derl L-]<br />

alts, Dr. 0 nid-17<br />

enderlin, Dr. or . 15<br />

and. from, Dr. lenn A. 15<br />

hrnpp, Dr. M nfr d 1f.-12, 15<br />

huue, illi m-17<br />

on, Or. Fran T•.-17<br />

arl s., Or. Herbert 1..-1<br />

hannon, Florene . 17<br />

harke .Dr. erald K. ).1" 8<br />

haw, Dr. Pel r . 17<br />

hepard, Dr. I) vic! . I (]<br />

hi Id , Dr. Allan E. ]6<br />

hou. ( ,Dr. laud F. 91, ( .1<<br />

huus, Dr. William 11.-]7<br />

mith, har!. R.-17<br />

mith, Dr. WIord K-17<br />

mith, Dr. John R.-I<br />

mith, Dr. LO\Ji E., Jr.-18<br />

mith, Dr. N wton B.-17<br />

ogo, r. Pow r B.-18<br />

or n n, org .-15<br />

pencer,1I rb rt n.-17<br />

portsman, har! s .-17<br />

rbich, AJexander-14<br />

leven, Dr. Wall r R-16<br />

Stewart, Dr. Paul E.-17<br />

tone, Hamillon L.-17<br />

ton, anford 11.-82<br />

Storm, Alvena-lB<br />

Stough, Dr. Morrow F.-]S<br />

wiggelt, J an 0.-15<br />

Talboy, Ruth A.-IS<br />

Tanzer, JoAnn-83, 93<br />

Taylor, Dr. Jam W.-lS<br />

Taylor, Merre! A.-16<br />

Teasdale, Dr. John G.-18<br />

Terry, Dr. William L.-17<br />

Theobald, Dr. John R.-IS<br />

Thomas, Alice E.-I5<br />

Thomas, Dr. BJakemor E.-17<br />

Thomas, Richard H.-13, 23<br />

Tidwell, Dr. Jam s .-15<br />

Tollefs n, Dorolhy ].-17<br />

Torbert, Frances B.-14<br />

Toz r, Dr. Low 11-lS<br />

Trail, Dr. Mabel .-81<br />

Treat, Dr. Wolcott .-16<br />

Trimmer, Dr. Ru. II L.-IS<br />

Tucker, Dr. Gordon H.-I6<br />

Turn r, Dr. Merle B.-16<br />

Van Aken, Dr. Mark J.-16<br />

Walch, Dr. Henry A.-16<br />

Walker, Colonel Lloyd ., Jr.-14<br />

Wallace, Marjori E.-13, 23, 24:,<br />

27<br />

Wallace, Dr. Robert 0.-15<br />

Walling, Curtis R-17<br />

Warmer, Margery Ann-12, 23,<br />

24,25,81<br />

Warren, Dr. leRoy 1.-17<br />

Watson, Dr. Donald R.-ll<br />

Webb, Dr. C. R., Jr.-16<br />

Wedberg, Hale 1..-16<br />

Wendling, Dr. Aubrey-18<br />

Wilcox, Dr. Robert F.-IB<br />

Williams, Capt., Jackson B., Jr.-<br />

14<br />

Wineman, Dr. Walter R-2S<br />

Wolter, Gerhard H.-18<br />

Woodruff, Dr. James F.-18<br />

Wright, Dr. William H.-14<br />

Yahr, Dr. Charles C.-18<br />

Yarborough, Dr. John M.-13, 27<br />

Young, Dr. Frank W.-IB<br />

Ziegenfuss, Dr. George-c17, 172<br />

281<br />


Abbott, Patrick L.-141<br />

Abdelnour, Charles G.-l44<br />

Abdelnour, Sarah A.--83, 88, 44<br />

Abrahamson, James B.-82<br />

Acosta, Madeline J.-89<br />

Adair, Henry Albert-38<br />

Adams, Carol Anne-lO<br />

Adams, Claudette Sue-44<br />

Adams, Judith L.-97<br />

Adams, Karen C.-118<br />

Adams, Lee-92<br />

Adams, Mike-133<br />

Adams, Robert L.-92<br />

Adkins, Adrienne A.-120<br />

Agnew, Robert Thomas-79, 144<br />

Ahrens, Beverly S.-92<br />

Aiken, Kelman R, Jr.-38<br />

Akers, Nancy Ruth-112<br />

Aiken, Chuck-138<br />

Alberigi, Valerie- S.-58<br />

Aldridge, Richard W.-147<br />

Alduenda, Dianne L.-I06<br />

Alesch, Joanne-114<br />

Alganez, Eddie-98<br />

Allen, Barbara Ann-44, 122, 216<br />

Allen, Marilyn L.-52, 124<br />

Allen, Richard H.-82<br />

Amador, Donald Lee-38, 86, 132<br />

Amarillas, Pete 1.-98, 179<br />

Andersen, Richard D.-138<br />

Anderson, Diane-122, 216<br />

Anderson, Evelyn S.-58<br />

Anderson, Fred N.-50, 92, 133<br />

Anderson, Fredric C.-49<br />

Anderson, John F.-74<br />

Anderson, Martin L.-38<br />

Anderson, Marcia-116<br />

Anderson, Mary A.-81<br />

Anderson, Michael E.-82, 83<br />

Anderson, Roger D.-144<br />

Andrew, Dorothy P.-ll0<br />

Anthony, Julie Alison-118<br />

Anthony, Pequita E.-96<br />

Arce, Norma-122<br />

Archibeque, Leroy B.-231<br />

Armistead, Dianne C.-112<br />

Armstrong, Julie Ann-116<br />

Arnold, Mary E.-22, 92, 94<br />

Arnold, Merit R.--65, 151<br />

Arnsen, Gary Anne-176<br />

Arrlessohn, Dick-135<br />


Arrington, Frank Van-141<br />

Asaro, Vito Joseph-38<br />

Asbury, Leona Ann-44, 89, 120<br />

Askew, Oliver F.-l95<br />

Atkin, Mary Ruth-62, 87<br />

Ault, David Winston-144<br />

Austin, Arlene J.-83, 93<br />

Aved, Donald Wayne-ISS<br />

Axtell, Margo-87, 124<br />

Ayres, Larry Dean-147<br />

Baber, Eleanor-89<br />

Baber, Lawrence-141<br />

Bachman, Claudeen-124<br />

Bagdoian, Cordelia-22, 27,55, 95<br />

Bailey, Gary-130<br />

Bailey, Marilyn-112<br />

Bainbridge, Beverly-44, 89, 118<br />

Baker, Bette-44, 89<br />

Baker, Dennis-82, 135<br />

Baker, James-149<br />

Baker, Kenneth-49, 82<br />

Balagot, Hermie-95<br />

Baldry, Joan-44<br />

Balestrieri, Mari0-49, 82<br />

Ball, Lynne-22, 77, 81, 103, 112<br />

Ball, Robert-163, 168<br />

Ballard, Tom-141<br />

Baloch, Iqbal-85<br />

Bamber, Robert-82<br />

Bamford, Elizabeth-94<br />

Bane, Robert-l41<br />

Banks, James--65, 231<br />

Bankston, Edward-82<br />

Bankston, Kenneth-49, 82<br />

Banstad, Harry-84<br />

Bardon, Alice--62, 87, 90<br />

Barendregt, Bill-135<br />

Barker, BiIl-149<br />

Barker, John-138<br />

Barkett, Ronald-133<br />

Barkhurst, Julie-92<br />

Barksdale, Anthony-74<br />

Barnes, Ann-97<br />

Barnes, Richard-28<br />

Barnett, Pat-112<br />

Barney, Lawrence-49, 82<br />

Barrett, Arlene-87<br />

Bartelle, Barney-l44<br />

Bartholomew, Linda-ll0<br />

Bartley, James-91<br />

Bates, Thomas-195<br />

Battenfield, Robert-22, 23, 25, 75,<br />

79,84,141,216,225<br />

Batterton, Richard-149<br />

Beachler, James-38<br />

Beachler, Robert-38, 149<br />

Beachley, Leonard-lSI<br />

Beal, Robert-133<br />

Bean, Gayle~4<br />

Bean, Gregory-lSI<br />

Bean, William-133<br />

Beavers, Gary-144<br />

Becker, Gary-141, 195<br />

Becker, Paul-65<br />

Becker, Robert-141, 230<br />

Bedwell, Carole-44<br />

Beechler, Diana-95<br />

Behnke, Grant-98<br />

Bell, John-130<br />

Bell, Robert-74<br />

Bellatti, Ronald-38, 88<br />

Bender, Barbara-204<br />

Benedict, Lois-44<br />

Bennett, Larry-138<br />

Bennett, Nanci-108<br />

Bennett, Patrick-194<br />

Benson, Marjorie-96, 122<br />

Benter, George-138<br />

Benter, Margaret-70<br />

Benton, Eula--87<br />

Bentzien, Carol-116<br />

Berg, Barbara-44<br />

Berg, John-74, 92<br />

Berg, Nancy-90<br />

Berg, Robert-138<br />

Bergelis, Donna-52, 104, 220<br />

Berglund, Ruskin-144<br />

Bergmann, Richard-25, 55, 79,<br />

153, 227<br />

Bergstad, Betty-52<br />

Bergstrom, George-98<br />

Berke, Sandra-83<br />

Bergling, Frederic-83<br />

Berman, Liela-96<br />

Bernd, Virginia--87<br />

Berner, Gayle-l06<br />

Bertoy, Barbara-120<br />

Bertrom, Ernest-135<br />

Bessher, Janet-90<br />

Best, Thomas-128<br />

Betts, Carol-83<br />

Betts, Presley-147<br />

Bianchini, Victor-22, 28, 70, 80,<br />

98,216<br />

Bigg, Marijane-95, 97<br />

Biscotti, Tom-133, 186, 188<br />

Bissell, William-138<br />

Blackerby, Carole-77, 116<br />

Blackford, Linda-55<br />

Blackwood, John-138<br />

Blair, Charles-38<br />

Blankenship, Mary-116<br />

Blaydes, Bette-91<br />

Bledsoe, Paul-135<br />

Blessing, Edward-55, 75, 79, 80,<br />

144,<br />

Blodgett, Sandra-106, 158<br />

Blyth, John-85<br />

Bodenhamer, James-130<br />

Bohanan, Edward-128<br />

Bohn, Robert-147<br />

Bongianni, Daralene-95<br />

Bonine, Kenneth-l95<br />

Boren, Michael-141<br />

Borsje, John-81<br />

Bosworth, Kathleen-l03, 114<br />

Botteron, Sandra-27<br />

Bottjer, Sherill-122<br />

Boucher, David-44<br />

Bourcier, Robert S.-38, 83, 93, 94<br />

Bousquet, Albert L.-88<br />

Bovee, Jerry Sue-112<br />

