Fall 2010 Visual Arts Calendar - Miami University School of Fine Arts


Fall 2010 Visual Arts Calendar - Miami University School of Fine Arts

Visual Arts Calendar

Art Museum Hiestand Galleries Cage Gallery

2010 Fall Calendar

From the Director

Welcome back! As we re-adjust our lives to the regimen of a new semester, I wanted to

introduce two staff members, one new and one returning.

The art museum is accredited by the American

Association of Museums.

Cover Image: Chinese, Pair of Canton Vases with

red Fu Dog decoration, mid-19th century; porcelain,

22 ½”H; gift of Richard and Carole Cocks,


Miami University Art Museum

801 S. Patterson Ave.

Oxford, OH 45056

General Information:

(513) 529-2232




Museum Gallery Hours:

Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm

Saturday 12 pm - 5 pm

Sunday - Monday CLOSED

Construction of the Miami University Art

Museum in 1978 was made possible by private

contributions to Miami University’s Goals for

Enrichment capital campaign in the mid-

1970s. A major gift for the building came as

a bequest from Miami alumnus Fred C. Yager,

class of 1914. Walter Netsch, the museum’s

architect, Walter I. Farmer, class of 1935,

and Orpha B. Webster generously donated

extensive art collections and were instrumental

in developing early support for the museum.

Jason Shaiman joins the staff of the Miami University Art Museum as the Curator of

Exhibitions. Jason most recently served as Chief Curator of Exhibitions at the McKissick

Museum at the University of South Carolina. He has undergraduate and M.A. degrees

in art history and a certificate in museum management studies. Of particular interest is

his experience as Curator of Traveling and Temporary Exhibitions, where he managed

such outstanding exhibitions as Pets in America, and Zelda by Herself: The Art of Zelda


We also welcome Steve Gordon as the Administrator of McGuffey Museum. Steve

holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in history from Miami University and has

more than three decades of experience in historic preservation, principally at the Ohio

Historical Society. He is a storehouse of knowledge about Miami history, southwest Ohio

and the Midwest, and is a specialist in historic vernacular architecture. William Holmes

McGuffey Museum will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. For more

information, and to schedule tours, Steve can be reached at gordonsc@muohio.edu or


If you are interested in finding out how the resources of the Miami University Art Museum

and the McGuffey Museum can enhance the classroom experience, I invite you to join

the Visual Culture Working Group. The VCWG is a first step towards integrating

the incredible range of visual culture studies being conducted at Miami by historians,

anthropologists, psychologists, designers, engineers, and others. Membership is not

limited to faculty; university staff, undergraduates, graduate students and community

members are also welcome to participate.

The VCWG will meet in the Art Museum auditorium the first Wednesday of every month

from 12:20 to 1:10pm starting in October. Bring your lunch and your ideas. Our first

priority will be to compile a campus-wide list of individuals with an interest in visual

culture studies. We will also initiate a monthly forum, open to senior scholars as well as to

those just beginning their exploration of visual culture. There will be no set agenda other

than providing a venue for informal discussion and exploration. To reserve your place,

email Sue Gambrell at: gambresw@muohio.edu or call 9-2232. A free box lunch will be

provided to the first 12 respondents.

Recent Acquisitions

Director and Professor

Art Museum Staff:

Robert S. Wicks, Director

Jason Shaiman, Curator of Exhibitions

Cynthia Collins, Curator of Education

Laura Henderson, Collections Mgr/Registrar

Mark DeGennaro, Preparator

Kelly Wilson, Audience Development

Sue Gambrell, Program Coordinator

Dave Dotson, Security

Collection News

Our collections continue to grow in all directions, and once again we thank the

generous donors and supporters of the art museum. Those of you who attended the

Members Meeting on April 29th were treated to a summary and images of all our new

acquisitions, and the following report will give an overview to those who were unable to


Two pastel drawings by Cincinnati artists Dixie Selden and Charles Salis Kaelin were

gifts from Richard and Carole Cocks, who also donated a very fine oil painting, Portrait

of a Gentleman, by A. Dennis, a mysterious artist who lived a curious, Bohemian lifestyle

while in Cincinnati.

Rebecca Morgenson gave us a large rubbing of the Monumental Brass of Sir John

Daubernoun, 1277, which she made herself in 1975 at Stoke d’Abernon, in Surrey,

England. This is in Gallery 3 for the Fall exhibition.

