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T a s k F o r c e s F l y e r - EARPA

T a s k F o r c e s F l y e r

European Automotive Research Partners Association

Since 2005 EARPA has been creating so-called Task Forces in which

EARPA member experts actively discuss pertinent research topics.

These Task Forces cover the main automotive R&D areas in which

EARPA members are active and have a semi-permanent character;

that is, they are subject to the interest of EARPA members and

thus if this interest changes or ceases, the Task Force may also be

modified or disbanded. On the other hand, new Task Forces may

be started on the basis of members’ proposals and by the decision

of the Executive Board.

In general, the Task Forces perform the

following activities:

• Information exchange on relevant (EU)

developments in their specific areas of


• Discussions on technological developments

and research questions, development

of road maps, etc.

• Support to the Executive Board and

the Secretariat in the event that formal

statements and inputs have to be given

to strategic research agendas of other

stakeholders, position papers, etc.

• Development of project ideas for EU

Framework Programmes, selection and

organization of the process of proposal

initiation, in cooperation with external

stakeholders. (The actual proposal making

is the responsibility of the consortium


developments (e.g. calls in European

Framework Programmes). EARPA members

may participate in any of the Task Forces

according to their interests. The Task Forces


EARPA Executive Board

members elect their chairmen and they

may appoint a secretary to support them

in their organisational activities. The EARPA

Secretariat gives general support to the Task

Forces chairmen/secretary, e.g. by providing

information on external developments.

The progress of the Task Forces work is

supervised by the EARPA Executive Board.

Task Force coordination meetings comprising

all chairmen/secretaries are organised a few

times each year to exchange experiences

and discuss general issues. These meetings

are chaired by the EARPA Executive Board’s

vice-chairman. Progress is also presented and

discussed during the Association’s Annual

General Meeting.

1. Safety

2. Materials, Design & Production

3. Noise, Vibrations & Harshness

4. Modelling & Simulation

5. Advanced Combustion Engines & Fuels

6. Hybrid and Electric Systems & Components

7. Urban Mobility

8. Electronic & Communication Systems

9. Project Management

EARPA Secretariat


The Task Forces form “the heart” of the

EARPA operations. They make their own

planning mainly dependent on external

EARPA Members

Issue Date: September 2012

Issue Date: September 2012

T a s k F o r c e s F l y e r


Task Forces

Main Technolgy Areas



1. Safety

Crash structures, Restraint systems, Human-machine interaction,

ICT based safety systems, (semi-)autonomous driving,

Test & evaluation methods for safety systems

IKA - Mr Urban


2. Materials, Design &


Application of light-weight materials in vehicle structures,

material behaviour, intelligent materials etc.

FhG - Mr Bein


3. Noise, Vibrations &


Noise and vibrations of vehicles, vehicle structures and components,

noise reduction technologies etc.

KUL - Mr Pluymers


4. Modelling & Simulation

Advanced modelling and simulation technologies for R&D of

powertrains and other applications

IFP - Mr Angelberger


5. Advanced Combustion

Engines & Fuels

Future engine concepts for sustainable transport and traffic,

interaction of advanced combustion engines and alternative

fuels, Function development for advanced engine concepts

IFP - Mr De Paola


6. Hybrid and Electric

Systems & Components

Hybrid and full-electric driveline, including control strategies

AIT - Ms Noll


7. Urban Mobility

Deals with non-technical issues related to the demand and

implementation side of technology in Urban Mobility

TNO - Mr Guikink


8. Electronic &

Communication Systems

Addresses specific electronic & communication issues in ITS

IDIADA - Mr Aparicio


9. Project Management

Discussion on FPs rules for participation & Sharing experiences

on EU project management and contracting

TNO - Ms Attané


The above table presents an overview of the

current Task Forces, including contact details

of the chairmen. Please feel free to contact

them directly.

Our Task Forces results

The Task Force system has proved to be a

very efficient and effective way to enable

participation of the members in EARPA

activities and to develop visions and project

initiatives. Various EARPA position papers

have been published and circulated with the

support of experts active in the Task Forces.

Our Task Forces have initiated or supported

various European-funded projects within the

6th and now 7th Framework Programme in

collaboration with industry and suppliers.

In addition, EARPA experts are also actively

participating in the definition of Strategic

research agendas of various European

Technology Platforms such as ERTRAC,

ARTEMIS, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, etc and

as such are discussing with other EU

stakeholders the future of the EU RTD policy

related to automotive transport as well

active in defining innovative ideas for the 8th

Framework Programme.

Any question?

Please contact us or visit our website at


Muriel Attané

Secretary General


36-38 Rue de Joseph II

B-1000 Brussels (Belgium)

Tel: +31 888 668 287

E-mail: muriel.attane@earpa.eu

All position papers as well as information on

our initiated EU projects are available on our


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