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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education National C.apital Region DMStOl{ OF CITY SCHOOTS QUEZON CrTY Nueva Ecija St. Bago Bantay, euezon City ooftffiffi June 30, 2011 TIETIIIORANDUM TO: To: Assistant Schools Division Superintendents Division Supervisols Elementary/Secondary School Principals Head Teachers and Teachers ln-Charge 1. 2. Reproduced is DepEd-NCR Unnumbered Memorandum dated June 16, 2011. relative to the Strict Compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2007 entitled, 'Revised lmplementing Guidelines on.the Operation and Management of School Canteens in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools and its enclosures, contents of which are self-explanatory. lmmediate and wide dissemination of this Memorandum is desired. coRAzoN c. RUBlo, cEso vl Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Officer ln-Charge Office of the Schools Division Superintendent S(+vAr.ChAdr

Republika ng Pilipinas (Republic of the Philippines) I{AGAWARAN NG EDUKASYON (DEPARTMENT O F EDUCATION) I PA]ITBANSANG PUNONG KEIIIYON ?{ (NATTONAL CAPITAL REG{O]{) ir Daang Misamis, Bago Bantag Lungsod Quezon {Misamis St., Baga Bantay, Quezon City) frynnr* *f [&*#ir Irndftfur, f€* , ls{pr.e6 u#r MEMORANDUM FROM TO DATE SUBJECT DETAILS The Regional Director Schools Division Superintendents June 16,2011 Strict Compliance with DepED Order No: 8n s. 2007 entitled *Revised Implementing Guidelines on the Operation and Management of School Canteens in Public f,lementary and Secondary $chools. Division Nutrition SupervisorslCoordinators and Division Health Personnel shall monitor compliance with the aforementioned guidelines to ensure that food safety standards and hygienic practices are strictly observed and implemented in all public elementary and secondary schools within your respective area. Enclosed is the Food Safety Checklist as yow guide for monitoring and Record of Daily Food Inspection to be accomplished by all school canteen managers or canteen teachcrs. For the Director: *ffi}ffffi.' Offrcer-In-Charge Offrce ofthe Assistant Regional Director 64 *9./wnanten, qarnfpt nro, Zxne,{/"e,ncer ann S idinct iai

. REFUBLTKA NC PILIPINAS Republic of thc Philippines KAGAWABAN NG EDUKASYON DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DcpEd Cornplex, Meralco Ave Pasig City **fiil:Dl.l(:A l'l()l\i Tnnggrpan ng Kalihim Alfice af the Secretary Direct Line: 633-72'AE E- mo il : clene d[ilna c i fic. ne I ph Il e hs i te : ht ! D : ;.twv w. de ne.d. g ov. al't FEB 06 ?007 DepED ORDER No. I .s.2007 REVISED IMPLEMENTING GUIDELINES ON THE OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOL CANTEENS IN PUBLIC ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS ' i 'ffit* B, To: r.0 Undersecretaries Assistant Secretaries Bureau Directors Regional Directors Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units Schools Division/City Supefintendents Heads, Public Elementary and Secondary Schools PURPOSE These guidelines are hereby issued in order to rationalize the operation and management of school canteens in the public school system and to.ensure that: t The school canteen shall help eliminate malnutrition among pupilVstudents. 1.2 The school canteen shall serve as:a venue for the development of desirable eating habits of prrpils/students. l.l The school canteen ihall serve as a laboratory for Home Economics' retail trade and in the incidental teaching of health and nutrition. It shall provide hands-on trdining for students on'p'lanning;'pttrchasing, handiing and storage, preparatioh' serving anrt;31: of sat-e and null$]: lg4-tt 1.4 The school canteen guidelines shali serve as a mechanism to support the Depurt*"nt's i"rpo,ise to the rnandate of Article:2 'of Republic Act No' 6938 to create * ot*orphere that is conducive'to 'the growth and deveioPment of cooPeratives.

