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in more then 30 hotels in

Austria & Central Eastern Europe


the austrian

way of meeting

Creative atmosphere, fresh ideas and Austrian hospitality – whether a smaller-scale

meeting, a conference, or an incentive weekend – we are guaranteed to have the venue that is right

for you. Meet in the Imperial Ballroom, at the imperial Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg with view over

Vienna, in the midst of tropical palms or in the new castle Lebenberg with a great view over the Alps

and Kitzbühel – we offer you an individualized conference experience for anywhere from 5 to 4,000

people more than 30 x in Europe.

Contact us: +43/1/699 00-2010, werner.sagerschnig@austria-trend.at

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Austria, at the geographical heart of Europe, is

renowned for its ski resorts set on spectacular

mountains, overlooking crystal-clear lakes and

voluptuously green valleys. Throughout the country are

glorious architectural reminders of the once-powerful

Habsburg, who dominated central Europe for seven

centuries. Nowhere is the legacy more evident than in

the capital, Vienna, with its ornate Opera House and the

former imperial spa residence of the Hofburg. Austria’s

other cities are similarly infused with a historical magic,

notably Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, with

stunning Baroque churches set before a backdrop of

snow-covered peaks, and Innsbruck, in the center of the

Austrian Alps. But Austria is also a hothouse of striking

contemporary architecture, reflecting a modern country

at the forefront of engineering, invention and design,

and whose modern, efficient social system ensures a

high quality of living for most of its residents. Austria

has a justifiable reputation for music, literature and the

arts, but also boasts a gourmet culture. The legendary

Gemütlichkeit – a relaxed enjoyment of life – is in

evidence in the cafes, where the art of coffee-drinking

has been raised to a fine art, and the many Heurigen,

where the latest vintages are accompanied by vast

quantities of food. Nightlife is versatile, offering

laid-back taverns, beer gardens and excellent

après-ski, as well as trendy clubs and dance venues

packed to the small hours.

General Information

Area: 83,858 sq km (32,378 sq miles)

Population: 8.4 million (2009)

Capital: Vienna (Wien)

Geography: Austria is a landlocked country bordered

by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech

Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and

Italy. It is predominantly Alpine. The imposing Dachstein

region of Upper Austria, the massive Tyrolean peaks,

the lakes of Carinthia and Salzkammergut, the River

Danube and the forests of Styria are outstanding

features of the country.

Language: Officially German.

Time: GMT +1 (GMT +2 from last Sunday in March to

last Sunday in October).

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Round 2-pin

European plugs.


Currency: Euro

Credit Cards: Major credit cards and travelers checks

are accepted in large cities and tourist areas.

Travelers Checks: These are widely accepted.

Banking Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri

8:00AM-12:30PM and 1:30-3:00PM. Thurs

8:00AM-12:30PM and 1:30-5:30PM. Different opening

hours may be kept in the various federal provinces. The

exchange counters at airports and at railway stations

are generally open from the first to the last plane or

train which usually means from 8:00AM-10:00PM

including weekends.

Public Holidays

Apr 22, 2011 Good Friday

Apr 25, 2011 Easter Monday

May 1, 2011 National Holiday

Jun 2, 2011 Ascension Day

Jun 13, 2011 Whit Monday

Jun 23, 2011 Corpus Christi

Aug 15, 2011 Assumption

Oct 26, 2011 National Day

Nov 1, 2011 All Saints' Day

Dec 8, 2011 Immaculate Conception

Dec 25, 2011 Christmas Day

Dec 26, 2011 Boxing Day

Jan 1, 2012 New Year's Day

Jan 6, 2012 Epiphany

International Travel

Air: Austria has two national airlines, both part of the

Austrian Airlines Group (www.aua.com): Austrian

Airlines (OS) and Austrian Arrows (VO).

Approximate Flight Times

London to Salzburg is 1 hour 45 minutes, to Vienna is

2 hours and 10 minutes

London to Innsbruck is 2 hours

New York to Vienna is 9 hours

Los Angeles to Vienna is 15 hours

Singapore to Vienna is 14 hours

International Airports: Vienna (Wien-Schwechat) (VIE)

(www.viennaairport.com) is 18 km/11 miles southeast

of the city. Airport buses run between the airport and

the South Train and West Train Station (travel time

30 minutes). Rail service is available at frequent

intervals. Local rail (S-Bahn) services run to the city

center (travel time 25 minutes). The City Airport Train

travels express from the City Airport Terminal located

at Vienna Mitte (travel time 16 minutes). Taxis are

available to the city and can be found north of the

Arrivals Hall. A chauffeur-driven car service is also

available from the Arrivals Hall.

Innsbruck (Kranebitten) (INN)

(www.innsbruck-airport.com) is 5.5 km/3.5 miles west

of the city. Bus services are available every 10 minutes

to the city center (travel time 15 minutes). Taxi services

are also available.

Salzburg (Maxglan) (SZG) (www.salzburg-airport.com)

is 4 km/2.5 miles west of the city. Bus services depart

to the city center (travel time 15 minutes). It is also

possible to go by train (travel time 15-20 minutes).

Klagenfurt (Wörther See) (KLU)

(www.klagenfurt-airport.at) is 4 km/2.5 miles from the

city. Bus and taxi services are available.

Linz (LNZ) (www.linz-airport.at) is 10 km/6 miles from

the city. Taxi and bus services are available.

Graz (GRZ) (www.flughafen-graz.at) is 10 km/6 miles

from the city. Buses operate. Taxis are available and

there are hourly train services.

Social & Business Customs

Food: Austrian cuisine is strongly influenced by

southeast European cuisine notably that of Hungary,

Serbia, Romania and Dalmatia. Many of the simpler

meals are often made with rice, potatoes and dumplings

with liquid sauces. Open all day, the Austrian coffee

shop is little short of an institution.

Drink: Whisky, gin and imported beers are on the

expensive side but local wines are excellent and cheap.

Most of the wines are white but there are also good

reds. Registration laws mean that the quality of the wine

will be fully reflected in its price.

Nightlife: The Austrians believe in "early to bed and

early to rise" so nightlife in Vienna is relatively quiet.

One of the best ways to spend an evening is in one of

the wine gardens found outside the towns.

Shopping: High-quality goods, handbags, glassware,

chinaware and winter sports equipment represent the

cream of specialist items. A 20% to 32% value-added

tax (called MWST) is included in the list price of items

sold and tourists can claim a partial refund on this tax

on unused goods, which are taken with them when they

leave Austria.

Shopping Hours: Shops and stores are generally open

Mon to Fri 8AM-6PM. Big shops and stores in tourist

resorts now open until 9PM. Saturday opening hours

are 12-5PM.

Social: Austrians tend to be quite formal in both their

social and business dealings. They do not use first

names when being introduced but after the initial

meeting first names are often used. Handshaking is

normal when saying hello and good-bye. It is considered

impolite to enter a restaurant or shop without saying

Guten Tag or more usually Grüss Gott; similarly, to leave

without saying Auf Wiedersehen can cause offense. If

invited out to dinner, flowers should be brought for

the hostess. The Church enjoys a high and respected

position in Austrian society, which should be kept in

mind by the visitor.

Tipping: Is widespread but large amounts are not

expected. On restaurant bills a service charge of

10-15% is included, but it is usual to leave a further 5%.

Attendants at theaters, cloakrooms, petrol pumps, etc

expect to be tipped 50 cents. Railway and airports have

fixed charges for portage. Taxi drivers expect EUR 2 for

a short trip and 10% for a longer one.

Business: Austrians are quite formal in their business

dealings. A working knowledge of German will be very

advantageous. Office hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-12:30PM

and 1:30-5:30PM.


Austria enjoys a moderate continental climate.

Summers are warm and pleasant with cool nights, and

winters are sunny with snow levels high enough for

winter sports.

Austria / Vienna

Incentives and Meetings in Austria

For years, Austria has been top-listed in international

rankings as a location for meetings, events and

conventions for many reasons – start with its easy

accessibility in the very heart of Europe. Add

economic and political stability and a high level of

security which many organizers consider paramount.

The country offers not only an ideal setting for

touristic activities and state-of-the art infrastructure,

but scores extra points with its high standards of

service. Austrian hosts specialize in providing

tailor-made offers for every request and every


You want your event to be hosted at an exceptional

location people will still be talking about in years to

come? No problem.

You need a multi-functional conference center for

thousands of delegates for your convention? With


It is this flexibility and professionalism which

convinces a growing number of decision-makers in

international associations and large corporations as

well as in small businesses to host their events in


Contact Information

Austrian Business and Convention Network -

Österreich Werbung

Margaretenstraße 1

1040 Vienna


Contact: Alexander Kery,

Managing Director

Phone: +43 1 5886 6267

Fax: +43 1 588 6642

Email: convention@austria.info

Website: www.convention.austria.info

Member of: ICCA, UIA

Convention Bureau Services

Who ever said that professional advice and full-range

service need to be pricey? We at the Austrian Business

and Convention Network (abcn) make it our business to

advise and support you in looking for a perfect location

and organizing your event as best we can – and free of

charge to boot.

In doing so, our intimate familiarity with the country in

which we have been living, working and spending our

holidays for many years, is our prime asset. Moreover,

we cooperate closely with the convention bureaus in

Austria’s provinces – with their in-depth know-how, they

will help you fine-tune every offer to perfectly fit

your wishes and needs.

Arriving in Austria

Austria is ideally situated in the heart of Europe and has

no less than 6 airports. With a wide range of flights

to and from Austria, Austrian Airlines AG is the ideal

partner to the Austrian convention business. As well as

the perfect flying infrastructure the Austrian Federal

Railways (OEBB) network covers some 11,000 km/6,836

miles and is fully integrated into the European railroad


By Air From


Brussels 1.50

Berlin 1.15

London 2.15

New York 8.50

Paris 2.00

Rome 1.45

Moscow 3.00

Zurich 1.20

By Train To


Budapest 2.35

Frankfurt 5.29

Munich 1.29

Prague 4.45

Ljubljana 2.10

Austria / Vienna

Public Transportation

General Information

Wherever you go, the Austrian public transportation is

pleased to help you find your way. Most large cities and

towns feature several forms of public transportation,

including underground systems, buses, tram lines and

suburban railways which means getting around without

a car is generally not a problem. Austria's rail network

is comfortable, reliable and fast. The main rail website

(www.oebb.at) offers excellent information on timetables,

services and discounts.

General Information


Throughout the world, Austria is famed for the hospitality

and sociableness of its people. Whether at a typical

Heurigen wine tavern in Vienna, a Carinthian skiing lodge

or a gourmet restaurant in Vorarlberg - whoever comes

here in the company of friends or business partners will

stay on for hours on end, not least because there is

so much to enjoy. The tasty Austrian cuisine has won

acclaim far beyond the country’s borders, serving

traditional dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel

(Viennese-style escallops) or the legendary

Kaiserschmarren (torn, sugared pancakes with raisins)

alongside creative re-interpretations of traditional fare.

Because of that fabulous gastronomic wealth, separate

culinary regions have been designated, each with their

own specialties – from freshly caught Saibling trout in the

Ausseerland to spicy Pinzgau alp cheese, bean salad with

pumpkin seed oil in southern Styria, or tender venison

roast of Hochschwab deer. Austrian wines are

appreciated throughout the country and way beyond: In

addition to premier white wines, a growing number of

red wine varieties are garnering international awards.

Apart from the long-standing vintners, a new generation

of fledgling wine makers has been stepping into the

limelight recently.


Austria’s climate is moderate and agreeable. While

temperatures are higher in the eastern regions (hot

summers, moderately cold winters) they are cooler in the

mountain areas (shorter summers, longer winters). May,

September and October tend to be the driest months,

April and November are the wettest periods.

Customs Regulations

For European Union (EU) citizens, the regulations

applicable within the European Union apply. Travelers

from non-European countries require a valid passport that

entitles them to a three-month stay in Austria. Visitors

from these countries may only import "personal travel

goods" customs-free, i.e. such goods as they need on a

temporary basis for their personal use or consumption or

to exercise their profession.


The currency unit used in Austria is the EURO. 1 Euro =

100 cent Bank notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500

Euros and coins of 1 and 2 Euros as well as of 1, 2, 5,

10, 20 and 50 cents are in circulation. Foreign currency is

exchanged at all banks at the official exchange rate.

VAT Refund

For purchases exceeding EUR 75, travelers residing

outside the European Union may apply for a

reimbursement of value-added tax (VAT), provided these

goods are exported and the required export customs

formalities are completed. The required forms are

available in shops and stores displaying the "tax-free"

sticker. www.globalrefund.com

Venues For Group Events

Winners of international awards Isn’t it fascinating how different meeting venues can be? From a rustic hunting lodge

with a private fishery to an ultra-chic luxury locality downtown, or a spacious, hyper modern conference center able to

cater to some 10,000 delegates. What they all have in common is state-of-the art facilities and the fact that they have

been thoroughly vetted by ABCN and the convention bureaus and can therefore be wholeheartedly recommended. Our

choices have been endorsed by independent, international bodies. In 2004, the Bregenz festival and congress center on

Lake Constance received the APEX Award as one of the top three congress centers world-wide.

