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The Difference in Wireless Distribution

Antennas and RET Components

Chemicals and Paint

Coax Accessories and Port Entry Soluons

Coax and Connectors



Connector Tools


Galvanized Pipe and Angle


Guyed Tower Material


Ice Bridge

Interior Shelter

Lace and Guyed Tower

Monopole Components


RF Surge Protecon


Safety and Rigging

Site-Related Steel

Structural Reinforcement

Strut and Fings

Tapes and Weatherproofing

Test and Measurement Equipment & Accessories

Tower Lighng


Training Classes and Cerficaons

Water Tank

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setting industry standards


The Difference in Wireless Distribution



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Gerry Fritzke

Regional Sales Manager - Northwest Region

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Brian Herkert - Key Account Manager


Adam Cummins

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Manager Naonal Programs

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Doug Salvatori - Inside Sales Manager

Shannon O’Connor - Markeng Manager


Bird Technologies, David Fuechsel with CSC,

Commscope, Laird Technologies, Steve

Wilder with CITCA, Premier Mounng Solu-

ons, Ritron, and Steven Larson and Shannon

O’Connor with Primus


Shannon O’Connor, Markeng Manager


David Fuechsel with CSC & the Kenyan Navy



Show your industry pride with a free Primus

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The Difference in Wireless Distribution

Kenyan Navy

attends Competent

Climber Course


Save 15% with our

Laird Technologies’


Bundle Offer

9 10 11












Primus Partners with Bird Technologies

Read about this exciting new partnership that expands quality communications and calibration

product offerings as well as training courses.

By Primus

Heliax FXL Smoothwall Cable

Learn why HELIAX FXL Smoothwall cable from CommScope is the strategic choice for optimized

performance and reliability.

By Commscope

2011 Vehicle Partitions Available at Primus

Primus is proud to announce availability of 2011 vehicle partitions for Chevy Caprice, Dodge

Charger, and Ford F-150 models.

By Premier Mounting Solutions

Stay Warm When the Temperature Drops

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and with it comes a drop in temperature. Read

some good tips for maintaining a comfortable body temperature while working outside.

Primus has everything you need to do just that!

By Primus

Railroad Products

The Primus and Bird Technologies partnership brings many new products to the railroad

industry including antenna testers and wattmeters. Primus is also featuring the Ritron Clean

Cab Radio.

[tÑÑç TÇÇ|äxÜátÜç?

VtÜÉÄ VÉÇãtç tÇw cÜ|Åâá4

g{tÇ~á yÉÜ àxÄÄ|Çz âá j{ç4



PrimeConnection is published as a corporate communications magazine for customers and friends of Primus

Electronics. The magazine is published four times a year in January, April, July, and October by Shannon O’Connor,

Marketing Manager, Primus Electronics, at 4180 E Sand Ridge Road in Morris, IL. To change your mailing address or

request additional copies, please call (800) 435-1636 or email




It is with great pleasure that Primus announces the inclusion

of new radio frequency measurement and management

equipment systems from Bird Technologies. Bird

Technologies is an industry leading manufacturer of

communication products, calibration and training to the

Cellular Communications, Broadcast, Public Safety,

Government, Military, Semiconductor and Medical markets.

Primus is excited to now offer customers Bird’s

services and products which have grown to stay current

with today’s most complex communication systems.

Products in Bird’s growing line include signal

boosters, power monitors, power sensors and meters,

loads and attenuators filters, duplexers and triplexers,

analyzers, antennas, combining systems, components,

tower top amplifiers and accessories.

Among the many new and exciting products offered,

the Bird Antenna Tester stands out the most. The

Antenna Tester provides a fast, cost-effective, graphical

way of determining the quality of mobile and base station


“Our customers are our number one priority and we

are excited to offer Bird products to them,” says Doug

Salvatori, Inside Sales Manager of Primus. “It has been

a long time coming!”

Bird Technologies was established in 1995 following

the merger of Bird Electronics Corporation and TX

RX Systems, both leaders in the RF communications

market. The origins of Bird Electronics trace back to

1942 when J. Raymond Bird joined forces with a college

friend and began the Bird Engineering Company in

Cleveland, Ohio.

Primus hopes you will share in our excitement with

the addition of this exciting new product line. Be sure to

look for upcoming Primus promotions that will feature

products from this new partnership.