Bowen, Bob--179<br />

Bowen, Edwin D.--65<br />

Bowen, John F.-74<br />

Bowen, Newell-128<br />

Bowers, Donald G.-lSI<br />

Bowman, Donald E.-135<br />

Bowman, Kathryn Ann-112<br />

Bown, Judith Ann-96, 136<br />

Boyd, Robert A.-130<br />

Boyle, Linda M.-97, 116<br />

Boyle, Patricia Lee-77, 122<br />

Bradley, Alexander--65<br />

Bradley, Fred-98<br />

Bradley, Margaret--89<br />

Brandt, Clayton-133<br />

Bray, William D.-147<br />

Breedlove, John E.-220<br />

Breise, Wayne E.-138, 179<br />

Brem, David A.-153<br />

Brenes, Phillip M.-151<br />

Bresee, Daryl E.-118<br />

Brennan, John E.-92<br />

Briggs, Karen Sue-27, 106<br />

Brisbane, Dennis H.-22, 141<br />

Briscoe, Robin D.-80, 106<br />

Britt, Wayne W.-144, 179<br />

Broadbent, Bill-194<br />

Brock, Robin N.-141<br />

Brockelman, Barbara 1.-52<br />

Brogan, Charles J.-82<br />

Brooke, Robert J.-130<br />

Brooks, Michael P.-128<br />

Brooks, Peggy Sue-120<br />

Brosseau, Lucille J.-80, 118<br />

Brotherton, Gayle-118<br />

Brown, Alice A.-97<br />

Brown, Barbara A.-118<br />

Brown, David E.-98<br />

Brown, David B.-135<br />

Brown, Frank R--65<br />

Brown, Harold K.-85, 216<br />

Brown, Judy-122<br />

Brown, Marcia M.-38<br />

Brown, Marla M.-80<br />

Brown, Richard G.-58, 153<br />

Brown, Ronald F.-98<br />

Brown, Sandra M.-I08<br />

Brown, Steven C.-147<br />

Brown, William C.-149, 196<br />

Browne, Gerald H.-133<br />

Brownell, Emily A.-92, 104<br />

Brownell, Joan E.--67, 97,104<br />

Browning, David L.-49<br />

Brule, David E.-74, 91, 94<br />

Bryant, James A.-38<br />

Bryant, Patricia-70<br />

Bryce, John W.-52, 216<br />

Bubel, Howard L.-84<br />

Bubel, Robert E.-135<br />

Buccheri, Tony-l95<br />

Buechler, Philip J.-144<br />

Buehner, Beverly J.-122<br />

Bub, Joe F.--65<br />

Bullen, Donald E.-130<br />

Bulley, William W.-88<br />

Bulman, David M.-65<br />

Bunch, Art Lee-144<br />

Bunker, Gary M.-144, 196<br />

Burdette, Jay C.-141<br />

Burel, Howard-38<br />

Buriel, David-44<br />

Burkett, Richard H.-49, 87<br />

Burkholder, Robert A.-195<br />

Burnett, Betty Jo-55<br />

Burnham, Sandra-106<br />

Burnside, Donald L.-130<br />

Burrell, Jeanette-44, 108<br />

Burrell, Michael A.-124<br />

Burt, Barbara Jo-62<br />

Burton, Robert E.-144<br />

Burwell, Jerry D.-147<br />

Burwell, Joyce-120<br />

Bush, Robert S.-85<br />

Busse, Joyce J.-120<br />

Butcher, Richard H.-99<br />

Butler, Carolyn S.-29, 122<br />

Butler, Richard F.-l41<br />

Butler, Robert 5.-24, 28, 79,88,<br />

133<br />

Buttemer, David R-49<br />

Butters, Dixie F.-89, 118, 158<br />

Buzzell, Susan A.-87<br />

Bwy, Douglas P.-70<br />

Byron, Georgiana-44<br />

Byrum, Nancy R.-52<br />

Cabanas, Humberto-194<br />

Cabral, William L.-80<br />

Cairn cross, Carol-44, 108<br />

Calhoun, Charles R-74<br />

Calhoun, William H.-38<br />

Callahan, John Myles-39<br />

Cameron, Carol-112<br />

Cameron, Robert M.-195<br />

Campbell, Miriam E.-52<br />

Campbell, Sharyn L.-77, 116<br />

Cano, Octavio F.-163, 168<br />

Carey, Martha Anne-124<br />

Carey, Simon-133<br />

Carey, William H.-127, 141<br />

Carlile, Patricia S.-124, 205<br />

Carlson, Ann-124<br />

Carlson, Edmond W.-39<br />

Carmean, James W.--65<br />

Carpenter, Carol Ann-52, 108<br />

Carpenter, Thomas R-138<br />

Carr, Harriet-97<br />

Carr, Nancy Lee-87<br />

Carr, Ronald-128<br />

Carroll, Joan-90<br />

Carroll, Sonja-95<br />

Carter, Thomas F.-l41<br />

Carter, Winston S.-144<br />

Cartmill, Betty D.-58, 106<br />

Casey, Richard-58, 153<br />

Cassel, Angelica V.-81<br />

Castle, Charles-92<br />

Castle, Pamela R-97<br />

Cathcart, Michael D.-135<br />

Catlin, Vanita-120<br />

Caudill, Donald L.-98<br />

Cavanaugh, Wayne A.-98<br />

Cazares, Carlos A.-39<br />

Cerny, Joan Pearl-44, 112<br />

Ceta, Donald-87<br />

Chadwick, Joyce E.-122<br />

Chamberlain, Mimi L.-44<br />

Chandler, Dorothy M.-96<br />

Chandler, Robert A.-135<br />

Chapin, Sue-l08<br />

Chapman, Constance D.-112<br />

Chappell, Patricia L.-95<br />

Charman, Howard P.-81, 194<br />

Charman, William R-194<br />

Chase, Carol M.-112<br />

Chase, Stacy D.-147<br />

Chassy, Bruce M.-221<br />

Chassy, Eleanor M.-220<br />

Cheek, Robert-149<br />

Chenelle, Gertrude W.-70<br />

Cheney, Glen T.--65<br />

Cherlin, Edward A.-58, 78, 81<br />

Cherlin, Philip B.-78, 155<br />

Cheverie, Catherine A.-106<br />

Chew Lonnie--65<br />

Chol;wa, Tom J.-144, 163<br />

Chombeau, Edmond 1.-52, 153<br />

Chott, Henry Jr.-39<br />

Christensen, Bill-147<br />

Christensen, C.-52<br />

Christensen, Robert-23, 144<br />

Christenson, Beverly-92<br />

Christian, Barbara A.-27, 102, 110<br />

Clardy, Patricia G.-118<br />

Clark, Bud-140<br />

Clark, Carolyn Ann-70, 134, 225<br />

Clark, Jerry-147<br />

Clark, Lynn L.-124<br />

Clark Richard W.-130<br />

Clark: Robert M.-22, 79, 80<br />

Clark, Sidney E.-1O, 58,122<br />

Clayman, Kenneth 1.-155<br />

Clifton, Diane A.-I04<br />

Cline Leola M.-23, 55, 92<br />

Close: Jack W.-127, 130<br />

Coates Barbara J.-90<br />

Coates: Dennis Clark-lSI<br />

Coffman, Stephen J.-193<br />

Cole, Jerry D.-82<br />

Coleman, Gary L.-99<br />

Coleman, William S.-128<br />

Colinelli, Pete-179<br />

Collier, Gladys J.-122<br />

Collingwood, G. S.-97<br />

Colonell, Jean E.-114<br />

Colonell, Patricia M.-124<br />

Colonelli, Constance-97, 204<br />

Chuhna, Barbara C.-106<br />

Ciani, Trent J.-83, 93<br />

Conger, Kendall K.-87<br />

Conrad, John W.-65, 85<br />

Console, Rosari0-65<br />

Constantino, Amelia A.-134<br />

Coody, Carole L.-89, 159<br />

Cook, Frederick S.-127, 128<br />

Cook, Gary D.-28, 133<br />

Cook, James E.-195<br />

Cook, Judith J.-55, 89, 104<br />

Cook, June A.-55<br />

Cooke, Thomas H.-65<br />

Cooper, Patricia L.-I08<br />

Cope, Sharon L.-103, 104<br />

Copold, Justine B.-77, 120<br />

Corbin, Cynthia H.-95<br />

Corbin, David K.-55<br />

Corbin, Sandra R.-55<br />

Corcoran, Mary F.-97<br />

Corley, Mary Ann-31, 108<br />

Corrigan, John T.--82<br />

Costello, Philip 1.-39<br />

Coutts, Stephen M.-81<br />

Cowhick, Mary M.-106<br />

Cox, Robert Marshall-88, 147<br />

Coxon, Kenneth J.-65<br />

Crafton, Carl H.-65<br />

Crafton, Mary E.-97<br />

Crain, Dixie-92<br />

Crain, Linda L.-112<br />

Crain, Sandra L.-80, 120<br />

Crandall, Thomas A.-39<br />

Crane, James R-141<br />

Crane, Raymond E.-83, 93<br />

Crawford,Joyce~116<br />

Crawford, Mary A.-44<br />

Crawford, Richard G.-135<br />

Creason, Edward L.-88<br />

Crock, James L.-23<br />

Crocker, William-66<br />

Cronk, Robert L.-135<br />

Croom, Jary B.-128<br />

Crosby, Anne L.-I03, 116<br />

Crowley, Jerry R-22, 23, 24<br />

Cruz, Wilford-163, 168<br />

Crystal, Betty A.-95<br />

Csato, 5uzanna-66<br />

Culver, Cathy A.-106<br />

Cummings, Gayle--104<br />

Cummings, Sandra-124<br />

Cunningham, Marie-77, 108<br />

Cunningham, Susan--89<br />

Cunnison, Carol A.-I04<br />

Curran, William 1.-128<br />

Currier, L. S.-44<br />

Cuthbertson, Rene Ann-l06<br />

Cyr, Kenneth C.-91<br />

Dahlkamp, Edward E.-147<br />

Dahms, Dixie L.-44, 96<br />

Dahms, Frederic C.-141<br />

Dainwood, John F.-82<br />

Daly, Arlene A.-58<br />

Dangel, Katie J.-94<br />

Daniels, Judith C.-80, 108<br />

Danielson, Peter S.-153, 196<br />

Darelius, Portia M.-77, 106<br />

Daugherty, Jack-127<br />

Davey, Thomas J.-196<br />