Louis K. and Susan P. Meisel enhanced our photorealist collection with their gifts of

two screenprints by Audrey Flack, a screenprint by Ralph Goings, and twelve seductive

photographs of fruit, vegetables and candy, by Murray Alcosser.

Several gifts came in from Frank Jordan, including Fred Tomaselli’s Bird Portraits, in

Gallery 1 this Fall; a watercolor, Earlston, Home of Thomas the Rhymer, by Charles-Stuart

Forbes; a watercolor by George Wood and an ink and color wash by Ethel M. Young,

both of which are exhibited in Gallery 3 in the Fall.

Sculptural works included Jenny Holzer’s Under a Rock, an electronic LED sculpture from

James and Frances Allen, displayed in Gallery 4; a group of handpainted ceramics by

Polish artist Polia Pillin, also from Frank Jordan, and handpainted porcelain by Jennie

Eldred, Oxford College 1907, given by her grandaughter, Christine Smith.

George and Liliana Waissbluth donated two large, dramatic tapestry hangings, The

Bride by Erté (Romain de Tirtoff), and Dinner for Two by Giancarlo Impiglia, as well as

a painting, Morning Tea, by Russian-American artist David Miretsky. Other paintings

include Portrait of Louise Nevelson by Crossan Hays Curry, a gift of the artist; The Family,

by Tom Bacher, from James and Frances Allen, and New Vibes by Thomas J. Thomas, a

gift of Caroline Kren from the estate of her grandmother, Irma von der Porten Sandage.

Frances McClure contributed to the textile collection an elaborately embroidered

Western Pakistan tunic, which will be studied by Sara Butler’s History of Global Dress

class this Fall. James K. Sliger added a Leica camera and lens with adapter ring to our

Leica Collection.

A bequest of Robert E. White, Jr., added works by Paul Cadmus, including a significant

painting, The Guitarist, 1969, egg tempura on acrylic gesso, on panel, and A Study for

the Herrin Massacre (Jared French), 1940, pencil on paper. Also in the bequest were

watercolor paintings by George Hoxie, Marz Schmitt and Betty Howard, and an oil

painting by Sterling Cook.

The Art Museum made no purchases in 2009. Several objects for deaccessioning were

reviewed by the Collections Development Committee, according to the standards of the

American Association of Museums. Storage space at the museum is at a premium, and

from time to time the collections need to be examined for their condition, importance

and relevance to the collecting plan. The objects that were deaccessioned were not

exhibitable and could not be repaired or conserved.

The collections at McGuffey Museum are again under the umbrella of the Art Museum

as of December, 2009, and there have been several very interesting donations recently

that will be described in detail in the next Visual Arts Calendar. A display at McGuffey

Museum is currently in the planning stages to feature the new acquisitions.

Laura Henderson

Collections Manager/Registrar


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Recent acquisitions

Opposite page, left to right:

Crossan Hays Curry, Portrait of Louise

Nevelson, 1966

ink and gouache on board (drywall);

48” x 25 ½”

Gift of the artist

Paul Cadmus, The Guitarist, 1969

egg tempura on acrylic gesso, on panel;

23 ½” x 16”

Bequest of Robert E. White, Jr.

This page:

Polia Pillin (American, b. Poland,


ceramic, circa 1950-60

Gift of Frank Jordan

Collection News

Art Museum Exhibitions


Creatures Great & Small

August 24 - December 11: Galleries 2 & 3

This suite of exhibitions investigates the powerful ways the natural world

has functioned as a storyteller. In earlier times the complex relationship

between humans and animals found expression in folk traditions of

storytelling and craft production. In more recent centuries, artists have

drawn upon this resource for inspiration in their work. Artists and writers

continue to be influenced by the natural world, and their stories create an

enduring cultural heritage.

In addition to paintings, prints and drawings by American and European

artists from the 16th century to the present, featured works include

children’s books from the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, textiles

and folk toys from around the world, African goldweights, Asian ceramics

and Native American pottery.



Fred Tomaselli, Bird Portraits (detail), circa 2004;

screenprint, 8”x5”; gift of Frank Jordan, 2009.62


Bihar, India; Madhubani style folk painting, 20th

century; gouache on paper, 22”x30”; Miami University

transfer, 1990.130.5

Art Museum Exhibitions


Animal Tales: Storybooks for Children

August 24 - December 11: Gallery 1

As children, we learn about the world through the stories we read or

hear. Animals, birds and insects often play a part in these tales, either

as principal actors, human companions or wild species sharing our planet.