For more information or to request a catalog featuring

Bird products available through Primus, call

(800) 435-1636.

Enter to win at





PrimeConnection | 4 TH QUARTER 2011


Kenyan Navy attends

Competent Climber Course

By David Fuechsel


David Fuechsel, a Senior

Project Manager for CSC -

and winner of the photo cover

contest this quarter - recently

took a trip to Kenya to train

the Kenyan Navy on tower

climbing. For your reading

pleasure, he recounts the trip:

On our recent trip back to

Mombasa, Kenya this past

June, our focus was to complete

the punch list items on

the four towers (Cannon

Point, Ngomeni, Lamu, and

Kiunga) we constructed in

February, and on a camera installation

at the Forward Operating

Base (FOB) in

Kiunga. And, most importantly

to conduct Basic

Climber and Tower Maintenance


This entire system was

provided by the US Navy,

courtesy of Naval Air Systems

Command (NAVAIR),

Continued on page 6



KENYA Continued from page 5

located at the Patuxent River Naval Air

Station, in Lexington Park, Maryland.

The majority of the in-country tower

and sensor work was performed by the

SureTrak office of Computer Sciences

Corporation (CSC), my employer. This

system provides maritime technologies for

the host nation, in this case Kenya, to provide

security and protection of their waterways

from the heavy piracy and illicit

trafficking activity that exists there.

Logistically working in Africa is very

challenging to say the least. We usually

operate using 3 and 4 personnel teams and

we rely on the host nation for support, for

moving equipment, personnel, and for providing

security. Personnel logistic and

diplomatic support is provided by the U.S.

Embassy in Kenya through the Kenya-

U.S. Liaison Office.

Through this organization we also get

support from the in country (LNO) – usually

a US Naval Officer – who conducts

continuous coordination with host nation

personnel during our visits as well as

when we are not there.

Major Benjamin Kiprop, stationed at

Cannon Point, is the commander for all of

the coastal Masura (Sensor) Stations in

Mombasa. Lt. Edward Khasenpa is the

local Officer in Charge (OIC). Both of

these officers were instrumental in our

success on this trip.

The Lt. accompanied me, Andy Furey

(CSC), and the rest of the Kenya Navy

(KNAV) team for basic tower and tower

maintenance training and also made the

trip with us to each site along the coast.

We were also accompanied by some electricians

and technical personnel during this

22-day trip.

I have been a Competent Climber

Trainer since 2003, and I have taught successfully

- and not so successfully - a myriad

of very different people. The amount

of information that is presented the first 8

hours is immense. While it is not rocket

science, there is a lot of information to retain

within a short amount of time and the

practical portion of the training tests one’s

ability to perform and use the equipment

properly at all times.

In order to provide a good classroom

environment, we conducted the first day of

training in a conference room that I rented

at the hotel where we were staying. The

training I used for this was based on the

Continued next page

Front row - students (l-r): Justus Wechuli, Harold M. Kangea, Dickson K. Ndungu, Victor Mwakio, Naftary Murage, Kennedy Muli, Robinson Ngare

Back row (l-r): Lt. Edward J. Khasenpa, David Fuechsel Instructor, Andy Furey Asst. Instructor, Major Benjamin Kiprop


PrimeConnection | 4 TH QUARTER 2011


Checking the fitment of a climbing harness

Major Highway from Lamu to Mombasa

Victor installing a new camera in Kiunga

After the break I asked if anyone had based upon their success during this training,

I believe they will be very capable of

any questions; no one had any so I went

over a few points again just to make sure maintaining these sensor systems and towers.

they were understanding this information, The idea was to have these newly

and the test was handed out. They com-

trained individuals travel with us to all

same material I have used in the past, developed

by a very reputable training com-

first test I graded, the student amazingly

pleted the test within 30 minutes. On the


missed only one question! The rest followed

shortly thereafter, and the most that

I had 11 students who never received

any training on this material before. In the was missed by any one student was four

beginning of the class, the enlisted men’s questions, which ends up being 80%, a

officer was present, and they were reserved

in answering questions, which is test.

passing grade to all that took the written


I am still impressed by these students

Trust me: these men are very disciplined

and respectful to their superiors

and proud of them. I had ages ranging

and to myself and Andy. I have never

taught a class of students who were as

quiet as were these KNAV personnel.

