Now More Than Ever - Melaleuca

Now More Than Ever - Melaleuca

Building Your Melaleuca Business:

Now More Than Ever

Building a business with Melaleuca has always made sense, but more families than ever are seeking for something to

make up for rising fuel and grocery costs, and layoffs and shrinking household incomes. Melaleuca’s products offer cost

savings on better, safer choices for you and your family – that makes sense where every dollar needs to be stretched

just a bit further. And Melaleuca offers a simple and compelling opportunity to have your own business and earn an

additional part-time income, or a significant full-time income. Whatever it is, you’re sure to find it at Melaleuca

Now More Than Ever!

Brian and Barbara Shively, Directors II, Pennsylvania

Two years ago, we welcomed our daughter Patricia into our home. My husband and I had both

been working, but we were concerned about the future of our family. I knew I wanted to be the

one to be there for our daughter, so we started looking for a way for me to stay home after she was

born. We found Melaleuca and decided to use that opportunity to meet our financial needs.

We consistently make about $500 each month. Not only are we thrilled to be using safer, cleaner,

and more cost-effective products in our home, we love sharing Melaleuca’s concept of total

wellness with others. The extra $500 per month we earn with Melaleuca allows me to be where I

want to be, and that’s at home with our daughter. That makes all the difference in the world to us.*

L aunch 2009

J a n u a r y

Dionne Prins, Senior Director, Minnesota

When we enrolled in November 2001, I was expecting our third child and working at a hair

salon. My husband and I were getting calls every day because we were behind on our truck

payment and had outstanding balances on our credit cards. I knew I wanted to eventually be a

stay-at-home mom, but would need to replace my income to do that. I needed to make $1,500

per month to stay home full-time—but we first needed to pay off our debt so we weren’t living

paycheck to paycheck.

Through the next few years, we consistently made about $500

per month with our Melaleuca business, which allowed us

to catch up on some overdue payments. In mid-2006, I was

able to replace my $1,500 per month income at the hair salon

and came home to be with my kids. Now we’re working

toward qualifying for the Financial Freedom Awards using our

Melaleuca income. Having the consistent, reliable income

from our Melaleuca business has made an incredible

difference in our lives. There are so many people who need

what Melaleuca offers.

* Results will vary. Please refer to Melaleuca’s Annual Income Statistics Flyer for details.

Melaleuca has always been about creating opportunity and enhancing lives, and 2009 is no different.

Now More Than EverMelaleuca Is Dedicated To:

More effective, greener cleaners like all-new PreSpot 4x and Sol-U-Guard Botanical ® 2x Concentrate.

• Helping you be your beautiful best with improved formulas and new colors from Nicole Miller.

• Delivering the best everyday value on over 400 exclusive wellness products.

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SAVE $16.99

See What All the Excitement

Is About and Save Big!


Leading Free Radical Scientists Make

Discovery Addressing Problems with Traditional

Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements

The minerals in multivitamin and mineral supplements generate

free radicals that reduce the availability of the antioxidants in the

same supplement.

Reactive Minerals Destroy Antioxidants

Reactive forms of copper and iron act as free radical triggers in

the digestive system—setting off a cascade of free radical activity.

The antioxidants within the same supplement are then forced to

neutralize these free radicals before they can be absorbed.

Experience them all and get a

Vitality Pack for $3!

Here’s your chance to ring in the new year with all the new Launch

products, plus get a Vitality Pack® for just $3—a savings of more than 20%

off Preferred Customer Pricing. Post-Launch Special A includes:

Post-Launch Special—New Products

1148 $95.50 (66.66pc 36pts)

Save $16.99!


Purchase all the Launch products plus the Vitality Pack and save $16.99!

• PreSpot 4x Laundry Stain Remover Concentrate

• PreSpot Mixing Bottle

• Sol-U-Guard Botanical® 2x Disinfectant Concentrate

• Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x Mixing Bottle

• Nicole Miller Necessities Set (choose your cleanser, toner, moisturizer)

• Vitality Pack—Only $3 (choose Men’s, Women’s, Prenatal, or 50+)

Alexander Rabovsky

Melaleuca’s Director of Research and Development

Jeremy Ivie and Senior Scientist Alexander Rabovsky, PhD

developed the technology. Andrei Komarov, MD, PhD, of

The George Washington University and Garry Buettner,

PhD, professor of free radical science at the University of

Iowa tested and verified the technology.