Organized in collaboration with the Walter Havighurst Special Collections,

this exhibition explores the presence of animals in children’s books from

the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Included are such classics as Call of the

Wild, Winnie-the-Pooh and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Art History at a Glance / Global Perspectives

August 24 - December 11: Galleries 4 & 5

As ongoing installations, these exhibitions highlight various cultures,

artistic periods and media from the museum’s collection. These works are

specifically selected to serve the needs of university courses.



McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer, Revised Edition.

New York: American Book Company, 1881, p.6


Duck and dog effigies and pouring vessels, Mexico,

Colima, 300-500 CE, terracotta; gifts of Walter I.

Farmer, 1978.C.2.150/.152

Art Museum Events


Includes story time led by the Lane

Library Children’s Department followed

by a related craft. The program is for

children ages 3-5, accompanied by an


10 am - 12 pm

Thursday, September 30

Thursday, October 28

Thursday, November 18

Art Museum Events


THURSDAY, September 2, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Public Opening Event

Join museum special guests Eugene Brown,

Native American storyteller from the Miami

Tribe, and local singer/songwriter, Brenda

Kayne, for the Fall 2010 exhibitions kickoff


THURSDAY, September 9, 4:00 pm

Myths, Legends and Folklore of the

Lucayans in the Bahamas

Michael Pateman, M.A., Applied

Anthropology, College of Arts and Science,

University of South Florida

Michael Pateman, who was recently

featured in National Geographic, will use

archaeological and ethnographic data

to evaluate the role that both caves and

animals played in the spiritual beliefs and

lifeways of the Lucayans, the indigenous

people of the Bahamas.

TUESDAY, September 14, 12:00 pm

The Edgar and Faith King Children’s

Literature Collection in the Walter

Havighurst Special Collections

Janet Stuckey, Head of Special Collections,

Miami University

This informal discussion will focus on Miami

University’s collection of over 10,000

children’s books printed from the 17th

century through the early 1900s.

MONDAY, September 20, 7:30 pm

The Magnificent Peutinger Map: Roman

Cartography at its Most Creative

Richard Talbert, Professor of History,

Department of History, University of North

Carolina, Chapel Hill, Archaeological

Institute of America Lecture Series

Romans saw maps as statements of

values, and modern interpretation reads

these maps accordingly. Specifically,

Talbert exposes the meaning and values

represented in the “Peutinger Map,” a

Roman map of the world, and its lasting

effect on later Christian map-making.

WEDNESDAY, September 22, 4:00 pm

A Philosophical Dialogue: Humans and


Richard Momeyer, Ph.D., Professor,

Department of Philosophy, College of Arts

and Science, Miami University

When the Alpha Centaurians invaded

Earth in 2040, it posed a number of

profound challenges to human beings. The

Centaurians’ motivation was benign, and

the first and most practical challenge was

to learn from them how to stop, and even

reverse, global warming. The deeper

long-term challenges were philosophical

and moral: how were human beings to

regard these animals that were so very

different from any others ever known?

And what were the moral implications of

how we treated any animal that is not


THURSDAY, September 30, 7:00 pm

Climbing Cantaloupe Trees: The Writing

Process Branch by Branch

Laura L. Smith, Author

Laura Smith, a Miami alumna, will discuss

the creative process of writing, getting

published and marketing fiction works.

Smith is the author of Cantaloupe Trees,

Skinny, and Hot and Angry. A book signing

will follow the presentation. Learn more

about her at www.laurasmithauthor.com.


FRIDAY, October 1, 7:00 pm

Pixie: A Collaborative Storytelling


David Dotson, Artist Residency Takt in

Berlin, Germany

Local sculptor David Dotson will lead a

discussion highlighting the “Pixie Project,”

a sculptural and photographic project

started during his recent residency. He

will discuss the spontaneous and intimate

nature of collaborative storytelling, and

the psychological and aesthetic role

played by his insect creations. Works by

Dotson, along with fellow Takt artists Ruth

Le Gear and Victoria Plum, will be on view

prior to the discussion.