The major industry trends at a glance ABCN is one of five co-organizers of the annual access trade fair: This Austrian

specialized fair provides a unique platform for over 200 exhibitors from all fields of the conventions, meeting and incentive

industry. A great number of national and international trade visitors attend access to find out more about what is new in

the industry.

ABCN partners Who would be more familiar with what a region has to offer than the people who live there? For this

reason, we at ABCN work closely together with our partners, the Convention Bureaus in Austria’s provinces. They assist

us in choosing a destination and come up with proposals for the right location for your event. Our local counterparts are

always abreast of the latest developments and can recommend the best conference hotels, convention centers, venues

and accompanying programs.

Places Of Interest

Regions of interest Visitors who get to know Austria on business often develop a fondness for this country. No wonder:

the sheer beauty and diversity of its natural scenery is overwhelming. Think of sun-kissed Burgenland with its wide

stretches of steppe landscape and hundreds of birds species, think of the gently rolling hills of the Wachau valley and

its idyllic, terraced vineyards along the banks of the river Danube, or of Austria’s alpine west with its imposing mountain

ranges and extensive alpine pastures. Think of lakes and rivers so clean you can drink their water, think of crisp mountain

air that reinvigorates with every breath you take, ideal to draw energy and inspiration for novel plans and ideas. And

not to forget a myriad of opportunities for hiking and mountain biking, cannoning and rafting, but also skiing, snow-shoe

rambling or cross-country skiing – a perfect counterpoise to intellectual flights of fancy.

Historic Sites Whatever location you have in mind for your event in Austria, the next town or city with a panoply of cultural

attractions is only a stone’s throw away. Often, historic old city centers can be found side by side with futurist architecture

that has caused a buzz internationally, such as the Kunsthaus art gallery in the old town of Graz whose facade shimmers

in all shades of blue, or the soberly elegant Lentos Museum in Linz on the river Danube. It is always worthwhile to stroll

aimlessly through the medieval streets of Vienna, Graz or Salzburg, to soak up the atmosphere, and to stop by at one of

the venerable coffee houses for a bracing Melange (cappuccino style coffee with milk) and a home-made apple strudel.

Austria / Kitzbühel



Country Rating 5*

Lebenbergstrasse 17

6370 Kitzbühel


Phone: +43 5356 6901 0

Fax: +43 5356 6901 88

Email: bankett.schloss.lebenberg@austria-trend.at

Website: www.austria-trend.at/leb

Rooms: 150

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 150

Location: Kitzbühel

Contact: Mrs. Najda Stampfer,

Banquet Manager

Member of: Verkehrsbüro Group

Affiliation: Austria Trend Hotels & Resorts

Airport: Salzburg International Airport 81 km/50 miles,

Innsbruck International Airport 95 km/60 miles and

Munich International Airport 164 km/100 miles

Train: Main Train Station 2 km/1 mile

Above the roof tops of the city, with panoramic views

over the Kitzbüheler Alps, the Hotel Schloss

Lebenberg glistens in its renewed splendor. Where

nobility once resided you are today greeted by 150

stylish guest rooms and suites. Pampering and

enjoyment are the main themes of the hotel, reflected

throughout the whole establishment. On the roof top

of the hotel you will find the jewel in the crown,

the wellness oasis with 360° panoramic views. An

amazing atmosphere and the wide range of wellness

treatments leave nothing to be desired. Benefit as

well from the unique premises of the Hotel Schloss

Lebenberg and make your event shine in exceptional

splendor. Welcome!

Hotel Amenities

150 stylish guest rooms and suites in different categories,

5 function rooms, all equipped with the latest audio-visual

and conference technology, Beauty and Vitality Tower,

46 m/148 feet long Panorama Pool, herb sauna, infrared

cabin, steam bath, big Finnish sauna with panoramic

views from the top of the hotel, fitness area, solarium,

outside-parking, parking garage, Restaurant Residenz,

lobby and hotel bar, lounge with open fireplace and

library, conservatory, sun-terrace, shuttle service to the

city center.

Guest Room Features

The rooms are equipped with bath and/or shower/toilet,

most with balcony or terrace, hairdryer, safe, radio, flat

screen satellite TV, DVD player, Internet access,

telephone and minibar.

Services Available to Planners

Wireless LAN in the lobby and conference area free of

charge, welcome desk in the lobby and conference area,

business lunch, coffee break at the private conference


Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

Business Day Conference All Year Double 1/1 250* 180*


Includes 1 night accommodation with breakfast, meeting room for one day, overhead projector, flipchart, 4

non-alcoholic drinks per person in the meeting room, 3-course business lunch, morning and afternoon refreshment

breaks with tea/coffee, mineral water, fruit juices and fruits, 4-course dinner. Service and taxes. *Minimum rate

Business Half Day Conference


All Year Double 1/1 231* 168*

Includes 1 night accommodation with breakfast, meeting room in the morning or the afternoon, overhead projector,

flipchart, 2 non-alcoholic drinks per person in the meeting room, 3-course business lunch, morning or afternoon

refreshment break with coffee/tea, mineral water, fruit juices and fruits, 4 course dinner. Service and taxes. *Minimum


Themed Events

Leisure Time and Sports Kitzbühel‘s famous downhill ski run, the Streif, is only one of the exciting experiences to

discover in the region. The leisure activities abound: mountain railways and the skiing paradise of Kitzbühel, the idyllic

Schwarzsee lake, tennis courts, the beautiful old town of Kitzbühel as well as the extensive hiking and biking area.

Kitzbühel has 4 golf courses and is well known as the golf Eldorado of the Alps.

Fitness - Wellness - Beauty Enter the beautiful wellness area with its charming panoramic indoor pool, sauna, steam

bath, solarium and gym. The daily fitness program completes the offer. Enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere. Treat

yourself to pure well-being after an intense workday.

Conference and Event Facilities

The Hotel Schloss Lebenberg offers the perfect setting for meetings and conferences. 5 function rooms offer space

from 32-420 sqm/344-4,521 sqft and all are equipped with modern conference technology (beamer, DVD player, WLAN,

flipcharts, screen, overhead projector, and lectern) and can be flexibly arranged for seminars and presentations. Our team

will support you with the planning and organization of your event and will assist you in any way required.

Room Name

Area in


Theatre Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Alpenblick 4521/420 400 210 105 105 400 210

Kitzbüheler Horn 1938/180 180 90 46 46 150 90

Gobelinsaal 872/81 80 50 40 40 80 50

Hahnenkamm III 388/36 34 18 10 10 32 18

Hahnenkamm II 377/35 34 18 10 10 32 18

Hahnenkamm I 344/32 32 16 8 8 30 16

Booking Instructions

Directly with the Banqueting office

Tel +43 5356 6901 818

Fax +43 5356 6901 862

Email: bankett.schloss.lebenberg@austria-trend.at

Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JBL

Service Included in Packages

Taxes Included in Packages

Austria / Salzburg

About Salzburg

We offer more! With the city of Salzburg as a cultural

hot spot and the Salzburger Land mountains and

lakes nearby, Salzburg is a perfect setting for any

kind of meeting. From the city, the Salzkammergut

lake district and the alps that beckon with a surfeit

of activities are virtually at your doorstep. Let the

Salzburg Convention Bureau be your partner. The city

has much to offer: 2 trade fair centers, 9 congress

centers, numerous event locations (baroque to

modern), 84,531 beds in 1,500 hotels (5-Star, 4-Star

and 3-Star category).

Contact Information

Salzburg Convention Bureau

Auerspergstrasse 6

5020 Salzburg


Contact: Mrs. Heidi Strobl & Mr. Klaus Schmidhofer,

Head of Convention Bureau

Phone: +43 662 88987 271

Fax: +43 662 88987 535

Email: convention@salzburgcb.com

Website: www.salzburgcb.com

Member of: ACB, ICCA

Convention Bureau Services

"No such thing as can’t do" - The Salzburg Convention

Bureau is the central marketing platform for all matters

concerning meetings, incentives, congresses and events

in the city and surrounding province of Salzburg. The

members of the Salzburg Convention Bureau offer the

best locations and infrastructure for any occasion – from

small business meetings to large international events.

We take care of:

• Finding the ideal venue

• Reserving a sufficient number of hotel rooms

• Compilation of a custom-designed program of side


• Publishing the dates in the Salzburg event calendar

• Organizing a Salzburg service provider guaranteed to

pass the site inspection

• Personalized pre-event administration of advice and

support for all your needs.

All these services and many more are provided free of

charge, regardless of how large or small your event is

to be. Interested? We look forward to convincing you of

our qualities as host and organizers in the near future.

Contact us now! We're always delighted to deal with your


Arriving in Salzburg

Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart is located about 5 km/3

miles from the city center. Daily flight connections to

Amsterdam, Berlin Tegel, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt,

Hamburg, Cologne, London Gatwick, London Stansted,

Palma de Mallorca, Rotterdam, Vienna, and Zürich. The

Munich Airport/Germany is only a 90 minutes drive from


By train: Salzburg to Munich 1.5 hours and to Vienna 2.45


Venues For Group Events

By Air From


Berlin Tegel 1.05

Frankfurt 1.00

Düsseldorf 1.15

Hamburg 1.15

London 1.50

Rotterdam 1.30

Vienna 0.40

Zurich 1.05

By Train To


Vienna 2.45

Munich 1.30

Amadeus Terminal 2 up to 1,200/ banquet style Check in at amadeus terminal 2, the only venue linked up to an airport

and watch your event take off! www.amadeus-terminal2.com

St. Peter Stiftskeller up to 270/ banquet style A glorious past and a magnificent present in Central Europe's oldest

hostelry, since 803 AD. www.haslauer.at

Residenz zu Salzburg up to 360/banquet style in one room the splendor of yesterday for the events of today.


Burgsaal Festung Hohensalzburg up to 250/banquet style in one room The ancient hall of the 900-year-old fortress

in Salzburg, gazing across the city, hosts events in a very unique atmosphere. www.salzburghighlights.com

Castle Hellbrunn with Gassner Locations up to 1,200/banquet style The mansion provides a perfect and exclusive

framework for your event or celebration. www.hellbrunn.at www.gassner.tv

Kavernen 1595 up to 240/banquet style This is a unique and special venue inside the Mönchsberg mountain.


Stiegl Brauwelt & StieglKeller up to 400/ banquet style in one room Austria's largest privately owned brewery,

as well as the StieglKeller - overlooking the old part of Salzburg - the best of Salzburg hospitality. www.brauwelt.at


Places Of Interest

Salzburg Old Town UNESCO World Heritage Site The highlights include the Cathedral, St. Peter’s Monastery and

Cemetery with its early Christian catacombs as well as Mozart's birthplace and residence and a lot more!


Fortress Hohensalzburg This over 900-years old monument is one of the largest existing 11th century fortresses in

Europe. www.salzburg-burgen.at

Hellbrunn Summer Palace, Trick Fountains and Zoo Hellbrunn was built at the beginning of the 17th century as a

venue for celebrations. The complex includes the palace and secondary buildings, the gardens with their baroque flower

beds and ponds, the hedges and avenues lining the English park and the trick fountains featuring the Roman Theater.


Film Location of The Sound of Music


The Salzkammergut - with its deep blue lakes and picturesque towns. www.salzkammergut.at

The Hallein Salt Mines and Celtic Museum Hallein is an ancient Celtic salt-mining town located some 20 km/12 miles

to the south of Salzburg. www.salzwelten.at

Giant Ice Cave Werfen - the largest system of ice caves on our planet! www.eisriesenwelt.at

Kitzsteinhorn Glacier Zell am See Kaprun The new PeakWorld 3000 enables to feel and experience the fascination,

energy and uplifting atmosphere of the High Alpine Region with all your senses. www.kitzsteinhorn.at

Austria / Salzburg



Auerspergstrasse 6

5020 Salzburg


Phone: +43 662 88 98 70

Fax: +43 662 88 987 210

Email: sales@salzburgcongress.at

Website: www.salzburgcongress.at

Location: City Center Salzburg


Barbara Schwaiger, CMP and Alexandra Meixner, CMP,

Sales & Marketing Manager


Airport: Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart 2.5 km/1.6 mile,

15 minutes

Train: Salzburg Main Station 0.7 km/0.4 mile,

5 minutes

Accommodation: 10,706 beds

Salzburg Congress offers complex, flexible, yet purist

and practical infrastructure and has already become

one of the top destinations for the staging of all kinds

of congresses, conferences, meetings and events.

