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in thiS iSSUe




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4 news & notes

5 tractor comparison

6 round baler Financing: 0% for 60 mos.

8 the new Gleaner s7 series

10 customer spotlight: Jcs Farms

12 used equipment

14 planters/air seeders

15 2011 roGator lineup

16 challenger c-series round balers

17 butler partners with Killbros

18 the new sunflower 6630

19 the new Ha Joker mt20

20 Guidance & service

21 q&a: partstore

22 associate spotlight: dan Werdel

23 butler commitment

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newS & noteS

in the


courtesy of the red river Farm network


crop report Sheds light on crop mix —

usda says farmers intend to plant three

percent more barley in the us this year, but

north dakota will see four percent less barley.

minnesota farmers intend to plant six percent

more barley than a year ago. us durum acreage

intentions are down eight percent. canola

planting intentions are up 11 percent, both

in the us and in north dakota. us sunflower

intentions are down eight percent; south

dakota acreage is up eight percent; north

dakota is down 12 percent, and minnesota

intentions are down 34 percent. Flax acres

appear to be unchanged from last year.

dry Bean acreage takes a hit — Farmers

say they will shun dry edible beans this year,

due to strong price competition from other

crops. usda planting intentions suggest a 32

percent decline in dry bean acres nationwide.

north dakota acreage is pegged at 450,000

acres, down from 800,000 last year, a 44

percent decline. minnesota dry bean intentions

are 24 percent below a year ago. u.s. dry pea

planting intentions are down 22 percent from

last year. sugarbeet acreage is up one percent,

the largest increase is in north dakota, with

10,000 more acres this year.

Budget Battle — north dakota senator,

and senate budget committee chairman,

Kent conrad says the federal debt has to be

addressed on both sides. While spending as a

share of our national economy is the highest

it’s been in 60 years, conrad says revenue as

a share of the economy is at a 60-year low.

conrad says every part of federal spending will

have to contribute to the solution, including

agriculture. the red river Farm network asked

conrad to comment on House ag committee

ranking member collin peterson’s recent

estimate that direct payments would survive

in the next farm bill, but be cut ten percent. “i

would say congressman peterson is making a

reasonable projection that we would lose some

part of direct payments, hopefully, not an unfair

amount,” said conrad. in addition to a cut in

direct payments, conrad anticipates a reduction

in conservation payments. rrFn’s interview

with conrad can be found at http://www.rrfn.


another attempt to end the estate tax —

south dakota representative Kristi noem is part

of a bi-partisan group of lawmakers seeking an

end to the estate tax. noem says the so-called

“death tax” is unfair and hurts farmers and

ranchers. the lawmakers contend the estate tax

is a double-dip, taking a significant portion of

someone’s estate, despite the fact that those

assets have already been taxed. percent to zero

until may 1st. the attaché says turkey has

already imported 600,000 tons of wheat under

an earlier duty free import quota in January and

February, but that has not stabilized domestic

wheat prices enough.

to our 13 winners of the no Free lunch campaign! three winners received a cat ® conGratUlationS


replica and 10 winners received a cat racing cap along with a butler machinery cap!

cat chopper winnerS:

Joel pribyl - Wolsey, sd

mark ronglien - big stone city, sd

George Whelan - crystal, nd

cap winnerS:

art argo - Wilmot, sd

Jarret lee - madison, sd

Francis House - Grace city, nd

Ken Krieger - burke, sd

doug Fike - Harvey, nd


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone

Kirk abrahamson - minot, nd

scott connell - desmet, sd

charles seil - Heaton, nd

Fred Hoffman - long lake, sd

landon poppens - lennox, sd




2003 KInzE 3700 PlAnTEr ������ $67,000

1992 COnCOrd 4710 ���������������� $35,000

1999 AGCO WHITE 8524 ������������� $58,500

1990 AGCO-WHITE 6346 ����������� $18,000

call :


viSit :



the mt800c series continues to pull away

from the competition with the latest product

enhancements making these the most

comfortable, efficient, and productive track

tractors ever produced by challenger:

> a full iso11783 compatible electrical

system comes standard for total tractor and

implement control.

> a highly featured tractor management

center display allows for total machine and

implement control.

the hydraulic tensioning cylinders apply pressure to each

belt independently and keep all forces in a straight line,

isolating it from the tractor axles and frame. the 50,000 lbs

of belt tension provides superior belt-to-driver grip without

placing stress on the tractor frame. the tensioning system

also provides some suspension from any hard jolts to the

idler wheel from bumps or ruts in the field.

model breakdown:

mt800c series Jd 9030t series

mt835c @ 410 Hp no offering at this Hp

mt845c @ 440 Hp 9430t @ 425 Hp

mt875c @ 585 Hp no offering at this Hp

mt855c @ 475 Hp 9530t @ 475 Hp

mt865c @ 525 Hp 9630t @ 530 Hp

the challenger exclusive oscillating bogie system contours the

field’s dips, valleys and varying terrain, providing a much smoother

ride than the 9030t. it also improves traction by keeping more

of the belt in contact with the ground, increasing flotation, and

minimizing compaction. a longer wheelbase provides a larger

footprint increasing stability and traction in any application.



vs. John deere 9030t

UndercarriaGe compariSon

mt800c UndercarriaGe

> an industry leading hydraulic system

with improved reliability, control, flow, and


> a superior operator environment for

maximum operator comfort and ease of use.

the ae50 award Winning challenger

mt800c series remains in a class of its own

with new industry leading technology built

upon the long history of proven features and

benefits of this world class tractor.

this stabilizer bar, mounted inside the

frame, connects the hardbar to the frame of the

tractor. this prevents lateral movement, while

providing support and allowing vertical travel. it is

much more supportive than a small single gas shock.

continued on page 7 ...

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0 Restrictions apply; contact your local

BMC for more details.

% 60 FoR months

THE The C-Series Round Balers from Challenger represents an exciting

new generation of Auto-Tie and Auto-Cycle round balers.

For more information, contact your local BMC or visit www.challengerag.com

You’ll find industry leading capacity and bale density performance, along

with a host of innovative features not found on other brands of round

balers. All designed to help you get more done.

Call today to find out how you can take advantage of exceptional

financing on Challenger Round Balers.

... continued from page 5.

Jd 9030t UndercarriaGe

Spec compariSon

1. pivot pin

2. air bags

3. bushings

4. reaction arm

5. dampening cylinder

specification mt800c 9030t mt800c advantage

suspension opti-ride




+/- 8% oscillation

air cushion


+/- 5% oscillation

the roller frame of the 9030t is a complex two piece design. it

connects the track frame to the rear axle with a large angled piece,

which adds extra stress to the frame and axle of the tractor. the

two piece undercarriage design does not allow for any gauge

width changes. the 9030t series has an outboard planetary design

requiring a pressure lube system for constant lubrication. the debris

shield does not extend over the roller frame which allows dirt and

residue build up on the frame and undercarriage components.

the mt800c series utilizes an established design allowing the frame to

float on marsh mellow ® springs isolating it from the undercarriage. this

system allows for eight degrees of oscillation, greater range of vertical

movement, as well as increased track-toground contact, maximizing total

operator comfort.

90” to 128” Fixed at 106” an infinitely adjustable gauge allows the mt800c series tractors to operate

in a wider range of applications, including row crop with 18” belts. the

9030t series is fixed at 106” which significantly reduces its adaptability to

meet the farmers needs.