Garry Buettner

Jeremy Ivie Andrei Komarov

Multivitamins Contain Reactive Minerals

The minerals in multivitamin-mineral supplements can trigger

damaging free radicals inside your body. Melaleuca’s Oligofructose

Complex dramatically slows the release of free radicals, allowing

more antioxidants to remain available for absorption.

Melaleuca’s Oligofructose

Complex Reduces Free

Radical Generation

Only Melaleuca’s new Vitality Pack ®

with patent-pending Oligofructose

Complex binds minerals to organic

compounds to disarm the minerals and

help protect the antioxidant power of

vitamins that are so important to your

health. It’s scientifically proven!

To learn more, visit

Vitality Pack ®

(Calcium Complete plus 1 vitamin)

$29.00 (19.99pc 15pts)

410 Women 412 50+

411 Men 413 Prenatal

Upgrade your Supplements and

get an attain bar 6-pack for $3.

Once you’ve experienced the Vitality Pack with

Oligofructose Complex, you’re going to want

to expand that feeling of health and energy

to include more areas of your life. Vitality 6

(Essentials + Heart) is the perfect next step.

It includes the Vitality Pack plus CellWise®

for maximum antioxidant protection and

Florify® for improved nutrient uptake and

digestive health. It also includes two proven

heart-health powerhouses: Phytomega®

and ProvexCV®. Best of all, when you pick

up a Vitality 6 pack, you’ll get your choice

of Attain® Bars for just $3. It’s the ideal

combination for feeling healthy without

feeling hungry. Includes a Vitality 6 pack for

Men, Women, or 50+, plus a box of your

favorite flavor of Attain Bars.

Post-Launch Special—

Vitality 6 PLUS Pack

1149 $104.50 (72.99pc 42pts)

Save $7.49!

SAVE $7.49


Purchase any Vitality 6 pack plus an

Attain Bar 6-pack and save $7.49!

Better Formula. Better Scent.

Better Value. Introducing

Sol-U-Guard Botanical ® 2x!



An Advanced Stain Remover with an Amazing Value!

Now with Triple Enzyme Power!

PreSpot 4x is the best choice to remove tough stains

from clothes.

Tomato Sauce


Grass Stains


When we launched Sol-U-Guard Botanical

in 2005, people were skeptical. A botanical

product that disinfects without harsh chemicals

and fumes? It didn’t seem possible. But it was!

And within months, Sol-U-Guard Botanical was

one of the top-selling EcoSense cleaners.

• Its triple-enzyme formula targets stains and lifts them away.

• It removes tough stains like blood, makeup, kitchen

grease, and ring around the collar better than Shout® Action Gel

• It is 4-times concentrated to treat more stains than ever

and save you money

• It contains no caustic chemicals like chlorine bleach





But having the first EPA-approved botanical disinfecting

formula wasn’t enough. We wanted to make it even better.

Introducing all-new Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x Disinfectant

Concentrate—a crystal clear, two-times concentrated

formula with a milder herbal scent and the addition of

citric acid as a second powerful disinfectant.

2-Times Concentrated—The new concentrate bottle

makes two complete 17 fl. oz. spray bottles, which means

Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x lasts twice as long, saves you

more money, and produces less waste.

Mild Herbal Scent—Instead of bleach or harsh fumes,

Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x is infused with a new mild

herbal scent that brightens any room, and it’s still gentle

enough to use around kids and pets.

Added Power of Citric Acid—New Sol-U-Guard

Botanical 2x adds the disinfecting, deodorizing abilities of

citric acid to the botanical power of thymol. Together, they

kill over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on hard, nonporous

surfaces, some in as little as 1 minute.

Get all the Ecosense “Safer for Your Home” Products

and save 35%!

A cleaner, safer home is as easy as the EcoSense Home Conversion Pack. You’ll get

17 cleaner, greener products at an incredible price you won’t find anywhere else!



PreSpot 4X

32 = $5.69 *




Shout ® Action Gel

28 = $9.38




*Melaleuca Preferred Customer price.

Competitor product price from, Portland, Oregon,

November 13, 2008. Prices may vary.

Product names are trademarks of

their respective owners.

EcoSense Home Conversion Pack

4615 $143.00 (99.99pc 50pts)

Save Almost $54!