Salzburg Congress, Salzburg Information and

Tourismus Salzburg GmbH are all owned 100 % by the

city of Salzburg. Being closely bound to the region‘s

tourist infrastructure and as the "official congress

centre" for Salzburg means we can offer the

synergies and added value of a wide range of

cooperative agreements with other city-run


Services Available to Planners

Salzburg Congress offers the assistance of a team of true

professionals that makes your goals their own. These

people are familiar with the congress building, its many

facilities and options, know the city inside out and know

right the people to call to provide the services you need.

General Description Meeting &

Event Facilities

Meeting Rooms

The flexible spatial concept at Salzburg Congress center

opens up new perspectives for all kinds of events. Feel

free to come and discover the well-thought-out and

detailed solutions for the halls, rooms and foyers. This

flexible multiplicity of form allows the interior of this

building to change almost completely, while the

remains unchanged.


The Europa hall is the centerpiece of the Salzburg

Congress complex and can be found at the heart of the

powerful hull structure. A total of 1,100 sqm/11,841 sqft

make it the largest and most impressive room in the

entire building. A system of segment-like hub podiums

enable seating to be arranged both in the traditional

theatre row style, rising to the back; or all on one level if

desired. Stage size can also be determined at will.


The first floor provides the largest open space for

communication in the whole building. The flexibility of

space and the undivided floor surface make it possible

to organise up to five 'breakouts' to the neighbouring

Karajan and Wolf-Dietrich halls allowing for a broad range

of planning options. This is an ideal venue for events,

exhibitions and displays, catering and for relaxation areas

for your guests, providing a view of the picturesque

Mirabell gardens.

Conference & Event Facilities

The flexible spatial concept at Salzburg Congress center opens up new perspectives for all kinds of events. Feel free to

come and discover the well-thought-out and detailed solutions for the halls, rooms and foyers.

This flexible multiplicity of form allows the interior of this building to change almost completely, while the remains

unchanged. Room design flexibility enables the building to accommodate up to 15 conference rooms with a capacity of

20 to 1,320 guests.

The building has a total capacity of 2,500 guests, is barrier free and disabled-friendly.

Room Name

Area in


Exhibition Area in


Theatre Classroom U-Shape Reception Banquet

Mozart-Hall* 4693/436 4693/436 480 290 -- 500 280

Mozart-Hall 1 786/73 --/-- 60 37 -- 80 40

Mozart-Hall 2 700/65 --/-- 60 37 -- 75 40

Mozart-Hall 3 710/66 --/-- 60 37 -- 75 40

Mozart-Hall 4 893/83 --/-- 75 46 -- 90 50

Mozart-Hall 5 904/84 --/-- 75 46 -- 90 50

Karajan-Hall* 3165/294 --/-- 324 180 -- 300 180

Karajan-Hall 1 1012/94 --/-- 63 42 -- 100 45

Karajan-Hall 2 1120/104 --/-- 81 64 -- 120 65

Karajan-Hall 3 1012/94 --/-- 63 42 -- 100 45

Wolf-Dietrich-Saal* 1787/166 --/-- 180 118 -- 180 100

Wolf-Dietrich-Saal 1 947/88 --/-- 66 48 -- 110 50

Wolf-Dietrich-Saal 2 958/89 --/-- 78 48 -- 30 40

Exhibition-Foyer 7934/737 7934/737 -- -- -- -- --

Europa-Hall with balcony 11,842/1100 --/-- 1324 620 -- -- 650

Europa-Hall without balcony 9419/875 --/-- 934 620 -- -- 441

Paracelsus-Hall 969/90 --/-- 72 60 27 100 50

Trakl-Hall 969/90 --/-- 72 60 27 100 50

Doppler-Hall 969/90 --/-- 72 60 27 100 50

Trapp-Room 754/70 --/-- -- -- 22 -- --

*These halls can be subdivided, providing 15 meeting rooms

Additional Information

Equipment Supplied By Center

Loudspeaker system, lectern and microphone, wired microphone, radio microphone, screens, video projectors,

simultaneous interpreter cabin, flipcharts, ISDN line, VLAN. However, we can supply any material upon request

Services Supplied By Center

Technical support, security, electricians, hostess, stage hands, entrance control.

Supplied By Local Vendors

Translators, courier service, decoration service, musicians, tour guides, side programs.

Ferry Porsche Congress Center

Salzburg/Zell am See, Austria

Austria / Salzburg/Zell am See

Brucker Bundesstraße 1a

5700 Salzburg/Zell am See, Austria

Tel +43 65 42 474 75

Fax +43 65 42 474 7575

Email info@fpcc.at

Website www.fpcc.at

Location In the middle of the pedestrian zone, in the very

heart of Zell am See


Alexander Höller, Managing Director

Booking Instructions

Directly with the Ferry Porsche Congress Center by

Email: info@fpcc.at

Tel +43 6542 474 75

There are many reasons why the Ferry Porsche Congress Center (built in 2007) is regarded as the address of first choice. Its extraordinary architecture highlights in the

most striking way the magnificent surrounding scenery of the lake and mountains. Its central location ensures that hotels and restaurants can easily be reached on

foot. Attractive all year around! The variety of possibilities for your side events surrounding this exceptional Congress Center is no less than outstanding. Even more

than lake and mountains!

The Ferry Porsche Congress Center meets every demand and has been designed to provide maximum flexibility.

Whether it is a concert, an art exhibition or a conference: the interior of the FPCC adapts easily to the requirements of any particular event. On an overall area of

1,360 sqm/14,640 sqft, up to eight rooms are available as separate units. Up to 850 visitors can be seated at tables while the arrangement of the chairs in rows allows

for accommodating even 1,000 guests. A special highlight is the 800 sqm/8,612 sqft open-air area with the picturesque Alpine panorama as a background.

Area/Room Name Indoor Outdoor Reception Banquet

Buffet Buffet Reception/Banquet Reception/Buffet Reception/Buffet

Stand-Up Seated




Red Box 1 Yes 400 210 350 190 180 320 170

Red Box 1 + 2 Yes 850 330 800 310 250 780 240

Blue Box 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 Yes 500 240 450 220 180 430 170

FPCC exclusiv Yes 1200 850 1000 650 650 1000 630

Green Box Yes 300 144 250 120 110 220 100

open sapce Yes 1000 -- -- -- -- -- --


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Austria's Capital is a European Gem

By Nancy Mann Jackson

Freyung, V

ach year, nearly 400 international and

national conventions and meetings choose

Eto locate in Vienna, making the city one

of the leading convention destinations in the

world. Situated on the Danube River and

known for its music, art and cuisine, Austria’s

capital is also a popular incentive destination,

notes Gertraud Fischer, Marketing Assistant at

the InterContinental Vienna.

“Vienna combines a famous imperial

heritage with a modern lifestyle,” adds

Christian Mutschlechner of the Vienna

Convention Bureau. “However, what our visitors

say [is that] Vienna is less stressful and also

very easy to navigate – a city that is easy to


For environmentally-conscious groups,

Vienna is an ideal destination for planning and

implementing sustainable meetings. Known as

an extremely safe and clean city, Vienna has a

long tradition in environmental initiatives, such

as professional waste management, as well as

an extensive public transportation system and a

reputation as a green city with many parks.

Meeting Facilities

Whatever the size of your group, Vienna has

the infrastructure in place to meet your needs.

“Our large conference centers – the Austria

Center Vienna and the Reed Messe Wien – can

accommodate events up to 30,000 delegates,”

Mutschlechner says.

The city also offers a wide range of

meeting space located in hotels. Some of the

most popular meeting properties

include the Hilton Vienna,

InterContinental Wien, Austria

Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna, NH

Vienna Airport, Vienna Marriott,

Radisson SAS Palais Hotel and the

Imperial Riding School Vienna, a

Renaissance Hotel, most of which

are situated around the city park.

Recently, Palais Events,

Radisson SAS Style Hotel, Palais

Niederösterreich and the Steigenberger

Hotel Herrenhof announced

they are working together in

offering a new MICE venture – the

“Palaisviertel” in Vienna’s famous

Herrengasse. Combined, the three

historic meeting venues – Palais Ferstel, Palais

Daun-Kinsky and Palais Niederösterreich – and

the hotels offer 31 meeting rooms with more than

3,000 sqm/32,395 sqft of meeting space right

in the heart of Vienna. The hotels contribute 274

guest rooms to the mix.

Attractions Abound

After hours, Vienna offers a wide range of

options for entertainment and recreation. The

top draw for side programs is Schönbrunn

Palace, the Summer Residence of the

Habsburgs, which offers “a fantastic Palace

with a huge garden,” Mutschlechner says. In

addition to Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna has

a wide variety of former palaces that are

• Climate: Vienna has a humid continental

climate, with average high summer

temperatures of 22-26°C/72-79°F and

lows of around 15°C/59°F. Winters are

cold with temperatures at freezing point.

Spring and autumn are cool to mild.

• Currency: Euro

• Transportation: Vienna International

Airport offers transatlantic flight

connections to more than 150

international destinations. A City Airport

Train transports airport passengers to the

city center within 20 minutes. Vienna also

has an extensive train and bus network,

and the train network is the third largest

in the world.

• Contact: For more information about

meeting in Vienna, contact the Vienna

Convention Bureau by visiting



now open to the public and can be rented

for groups for evening events, such as Palais

Ferstel or the Palais Pallavicinie.

Most of the city’s museums are also

available for evening functions. For instance,

at the Museum of Fine Arts a group may

combine a dinner function with a private

tour to see the most famous paintings of the

museum, which include the largest Breughel

collection in the world.

For a more contemporary feel, planners

can book one of the modern venues at the

Danube, overlooking the whole city with a

view to the Vienna woods.

Architecture buffs won’t want to miss

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is Vienna’s

most famous landmark and Austria’s most

eminent Gothic edifice. And the Ringstrasse,

or Ring Boulevard, one of the city’s main

thoroughfares, is flanked by museums,

parliament, city hall and numerous city

mansions, representing a variety of

architectural styles.

While in Vienna, groups will want to

sample the city’s eponymous cuisine; Viennese

cuisine is the only cuisine in the world to

be named after a city. “Its dishes have their

origins in countries all over Europe,” Fischer

says. “Yet the culinary tradition owes its

unmistakable touch to the creativity of the city’s

chefs.” Most popular Viennese dishes include

the evergreens: wienerschnitzel and sachertorte.

And speaking of food, it’s important to

note that Vienna is the capital city with the

greatest number of vineyards located inside

its limits. As a result, groups often enjoy

spending an evening in one of the local wine


Just outside Vienna, groups can tour the

famous Danube Valley Wachau, a region of

beautiful old villages, steep vineyards and

medieval castles. On a boat trip through this

astounding landscape, visitors can discover

the old wine-merchants town of Krems, visit

the magnificent Benedictine Abbey of Melk, a

masterpiece of Austrian Baroque architecture,

and see the castle of Dürnstein where King

Richard Lionheart once was imprisoned while

waiting for his ransom to arrive from England.

The largest lake in Austria, Lake Neusiedl, is a

60-minute drive from Vienna. I&MI

Construction is underway on ME Vienna, a new hotel by Sol

Melia to be located on the banks of the Danube River. The hotel will

occupy the first 15 and top two floors of a new 58-story tower that,

when complete, will be Austria’s tallest building. The hotel, which

will include 255 guest rooms, is scheduled to open in 2011.

Welcome to the

Palais Ferstel – Café Central

Palais Daun-Kinsky – Börsensäle Wien

Located in the heart of one of Vienna’s oldest and most

beautiful areas, the first district, you will find the famous Palais

Ferstel, Daun-Kinsky and Börsensäle Wien. Through providing

3 buildings of historical significance, Palais Events offers

unparallelled ideas and possibilities for all kinds of events from

20 up to 750 guests. The historic Café Central and its traditional

confectionery complete our culinary offer. Furthermore, the central

location and the easy access to extensive transport facilities to reach the

3 Palais venues, directly in the city center of Vienna place the

3 Palais among the top addresses in town.

Contact: Mr. Kay Fröhlich, Sales & Marketing Manager

Tel +43 1 5333 7630 or Email: office@palaisevents.at

Website: www.palaisevents.at

Palais Ferstel

Palais Daun-Kinsky

For more information on these suppliers,

visit www.i-mi.com

Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna

• Hilton Vienna

• InterContinental Wien

• Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center

• Palais Niederösterreich

• Radisson SAS Palais Hotel

• The Imperial Riding School Vienna,

a Renaissance Hotel

• Vienna Convention Bureau

• Vienna Marriott Hotel



A Tough Ticket, But Worth It

The Spanish Riding School is the oldest and last Riding School in the world where classic

dressage is still practiced in its purest form. Founded in 1572, its name was derived

from the fact that the famed Lipizzaner horses were of Spanish origin. The Riders of

the Spanish Riding School train the horses and perform in the Winter Riding School in

the Vienna Hofburg (Imperial Palace) in a splendid Baroque hall built by Josef Emanuel

Fischer von Erlach between 1729 and 1735. The magnificent rooms are adorned with

chandeliers and set off the performance to best effects. Tickets are expensive, but the

elegant and complicated performance is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Beware: The shows

are often booked for months in advance, and in July and August the horses enjoy a welldeserved

summer break.