THURSDAY, October 7, 4:00 pm

Subversive Marks, Transgressive

Meanings: Children’s Books by Brazilian

Cartoonist Ziraldo

Flavia Bastos, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

Department of Art and Art Education,

College of Design, Architecture, Art and

Planning, University of Cincinnati

Ziraldo Alves Pinto, born in Brazil in

1932, is a painter, journalist, caricaturist,

cartoonist, and writer of popular books

for children and adolescents. During the

period of the military dictatorship in Brazil

(1964-1984), Ziraldo worked intensively

to resist the repression of free speech

imposed on the media and the arts. Come

Art Museum Events

to learn more about Ziraldo’s powerful

combination of poetry, lyricism, striking

graphics, and enlightened thoughts.

WEDNESDAY, October 13, 6:30 pm

Telling Tales: Understanding the

Historical Framework of Uncle Remus

Nishani Frazier, Ph.D., Assistant Professor,

Department of History

Cheryl L. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate

Professor, Department of English and

Women’s Studies Program, College of Arts

and Science, Miami University

This presentation will explain the historical

milieu of Uncle Remus stories, first

published in the late 1800s. Particular

attention will be given to the connections

to plantation literature and early literary

attempts to capture the black voice and

culture. The ramifications of this literature

and its impact will be highlighted as well.

WEDNESDAY, October 20, 6:30 pm

Tibet Today: The History of a Diaspora

Presentation in conjunction with the visit of

His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet

With the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese

in 1950-51, the era of a modern Tibetan

diaspora began. Of the 145,000 ethnic

Tibetans currently living outside of Tibet,

more than 100,000 reside in Dharamsala,

India, the location of the Government of

Tibet in Exile since 1959. This presentation

focuses on the efforts of the refugees in

exile to preserve their traditional culture.

Co-sponsored by The Institute for Learning

in Retirement.

Art Museum Events

MONDAY, October 18, 6:30 pm

The Symbolism of the Sand Mandala

Presentation in conjunction with the visit of

His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet

Within the esoteric tradition of Tibetan

Buddhism, sacred diagrams are frequently

used for meditation purposes. The

mandala is a sacred cosmogram, or

image of the universe, used as an object

of contemplation. It assists the devotee in

understanding the true nature of the world,

as well as how we can live most effectively.

The act of creating a sand mandala

brings the creative energy of that sacred

dimension into our lives.

Co-sponsored by The Institute for Learning

in Retirement.


THURSDAY, November 4, 4:00 pm

Animal Caricature: An Irreverent History

Robert S. Wicks, Ph.D., Director, Miami

University Art Museum

This will be an exploration of how animal

caricature has served as a commentary

on the human condition. Works from the

current exhibition, Creatures Great & Small,

will be highlighted.

SATURDAY November 13, 2:00 pm

Jingju Opera Performers from Taiwan

National College of the Performing Arts

Come prepared to use your imagination

and experience storytelling through

traditional Chinese theatre.

Co-sponsored by the Miami University

Department of Theater.

THURSDAY November 18, 4:00 pm

Elephants, the Elephant-headed Deity,

and Popular Reverence in South India

Edna Southard, Ph.D., Curator of

Collections Emerita, Miami University Art


This discussion will relate the stories of

Ganesh and some of the many contexts

with images of paintings from Orissa,

large sculptures in temples in Tamil Nadu,

plastic figurines given as gifts or placed on

car dashboards, and images advertising


Hiestand Galleries

Hiestand Galleries: North Gallery

Christyl Boger

Recent Works

August 30 - October 14

Reception for the artist: TBA

We welcome back to Miami,

Department of Art alumna Christyl

Boger, currently Assistant Professor at

Indiana University, with an exhibition

of her recent ceramic work. Boger’s

elaborate work navigates between

mythological, historical and human

elements. According to Boger, “by

re-contextualizing the mannered

and distinctly recognizable forms of

historical western art, my intent is to create a sympathetic representation

of the human subject within a critical re-examination of cultural identity.”

B.F.A. Capstone Exhibition

November 18 - December 2

Reception: Thursday, November 18, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Department of Art senior studio majors participating in the semester-long

Capstone course feature their latest visual investigations.


