Deforestation, Climate Change, Adaptation

Deforestation, Climate Change, Adaptation

Kathleen Dietrich 1 , Petra Tschakert 1 , Esther Prins 1 , Maureen Biermann 1 ,

Rob Crane 1 , Chris Hoadley 2 , Jen Shaffer 1 , Ken Tamminga 1 , Alex Asiedu 3 ,

Elias Asiamah 3 , Paulina Apaadey 4 , Yaw Ageyman Boafo 3 ,

Timothy Obideabah 4 , Winfred Oteng 3 , and Nuhu Umar 4


Pennsylvania State University, 2 New York University, 3 University of Ghana, Ghana,


Afram Plains Development OrganizaSon (APDO), Ghana

Scenario Building


According to an elder, the community has

realized that afforesta3on will also encourage

rains. They [the community members] also

think the weather will be cooler because there

will be more trees. Even if there is extreme

heat, the shade of the trees will protect their

crops directly from the sun.

Notes by a team member,

Afforesta3on Group, Odomase

Climate Change

The facilitator stated that, according to climate

scien3sts, changes in rainfall are not only caused by

how many trees there are [in a community]. They

are also caused by things outside of Odomase and

Ghana.... The main cause of climate change is the

use of fossil fuels; there are too many cars, factories,

& such [things] in the U.S., Europe, Russia, Japan...

Notes by a team member,

Afforesta3on Group, Odomase


The elder responded by saying that if all these climate

changes are taking place, they [community members]

cannot do anything about it.

The respondent said that with this exercise, they

[community members] have realised that whatever

they do, there is the need to prepare for the

unexpected; so they need to have a backup.

Notes by a team member,

Afforesta3on Group, Odomase

NSF/HSD Award #0826941



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