Address: Michaelerplatz 1

Phone: +43 1 533 90 31

Web: www.srs.at/en/

Pondering the Past

History buff alert! In a simple glass case in Vienna’s Naturhistorisches

Museum you’ll find one of the earliest images of the body made by

humankind – carved some 25,000 years ago. The famous Venus of

Willendorf was sculpted from limestone and is one of three such figurines

recovered from Paleolithic archeological sites at Willendorf in 1908

by Austrian archeologist Josef Szombathy. Even though the Venus of

Willendorf is one of the oldest and most famous ladies in all of art history,

she’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Her 10-cm/4-inch

high frame isn’t the most realistic of figures, but it’s surmised that her

exaggerated female attributes have something to do with ancient culture’s

great reverence for woman’s ability to bear children. Event planner alert!

The Domed Hall of the Natural History Museum is available for corporate

and special events.

Web: www.nhm-wien.ac.at/

The Only One of Its Era

One of Vienna’s most recognizable attractions,

the Giant Wheel is located in a large

wooded park and playground known as the

Prater. It was built in 1897 by an English

engineering firm and is the only one of its era

still standing (the ferris wheels in Chicago,

London, Blackpool and Paris have long since

been destroyed). The wheel, with its 15

gondolas, takes 20 minutes to revolve and

offers magnificent panoramic views of the city.

If you’re looking for something special, you

can book a romantic dinner for two, a cocktail

reception, café, party, or other event for up to

12 people in a specially designed “cabine.”

Address: Prater 90

Phone: +43 1 729 5430

Web: www.wienerriesenrad.com

Café Culture

Café Central is probably one of the most famous cafes in the world due

to its high profile clientele, which included famous artists, writers and

intellectuals such as Lenin and Trotsky. The grand, cathedral-like setting,

with its marble pillared hall and soaring ceiling, is a fine setting for the

excellent coffee and Apfelstrudel that they serve, along with an assortment

of other desserts and pastries for tea. Light lunches are also served, and

the menu includes a variety of provincial dishes and Viennese specialties.

Piano music plays daily from 5pm.

Address: Herrengasse 14

Phone: +43 1 533 3764

12 incentives & Meetings international march/april 2011

A Viennese Institution

There are quite a number of markets where

you can buy fresh vegetables and assorted

tidbits, but Naschmarkt is more than that – it’s

a Viennese institution dating back to the 16th

century. The location itself is spectacular:

Wienfluss, Vienna’s second river, was roofed

over during the 19th century. Some dealers

put up their stalls on top of this roof and today

Naschmarkt is a unique architectural landmark

with a mixture of Austrian traditions and oriental

influences. It’s a great place to shop for goodies

or have lunch at one of the many stalls, coffee

shops and restaurants. And on Saturdays,

Vienna’s major flea market sells everything from

junk to fine antiques – just get there early!

Web: www.wien-vienna.com/naschmarkt.php

Home of the Hapsburgs

The magnificent Schönbrunn Palace was used

as the summer residence of the Hapsburgs

from the 18th century onwards. Set among

beautiful gardens, this vast, symmetrical

structure is everything you would imagine an

imperial palace to be. A tour offers visitors

the chance to view the superb assortment of

Baroque and Rococo State Rooms and admire

the famous ceiling frescoes of the Great Gallery

and the Hall of Mirrors, where Mozart once

played. The vast gardens are popular with

locals and tourists alike, and include a zoo, a

maze and labyrinth. Also within the grounds,

the Orangery plays host to classical concerts

during the summer season.

Address: Schönbrunner Schloss Strasse 13

Phone: +43 1 8111 3239

Web: www.schoenbrunn.at

Three places. One par tner.

Our 3 historical event venues: The Palais Ferstel with its

traditional Café Central, the Palais Daun-Kinsky and the

Börsensäle Wien are considered to be the most elegant

and outstanding event sites in Vienna. All premises provide

magnificent and unequalled settings for impressive events,

(press-)conferences, presentations, gala dinners, stylish cocktail

parties and any other exclusive events accommodating up

to 735 people. Additionally we offer you special rates for your

stay in Vienna with our hotel group Austria Trend Hotels &

Resorts. Furthermore, the central location and favourable

situation with regards to transport facilities of the Palais –

directly in the city centre of Vienna – sets the 3 Palais amongst

the top addresses in town.

Contact & Information

Mr. Kay Fröhlich Tel +43/1/ 533 37 63 - 0 sales@palaisevents.at, palaisevents.at


march/april 2011 incentives & Meetings international


Austria / Vienna

About Vienna

Vienna is a metropolis of fascinating diversity. It is

a centuries-old cultural center and a former imperial

residence, a modern capital with a cosmopolitan flair

in the heart of Europe, an economic cross-roads and

a seat of the United Nations. At the same time Vienna

is also known as a city in which the "good life"

tempts visitors to indulge in apple strudel and Sacher

cake. Both of these aspects can be very rewarding,

giving Vienna the strength that comes with diversity

and variety. With its 3 convention centers,

magnificent palaces and museums, unusual venues

and more than 70 conference hotels, Vienna offers

venues for every taste and budget. More than 400

hotels, outstanding infrastructure and the

professional assistance of the Vienna Convention

Bureau contribute to Vienna’s top ranking amongst

the leading conference destinations in the world.

Contact Information

Vienna Convention Bureau

Mailing address: Obere Augartenstrasse 40

Visiting address: Untere Augartenstrasse 38/Top 5

1020 Vienna


Contact: Christian Mutschlechner,


Phone: +43 1211 14500

Fax: +43 1214 6117

Email: christian.mutschlechner@vienna.info

Website: www.vienna.convention.at

Member of: SITE, ICCA, UIA, DMAI

Convention Bureau Services

Non-profit, neutral one-stop shop to the destination,

guidance through your planning stages including:

• requesting bids from properties to fulfill your


• writing out your business to local DMCs and PCO

• planning of site inspections

• providing free of charge digital pictures, digital city

maps and posters to publicize your event

• information on Vienna to all participants at the

convention or incentive venue free of charge

• announcement of the event free of charge in the Vienna

Convention Calendar

• reactivity and flexibility to respond to requirements and

to find solutions to ensure success

Arriving in Vienna

Airport Vienna-Schwechat is located 16 km/10 miles

from downtown Vienna and combines an extensive route

network and perfect infrastructure as well as high

comfort and excellent orientation systems, with an

extensive range of air connections between Eastern and

Western Europe. That makes Vienna International Airport

a gateway to the entire world for business and private

travelers. The City Airport Train (CAT) takes its

passengers non-stop from the City Air Terminal in the

heart of Vienna to the airport. Check-in for departing

flights at the CAT terminal in the city center. Bratislava

Airport is only 60 km/37 miles from Vienna. Numerous

trains and buses run daily between Vienna city and

Bratislava Airport. The transfer time lies between 75 and

120 minutes depending on traffic.

By Air From


New York 9.10

Chicago 10.40

Boston 10.20

Washington, D.C. 9.20

Dallas 13.15

Denver 14.15

Los Angeles 13.05

Austria / Vienna

Public Transportation

Trains, subways and buses

Vienna can be easily discovered by public transportation.

Vienna offers a most modern and efficient network with

5 underground lines, 28 tram routes and 107 bus routes

(including night lines). It is safe, clean, efficient and easily

accessible. Operating hours daily from 5AM to 12:30AM

with short waiting times. Visitors have a wide choice

of tickets. The 24-hour rover ticket for EUR 5.70, the

72-hour rover ticket for EUR 13.60, the 8-day strip ticket

for EUR 28.20 (also suitable for several people traveling

together), and the weekly ticket for EUR 14.00, valid

Monday to Sunday, offering simplicity and flexibility for

your transport during your stay in Vienna.


A taxi can be ordered calling the following numbers: 31

300, 40 100, 60 160. Fares are indicated on officially

tested and approved taximeters. Surcharge for taxi

ordered by phone of EUR 2.00. There is also a special

surcharge for fares to and from the airport outside the

Vienna City limits, and taxis are reliable and safe way to

get around our city.

General Information

Arts / Theater

Vienna is the world's musical capital, given its glorious

past in the field. There are many ways of crowning a day

in Vienna with an uplifting cultural experience: the Vienna

Boy's Choir, a performance of opera, operetta or musical,

good jazz and modern pop. Theater covers the entire

creative spectrum from the Burgtheater (the oldest and

largest dramatic theater in German-speaking Europe), to

avant-garde experimental theater in all major languages.

Sport / Leisure

Vienna is an extremely green city offering many sporting

opportunities. For instance, bikes can be rented for

sightseeing along marked cycle-paths on the famous

Ring Boulevard. You can also go rowing along the "new

Danube", rollerblading on the Danube Island or just

strolling along the many hiking-paths in the Vienna



MuseumsQuartier Wien ii one of the ten largest cultural

districts in the world, and features everal eminent and

important cultural centers, includingthe Museum of Fine

Arts which is one of the most eminent museums with

the largest Bruegel collections in the world. Albertina is

a famous graphic collection including Dürer’s The Field

Hare and Klimt’s studies of women. MAK, the Museum for

Applied / Contemporary Art shows furniture, glass, china,

silver, and textiles from the Middle Ages to the present

day. Liechtenstein Museum has one of the most extensive

collections of Rubens. Belvedere shows major works by

Schiele and Kokoschka as well as Gustav Klimt's

legendary painting The Kiss.


The shopping opportunities will fit every purse, from the

exquisite pedestrian zone in the inner city offering stylish

boutiques and some glamour, to the less expensive

shopping area of the Mariahilfer Strasse with lots of

choice, to the vibrancy and variety of the flea-market

each Saturday at the end of the Naschmarkt.

Wining & Dining

Many different parts of Europe have influenced Viennese

cuisine over the course of the centuries. Viennese

cooking is traditional, popular and well known, but at

the same time young chefs love to reinterpret it. There

are many first-rate restaurants, from simple bistro to

luxury gourmet that will be happy to pamper you and

your guests. An evening at a Heuriger, the guarantee of a

relaxing, typically Viennese evening with wine, music and

traditional winery cuisine, not to be missed!

Venues For Group Events

Austria Center Vienna / Events for up to 10,200 persons Ideal for large conventions with related exhibitions, trade

shows, corporate meetings as well as banquets and balls. 17 halls with capacities ranging from 100 to 4,320 as well as

170 breakout rooms. 4 connected exhibition halls covering an area of 12,918 sq.ft.

Hofburg Vienna / Banquet Seating 650 The glittering state rooms of the Imperial Palace, the former winter residence

of the Hapsburgs, provide an impressive backdrop for very special events. Meeting facilities for up to 2,500 people in 26

halls. Centrally located with some 7,500 hotel beds within walking distance.

Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center / Events for up to 30,000 persons Inaugurated in 2004, the Messe

Wien Exhibition & Congress Center sports the latest technical features and outstanding modern architecture. The

multifunctional facilities opens up a wealth of opportunities for organizers of local and international trade shows,

conferences, product launches and events. 15 halls for 70-1,500 persons, 592,000 sq.ft. of exhibition area.

Orangerie Schönbrunn / Cocktail for 750 The Orangery with its royal ambience and class is available for all kinds

of events, offering the setting of exclusivity you are accustomed to expect. Seated dinner for up to 450 persons, and a

delighthful setting for any event.

MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) / Banquet Seating 500 Built in Renaissance style, the Museum of Applied Arts is one

of the many magnificent pieces of architecture lining the Ringstrasse boulevard. Since its refurbishment it has numbered

among the world’s most progressively designed museums. Its elegant arcades and columned hall are ideal for events for

up to 500 people.

platinum vienna / Cocktail for 950 Vienna's most modern event location, suitable for receptions catering for up to

950 guests and gala dinners with up to approx. 450 guests. The multi-purpose function rooms are equipped with

state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.

Remise / Banquet seating 1.320 The former tramway depot, located close to the city center, is an unique and attractive

event location, thanks to its special offers and professional event management expertise. The former depot with flair and

original charm of an old building offers extremely flexible possibilities for holding a perfect event.

Places Of Interest

St. Stephen’s Cathedral The gothic cathedral in the city center was the site of Mozart's funeral in 1791. Its lace-stone

spire has become Vienna's signature, and is one of the foremost places to visit when taking in the city. Guided tours


The State Opera Once conducted by Mahler and Strauss, it stages top performances of the classic operas. Frequent

tours of the crystal and red velvet interior are available at EUR 5.00, and offer a fantastic way to enjoy the sights of Vienna

and its cultural riches.

