Bibliographische und dokumentarische Hinweise - Zeitschrift für ...

Bibliographische und dokumentarische Hinweise - Zeitschrift für ...






Bibhogr und dokumentarische Hinweise"


Amtliche Ver6ff.entlichungen

Vereinte Natio.nen

Documents, Official Records, Publications

Administrative Tribunal: Feasibility of Establishing a Single Administrative Tribunal, report

of the S-G, A/42/328, June 15, 1987,68 S.

Africa: Critical Economic Situation in Africa: UN Programme of Action for African Economic

Recovery and Development 1986-1990, report of the S-G, A/42/560, Oct.1, 1987,

33 S.


implementation, report of the S-G, A/42/674, Oct.21, 1987, -

18 S. lmple;

mentation of the Programme for the Industrial, Development Decade for Africa, note by


the S-G, A/42/559, 1987, 12S. Year -for the Mobilization' of

Financial And Technological Resources to Increase Food. and Agriculture in Africa, report

of the S-G, A/4,V3 10, E/1987/88, June 8, 19-87,'22 S

Antarctica: Question of Antarctica, report of -the. S-G,-.A/42/586, Sept.30, 1987,17S.

idem, A/42/587; 5ept.30,1987, 3S. idern, report of the 1st Committee, A/42/758,


Atomic Radiationi of'Atomic Radiation, repo Irt of the'UN Scientific Committee on


the Effects. of At6Mic Radiation, A/42/21*0, April 7, 1987, 3S. report of the


Special Political Committee, A/42/777, Nov.16, 1987,4S. of the Development,.

Production, Stockpilingand Use of Radiological Weapons, report of the S-G, A/


42/517, Sept.25, 1987, 1 S. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Radiological

Weapons, CD/820, March 28,1988,27S.

Bacteriological. (Biological) and Chemical Weapons: Chemical and Bacteriological (Biological)

Weapons, report of the 1st Committee, A/42/750, Nov.19, 1987, 15S. --Report. of

the Ad. Hoc Committee on. Chemical Weapons to the Conference on Disarmament on its

Work during the Period 12-29jan.1988, CD/795, Febr.2,1988,124S.

Capital Punishment: Elaborations of a 2nd Protocol to the International Covenant On Civil

and Political Rights, Aiming at the Abolition of the Death Penalty, report of the S-G, A/

42/6.13, Oct.6, 1987,2 S.


In dieser Abteilung wird auf-eine unter sachlichen Gesichtspunkten getroffene Auswahl

von Neuerscheinungen hingewiesen, die im Institut vorhanden sind. Besprechung der hier

angezeigten Ver6ffentlichungen bleibt vorbehalten.

© 1988, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht
























Bibliographische und doliumentarische Hinweise 611

-Charter: Report -of the Special Committee on the Charter of the UN and on the Strengthening

of the Role -of the Organization, A/42/33, April 1987, 111, 31 S. (GAOR 42nd

Sess.Suppl.33)-idem, report. of the 6th Committee, A/42/817,Nov.30il.987,5S.

Child: Policies and Programmes Involving Young People: Participation, Development,

Peace, report of the S -

-G, A/42/595, Oct.8,1987 28S. repor t of the 3rd Commit-


-tee, A/42/772, Nov.17, 1987, 11S. of a Convention on the Rights of the

Child, reportof the3rd Committee, A/42/805, Nov.27,1987,6S

Crime' Prevention: -Crime Prevention and -Criminal justice, note by the S-G; AY421453,


Aug.7,1987,4 S., report of the 3rd Committee, A/42/775, Nov. 17,1987,5 S.

Cultural. Heritage: Return or Restitution'of Cultural Property to the Countries of Origin,

report of the A/42/533, Sept.9,1987,-13S.

Developing Countries: Report of the High-level Committee. on the Review ofT Co-

Operation among Developing Countries, A/42/39, July 1987, IV, 43S. (GAOR 42nd


Sess.Suppl.59). Measures as a Means of Political and Economic Coercion

against Developing Countries, report of the - S-G, A/42/660, Oct. 19, 1987, 11 S. Implementation

of the Substantial New Programme of Action for the 1980s for the. Least

Developed -Countries, report of


the.:S-G, A/42/576, Oct.8, 1987 43 S. Transfer of

Resources from Developing to Developed Countries,' report of the S-G, A/42/272, E/

1987/72, May 13, 1987, 31 S.


