August 2011 - Spokes Magazine

August 2011 - Spokes Magazine

Ever thought of Trying a Tri or Doing a Du?

Look to Piranha Sports ® to get you Tri-ing and Du-ing!

Piranha sports will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this season by increasing the cash prizes in the

12-race Greater Atlantic Multisport Series and Greater Atlantic Club Challenge to over $10,000. Along

with the full adult race schedule, Piranha will be hosting the four-race Escape From School Youth Series.

2011 Greater Atlantic Multisport Series ® Events

New Jersey Devilman® Triathlon

Half Lite 50: 0.8 Mile Swim~40.3 Mile Bike~8.8 Mile Run

Sprint: 0.4 Mile Swim~20.5 Mile Bike~4 Mile Run

Cumberland County, NJ - May 7, 2011

Cascade Lake Triathlon & Duathlon

Tri: 0.31 Mile Swim~15 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run

Du: 1.86 Mile Run~15 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run

Cascade Lake Park in Hampstead, MD - May 15, 2011

Escape from Fort Delaware® Triathlon

1500 Meter~40K Bike~10K Run

Delaware City, DE - May 22, 2011

Independence Triathlon

1/4 Mile Swim~10 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run

Lake Nockamixon State Park—Quakertown, PA - June 5, 2011

Tri-It Triathlon

1/4 Mile Swim~10 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run

Bear, DE - June 12, 2011

A Triathlon for First Timers. Open to all levels including

“regular” triathletes. Bring your kids to Escape from

School Youth Tri the day before.

Diamond in the Rough® Triathlon

1 Mile Swim~27 Mile Bike~5 Mile Run

Perryville, MD - July 9, 2011

2011 Escape from School ® Youth Series

For Kids Only-Aged 7-14

Indian Valley Y Youth Triathlon

Age 7-10: 75 Yd Pool Swim~1 Mile Bike~0.5 Mile Run

Age 11-14: 175 Yd Pool Swim~3 Mile Bike~1 Mile Run

Harleysville, PA - May 1, 2011

Thanks to Piranha’s unique scoring system, every finisher in every event is part of the greater series.

Every finisher gets at least one point, and individual and club series champions will be crowned at the

end of the season.

Escape from School® Youth Triathlon

100 Yard Swim~2.4 Mile Bike~0.4 Mile Run

Bear, DE - June 11, 2011

Bring your Moms and Dads to the Tri-It Triathlon the next


There’s a lot about the Piranha series that is unique. The scoring system gives racers a sense of being

a part of something greater, it creates the healthy rivalries that make us want to go faster. The club

competition also creates camaraderie through competition, and the youth series exposes children to

healthy activity and sportsmanship. The prize money is excellent- $500 to the winner and money for

the top three with an equal payout to men and women. While most of us aren’t schlepping our carloads

of equipment to races for money, it does draw better competition, which makes for a more entertaining

race. Thanks to the point system, those of us who do not finish in the money still have a reason to care.

KAY Good Kids Triathlon

125 Yard Pool Swim~2.2 Mile Bike~0.4 Mile Run

Kennett Square, PA - TDB—July 24, 2011

Lums Pond Youth Triathlon

100 Yard Swim~2.4 Mile Bike~0.4 Mile Run

Bear, DE - August 13, 2011

Bring your Moms and Dads to the Lums Pond Tri and Du the

next day

Piranha has plenty of seasoned athletes show up on race day, but the series is designed to be friendly and

easy for first-timers and beginners.

In 2011, the long awaited “Escape from Fort Delaware” is back, scheduled for May 22. This international

distance triathlon is one of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s most prestigious and unique events around with

the swim “escape” from Fort Delaware situated on Pea Patch Island in the middle of the Delaware River.

Swimmers make their way from the island back to the mainland, where they continue to finish their race

to freedom.

Other 2011 Piranha Events

Tri for Our Veterans IV—In Memory of Matt McCulley

Tri: 1/4 Mile Swim~8.3 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run

Du: 2 Mile Run~8.3 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run

Sea Isle City, NJ - May 28, 2011

The Pittsburgh Triathlon, which is not a points series event, will be held on July 31, 2011. The Pittsburgh

Patriot’s Triathlon

Half Lite 50: 1300 Meter Swim~38 Mile Bike~7 Mile Run

Sprint: 650 Meter Swim~13.5 Mile Bike~3 Mile Run

Bath, PA - July 17, 2011

Lums Pond Triathlon & Duathlon

Tri: 0.5 Mile Swim~19.5 Mile Bike~3 Mile Run

Du: 2 Mile Run~19.5 Mile Bike~3 Mile run

Bear, DE - August 14, 2011

Bring your kids to the Lums Pond Youth Tri the day


Cannonman® Triathlon

Half: 1.2 Mile Swim~54 Mile Bike~13.1 Mile Run

Sprint: 0.31 Mile Swim~10.5 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run

Shawnee State Park, Bedford County, PA - August 21, 2011

Delaware Diamondman® Triathlon

Half: 1.2 Mile Swim~56 Mile Bike~13.1 Mile Run

Sprint: 0.6 Mile Swim~16 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run

Bear, DE - September 11, 2011

Marshman Triathlon

1/4 Mile Swim~12.5 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run

Marsh Creek State Park, Downingtown, PA - Sept. 18, 2011

Cape Henlopen Triathlon & Duathlon

Tri: 1/4 Mile Swim~14 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run

Du: 1.5 Mile Run~14 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run

Lewes, DE - October 9, 2011

Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adv Race

Tri: 1500 Meter Swim~40K Bike~10K Run

Sprint Tri: 600 Meter Swim~20K Bike~5K Run

Adv: 2 Mile Paddle~20K Bike~5K Mile Run

Pittsburgh, PA - July 31, 2011

Piranha Sports is a full Multi-Sport Event

Management company. We provide Chip

timing for Triathlons and Running

Events; Race Directing; Online

Registration, and Consulting Services.

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