Imperial Palace This enormous complex is a bold symbol of the power that the Hapsburg monarch once held in Europe.

The decorated suites of Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elisabeth can be viewed. Also on the grounds are the Imperial

Treasury with its display of Crown Jewels and the Imperial Chapel where reservations are required two months in advance

to attend the Sunday Mass with the Vienna Boys Choir.

Spanish (Winter) Riding School In the baroque riding hall, the graceful Royal Lipizzaner white stallions train and

perform, and you can witness this extraordinary spectacle, please note that performances must be booked at least three

months in advance (from EUR 25.00).

Schönbrunn Palace Empress Sisi’s former summer residence. This baroque complex contains an enchanting park, the

Palm House, the Gloriette and a zoo.

Art Nouveau "To the Age its Art – to Art, its Freedom." This is inscribed above the portal of the Secession, one of the

most famous art nouveau buildings dating from around 1900. Inspired by this motto, eminent painters, architects and

designers created fascinating art which is admired all over the world to this day.

Austria / Vienna





Reed Messe Wien GmbH

Messeplatz 1

1021 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 72720 0

Fax: +43 1 72720 2359

Email: congress@messe.at

Website: www.messecongress.at

Location: City center

Contact: Mag. Renate Dobler-Jerabek,

Director Congresses & Events

Member of: ICCA, MPI, UFI, PCMA, ACB

Airport: Vienna International Airport 20 km/12 miles

Train: Adjacent to the subway stations "Messe Prater"

and "Krieau"

Accommodation: 3 hotels with 872 rooms in the

vicinity, two of within walking distance.

The Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center has

large expanses of exhibition space in which

outstanding architecture, quality furnishings and

equipment create a perfect setting. The modern steel

and glass complex includes the Congress Center,

boasting four divisible halls, all linked with a 450

m/1,476 ft mall, offices and meeting rooms, spacious

foyers, registration areas and lounges, as well as

restaurant and coffee areas. Most of the buildings

have flexible partition walls, and can be combined

virtually at will to create facilities with floor areas of

between 500 sqm/5,382 sqft and 60,000 sqm/645,834

sqft. Our advantages include a flawless organization,

quick, direct access by subway, nearby hotels and

parking spaces within close walking distance.

Services Available to Planners

A team of experienced professionals awaits the organizer

to assist with the needs of each unique event and

provides audio-visual support, catering, stand assembly

and decorating, furniture rental, Internet, WLAN

telecommunication, freight forwarding, medical service,

cleaning/refuse removal, cloakroom attendants, fire

guards, security, signage, photographers, news stand,

print-shop, plant displays and on-site parking.

General Description Meeting &

Event Facilities

Meeting Rooms

Seating for up to 3,300 persons is available in 4 meeting

areas on two floors. Each of these areas can be divided

by means of high-quality partition walls, thus creating a

total of up to 18 individual meeting spaces. Seating and

conference technology can be installed according to the

particular needs and profile of each individual event.


The venue provides a total of 46,000 sqm/495,190 sqft

of gross exhibition space in three halls and one

multi-purpose hall of 9,000 sqm/96,885 sqft. Two of the

four halls have variable partition walls. A 450 m/1,500

ft long mall connects the halls, the Congress Center and


Conference & Event Facilities

With 7,000 sqm/75,350 sqft of meeting space, the Congress Center boasts up to 18 meeting spaces. Offering flexible

seating and partition walls throughout the facility, the most diverse types of events can be accommodated. Depending on

room allocation needs and delegate numbers, the Congress Center can also be used in combination with the exhibition

halls, mall and foyers.

Room Name

Area in


Exhibition Area in


Theatre Classroom U-Shape Reception Banquet

Hall B --/--



-- -- -- -- --

Hall A, C each --/--



-- -- -- -- --

Hall D --/-- 95,464/8868 -- -- -- -- --

Room Strauss 1+2+3 15,243/1416 --/-- 1410 830 -- -- 700

Room Strauss 1, 2 each 5027/467 --/-- 460 240 -- -- 218

Room Strauss 3 5232/486 --/-- 450 240 -- -- 218

Foyer Strauss 3757/349 --/-- -- -- -- -- --

Business Suite 1+2+3+4 11,077/1029 --/-- 1020 540 -- -- 430

Room Lehar 1+2+3+4 16,210/1506 --/-- 1005 528 -- -- 700

Room Lehar 1, 2, 3, 4 each 2767/257 --/-- 210 110 62 -- 100

Foyer Lehar 5060/470 --/-- -- -- -- -- --

Room Stolz 1+2 5350/497 / 410 230 -- -- 200

Room Stolz 1, 2 each 2670/248 --/-- 190 104 52 -- 100

Foyer Stolz 6427/597 --/-- -- -- -- -- --

Room Schubert 1+2+3 3025/281 --/-- 240 120 72 -- 96

Room Schubert 4+5+6 3025/281 --/-- 240 120 72 -- 96

Room Schubert 1 - 6, each 1012/94 --/-- 80 120 72 -- 96

Foyer Schubert 3692/343 --/-- -- -- -- -- --

Business Suite 1 581/54 --/-- 40 18 18 -- --

Business Suite 2 452/42 --/-- 30 16 16 -- --

Business Suite 3 409/38 --/-- 24 12 16 -- --

Business Suite 4 538/50 --/-- 32 18 18 -- --

Office 1 743/63 --/-- 28 16 18 -- --

Office 2 1077/100 --/-- 33 16 14 -- --

Galerie Lounge Area 1808/168 --/-- -- -- -- -- --

Many galeries and galery combinations available, ranging from 172 sqft/16 sqm to 344 sqft/32 sqm.

Additional Information

Equipment Supplied By Center

All standard equipment and furniture is supplied by the Congress Center.

Services Supplied By Center

Catering, electrical and water installations, Internet and telecommunication, cleaning and refuse removal, assistance with

obtaining official permits, on-site parking.

Supplied By Local Vendors

Audio-visual equipment and technical support, stage construction, registration services, stand assembly, decorating

service, furniture rental, security staff, conference hosts/hostesses, cloakroom attendants, medical staff, fire guards,

plant displays, freight forwarding, signage, simultaneous interpreters, photographers, news stand.

Austria / Vienna



Im Alten Landhaus, Herrengasse 13

1010 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 907 62 99

Fax: +43 1 907 62 99 11826

Email: office@palais-niederoesterreich.at

Website: http://www.palais-niederoesterreich.at

Location: City center

Contact: Mrs. Birgit Hackenauer,

Managing Director

Member of: ACB, VCB, CBNOE

Airport: Vienna Schwechat 18 km/11 miles

Train: Westbahnhof (terminal westbound) 3 km/2 miles

Conference & Event Facilities

The four magnificent state rooms on the first floor have been restored down to the smallest detail and have full

air-conditioning with the most modern technical equipment. We cooperate with various high quality catering companies

in order to make your event a tremendous culinary success as well.

History of the Landtagssaal:

This room was erected in the 16th century in Renaissance style and decorated with valuable frescos by Antonio Beduzzi

in 1710. The Landtagssaal offers 346 sqm/3,725 sqft, steeped in the magic of centuries. For meetings, festive occasions,

concerts, and fashion shows for up to 340 guests.

History of the Rittersaal:

A place of decisions for centuries. On the justice throne, richly decorated with gold, the federal marshals passed sentence

in the 17th century. Today the historical throne ensemble still dominates the room, which is entered through three large

double doors, created by Thomas Abdank.

History of the Herrensaal:

Walking up to one of the large windows in the Herrensaal, one looks today still right at the Minoritenkirche (Church of the

Minor Friars), just as centuries ago, when the members of the upper classes met in this hall, which has room for up to

120 guests. 120 sqm/1,292 sqft of history for lectures, seminars and small functions.

History of the Prälatensaal:

After a varied history, the Prelates Hall today radiates new splendor once more with its valuable silk wallpaper in warm

golden hues. 81 sqm/872 sqft for up to 70 persons, for lectures, seminars and meetings.

Life’s Festive Occasions:

The later Gothic Landhauskapelle has room for up to 50 people and is, combined with celebrations afterwards in the state

rooms, for life’s greatest festive occasions.

Room Name

Area in


Exhibition Area in


Theater Classroom U-Shape Reception Banquet

The Palais Niederösterreich is the building that

housed the medieval estates, this is where the

revolution of 1848 started. This is where the first

Republic of Austria was founded in 1918. And this is

where the Provincial Government and the Provincial

Parliament of Lower Austria had their seat from 1922

on. Herrengasse, between City Hall and the Hofburg,

in the center of the Republic. A place where history

is alive. Today - and tomorrow. In a historic building

in the middle of Vienna one finds a unique venue for

events with the most up-to-date equipment. Since

2005 the Landhaus was lovingly renovated and

restored following guidelines for the protection of

historical monuments. The four magnificent state

rooms on the first floor have been restored down to

the smallest detail and are fully air-conditioned and

equipped with the most modern technical equipment.

The Landhauskapelle (chapel) and three additional

seminar rooms, named after famous former

Governors of Lower Austria, are to be found on the

ground floor. Palais Niederösterreich provides

unforgettable surroundings for events for up to 670

participants. Seminars, conferences, cultural events,

banquets, product presentations, exhibitions, balls

and events – everything is possible.

Meeting Rooms in the


/ /

Landtagssaal 3725/346 --/-- 330 140 70 340 220

Herrensaal 1292/120 --/-- 100 54 26 120 60

Rittersaal 1798/167 --/-- 140 70 40 150 100

Prälatensaal 872/81 --/-- 60 32 24 70 40

Seminar Rooms in the


/ /

Steinböck 581/54 --/-- 35 20 16 -- --

Hartmann 506/47 --/-- 35 18 14 -- --

Reither 344/32 --/-- 12 6 -- -- --

Additional Information

Equipment Supplied By Center

At a charge: Simultaneous translation booth, tape/CD recorder, microphones, projectors/screens, remote control cords,

podiums, blackboards, pads, pens, pencils, name cards, mobile phones, video-beamers.

Services Supplied By Center

At a charge: security, maps/brochures distribution, box office, attendee registration, hostesses, catering, decoration.

Supplied By Local Vendors

Tours/entertainment, insurance, simultaneous translation, PCO service, photographer, musicians.

General Description Meeting &

Event Facilities

Meeting Rooms

LandhausKapelle/Gotisches Zimmer - Originally the home

of the so-called Staende, the political representatives of

upper classes, knights, prelates and towns. The Staende

were the precursors of the Lower Austrian Parliament.

The Staende acquired the Landhaus in 1513 in order to

be near the reigning prince and to hold assemblies in

Vienna. Precious interiors such as the Landhauskapelle

and the Gotisches Zimmer have remained from this late

Gothic building.


Grosser Saal - With its vault erected in the middle of

the 16th century, this conference hall was built in

renaissance style and decorated in the baroque period

with precious frescos that symbolize glory and honor. In

the 18th and 19th centuries the large Landhaussaal was

a very popular ballroom and concert hall, where many

important first performances took place.

Austria / Vienna




Country Rating 4*

Parkallee 2,


2334 Vienna


Phone: +43 169 900

Fax: +43 169 900 692

Email: eventhotel.pyramide@austria-trend.at

Website: www.austria-trend.at/epw

Rooms: 458

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 300

Location: On Vienna's doorstep

Contact: Daniel Zierl,

Director of Events & Congresses

Member of: RTK - Round Table Konferenzhotels

Affiliation: ICCA, ACB - Austrian Convention Bureau,

ABTA - Austrian Business Travel Assoc.

Airport: Vienna International Airport 25 km/15.5 miles

Train: Main train station 5 km/3 miles

Austria Trend Eventhotel Pyramide and the Congress

Center Wien is Austria's first "All-In-One" venue on

the event and congress market. The perfect

combination guarantees unforgettable events and

experiences. A 4-Star plus hotel with 458 rooms plus

the Event-Pyramide (twice as large as the pyramid at

the Louvre in Paris) with tropical plants, housing up

to 4,000 guests, the state-of-the-art congress center

for up to 2,000 people, and 110,000 sqm/1,184,150

sqft for outdoor events with a large swimming lake.

Easy access from the motorway (A2/A21/S1), the

ideal location opposite Europe's biggest shopping

center, with more than 1,100 parking spaces combine

to provide an outstanding location. All guests can

indulge in the wide choice offered by our wellness

and swimming area covering over 5,000 sqm/53,825

sqft. Sauna, massage, fitness, swimming and

whirlpool are just some of the elements which

guarantee total relaxation.

Hotel Amenities

3 restaurants for up to 1,100 guests, laundry service

(except on weekends), ticket service, gift shop, desk for

transfers/car rentals.