Wheelbase 118” 116” the mt800c series longer wheelbase provides lower ground pressure and

approximately a 4.5% tractive energy advantage in typical soils. the larger

footprint increases flotation, decreases soil compaction and provides the

smoothest ride in the industry.








in-line reaction


mounted behind track

Frame support

due to the location of the reaction arm on the mt800c series, the belts do

not have to be detensioned when adjusting the gauge setting. it’s strategic

location reduces crop residue buildup as well as absorbs some shock loads

to reduce the amount of stress transferred from the undercarriage to the

frame of the tractor.

oscillating Fixed solid mount Four oscillating bogie systems conform to the fields terrain, maintaining

track-to-ground contact, maximizing floatation and reducing soil compaction.

the mt800c provides unmatched traction and has a much smoother ride

than the 9030t.

medium / Wide poly

midwheels optional


n/a challenger offers multiple mid-wheel widths allowing for the use of narrow

18” belts making this the only high horsepower track tractor row crop unit.

to extend the life of the undercarriage components challenger also offers

a poly midwheel option constructed of a special material to resist heat and



When the challenger track tractor was introduced in 1987, it was designed to be the industry leader in track technology and not a converted

wheel tractor with tracks on it. the superior design of the mobil-trac system (mts) allows for greater flotation, reduced soil compaction, higher

transport speeds and the smoothest ride of any track tractor. the mt800c series is able to get the Hp to the ground more effectively and

efficiently than the 9030t resulting in superior performance.

SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone | 7


Gleaner ®

S7 SerieS tranSverSe

rotor comBineS

the “supersized,” yet nimble Gleaner s7 series packages reliable, proven technologies with new

innovations, delivering added harvest capacity, capability and efficiency to handle tomorrow’s yields

and challenging crop conditions.

as yields and farm size continue to increase,

professional growers may find themselves

facing unprecedented harvest challenges

such as more grain throughput, heavier plant

material, tougher stalks and stems and the

need to harvest despite wet soil conditions.

the new Gleaner super series class Vi and

class Vii transverse rotor combines from

aGco are designed to handle just these

types of challenges.

“during the past 32 years, the transverse

rotor combine from Gleaner, with its unique

design and excellent performance, has gained

a reputation for reliability, performance, low

loss levels and high grain sample quality.

during the past three years, we’ve built upon

this solid foundation, joining engineering

smarts with field smarts to ‘supersize’ the

harvest capacity, capability and efficiency

of our r6 series machines to deliver all the

performance without all the physical size,

weight and complexity,” explains Kevin bien,

combine product marketing manager. “the

result is the Gleaner s7 series, at just under

30,000 pounds, the lightest class Vi and Vii

rotary combines on the market. if you think

you know Gleaner, you’ll think again after

checking out these new machines.”

deliverinG indUStry FirStS:

also the first fully tier iV interim-compliant

combine on the market, the s7 series is

powered by the dependable aGco sisu

poWer 8.4 cWa-4V liquid-cooled,

turbocharged engine featuring aGco’s

exclusive e3 scr clean air technology. more

fuel efficient at higher horsepower ratings

than previous models with deep power

reserves, the model s77 delivers 370 hp @

2,100 rpm with a power bulge at 1,950 rpm

that jumps to 398 hp and the model s67 with

314 hp @ 2,100 rpm with a power bulge of

344 hp @ 1,950 rpm.

the rear-mounted engine of the s7 series

did yoU know every

Gleaner comBine haS a

Standard 2-yr FUll

machine warranty?


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone

distributes weight better and results in less

noise and vibration, and the walk-in rear

engine compartment is the industry’s largest,

offering better accessibility for service and

maintenance. the machine also features

a four-speed hydrostatic transmission and

heavy-duty final drives to provide ultimate

power and reliability. the rear adjustable

steering axle and factory- or field-installed

rear wheel assist (rWa) keep the combine

moving through soft field conditions.

another industry-leading aspect of the new

machine is the largest standard 330-bushel

grain bin on the s77 and the optional

390-bushel grain bin available on the s67

and s77. also a first: the Gleaner’s “direct

Flow” two-auger unloader design featuring

a 12-inch grain bin cross auger that feeds a

massive 14-inch unloader auger to deliver

an average unloading rate of 4.0 bushels

per second.

check out www.gleanersuperseven.com to see videos of the new

super series combines in action. you’ll find the black-painted Gleaner

s7 (nicknamed by some as “the stealth”) combine used to provide

the final round of engineering tests and data collection before the

new-generation super series Gleaner combines were introduced to the

public. to receive a free dVd of the six episodes from the 2010 Gleaner

super series roadshow, log onto www.gleanercombines.com.

the Gleaner cab and

controls are designed

for day-long comfort and

convenience to improve

the efficiency of every

task and every operator.

the s7 series combine features a fully

welded frame and low center of gravity

that help eliminate flex and improve

torque distribution to put more power to

the ground. this, plus its light weight,

contribute significantly to the machine’s

agility and maneuverability regardless of field

conditions, and allow the machine to harvest

and clean larger amounts of grain while

leaving a lighter footprint across the field.

heart and SoUl:

the heart and soul of the machine is its large

30-inch transverse rotor, which offers 360

degrees of surface area for more effective

threshing and separating. positioned

transversely instead of axially as in other

rotary combines, it allows for what aGco

calls “natural-flow feeding.” Fed by two,

four-strand feed chains, the width of the crop

mat is maintained throughout the entire crop

feeding process to eliminate pinch points

and expand throughput capacity before the

crop enters the processor, helping deliver

greater material throughput. delivered at a

constant angle to the concave and cylinder,

the natural Flow system pulls rather than

pushes material and also eliminates twisting

and turning of the crop to constantly feed the

threshing rotor, increasing performance and


after the crop is threshed and separated,

distribution augers uniformly distribute crop

to the new larger accelerator rolls, which

propel grain four times faster than free fall

through a high-velocity air blast onto the

grain pan. this two-stage process pre-cleans

the grain with a larger 13-inch diameter

cleaning fan, providing 34 percent more air

volume before the grain reaches the shoe

to produce a cleaner grain sample than

combines that rely on cleaning shoes alone

to clean the grain, according to bien. and,

because grain coming from the processor is

evenly fed across the entire cleaning shoe,

the combine can operate on slopes of up to a

23 percent incline without the need for selfleveling


comFort and convenience:

the Gleaner comfortech ii cab and controls

are designed for day-long comfort and

convenience to improve the efficiency of every

task and every operator. in the center of the

cab is an adjustable air-ride high-back comfort

seat with armrests that position the operator

within an easy-to-use and efficient reach of

the control and monitoring system. a large

service door opposite the entry makes access

to the console quick and convenient, while a

large rear cab window offers a complete view

into the grain tank.

the new standard led lighting package

features six new lights on the lower cab, rear,

grain bin and unloader to provide even greater

lighting at night.


the Gleaner s7 series combines come with

integrated Fieldstar ® ii yield-monitoring

systems as standard equipment. Fieldstar

ii uses yield and moisture sensors, global

positioning and the advanced technology

solutions console ii to track yield data. in

addition, Gleaner offers a satellite-assisted

steering system to increase productivity by

reducing unwanted overlaps or skips. the

easy-to-use system is fully transferable to

other aGco Guidance ready equipment.