Davies, David J.-149<br />

Davies, Peter 0.-195<br />

Davis, Christie J.-22, 24, 27, 80,<br />

87<br />

Davis, Cynthia A.-92<br />

Davis, Jo Ann-31, 112<br />

Davis, Lillian E.-91<br />

Davis, Richard C.-88<br />

Davis, Richard W.-38<br />

Davis, Yvonne Mary-91<br />

Dawe Ernest H.-99<br />

Daws~n, Betty Ann-22, 26, 27,<br />

44, 104,216<br />

Dawson, Diane-31<br />

Dawson, Linda L.--85<br />

Dean, Warren-99, 155<br />

DeAcqua, Veleta-70<br />

De Hass, Peggy Jo-56, 108<br />

Demos, William-39<br />

Denlinger, Linda-85, 144<br />

Deason, Vernon L.-138<br />

Deinho, Daisy-66<br />

<strong>Del</strong>f Christine E.-91<br />

Den~is, Patrick-153<br />

Dernbach, Farrell R-83, 93<br />

Derr, Terry G.-39<br />

Devereux, Charles R-194<br />

Dewitt, Margaret L.-112<br />

Students<br />

De Woody, Judith E.-114<br />

Dewoskin,Shelia F.-62, 87<br />

Dick, Ronald C.-147<br />

Dickard, Dolores A.-91<br />

Dickard, Kinta 5.-120<br />

Dickerson, Virginia J.-96<br />

Dickey, Edgar W.-70<br />

Dickinson, M. W.-21, 23, 39, 75,<br />

144, 216<br />

Dienes, Joan--87, 90, 97<br />

Diemoz, Ronald-141<br />

Dilfino, Ruth-90<br />

Dillemuth, Sally-118<br />

Diller, Paul-lS3<br />

DiIIoway, Victor-I51<br />

Dobbs, Linda L.-77, 103,122<br />

Dobbs, Linda M.-95<br />

Dobson, Dorothy 1.-96<br />

Dodd, Barbara A.-58<br />

Dodd, Gale-89<br />

Dodgion, Creath-108<br />

Doetsch, Patricia-97<br />

Doherty, Donald-49<br />

Doherty, James-l72, 178<br />

Doig, Alexander-130<br />

Doksum, Kjell-85<br />

Dollimore, Benjamin-230<br />

Dombo, William-70<br />

Dominguez, Ruben-24, 70, 79<br />

Donaldson, Richard-98, 195<br />

Donnelly, Patrick-66<br />

Donovan, Daniel-147<br />

Dopp, Daraliene E.-110<br />

Doren, Johnny-141<br />

Doria, Manuel-70<br />

Doria, Alberto-149<br />

Dorris, Robert-66<br />

Dotson, Leroy-163, 168<br />

Doty, Barbara--87<br />

Dowell, Roland-lSI<br />

Draglia, Michael-193<br />

Drake, Patricia A.-70, 118<br />

Draper, Nancy-l06<br />

Drasin, Sandra-94<br />

Drehner, John-196<br />

Dresser, Julian-153<br />

Drikson, Astrid-70<br />

Driscoll, Frederick-52<br />

Drumm, John F.-141<br />

Drummond, Patricia A.-27, 80,<br />

116<br />

Dryer, Patricia L.-114<br />

Dubbs, James-144<br />

Duckett, Edgar-179<br />

Ducote, Frank-82, 128<br />

283<br />


Students<br />

Students<br />

Fait, John V.-81<br />

Famme, Vanice-52<br />

Fanton, Margaret A.-104<br />

Farina, George K-82<br />

Faris, Terah P.-141, 186<br />

Farrow, Jo Ann-55, 116<br />

Farson, Marilyn M.-I06<br />

Fast, Joyce Ann-96<br />

Fateley, Frank R.-227<br />

Faucher, Kenneth A.-91<br />

Fay, Lew-135<br />

Felker, Susan-124<br />

Fellman, Thomas P.---62<br />

Felson, Jack R.-76<br />

Ferguson, Lawrence B.-22, 79,<br />

127, 145<br />

Ferrara, Richard-133<br />

Ferrell, Donald M.-228<br />

Fetter, Edgar M.-55, 141<br />

Feuerborn, E. M.-97<br />

Field, Veronica C.-81<br />

Fielder, 5hirley-44<br />

Fife, Donald L.-98<br />

Fifield, Dick-133<br />

Figoten, Helene Ruth-89, 95<br />

Filbry, Jacqueline K-120<br />

Finglet, Camille H.-U8<br />

Fink, William A.---66<br />

Finlay, Bernard J.-58, 145, 172,<br />

178<br />

Fish, Sally R.--,225<br />

Fishel, Jeff T.-133, 226<br />

Fisher, Dick-l72, 178<br />

Fisher, Wesley B.-147<br />

Fiskaali, Don A.---60<br />

Fiss, William G.-141<br />

Fitzpatrick, Robert G.-55<br />

Fitzpatrick, Earl R.-82, 83<br />

Flaming, Art 1.-39,217<br />

Flaming, Dee Anne-108, 205<br />

Fleming, Allan F.-79, 153<br />

Florer, Jon S.-142<br />

Fogel, Judith M.-95<br />

Fogel, Shelagl B.---60<br />

Folsom, Barbara J.-90<br />

Folsom, Linda M.-120<br />

Fong, Robert W.---66<br />

Ford, Gail A.-89<br />

Foreman, Howard 1.-231<br />

Forsberg, Nancy M.-92<br />

Foss, Richard D.-153<br />

Foster, Janet 1.-96<br />

Fountain, Peggy D.-108<br />

Foushee, James K-39, 75, 79,<br />

88,142,217<br />

Fowler, Kathleen M.-I08<br />

Fowles, Joan-91<br />

Fox, Frederick I.-55, 75, 79, 144,<br />

216, 230<br />

Fracchia, Allen-70<br />

Franco, John H.-163, 168<br />

Frandell, Carol Jean-122<br />

Franken, David A.-135<br />

Franklin, Glenn R.-49, 82<br />

Franklin, Pamela-1I6<br />

Freeman, Carol Lee-l08<br />

Freeman, Edice Lynne-1I8<br />

Fremo, Jonathan E.-142<br />

Frey, Mary Linda-22, 116<br />

Freymiller, J ohn-135<br />

Fricks, David M.-128<br />

Fritz, Oliver H.-142<br />

Frizzell, Wanda Sue-92<br />

Frontis, William C.-30, 79, 151<br />

Froske, Stan-86<br />

Fuller, George W.-136<br />

Gaines, Carol A.-I04<br />

Galba, Daniel G.-132<br />

Galbreath, Sandra S.-91<br />

Gallagher, George J.-147<br />

Gallagher, R. J.-135<br />

Gallaher, William H.-87<br />

Gallo, John M.-147<br />

Gardner, Connie S.-97<br />

Gardner, Lillian C.-91, 94<br />

Gardner, Nanci A.-122<br />

Gardner, Sandra-108<br />

Garland, Ronald-132<br />

Garner, Gary 1.-98<br />

Garofalo, Ann F.-120<br />

Gaughen, David F.---66, 91<br />

Gaughen, Terry-91<br />

Gehring, Lynn 1.-106<br />

Geiser, Elizabeth A.-114<br />

Gelzer, Edward D.-55<br />

George, Donald A.---62, 163, 168<br />

George, George K.-91<br />

George,Oinke-251'<br />

Gerber, Jan 1.-134<br />

Gerber, Janis V.-120<br />

Gerber, Reinhold 1.-87<br />

Getz, Julia E.-97<br />

Geyer, George W.-153<br />

Giannangeli, Philip-98<br />

Gibbs, Bernice J.-44<br />

Giesing, Phil-91<br />

Gilbert, Laura B.---60<br />

Gilbert, Marvin 1.-142<br />

Gilmore, Terry-70<br />

Gilwee, Marilyn A.-91<br />

Ginn, Elizabeth N.-116<br />

Gladden, Donald D.-82, 231<br />

Glazier, Nancy M.-77<br />

Glover, John E.-44<br />

Goddard, John D.-133<br />

Goff, Jeff-I45<br />

Goit, Patricia A.-97<br />

Goldberg, J. Alan-79, 127,155<br />

Goldberg, Charles 1.-155<br />

Goldkamp, Kenneth J.-82, 91<br />

Goldfarb, Neil E.-155<br />

Golich, Thomas S.-55, 151<br />

Gonzales, Hilario D.-142<br />

Goodman, Judith A.-122<br />

Goodwin, Carol M.-I08<br />

Goodwin, Clarence R.---66<br />

Goodwin, Herbert M.-55<br />

Gordinier, Jerry G.-70, 144<br />

Gordon, John T.-135<br />

Gordon, Stephen E.-155<br />

Gottwald, William H.-231<br />

Goycochea, Alfred E.-163, 168<br />

Grable, Ronald C.-49<br />

Graham, Robert W.-39<br />

Graham, Sharon M.-26, 27, 96,<br />

UO<br />

Gramstedt, AI-91<br />

Grand, Julie A.-89<br />

Grandey, Jo Ann-l04<br />

Grant, Karen J.-92<br />

Crassfield;' Diana-96<br />

Gravelle, Linda M.-95<br />

Gray, Willy-147<br />

Green, Floradel G.-228<br />

Green, Ronald 1.-128<br />

Green, Willie A.-193, 194<br />

Greene, James G.-150<br />

Gregg, Sharon R.-122<br />

Gresoro, Max H.-163, 168<br />

Griffin, Harold M.-135, 172, 178<br />

Griffith, Patricia A.-116<br />

Grihalva, Bonnie J.-118<br />

Grimard, Nancy 1.-UO<br />

Grinol, Richard-98<br />

Grow, Ronald R.-84, 153<br />

Gruebel, Ken-138<br />

Gudde, Robert L.-87<br />

Guenzler, Linda 1.-227<br />

Guess, Sherry 1.-77, 90, 92<br />

Guest, Adolphus W.-136<br />

Gunn, Billy-98<br />

Gustafson, Luanne-90<br />

Gustlin, Zoe L.-45<br />

Guyer, Judith A.-39, 88, 97<br />

Hadreas, Susan-l08<br />

Hadwiger, Nona J.-45<br />

Haekins, Tillman-39<br />

Hahn, Thomas C.-136<br />

Hale, Earl-138<br />

Hale, Joan-1I8<br />

Hales, Marilyn 1.-95, 122<br />

Hall, Beverly A.-44<br />

Hall, Harold N.-98<br />

Hall, Jean K-I04<br />

Hall, Michael P.-136<br />

Hall, Ninnette D.-I06<br />

Hall, Theodora P.-112<br />

