newsletter february 2012 - Sopc.us

newsletter february 2012 - Sopc.us

newsletter february 2012 - Sopc.us


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The Newsletter

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2




SOPC hosted the January

Luncheon at Norfolk Yacht &

Country Club p 2









F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

January 18th

SOPC and NR’s Luncheon

Our first luncheon of the year and

also our first luncheon at the new

venue, Norfolk Yacht and Country

Club, was a great success. The new

venue is bright, airy and spacious,

with wonderful service and very tasty

food. We were able to watch a

dancing display by the very elegant

couple from «A time to dance» who

may even have inspired some of us to

take lessons at their Virginia Beach studios ! We were also able to meet the new

Committee and to put faces to the

names which hopefully will be become

more familiar as the year passes by.

Finally we were introduced to a new,

and fun, game of ‘handbag treasure

hunt’ with prizes for the winning table.

All we can say is, do not tidy out your

handbags/purses as you never know

when you may need an old receipt, a

child’s toy or some other treasure for

future occasions!

P A G E 2

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Silvia’s letter, our chairperson


Dear Friends,

The New Year has started very well for the SOPC! The new location fits exactly what members need. Our first luncheon, hosted by SOPC

Executive Committee and NRs, was so fun to me! And I am so glad that the new venue has been highly appreciated!

Thank you once again to the ladies who worked hard on this event!

As I outlined during our last lunch, payment rules concerning our monthly luncheons have changed a bit to ensure that we have the money

to pay for the lunch on the day of the lunch and we will be stricter about requiring payment in advance. I would strongly recommend all

members and their guests to read the new guidelines on our website and Facebook, in order to avoid misunderstandings!

I’d also like to remind you that the cost for attending our luncheons is $25, and the payment has to be in the SOPC Reservation Team mail

box no later than the Friday before the lunch.”

As for Social Activities, this month we will enjoy our day-trip to Richmond on the 28th as advertised at NYCC. Mr. Fox is promising us his

best for making this day unforgettable and very special to all SOPC members… and be ready to be spoiled as well! Funda and Monica will

have more details on that.

Looking ahead, our Executive Committee and volunteer SOPC members who signed up for helping in the organization of the Summer

Party have already started working! I am sure it will be another big success! Thank you in advance for your support! The venue will be the

Norfolk Yacht and Country Club, and it will be held on June 1 st . I will keep you informed and monthly updated on the progress of such


Our next appointment at the NYCC is the Turkish luncheon on February 8 th . I had the opportunity to meet Aynur and I asked her the main

features of Turkish people.

Hospitality is one of the cornerstones of the Turkish way of life. Turkish people are among the most gracious and generous hosts as a

result of their natural instinct. In every corner of the country such a traditional hospitality will meet you. Every individual feels bound to

honor his guest in the best possible manner. They will open their houses to every guest with a smiling face and with all their sincerity give

the best seat and cook the best food for their guest. Turkish people are very understanding about foreigners' different customs and they try

to communicate in order to help visitors according to their code of hospitality. The mentality of that hospitality is "whatever religion you

are from, whichever country you come from, whatever language you speak, you are 'God's Guest' ," so you deserve to be welcomed in the

best manner.

Remember friends to Set your GPS for 7001 Hampton Blvd. Norfolk VA 23505!

Un grande abbraccio a tutti,

Silvia Martinoni

SOPC Chairperson, chairperson@sopc.us

P A G E 3

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2


February 8th

Hosted by


Arrival 10.30

Norfolk Yacht Club

7001 Hampton Boulevard

Norfolk, 23451

Make your reservation at :


Reservation must be received by

on January 30th 2012

Send your check for $25,

payable to SOPC :


2321, Edmenton Drive, Virginia

Beach, VA 23456

To go to the Norfolk Yacht Club

see the directions below !!!

Lunchon Schedule







February 8th Turkey January 30th Norfolk Yacht Club

March 14th Portugal March 6th Norfolk Yacht Club

April 18th The Netherlands April 10th Norfolk Yacht Club

May 9th Italy May 1rst Norfolk Yacht Club

P A G E 4

F E B U A R Y 2 0 1 2


How to reach Norfolk Yacht & Country Club ?