For more information about the new Gleaner

s7 series, contact your local butler machinery

or visit www.butlermachinery.com.

meet new

ranch hand

Whether you raise crops,

livestock or supply farmers

with seeds, fertilizer

or feed, let us help you

maximize productivity while

minimizing operating costs.

Saving you time. Saving

you money. that’s what

Butler can do for you.



SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone | 9

cUStomer SpotliGht

John smith, owner of Jcs Farms, inc., and butler ag salesman, aaron Hadrick

the Ultimate heavy header

draGo and butler: a nice

Fit For Jcs Farms, inc.

it was the middle of this past autumn,

a crisp, late september morning, when

butler machinery had the opportunity to

visit with John smith about his drago

8r30 chopper head.

John, the owner of Jcs Farms, inc. in

yankton, s.d., grows corn and beans in his

farming operation. about 15 years ago he

bought that farming business from his father

who had been farming for 40 years. as John

said about the farming business in his family

- “it’s been a long time.”

John had tried other company’s heads before

purchasing his drago header from butler

machinery. “every corn head i had before

was a John deere, but they weren’t chopper

heads. before i bought the drago, i looked at

a lot of chopper heads at tradeshows.”

When asked what it was that he didn’t like

about that other equipment, John relayed,

“Well, the John deere wasn’t getting the job


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone

done, but it wasn’t a chopper head either. i

just got tired of the stalks and then having to

pay somebody to sit in one of my tractors and

then have a chopper too.”

since the previous fall, when John’s corn

stalks where so tall and hard to manage with

all the residue left, John kept something in

the back of his mind. He kept thinking that he

should take a closer look at getting a drago.

“i’d been talking to a lot of people, and going

to all the farm shows. a friend of mine had a

drago down by elk point (s.d.) and he really

thought it did an awesome job, so that kind of

led me toward the drago.”

late the following summer at the dakotafest

tradeshow in mitchell, s.d., John ran into his

butler machinery salesman, aaron Hadrick.

aaron showed John the drago head they

“it’s a very well designed

and engineered piece of


had on display. John was impressed with

the features the drago had including the

choppers. John decided to try one.

When comparing John’s previous equipment

to what the drago chopper head was now

able to do for his operation, the advantages

quickly became apparent. John said,

“basically, it took two operations down to

one. instead of having a guy in a chopper

and running it along with a lot of fuel,

maintenance and repairs, we could put that

guy in our truck instead or have him out doing

tillage. also, the drago did a really nice job. i

was very impressed with it.”

When a customer buys a major piece of

equipment, expectations of what that

equipment can do for him come into play.

John was looking for a chopping head that

would handle the residue and cut the stalks

so that he could do tillage work right behind

the combine.

Has John’s new drago head lived up to those


“even more so, to be honest with you. it does

a beautiful job.” He continued, “i found very

little ear loss—kernel loss—on the ground.

the choppers, between the stalk rollers in the

choppers, they size everything very nice and

just lay it down flat.”

John went on to say that one of the hardest

struggles to overcome in his farming

operation is, and has always been, all of

the residue left from the corn. “like last

year, where a lot of the fall work didn’t get

done—all of a sudden now you’ve got corn

stalks and a lot of organic matter on the

ground, and that’s really hard to deal with.

the drago sized it and had it lying there so a

guy could get through it a little easier in the

spring. i like to do the fall tillage, but some

years it doesn’t happen because of weather.

When you’ve got 250 bushel corn or better,

there’s going to be a lot of trash out there

and dealing with that is a big issue.” the

drago header has definitely handled the job

for Jcs Farms. “it just cuts beautifully. it’s a

nice machine.”

like all farm professionals, John was

interested in the serviceability and ease of

maintenance on his new drago head. “that’s

one reason i’m really impressed with drago.

the engineering has been spectacular.

everything fits nicely. they put a lot of

thought into it for guys like me that have to

tear it apart, maybe at night out in the field.”

John told us a story about one of his

experiences with servicing and repairing his

drago. “We had a stalk roller get damaged.

it was only three bolts and the whole thing

came out. We could have fixed it, repaired

it, and put it back in all within less than an

hour, but we didn’t have the knife parts. so

aaron (Hadrick) came down on a sunday

with the parts and met me halfway down the

interstate. butler did an awesome job and

had the parts on-hand. and, if they didn’t

have them, they could’ve had them there by

the next day.”

aaron Hadrick, John’s butler machinery

salesman, is based out of butler’s sioux Falls

store about 90 miles away from John’s farm.

John admitted, “that was a concern at first.

all of a sudden i’m dealing with somebody

90 miles away with a name (drago) that i’ve

never been familiar with, and as it turned out,

it hasn’t been an issue whatsoever. it has not

been a problem getting parts or anything.”

He continued, “aaron has gone above and

beyond the call of duty. the day the stalk

roller got damaged there was a storm coming

in three days and i still had 300 acres to go. i

needed that roller and it was sunday. aaron

it’S not JUSt another

pretty Face...

meet the rUGGed, hard-workinG lexion 700 SerieS

700 SerieS

cUStomer SpotliGht

went to the store and loaded up the parts

himself. i was on my way up to sioux Falls

and he even jumped in his truck and headed

south to meet me. i’ve been very impressed

with him.”

it is easy to see John’s satisfaction level with

his salesman, and with butler machinery.

but, what about his overall satisfaction level

with his drago header?

“overall satisfaction has been very high.

it’s a very well designed and engineered

piece of equipment. i really enjoy the

fact that when you go to grease it and

just service it every day, you don’t have to

open up every snoot. drago put a lot of

planning into that too, because if it’s not

very convenient then it doesn’t get done

continued on page 17 ...

you asked, claaS listened. the new leXion 700 series combines were

designed to work as hard as you do, with new and exciting features that strive

to deliver exceptional performance and maximum output. From the redesigned

soundproof cab to the innovative headers and the 360 bushel folding grain tank,

you won’t find a more dependable and powerful combine on the market.

SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone | 11

USed eqUipment

qUality USed eqUipment

2003 KInzE 3700 PlAnTEr ����� $67,000 2008 Jd 1890 AIr sEEdEr ��������$139,000

1992 COnCOrd 4710 ���������������� $35,000 1990 AGCO-WHITE 6346 ���������� $18,000 2006 CIH 1250 ���������������������������$111,000