Hall, Thomas H.-221<br />

Halle, Henry-30, 151<br />

Hallett, Audrey-52<br />

Hallett, Harold M.-55, 85<br />

Hallett, Janice M.-87<br />

Halterman, James R.-22, 66,127,<br />

135<br />

Hammond, Dolores E.-97<br />

Hammes, Richard B.-163, 168<br />

Hamren, Clarence A.-145<br />

Handwerker, Bruce J.-155<br />

Haniman, Randcliff---66, 133<br />

Hannasch, Robert J.-163<br />

Hansen, Norman G.-l63, 168<br />

Hanson, Carl-98<br />

Hansson, Carilyn E.-77, 112<br />

Hansson, Marilyn 1.-77, 112<br />

Hardy, Joseph-142, 229<br />

Harman, Eugene-39<br />

Harness, Phyllis 1.-55<br />

Harper, Larry T.-155<br />

Harper, Pauline K-44, 104<br />

Harper, Stephen T.-155<br />

Harris, Jean-142<br />

Harris, Joyce C.-89, 118<br />

Hart, Michael W.-133<br />

Harter, Melvin R.-151<br />

Hartlett, Gene-128<br />

Hartman, John E.-79, 80<br />

Hartwell, Clifford G.-39<br />

Harvey, David 1.-49<br />

Harvey, Diane-45<br />

Hasman, Melvin D.-55, 92<br />

Hastings, Judith-120<br />

Hastreiter, John R.-98<br />

Haswell, Mary A.-89<br />

Hatcher, Sherry B.-24, 26, 27,<br />

77, 116<br />

Havens, Jeannine-55<br />

Havens, Wade-145<br />

Hawkins, Emily J.-87<br />

Hawkins, Georgia J.-55, 120<br />

Hawley, Anna Jane-26, 27,110<br />

Hawley, Marian M.-77, UO<br />

Hayashi, George-49, 87<br />

Hayes, Edgar J.-127<br />

Hayes, Mary S.-77, 80, 89,108<br />

Hays, Carl R.-163, 168<br />

Heap, Sandra-39<br />

Heath, Susan-l06<br />

Heathers, Peggy A.-90<br />

Heathman, Marlys K.-U2<br />

Heck, Elaine-82<br />

Heckman, Paul---66<br />

Heim, Edward J .-84, 136<br />

Heimberg, Claudia K-UO<br />

Heinig, Peter-152<br />

Heinlein, Sandra C.-55<br />

Heis, Neal G.-153<br />

Heisler, Judith M.-77, 106, 226,<br />

229, 230<br />

Hektner, Bill-88<br />

Helmi, William-52<br />

Helming, Douglas L.-193<br />

Hemingway, George T.-91<br />

Henderson, Sharon-120<br />

Hendrick, David-78, 153<br />

Hendricks, Howard-39<br />

Hendricks, Thomas G.-55, 78<br />

Henderickson, Hershel- H2<br />

Hendrickson, Danny R.-172, 178<br />

Henn, John T.-145<br />

Henry, Susan-92, 104<br />

Henstrand, Melvin 1.-66<br />

Hering, Eugene R.-98<br />

Herms, Bruce F.-82<br />

Heron, John-136<br />

Herrera, Augustine R.-153<br />

Herz, Judith 5.-27, 108<br />

Hetrick, William R.---60<br />

Heumann, Leonard-155<br />

Hicks, Charles-39<br />

Hicks, Sharon-44<br />

Higdon, Allen J.-82, 142<br />

Higgins, Howard-l72, 178<br />

Hilchey, Barbara-U8<br />

Hilchey, William-82<br />

Hill, Chesley-124<br />

Hill, Geraldine A.-96, 136<br />

Hill, J onnie-44<br />

Hill, Marie-52<br />

Hill, Mary A.-77, 112<br />

Hilton, James C.---66<br />

Hines, Donald L.-136<br />

Hinley, Hiram T.-128<br />

Hjemvik, Ervin M.-52, 83, 88<br />

Hobart, Barbara-l04<br />

Hobble, Rosanne R.-96<br />

Hobbs, David 1.-147<br />

Hobson, Carrie 1.-90<br />

Hoch, Jean---60<br />

Hodge, Gerald-85<br />

Hodge, Janice 1.-95, 122<br />

Hoffland, Dale W.-49, 82<br />

Hofman, Willen a A.-90, 125<br />

Hogan, Mary-l05<br />

Hoidal, Oddvar K.-136<br />

Holbeck, Juliann G.-26, 27, III<br />

Hollimon, Blaine S.-22, 24, 79,<br />

139<br />

Holmberg, James C.-70<br />

Holmquist, Joyce A.---60, 89, 90<br />

Holsclaw, Barbara-125<br />

Holz, William E.-133<br />

Honeycutt, James C.-82<br />

Hoogensen, Darwin-128, 231<br />

Hook, Wallace-39<br />

Hoole, Francis W.-20, 79, 217<br />

Hoover, Carol-89, 118,<br />

Hopkins, David H.-142<br />

Hopkins, William-39<br />

Horn, Kenneth-147<br />

Hornaday, Susan-U8<br />

Hornstein, Arnold-98<br />

Horrall, Susan J.-120<br />

Hose, June-81<br />

Hosmer, Candace-91<br />

Hoss, John K-152<br />

Hottenstein, Gary-139<br />

Hough, John K---62<br />

Houldcroft, Nancy-89, 106<br />

Howard, Sharon-96<br />

Howard, Victoria 1.-95<br />

Howe, Edith-97<br />

Hubbard, Michael-139<br />

Hubbard, William 1.-87, 231<br />

Huber, Donna M.-I08<br />

Hues, Dan-98<br />

Huggins, Eric H.-136<br />

Humphrey, David B.-78<br />

Humphrey, Susan-97<br />

Humphrey, Thomas H.-38, 78,<br />

92,98<br />

Humphreys, Kay 1.-106<br />

Hunsberger, Gloria R.-92<br />

Hunter, Carmen-125<br />

Hunter, David-99, 179<br />

Hunter, Carl L.-173, 178<br />

Hutchens, Philip H.-145<br />

Hutchinson, Thomas-150<br />

Hutton, Doron---66, 85<br />

Hyde, Edward-39<br />

Hyman, William P.-128<br />

Ikeda, Toshio-85<br />

Imlay, Robert C.---62, 186, 188<br />

Innis, Windsor J.-226<br />

Inskeep, Charles G.-21, 23, 24,<br />

79, 133<br />

Ironfield, Vivian-90<br />

Isberg, Edward-153<br />

Iversen, Rolf K-128<br />

Jack, William-39, 145, 196<br />

Jacobs, Larry-128<br />

Jacobus, Allen 1.-163, 168<br />

Jacox, Carol A.-116<br />

J allu, Frances G.-22, 102, 118,<br />

158<br />

J ames, Rosalind E.-95, 56<br />

Jameson, Elaine-116<br />

Ianeck, Carol 1.-77, 80, 81, 89,<br />

119<br />

Jangaard, Norman 0.-139<br />

Jangard, Jerry-186<br />

Janko, Norl-94<br />

Jarboe, Margaret-45<br />

Jauregui, Mary A.-40, 103, 119,<br />

206<br />

Jaworski, Sandra-122<br />

Jeanes, Mary A.-45, 109<br />

Jeffrey, Helen-77, 103, 116<br />

Jeffrey, Marie-83, 89, 93, 114<br />

Jenkins, Cara-106<br />

Jenkins, Don-145<br />

Jenkins, Gayle-45<br />

Jenkins, Judith-120<br />

Jenks, Jean C.-117<br />

Jensen, Roger C.-91<br />

Jensen, Robert 0.-127, 142<br />

J oannes, Philip 1.-225<br />

Johnson, Beverly-40<br />

Johnson, Clydene-l09<br />

Johnson, Dale K-96<br />

Johnson, Dennis-136<br />

Johnson, Gary F.-153<br />

Johnson, J ames-45<br />

Johnson, Glen A.·-131<br />

Johnson, Hadley-49, 82<br />

Johnson, Kirby-74, 92<br />

Johnson, Larry-136<br />

Johnson, Nancy-120<br />

Johnson, Robert-79<br />

Johnson, Sandra-97<br />

Johnson, Susan-123<br />

Johnston, Clara-55<br />

Johnstone, Linda-77, 85, 119<br />

Jones, Carol W.-97<br />

Jones, Daisy-85<br />

Jones, Harry L.-163, 168<br />

Jones, Kent A.-99<br />

J ones, Laura 1.-96<br />

Jones, Marcia 1.-45<br />

Jones, Napoleon A.-194<br />

Jones, Ronald-145<br />

Jones, Raymun 1.-98<br />

Jordan, Grantlund E.-194<br />

Jorgensen, Julia-77, 80, 102<br />

Jorgensen, Shirley S.-119<br />

Joyce, James J.-134<br />

Jurdam, John-146<br />

Jurdy, John R.-99<br />

Jusker, Don Lee-41<br />

Kader, Errol F.-155<br />

Kalling, John R.-78<br />

Kamp, Leonard 1.-147<br />

Karmazin, Patricia A.-251<br />

Kasch, Frederick M.-195<br />

Kaufman, Julie A.-27, 224<br />

Keating, Lila 1.-45<br />

Keegan, Robert M.-98<br />

Keesee, Richard K-154<br />

Keller, Ronald J.-40<br />

Keller, Ramona M.-95<br />

Kelly, Edie M.-97<br />

Kelly, Edward 1.-1<br />

Kelly, Jim-84<br />

Kelly, Paul H.-74, 79<br />

Kelly, Ralph W.-29, 79, 80, 142<br />

Kemper, William S.-66<br />

Kennedy, James W.-186, 188<br />

Kennedy, Walter J.-98<br />

Kent, Carolyn K-46<br />

Kenyon, Pete-145<br />

Kerech, Diane-125<br />

Kern, Milton 1. Sr.-132<br />

Kertesz, Thomas 1.-49, 87<br />

Kester, Frank 1.-66<br />

Ketchum, Pete-142<br />

Keyes, Adrienne 1.-45<br />

Kidd, Ethel 1.-96<br />

Kidder, Lynne A.-112<br />

Kiefer, Joseph T.-148, 221<br />

Kiker, John R.-67, 129<br />

Kimball, Janet G.-87<br />

King, Bobbie-92<br />

King, James E.-163, 168<br />

Kirby, Lynda F.-95<br />

Kitchin, Robert M.-154<br />

Klassen, LaVerne W.-98<br />

Kline, Robert A.-112<br />

Kline, Patricia K.-77, 102, 123<br />

Knapp, Marilyn I.-Ill<br />

Knauer, Audrey-92<br />