7001 Hampton Boulevard Norfolk, VA 23505 Tel.: (757) 423-4500

(New Venue starting from January 2012)

From Downtown Norfolk:

Take Waterside Drive to Brambleton Avenue, turn Left, follow Brambleton Avenue until it merges right

onto Hampton Blvd., follow Hampton Blvd. past Old Dominion University Campus and through

Larchmont, go over the Lafayette River Bridge, the Club entrance is on the Left at the end of the tennis

courts, there are two white pillars at the entrance to the Club.

From Hampton, VA:

Take I-564 Terminal Blvd./Naval Base Exit, take the first exit which is Terminal/Hampton Blvd. Exit,

follow Terminal Blvd. to the Third Stop Light which is Hampton Blvd. take a Left onto Hampton Blvd.,

go approximately 1 mile, make a Right into the Club (immediately after the Second Presbyterian

Church), there are two white pillars at the entrance of the Club, the Club is before the Lafayette River


From Virginia Beach, VA:

Take I-264 to I-64 West towards Richmond, VA., take the (Left-Hand) Naval Base Exit 564, take 564 to

Terminal Blvd. Exit, follow Terminal Blvd. to the Third Stop Light which is Hampton Blvd. take a Left

onto Hampton Blvd.,

go approximately 1 mile, make a Right into the Club (immediately after the Second Presbyterian

Church), there are two white pillars at the entrance of the Club, the Club is before the Lafayette River










.L -\O[d+cTU+^TV+cTUV+ZTTYNVOgT[+O[]+U[]NVPSO[]R[_



[NhS+ bT[S\0P+ MU[Z\+ T[+ 1UR]NMR[NP+ O[]+ VUMNP+ ^TV+ ()&!+ MU[Z\NT[+

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2



This month our SOPC luncheon is hosted by




























F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Turkish Women

Thanks to


reforms in the

1930s, Turkish

wo m en we re

o n e o f t h e

e a r l i e s t o f

their gender to

obtain full

political rights

in the world.

Turkish women

have always

been active in

their society. The world’s first female fighter

pilot was a Turk, Sabiha Gokcen, at the age 23

(It is no surprise today that Turkish female

pilots fly modern F-16 fighter jets). Turkey also

had a female Supreme Court justice long

before the United States, and Turkey even had

a female Prime Minister.

Lifestyle and Culture

Life in Turkey is a rich variety of cultures and

traditions, some dating back centuries and

others more recently. There is a great deal

that is exotic, and much that is reassuringly

familiar. The intriguing blend of East and West

makes up this uniquely Turkish lifestyle.

The music of the Ottoman military band,

Mehterân, the oldest military marching band in

the world, ıs known to have significant

influence over the western classical music

composers such as Mozart and Beethoven.

Turkey, over the course of history, has adopted

classical and popular music from the West and

developed genres that combine Western, Asian

and Arabic elements.


Turkish cuisine,

b r i d g e s

between far-

Eastern and


cuisines. Turkish

cuisine is considered to

be one of the

three main

cuisines of the world because of the variety of its

recipes, its use of natural ingredients, its flavours

and tastes that appeal to all palates and its

influence throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East

and Africa.

It includes a wide variety hot and cold hors

d’oeuvers known everywhere as ‘meze’, a wide

selection of grilled meats (kebab), seafood, stuffed

and wrapped vegetables (dolma), savoury pastries

(borek), pilav and dishes with olive oil and butter as

well as a wide variety of desserts among them

Turkish delight, baklava, helva, kadayif and several



The beauty in selecting Turkey for a vacation is that

besides –as an open air museum- being a favourite

for historical and cultural tourism, Turkey offers a

lot in terms of recreations, faith and natural


The House and the Church of Virgin Mary, Hagia

Sophia, Sümela Monaster and small rock churches

of Cappadocia are some of many faith tourism sites

in Turkey. Likewise, Cappadocia fairy chimneys,

Pamukkale terraces of traverten, Manavgat

waterfalls and Turkish straits are some among many

natural wonders that visitors enjoy during their stay

in Turkey.

Rich in tradition and flavour, Turkish coffee and

tea plays an important role in Turkish lifestyle.

The serving and consumption of coffee has had

a profound effect on engagement and gender

customs, political and social interaction, prayer,

and hospitality customs throughout the

centuries. Wherever you go in Turkey, tea will

be offered as a sign of friendship and

hospitality, anywhere and anytime, before or

after any meal.

P A G E 7

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

For Children in Need - ChildFund International!