Guest Room Features

All 420 guest rooms and 38 suites are decorated in

inviting, bright colors and equipped with air-conditioning,

direct-dial telephone with voicemail, minibar and safe,

22 satellite TV and radio programs, Pay-TV, modem

connection (on request), bath with hairdryer. A new

Executive floor including 38 Executive Rooms and an

Executive Lounge with free high-speed WLAN.

Services Available to Planners

Hospitality desk, full service of dedicated event and

congress staff, liaison with preferred partners such as

event agencies, technical professionals.

Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

All in One All Year Business 1/1 163* 121*

Includes 1 night accommodation, breakfast, main conference room, standard technical equipment, pin board, flipchart

and screen, writing pad and pencil, mineral water in the conference room, morning coffee break (tea, fruit juice, Danish

pastries and fresh fruit), afternoon coffee break (tea, fruit juice, snacks and fresh fruit), light business lunch or dinner

buffet with hot and cold starters, salad, choice of main course and dessert, all drinks and coffee are included for one hour

during the business lunch. Service and taxes. *Minimum rate.

Day Conference Package

DELUXE EUR 60 p.p.

All Year -- -- -- --

Includes Meeting room rental, welcome with tea and coffee, fresh fruit juice and Danish pastries, video projector,

morning coffee break Danish pastries and petit fours from our own patisserie, snacks in the afternoon and a variation of

antipasti sticks. Service and taxes.

Themed Events

Dinner & Crime During an elegant dinner a murder is discovered, the perfect performances of the actors make your

guests into detectives, solving the mystery.

Conference and Event Facilities

24 conference rooms (up to 4,000 persons) and innumerable group breakout rooms, all with natural daylight and

decorated in inviting colors, provide space for all types of meetings.

Room Name

Area in


Theater Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Europa 1 1830/170 150 90 48 -- 130 150

Europa 2 1830/170 150 90 48 -- 130 150

Europa 3 1830/170 150 90 48 -- 130 150

Europa 4 8080/750 600 460 200 -- 650 500

Europa 1-4 14,000/1300 1100 850 -- -- 1050 1150

Europa 5,6,7, each 1290/120 100 70 40 -- 100 100

Pacific 1+2+3 2580/240 300 210 80 -- 190 210

Atlantic 1240/115 140 90 50 45 90 100

Wintergarten 6350/590 350 -- -- -- 490 250

Austria 1+2+3+4 410/38 28 20 16 10 25 20

Event-Pyramide 30,130/2800 2200 1100 -- -- 4000 1600

Safari 495/46 35 24 20 20 30 30

Caribic 290/27 -- -- -- 10 -- --

25 Salons, each 270/25 -- -- -- 10 -- --

Booking Instructions

Contact Sales Office

Tel +43 1 699 00 ext. 3117

Email: bankett.eventhotel.pyramide@austria-trend.at

Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

American Express, VISA, Diners Club, MasterCard

Service Included in Packages

Taxes Included in Packages

Austria / Vienna




Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

All In One All Year Superior 1 208 145.50

Includes 1 night accommodation, buffet breakfast, meeting room rental, 2 coffee/tea breaks, business lunch buffet, 4

soft drinks per person, overhead projector, integrated screen and beamer (in ballroom), flipchart, pin board, paper and

pens. Service and taxes.

Full Day Meeting Package

EUR 63 per person

All Year -- -- -- --

Includes Meeting room rental, 4 soft drinks per person, 2 coffee breaks with Danish pastry or sandwiches, 3-course

lunch, standard conference equipment (OHP, integrated screen, flipchart, pin board, paper and pens). Service and taxes.

Themed Events

Kosher Events In cooperation with Mr. Rabbi Niasov, we prepare kosher menus for 80 to 350 people in a special banquet

cuisine with kosher dinnerware, flatware and cookware. Celebrate your Barmitzwa, wedding or other Holidays at the Hotel

Savoyen Vienna. We will be happy to arrange a variety of events to delight your guests.

Cooking Competition This extraordinary event caters for all five senses. Under assistance of three renowned professional

chefs de cuisine, the teams cook on three stages in order to persuade the jury. The audience enjoys culinary delights

and a hosted live transmission with live music. At the end, we provide you with a video tape as a souvenir. Included:

Kitchen, cookware, flatware, stage and dance floor, host, audio and light engineering, camera crew, food and drink, staff,

decorations, live band.

Hsitorical Vienna Enjoy the culture, cuisine and delights of this, one of Europe's finest cities. We will be happy to arrange

a variety of events to enchant your guests.

Conference and Event Facilities

The hotel’s facilities combine elegance with functionality. The grand ballroom allows for countless variations, providing

an area of 1,056 sqm/11,368 sqft and accommodating as many as 1,000 guests.

Room Name

Area in


Theatre Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Ballroom Olympia-Mancini 11,368/1056 1000 800 130 -- 1000 700

Ballroom section 1 2411/224 260 140 62 -- 200 180

Ballroom section 1a, 1b each 1227/114 100 62 30 28 120 80

Ballroom section 2, 3 each 4478/416 400 220 78 -- 350 240

Ballroom section 3a, 3b each 2282/212 180 108 48 -- 180 120

Paris 543/50 30 20 16 16 30 16

Wien 520/48 30 24 18 24 40 36

Turin 543/50 40 30 22 24 40 36

Paris + Wien 1063/99 60 56 30 38 80 56

Wien + Turin 1063/99 80 66 36 44 80 72

Paris + Wien + Turin 1605/149 135 100 54 62 100 88

Ludwig, Philipp each, 7th floor 362/34 24 16 14 16 25 16

Johanna , Louise each, 8th floor 312/29 24 16 14 16 25 16

Country Rating 4* Plus

Rennweg 16

1030 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 206 330

Fax: +43 1 20633 9110

Email: sales.savoyen@austria-trend.at

Website: http://www.austria-trend.at/sav

Rooms: 309

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 200

Location: Located in the midst of Vienna´s diplomatic

quarter, next to the city center and the Belvedere Palace

Contact: Ms. Natalia Morvay, BSc.,

Director of Sales & Marketing

Member of: Verkehrbüro Group

Affiliation: Austria Trend Hotels & Resorts

Airport: Vienna International Airport 18 km/11 miles

Train: Train Station 300 meters/1,000 feet

Welcome to the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna!

Located in the midst of Vienna’s embassy district

the hotel serves as an ideal base for forays through

Vienna’s Old City, as well as for business

appointments elsewhere in the city center. The

magnificent park grounds of Belvedere Palace are

only a stone’s throw away. The sight of this hotel

reflects elegance, modernity, tradition and perfect

service. A fulcrum of activity, yet also a place of

relaxation and ease. Housed in the former building

of the Austrian State Printer, the hotel represents an

architectural bridge from the past to the future.

Hotel Amenities

Wellness and fitness club with sauna and steam, 2

restaurants, 2 bars, parking garage, car rental, concierge


Guest Room Features

309 modern rooms with air-conditioning, including 43

suites and 6 rooms for disabled guests, minibar, radio,

cable TV (flat screens), telephone, hairdryer, direct

modem connection and safety deposit box, smoke

detectors. Special features: 2 executive floors with their

own executive lounge.

Services Available to Planners

For all our meetings and conferences we provide

business center service, Wireless LAN, copy and

secretarial services, multiple catering services, welcome

desk, separate check-in in the hotel lobby. All seminar

guests can use the gym, sauna, steam bath from 7AM

until 10PM. Beamer and screen are included in the

seminar package in the ballroom.

Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

American Express, Diners Club, VISA, MasterCard, JCB

Service Included in Packages

Taxes Included in Packages

Booking Instructions

Tel +43 1 206 330

Email: sales.savoyen@austria-trend.at

Austria / Vienna


Am Stadtpark 1

1030 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 717 001 5000

Fax: +43 1 717 001 6000

Email: katharina.haas@hilton.com

Website: www.hilton.com

Rooms: 579

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 450

Location: City center

Contact: Ms. Katharina Haas,

Director of Conventions & Events

Affiliation: Hilton International

Airport: Vienna International Airport 18 km/11 miles

Train: 2 km/1.2 miles

The Hilton Vienna is located in the city center

adjacent to the Stadtpark and is connected to Vienna

Airport via the fast City Airport Train. All 579 rooms,

including the Penthouse Suites, feature the luxury,

service and modern comfort you expect in a Deluxe

hotel. Our Executive Floors offer private check-in and

check-out, breakfast, snacks and drinks in a

pleasant and private atmosphere. Being AustriaÕs

largest hotel conference center, we offer space for up

to 1,800 people, accommodating a board meeting of

10 as well as a conference of 840 participants. Hilton

operates two more properties in Vienna: the Hilton

Vienna Plaza and the Hilton Vienna Danube.

Hotel Amenities

Business center, high-speed wireless Internet access,

executive Floors, 24-hour room service, laundry service,

restaurant S`PARKS (restuarant) offering international and

Austrian cuisine, lobby bar and lounge, direct connection

city air terminal, extensive meeting facilities, shopping

arcade, underground parking for 230 vehicles, sauna,

massage, solarium, fitness club.

Guest Room Features

Each of the 579 rooms, including 23 suites, is equipped

with individually controllable air-conditioning, security

door locks, safe, electronic minibar, direct-dial telephone,

WLAN high-speed Internet, modem and fax connection,

cable and Pay-TV, hairdryer. All windows can be opened.

Non-smoking floors. Executive floors offer a private


Services Available to Planners

Business center, all banquet and meeting facilities are

centrally located on two floors.

Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

Meeting Package All Year Standard 1/1 245 162.50

Includes 1 night accommodation, breakfast, conference room from 9AM to 5PM, size appropriate to the number of

attendees, 2 soft drinks per person, one morning coffee/tea break, 3-course lunch with one soft drink per person, one

afternoon coffee/tea break, 1 flipchart, 1 whiteboard, pads and pens. Service and taxes.

Themed Events

Please contact the Sales Department for suggestions.

Conference and Event Facilities

12 meeting rooms for 10 to 1,800 delegates, including 7 Hilton Meeting Rooms. Multi-functional state-of-the-art

conference center for up to 840 participants.

Room Name

Area in


Theatre Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Klimt Ballroom 1, 3 each 1647/153 100 70 41 64 150 100

Klimt Ballroom 2 2874/267 260 160 75 64 260 170

Klimt Ballroom 1 + 2 4521/420 360 230 -- -- 360 270

Klimt Ballroom 2 + 3 4521/420 360 230 -- -- 360 270

Klimt Ballroom 1 + 2 + 3 6168/573 460 300 -- -- 460 370

Park Congress 1 2907/270 280 140 74 102 280 170

Park Congress 2 2799/260 280 140 74 102 280 170

Park Congress 1 + 2 5705/530 560 290 -- -- 560 340

Park Congress 3 3176/295 280 149 74 102 280 190

Park Congress 2 + 3 5975/555 560 290 -- -- 560 360

Park Congress 1 + 2 + 3 8881/825 840 429 -- -- 840 530

Prefunction Area 4586/426 -- -- -- -- -- --

Strauss 700/65 50 14 -- 20 45 40

Brahms, Mahler, Bruckner each 1173/109 110 50 28 34 90 60

Strauss + Brahms 1873/174 160 -- -- -- 135 100

Brahms + Mahler 2347/218 210 -- -- -- 180 120

Strauss + Brahms + Mahler 3042/283 210 -- -- -- 180 160

Mahler + Bruckner 2343/218 210 -- -- -- 180 120

Brahms + Mahler + Bruckner 3510/326 240 -- -- -- 270 180

Booking Instructions

Direct with the hotel or via any Hilton sales office


Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

VISA, American Express, Diners Club, JCB. No personal

checks accepted. Traveler checks accepted with

passport identification.

Service Included in Package

Taxes Included in Package

Austria / Vienna



Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

Meeting Portfolio

















Includes 1 night accommodation, buffet breakfast, meeting room rental, dedicated meeting coordinator, 2 coffee/tea

breaks, business lunch buffet, soft drinks/mineral water, peppermints, pens, pads, podium pointers, flipcharts. Service

and taxes.

Themed Events

Johann Strauss Ball As caterers of the Hofburg Imperial Palace, InterContinental Vienna can organize gala dinners,

thematic evenings or Viennese balls in a delightful and splendid atmosphere. A unique opportunity to turn back the

calendar two centuries and absorb the luxury of romantic musical Vienna. Can be held in the most historical and

memorable venue in Vienna, the Imperial Hofburg Palace.

Equestrian Style Equestrian themed programs can include a guided tour of the city in a traditional horse-drawn carriage,

and a visit to marvel at the perfection of the Spanish Riding School. The harmony of horse and rider is sure to inspire your


Conference and Event Facilities

Generous lobby adjacent to meeting rooms, all with natural light and air-conditioning. 220 seat restaurant allows for

private dining at lunch or at dinner. Wi-Fi hot-spots in all conference rooms and public areas.