Activities for Development, report of the 2nd


Committee, A/42/822, Dec.9, 1987, 27S. in the Implementation of Specific

Action, Related to the Particular Needs and Problems of the Land-Locked Developing

Countries, note by the S-G, A/42/537, Sept.30, 1987, 35 S.

Diplomatic Intercourse: Consideration of Effective Measures to Enhance the Protection,

Security and Safety of Diplomatic and Consular Missions and Representatives, report of

the 6th Committee, A/42/769, Nov. 16, 1987,6 S.

Disarmament: Bericht der Abriistungskommission, A/42/42, Nov. 1987, 111, 51 S. (GA/OR/


42,.,,Suppl.42). of the Conference on Disarmament, A/42/27, Sept.1987, IV,

204S. (GAOR 42nd


Sess.Suppl.27). of the Preparatory Committee for the 3rd

Special Session of the General Assembly Devoted to Disarmament, A/42/46, June 1.987,

III, 8S. (GAOR 42nd -

Sess.Suppl.46). report of the 1st Committee, A/42/757


Nov.19, 1987, 4-S. on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain

Conventional Weapons which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have

indiscriminate Effects, report of the -

S-G, A/42/580, Sept.30, 1987, 4S. report of

the - Committee, A/42/742, Nov. 13, 1987, 3 S. and Social Consequences

of the Arms Race and of Military Expenditures, note by the S-G, A/42/301, June 3, 1987,


3S.1 and Complete Disarmament, report of the I st Committee, A/42/669,

Oct.20, 1987 6S. & Addendum. -

Report to the Conferen ,ce on Disarmament

on the 25th Session'of the Ad Hoc Group of Scientific Experts to Consider International

Co-operative Measures to Detect and Identify Seismic Events, CD/818, March 18, 1988,


2S. of the Development and Manufacture of New Types of Weapons of

Mass Destruction and New Systems of such Weapons, report of the 1st Committee, A/

'42/748, Nov. 17, 1987, 5 S. - of Military Budgets, report of the 1 st Committee,


A/42/749, Nov.17, 1987, 5S. between Disarmament and Development,

report of the 1st -

Committee, A/42/757, Nov.17, 1987,4S. of the Implementation

of the Co,ncluding Document of the 12th Special Session of the General Assembly,

regional disarmament, report of the -

S-G, A/42/457, Aug.28, 1987, 27S. report of

the I st Committee, A/42/75 -

1, Nov. 19, 198 7, 31 S. UN Regional Centre for Peace

and Disarmament in Africa, report Of the -

S-G, A/42/609, Oct. 14, 1987, 5 S. UN

Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America, report of

the -

S-G,A/42/544, Sept.14, 1987,3S. World Disarmament Campaign, report of

© 1988, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht



















the S-G, A/42/543, Sept.28, 1987, 17S. of the Implementation of the Recommendations

and Decisions, adopted by the General Assembly at its 10th,Special, Session,

report.of the S-Gi.,A/4-2/552, Sept.25, -

1987, 1 S. report. of the 1st Committee, A/


42/754, Nov.20, 19$7, 50 S. UN. Institute for Disarmament Research,, note bythe


S-G, A/42/607,,Oct.8, 1987, 15S. Advisory Board on Disarmament Studies,


report of the S-G,.A/42/611, Oct.8, 1987,15S. Disarmament$txidies,: note by the.

S-G, A/42/300, June 3j 1987, 19S..- UN Programme of Fellowships onDisarmarnept


repott.of the S-G, A/42/693, Nov.2, 1987j.9.-S.' Disarmament Conference, report

of the'S-G, A/42/542, Sept. 15,1987, 9 S. &*Addendum..- idemi report,ofthe1


Discrimination: Report of the Committee on thc Elimination of Racial Discrimination, A/


42/18, Sept.1987, VIII, 18.6S.,(GAOR 42nd. Sess.Suppl.18). report of the.3rd


Committee, A/42/720, Nov.6,1987, 11 S. of All Forms of Racial Discrimination:

Question of Financing the Expenses of the Members of the Committee, report of

the S-G, A/42/468,, Sept.2,1987,-4S..&- Addendum. Elimination of All Formsof Religious

,Intolerance, report of the 3rd Committee, A/42/798, Nov.25, 1987, 4S. Implementation

of the Programme of. Action for. the 2nJ Decade to Combat Racism. and Racial

Discrimination, report. of the S-G, A/42/493, Sept. 1.6, 1987, -

17 S. report of .,the

3rd Committee, A/42/703,,Nov.3, 1987, 9S. -.Studyon the Effects of Racial Discriffiination

in the Field:of Education, Training andEmployment as it Affects the Children of

Minorities,. in -particular those of migrantworkers, report ofthe S-G, AA2/492, Sept.22,


Economic Co-:operation: Development and International Economic Co-operaion,xeport of

the 2nd Committee, A/42/821, Dec.2,1987, 11S. &Addenda. -National Ex pepence in.