Buy a gift from ChildFund's Gift


It's a great way to help needy children. The catalog has gifts

as little as $5 and includes items such as developmental games,

toys, seeds to grow produce, or even farm animals.

See the catalog here or go to :


P A G E 8

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2




F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Legally speaking :

debit cards/credit card

-\RP+bT[S\+ WN+OVN+^TZUPR[_+T[+S\N+UPN+T^+ %$,&'()*#%=(*=$=( '6$&#()#$%&'( 9#(%$,&'( )*#%C(D6$=$(E$$=(F*#8(


F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2


!!"#$%&'( "*#%=M( !T[PUbNVP+ N[vTc+ _VNOSNV+ YVTSNZgT[P+



MRbRSN]+ a[TVbOMMc+ ST+ e;Dfw+ O[]+ RS0P+ NOPRNV+ ST+ ]RPYUSN+

Z\OV_NP+T[+ ZVN]RS+ZOV]PL+$[+ O]]RgT[8+cTU+ bOc+\OQN+PTbN+




!!+$,&'( "*#%=M+ 4TUV+ YNVPT[OM+ MROXRMRSc+MRbRS+ W\N[+ UPR[_+O+

]NXRS+ ZOV]+ ]NYN[]P+ UYT[+ S\N+ PRSUOgT[+ O[]+ cTUV+


SVO[POZgT[>R^+ cTU+ [Tg^c+ S\N+ XO[d+ WRS\R[+ SWT+ ]OcP+ T^+ O[+






' &4(.0=/;' )/' 4((0"' %";)%&4/;' )' &"24+' #)%&' +%)/()#=$/TUS+TV+VN[SOM+ZOV+VNSUV[u$9+4)2+


SVO[POZgT[8+RS+ ZTUM]+ SOdN+UY+ ST+ C;+ ]OcP+ ^TV+ S\N+ XMTZd+ ST+ XN+

VNbTQN]L+ #]]RgT[OM+ R[^TVbOgT[+ RP+ OQORMOXMN+ T[+ S\N+ 9-!0P+


F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

News from our ombudsman


The contact information concerning the Advanced Power Boating course:


!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naval Station Norfolk!MWR Sailing Center

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Building LAG-77

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1682 Piersey Street

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Norfolk, VA! 23511


!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE: The address above is for the mailing address.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The physical address is:! Naval Station Norfolk,

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Massey Hughes Drive

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Norfolk, VA! 23512

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHONE:! (757) 444-2918


Just a reminder, this is open to all SACT personnel as well as retirees and DoD civilians, but there

is a small fee for the course.

!They also have sailing courses as well.! After you have the required licenses, then you can rent

boats from the rental fleet.! The center offers a wide array of rental boats from kayaks to 34-foot

keel boats. You can also visit them on-line at:! ! www.discovermwr.com/navalstationnorfolk!

Scroll down until you see MWR Marina and Sailing Center…..check out the adult and junior links

as well as the links for tides and fishing.!


My husband and I both took the two-night evening course from 4-8 pm and thought it was well

worth the small fee.! Just give them a call and tell them you would like to take their advanced

power boating course and ask when the next available class is.!!


Once you take the course, the VA state lic is permanent (ie. No expiration date).!! Just telephone

them or stop by to sign up.!!!


DIRECTIONS - From Gate 2: - from either Hampton Blvd or I-564, come in through gate 2.!

Continue on Maryland Avenue until you reach the water and take a right on Massey Hughes

Drive.! The Marina building is the next building on the left.

DIRECTIONS:! From Gate 3A - from I-564 take gate 3A exit.! Once through the gate, continue on

Bainbridge Avenue and take a left at the second stop light onto Towway Drive.! The Marina is

the next building on the right.

I hope this is enough information for you to!find something for!the newsletter.! Let me know if

you have any questions.! All the best, Cheree


Mrs. Cheree H. Wiegman

HQ SACT Family Support Team Ombudsman

Telephone: 1-757-749-5724

email: HQSactOmbudsman2@gmail.comHQ SACT Family Support Team Ombudsman

P A G E 1 2

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

February 2nd,

Groundhog Day !!!

-::-)#+&3.! 2#$%)(3! 3(0! 3#+'-3-$&! 0&!+3! 3(0! 0I0&3=! +&'!3($.0!


?$#:! $?! +! &-/>01=! '-:0!$#!P%+#30#=! A0#!

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

February 14th, Happy Valentine’s day !!!