However, as the day went on they became

more relaxed and started participating

in questions and answers.

We broke for lunch at the hotel,

which they thoroughly enjoyed as this

“luxury” is not a common occurrence

for them. Meals for these men consist

of a lot of rice and tomato sauce, and

meat. Their MRE’s consist of beans

and franks, crackers, and a can of fruit.

Andy (CSC) and Dickson (KNAV) working on Lamu

from early 20’s to early 40’s and

four sites to complete the punch list items,

which included installing the light systems

and leg caps, along with the camera installation

at Kiunga.

We began in Mombasa at Cannon

Point for the practical climbing portion of

the training. We took two climbers up with

us while the others observed donning the

harness and properly fitting it to each individual.

Once we were

completed at Cannon

Point, the next

movement was to

Kiunga: this is the

furthest North FOB

in Kenya, just south

of the border with


It takes two

days to travel by 4-

wheel drive and is

very slow going.

Due to the road

washouts, you cannot go faster than 15 to

20 miles per hour on average.

Since it takes so long, we had to stay

over in Lamu - the third Masura station.

To get to Lamu we took a speed boat to

Continued on page 8



KENYA Continued from page 7

get us to our lodging – the house of a local


The house has a staff of two and is

owned by an Italian family whose son

managed the Lamu tower foundation and

erection for us, and with whom we became

good friends during our previous trips. It

was nice to be able to have a cold shower

and decent bed to sleep in before we began

our camping adventure in Kiunga.

The next morning we all met at

Mkowe port and began our 5-hour drive to

Kiunga. The Somalia border is less than

five kilometers away and poses a serious

security threat with refugees coming

across the border illegally by foot daily.

We set up camp and began rigging the

tower to prepare for the camera installation.

We were in Kiunga for two nights and

departed for Lamu mid day. We had to rent

a cargo boat locally to carry all of our

equipment. We got everything loaded and

shortly into the trip to Lamu, we saw the

rains beginning to build. Within five minutes,

we were in a deluge in an open cargo

boat - what an adventure for sure!

So we huddled under a small covered

area and watched the boat operators get

pelted with hard driving rains, shielding

themselves with plastic sheets with slits

cut out so they could see.

We completed the Lamu site and

moved to Ngomeni, near the city of Malindi,





due to the San

Marco Space

Agency located


We completed

this site and

moved back to the city of Mombasa.

The training went better than I expected

in light of the volume of information

they had to absorb, but they were up

to the task and during our OJT portion of

the training, KNAV personnel became

more confident, familiar, and, most importantly,

trustworthy of the equipment we

trained them to use.

The safety equipment for our host nations

as well as for me and my team is purchased

from Primus and I have to thank

Shannon O’Connor, Chris Pleibel, and the

entire Primus staff for their dedication

to our industry and their

knowledge of what they are selling

to their customers.

It shows their commitment to the importance

of safety, and to the tower industry

as a whole, and to providing important

information for those who

work at heights.

I look forward to returning

to Kenya in the near

future to extend the capabilities

towards the southern

coast of Kenya, but for

now it is off to Nigeria for

a new sensor installation

in October.

David Fuechsel is a Senior Project

Manager for CSC and customer of

Primus. CSC develops smart, technologyenabled

solutions to solve clients' toughest

challenges, demonstrating a commitment

to excellence and a passion for exceeding

expectations. Fuechsel’s previous contributions

include,“Safety in the Industry”

article featuring the harness and lanyard

safety checklists in the 1Q and 2Q 2011

PrimeConnection newsletters. For more

information about CSC, visit

Overlooking Ngomeni Masura Station

Victor climbing safely to the top of Cannon Point

8 PrimeConnection | 4 TH QUARTER 2011

By Commscope

HELIAX ® FXL Smoothwall cable from

CommScope is the strategic choice for optimized

performance and reliability.

Across the industry, wireless operators are

re-aligning their network strategies in

order to improve their operating margins.

At the same time, they are upgrading their

networks to support more sophisticated

delivery of broadband data. In this new

paradigm, every purchase is critical.

RF transmission line cable has taken

on new significance as a growing source

of CAPEX savings. As a key component

of the RF signal path, its impact on reliability

and OPEX costs is even more important.