Knight, Edward A.-98<br />

Knight, Vincent R.-ll, 154<br />

Knoll, Alfred P.-148<br />

Knutson, Gaylen M.-148<br />

Koch, Daren C.-91<br />

Koch, Linda S.-95<br />

Koening, Linda ].;-77, 80<br />

Kolender, William B.-55<br />

Koluvek, Roland H.-150<br />

Kraemer, Dorothy M.-40<br />

Krantz, Lisa M.-ll1<br />

Krasin Sandra M.-91<br />

Kraus~, Gerald W.-129<br />

Krause, Kenneth R.-142<br />

Krisch, Dianne 1.-112<br />

Kuemm Mary F.-45<br />

Kuhlma'n, Burt A.-225, 227<br />

Kuhnel, Martha A.--89<br />

Kunkle, Barbara-27, 96<br />

Kutzke, Carolyn A.-62<br />

Kyburz, 'Bryce R.-67<br />

Lacy, Leamond F.-70<br />

Laeson, Bob--:145<br />

Lafferty, MelVIn T.-40<br />

La Fond, William G.-98<br />

LaHoud, Barbara-117<br />

Lakin, William R.-40, 86<br />

Lamar Linda Kay-125<br />

Lambe'rson, Gary-40, 142<br />

Lamberton, Marilyn c.-45<br />

Lamprou, Calomera-77, 113<br />

Landa, Victor-129<br />

Landers, Gary-98, 154<br />

Landis, Gary-99<br />

Landt, Elizabeth 1.-114<br />

Lane, Barbara A.-91<br />

Lane, Ronald W.-129<br />

Lanza, Lawrence A.-99<br />

Larkin, Virginia M.-97, U2<br />

Larsen, Robert E.-193<br />

Larson, Linda A.-45, 113<br />

Lasko, Betty M.-121<br />

La Suer, Florita W.-89<br />

Lattman, Dean A.-91<br />

Laughlin, John 1.-129<br />

Laughon, James H.-49<br />

Lawson, Priscilla J.-83, 88, 107<br />

Layman, Christine-91<br />

Learned, David A.-142<br />

Le Blanc, Robert W.---67<br />

Lechner, Roy A.-98<br />

Lee, Carolyn 1.-90<br />

Lee, Gordon-23, 25<br />

Lee, Jeannine 0.-96<br />

Lee, Robert E.-82<br />

Lee, Toni 5.-115<br />

Lee, William 1.-179<br />

Leeson, Luanne-91<br />

Lehmann, William J.-136<br />

Leigh, Don J.-62, 142<br />

Lemke, Joan R.-60, 90<br />

Lemons, William 1.-225, 227<br />

Lennon, Dick-129<br />

Leonard, Thomas F.-139<br />

Leopold, Saul M.-79<br />

Lessem, Nathan A.-84, 156<br />

Lessor, Louis R.-136<br />

Lester, Larry K.-70<br />

Lester, Margaret-70<br />

Lester, Peggy C.-119<br />

Lethbridge, M. M.-89, 105<br />

Letsinger, Raymond E.-79, 145<br />

Letson, Robert A.-74, 91, 92<br />

Lewis, Jacqueline-70, 94<br />

Lewi , Judie K.-90<br />

Lewi , Robert M.-145<br />

L wis, andra J.-125<br />

Lifland r, andra L.-125<br />

Lightbody, Jack .-142<br />

Lilley, Andrew V.-145<br />

Limbach, Anne P.-55, US, 15S<br />

Limbach, Betsy M.-24, 119, 230<br />

Lindsay, Brenda A.-89<br />

Lindsay, Linda E.-96<br />

Lino, Phil-179<br />

Linqui t, Sue-U7<br />

Lipe, teele-81<br />

Lipscomb, Fred .-79, 149<br />

Lisee, James K.-186<br />

Little, Dave-148<br />

Little, Sally-92<br />

Livingston, Mary J0-95, 109<br />

Long, Clifford A.-145<br />

Long, Joyce A.-80, 109<br />

Loss, John C.-l48<br />

Lotze, John P.-55<br />

Loughrey, Lynn J.-31, 109<br />

Love, Rachel-l06<br />

Low, John W.-145, 172,178<br />

Lower, Ronald W.-139<br />

Lowery, Robert K.--40<br />

Luartes, Richard W.-85<br />

Luby, Charle S.-92<br />

Lucas, Kenneth M.-60<br />

Lucas, Robert A.-l86<br />

Luck, Lea Rae-70<br />

Luckey, Andrew E.-194<br />

Luckey, Lynne R.-123<br />

Ludwick, Kirby F.-84<br />

Luke, Judith A.-97<br />

Lupus, Madelaine-52, 89, 123<br />

Lusk, Diane E.-90<br />

Lydon, Stephen R.-142<br />

Lyerly, Albert E.-67<br />

Lyman, Alice K.-95<br />

Lyman, John C.-139<br />

Lyman, Luther R.-142<br />

Lynes, Jerry K.-70, 81<br />


Students<br />

Students<br />

Lynn, Ira T.-55<br />

Lytle, Kenneth J.-40<br />

Mace, Ruth A.-45<br />

MacGowan, Gwen H.-95<br />

Mackerras, Janet L.-117<br />

Macklin, Thomas E.-139<br />

Mackzum, Errol J.-28, 40, 74,<br />

80, 91<br />

Macomber, W. H.-134<br />

Maddox, Millard D.-80, 142<br />

Madson, Patricia J.-83, 93<br />

Magee, Albert D.-163, 168<br />

Magers, Kenneth-84<br />

Magnusson, E. A.-92<br />

Malloy, Boyd E.-79, 127, 139<br />

Malone, Charles H.-131<br />

Maloney, Barbara E.-31, 105<br />

Maloney, Jackie E.-91<br />

Mandolf, Elinor-121<br />

Mann, William-74<br />

Manning, Terry R.-55<br />

Mansfield, Kenneth-86, 152<br />

Maranda, Carol A.-Ill<br />

Marble, Nancy 1.-45<br />

Marikle, Robert J .-40<br />

Marlin, Raeona L.-95<br />

Marohn, Mary-95<br />

Marquand, Larry-154<br />

Marshall, Judith-95<br />

Marriner, John-83<br />

Marsh, William M.-134<br />

Marshall, Leslie E.-67<br />

Marshall, Mary 1.-111<br />

Marshall, Neil F.-154<br />

Marsden, Marilyn-125<br />

Martin, Ferol J.-85, 90<br />

Martin, John J.-226<br />

Martin, Nancy-125<br />

Martin, Paul-67, 85<br />

Martin, Sharon-113<br />

Mamsa, David M.-91<br />

Marvin, Sally L.-115<br />

Marzano, Edwin-163, 168<br />

Massery, Janet L.-55<br />

Masuen, Sharon-lIS<br />

Mathews, James-139<br />

Mathews, Mary-121<br />

Mathews, Judith L.-115<br />

Matlin, Doris Ann-121<br />

Matson, Ludwig E.-62<br />

Matson, Marilyn-117<br />

Matson, Thomas W.-84, 91, 92, 94<br />

Mattson, Ann L.-97 ....<br />

Maulis, Georgine V.-115<br />

Maupin, Jean E.-55'<br />

Maureau, Richard-148<br />

Maus, Marcia S.-107<br />

Mautz, Audrey 1.-96<br />

Maw, Robert D.-98<br />

Maxwell, Fred L.-154<br />

Maynard, Walter L.-40, 74<br />

McAdams, Granderson-40<br />

McBeth, Allen C.-139<br />

McBurney, Marilyn J.-119<br />

McCall, Barbara-30, 77,117<br />

McCarty, Norma P.-I05<br />

McCauly, Mary J.-70<br />

McCleary, Herbert E.-67<br />

McCleave, Edward R.-78<br />

McCurdy, Gary R.-28, 142<br />

McDole, Joe C.-134<br />

McDonald, William G.-139<br />

McElrath, Charles M.-40<br />

McElrath, Wayne E.-139<br />

McFarland, Roland C.-92,221<br />

McGaugh, Lavona J .-95<br />

McGee, Barney T.-134<br />

McGown, David J.-92<br />

McGrath, William M.-142<br />

McIntire, Sally J.-52<br />

McIntosh, Laurie R.-I05<br />

McKee, Pat E.-102, 107,229<br />

McKenzie, Carol-92<br />

McKenzie, Jane A.-90<br />

McKeown, Charles-143<br />

McKiernan, John P.-85<br />

McKittrick, C. L.-111<br />

McLaughlin, F. H.-129<br />

McLaughlin, Richard-56, 88<br />

McLewin, Philip J.-136<br />

McMahon, Sharon-70, 120, 227<br />

McMullen, Darrell-139<br />

McMullen, John B.-85<br />

McNeilly, David W.-82<br />

McNichol, Bertha J.-96<br />

McRae, Bonnie E.-119<br />

McSwan, Joyce A.-l17<br />

McWilliams, Patricia-123<br />

Meacham, John T.-70<br />

Meader, Kenneth L.-40<br />

Meadors, Carolyn J.-27, 111<br />

Medler, Judy A.-Ill<br />

Medlock, Robert C.-98<br />

Meeuwenberg, Paul-40<br />

Meftah, Pari-85<br />

Mehl, Pat-121<br />

Mehlberger, Charles W.-143<br />

Meisch, Dorene D.-90<br />

Meiyner, William-87<br />

Mellison, Patti A.-45<br />

Mellusi, Melinda-113<br />

Meredith, Carol A.-91<br />

Merino, John-82<br />

Merrill, Howard B.-40<br />

Mertel, Mary C.-123<br />

Metts, James P.-131<br />

Meyers, Bob-154<br />

Michael, Clara L.-80, 109<br />

Michael, Virgil 1.-40<br />

Miles, Newton-40<br />

Miley, Fred L.-143<br />

Millard, Phyllis J.-96<br />

Miller, Camille C.-85, 92<br />

Miller, Darrell, G.-74<br />

Miller, Dena 0.-45<br />

Miller, Edward C.-28, 29, 79, 134<br />

Miller, Ernest F.-186, 188<br />

Miller, Gordon C.-56<br />

Miller, Lee-154<br />

Miller, Madalyn E.-lIS<br />

Miller, Verlyn B.-56, 88<br />

Miller, William F.-l95, 231<br />

Millman, Franklyn M.-156, 194<br />

Mills, Gwen F.-89, 113 .<br />

Milner, Harold E.-56<br />

Milstead, Karen 1.-113<br />

Miramontes, David J.-139<br />

Mitchell, Claude D.-84<br />

Mitchell, Helen G.-96<br />