2005 AGCO dT200A 3340 Hrs ������������������� $85,000

2007 AGCO dT200A 1858 Hrs ����������������� $108,000

2007 AGCO dT200A 1668 Hrs ����������������� $116,000

2005 CHAllEnGEr MT665B 2119 Hrs �� $105,000

2006 CHAllEnGEr MT855B 3081 Hrs �� $219,000

CHAllEnGEr MT865C 1133 Hrs ����������� $279,000

1992 TylEr PATrIOT II sPrAyEr ����������� $24,000

1997 BrAndT Qf1000 PUll TyPE �������������� $5,500

2005 rOGATOr 1074 2348 Hrs ������������������ $CAll

1997 rOGATOr 854 3967 Hrs ������������������ $49,000

1999 rOGATOr 854 3677 Hrs ������������������ $66,000

2001 CIH sTX325 2540 Hrs ��������������������� $119,000

2001 TErrAGATOr 6203 2273 Hrs ������� $128,000

2002 TErrAGATOr 8103 3616 Hrs ��������� $77,000

1979 IHC 1586 ��������������������������������������������� $14,000

1975 AllIs CHAlMErs 7000 ����������������������� $6,500

2007 Jd 7420 2800 Hrs ������������������������������ $79,000

1997 Jd 8200 2800 Hrs ������������������������������ $80,000

2005 WHITE 8524 ���������������������������������������� $85,000

1985 vErsATIlE 876 ���������������������������������� $34,000

1995 Jd 8870 3637 Hrs ������������������������������ $76,000

1992 Jd 8960 ����������������������������������������������� $68,000

1989 Jd 9600 ����������������������������������������������� $26,000


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone


2007 CAsE-IH ATX700 ������������������������������ $166,000

CIH 8500 �������������������������������������������������������� $7,000

HOrsCH AndErsOn Ps6015 $69,500 – $235,000

2007 HOrsCH AndErsOn Ps4015 �������� $185,000

COnCOrd 4012 ������������������������������������������ $18,000

1992 COnCOrd 4710 ��������������������������������� $35,000

COnCOrd sEEdEr 40’������������������������������ $50,000

COnCOrd 4812 ������������������������������������������ $29,000

2000 flEXICOIl s67Xl ��������������������������������� $5,800

2008 Jd 1890 ��������������������������������������������� $139,000


2006 CIH 1250 24 rOW, 30 In �������������������$111,000

2003 KInzE 3700 24 rOW, 30 In ���������������� $67,000

2008 KInzE 3800 24 rOW, 30 In �������������� $120,000

KInzE 2300 �������������������������������������������������� $22,000

AGCO-WHITE 6180 (2) �������������������������������� $24,000

1990 AGCO-WHITE 6346 16 rOW �������������� $18,000

1999 WHITE 8524 ���������������������������������������� $58,500

2003 CIH 1200 ��������������������������������������������� $55,000

Jd 24-22 PlAnTEr ������������������������������������� $29,000


2009 Jd 7450 476 Hrs ������������������������������ $261,000

2002 ClAAs JAG900 3175 Hrs ��������������� $132,000

2007 ClAAs JAG900 GE 2004 Hrs ��������� $190,000

2003 CIH 1200 ������������������������������$55,000 HOrsCH AndErsOn Ps6015 �����$69,500

1999 AGCO WHITE 8524 ������������� $58,500


2009 HOrsCH AndErsOn JOKEr 5CT ��� $30,000

2009 sUMMErs HArrOW ������������������������� $31,000

sUMMErs dIAMOnd dIsC �������������������������� $CAll

sUMMErs sUPEr COUlTEr ��� $28,000 – $45,000

2005 sUnflOWEr 4530-19 ��������������������� $55,000

2006 WIsHEK 862nT ����������������������������������� $52,000

1994 WIlrICH 7620 ������������������������������������ $13,000

1996 sUnflOWEr 1433-28 ����������������������� $18,000


2010 Jd 315 ������������������������������������������������� $23,500

2009 Jd 320 ������������������������������������������������� $32,500

2006 Jd CT332 �������������������������������������������� $29,500

2000 BOBCAT 763 ��������������������������������������� $11,500

2006 BOBCAT T190 ������������������������������������� $27,500

2005 CAT 287B �������������������������������������������� $27,000

CAT 236B2 ��������������������������������������������������� $35,500


2006 nEvIllE BUIlT TrAIlEr ����������������� $17,500

UnvErfErTH 745 Hdr TrnsPOrT ��������� $11,500

2003 KInzE 1040 GrAIn CArT ������������������ $35,000

2008 HEssTOn 5556 rOUnd BAlEr ������� $28,500

1998 BrEnT 874 GrAIn CArT ������������������ $20,000

800-522-0929 BUtlermachinery.com



2007 HA Ps4015 ����������������������� $185,000 1993 AGCO-WHITE 6180 ���������� $24,000 1997 AGCO-WHITE 6180 ���������� $24,000 CIH 8500 AIr sEEdEr �������������������$7,000

2003 CIH 1200 ���������������������������� $55,000 2006 MIllEr nITrO 2200T ����� $115,000 2006 TErrAGATOr 8103 ������� $160,000 2009 rOGATOr ssC1084 ������� $187,000