As a result, operators are looking

at RF transmission line cable in a new

light, and cable manufacturers, in turn, are

giving them something new to look at.

From a performance and cost standpoint,

CommScope offers the best choice in RF

transmission line cable.

HELIAX FXL Smoothwall cable

(part numbers FXL-540, FXL-780, FXL-

1480 and FXL-1873), part of our Andrew

Solutions portfolio available at Primus,

enables you to maximize electrical and

mechanical performance and reduce tower

loading. Installed in some of the most extreme

conditions, HELIAX FXL delivers

long-term performance and reliability that

are unparalleled in the industry.

Compared to traditional corrugated

cables, FXL offers lower attenuation, excellent

VSWR, superior crush strength,

lighter weight, and more flexibility.

There are also greater savings with

aluminum’s lower, more stable raw material

cost. HELIAX FXL offers a full range

of industry standard cable sizes and ensures

swift, easy installation and site deployments.

After more than a decade in

the field, under the most unforgiving conditions,

HELIAX FXL is a proven performer.

For optimized system performance

and lower network deployment costs, HE-

LIAX FXL Smoothwall from CommScope

is the uncompromising choice. Put the industry’s

leading cable to work for your

bottom line today.

Primus has a full inventory of HE-

LIAX FXL cable available with same day

shipping. For more information or to

order, call Primus at (800) 435-1636


Save 15% with our

Laird Technologies’

Omnidireconal Bundle Offer

Now at Primus, save 15% on any bundle of Laird

Technologies’ omnidireconal antenna, mount,

and lightning arrestor in the same order.

This discount applies only to any quanty of bundles of

Laird Technologies’ omnidireconal antenna, mount,

and lightning arrestor in one order. This offer applies

only on orders received now through October 31, 2011

and is limited to one order per customer and may not

be combined with any other rebate or promoon.



FM2 Heavy

Duty Mount


6 GHz Surge Protector


Take advantage of this special offer!

Call Primus to place your order at (800) 435-1636




Leading tower erectors know that training

is one of the most critical aspects of a

tower safety management program. With

the changes in OSHA that have taken place

in the past 18 months, training has become

a focal point from both compliance and

competency perspectives. Companies not

providing qualified training to their employees

face a number of consequences,

the least of which is an OSHA citation.

Recognizing that quality training is an

ongoing need of their customers, Primus

partnered with CITCA – The Communications

Industry Training and Certification

Academy – to offer basic and advanced

tower safety training programs.

CITCA, with a corporate office in

Champaign, is based on the campus of

Kankakee Community College (KCC) in

Kankakee, IL and has a regional training

facility in Dallas, TX with others in development

in Phoenix, AZ and in the Baltimore,

MD area as well.

“We serve clients all over the United

States,” says Steve Wilder, President and

COO of CITCA. “One of our goals is to

keep our customers’ training costs down,

and regionalizing training facilities has allowed

us to reach this goal.”

Another key benefit to CITCA training

is college accreditation. CITCA students

receive college credits when taking CITCA


“Most people don’t realize the value of

that accreditation,” Wilder notes. “It does

not matter that the student is or is not going

to use the credits toward a degree. It means

that we have the Illinois Community College

Board constantly monitoring our

10 PrimeConnection | 4 TH QUARTER 2011

classes for student scores, performance outcomes,

and student evaluations. It requires

us to perform at a much higher level. None

of our competitors have such strict quality

controls; if we lose our accreditation, we

lose our reputation too.”

Paul Carlson, Associate Dean of Business

and Technology at Kankakee Community

College echoed Wilder’s comments:

“The collaboration between CITCA and

KCC has not only put KCC on the map as a

leader in cell tower and wind turbine training,

but it has also been a continuation to

our commitment to sustainable education,”

says Carlson.

“We are very proud of this relationship,

and have used it as a model when

other colleges visit our campus and look at

our program. Being teamed up with a nationally

recognized company like CITCA

has helped our program gain national

recognition as well!”

CITCA has provided classes to Primus

customers across the nation. All CITCA instructors

travel, and bringing the classes to

the customer’s site is another cost savings

opportunity for the client. “It costs a lot

less for us to send two instructors to a customer

site than it costs the customer to send

ten people to us for the same training,”

Wilder points out.

