How to find a land for sale in Belize


Belize is the land of beauty with beautiful topical paradise and diverse culture. Many people wants to retire in Belize just because of diversify cultures and traditions. For more information visit

How to find a land for sale in Belize

Finding Belize land for sale is not difficult in any way. What is

so strange is that the experience is completely different.

Even though many places over the world have gained an

enormous amount of attention, yet the case with Belize is

different. It happens to be one of the most affordable places

in Central America for the Americans as well as for other


Before you find a land learn about the Amenities

being offered

There are many amenities offered to those seeking to buying property in Belize.

The non citizens of the country are not restricted in any way from owning

properties. There are no capital gain taxes and the property taxes are also low.

Being a member of the British commonweal, the Americans will not have a problem

in adjusting to the new conditions of the country as English happens to be the

primary language being used in this part of the world. The money market is pretty

much stable as the currency of the country has been fixed at two to one to the


One other attractive offer awaiting those who want to buy land in Belize is for the

retirees. A program was initiated back in 1999 which entitles all senior citizens aged

45 or above from importing their personal belongings duty-free. They may even

gain special residence status after having met a few requirements. The conditions

for doing so are that you would not be seeking a job. However, you can invest and

own a business.

What you need to know about buying


The important thing to remember is that any foreigner can

own property in Belize and be entitled to the same rights as

any other local citizen. The good news is that since 2001,

there is no longer any need for licenses, permissions, permits

or any other conditions that are required for holding land in

the county by any foreigner

How to find a land for sale

Before you proceed to find a land for sale, you need to take the legal

aspects of buying property into account. The correct way would be to go

for professional legal advice before you purchase any property.

Approaching experienced companies, especially those which are also

developers of residential properties would be the best way forward. Such

companies can offer help in finalizing a purchase as they are well aware of

the local properties. If they happen to own residential properties, then

opting to buy one would be much better as they have properties

developed especially for foreigners seeking land in Belize.

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