Mitchell, J udy-95<br />

Mitchell, William G.-40<br />

Moffatt, Dean K.-139<br />

Moll'ck, Milton L.-156<br />

Mondl, Gerald L.-31, 143<br />

Monfort, Steve A.-139<br />

Montgomery, Richard L.-129<br />

Montgomery, Charles G.-139<br />

Montgomery, Sandra L.-ll1<br />

Moog, Frank J.-131<br />

Moore, Betianne-27, 117<br />

Moore, Harry A.-40<br />

Moore, John M.-6O<br />

Moore, Joyce E.-lOS<br />

Moore, Judith E.-117<br />

Moore, Kathleen M.-56, 90<br />

Moorehead, Joseph D.-146<br />

Mordecai, Lionel-148<br />

Morfino, Hector-98<br />

Morgan, Charles S.-134<br />

Morgan, Donald L.-179<br />

Morgan, John S.-82<br />

Morgan, Leanne D.-109<br />

Morgan, Michael-99<br />

Morey, Jeanne E.-103, 117<br />

Moroney, Robert G.-163, 168<br />

Morris, Anne L.-I07<br />

Morris, John 1.-49, 82<br />

Morris, Pat M.-45<br />

Morris, Richard C.-163, 168<br />

Morse, Marcia-113<br />

Moskowitz, Alan L.-156<br />

Mosley, James R.-40<br />

Moss, Mary Ann-125<br />

Moss, Robert C.-163, 168, 186,<br />

188<br />

Moulton, John-ISO<br />

Mount, Barbara B.-121<br />

Mowry, Phyllis A.-123<br />

Mroz, Sabin J.-136<br />

Mudgett, Cynthia A.-89<br />

Mueller, Dianne S.-117<br />

Muir, Corine A.-97<br />

Mulcahy, Elizabeth A.-85<br />

Mulder, Gerald S.-40<br />

Muldrow, Verna H.-62, 87<br />

Mullen, Thomas J.-196<br />

Mullenix, Sharon L.-89<br />

Mullins, Russell J.-134<br />

Mumma, Gail E.-49, 87<br />

Murphy, Deward F.-163<br />

Murtagh, Richard J.-67<br />

Musso, Barbara E.-121<br />

Musso, Marie A.-80<br />

Muzaffar, Ibrhim 1.-92<br />

Myers, Jacqueline-119<br />

Myers, Madison L.-156<br />

Myers, Ronald T.-134<br />

Naiman, Carol-56<br />

Niaman, Edward-56, 86, 156<br />

Niaman, Pete-56<br />

Napier, Chloetta-96<br />

Nash, Johnny L.-132<br />

Navgle, J. C.-87<br />

Naylor, Dan L.-67, 85<br />

Neal, William A.-49, 87<br />

NefHen, Edgar L.-194<br />

Neil, Michael-146, 172, 178<br />

Neil, Michael-146<br />

Nellis, Martin T.-186, 188<br />

Nelsen, Theodore C.-40<br />

Nelson, Carole F.-97<br />

Nelson, Clyde-49<br />

Nelson, Gary R.-134<br />

Nelson, Joan-77, 107<br />

Nelson, John S.-40<br />

Nelson, Marcine A.-45<br />

Nelson, Marlene-6O, 89, 121<br />

Netterfield, Donna-7l, 117<br />

Neumann, Jacqueline-97<br />

Newkirk, Sherral E.~105<br />

Nicholas, Mary L.-45, 83, 93,<br />

107, 217<br />

Nichols, Patricia D.-80, 119<br />

Nicholson, Joseph-91<br />

Nicks, Margaret E.-52<br />

Nilsen, Margot S.-85, 97<br />

Ninteman, Sharon A.-71, 97<br />

Nisleit, Randall L.-179<br />

Nix, Dennis K.-31<br />

Noren, Richard D.-86<br />

Nunez, Hope V.-96<br />

Oakes, Jack S.-227<br />

Oakes, Rodney H.-52<br />

O'Conner, Mrchael M.-80, 129<br />

O'<strong>Del</strong>l, Gary K.-152<br />

Oden, David L.-148<br />

Ofshanney, Andrew J.-67<br />

O'Gara, John R.-85, 94<br />

O'Hare, George W.-146<br />

Ohlin, Gerald-49<br />

Ohre, Karen M.-77, 113<br />

Oldham, Albert T.-84<br />

O'Leary, Robert E.-146<br />

Olsen, AI-196<br />

Olson, Dave B.-86, 143<br />

Olson, Nancy-113<br />

Olson, Nancy-123, 159<br />

Olson, Robert-134 .<br />

O'Malley, Gay M.-77, 80, 119<br />

O'Malley, Janet G.-77 107<br />

O'Neil, Sharon-121 '<br />

Orfanos, Stamatios--49, 82<br />

O'Reilly, Patricia-103 125<br />

Ornstein, Stanley 1.-49, 156<br />

Orvick, Jon A.-146<br />

Oswood, Diane L.--80, 109<br />

Ott, Edward A.-193<br />

Otten, Elizabeth A.-96<br />

Paden, Carole J.-107<br />

Paden, Thomas W.-163<br />

Paladino, Johanna K.-83, 220<br />

Palmer, Leone B.-ISO<br />

Palmer, Victoria-45<br />

Panek, James E.-82<br />

Pangborn, Nancy C.-95, 96<br />

Papin, Edward P.-134<br />

Parker, Carrie L.-89<br />

Parker, Harry W.-152<br />

Parker, Lois A.-80, 109<br />

Parker, Nancy M.-89<br />

Parnell, Ruth 1.-85<br />

Partich, Andrew F.-62<br />

Pasas, Norman L.-140<br />

Pastore, Thomas C.-67, 143<br />

Patterson, Edward C.-146<br />

Patterson, Nicolette-96<br />

Paulsen, Nanette E.-82<br />

Pavlu, Jack R.-136<br />

Pawley, Ralph M.-98<br />

Payne, Judy-119<br />

Peacher, Frank-74<br />

Pearce, James L.-67, 85, 87<br />

Pearse, Donna L.-90, 119<br />

Pedersen, Clarence-40<br />

Pendleton, Kenneth-143<br />

Pennell, Dennis-127<br />

Pennoyer, Bryson-154<br />

Pepper, Donald-152<br />

Pepper, Suzanne-71<br />

Percival, Sandra-113<br />

Perkins, Anne-119<br />

Perkins, Leo-146<br />

Perkins, Nancy-97<br />

Perry, Judith-Ill<br />

Perry, Lewis-91, 94<br />

Peters, Charles-88<br />

Peters, Lawrence-136<br />

Peters, Michael-98<br />

Petersen, Sharon-21, 23, 52,<br />

107, 217<br />

Peterson, Edward-56<br />

Peterson, Fred-67<br />

Peterson, John-71<br />

Peterson, J ames-134<br />

Peterson, James E.-40<br />

Peterson, J ulie-107<br />

Pfoutz, Ronald-82<br />

Phair, Harold-7l<br />

Phegley, Evanna-45, 109, 145<br />

Phillips, Catherine-83, 93<br />

Phillips, Christine-45, 124<br />

Phillips, Frank-131<br />

t<br />

fI<br />

Jt<br />

Phillips, Harold-l72, 178<br />

Piazzoni, Rolland-136<br />

Picken, Esme-89 "<br />

Pickens, Bonnie-113<br />

Pickering, Charles-98<br />

Pickett, Albert-88<br />

Pierce, Linda-119<br />

Pierceall, Darlene-80, 109<br />

Pike, Russell-129<br />

PHsl, Harry-86<br />

Pineda, Andree-89<br />

Pipes, William-148<br />

Pique, Harold-137<br />

Pitts, Eleanor-31, 77, 113<br />

Place, Elon-143<br />

Place, Ruth-24, 27, 60, 113,228<br />

Plourde, Joanee-95<br />

Pope, Sammy-40<br />

Porch, Gwendolyn-107<br />

'Porter, James C.-87<br />

Porter, Jonathan J .-60, 75, 132,<br />

127<br />

Potter, Arlen D.-163, 168, 194<br />

Povenmire, Harlo-56<br />

Povenmire, Roberta-6O<br />

Powell, Brooks-137<br />

Powell, Richard S.-87<br />

Pranger, Alpha-7l<br />

Prager, Kay E.-40, 94<br />

Prendergast, Sheila-l09<br />

Prenda, Patricia R.-40, 89<br />

Price, Josephine-45, 123<br />

Price, LeRoy E.-129<br />

Price, Sharon-83, 88<br />

Prior, Janet-80, 119<br />

Pritchard, Ronald-134<br />

Pritchett, Mildred-27<br />

Prither, Pamela-123<br />

Prock, Virginia-95<br />

Provencio, Esther-96<br />

Provencio, Lorenzo-90<br />

Pyle, Lois-46<br />

Quick, Marlene-l17<br />

Quigly, Eugene-137<br />

Quillen, Vern-134<br />

Quimpo, Jacob-90<br />

Quintero, Manuel-98<br />

Quist, Shirlee-56, 89, 105<br />

Raborn, Martin-143<br />

Raddatz, Gretchen-109<br />

Rader, Frederic-143<br />

Ragsdale, Gary L.-154<br />

Rainwater, Laurel-41<br />

Ramby, Barbara-97<br />

Ramet, Gary-140<br />

Ramsey, Robert-49<br />

Randolph, Robert-186, 188<br />

Ranson, Larry-41<br />

Raser, John-217, 220<br />

Rasmussen, Estella-56, 83, 93<br />

Ray, Sharon-97<br />

'Rayhill, Frederick-52<br />

Rea, James-90<br />

Rebert, Charles-152<br />

Recaido, Gloria-6O<br />

Redinbaugh, Larry-41, 88<br />

Redman, Maurice-137<br />

Redmond, Ellen-6O, 89, 90<br />

Reed, James-140<br />

Reed, James-137<br />

Reed, Johnny-127, 137<br />

Reed, Karen-89<br />

Reed, Rosalee-119<br />

Reeder, Norman-134<br />

Reeves, Lynn-95, 96<br />

Regan, George-152<br />

Register, Janice-lOS<br />

Regman, Geraldine-l07<br />

Rekdahl, Yvonne-46<br />

Reno, Susan-96, 113<br />

Repp, David-60, 146<br />

Reynolds, Beverly-27, 56, 104<br />

Reynolds, Judy-46<br />

.Rettinger, Robert-154<br />

Revak, Bernard-l72, 178<br />

Rey, Jim-91<br />

Rhodes, Marjorie-89<br />

Rice, Harriet-117<br />

Richards, Kenneth-152<br />

Richardson, Margaret-185<br />