Promoting the Co-operative Movement, report of the S7G, A/42/56, E/1987/7,,Dec.-.11, -


Econoihic Development: Concept of International Economic Security, report- of the S7G,


A/42/314, E/1987/77,juneA,1987,18-S. & Addendum. Programmes of Economic.

Assistance, report of the 2nd Committee, A/42/796, Nov.24, 1 "7,21&

Economic and Council: Report of the'.ECOSOC, report 2-nd- Cdmmit.iee-I A/

42/820, Nov.27, 190, 8 S. & Addenda. -7 idem, report of the 3rd Committee,, A/42/803,


Dec.2, 1987, 19S. & Addendum. and. Decisip *ns of the ECOSOC, 2nd

regular session of 1987, Geneva, 23 June-r-9 July 1987, E/1987/87/Add.1, Oct'.4987, III,


Emergency Force: Review of the Rates of Reimbursement to the Governments ofTroop-

Contributing States, -report of the ACABQ, A/42/791, Nov.20, 1987,, 10 S. -4dem,


report ofthe 5th Committee, A/42/879, Dec.14, 1987,7S. Disengagement Observer

Force, report of the S-G A/42/642, Oct.13,1:1987, -

25S. report of the,5th


Committee, A/42/840, Dec.1, 1987,5 S. UN Interim Force in Lebanon, report of the S-


G, A/42/692, Oct.29, 1987j 22S. of the. S-G on the UNIFIL, for the, period 25

.July 19877-22 Jan. 1988, S/19445, Jan.22,1988: 8 S. & 1 Kt.

Energy: Report of the Preparatory CommittgeJor-the UN Conference forthe of.

International Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, A/41/47,- jan.1.98

III, 16S. (GAOR 41st Sess.Suppi.47). -,Technology Issues in the Energy Sector of

Developing Countries, the performance of the power sector in developing countries,

report by the UNCTAD secretariat, UNCTAD/TT/87, Nov. 12,1987i IX, 34 S.

Environment: UNEP, report of the Governing Council. on the work -of its 14'th

8-19 June .4987, A/42/25, Oct.1987,.IV, 138S..(GAOR 42nd Sess.Suppl.25)..'-! Imple7

mentation and Financ*ing of the-Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, report of -the


S-G, A/42/501, Sept.2, 1987,48S. of the World Commission on Environment

© 1988, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht



















Bibliographische und dokumentarische Hinweise 613

and Development, A/42/427, Aug.4, 1987,374S. -Co in the Field of Protection

and,.Improvem of the Environment, E/EC'E/1161, March -

18, 1988, 2S. Report

of the- 5th: Sessionz of the Executive Body for the Convention on Long-range Transboundary



Pollution, ECE/EB.AIR/16, Dec.15, 1987,29S. of the Governing

Council at its4st Special Session, UNEP/GCSS.1/7, March 28, 1987,35S. & Ann.1,

II.: National StrategieFs for Protection of Flora, Fauna and their Habitats. New York,

1988 V, 4YS. (UN Sales Publ.: 1988.11.E.2). [Doc.] ECE/ENVWA/4 (Environmental


Europe: Economic Commission for Europe: Concentration and integration of the Commission's

programme of work, report by the Executive Secretary, E/ECE/1157, Febr.29,

1988, 6S. -& Addendum. -

Planning for Recreation and Tourism in theCountries

-of the ECE Region. New York, 1988,. VIII 22 S. (UN Sales Publ.: 1988.II.E.20), [Doc.]


Falkland Islands (Malvinas): Question of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas), report of the S-G,


A/42/732,. Nov.10, 1987, 2S. ofthe 4th Committee, A/42/731, Nov.17,


Current Tinancial Crisis of the UN, report of the S-G, current situation and

funding prospects for 1988, A/42/841, Dec.1, 1'987, 7S.


report of the ACABQ,


A/42/861, Dec.7, 1987, 3-S. 'on of Economy Measures with Particular

Attention, to .-their Programmatic Implications, report of the S-G, A/42/283'May 11,


1987, 6-S. and Currency Fluctuation and the Level of the Contingency Fund,

report of the S-G, A/42/225, April 20, 1987, 19S. & Addendum. -

report of the

ACABQ, A/42/640, Oct.12, 19'87,- 7S.