Valentine's Day is a holiday

that has traditionally been

the feast day of Saint

Valentine, one of three saints

in the Catholic Church who

were all martyred for their

beliefs or works in the name

of faith. In other European

cultures, Valentine's Day has

its origins in pagan festivals

or natural mating cycles of


As the century progressed,

roses and other tokens of

affection became popular,

and in the 1980s jewelry

companies began promoting

Valentine's Day as an

occasion for g iving an d

receiving fine jewelry and

engagement rings.

Half of those valentines are

given to family members

other than husband or wife,

usually to children. When you

include the valentineexchange

cards made in

school activities the figure

goes up to 1 billion, and

teachers become the people

receiving the most valentines.

Valentine’s Day was brought

to the United States in the

nineteenth century by British

settlers. By 1847, Esther

Howland had made the first

mass-produced commercial

Valentine card in the United

States. By the twentieth

ce nt u r y, t h e g i v i n g o f

chocolates and other gifts

became popular in the United


Valentine’s Day has become a

largely commercialized

phenomenon in the United

States. Stores stock

Valentine's Day-themed plush

animals, snacks, gifts, cards,

and many other products to

capitalize on the holiday's

popularity. The U.S. Greeting

Card Association estimates

that approximately 190

million valentines are sent

each year in the US.

In some North American

elementary schools, children

decorate classrooms,

exchange cards, and are

given sweets. The greeting

cards of these students

sometimes mention what

they appreciate about each


Some people choose not to

celebrate the holiday

because of the large amount

of commercialism that

surrounds the day.

so about 7 hours in total. The drive

is quick to Staunton up the I 64

and then becomes slower but very

scenic as you drive through the

mountains and alongside rivers.

What accommodation did you

have? Cabin in nearby Blackwater

P A G E 1 4

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

February 20th,Presidents’ day

to birthday celebrations throughout the federal

holiday weekend and through February 22. Since

1862 there has been a tradition in the United States

Senate that George Washington's Farewell Address

be read on his birthday. Citizens had asked that this

be done in light of the approaching Civil War. The

annual tradition continues with the reading of the

address on or near Washington's Birthday.

A federal holiday honouring George Washington

was originally implemented by an Act of Congress

in 1880. As the first federal holiday to honor an

American citizen, the holiday was celebrated on

Washington's actual birthday, February 22. On

January 1, 1971, the federal holiday was shifted to

the third Monday in February by the Uniform

Monday Holiday Act. An early draft of the Act

would have renamed the holiday to "Presidents'

Day" to honor the birthdays of both Washington

and Lincoln, which would explain why the chosen

date falls between the two, but this proposal failed in

committee and the bill which passed into law on 28

June 1968, kept the name Washington's Birthday.

As a federal holiday, Washington's Birthday honours

the accomplishments of the man known as "The

Father of his Country". Celebrated for his

leadership in the founding of the nation, he was the

Electoral College's unanimous choice to become the

first President; he was seen as a unifying force for the

new republic and set an example for future holders

of the office. The holiday is also a tribute to his

creation of the first military badge of merit for the

common soldier. Revived on Washington's 200th

birthday in 1932, the Purple Heart medal (which

bears Washington's image) is awarded to soldiers

who are injured in battle. As with Memorial Day

and Veterans Day, Washington's Birthday offers

another opportunity to honour the country's


Community celebrations often display a lengthy

heritage. Historic Alexandria, Virginia, hosts a

month-long tribute, including the longest running

George Washington Birthday parade. At the George

Washington Birthplace National Monument in

Westmoreland County, Virginia, and at Mount

Vernon in Alexandria, Virginia, visitors are treated

In Massachusetts, the state officially celebrates

"Washington's Birthday" on the same day as the

Federal holiday. State law also directs the governor

to issue an annual "Presidents Day" proclamation on

May 29 honoring the presidents with Massachusetts

roots: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Calvin

Coolidge, and John F. Kennedy. Alabama uniquely

observes the day as "Washington and Jefferson

Day", even though Thomas Jefferson's birthday is in

April.In Connecticut, Missouri and Illinois, while

Washington's Birthday is a federal holiday, Abraham

Lincoln's birthday is still a state holiday, falling on

February 12 regardless of the day of the week. Here

in Washington's home state of Virginia, the holiday

is legally known as "George Washington Day."