Richardson, Michael-99<br />

Riches, Sonja-121<br />

Richter, Marlene-97<br />

Richter, Paul-143<br />

Ricado, Gloria-89<br />

Rickards, Dennis-186, 188<br />

. Ricks, Ralph-131<br />

Rideout, William-137<br />

Rider, Diane-109<br />

Ridgway, Ronald-81<br />

Riehle, Mary Lynn---4S, 109<br />

Rieser, Kathleen-60, 113, 217<br />

Rietz, Charlene-121<br />

Riggs, Gary-28, 99, 137, 217<br />

Rigoli, Daniel-98<br />

Riley, James-143<br />

Riley, Margaret-123<br />

Riley, Michael---41<br />

Rimel, Robert-152<br />

Ritter, 'Linda-97<br />

Rivera, Anita-56<br />

Roberts, Rebecca-107<br />

Robertson, Brock---41, 74, 86<br />

Robertson, Paul-67, 81<br />

Robertson, Walter---41, 127, 133<br />

Robinson, Louise---46<br />

Robson, Walter-98<br />

Rochefort, Ellen-89<br />

Rockenfield, Warren---41, 74<br />

Rodgers, Eula-105<br />

Rodgers, Loretta-77, 109<br />

Rodriques, Donald G.-137<br />

Rogelstad, Robert W.-146<br />

Rogers, Margaret---46<br />

Rogers, Michael D.-28, 41, 79,<br />

84,217<br />

Rogness, Roderick L.-131<br />

Roletto, Beverly A.-113<br />

Roman, Majorie-56<br />

Romberg, Sara-97, 123<br />

Romig, James-85<br />

Roppe, Richard E.-146, 172, 178<br />

Rose, Maurice-56<br />

Rosenthal, Walter-98, 195<br />

Roth, Diether-140<br />

Rothstein, Eugene-78<br />

Roush, Claudia L.-60<br />

Rowe, Phyllis A.-7l<br />

Rowell, David R.-152<br />

Rowley, Phil-134<br />

Rue, Douglas L.-134<br />

Ruehlow, Nan y L.-123<br />

Ruliflson, Rosalind B.-lOS<br />

Rundlett, Ken-7l<br />

Rundlett, Louise E.-lOS<br />

Rundstrom, Elizabeth-lOS<br />

Runnels, Dayton-146<br />

Rupert, Nancy-95<br />

Russell, Janet-67, 106,229<br />

Russell, Richard L.-84<br />

Russo, Edward-140<br />

Russo, Frank-154<br />

Rust, Dianne-97, 119<br />

Ryan, Diane-lOS<br />

Rygh, Tom J.-194<br />

Sachri, Alan-127, 137<br />

Sackerson, Rose M.-85<br />

Sadis, Ronald L.-l72, 178<br />

Saks, Leonard-7l<br />

Salmon, Daniel J.---46<br />

Salmon, James T.-28, 143<br />

Salmon, Rosemarie C.-lOS<br />

Salmon, Rex L.-226<br />

Salmon, Leonard-7l<br />

Samuel, Arthur G.-143<br />

Sandall, Mary P.-56<br />

Sanders, Fred C.-220<br />

Sandy, Jonathan-74<br />

Sanger, Jerry P.-146, 163, 168<br />

Sarfan, Philip M.-156<br />

Sarkin, Murray J.-60<br />

Sarsfield, Robert B.-152<br />

Sasaran, Marchelle L.-77, 123<br />

Saw, James T.-131<br />

Sawday, Mary Sue---41, 80,88,97,<br />

119<br />

Saxman, John H.-60, 151<br />

Scharback, Stephanie---46<br />

Scharn, Marilyn D.-94<br />

Schaub, Edith D.-97<br />

Schenk, Anne-86<br />

Schertzer, Bernard M.-224<br />

Schmich, Walter-7l<br />

Schmidt, Catherine C.-71<br />

Schneider, Roderick-84<br />

Scholl, Donald 1.-194<br />

Schooley, John-91<br />

Schroeder, Donald E.-98<br />

Schroeder, Ted N.-62<br />

Schulz, Dona-97<br />

Schumaier, Thomas-131<br />

Schrupp, Fred-74<br />

Schwend, Fred D.---41<br />

Scoffin, James M.-67, 74<br />

Scoortis, George G.-140<br />

Scott, Ellen J.-117<br />

Scozzafava, Carmen---41, 88<br />

Secor, Sandra-67<br />

Secrist, Sharon-89<br />

Sedlock, Carolyn A.-77, 119<br />

Seely, Robert-92<br />

Serpa, John R.---41<br />

Sethman, Arvin F.-186<br />

Shackelford, John D.-56, 99<br />

Shacklett, John D.-163, 168<br />

Shank, Don Floyd-134<br />

Shank, Robert B.-75, 134,163,<br />

168<br />

Shapley, Fred-193<br />

Sharpe, Jack E.-79<br />

Shaver, Nancy-121<br />

Shaw, David M.-67, 81<br />

Shaw, Robert B.-143<br />

Sheer, Jerry-99<br />

Shelver, Jack D.-79, 152<br />

Shepard, Robert L.-179<br />

Shepherd, Dan E.-146<br />

Sheresh, Richard D.---41<br />

Sheridan, Barbara-Ill<br />

hi Ids,H rl A.-U<br />

hine, 1\£ rlt r t-97<br />

hiple, illiem .-28, 143<br />

hiv rs, f r - ,107<br />

hook, idnev<br />

hor ,J m . L.-337<br />

hortr, Tim A.-H6<br />

how., andr 1. • )]3<br />

how, Them ~ 8.-7 , U3<br />

ibb t, Dani I R-<br />

ibber, J m E.-l 3,I I}<br />

ible • P tri i L.-123<br />

i kl r, Diann -1<br />

iebenth I, I n J.-150<br />

i ler, Uri n-134<br />

ilv , All rto-71<br />

ilvia, Albert 163<br />

ilver, ROIlllIi J.<br />

imha h, f rv ) R.- 6<br />

immon, De<br />

immon.• Ru~.) .-1 S<br />

ims, Hi herd l .-148<br />

inclair, John 1.-71<br />

inc k, Paul F. 0<br />

i son, rald E.-152<br />

i. n, Laur 0(' JT.-79, 152<br />

k It n, Mar ar t. ,97, 113<br />

kelton, PaLrit'ia It 77,81, 113<br />

kiles, Robert F.-134<br />

kinn r, Rob rt G.-143<br />

kinn r, Lanley L.-71<br />

lad , Barhara-109<br />

Slay n, Harry . 9<br />

locum, Ronald A. 0, 154<br />

mall, Gw n n.-IOS<br />

mith, arol A.-I03, 121<br />

mith, arol A.-I09<br />

milh, arson M.-98<br />

milh, Charles D.-79<br />

milh, harles E.-8S, 186, 194<br />

Smith, harl s E.-56<br />

Smith, Eunic C.-85<br />

Smith, George H.-132<br />

Smith, Glenn L.-179<br />

Smith, Julius n.-87<br />

Smith, Karen K.-113<br />

Smith, Lavon J.-67, 125<br />

Smith, Laurence K.-87<br />

Smith, L Roy J.-85<br />

Smith, Linda M.-125<br />

Smith, Mari L.---46, 123<br />

Smith, Marlene A.-125<br />

Smith, Marleen J.-77, 107<br />

Smith, Michael R.-143<br />

miLh, Paul A.-163, 168<br />

Smith, Peggy A.-206<br />

Smith, Richard A.-41<br />

Smith, Ronald-148<br />

mith, ara E.-lOS<br />

Smith, tanley R.---41<br />

Smithline, John E.-98<br />

Smithers, Larry A.-fJ7<br />

Smull, Michael L.-l48<br />

Snell, Robert .-148<br />

Snodgra s, Gloria J.-90<br />

Snyder, Betty .-46<br />

Snyder, Mabel K.-96<br />

Snyder, Monte M.-98<br />

Snyder, am G.-46<br />

Solbue, Gary A.-l40<br />

Solis, Gary D.-98<br />

Sormsbury, Bill-84<br />

Southard, John H.-154<br />

Spencer, Betty L.-107<br />

Spencer, Donald 0.-67<br />

Sperber, Michael J.-156, 196<br />

Sperry, Kathleen M.---46<br />

Spindler, Linda C.-97<br />

Sportsman, Choc-181, 193<br />

Spratling, Sharon M.-115<br />

Sproat, Leimoni C.-95<br />

Stadler, Regina M.-107<br />

Stadnyk, Harry W.-179<br />

Staley, John P.-80<br />

Stamper, Gerald P.-143<br />

Standefer, Ann Louise---46<br />

Stanley, John V.-152<br />

Stayer, Sandra R.-97<br />

Steel, Charles R.-143, 186<br />

Steel, Dean E.-80, 84, 143<br />

Steele, William E.-82<br />

Steffen, Michael R.-179<br />

Stegemann, John D.---41, 137<br />


Students<br />

288<br />

t in, Joseph C.-229, 231<br />

terling, Marlene F. 6<br />

tevens, Kathleen B.-119, 207,<br />

230<br />

tev ns, Virginia L.-46<br />

tewart, D Etta-97<br />

tewart, EI anor M. 0<br />

till, Raymond A.-74, 150<br />

till , Marian M.-I03, 115, 224<br />

rilwell, James-194<br />

tirnmel, Margaret .-103, 121<br />

tokes, Edward L.-140<br />

tory, arol Ann-96<br />

tough, arol E.-25, 27, 77. 81,<br />

103, 111 .<br />

tout, harlotte A.-92, 94<br />

Stratton, James E.-41<br />

Stribling, Frank L.-150<br />

trickland, Louis B.-41<br />

trickland, Wm. J.-67<br />

trim ple, Marilyn S.-107<br />

trople, J oseph-92<br />

Srrubhar, Mary Ann-97<br />

Struve, Robert E.-56<br />

Stryker, Jerry W.-172, 178<br />

Stuber, hirley G.-46<br />

Stump, Walter, Ray-83<br />

Sturz, Carle Joe-137<br />

Stutz, Andre D.-137<br />

Suchy, Carole A.-113<br />

Sullenberger, Paxton-98, 99<br />

Sullivan, Patricia L.-91<br />

Sulprizio, Michael C.-129<br />

Suran, Catharine L.-I05<br />

Sutherland, Fredric P.-71, 154,<br />

186, 188<br />

Sutherland, Jon N.-83, 93, 221<br />

Sutorius, Marilyn E.-31, 77, 109<br />