,..ir :" eq! r .: ir='i ,6rffi1-i l: 1.6 Reporting and accounting of the proceeds from the operation of a school cantccn shall be made by ttre parties gglgg$s_d*.l8-*sp_hg_q"l?.9 transpare-r-r€y.{rc.?pggUpta!-ilitf

4,0 POLICY STATEMENTS ,d 4.1 school canteens shall be of tw.o typps: (l) school-Managed canteen; (2) Teachers' cooperative-Managed- canieen. Both shall adhere to professional management and sound business practices as well as to saf,ety and security measures 4.2 4,2.1 Elementary Schools in the.rural. areas_wjIh.SOO B.qpils*nrless and those in grbeegrpsg.Jili_ftJ"000 -pupils*eLlE[s-Fball" hays to be operated and managed by the school "Ady-pssJantFea. under the general supervision of the school head/principal. ,@ ' 4.2.2 Where the enrolment size in rural eleinentary schools is more than five hundred (500) pupils and in urban elementary schools, more than one thousand (1,00.0) pupils, the existing duly registered teachers',cooperative that conrplies with the Criteria for Qualification herein set forth, shall manage and operate the :::;:'J,1"",il;, r::,"*:l:o"":"r1:iil::T:"':i"::il'::',; manage the canteen, the school shall operate 4nd manage the sarne. 4.3 ManaRement of School Cantee$s- ln Secondary Schools 4.3. i Regardless-,-of*,earp-hnent,,*size,, tbefs.*slel . bS" j-.^lEb,-oJatpry Egnf;seo, as herein defi ned, jg, al!,sp"p"gndgr"y- _qghp"g,..l.q.- When the student population is less than one thousand five hundred (!lL0), the laboratory canteen shall also be the scbool rnanaged canteen. 4.3.2 In addition to the laboratory canteen in secondary schools ' where the student population is. morp than, qne thousand five hundred (1,500), the existing'duly registered and interested teache$' cooperalive in the school that complies with the Criteria for'Qrialification set forth shall be allowed to operate and manage another school canteen. 4.3 .3 Bg;jg9E-al$ehgelg;y-r$-at-S=rgpg4#,. !-r*4e *ef ';11sre Jhan five hundred (500)_-.:ju*gjl, the existing duly registered and Ti@rative in the school tiat complies with the Criteria for Qualification set forth shali be allowed to operate and monage another school canteen in addition to the laboratory canteen. 4.4 Only nutrient-rich foods such as root crops, noodles, rice arid corn products in native preparation, fruits and vegetabies in season, and fortifieci ibod products labeled rich in protein, energy, vitamins and minerals shall be sold in the school canteen. Beverages shali include S^4F,-,qhakpsan{iulceq+reparpdfrp:tljrilits-and-vsgetable$Jnseason,

'[+.s ]ffre sate of carbonated drinks, sugar-based synthetic or artificial]y \--'flavored juices, junk foods and any food product that may be detrimental to the child's health and that do not bear the Sangkap Pinoy seal andlor did not pass BFAD approval is prohibited. 4.6 4'.7 ( 4.8/t \:1"4 ,{.q Iodized salt shall be used, in controlled quantity, in the preparation of cooked foods to ensure that the iodine requirement of the clientele shall be met and to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders. -Thg*-Uss*of !*9rros-o*d-rgg1"gl-g3ei*-?tq{y-e-t-qis)shall.be'regulated. A reasonable mark-up price for all merchandise in the canteen shall be allowed, provided that the selling retail price does not exceed the prevailing prices in the locality. Sub-leasing the whole or part of the school canteen premises or subcontfacting the operation of the school canteen to concessionaires is prohibited. Vendors shall not be allowed to bring in foorl items inside ihe scfrool canteen/premises. Teachers and school personnel are likewise prohibited from selling food iterns within the school premises, except through the school canteen and unless authorized and covered by a nrritten agreement with the scbool head/principal and/or the teachets' cooperative. 5.0 PROCEDURAL GUIDELINES -:.. j ; 5.t j All school canteens .are required to secure the following t''---- 1 permits/clearances: { (a) Sanitation Clearance/Permit from the local Health Department (b) Health Permit of canteen peqsonnel/staff from the citylmunicipal health office (c) Authority from the schootr head/principai to Operate and Manage the Sehool Canteen (for teachers' cooperatives only) ,/ClearancesPermit shail beA_ Alip.Illy_d.iSplnyed,jn,.*="gosspicuo-us place in the sghml*canleen They shall remain valid for the duration of the school year. 5.2 All canteen personnel/staff are @ngd*prp"psr*attirc (white shirtlpo lo/b louse, colored pzurts/skirt, Jtaiugg!, aprp& appropri ate footw.ear) at al} tirpeq. .&e-fshalt-atso-#ean-thei'r-idonti,fication"-cards* wttlt jhqlg*sl{gs$[dsJhqp;e-miseso'f 'the.oanteen'