Room Name

Area in





Theater Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Salon Johann Strauss I 1141/106 120 72 37 40 80 90

Salon Johann Strauss II 1163/108 120 54 37 40 80 90

Salon Van Swieten 1163/108 120 54 37 40 80 90

Salon Metternich 1163/108 120 54 37 40 80 90

Salon Fischer von Erlach 1163/108 120 54 37 40 80 90

Salon Mozart 1345/125 100 60 37 40 80 90

Ballroom combined 8344/775 700 471 -- -- 800 610

Salon Schubert 635/59 50 30 20 20 30 40

Salon Lehar 614/57 50 30 20 20 30 40

Salon Vivaldi I 409/38 30 18 14 13 -- 20

Salon Vivaldi II 430/40 30 18 14 13 -- 20

Salon Kaunitz 1647/153 70 -- -- -- 120 100

Salon Vier Jahreszeiten 2153/200 -- -- -- -- 120 120

Boardrooms* 193/18 -- -- -- 6-15 -- --

*Several boardrooms available, capacity 6-15.

Johannesgasse 28

1037 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 711 220

Fax: +43 1 713 4489

Email: bettina.haeberle@ihg.com

Website: http://www.intercontinental.com/vienna

Rooms: 458

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 300

Location: City center

Contact: Bettina Haeberle,

Area Director of Sales

Member of: InterContinental Hotels Group

Airport: Vienna International Airport 18 km/11.2 miles

Train: Wien Westbahnhof 6.5 km/4 miles

The InterContinental Vienna is the city's premier

meeting hotel, boasting one of the largest hotel

conference facilities in Vienna. Located in the city

center opposite the Stadtpark, just a few minutes

walk from the most important cultural and historical

sights, it is also close to main shopping areas. The

spectacular main ballroom has a capacity of 700,

and with a ceiling height of 4.4 meters/14.5 ft as

well as natural daylight and air-conditioning, it has

a superbly spacious and airy ambiance. Small

conference and syndicate rooms are also available,

and all meeting spaces have Wi-Fi. We will provide

professional and detailed support in creating the

ideal event, thanks to our strong experience,

exceptional service and warm hospitality. Our aim is

always to ensure that your meeting, no matter how

large or small, is successful and memorable, so that

you will work with us again and again.

Hotel Amenities

Restaurant Mediterraneo offers superb Viennese cuisine,

carefully prepared in a fresh Mediterranean style. Café

Vienna is famous for Viennese coffee and pastries, and in

the Intermezzo Bar, one of Vienna’s finest American bars,

guests can enjoy international cocktails, superb whiskies

and live music. Hotel also features a business center,

24-hour fitness center, hairdresser, shop, and

underground garage.

Guest Room Features

All guest rooms were renovated in 2009. Air-conditioning,

two line phones with voicemail and high-speed Internet

access, 24-hour room service. Three deluxe Club

InterContinental floors enjoy a private lounge, boardroom

for impromptu meetings and other special privileges.

Services Available to Planners

Pre-registration, registration area, organization of

transfers. Catering’s Best by InterContinental is your

capable and innovative partner for outside venues,

including the Hofburg Palace.

Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

All major credit cards accepted

Service Included in Package

Taxes Included in Package

Booking Instructions

Direct or via any InterContinental Hotels Group Global

Sales Office. Toll Free +800 1800 1800

Website: www.intercontinental.com


Fast, Powerful, Manageable

Create RFP,

select hotels,

one-click submission,

save RFP and selected hotel pages

to your desktop.




Austria / Vienna


Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

Day Delegate Rate All Year Standard 1/1 220* --

Includes 1 night accommodation, buffet breakfast, 1 meeting room with seating arrangement, data beamer, screen

and flipchart, 1 business lunch with 1 bottle of mineral water per person, 2 coffee breaks with coffee, tea, juices, fruit,

sandwiches, Danish pastries, cakes, yoghurts and muesli bars, 2 bottles of mineral water. Service and taxes. *Minimum


Themed Events

Spanish Evening, Minimum 25 persons Enjoy a Spanish night in Vienna and choose from the great variety of Spanish

buffets with typical Spanish Tapas.

Conference and Event Facilities

All 16 meeting rooms have daylight, up-to-date technical equipment and are located on the second floor of the NH Danube


Room Name

Area in


Theatre Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Sigmund Freud 1, 2, 3 each 624/58 48 30 25 24 40 30

Sigmund Freud 1 - 3 1872/174 136 96 45 50 150 100

Gustav Mahler 1 635/59 48 30 25 24 40 30

Gustav Mahler 2 635/59 48 30 25 24 40 30

Gustav Mahler 3 635/99 48 -- 25 24 40 30

Gustav Mahler 1 - 3 1905/177 136 96 45 50 150 100

Ballsaal Otto Wagner 5037/468 450 260 90 -- 500 280

Karl Kraus + Siegfried Markus 1011/94 70 30 25 30 70 50

Karl Kraus 527/49 27 18 12 18 30 20

Siegfried Markus 484/45 18 10 10 12 30 10

Theodor Herzl 484/45 25 12 12 12 30 10

Max Reinhardt 1 957/89 64 30 25 24 70 40

Max Reinhardt 2 882/82 64 30 25 24 60 30

Max Reinhardt 3 828/77 56 25 20 20 50 30

Max Reinhardt 1-3 2669/248 160 120 60 54 200 110

Arnold Schönberg 1 344/32 23 12 12 8 30 --

Arnold Schönberg 2 570/53 28 18 18 18 50 --

Arnold Schönberg 1+2 914/85 60 42 25 30 80 40

Stefan Zweig* 263/22 -- -- -- 10 -- --

*Executive Boardroom

Wagramer Straße 21,

1220 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 260 20

Fax: +43 1 260 2020

Email: nhdanubecity@nh-hotels.com

Website: www.nh-hotels.com

Rooms: 252

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 150

Location: close to the Austria Center Vienna Congress

Center and the United Nations

Contact: Sigrid Menezes,

Corporate Sales Account

Member of: ÖKO Business Plan Vienna, Friend of

Symposionline, Austrian Business Travel Association

Awards: ÖKO Business Plan Vienna, NH Eco Meeting

certificated hotel

Affiliation: NH Hoteles

Airport: Vienna International Airport 20 km/12 miles

Train: Train station Praterstern 3 km/1.8 miles

Stylish ambiance, excellent food, up-to-date

technical equipment and comfort are distinctive

hallmarks of the NH Danube City. A gorgeous

recreation area and Vienna’s largest shopping center

are nearby and the city center can be reached quickly

and easily. With its central and safe location as well

as its international neighbours, including the United

Nations, the hotel is an ideal starting point for

business travelers to meet, dine and get to know the

city. 16 meeting rooms with 1,250 sqm/13,456 sqft in

total offer the perfect space for meetings from 2 up to

450 persons.

Hotel Amenities

The hotel offers 252 air-conditioned rooms and 16

meeting rooms with a capacity up to 500 persons in

theater style. Our Tarragona restaurant and bar is the

place to meet in northern Vienna. We offer food ranges

from Spanish specialities to traditional Viennese dishes

with seasonal delights and daily offers as well as

Viennese coffee specialities, international cocktails and

a great variety of wines. 24-hour business center with

Internet access is available as well as 24-hour room

service and reception. The hotel hosts sauna and

steambath and a fitness room. Airport shuttle bus transfer

and chauffeur services are available.

Guest Room Features

Our rooms are furnished in a tasteful mix of selected

materials and functional details. The 252 spacious rooms,

of which 39 are Superior rooms including 3 suites, offer

modern equipment with individually adjustable

air-conditioning, international TV channels, two

telephones, a trouser press, tea and coffee making

facilities and high-speed Internet access and WLAN. In

order to ensure that you will enjoy a relaxing and

unforgettable stay as our guest, our team strives to fulfill

all of your requests.

Services Available to Planners

Business center, welcome desk in hotel lobby and/or

conference area (upon availability), telephone and video


Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

All major credit cards accepted.

Service Included in Package

Taxes Included in Package

Booking Instructions

For meeting requests and/or group reservations call

+43 1 260 20 8115 or

Email: mtngs.nhdanubecity@nh-hotels.com

Austria / Vienna



Country Rating 4*

Einfahrtsstrasse 1-3

1300 Vienna Airport


Phone: +43 1 701 510

Fax: +43 1 701 519 571

Email: mtngs1.nhviennaairport@nh-hotels.com

Website: www.nh-hotels.com

Rooms: 500

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 250

Location: Vienna Airport

Contact: Alexander Dürr,

General Manager

Member of: NH Hoteles Austria GmbH

Airport: Vienna International, just across the street

Train: Airport Station 50 meters/150 feet

Vienna is the hub between Western and Eastern

Europe. Thanks to its central geographical location

you can get to all European capitals in a minimum

of time. Allow yourself to be inspired by the typical

Austrian way of life and famous Viennese charm. The

Vienna Airport is conveniently connected with the city

of Vienna and easy to reach by bus, train, CAT (City

Airport Train) and taxi within 16 minutes.

Hotel Amenities

The hotel offers 500 refined and comfortably fitted rooms

in 3 categories (standard, business and superior) and 21

conference rooms with a capacity of up to 550 persons

with theater set up. In a distinguished and warm

atmosphere, the hotel's buffet restaurant and the à la

carte Restaurant Mundo offer a wide selection of

international gourmet cuisine and they can be reserved

for private functions with a capacity up to 300 persons.

The bar serves Viennese coffee specialties, refreshments,

cocktails and snacks until 1AM. After a successful day

you can relax in our 350 sqm/3767 sqft spacious

wellness and fitness area. In the conference and event

center with a total area of 2,000 sqm/20,150 sqft a wide

range of events can be organized: from a small business

meeting, an exclusive conference, up to a huge congress.

The 21 conference rooms, many with daylight, can be

individually combined and have a large lobby for

exhibitions and breaks, a business center and reception.

Guest Room Features

500 soundproofed rooms, non-smoking rooms, lady

executive rooms, safe, laundry service, WLAN, Agua de la

Tierra toiletry kit, your choice of pillows, air-conditioning,

minibar, hairdryer, direct-dial telephone, modem

connection, color TV, Pay-TV and satellite TV, 24-hour

room service, parking, connecting rooms, sauna and

steam bath.

Services Available to Planners

All banquet and meeting facilities in the conference

center are centrally located on one floor with a 24-hour

reception. Our convention center is located on the ground

floor, can be reached by car and is equipped with the

newest technical standard equipment as well as WLAN

and air-conditioning.

Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

Meeting Package Exceptional, All Year Standard 1/1 210* --

Minimum 10 participants

Includes 1 night accommodation, breakfast buffet, conference room rental, digital projector, Nespresso coffee machine,

a large variety of fine Ronnefeldt tea, non-alcoholic drinks for the duration of the event in conference room. Morning coffee

break between 9-11AM in the foyer of the Office Park 3 with sweet and savoury snacks, seasonal fresh fruit, yoghurt

drink, fruit juice and mineral water. Comprehensive international lunch buffet in the hotel restaurant with 1 soft drink per

person. Afternoon coffee break 2-4.30PM in the foyer of the Office Park 3 with sweet and savoury snacks, seasonal fresh

fruit, Actimel, fruit juice and mineral water. Service and taxes. *Minimum rate

24 Hour Meeting Package


All Year Standard 1/1 215 --

Includes 1 night accommodation, breakfast buffet, Nespresso coffee machine and a large variety of fine Ronnefeldt tea,

one 0,75l bottle of Vöslauer mineral water per person in the conference room. Morning coffee break 9-11AM in the foyer

of the Office Park 3 with sweet and savoury snacks, seasonal fresh fruit, yoghurt drink, fruit juice and mineral water.

Comprehensive international lunch buffet in the hotel restaurant with 1 soft drink per person, afternoon coffee break

2-4.30PM in the foyer of the Office Park 3 with sweet and savoury snacks, seasonal fresh fruit, yoghurt drink, fruit juice

and mineral water, comprehensive international dinner buffet in the hotel restaurant with 1 soft drink per person.

Themed Events

Spanish Theme Party Spoil your guests with a wide variety of food by offering them Spanish tapas. Particularly if you are

looking to have a sophisticated evening, this is a perfect match. Alternatively, serve tapas at your cocktail hour, creating

an urban lounge atmosphere in our Bar for a sophisticated touch.