Among the many classes CITCA offers

are Authorized / Qualified Climber,

Tower Rescue and Competent Climber

(climbing courses also have an option for

Train-the-trainer to allow customers to provide

CITCA classes in-house using their

employed instructors on their own schedule),

RF Safety, Site Safety Awareness,

Continued next page

By Steve Wilder


Emergency Medical Response, Qualified

Rigger, Line Sweeping, PIM Testing, and

more. In addition to training, CITCA also

offers comprehensive audits of company

safety programs, safety consultation services,

and written safety program development.

CITCA started in 2004 when Wilder,

then a safety consultant in private practice,

did some consulting work for a tower

erection firm. “Evaluating their training

records, it became obvious that they were

spending a lot of money sending employees

a long way for training,” says Wilder.

He learned that there was nothing

qualified in the Midwest that met the industry

needs. “I spoke to my business

partners along with some vertical rescue

instructors I knew from my years teaching

at the University of Illinois Fire Service

Institute,” says Wilder, who is a retired

fire chief with 31 years of fire service experience.

From these discussions, the

classes were developed.

Wilder then made several trips to

Cleveland to meet with OSHA ensuring

the programs were meeting industry standards

and training requirements.

“It took a year, but in the end, we

formed a new company, partnered with the

college, and began providing the programs

that formed the foundation for what we

continue to build today.”

Shortly thereafter, Wilder became involved

with the National Association

of Tower Erectors (NATE)

and was asked to sit on the NATE

Safety and Education Committee,

a seat he has enjoyed for several

years now. “Being involved with

NATE has

been fantastic.

The organization


dedicated to

safety, and

shares our

passion for

sending guys

home safe at

the end of

each day. It is a privilege to have the opportunity

to help develop industry safety

programs and practices that are intended

to do just that.”

The Primus / CITCA partnership is a

relationship that has steadily grown as

well. “I appreciate the relationship between

Primus and CITCA and know that

our customers will continue to benefit

from their fall protection training,” says

Michael Johnson, President of Primus.

Primus has strived for years to provide

Doug Salvatori and Shannon O’Connor

participated and successfully passed

the Certified Tower Climbing Course

earlier this year.

the best possible products

for our customers and I am glad to say that

we are also able to give them the best option

for training as well.”

Primus customers wishing to get more

information on the CITCA training program

should contact Primus at 1-800-435-



“Working safely

may get old,

but so do those

who practice it.”

~Author Unknown




For pricing & availability,

call us at (800) 435-1636




Cummins is a new member of the

Primus Sales Team as the Business Development

Manager - Northeast. Adam's responsibilities

will be to spearhead Carrier

and Turn Key relations to better position

Primus for the industries procurement

needs. Adam brings with him 7 years of

Wireless experience.

A graduate of Towson University outside of Baltimore,

Maryland, Adam majored in Business Management and Business

Adminstration and was a four year player on the Men's

Division 1, national top 10, Lacrosse Program. Adam earned

two-time All American and First Team All Conference Honors

and Team Captain in his Senior year.

Adam started his wireless career at T-Mobile in Baltimore,

Maryland as a Construction Project Manager responsible for

all new site builds in the Baltimore area. From there, he took a

position with Smartlink, a staffing firm as the Northeast Sales

Representative placing wireless professionals at the wireless

carriers and turn key vendors. Adam enjoyed 6 years with

Smartlink expanding the companies footprint from Pennsylvania

through New England and out to Ohio.

Adam is married to Dana Cummins, a Physical Education

Teacher, and recently had their first son Logan Michael Cummins

on August 6, 2011. The Cummins family resides in Medford

Lakes, New Jersey.

Adam can be reached at (215) 858-7103 or

Welcome to the team, Adam!

Primus is pleased to announce the addition

of Gabe Dixon as Business Development

Manager - National Programs.

Before joining Primus, Gabe worked in

the construction industry as the Director

of Business Development focusing on

reaching government and education markets.

Gabe will help grow Primus’ customer base by building

new relationships with potential players and key decisionmakers

in previously untapped markets.

Gabe can be reached at (847) 732-5885 or

Welcome to the team, Gabe!