,w 5.6 Adherence to Food Safety' , 5,{,tr ; Food sat'ety standards shall be strictly enforced and adhered to at ,.. ali times by complyrng with the followi.ng: . I of potable drinking watbr and hand washing :," :.,, /(^) A:ili?|:lity (b) Well-niaintained, c1€an, well-ventilatEd and pest-free environment; (c) Availabilitl, of t'ood covers and containers for safekeeping; (d) Hygienic practices on food preparation, cooking display' erving and srorage. ,{l Ail-*c-anlecn*perso-ru}cl*-i*ql}ldtqg p"rsclic-um . .sl!dsnt$, ,Fhall'."llndergo ' , oc ros-d"bsfore'they'are'allowed to ffilg-pl*p*pi.CJ-iift*rtg"otine Esrk-is-Jhe"'canto"Qs. /5.8,' No portion of the net :''

GII,OUNDS FOR TERMINATION OF OFERATION OF TI{A SCHOOI, C'ANTEE}i v@ 9.1 Any deviation from the guidelines particularly the operationai practices that prove detrirnental and prejudicial tc the welfare of the pupils/students, teachers and the schc,oi in general that may be committed by the school or the teachsrs' cooperative shall be a glound for termination of the operation of the school canteen. Any violation of the tenns stipulated in the MOA shall be sufficient ground for the termination of the hlOA and the suspension of the pnvilege of the teachers' cooperative to manage and operate the sch'roi canteen^ 9.2 For purposes oi these guidelines, the foliowing acts are considered detrimental and prejudiciai to the students and pupils /61 (a) Failure.and/o{ negleglto stiblnit -financial rep-ort - The failure to submit the monthly financiai report within thirty (30) days after the end of each regular rnonihly operaticn or tbilure to submit the audited annual financial report wirhin sixr.y (60) clays afrer the end of each fiscal year. Sub-leasing the whq en entities operating schooi canteens shall not sub-lease party the whole or part of the schoor cantsen premises. Neither shall private concessionaiies be allowed io be involved in the operations of the schooi canteen. (c) Selling of cigarettes and/or intoxicating beverages to students and/or rondoning the iise rhereof within the school canteen premises. /g Failure to secllre the necessary pennits inciuding annual health and sanitation pemrits as above-nieniionecl and to have thenr posted in the mentioned places, (e) Faiiure to report and account ibr donations and incentives received private suppliors of t?.:ad iteins and beverages. ,/Uotn /t) Use or disbursement of car:teen funcls contrary to the provisions of these rules and guideiines whieh includes devoting arrd re-aligning said funds to any other endeavor not included in these guidelines. (g) Compelling the pupilsistudents to buy or consume all food items frorn the canteen and proiribiting them to bring their own "baon" or fbod to school; in tlie sarne manner, compelling the teachers to dispose of all the f*od items in the ctulteen tray under the supervised recess (for eiementary scirr-rois). I

