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Two years ago I was invited to a Presentation given by ENVP Donna

Jones. I could not attend, but purchased Rejuvenating Cream from

her. I loved it. When my friend, ERVP Becky Banks, called me about

hosting a Presentation, I said okay. I wanted to see the other products

Arbonne offered. I invited my niece, EAM Nicole Gray, who

happens to be an esthetician, to come and see what she thought.

She came, but only to protect me from this project! After the

Presentation, Nicole signed up as a Consultant. Of course, I signed

up as well. Becky did not leave my side until I was a

District Manager. I had no idea of the impact Arbonne would have

on my life.

I had a college degree, but had not worked outside the home for 10

years. I loved being home with the kids. While they were in school,

I would find things to do that would give me a little play money and

keep me busy. My husband abundantly provided for our wants and

needs, but his job demanded long and stressful hours. As the kids

started going to school, playing sports and being active in church

activities, he continued to work long hours. Many times he would

come straight from work, watch the kids play or sing and then go

directly back to work. Every year we would say, “This will get better

as you move up in the company.” But after 22 years, he is still working

those long hours.

vicki barnes

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Vicki Barnes Region; Cartersville, GA

In one of our Arbonne trainings, someone asked us where we would

be five years from now? It dawned on me that unless something happened,

Tommy would still be working long hours. With three

teenagers, I knew in a few years they would all be out of the nest.

Tommy would never leave his job if it meant we had to change our

lifestyle. He has always wanted the best for us. I thought that if I

could make half of what he was making with my Arbonne business,

he could make a career change. Tommy smiled and said I could do

continued ...

Vicki’s Why: Daniel, Hannah, Tommy, Vicki and Elizabeth.

Tommy and Vicki on the ASAP Hawaii 2005 trip.

success strategy:

Put yourself on a mission to change

not only your life, but the

lives of other people.

whatever I wanted to do. Neither one of us really thought Arbonne

would provide enough money to make a difference.

At the time, I was an Area Manager; but it was during this period

that I started to doubt myself. I had never had much confidence in

myself to begin with. I knew I could do little jobs and projects, but

deep down inside, I was too afraid to take on anything big.

Although I had big goals, I never really believed I could reach them.

Fortunately, I had huge support from ENVP Donna Jones; I could not

have done it without her. She was there to listen to me every day. I

knew she believed in me. Thank you, Donna! Thanks also to ERVP

Tammy Head and ERVP Becky Banks!

In September of last year, I heard ENVP Cecilia Stoll speak at a

training in Atlanta. I left that event with an entirely new approach;

since then my heart has been about missions. I want a change in my

life, but I also want to make a difference in others’ lives. I prayed that

if this Arbonne business was the answer to our “time” problems, it

would start to come together. I had a couple of good months, then

things started to snowball. The best part of having a successful

Arbonne business is not just about the potential of earning a

paycheck. I have been given abundance beyond anything I could

have asked for. I see it as my responsibility to return my good fortune

by giving to others. Arbonne is truly a gift worth giving as much

as it is worth receiving.

In my business, I have met some of the most awesome women in the

world. We have laughed together, cried together and prayed

together. They mean more to me than any amount of money. If this

business stopped tomorrow, I would be rich with new friends. The

relationships alone have been worth every minute.

To AM Mystie Arnold, EAM Nicole Gray, AM Johanna Broome

and AM Carmen Green: Thank you, I could not have done this

Nancy Whaley, Connie Johnston, Cenneta Carroll, Johanna Broome, Nicole Gray and Vicki in

Dalton for training.

without you. You are the best! Not only are you hard-working, but

you are great women of God and an inspiration to me. I cannot wait

until you all become RVPs.

To DMs, Gina Shumpert, Sheila Davis, Amanda McAlpin, Jenny

Plaia, Pam Stroup, Kim Etheredge, Missy Beaird, Lindsey Martin,

Nancy Whaley and Karen Moss: Thank you for all your hard work.

I will not rest until you are driving your Mercedes-Benz. It has been

great getting to know you all!

To my mom, dad, Betty, Kathleen and Alvin: Thank you for the values

you have instilled in me. You have always supported me in

whatever I decided to do. I love you all.

To Daniel, Elizabeth and Hannah: You are the reason I do what I

do. You never complained about me being gone when I was off

doing Arbonne. Your belief in me to do this kept me going. You

pitched in to help out, gave samples to your friends and loaded the

car when I was running late. Thank you! I love you with all my heart!

To Tommy: You always believe in me no matter what I do. Your love,

support and prayers mean the world to me. I love you.

Our team

in Atlanta


AM Mystie Arnold, Vicki, ERVP Becky Banks, ERVP Tammy Head

and ENVP Donna Jones at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.


The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

EAM Nicole Gray, ERVP Tammy Head, AM Johanna Broome

and Vicki at NTC 2004 Texas.


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