Today, the February holiday has become well known

for being a day in which many stores, especially car

dealers, hold sales.

Over t i m e,

a s with


federal holidays, few Americans actually celebrate

Washington's Birthday, and it is mainly known as a

day off from work or school.

P A G E 1 5

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

SOPC activity, January 17th


Instructor: Brittany Cooper

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory...

Contact social@sopc.us

P A G E 1 6

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

French conversation Club at the

January 14th

)UV+ _UR]NP+ TrNVN]+ UP + ]RrNVN[S+

S\NbNP+T^+QRPRSL+/RS\+Linda Lilly we

had “Art as a reflection of society”

and “The movements of art from

Medieval Art to Impressionist Art.

John Gulick offered us “The

International works” including the

Flemish, Italian, Spanish, French,

German, Dutch, and American

artists, which reflected some of

our NATO countries. We were 48

persons participating to this nice

visit and most of them had lunch

together at the Museum café.

Don’t forget as well the new glass

exhibit !

In the studio: free demonstrations

Wednesday to Sunday at noon,

Saturday and Sunday at 4

Sessions "Hands-on" in the

workshop can try it yourself

Some Wednesdays :Two-hour

group session

Wednesday to Sunday 2am-4am

Sessions varied from 6 January to

26 February

In the museum we can offer a

glass tour followed by a visit to

the workshop For information and

schedules: www.chrysler.org


Go as well on www.youtube.com /


( 5 m i n u t e v i d e o f o r


search the titles: DAILY FREE



t e a s e r s , G L A S S M A K I N G



P A G E 1 7

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Where to go for Skiing ???

Wintergreen, Virginia reviewed by Marion Roux de Luze

!Why Wintergreen ?

1)It is convenient :

!It takes you 3 hours and a half to go to the resort.*As you know, the kids don’t have a lot of holidays and

Wintergreen is perfect for a 3 or 4 days week end.

We usually go the last week end of January, leaving!on Thursday afternoon!and coming back!on Sunday night.

We rent the equipment on line and!pick up!the stuff the!evening of our arrival!to be ready on the slopes

early in the morning.

!2) It’s confortable

The condominiums are really, really nice, fireplace and hottub most of the time, (nothing to compare to the

tiny!European rental flat !) and directly on the slopes.

Price around 300 $!per night; quite expensive but lovely.

I heard some people prefer to rent a cabin (half of the price) before arriving at the resort (see cabin


Do not forget!that!as military you get 20% off the lodging, lifts and equipment !

!3)Level :

The resort is excellent for beginners and intermediates. No comparaison possible with the Alps !

The domain is not big (easy when you don’t want to loose your kids !). The slopes are quite easy, no real black

ones .

!In conclusion, we love this family place in winter ( except the snow machines working sometimes). We enjoyed

the young south America team working everywhere in the resort. They were very nice and fun.

Watch the website and try the place in summer too for!hiking!, golf and tennis.


SNOWSHOE, West Virginia by Gwénola d’Astorg


Were the skiing conditions good at that time?

The snow was fresh and powdery and we had wonderful sunny days.

How many were in your party?

We were two families : 5 children and 4 adults.

How did you get there? By car from Virginia Beach. The drive took around 6 hours plus time for stops at

scenic overlooks and for lunch. After Staunton, we were driving on country roads, very beautiful and wild. It

seemed like we were arriving in the middle of nowhere !

What accommodation did you have? We booked a condo directly on the loops ...

What level of skier is this resort suitable for? It is suitable for everyone. Beguinners and intermediate will

enjoy this resort a lot. For good skier, they will have fun as well as it is one of the longest skiing trails on the

East coast. They offer 2 different sites to ski, the village is on the top of the mountain and you can ski on each


Is this resort family friendly? Very family friendly with ski school and nursery slopes.

Did you consider it expensive or good value?

Skiing is not cheap un the USA ! Anyway, they offer very good conditions to the miltary families, you can check

on : http://www.snowshoemtn.com/lodging/deals/military-discounts.htm

How would you describe your trip? We spent a very nice time skiing. It was not boring ... large enough not to

feel like always doing the same loops. The landscape around the resort is amazingly beautiful .

P A G E 1 8

Where to go for Skiing ???



When did you go? We have been the past two years during the first week of March (our children’s Spring

Break). We are booked to go again this year too.