12 PrimeConnection | 4 TH QUARTER 2011


Chevy Caprice

Dodge Charger

Ford F-150

Vehicle Parons


By Premier Mounting Solutions

When it comes to selecting police and fleet vehicle partitions,

easy installation, durability, space saving designs, and value

are important considerations for fleet managers. Premier

Mounting Solutions’ product line of partitions meet all of

those demands, plus they provide

mounting solutions for the newest

models of vehicles available.

Partitions for the 2011

Chevy Caprice, 2011 Dodge

Charger and 2009, 2010, and 2011

models of the Ford F-150 are currently

available through Premier Mounting Solutions. These

partitions feature 1.5" steel perimeter tubing, 14 gauge steel

panels, and 1/4" thick polycarbonate windows. The center

sliding window also comes with a removable steel mesh


Fleet managers can additionally take advantage of Premier

Mounting Solutions’ partition mounting kits that feature

pivoting lower brackets for easy installation. 14 gauge steel

lower wings and polycarbonate upper wings designed to work

with side-impact airbags ensure the partitions are durable and

engineered with maximum safety in mind.

Primus is proud to carry products from Premier Mounting

Solutions which are made in the United States and are designed

and manufactured to meet the demands and expectations

of customers.

To order any of these products or request a catalog, contact

Primus at (800) 435-1636.

Image source:


when the temps

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and bringing with it a drop in temperature. Every year, we must change what we wear to adapt

to the cooler weather. Staying warm and dry are the two most important factors to keep you protected this winter. Trying to decide what

types of clothes you should keep handy for the winter can be a daunng task, but with a few right items, you could be set for the falling

temperatures. Below are a few ps for maintaining a comfortable body temperature while working outside in the winter months:

Good Tips:

1. Begin with a close-fing base layer to your body: This layer should not

be big and bulky since it needs to fit close to keep body heat trapped inside.

A good base layer is Ergodyne’s Core Performance Work Wear products

available at Primus, which feature wicking fabric and venting options.

Avoid items made of cotton, as it will trap moisture and will not keep you


Perfect Solutions:

part # 6435 part # 6480

pg 74

pg 189

2. Add a middle layer that is breathable and light-weight: A loose-fitting

microfiber or fleece shirt with a hood or collar would be perfect for this

layer. Some clothing items have concealed underarm zippers that allow for

some circulation when things start to heat up. Sometimes it is wise to travel

with two middle layers when dealing with extreme cold conditions.

3. Include a warm outer layer: A successful outer layer will consist of a

jacket and pants that are both windproof and waterproof. Preventing moisture

from coming into contact with the body is the key element of this layer.

Pants should fit tight and not be too baggy and a jacket should reach down

below one’s waistline. Avoid wearing denim, as it is absorbent and can

make you very uncomfortable.

part # 6418 part # 6425

part # 6463 part # 6465

pg 74

pg 189

pg 74

pg 189

4. Gloves, good socks, and warming packets: Gloves and good socks help

keep heat from escaping through the feet and hands. Consider carrying an

extra pair of gloves and socks in the event that you come into contact with

water. Warming packs are a great addition as well since they add instant

heat and stay warm for up to 8 hours.

part # 710

part # 6990

pgs 63 &


pgs 181,


5. Addional Accessories: To further protect yourself from colder temperatures,

try adding additional accessories such as head liners and balaclavas

to your wardrobe for the day. Available in different temperature ranges,

both of these products provide extra protection against cold conditions and

are simple to keep clean. Sunglasses and goggles keep your eyes safe from

solar radiation and can provide protection against UV rays.

part # 6952

part # 10033717

part # HL33067

pgs 62-63

pgs 180-181

Primus has everything you need to get the job done and stay warm in

the process. Call us today for all of your product needs or to request a

catalog at (800) 435-1636.


New Products Now Available with Primus and Bird Technologies Partnership!


Primus is excited to now carry Bird Technologies’

AT-Series Antenna Testers which provide

a fast, cost-effective, illustrated way of determining

the condition of mobile and base station


The Antenna Tester is made of durable military grade

materials, making it perfect for use out in the field. The battery

(included) allows for over approximately two hours of

continuous work.

Users are able to test the system in VSWR, Return Loss,

Reflection Coefficient (Rho) and Match Efficiency. This unit

performs tasks such as single frequency readings, frequency

sweep, tuning, and system optimization.