Sutter, Ronald J.-41<br />

Svalstad, Ronald Lee-23, 56<br />

Swanson, Patricia L.-85, 71<br />

Swartz, Marlene G.-121<br />

Swatzell, Jonathan M.-154<br />

Swennes, Leland J.-52, 196<br />

Swerdfeger, Marigene-97, 105<br />

Swiers, Thomas L.-148<br />

Swinford, Elizabeth-115<br />

Swygard, Julia Le0-46, 83, 93,<br />

107<br />

Symington, James-163, 168<br />

Snyder, Betty Sue-123<br />

Taielet, Robert-131<br />

Tainsh, Donna L.-I05<br />

Tamer, Margaret R-123<br />

Tanner, Marie F.-97<br />

Taramillo, Richard-99<br />

Tarlton, Michael A.-134<br />

Tatreau, Douglas R.-71, 88<br />

Taylor, Donna J.-89<br />

Taylor, Philip D.-82, 193, 196<br />

Taylor, Wayland P.-99<br />

Teiber, Theresa A.-91<br />

Tenney, Donald P.-186, 188<br />

Thatcher, Jerry D.-137<br />

Thatcher, Jo Anne R-1l3, 158<br />

Thayer, Helen T.-I03, 123<br />

Thayer, Julia A.-2-123<br />

Theis, Warren A.-97<br />

TheIl, Robert-129<br />

Thibault, James H.-91<br />

Thomas, Barbara Ann-Ill<br />

Thomas, Clyde B.-231<br />

Thomas, Gary M.-60, 144<br />

Thomas, Shirlene-85<br />

Thomas, Manuel A., Jr.-140<br />

Thomas, Wesley W.-146, 193<br />

Thomassen, Thomas B.-148<br />

Thombs, Susan L.-230<br />

Thompson, Billie K.-87<br />

Thompson, Connie R-1l5<br />

Thompson, Cliff L.-98<br />

Thompson, Dorothy F.-95<br />

Thompson, Frances E.-90<br />

Thompson, Gretchen G.-89<br />

Thompson, Janet G.-97, 105<br />

Thompson, Judith L.-22, 23, 89,<br />

90, 123,221<br />

Thompson, Larry G.-146, 186,<br />

188<br />

Thompson, Michael L.-231<br />

Thompson, Sandra 1.-97<br />

Thompson, V. J., Jr.-74<br />

Thompson, William P.-231<br />

Thomson, John A.-56, 150,220<br />

Threadgill, Audrey-71<br />

Thurman, David T.-83, 93<br />

Tiebaut, Charles-92<br />

Tiffin, <strong>Del</strong>ano G.-134<br />

Tmotson, Marie P.-23, 25, 56,<br />

80,119,217,228<br />

Tillyer, Timothy W.-99<br />

Timmons, Larry D.-195.<br />

Tittle, Carol D.-67<br />

Tobin, Karen R.-221<br />

Todd, Gary A.-140, 193<br />

Todorica, 01ga-121<br />

Tompkins, Thomas C.-98<br />

Toshio, Ikeda-67<br />

Townsend, Lynn R.-78<br />

Treadway, Mary A.-91<br />

Trovaten, Benjamin A.-148<br />

Truban, Joseph E.-82<br />

Trysla, John E.-71<br />

Tudor, John H.-148<br />

Tum Suden, Barbara A.-ll7<br />

Tupper, Charles<br />

Turner, Sarah S.-117<br />

Turner, Searle B.-152, 196<br />

Tuttle, Dexter D.-140<br />

Tyler, Mary M.-52, 111<br />

Tyson, Carol 1.-119<br />

Uecker, Robert-56<br />

Ulbrich, Kenneth 0.-140<br />

Underhill, Jay-1l9<br />

Unger, David E.-129 .<br />

Upshaw, James R.-79, 134, 226<br />

Vadney, Leroy F.-140<br />

Vamstelle, Lavon-52<br />

Van Bibber, Sandie 1.-105<br />

Van, Cleave, Jack-134<br />

Vanderlinde, Bart-56<br />

Vanderway, Charles-91<br />

Vanderlinden, Wayne E.-67<br />

Vanhorn, Edna M.-89<br />

Van Oss, Terry-220<br />

Vanselow, 1. Lois-1l7<br />

Varner, Vonnie J.-I05<br />

Vaughan, Richard E.-78<br />

Vedell, Jack R-127<br />

Vokander, Earl-88<br />

Vertura, Felice-52<br />

Vesco, Claire M.-44, 216<br />

Vidanovic, Svetozar-146<br />

Vieira, Nancy S.-95, 96<br />

Vierhus, Margaret L.-71<br />

Villaescusa, Loui J.-194<br />

Villapando, Victor-146<br />

Villo, J ack-92<br />

Vitkauskas, Michael R.-154<br />

Vlasek, James L.-84<br />

Vogt, John A.-84<br />

Vuich, Russell T.-148<br />

Waddel, Karen F.-125<br />

Wade, Carole Ann-1l9, 230<br />

Wagner, Dorothy A.-77, 109<br />

Wagner, Judith M.-71, 102, 113<br />

Wagner, Richard-134<br />

Wakefield, Ronald R-143<br />

Walden, William R-67, 90<br />

Walden, Yolanda A.-56<br />

Walker, Francis H.-71<br />

Walker, Janice 1.-105, 203<br />

Walker, Lynne A.-23, 224, 225<br />

Walker, Marisue-1l7<br />

Walker, Rodney C.-220<br />

Wallace, Marion-46<br />

Wallace, Orlin W., Jr.:"-129<br />

Wallace, Sarah 1.-85<br />

Walsh, Jim-98, 146<br />

Walsh, Patricia L.-221<br />

Ward, Dawn M.-46<br />

Ware, John K.-137<br />

Warner, Blaine A.-l43<br />

Warner, Kathryn 1.-117<br />

Warren, Penelope L.-83, 93, 121<br />

Wasson, Robert E.-41<br />

Waston, Maureen-87<br />

Watson, Kathryn A.-89<br />

Watson, Phyllis M.-62<br />

Waud, Judy Alice-121<br />

Weaver, Sue Ann-121<br />

Webb, Bruce Allen-67<br />

Weber, Joseph E.-88<br />

Webster, Marjorie-123<br />

Weddle; Caroline-97<br />

Wehinger, Judith L.-109<br />

Weinstock, Sara A.-67<br />

Weiss, Ronald P.-78<br />

Weitzman, Sonia J.-94<br />

Welch, Edward G.-88<br />

Welsch, Burrell W.-98, 99<br />

Wenzel, John M.-140<br />

Werner, Rickie M.-71<br />

Werner, Wilfred A.-74<br />

Werts, Robert 1.-194<br />

Wessell, Irene-220<br />

West, Martha M.-97<br />

Westling, Clay D.-56<br />

Westphal, Frank E., Jr.-134<br />

Wetterskog, Joanne S.-121<br />

Wheatcraft, Carol L.-109<br />

Wheeler, Robert T.-98<br />

Whelan, Michael H.-31<br />

Whistler, Lehman P.-79<br />

Whitaker, Margaret E.-1l3<br />

Whitaker, Vernon P.-22, 25<br />

Whitby, Wayne A.-62, 163, 168<br />

White, Joseph Jr.-132<br />

White, Marica-121<br />

White, Patricia J.-I07<br />

Whiting, Deshler-146<br />

Whitlock, Ray Allen-46<br />

Whittington, David-9a, 168<br />

Wicks, Susan Lynn-97<br />

Wilde, Joan H.-1l9<br />

Wilde, Judith L.-60, 89<br />

Wilerdson, J. D.-193<br />

Wiley, David Earl-150<br />

Wilkerson, Buddy J.-194<br />

Wilkes, Sharon L.-I09<br />

Wilkins, Aldah A.-71<br />

Wilkins, Mary 1.-91<br />

Will, Mary A.-ll7<br />

Willey, Penelope A.-96<br />

Williams, Gary G.-86, 88<br />

Williams, Gerald H.-41<br />

Williams, John S.-46, 143<br />

Williams, Keith T.-143<br />

Williams, Sharon E.-85, 90<br />

Williams, William J.-85<br />

Williamsen, Joanna C.-77, 111<br />

Willoughby, Ted E.-98<br />

Wills, Victor D.-41, 74, 91<br />

Wilson, David F.-56<br />

Wilson, Dennis C.-150<br />

Wilson, Frank M.-82<br />

Wilson, James R-134<br />

Wilson, John A.-83, 88<br />

Wilson, Laurel M.-95<br />

Wilson, Warren J.-71<br />

Wilson, William C. Jr.-74<br />

Wilson, William D.-71<br />

Winchell, Karl E.-52<br />

Wing, Bruce 1.-60<br />

Winkler, Jan-82<br />

Winn, Charles B.-49, 98<br />

Wishek, Susan A.-52, 121<br />

Witte, Barbara A.-I09<br />

Witte, Michael B.-82<br />

Wixen, Jacke Lynn-l07<br />

Wohland, Edward A.-140<br />

Woike, Barbara E.-31<br />

Wood, David W.-41, 143<br />

Wood, Gerald L.-71<br />

Woods, Carol J.-121<br />

Woolley, Lynn A.-81<br />

Worthington, G.-146<br />

Woy, Jack Van-143<br />

Wright, Dale E., Jr.-148<br />

Wright, Dick-91<br />

Wright, Katherine G.-117<br />

Wright, Michael M.-134<br />

Wright, Paul E.-67<br />

Wright, Richard J.-85<br />

Wright, Robert-92<br />

Wrightson, Arthur 111-148<br />

Wyatt, James L.-56, 134<br />

Wykcoff, Nancy 1.-96<br />

Wylie, Robert C.-134<br />

Wyloe, Warren-156<br />

Wynn, Charlie-22<br />

Wynne, Clifford James-154<br />

Yackey, George F.-41<br />

Yacoub, Mokhlis Z.-71<br />

Yamamoto, John K-60<br />

Yarbrough, Mary Jo-77, 123<br />

Yaruss, David P.-155<br />

Yates, Bonnie L.-207<br />

. Yip, Wiley F.-87<br />

Young, Constance H.-92<br />

Young, Kenneth M.-56<br />

Young, Rufus C.-134<br />

Zaky, Mukh-98<br />

Zane Richard R-143<br />

Zaruba, Sheryll Ruth-Ill<br />

Zelinka, Harry N.-60<br />

Zellman, Donald W.-51, 86<br />

Zemke, Kenneth W.-52<br />

Zinck, Jean E.-89, 217<br />

Zinniger, Margaret-60, 89<br />

Zuckerman, Linda-83, 88<br />

Zuern, Frances-41<br />

Zwall, Richard-71