PreSpot 4x Concentrate

4848 $8.50 (5.69pc 3pts)

PreSpot 4x Spray Bottle

1211 $2.50 (1.49pc 0pts)

Sol-U-Guard Botanical ® 2x Concentrate

4020 $14.50 (9.99pc 6pts) 17 fl. oz.

Not for use on natural stone.

Pantry Pack 2-Pack Concentrate Bottles

8911 $26.00 (17.99pc 10pts)

Sol-U-Guard Botanical ® 2x Mixing Bottle

8901 $1.49 (1.49pc 0pts)

Kills 99.9% of Germs with NO Caustic Chemicals!

Disinfects in 10 minutes:

Sol-U-Guard Botanical

2x uses thyme and citric

acid for a milder, natural

herbal scent that’s ideal for

every room in your home.

· Staph

· E. coli

· Salmonella

· Pseudomonas aeruginosa

· Strep

· Poliovirus type 1

· Influenza A

· Rhinovirus 37

· Effectively kills 99.9% of

bacteria and viruses on

hard, nonporous surfaces


3 All-New Formulas

Designed for Maximum


Searching for a silky, youthful complexion? Nicole

Miller has the answer—new, improved Daytime Delivery

Moisturizers and Night Firming Treatment give skin 25%

more hydration, plus the age-defying power of peptides.

25% More Moisture

We believe every woman deserves lush, healthy-looking skin. To help

make this possible we’ve increased the amount of all three of our

natural, plant-based moisturizers. Now you get more glycerin to help

attract and retain moisture from the environment, more shea butter to

prevent moisture loss by forming a protective barrier, and more aloe to

deliver moisture to the skin’s surface. The end result is a 25% increase

in total moisture contained in every bottle (and, in turn, your skin)!

Age-Defying Peptide Technology

Peptides are chains of amino acids that make up the collagen in your

skin. Collagen protein makes up 75% of your skin and is responsible

for skin’s strength, flexibility, and resilience. As people age, the level of

collagen in their skin decreases. Peptides encourage younger-looking

skin by helping to restore firmness and tone.

SAVE $23.50

Out with the Old, in with the New

Spring is the season of life and renewal. Welcome

its coming with a glowing, radiant look. Lighten up

your color palette and invest in some of the fresh

new shades of the season. But act fast because these

shades are only available while supplies last!

Sweet Lip Shades (left to right):

$21.00 (12.50pc 9pts)

260 Pretty in Pink

262 Raspberry

264 Sweet Pea

Chic Eye Colors (clockwise from left):

$20.00 (12.00pc 7pts)

8881 Spun Sugar

8882 Lilac

8884 Mimi

8888 Periwinkle

Flirty Plump Glosses (left to right):

$21.00 (12.50pc 9pts)

255 Strawberry Glaze

256 Cotton Candy

257 Barely There

Beautiful Blush—Peony

9086 $23.50 (14.00pc 8pts)

Daytime Delivery Lotion with SPF 15

2705 $37.50 (22.50pc 14pts)

Daytime Delivery Creme with SPF 15

2704 $37.50 (22.50pc 14pts)

Night Firming Treatment

2706 $44.50 (26.50pc 17pts)

Purchase the already discounted Necessities Set

and receive the Night Firming Treatment for only $3.

Post-Launch Special—Nicolle Miller Back to Basics Pack

6205 $80.00 (48.00pc 27pts)

Convention 2009

Save Your Place

Today and Save!

August 13—15, 2009, Orlando, Florida

Get a jump on fresh Spring colors!

Try the Spring StyleSetters Color Collection. Choose

from new or existing shades and save 20%! Perfect

for creating a fresh new look for spring.

Set includes:

1 lip gloss (plump or brilliance)

1 lip color

2 eye shadows

1 blush

1 lip pencil

1 eye pencil

Post-Launch Special—Spring StyleSetters ®

7562 $111.50 (66.78pc 38pts)

Save $16.69!

SAVE $16.69

Convention 2009 is going to be the biggest, most

informative, and most fun event in the history of

Melaleuca. Make sure to fill out the Convention

Registration Form included in your Launch

Packet and return it to your Launch Host. Act

now, prices go up after January Launch.

Convention Pricing Until January 3, 2009:

Early Registration: $199

Gala Awards Banquet: $55

Convention Pricing After January 3, 2009:

Advanced Registration: $219

Gala Awards Banquet: $55

See you in Orlando!

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