sPrAy TAnKs fOr CHAllEnGEr ������������� $2,000

1995 rOGATOr 844 ������������������������������������ $30,500

2000 rOGATOr 854 ������������������������������������ $59,000

2005 rOGATOr 1074 3114 Hrs �������������� $115,000

2004 rOGATOr 1264 3082 Hrs �������������� $105,000

2006 rOGATOr 1274C ����������������������������� $139,000

2009 rOGATOr ssC1084 1225 Hrs ����� $187,000

2005 lOrAl 6400 �������������������������������������� $137,000

2003 TErrAGATOr 8144 3072 Hrs ������� $122,000

TErrAGATOr 8103 ����������������� $80,000 – $160,000

2008 Jd 4830 �������������������������� $185,000 – $189,000

2006 MIllEr nITrO 2200T 1024 Hrs ����� $115,000

2004 MIllEr nITrO 2275 3142 Hrs ��������� $82,000

2003 rEdBAll 665 ������������������������������������� $CAll

2003 HArdI COMMAndEr 1200 ��������������� $25,000

sUMMErs sUPErsPrAyEr ����������������������� $3,700


lEXIOn 460 �������������������������������� $52,000 – $55,000

lEXIOn 470r ���������������������������� $95,000 – $110,000

lEXIOn 470 �������������������������������� $62,000 – $67,500

lEXIOn 480 �������������������������������� $40,000 – $52,500

2001 lEXIOn 480r 2503 sEP Hrs ������������ $89,000

lEXIOn 560r ������������������������������������������������� $CAll

lEXIOn 570r �������������������������� $135,000 – $207,000

0 % for24 months

on qualifying used combines


2009 lEXIOn 575r ���������������������������������������� $CAll

lEXIOn 585r ������������������������� $190,000 – $245,000

lEXIOn 580r �������������������������� $165,000 – $195,000

lEXIOn 590r �������������������������� $187,500 – $330,000

2007 lEXIOn 595r ���������������������������������������� $CAll

nH Cr9070 ������������������������������������������������ $199,000

2006 CIH 8010 1340 Hrs �������������������������� $172,000

1986 CIH 1680 ��������������������������������������������� $15,000

1989 CIH 1660 ��������������������������������������������� $23,000

1999 CIH 2388 ��������������������������������������������� $83,000

1997 CIH 2188 ��������������������������������������������� $60,000

2008 CIH 8010 ������������������������������������������� $225,000

2009 CIH 8120 767 Hrs �������������������������� $240,000

GlEAnEr r76 ������������������������������������������ $217,000

2001 GlEAnEr r72 �������������������������������������� $CAll

GlEAnEr r62 (3) ������������������������ $32,500 – $CAll

2009 GlEAnEr r66 �������������������������������� $215,000

2000 Jd 9750sTs 4497 Hrs ����������������������� $75,000


2005 CHAllEnGEr MT555B 2546 Hrs ���� $81,250

CHAllEnGEr MT765B ���������� $164,000 – $197,000

2007 CHAllEnGEr MT855B 3583 Hrs �� $215,000

2008 CHAllEnGEr MT865B (2) �������������� $263,000

2007 CHAllEnGEr MT875B 3968 Hrs �� $219,000

CHAllEnGEr MT755B �������� $157,000 – $165,000

2008 AGCO lT85A ��������������������������������������� $65,000

USed eqUipment


2008 AGCO rT100A ������������������������������������ $65,000

2003 AGCO dT180 2815 Hrs ������������������ $73,000

1998 AGCO 9745 ����������������������������������������� $56,500

2000 CAT CH85E 4660 Hrs ���������������������� $93,000

1976 IH 1486 ������������������������������������������������ $10,000

2006 CIH MX285 4493 Hrs ���������������������� $105,000

CAsE MXU125 (3) ��������������������������������������� $CAll

1994 CIH 5230 1684 Hrs ���������������������������� $27,000

2008 CIH 245 MAGnUM 1252 Hrs ���������� $131,000

2009 CIH sTX385 670 Hrs ��������������������� $195,000

2008 nH T9060Hd 1150 Hrs ������������������ $225,000

1997 nH 9682 ���������������������������������������������� $55,000

1995 nEW HOllAnd 9880 ������������������������� $72,000

2006 Jd 9420 1530 Hrs ��������������������������� $169,000

2008 Jd 8330 1583 Hrs ���������������������������� $162,000

1984 Jd 8650 ����������������������������������������������� $24,000

1990 Jd 8760 ����������������������������������������������� $53,000

2008 PUMA 180 987 Hrs ��������������������������� $94,000

2000 fEndT 716 vArIO ������������������������������ $58,000

1990 vErsATIlE 846 4960 Hrs �������������� $38,000

1998 vErsATIlE 936 ���������������������������������� $38,000

1993 vErsATIlE 946 4388 Hrs ���������������� $48,000

1 .9% for36 months

*on qualifying used tractors


SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone | 13

planterS/air SeederS

horSch anderSon introdUceS

new opener

Horsch anderson recently announced the

release of their latest opener, which is

designed specifically for fertilizer applicators.

it allows the use of a double-shoot air system

(two separate systems/hoses) for putting

down dry fertilizer, as well as a half-inch

liquid or nH3 tube. this allows the placement

of two separate dry products combined with

liquid fertilizer or nH3.

prior openers were only capable of putting

down one dry product and liquid, or nH3.

this opener allows for a much more versatile

set-up as well because applicators have the

option to easily place different products of

dry fertilizer with or without nH3, depending

on different demands, without switching the

product in the cart. this opener is also widely

used for planting soybeans in a single row, as

the dry fertilizer or starter can be placed with

the seed in a single pass.

For more information on the new Horsch anderson opener, contact your local butler

machinery representative, or visit www.butlermachinery.com or www.horschanderson.com.

the genuine leader

in row-crop seeding technology.


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone

2012 pre-sell proGrams aVailable noW.

start saVinG today!

White planters ® were designed to handle nearly any row crop.

numerous models are available, so count on butler machinery to

help you find the best planter for your individual needs!

new drive SyStem StrenGthenS indUStryleadinG

roGator ®

lineUp For 2011

proven components deliver

greater reliability, efficiency

and performance.

the experts at aGco application

equipment are rolling out five new roGator

high-clearance applicators for 2011. the

critical new feature is a proven drive

system that aGco has engineered to

deliver even higher levels of performance

and reliability in the field.

“the application business is changing all

the time, so innovation and continuous

improvement is critical to our customers’

success,” says mark sharitz, director

of marketing for the aGco application

equipment division. “even though we

introduced many significant enhancements

in our 2010 roGators – from larger product

tanks to unmatched visibility on the road –

we knew we couldn’t stop there. We were

dedicated to introducing a drive-system

solution in our 2011 lineup that would

improve overall performance while delivering

greater reliability and providing a pathway for

future enhancements to the machine.”

the new roGator drive system features

two-piece construction – a hydraulic motor

and a separate gear reduction hub – that

delivers more power to the ground, more

efficiently, than ever before. all five models

now come with seven speed ranges.

multiple speed ranges improve productivity

by allowing operators to better match the

speed range to the field conditions resulting

in quicker acceleration and improved power

management. the new drive system also

enables the roGator to run at lower engine

speeds in transport – 1,950 rpm compared

to 2,100 rpm. this results in lower fuel

new model Horsepower tank size

994H 250 900 gallons

994 275 900 gallons

1194H 275 1,100 gallons

1194 275 1,100 gallons

1396 311 1,300 gallons

consumption and a quieter cab environment

with no sacrifice in roGator’s top road speeds

of 33 and 36 mph depending on the model.

When operating in first range the 2011

roGator now distributes power equally

between the front and rear wheels to deliver

unmatched performance in tough, muddy field

conditions. in second through fourth ranges

power distribution changes to a 40/60 ratio

to eliminate wheel hop and increase overall

field performance. another key component of

the new drive system is caliper disc brakes

that are mounted to the front wheels. these

brakes offer extra stopping power beyond

normal hydrostatic braking, which improves

braking in situations where a quick stop is


the roGator drive system is designed to be

more reliable over the long haul. separate

hydraulic motors and gear hubs run cleaner

which extends the life of hydrostatic

components. the bottom line to the end user

is lower cost of ownership with improved

maintenance and serviceability.

in addition to the new drive system, the

2011 machines come with the same critical

features from previous models that have

made roGator the professional-grade

standard in application equipment, including:

> a best-in-class c-channel frame

that flexes over rough terrain while

maintaining the strength to withstand the

toughest conditions.

application eqUipment

> optional Gatortrak four-wheel steering

that shrinks the already outstanding 23-foot

turning radius to an amazing 13.5 feet.

> a wide range of liquid and dry systems

and options to choose from including a

front reload station, the new leader 3020

spinner spreader, and the airmax 180

pneumatic spreader.

> a choice of four boom options from 80 to

120 feet wide. all feature tip and full boom

breakaway for added durability.

> a six-post application cab with a wide door

entry, panoramic view and the best visibility

in the industry for both

comfortable and safe operation.

“the roGator has long set the standard

for professional-grade performance and

results in high-clearance applicators,”

sharitz says. “We take this business and our

equipment very seriously because we know

how important it is to our customers. When

they have the chance to experience the new

roGator for themselves, we’re confident

owners and operators will find we’ve set the

bar even higher with our 2011 models.”

For more information on the new roGator

lineup for 2011, contact your local butler

machinery or visit www.butlermachinery.com.

SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone | 15

hay eqUipment

the c-series round balers from challenger

have been designed from the ground up,

creating an entirely new generation of autotie

and auto-cycle round balers. these

balers lead the industry in capacity and

bale density with many innovative features

not found on other brands of round balers.

challenger tractors equipped with front

axle and cab suspension have lead to the

creation of round balers that can perform

at higher field operating speeds. these

commercial grade round balers are built for

the professional producer market segment,

making them a great addition to any operation

that does high capacity round baling.

the c-series round baler creates two baling

sizes – 4 x 6 ft. and 5 x 6 ft. it includes both

auto-tie and auto-cycle to enhance output

and efficiency. High intake capacity comes

from a wide, functional pickup design similar

to that of the industry-leading, challenger

large square balers.

c-erieS chanGeS & improvementS


• Heavier, longer pickup teeth

• Heavy duty outer tines

• stronger pickup wrappers

• increased pickup width

• similar in design to the 2100 series large

square baler pickup

• Hydraulic pickup lift is standard on

all balers

drive system:

• all steel starting roll eliminates wear

and replacement of starting roll flaps

• spiral starting roll with additional

metal bars

• splined shafts used throughout the baler

drives, eliminating the use of gib keys

• #80 chain used on main belt drive for

extended chain life and greater durability

• staggered front forming belts are standard

on both auto-tie & auto-cycle balers


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone


roUnd BalerS

SeRiouS MaChiNeRy

built for serious hay producers

rotary stuffer:

• increased capacity & faster baling speeds

• incorporates centering augers,

eliminating additional auger drives

• quieter, smoother operation

• positive feeding

• improved bale starting

mesh Wrap system:

• easy, simplistic mesh loading from the

rear of the baler, not from the side

• extra mesh roll storage

• lower mesh roll loading height

• over-the-edge capability mesh wrap


main Frame:

• increased structural integrity

• redesigned density arm supports

• longer tongue for the use of larger

tractor tires and wider tractor widths

• Fewer areas for crop to build up on

the baler

• easier access to all drives and


• larger diameter tailgate roller.

• simplified kicker design with longer

pivoting motion

• stronger tailgate latch


• standard axle with 14l x 16.1 tires

• Heavy duty axle with 21.5l x 16.1

flotation tires

• rubber torsion axle with 21.5l x 16.1

flotation tires

the hay business is nothing new for you.

same for challenger. that’s why you know

that nothing beats legendary challenger

quality and durability. so, imagine getting all

that, plus a healthy dose of comfort, every

time you bale.

stop by your local butler machinery for more

information on challenger round balers, or

visit www.butlermachinery.com.

... continued from page 11.

by some people. this is very convenient to

work on and to do the maintenance.”

We asked John if he would consider buying a

drago head again in the future.

“absolutely. i’ve been very happy with

it. it does what they told me it would do,

and that’s nice.” John also told us, “Well,

i guess it comes down to this. one of the

drawbacks, at first, anytime you start with a

new equipment line that you’re not familiar

with, is it’s kind of scary because your living

depends on that piece of equipment and

it needs to work and you need parts and

support. With the drago, butler machinery

supplied both of those. i’ve been very happy

with it and it’s been a nice fit for all of us.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

butler machinery would like to thank John

smith for taking the time to visit with us and

participating in this customer spotlight.

if you are interested in participating in a

customer spotlight in a future edition of the

butler Zone ag edition, please contact butler

machinery at marketing@butlermachinery.com.

0 Restrictions apply; contact your local

BMC for more details.

% 60 FoR months

Call today to find out how you can take

advantage of exceptional financing on

Challenger Round Balers.


BUtler machinery

partnerS with killBroS

in a continued effort to provide

customers with quality products and

services, butler machinery is proud

to announce it has partnered with

Killbros to offer a greater variety

of agricultural equipment. butler

machinery now offers Killbros grain

handling equipment in north and

south dakota.

butler machinery has a rich tradition

of providing quality harvesting

equipment and service to area farmers

with combines and headers. the

addition of Killbros products expands butler

machinery’s offerings, providing a one-stop

solution for all harvesting equipment needs.

Killbros products include grain carts ranging

in size from 500 to 1,100 bushel capacities to

meet the needs of any size operation. Killbros

grain carts unload the combine on-the-go

for greater harvesting efficiency. products

also include large-capacity grain wagons for

transporting crops from field-to-bin and utility

transports for safer moving of large combine

heads from field-to-field.

the history of Killbros dates back to 1954

with the manufacture of gravity grain beds

in delphos, ohio. the Killbros tradition of

value and quality continues today with this

wide variety of grain handling products

designed and manufactured with the goal

of increasing the productivity of farming

operations across north america.

For more information on Killbros grain

carts, contact your local butler machinery

or visit www.butlermachinery.com today.

Redesigned from the ground up, the C-Series Round Balers from

Challenger represents an exciting new generation of Auto-Tie and Auto-Cycle round balers.You’ll

find industry leading capacity and bale density performance, along with a host of innovative

features not found on other brands of round balers. All designed to help you get more done.

SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone | 17

tillaGe eqUipment

aGco introdUceS the SUnFlower ®

6630 vertical tillaGe SyStem

this new vertical tillage machine efficiently opens cold, damp, early-spring soils. and, it

cuts through tough residue to speed soil warm-up and create a consistent seedbed.

butler machinery is pleased to offer the allnew

sunflower 6630 vertical tillage system

by aGco. built to match the needs of today’s

high-horsepower, precision-farming practices,

the sunflower 6630 efficiently cuts through

tough residue and opens cold, wet soils to

the warming action of the sun, allowing

planting up to 10 days earlier in the spring.

this allows for optimum productivity by

taking advantage of a full growing season.

“Vertical tillage is an increasingly popular

practice used today to overcome cold, damp

soil conditions and the tough structure and

sheer volume of today’s crop residues. the

process of combining vertical surface tillage

and residue control allows producers to get

into the field sooner in the spring so they can

take advantage of a full growing season,”

explains larry Kuster, senior marketing

specialist for seed and tillage. “Vertical

tillage results in more even soil temperature

and consistent soil moisture throughout the

vertical soil profile, and creates soil surface

that resists wind and water erosion.”

“the sunflower 6630 is designed to establish

an ideal field surface by sizing and mixing

plant residues with the upper layers of the

soil profile. this allows the soil to absorb

sunlight and evenly warm the upper two

to three inches of soil so crops can begin

growing early and achieve their maximum

potential,” Kuster adds.


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone

a primary feature of the all-new sunflower

6630 vertical tillage system is its patentpending

soilrazor Vt disc blades,

from ingersoll tillage Group. the blades’

unique fluted wave pattern design easily

cuts through tough residue and efficiently

penetrates the soil. the 22-inch blades

are set at an 18-degree gang angle to mix

residues with just the right amount of

soil, providing an ideal crop bed. as these

innovative, stay-sharp disc blades wear

down, the “V25” groove will “shift” thus

allowing the hill of the blade to become the

valley and the valley to become the hill. this

“shift” enables the blade to maintain its

sharp edge and still cut residue long after the

competitions’ vertical tillage coulters have

become dull.

Gang placement of the 6630 series helps

deliver a consistent, ridge-free field. Front

and rear gangs are offset, allowing the front

gang to provide an even, clean cut the entire

width of the machine while the rear gang

feathers and levels the soil, unlike heads-up

or end-to-end gang placement, which can

leave an uncut ridge of soil and create a

ridge/valley effect.

available in five models ranging from 21

feet wide to 32 feet wide, the 6630 series

has low horsepower requirement, yet can be

operated at up to 8 miles per hour, 30 percent

faster than a conventional disc harrow. as a

result, it allows growers to cover more acres

with less fuel, helping increase return on

investment in both time and dollars.