Were the skiing conditions good at that time? All the slopes at Massanutten have snow canons – so if the

resort is open there is snow on the slopes. Like most American resorts they also groom their slopes nightly, so

they are in good condition. Both years we have also had some snow on the ground but it did start melting by

the end of our last trip as we were right at the end of their ski season.

How many were in your party? There were four of us last year – myself, my husband and my two children (5

and 6 last year). In 2010, three families went up together and the resort was able to put us in neighbouring

units, so we shared all the meals which was great.

How did you get there? We drove - the real beauty of Massanutten is that it is only about 4 hours drive away.

What accommodation did you have? We rented an apartment that was fantastic called Mountainside Villas. The

units can sleep up to 10; have a double storey window in the living room with fireplace, a large dining area and

well-equipped kitchen. They also have their own private sauna and jacuzzi – perfect after a days skiing. We

booked the unit through the Space Available scheme with the Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC) http://

www.afvclub.com/. Our unit this March is costing us $299 for a 7 day stay! The AFVC offer accommodation all

over the States and even the world to military personal at very reduced prices. They have special offers

regularly (such as our week stay for $299) but their regular price is $349 for a week. We have stayed in a

number of places with them and they have all been great.

What level of skier is this resort suitable for? Massanutten is a great resort for beginners and children. There

are some very nice and generous green and blue runs. If you are an expert skier you would get bored after a

short while as there are only two black runs and slow lifts (although we have never queued for a lift once).

Is this resort family friendly? Yes, definitely. The ski school is brilliant and my children loved the fun, young

instructors and can now both tackle all the slopes at Massanutten. They also offer a childcare for younger

children and if you have slightly older children venturing off on their own, there is only one route on and off

the mountain which gives some piece of mind. The resort has snow tubing, ice-skating, a free swimming pool

and other non-skiing activities. There is also a spa and in the summer its focus turns to its golf courses. Just

outside the resort there is a great indoor water park, which my children just love!

Did you consider it expensive or good value?It is definitely good value for money if you book through the AFVC –

where in the world can you go skiing and pay only $299 for your accommodation for the week? They also offer

military discount on lift passes and equipment rental (but not ski lessons unfortunately).

How would you describe your trip? A fantastic family ski holiday in a small resort in the heart of Shenandoah.

That’s another beauty of Massanutten, you are not stuck up a mountain miles from anywhere – you are in easy

reach of everything the Shenandoah has to offer including Skyline Drive, Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge etc. You

do have to remember that this is a small resort and does not compare to the Alps or Colorado for variety or

difficulty of slopes. However, and it is a big however, it is a fantastic place for children (and adults) to learn

with it’s excellent ski school and forgiving slopes; it is so accessible from the Hampton Roads area and being

available through the AFVC offers amazing value. I would highly recommend it to anyone with family members

who want to learn to ski or want an easy-to-reach skiing get-away.

P A G E 1 9

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Where to go for Skiing ???


F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Your favorite restaurants !!!

Don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions ...

My favorite restaurants in Virginia Beach !

Oh well this is quite a challenge! Not only because

it's such a personal thing, dependent of so many

factors but also because it is really difficult here

since the selection is huge. Unless you're a local or a

very experienced Americanized citizen, you would

be in trouble. From my short experience almost

everything in America tends to be easy and non

bureaucratic except when you go to a restaurant!

Nothing is friendly here when it comes to order

what you would like to eat. For most restaurants, at

least in the Hampton Roads area, nothing is like

you use to find in Europe. For example if you are in

the mood for fish you are first asked to choose the

type of fish, I mean the species. "Oh great this is

like home, easy." Oh, I am afraid you talked to

soon. There you are, you are now officially caught,

exactly as the fish was before you.

Waiter - "Do you want it blackened, broiled or

grilled? What side do you want? You - Baked

potato. Waiter - Oh so what kind of sauce for the

potato? Waiter -You can choose another side.

You- Salad. Waiter - And with what dressing you

would like? Waiter - And what type of topping do

you want for your fish?

Oh God at the time we finish ordering we' re

exhausted and the only thing we want is get out

from there and leave the fish behind surrounded by

all things you had to choose! . But don't get into

despair. After 1,5 year I can assure you there's

hope!. You will learn how to choose from these

many alternatives. Now that I have passed this

"training" period I carefully study the menu and

then when I am sure of what I want, I just go

straight forward to EXACTLY what I want and do

not let myself convince with the vast selections of

things they have to offer. It's very interesting

because sometimes you ended up almost building

your own dish!Anyway, wonderful restaurants

around here, just need to choose adequately and

patiently learn how to choose.