IO.O NIONI]'OTI.f NG AND I]NFORCBI\,!EN'r wa it)'1 lr'[oniroring teams in the regiona] and divisron ofiices shall be created to ensure adherence to standarci-s on quality, handling, and serving of flood, and,cattteen equipmenvfacilities in the sctrool canteens and that fbod safuty standal'ds and hygienic pr.actices are strictly observed and impl€ntr)ilt€d. It shall also nronitor adherence to the guideiines on the operatioir of school canteens r.vhich shall be integrated in its mol'.itoring r:lf healtlr and ntrtrition program ant'l projects at the division level. The monitori,rg teanr shall be composed of the fcrilowing: ? llegiorrul Ofijce rJ Medical Ofticer V I l)enrist tll a ES II (Sciepce and Health / Nutrition I I7E /THE) c) Nutritionist-Dietitian % o lVlc'dical Ollicer IV ,, L).;ntist Ii o [.:ii I (Scienre a.nd Heaith i Nutrition I HE ITHU) o Nr.irse-ln-Ch:u'ge ,:) n-utrition ['oordinators I 0.2 Cri u-viuce- lVl cchunisnr (a) Compl:rints ft'onr parenLs or concenred individuals of the conrn:trnity pertaiuing to cdnteen lnarlagement and operations, i.e. pricing. quality of frrods, etc., shall be filed rmd settled with the division grievance committee in the case of school-managed calttecns; and with the scirool grievance committee in the case of conlplaints again.st a tcar:hr.:rs' cooperative-rrranaged canteen. The provisit:ns of the grievance procedure under the DepED Rules of Prtrcetlures shall eove,rn the concluct of the proceedings r,r'ithout prejudice to the applicatirrn of other ped.inent rules that may be app li ed sLrppletori iy. {b) Any gri$vn6cs ansing ti'r.rrn irny fbrnr oi dissatisfaction relative to tlte r.perirtions of tl"re canteen ."vhich does not constitute at-t admrnis(ratire rlisciplinary action srhall be submitted to the Ltppropriate grievance committee and which shall be decided by the latter within five (5), days frorn the termination of the grievance prt)ceedings. A copy of such decision and report of the findings of . the grievance committee shall be furnished the parties and the scho ol head/principai, (c) In the case of dispute involving a teaehers' cooperative-managed canteen, any party dissatisfied with the findings of the decision of the School Grievance Committee may elevate the same to the Division Grievance Cornmittee, whose decision shall be appealable to the R*gional Grievance Committee within fifteen (15) days frorn notice thr':reof.

(h) Compelling a pupiVstudent to perforrn canteen related,tasks that ale def,imental to his/her rvelfare :, {i) 0) Failure to deposit the proceeds of the canteen in the acco$nt that is "in trust for" ihe school. Sirnilarly, rJepositing fhe proceeds of the canteen in the narne of a person not mentioned in these guideiines pr into private or personal accounts, including ihose in rhe name of the school head/principal or teacher-in-charge. Failure to present upon rsquest ofthe proper authorities, such as the school heatir/principal, the school level auditing committee, and the Comrnission on Ar.rdit, the financial documents pertaining to ihe operalions ofthe school canteen. (k) The r"rse of the canteen premises for any other endeavor not included or sanctioned by these guidelines including, but not limited 1o, the use of the canteen as warehouse or stockroom of p;ohibited items andror food and bwerage expressiy prohibited in these guidelines inclrrding all otlrer merchandise which are not for the use of the school cilnteen antl li'hich do not belong to the school. tl) All other violations olthe terms and conditioris of the Ivlemorandum of Agreernent o| any ol rhe provrsion of tkrese guidelines which are *nalogotrs to thr,: ftrregoing. 10,3 Sanctions (a) (b) Any vi,clation of the foregoing guidelines in the case of the teacheni' cooperative-managed canteen shall warrant the terminaiion of the operations of the canteen after due notice to the parties (roncemed which shall proceed after a summary hearing on the mattr:r and after due process. For other violations not mentioned in the preceding section, which are consiclered simple vioiations, a waming shall be issued by the school he ad/principal for the first infraction and a repeat of such violations shall warr4nt an investigation and shall thereafter, in the interest o\: the students and the pupils and the welfare of the school, be a grou nd to terminate the Memorandum of Agreement entered into betwe en the parlies pertaining to the operations of the school cantesn. h, ic) In the cas e of school-managed canteens, any violation of these guidelines shall wdrrant appropriate administrative sanctions against the school hgad/principal and other cantesn teachers who are directly or indireptly involved in the operations oi the school . canteen anc{ who are classified as canteen designated teachers as defined undr:r these guidelines. lr, {d) In the sam,i.: rnanner, such violations of the school head/principal including the canteen-d.esignated teachers shall be dealt with administra.tively after due notice and hearing. (e) In all thr: foregoing, such persons accountable for violations of these gui delin6s shall, aside from the administrative sanctions, also be liable both criminally and civilly, when such violations warrant.


-J^ "" 'i. # € *: l:' I REcoRD oF DAILY FOOD lt{sPEcTtotl (RDFI) School: Date: Irlrlnu fortha DaY: A. Foods preprad inside the school: 8. Rearty b eat foods {list down dl arailable ready-tneat bods for tle day including the brand and flavor). I cerlify hat all bods oftred fu 0re day in the whool calben wor6 prsparcd under hygienic prmedures and the foods wrre inspecbtl befute serving b the school children. Nobd By: Prepared by: Dato ETime: School Head Date & Time; Canben Teacher 53

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