“We also built this machine with strength

and structural durability in mind – to be

a machine our customers can rely on to

get the job done efficiently for years to

come,” explains Kuster. “it features a heavy

mainframe along with many maintenance-

free components to ensure long life of

the machine.”

maintenance-free uHmW plastic bearings

eliminate metal-to-metal contact in the

machine’s lift system, so no lubrication is

required. With no metal-to-metal friction,

discs stay in adjustment and provide a level

field. each lift system is mounted to at least

two frame members to provide strength and

maintain alignment. the heavy-duty gauge

wheels with parallel linkage control the

leading disc gangs to ensure uniform depth,

and the gauge wheel swivel-pivot design

prevents bending due to side loads.

the sunflower 6630 vertical tillage system

also is equipped with heavily braced wing

frames that withstand horizontal stress and

rotational torque during operation. likewise,

a welded tongue provides strength and

rigidity, and the single-lip hitch is built to

hold up under the most adverse conditions.

the 10¼-inch, six-blade spiral finishing reels

tillaGe eqUipment

contact US aBoUt SUnFlower’S

1-year FUll machine warranty & 3-year partS warranty!

provide the final field finish, crushing clods

and root-balls and firming the seedbed. the

reels have adjustable-spring down pressure

and feature triple-sealed, greaseable


For more information on the sunflower 6630

vertical tillage system, contact your local

butler machinery representative or visit


horSch anderSon introdUceS the

Horsch anderson has released a new model

in the mt Joker series. the new mt20 is a

20 foot working width version of the three

point mounted Jokers. equipped with 20

inch notched blades, torsion blade mount

technology, seal oil filled blade bearings and

proven roll Flex finishing system, the Joker

mt20 is suitable for 250-300hp tractors with

the cat iii three point hitch. the Joker allows

you to widen your tillage window by getting

into the field quicker in the fall to prepare soil

for planting.

excellent for seedbed preparation, the Joker

has proven itself across north america as an

excellent residue manager, clever alternative

to vertical tillage, fertilizer incorporator and

stubble manager.

mt20 Joker

For more information on the Joker mt line as

well as the Joker rt pull-type line, contact

your local butler machinery representative or

visit www.butlermachinery.com or

www.horschanderson.com today. GloBal leaderS in aGricUltUral prodUctivity

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GUidance/partS & Service




introdUcinG the

new cFx-750 diSplay

the cFX-750 display is the

newest touchscreen display

from trimble offering affordable

guidance, steering and precision

agriculture funtionality. use the

cFX-750 display to maximize

your efficiency when planting,

spraying, spreading and strip

tilling by adding trimble's Fieldiq

crop input control system,

and upgrading to receive

Glonass satellites.





not all filters are equal. cat Filters provide consistent performance to protect your engine, drivetrain and hydraulic

systems. While other filter brands may fit, cat Filters offer the superior quality and protection you need to maximize your

engine and other component system’s life. only cat Filters have these quality design features:

only cat Filters have acrylic

beads preventing pleat bunching

that can reduce filtering area

significantly. When conventionally

designed filter pleats bunch, it

can cause fluid bypass, allowing

contaminants into your engine

and fuel injectors.

cat Filters feature unique

fiberglass spiral roving so pleats

don’t move. When pleats move,

conventional filters can release

contaminants into the oil or fuel,

causing premature engine and

fuel injector wear.


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone


upgrade to receive

Glonass satellites and

increase your satellite

availability to extend your

operating hours


easy to use 8"

color touchscreen

Variable rate application:

import field prescriptions for

precise Vra control in order

to more accurately apply

crop inputs

acrylic BeadS

Spiral rovinG

section control:

save seed and input costs by controlling

up to 48 individual rows with the Fieldiq

crop input control system and easy to

install tru count clutches

rate control:

control your rate when planting, spraying,

spreading and strip tilling with the Field-iq

crop input control system and rawson

variable rate drive

center tUBe

molded end capS

Visual Guidance:

27 bright led lights

give you quick online

feedback in any

light conditions

camera compatibility:

View up to two live

video images on screen

and monitor parts of

your implement that

are not visible from

the cab


transfer your day's coverage to your computer

using the built-in usb port or wirelessly using

connected Farm from Farm Works

only cat Filters are made with

nonmetallic center tubes to

better protect your engine.

conventionally designed filters

have metal center tubes, which

can leave metal contaminants

from the manufacturing process

inside the filter.

cat Filters virtually eliminate

contaminants from entering the

engine with one-piece, molded

polyurethane end caps. other

designs have metal end caps

that are glued directly to the

filter pleats. Gaps between the

metal and the pleats can allow

contaminants to bypass the filter.


the partstore program and the personnel at butler?

Butler: How much time would you say you have

saved by using partstore in an average week?

Berl: in an average week, i work 50 hours. if

i would have to revert back to making orders

over the phone or in person, transcribing part

numbers and explaining what exactly i am working

on to get the correct parts, it would probably

take me between 75-80 hours to get the same

workload pushed through. prior to partstore,

we would have to discuss some parts multiple

times, which would keep the mechanics from

turning wrenches. With partstore, we have a

faster turnaround on getting our machines up and

running. it’s incredible how much more work we

can accomplish when you eliminate a need to

discuss things in great detail over the phone or

when you eliminate a need to make a special trip

to the parts counter to show them what part you

need. our entire workflow is impacted by a more

efficient parts ordering process. it’s just a matter

of putting the orders in on the computer and

punching the button. it just goes right through and

we’re done. then we pick up the parts.

Butler: did you receive any training on partstore

from butler machinery and if so, how was that

experience? How has the training benefited you?

Berl: the training has been superb. chris

(Haman, e-business/contract tracking coordinator,

corporate) came out, and he had several techs

with him. but, the training is ongoing. there are

still parts of partstore that i have not used yet.

Whenever i need to crack into some other part of

the program, i call chris and we can go through it

over the phone. if it gets to be too lengthy, then

he comes out. also, marty (trett, parts manager,

minot) has been a big help too. He’s come out

and we’ve gone through some things. if he can’t

answer my questions, he gets chris to call me, or

i call chris. i continually have different jobs come

up that go beyond what i have done before, as

far as your programs are concerned, so i’ll open

up a new part of the program and chris will walk

me through it. the training has been excellent, it

really has.

Butler: When you’re making inquiries, what is the

response time from butler machinery—including

Berl: the response time on the computer is very,

very fast. i’m impressed with the response time.

it’s simultaneous. once i enter in an order, it

shoots it right to butler. if i have any questions

about if they got it, or if i did something wrong,

usually by the time i dial the phone to check,

butler is getting it on their printer. as far as the

time for my response back, since i’m connected

directly with my email, i get a response back to the

order just about as fast as i can open up my email.

i’ll have my order waiting in my email. that’s been

a big help. the personnel—tony, mike, larry, and

cJ (parts, minot)—all of those guys, they take

care of business right away. i’m very impressed

with the way they handle business. there are a

lot of difficult questions that i have. and, as soon

as they get the information, i get it.

Butler: so you would say you’re pleased with the

response time from the personnel side and from

the program itself?

Berl: absolutely.


customer name: berl annis

title: buyer/parts manager

company: Gratech (Highway/Heavy/industrial contractors)

location: minot, nd

Butler: if you had to put a price on the benefits of

partstore what would it be? How valuable is it to

you having a program like partstore?

Berl: it saves Gratech in many different ways.

in order to get an accurate number for you, we’d

need a team of people to figure out how many

more parts i can order when compared to ordering

them the old-fashioned way. We’d also need

to calculate how quick our turnaround is on the

machines that need to be fixed. the time it saves

us to allow an accurate part being delivered has a

trickle down effect that saves time and money at

various stages in our workflow. the bottom line

is that partstore is priceless when it comes to a

value to our company. that’s what it saves the

company. that’s how efficient it is.

Butler: because you have partstore available for

you to use?