So time to recommend. From my list of five

wonderful restaurants in Virginia Beach I am sure

you can go to all of them and don't being

disappointed! They are all especial in a way and

special for special occasions, appetites or moods.

Give them all a try.

Coastal Grill - Wonderful food. Very cozy

ambiance. There's duck and lamb and other less

common dishes around here. Honest food, I would

say. If I had to eat out everyday for one week I

would undoubtedly come here. Wonderful and very

friendly staff.

Terrapin - When you go in you can definitely feel

some European traces there. I cannot define exactly

why and where but you will know when you're

inside. Fantastic food, huge wine selection.

Sometimes too much sophistication on the main

courses. Waiters tend to choose for you but they do

it right!

One Fish Two Fish - Main reason that made me

choose this restaurant is the location and obviously

the astonishing view. The relationship with the

water is so intimate that you can even get there by

boat. Wonderful to go there and enjoy the outside

area. Delicious food too, by the way.

Steinhilber's - Amazing food. Their lamb is

superb and service is amazingly professional.

Incredible wine list. From what I was told its the

only restaurant in Virginia Beach that is inside a

neighborhood and to stay like that the owners have

to belong to the founding family that runs the place

since the thirties. The dining room is very

interesting to say the least. Quite expensive though.

Leaping Lizard - This is clearly a lunch time

place to go and ideally on a sunny day. Very tiny

doses of wonderful food. Delicious desserts. It's

always crowded so be prepared to wait or go for a

late lunch. Wonderful staff. You would feel like

home ! Bon appetit,

Catarina Lavrador

For the people interested in spending a great time, in a typical American restaurant, with excellent food, don’t miss

the opportunity for having dinner at Wood Chicks in Chesapeake !

This is the perfect place where you can eat the best BBQ in the area, very high quality, inexpensive, very friendly,

informal, and cozy!!!

So, let’s have a dinner at Wood Chick’s. Every day from 7pm to 9.30pm, on Fridays live music! Silvia Martinoni

P A G E 2 1

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Guiding Principles

This event is meant for the pleasure of members of

the HQ SACT Officersʼ Mess and their guests only. As

the event is 63% subsidised, Mess members are

permitted only one guest couple at reduced price.

Additional guests may be invited at full price. Full price

is $93 per person.

Non mess members are permitted to attend at the

discretion of the event organisers. Persons who are

eligible to be regular mess members but choose not to

be members are not allowed as guests. For security

reasons all guests must be properly identified on the

sign up list.

Members are encouraged to sign up in tables of ten.

Tables of less than ten will be divided and/or filled at

the discretion of the organisers.

There is a dress code that will be enforced. Military

Mess Dress or tuxedo, long dresses for ladies.

There is a maximum of 300 for this event. First come,

first served.

Sign up for the event closes at 1200 hrs on 11 April

2012. Addition or deletion of attendees from that point

forward is at the sole discretion of Wayne x4321 who

can be contacted regarding all sign up issues. No one

else is able to amend tables. The attendee list will be

sent out via Cronos on 12 April for review.

HQ SACT Officersʼ Mess

presents 2012 Officersʼ Spring Ball

Friday, 20 April 2012

Hilton Hotel

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

1900-2400 hours

Dress Mess or Tuxedo

Ladies Long Gown

Sign Up at the Mess Office

If you want to bring

guests beyond your

spouse please

contact Wayne Buck

for details


Emma Hart: x3228

Wayne Buck: x4321

$30 pp price includes:

Full sit down dinner

Dancing to a live band

Great raffle prizes

1 hour open bar

Wine on the table

A Great Price

Wayne 2012

Spring Ball 2011

2012 Officersʼ Spring Ball

Presented By

HQ SACT Officersʼ Mess

20 April 2012, 1900-2400 hours

The Hilton, Virginia Beach Oceanfront

You must be registered to attend. The sign up

book will be at the mess counter. This is a sit

down event which means you must select your

entrée when you sign up. The choices will be

beef, chicken or vegetarian.

$30 per person

Dress is Formal. Military Mess Dress or Civilian


P A G E 2 2

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

SOPC Spring Craft-Fair !!!