With the field strength antenna installed, the Antenna

Tester is able to certify the output of portable cellular phones

with fixed antennas. When the tester is powered on, several

tests are performed to confirm that there are no operational

issues at hand.

Both models are packaged with a carrying case, auto

cigarette lighter adapter cable, verification kit, and software

compatible with PC’s running on Windows 95 Operating

System or later.

Frequency Frequency Frequency Number

Mfr Part #










AT-500 5-520 20 ± 50 100

Technologies AT-800 806-960 30 ± 100 100


Primus is excited to now carry Bird Technologies’

General Purpose Wattmeter, which has

become the industry standard.

The portable, insertion-type device is made

to measure both forward and reflected CW

power in coaxial transmission lines under any load circumstance,

and is designed for use with AM, FM, CW, and TV


The unit shows direct readings in watts with a detailed

scale for easy reading.

The Wattmeter is housed inside a heavy-duty metal enclosure

to protect it from various environmental challenges.

Extra bumpers on the back and base allow the meter to lie

flat or stand easily. Ease of use and the ability to service this

unit easily have made it famous among Bird’s product line.

Quick Change connectors are available to lessen the need for

different adapters when making important measurements.

Mfr Part #




10 mW to

Technologies 43 10 kW

*Depending on Bird ® Plug-in Element



450 kHz -

2.7 GHz


± 5% of

full scale

For more information on either of these new products

or to place an order, call Pat Morgan with Primus at

(800) 435-1636.

14 PrimeConnection | 4 TH QUARTER 2011

Ritron Clean Cab Radio

Available at Primus

The Ritron Clean Cab radio model RCCR is

a dedicated manufacturing effort by one

company with more than 30 years of RF engineering

design and production experience.

The combination of manufacturing

know-how along with in-house mechanical,

RF engineering and software skills, work together

to benefit our railroad customers'


The RCCR radio is designed with state

of the art RF technology to provide onboard

voice communication for freight and transit

railroad operations. A fresh, clean-sheet design

approach was used to optimize performance

specifically for the railroad environment

instead of adapting an off-the-shelf LMR mobile


The radio is available in both one- or

two-piece remote head models and is fully

compliant with the January 1, 2013 FCC mandate

for narrow band operation. It supports 25

KHz (wide) and 12.5 KHz (narrow) operation

and can be easily upgraded via a plug-in board

to support digital communication using the

NXDN digital standard at 6.25KHz.

The all-metal enclosure is made from heavy gage, precision-machined

aluminum for maximum durability. A large bright, easy-to-read LED display

allows for a wide viewing angle and ruggedness. Front panel push buttons

are large and flush mounted to ensure correct entry and backlit for low

light operation. Special emphasis has been given to easy access and serviceability

of all internal PCB's and related electronics.

The radio is 100% designed, manufactured, and supported by Ritron's

factory located in Carmel, Indiana. Ritron continues to manufacture specialized

wireless communication equipment for the Railroad Industry since


For pricing and availability, or to request a copy of our brochure featuring

detailed information and specifications of the Ritron Clean Cab

Radio, call Pat with Primus at (800) 435-1636 or via email at


4180 E Sand Ridge Rd.

Morris, IL 60450

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We asked you to let us know in your opinion,

why you think Primus is the Difference in

Wireless Distribuon. By far, Carol Conway,

Inside Sales Representave, stole the show

with customers wring in about her kind

voice to her extensive knowledge and willingness

to go above and beyond for them.

A few words from the woman behind the

infamous, “Good Morning - Primus - Carol

Spea-king” greeng, who started her career

with Primus 30 years ago this past August:

“Good Morning - Primus - Carol Speaking"

Recognize that greeting? It's been around

for 30 years as I celebrate my 30th anniversary

with Primus.

It has been a fantastic 30 years as I have

had a job that gave me the opportunity to work

with all of you. I have learned to know most of

you and feel you are a friend I have never met in


There are times you have made me laugh

and times when you have shared some sad moments. Many of you have told me

of the happy events in your lives and

have given me compliments that indeed

made my day brighter. And, we always

have - and continue to - get the job done,

don't we?!

I only wish I was at the beginning

of that 30 year period and

could look forward to doing it all

over again.

Thank you for all of your kind

words over the years.

I wish you Health, Wealth, and Happiness,

Carol Conway

Your Inside Sales Representative

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