Berl: because i have partstore available to me

and it takes me a lot less time. in order to process

the same amount of work the old-fashioned way,

partS & Service

we’d need another full-time employee. so it

saves me a lot of time.

Butler: partstore also sends an email to you right

away, which you can quickly check out to confirm

your order, right?

Berl: exactly. and, for instance, i will have some

questions asked about how soon a part is going

to come in or if i ordered a part. during the busy

times, during major overhauls, it gets kind of hectic

ordering all the parts and keeping it straight. the

email gives me a reference. so if it is two days

or three days that something’s backordered, i can

pull up that email and take a look at it rather than

having to go back to find the physical hard copy

invoice and see what happened to it.

butler machinery would like to thank berl

annis for taking the time to visit with us and

participating in this q&a.

check oUt oUr

online partStore:

GettinG Started

to beGin taKinG adVantaGe oF partstore,

FolloW tHese steps:

1 > Go to www.butlermachinery.com

2 > click on online Services

3 > click the registration link

4 > read the privacy policy and click accept

5 > complete profile information and click continue

6 > on your application request page, click on

partStore, document review and equipment


7 > you will receive an e-mail confirmation that

your partstore has been set up

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Get to know:

aSSociate SpotliGht

dan werdel

aG customer account tecHnician

pierre, sd

First off, tell us a little about yourself

and your background...

i grew up 20 miles south of ree Heights,

s.d., on a cattle and farm operation owned

by my dad and my two uncles. We have a

10,000 hd capacity feedlot and farm about

6,000 acres of wheat, corn, soybeans and

sunflowers. i attended mti in mitchell,

s.d., and received my associate degree. i

then worked for tessiers, inc. in sioux Falls

working on commercial air and heating

products. i then moved back to the farm to

help with the expanding operation and due

to the fact that my younger brothers had

left to further their education. i did all the

chemical application and custom applicating

for our farm. When i met my wife (Heather)

she was finishing up school in sioux Falls and

wanted to pursue her career there. When we

decided to get married, i promised to move

to sioux Falls as long as she would be up for

the move back home, and closer to the family

farm, when an opportunity arose. While in

sioux Falls, i worked as a sales associate for

Goodin company, who sells commercial air

and heating products along with industrial

pipe, valve, and fittings. then, in august of

2010, butler machinery offered me a position

in pierre, s.d., in agricultural sales.

how long have you been with Butler and

what’s a typical day like for you?

i’ve been with bmc for seven months. a

typical day is fielding phone calls, managing my

territory through planned sales calls and cold

calls. also, handling problems when they arise.


| SprinG 2011 | BUtler Zone

tell us a little about the territory you cover:

the pierre territory is pretty diverse. east of

pierre farmers tend be more new equipment

than used and West of pierre, farmers/

ranchers seem to be more used equipment,

with exception of some of the big farmers.

all in all, the territory we have here is open

minded and willing to look at new products

to better their business and bottom line.

currently, i cover the following counties:

sully, Hughes, Hyde, Hand and buffalo.

what do you look forward to the most in

your new position at Butler?

i like the challenge of looking for new

customers and working with the current ones.

i enjoy the personal aspect of meeting people

face-to-face and building a friendship with

a customer, not taking them for granted like

they’re just another number.

how do your customers benefit from

what you and Butler have to offer them?

butler has excellent service ability, whether

it’s a customer coming into the store or our

techs going to them. each and every time it is

personal, professional and in a timely manner.

We (butler) have a personal touch when it

comes to customer service. the customer is

treated more like family than just another

number; we all try to treat the customer like

we want to be treated.

is there anything you’d like to say to your

current and future customers?

thank you for your business. if it wasn’t for

our customers we wouldn’t be where we are

today. potential prospects - don’t be afraid to

stop in and visit, we are not a high-pressure

sales environment. We would like to get to

know you, have a cup of coffee or just visit.

tell us a little about your family

and hobbies:

my dad’s name is ray Werdel (farms south

of ree Heights), my mom’s name is lynn (also

at the farm), and i have three brothers: dave,

andy and ryan Werdel, all of which farm

with my dad. i also have two sisters:

terri Werdel-Huber (sioux Falls) and

Jody Werdel-Vanbeek (rapid city). i

have fourteen nieces and nephews! i am

married to my wife, Heather, and enjoy

fishing, hunting and spending time with

family and friends.

and finally, anything else you’d

like to add?

all of us in pierre have come together

as one big family. a big thank you goes

out to Greg deal (pierre store manager)

for instilling in all of us to work together and

communicate. the pierre store is really taking

off and it’s a fun ride!

BUtler machinery

iS hirinG immediately For

dieSel technicianS

in north & SoUth dakota

as butler machinery company continues

to grow, so do the opportunities for

career growth. We are looking for selfmotivated,

forward-thinking individuals

to join us in our continued success.

apply at




Be SUre to check oUt the FollowinG BUtler

SUpported reGional eventS!

JUne 11-12

rouGH rider rodeo association

WHite eartH, nd

JUne 16-18

nd HiGH scHool rodeo association

state Finals

boWman, nd

JUne 18-19

rouGH rider rodeo association

dunseitH, nd

JUly 22-30

nd state Fair (butler bootH)

minot, nd

aUGUSt 16-18

daKotaFest (butler bootH)

mitcHell, sd

SeptemBer 13-15

biG iron (butler bootH)

West FarGo, nd

SUmmer 2011

butler aG days

nortH & soutH daKota

• stay tuned for dates and locations, and be sure to

check out www.butlermachinery.com for updates!

BUtler machinery & cat ® aUction ServiceS

a new way to aUction

cat aUction ServiceS iS dealer

owned and caterpillar SUpported.

butler machinery, partnered with cat

auction services, has the ability to create

a unique auction experience like no other.

the extraordinary power of the human

and financial resources of the cat dealer

network attracts an audience of uniquely

qualified buyers and sellers. this helps

ensure that the deal you do is the deal

that’s right for you.

BUtler commitment

butler machinery knows equipment

and understands your business. butler’s

partnership with other dealer networks

leverages the strength of the world’s largest construction equipment

manufacturer. our customer account technicians will work with you to

determine the equipment disposal solution that is right for your needs.

thinkinG aBoUt SellinG Some oF yoUr

SUrplUS eqUipment?

once you decide to consign your equipment with butler machinery and

cat auction services, we immediately go to work marketing to a global

audience. We’ll aggressively promote

your equipment on the web, advertise in

regional and national publications, and

conduct a targeted e-campaign. our large

dealer network, coupled with our extensive

knowledge of the agriculture industry,

gives us a reach to buyers that simply can’t

be matched.

conSiGn now!

twin citieS conStrUction aUction:

tuesday, april 26, 2011

9:00 a.m. central standard time

Ziegler, inc., columbus, mn

contact US For more inFormation

For more information about consigning your equipment, or to speak to someone

regarding our services, call or visit:

1-800-873-8858 // www.butlermachinery.com

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THE CT660 IS A SERIOUSLY POWERFUL TRUCK built for seriously productive work. It’s designed for unparalleled driver

satisfaction, maximum payloads, unprecedented uptime and low cost of ownership in dozens of applications. And it’s all

backed by the unmatched support and parts availability from Butler Machinery. The CT660 delivers what no one else can—all

the power, performance and durability you expect from Cat products. And nOW, IT’S HERE TO WORK FOR YOU.

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