Ann Taulbee

Mailing Address:

Hiestand Galleries

Department of Art

Miami University

Oxford, Ohio 45056

Gallery Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9 am - 4:30 pm

Other hours by appointment

Open and free to the public

For updated information:



Galleries closed:

Sep 6, Oct 15,

Nov 24-28, Dec 17-31, 2010

& Jan 1-5, 2011

2010+1 Young Painters

Miami University 21st Century Collection

December 15, 2010 - February 12, 2011

Public events to be announced.

This year’s exhibition will showcase the Yeck Award winning paintings since

the competition’s inception in 2000. The eleven paintings represent the

visual mission of the competition as set forth by the generosity of the late

William and Dorothy Yeck of Dayton, Ohio. Please join us as we revisit

these works in the collection and past winners visit with updates on their

recent accomplishments.

Hiestand Galleries: Robert E. & Martha Lee Hull Gallery

The MIAMI Portfolio: past + present + future

September 1 - October 14

Reception for the Artists:

Thursday, September 9, 4:30 – 6:00 pm

During the summer of 2010, emeriti and current Department of Art Faculty

worked with students to create etchings, lithographs and relief prints for

The Miami Portfolio, a scholarship fundraising project. This exhibition

highlights the works from this project to the public for the first time.

Portfolio Artists include Emeriti Faculty: Lon Beck, Joseph Cox, Crossan

Hays Curry, Jim Killy, Jerry Morris, and Robert Wolfe Jr. and Current

Faculty: Andy Au, Joomi Chung, Larry Collins, Susan Ewing,

Tracy Featherstone, Edward Montgomery, Ellen Price, Dana Saulnier,

and Roscoe Wilson.

Hiestand Galleries

Portrait Exhibition

November 18 - December 8

Reception for the Artists:

Thursday, November 18, 4:30 – 6:30 pm

Christine Gray

December 16, 2010 - January 26, 2011

Public events to be announced.

Reception: Friday, January 22, 5 - 6:30 pm

Recent works by our 2010 winner of the William and Dorothy Yeck Award

as part of the 11th Annual Young Painters Competition.


(Opposite page)

Christyl Boger, Figure with Dolphin, 2007, ceramic,

24” x 24” x 30”

Capstone Exhibition

(This page)

Larry Collins, The Messenger, 2010, lithograph

Portrait Exhibition

Christine Gray, Ever and Ever Eyes, 2009, oil on birch

panel, 48” x 60” x 1.5”

Cage Gallery Fall 2010 Exhibition Schedule

Cage Gallery

Alumni Library – Alumni Hall: Celebrating 100 Years

August 23 – October 13

Alumni Library was built 100 years ago with funding from Andrew

Carnegie and contributions from 158 Miami alumni, students, faculty, and

friends. This exhibition commemorates the Centennial of Alumni Library

and documents the life of the building over the past century. Featured are

architectural drawings, floor plans from every renovation/expansion of

the building, photographs of students and staff, and stories collected from

oral histories. An oral history booth and story catalog allows visitors to

add their own memories to the exhibit.

Ghana Design/Build Studio

Department of Architecture

+ Interior Design

101 Alumni Hall, Miami University

Oxford, Ohio 45056

Gallery Hours:

Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Cage Gallery Fall 2010 Exhibition Schedule

Ghana Design/Build Studio

October 18 – November 19

In the summer of 2010, 18 students in the Ghana Design/Build Studio

constructed two teacher’s cottages in the village of Abrafo-Odumase.

The studio visited the site and met with the village council to define the

brief after which they spent two and a half weeks touring Ghana to learn

all they could in order to respond appropriately to the context of Sub-

Saharan Africa. With this information they began designing in groups to

present the village with three distinct proposals. A design review resulted

in the selection of a scheme that was begun as soon as picks and shovels

could be brought to the site. Despite heat, rain, snakes, bugs, blood,

sweat, malaria and digestive issues, a mere 21 days (daze) later the

students handed the keys to two houses to the Chief of Abrafo.

Cage Gallery


(Opposite page)

Students present their proposals to the village


(This page)

Top: Making bricks.

Bottom: Constructing the framework.

Art Museum

801 S. Patterson Ave.

Oxford, OH 45056

Save the Date!

Art Museum Fall Opening Reception

Thursday, September 2, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Members Only Preview begins at 4:00 pm

For membership information, contact the museum at 513-529-2232

or visit us on the web at http://www.muohio.edu/artmusem

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