Thesis Paper Presentations 2009 - Miami University School of Fine ...

Thesis Paper Presentations 2009 - Miami University School of Fine ...

Miami University Department of Architecture and Interior Design

Graduate Written Thesis Presentation Schedule Fall 2009,

9-10-09 Reynolds

Graduate Thesis Paper Presentations: Room 1 Alumni Hall

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Monday September 21, 2009 Respondent: Paul Lukez

1:00-2:30 Session I: Transnational Identity, Global Culture, and The Politics of



Facilitator: Dutton

1:00-1:20 Jeff Kruth:

Architecture, Ideology, and Organization: Prospects for Countering

Hegemony in Late Capitalist Postmodern Space

Committee: Tom Dutton,

Chair Sergio Sanabria, Reader

1:20-1:40 Leticia Calonge: Transnational Identity within the Global Culture of Consumerism:

Rescuing Liminal Space

Committee: Diane Fellows, Chair Gerardo Brown-Manrique, Reader

1:40-2:00 Discussion

2:00-2:30 Break

2:30-4:00 Session II: Mediation and Design Process

Facilitator: Humphries

2:30-2:50 Orin Kincade:Painting + Architecture: Understanding Design as an Integrative


Committee:Gerardo Brown-Manrique,


John Reynolds, Reader

2:50-3:10 Alex Hogrefe:Evaluating the Digital Design Process: Bottom-up vs. Top-down



Murali Paranandi,

John Humphries, Reader

3:30-3:50 Discussion

3:50-4:00 Closing Remarks

4:30-5:30 Paul Lukez Lecture: Room 100 Art

6:00-8:30 Graduate Reception and Dinner, Alumni Rotunda

1:00 pm – 4:20 pm. Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Respondent: Paul Lukez

1:00-2:30 Session III: Technology, Social Construction, and Spirit: Towards a

Heterogeneous Prospect of


Facilitator: Bonham

1:00-1:20 Angie Miller: Social Interaction and Technological

Amenities: Evaluating the

Significance and Fading

Importance of Human Interaction in Public


Committee: John Weigand,


Gülen Cevik, Reader

1:20-1:40 Mingming Wu:

Communities in Urban Reform

Reborn Street Life of Traditional

Committee: John Reynolds,


Bonham, Reader

Mary Ben

1:40-2:00 Adeleh Nejati Spirituality, Health, and Architecture: With Respect to


Committee: Robert Benson,


Craig Hinrichs, Reader

2:00-2:30 Discussion

2:30-2:50 Break

2:50-4:00 Session IV: Exploring Architectureʼs Scientific, Philosophical and Experiential


Facilitator: Benson

2:50-3:10 Victoria Kulbick:

Element of Design

Tapitecture: Sound as a Foreground

Committee: Robert Benson, Chair J. Elliot, Reader

3:10-3:30 Lora Dikova: After the Paradigm of Contemporary

Physics in Architecture: Spatial Possibilities

and Variations

Committee: Diane Fellows, Chair Sergio

Sanabria, Reader

3:30-4:00 Discussion

4:00 Paul Lukez Departure

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