Conference and Event Facilities

Room Name

Area in


Theater Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Europa 1 2014/187 200 70 44 50 128 120

Europa 2 1303/121 100 50 36 46 96 80

Europa 3 1270/118 100 50 36 46 72 80

Europa 1+2 3315/308 300 120 72 80 224 180

Europa 2+3 2572/239 230 100 66 76 168 160

Europa 1-3 4564/424 550 180 100 110 296 250

Budapest 721/67 60 30 24 26 48 24

Zürich 366/34 30 12 8 10 14 8

Bratislava, Genf each 336/34 30 12 8 10 14 8

London 603/56 45 16 20 24 36 16

Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Sydney,

Alexandria, Boston, Hong Kong

183/17 8 6 5 5 12 --

Austria 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 each 721/67 70 30 24 26 48 24

Booking Instructions

Directly with Banquet Coordination Office

Email: mtngs1.nhviennaairport@nh-hotels.com

Tel +43 1 7015 195 22 or +43 1 7015 195 21

Fax +43 1 7015 8580

Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

American Express, VISA, Diners Club, MasterCard, JCB,


Service Included in Packages, porterage of EUR 2.50 per

person/per way/per piece, lobby to airport) not included

Taxes Included in Packages

Austria / Vienna



Incentive and Meetings Packages

Rates p.p. in EUR Eff. Dates Rm Type Days/Nights Single Double

24 Hour Delegate Package Apr-Dec11 Standard 1/1 200* --

Includes 1 night accommodation, full buffet breakfast, rental of main meeting room, 1 morning break with coffee/tea

and 1 afternoon break with coffee/tea and pastries, 2 conference beverages per person/day (non-alcoholic), business

lunch excluding beverages, standard AV equipment as well as stationery. Service and taxes. *Minimum rate

Themed Events

Viennese Ball Indulge in a Viennese Ball at the Palais, complete with authentic music, décor, and the wonderful

surroundings of the hotel. It will be a pleasure to provide you with an individual offer as well as a wealth of ideas for other

successful and memorable themed events.

Conference and Event Facilities

17 unique and national heritage protected function rooms, which nevertheless are technically up-to-date, for events up

to 500 people. All our function rooms offer natural daylight (except Salon Donnersmarck). Most of the function rooms are

situated on the second floor, the unique Bel Etage.

Room Name

Area in


Theater Classroom U-Shape Boardroom Reception Banquet

Festsaal I + II 3235/300 270 160 60 60 350 280

Festsaal I 1712/159 140 70 30 30 120 140

Festsaal II 1522/141 140 80 30 30 120 120

Rauchsalon 463/43 25 -- -- 18 40 30

Fiaker Salon 423/39 -- -- -- 10 -- --

Teesalon 627/58 35 25 20 20 60 40

Rosa Festsaal 896/83 60 40 25 25 100 60

Salon Donnersmarck 1102/102 100 35 30 25 80 100

Rosa Salon 317/29 -- -- -- -- -- --

Kleiner Salon 409/38 24 -- -- 12 40 30

Goldener Salon 990/92 100 55 30 30 100 70

Blauer Salon 806/75 60 40 25 25 80 50

Salon am Stadtpark 194/18 -- -- -- -- -- --

Grüner Salon 385/36 -- -- -- 20 40 30

All meeting rooms enjoy natural daylight (except Salon Donnersmarck)

Country Rating 5*

Parkring 16

1010 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 515 173 413

Fax: +43 1 515 173 510

Email: victoria.mahler@radissonblu.com

Website: http://www.radissonblu.com/palaishotelvienna

Rooms: 247

Max. Group Rooms Commitment: 120

Location: City center, directly on Ring Boulevard

Contact: Ms. Victoria Mahler,

Director of M.I.C.E.

Member of: Rezidor Hotel Group, Radisson Blu Hotels &


Awards: Presidents Award '95, '96, '97, '98; The Gold

Choice Award '96; Fish Specialties Restaurant Le Siècle:

1 Haube (1 Toque); Avocates Award 1999; Hotel of the

Year 2006 by Besser Essen & Reisen.

Airport: Wien-Schwechat 18 km/11 miles

Train: Westbahnhof 4 km/2.5 miles, Südbahnhof 1 km/

0.6 miles

The 5-Star Radisson Blu Palais Hotel is located in the

very heart of Vienna on the historic Ring Boulevard,

in front of the Stadtpark, with all major sights within

walking distance. The hotel represents one of the

finest examples of how to harmonize state-of-the-art

technology and history, retaining the long tradition

of two palaces. The experienced team and personal

attention makes sure that your event will become a

great success. The conference and banqueting area

consists of 17 historic salons, the majority retaining

the original décor of the 19th century.

Hotel Amenities

Business service center, banquet service center, 24-hour

room service, restaurant Le Siècle, Palais Café, Bel Ami

bar, 17 banquet/conference rooms, health/fitness center,

in-house garage with 32 spaces and direct access to

additional 149 public parking covered spaces, limousine

service, wireless Internet access in the conference area

and lobby, EasyConnect, high-speed Internet access,

wellness center Vendome Spa.

Guest Room Features

247 rooms (2 handicapped, 6 allergenic rooms), including

41 suites/duplex suites, 4 duplex apartments. 3-hour

laundry service, air-conditioning, free minibar, radio,

cable/satellite TV, trouser press, hairdryer, safe,

telephone, modem link, voicemail, openablewindows can

be opened, floor heating in bathrooms, free high-speed

Internet access in rooms. Royal Club rooms and suites

have Nespresso coffee machines, additional seating area

and flat screen TV.

Services Available to Planners

Business and conference service center on the lobby

level, pre-registration for groups, hospitality desk, 100%

Guest Satisfaction Program.

Additional Information

Credit Cards/Travelers & Personal Checks

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, VISA, JCB

Service Included in Package

Taxes Included in Package

Booking Instructions

Direct with reservation office

Tel +43 1 515 170 Fax +43 1 515 17 3510

Toll-free USA 800 333 3333

Toll-free Europe 00 800 3333 3333

Email: sales.vienna@Radissonblu.com

Austria / Vienna

Palais Ferstel - Café Central

Vienna, Austria

Strauchgasse 4

1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel +43 1 533 376 327

Fax +43 1 533 376 338

Email sales@palaisevents.at

Website www.palaisevents.at

Location Inner city center of Vienna


Kay Fröhlich, Sales & Marketing Director


Austria Trend Hotels & Resorts,

Member of Verkehrsbüro Group

Booking Instructions

Please feel free to contact us for your detailed offer. As a

"one stop partner" we satisfy all the needs of your valuable

event (rooms, technical equipment, catering, decoration,

entertainment, staff). Palais Events: 3 Palais. 1 Partner.

Located in the heart of one of Vienna‘s oldest and most beautiful areas, the first district, you will find the famous Palais Ferstel. The historical building is one of the most

interesting houses of the Wilhelminian style and Venetian-Florentine Trecento architecture, and was created as a bank and stock exchange by the architect Heinrich

von Ferstel (built between 1856 and 1860). Today‘s “Grosser Ferstelsaal“ once served as the main bidding room of the stock exchange and was the very center of

high finance during the years of the Danube monarchy. The building also provides a suitable ambience with its world-famous Café Central which is the hub of the

Viennese Herrengasse. The central location and easy access to extensive transport facilities makes the Palais Ferstel one of the top addresses in town.

The historic palace provides a magnificent setting, comprising 5 rooms with a total area of 11.000 sqm/117,150 sqft, for festive banquets, conferences and meetings,

prestigious cocktails and parties, presentations, lectures and sophisticated events from 100 to 750 people. Our clients benefit form our own well-appointed in-house

kitchen which excels even the highest standards to indulge their guests with individually designed menus and divine dishes. Not only do we occupy the most beautiful

premises in Vienna, but with our team of more than 100 employees we also offer professional event support.

Area/Room Name Indoor Outdoor Reception Banquet

Buffet Buffet Reception/Banquet



Stand-Up Seated




Großer Ferstelsaal Yes 480 324 480 324 324 480 324

Kleiner Ferstelsaal Yes 120 -- 100 -- - 100 --

Portico Yes 120 -- 100 -- -- 100 --

Arkadenhof Yes 300 136 200 100 100 200 100

Café Central Yes -- 50 -- -- -- -- --


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Austria / Vienna - Laxenburg




Conference & Event Facilities

The Conference Center Laxenburg is suitable for all kinds of functions and provides unforgettable surroundings for

events for up to 500 participants. Since renovations have been completed the Conference Center appears in a new light,

especially the terrace with its new solar panel is a nice meeting place for cocktails and comfortable coffee breaks. The

Conference Center Laxenburg is now, as always, a favorite rendez-vous for meetings. It is the fusing of the old with the

desire to use this historic building for a purpose geared to the future which makes the Conference Center Laxenburg so

attractive. The historical state rooms offer space for up to 500 people and in the garden we can host up to 2,200 guests.

Room Name

Area in


Exhibition Area in


Theater Classroom U-Shape Reception Banquet

State Room Theatersaal 4026/374 4026/374 350 140 80 350 180

State Room Ovaler Saal 1980/184 1980/184 180 120 50 200 150

State Room Marschall

Zimmer 1

1550/144 1550/144 140 70 40 140 110

State Room Marschall

Zimmer 2

1399/130 1399/130 100 60 40 120 80

State Room Kaminzimmer 882/82 882/82 60 30 20 70 40

Seminar Room Maria


667/62 667/62 46 20 18 -- --

Seminar Room Franz Josef 646/60 646/60 46 20 16 -- --

Seminar Room Kronprinz


646/60 646/60 46 20 16 -- --

Some historic details about the rooms:


Empress Maria Theresia had it built in 1753. Theater ensembles from Austria, France and Italy presented their newest

plays here. And today the Theatersaal experiences a Renaissance because more and more cultural events and

professional meetings take place in the splendid surrounding.

Ovaler Saal

This baroque room was the former dining room of the Empress. The wall paintings and the old wood floors were

completely restored. In summer the room can be opened up and joins the marble terrace and the palace park, creating a

one-of-a-kind ambiance and atmosphere. The room can be used for exhibitions, meetings and grand dinners.

Kaminzimmer fire place room)

In the old times this room was called the Chinese Room. It was quite fashionable in the 18th century to have "themed"

rooms like this in palaces and to fill them with art and curiosities from the chosen country. The room was renovated up

to today's standards and received a wood floor. The decorative, historic tile stove completes the elegant setting.

Additional Information

Equipment Supplied By Center

Lectern microphone, wireless microphone, head set, sound system, lectern, overhead projector, video screen, flipcharts,

video projectors, teleconference, ISDN line, variable seating. State-of-the-art technology upon request.

Supplied By Local Vendors

Any technical material can be supplied upon request. Cooperation with various high-quality catering companies for

culinary delights.

Schlossplatz 1

located Vienna - Laxenburg

2361 Vienna - Laxenburg


Phone: +43 2236 710 87 2

Fax: +43 2236 710 872 20

Email: office@conference-laxenburg.at

Website: http://www.conference-laxenburg.at

Contact: Mr. Andreas Stigler,

Operations Manager Ass.

Airport: Vienna International Airport 20 km/12.5 miles

Accommodation: 4 hotels with approximately 850 beds

within a 4 - 7 km/2.5 - 4.4 miles radius

The Conference Center Laxenburg (located in

Vienna-Laxenburg) combines imperial elegance with

a comfortable atmosphere and a modern touch.

Extraordinary conferences can be organized in an

exclusive atmosphere, where once Empress Maria

Theresia and her court enjoyed theater performances

and culinary delights and where the Habsburgs

celebrated their numerous occasions. Even the

generals held their conferences in today's state and

function rooms. Important decisions regarding

Europe's history have been pronounced here. The

Palace Theater and the dining wing were built in

1753, following designs by Nicolo Pacassi. The dining

wing is located where the former Sinzendorf house

stood and belonged to the Imperial family from

around 1756 onwards. Inside, the "Ovaler Saal" (Oval

Hall) has an impressive ceiling fresco by Vinzenz

Fischer showing "putti hunting with falcons" and the

walls have architectural paintings. With the

renovation of the derelict palace in 1980 by the

Republic of Austria and the provinces of Vienna and

Lower Austria, the theater was turned into a unique

conference center. The facade facing the park

entrance has a high portico with curved gable and its

walls are partially decorated with sunk panels as well

as raised panels. Inside, some paintings of illusionist

architecture in the auditorium remain from the late

Baroque period. In Maria Theresia’s time many

people from Emperors to simple folk, came to

Laxenburg Palace in order to meet or take part in

events. For centuries, along with Schönbrunn and the

Hofburg, Laxenburg was the most important domicile

of the Habsburgs. The Conference Center Laxenburg

has been fully renovated and appears in a new light

since 2008.

Services Available to Planners

A flexible and dynamic team can support you in the

organisation of the event. State-of-the-art technology

upon request. We co-operate with different high-quality

catering companies in order to make your event a

tremendous culinary success.

General Description Meeting &

Event Facilities

Meeting Rooms

The Conference Center is a beautiful castle from the 18th

century. Extraordinary meetings and conferences can be

organised in an exclusive atmosphere. In total there are 5

state-rooms and 3 seminar rooms.


The Theatersaal, where once Empress Maria Theresia

and her court enjoyed theater performances, was turned

into a unique state room of 374 sqm/4,026 sqft.




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