This event is an opportunity to

show your talents. It will take

place at Lubos on

April 4th 2012. SOPC members

or not are welcome to display

nice crafted goods !!!

P A G E 2 3

F E B R U A U R Y 2 0 1 2

Committee update

Keeping you in touch with YOUR club

Happy New Year Everyone!

Our first SOPC Executive Committee monthly meeting was held January 9th.

We discussed the following topics:

!Members: Karin Balle has joined the membership team and reported we now have 269

members from 30 countries;

January Luncheon; First one held at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club (NYCC) was a

big success with 134 people attending

Benefits: !We are still unable to contact The World Childhood Fund to give them their

December check and may need to re-address this charity. !

Newsletter: Look for our new Restaurant recommendations from members!! And new

topics/articles are always welcome!

Webmaster: Facebook page is updated!

Social Activities:! Funda introduced her new assistant, Monica Pastor.! They are already

planning a lot of great activities for the new year! Ladies please check our website often so

you won’t miss the fun!

Treasurer: We proposed a new accounting system to keep SOPC organizational costs and

Charities monies separate for better accountability.

Next meeting – Board of Representatives will meet 3 February 2012.


Did you know that there is a fantastic booklet containing all the information you need for a

comfortable and happy life in the Hampton Roads Area?

“Helpful Hints for Living in Hampton Roads” is available on the SOPC website and is essential

reading for anyone coming to this area. If you are sponsoring a new family, dont forget to send

them the link, or print a hard copy. Even if you have lived here for many years the “Helpful Hints”

is an invaluable source of reference.

Many hours of hard work by our webmaster and the Legal Assistance Department have gone into

this publication to ensure all the information is accurate and up-to-date for 2010. Click this link to

see for yourself..!(33AQRR

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2

Welcome to our new executive committee members !!!

Hi Ladies, I'm Jo Craig from England and I

moved to Virginia Beach with my husband

David and two children, Jenna (9) and Adam (7),

last August. I will be your new Assistant

Secretary, working with Carol and am very

much looking forward to getting my teeth into

the job! I love to read, go to the gym and

snowboarding. I'm also quite addicted to Angry


looking forward to working in the SOPC as your

photographer and I will try to do my best.

My name is Alexandra Broll and we moved

here in summer 2010.!!I’m from Germany and

a mother of 3 children. Together with Uli we

are going to take lots of pictures of the monthly

luncheons. I’m very motivated to join the

SOPC!!and hope you will enjoy every picture.!

My name is Sally Thurlow and from the 1 st

March 2012 I will be the Treasurer. I am from

Scotland and have been living in Virginia Beach

for 16 months. My husband, Ross, is in the

British Army and we have 1 daughter who is 5

years old. I am looking forward to working with

the committee and being part of the SOPC.

I am Ulrike Glaesser from Germany, we

moved in November 2009. I’m married to

Gerhard and we have 3 wonderful boys. I’m

Hello dear ladies, my name is Alessia

Cazimir and I am the new reservation team

assistant.! I moved to Virginia Beach last

summer, more precisley in August, just after I

finished my graduation in political sicience and

international studies. Here I am representing

Italy because my husband is Italian.! I am

originaly from Moldova but I moved to Italy 8

years ago. I am very glad to be here in the US

and to share this expirience with so many ladies

from different countries. I am looking forward to

be a part of the big SOPC family and to be as

much help as possible to all of you!!!!


Mrs Beth Payne is a lady who does a fantastic wax

328 N Great Neck Rd. #101 (inside Joseph's Hair Salon)


Mobile 757-971-1213 (by appointment only)


We are looking for newsletter correspondents! Would you enjoy writing a monthly

column on any of the following subjects? Your English doesn’t need to be perfect—we

can sort that out here. But we need your enthusiasm, initiative and most importantly,

your point of view! Theatre, Film, the Arts—Concerts & Live Music—Restaurants and

Nightlife—Local events, festivals and fairs—Travel & Sight Seeing—Books. We also love

to receive articles on just about any subject. Remember, if you find something

interesting, so will other people.

So get writing, snap a photograph or two and send it at newsletter@sopc.us or to: SOPC,

1005, Saw Pen Point Trail - Virginia Beach, VA 23455. Thank you for your support.

Gwénola d’Astorg and Alison Rowland, Your Newsletter Editors

P A G E 2 5

Hooray! Your file is uploaded and ready to be published.

Saved successfully !

Ooh no, something went wrong !