Budget for the Biennium

1986-1987,. report of'the 5th -

Committee, A/42/880, Dec.14, 1987, 10S. report of

the ACABQ, A/42/863, Dec.7, 1987, 5 S.

Programme Budget for the Biennium

1988-1989, report.of the 5th -

Committee, A/42/910, Dec.21, 1987,54S. Review

of the Efficiency of the Administrative and Financial Functioning of the UN, report of



5th Committee, A/42/908, Dec.20, 1987, 9S. of Assessment for the Apportignment

of the Expenses of the UN, report of the 5th Committee, A/42/852, Dec.7,


Freedom of Information: Report of the Committee on Information, A/42/21, Oct.1987, IV,

37S. (GAOR 42nd -

Sess.Suppl.21). Relating to Information, note by the S-

.G, A/42/571,,Sept.30,1987,12S.

Friendly Relations Among States: Development and Strengthening of Good-neighbourliness

between States, report of the 6th Committee, A/42/818, Nov.30, 1987, 7S.

General Assembly: Resolutions and Decisions adopted by the General Assembly during its

41st Session, 16 Sept.-19 Dec.1986, A/41/53, Aug.1987, III, 321S. (GAOR 41st Sess.

Suppl.53) & Addendum- idem, 42nd session, note by the S-G, A/42/8, Jan.15, 1988,


91S. und Bes;clilfisse Generalversammlung,*:.

27Mai-1.Juni 1986, A/S-13/16, Oct. 1986, V, 34S. (GA/OR/S-13, Suppl.2).

Human Rights: Report of the Human Rights Committee, A/42/40, Sept.1987, VI, 187S.

(GAOR 42nd


Sess.Suppl.40). International Covenants on Human Rights, report of the



Committee, A/42/806, Nov.27, 1987, 16S. status of the International Covenant

on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and

Political Rights and the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and

Political Rights, report of the -

S-G, A/42/450, Aug.17, 1987, 13S. Obligations

of States Parties-tO UN Conventions on Human Rights, report of the 3rd Committee,

A/42/807, Nov.27, 1987,6S. Approaches and Ways and Means within


the UN System for Improving the Effective Enjoyment of Human Rights and Fundamental

Freedoms, international conditions and human rights, report of the S-G, A/42/585,

© 1988, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht














614 Literatur


Oct.13, 1987, 18S. & Addendum. development, note by-the SI'G,;,A/42/.

396, July 15, 4987, 2S. idem, report of the 3rd Committee, A/42/792, Ndv.23, 1987,

21 S. --Human Rights and Scientific and Technological Devel6pments,*.`repoftnOf the 3rd


Committee, A/42/804, Nov.27, 1987, 9S. International,HuManitarian Order,

report Of the 3rd Committee, A/42/809, Dec. 1, 1987, 10 S. idem, ',moral aspects of

development,. note by the S-G, A/42/527, Sept.9, 1987, 2S-. Protection of Human

Rights in Chile, note by the S-G, A/42/556 ,Sept.16, 1987, 58S. Sit Human


Rights in Afghanistan, note by -

the S-G, A/42/667, Oct.23, 1987) 31.S. in El

Salvador,, note by the S-G, A/42/641,,Oct.12, 1987,28S. --idem, in the 1slamic Republic


of Iran, note by the S-G, A/42/648,. Oct.12, .1987, 22S. and other Cruel,

Inhuman or'Degrading.. Treatment or Punishment', -report of the 3rd Committee A/42/_


810, NoV.27, 198-7, 7S. status of the Ccitiventioni report. of the S-G, A/42/4515


Aug.10, 1987, 5S. Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture, report of the SG,. Ab-.-

42/701, Oct.29,,1987,5S.

Human Settlements,: Report of the Commission on

Settlements on the Work of its

1 Oth Session, 6-16 April 1987, A/42/8, June. 19 JV, 66 S. (GAOR 42nd Sess.Suppl.8).

International -.Year of Shelter for the,Homeless, report of -the S-,G,-A/4,2/3718, Aug..4.


Indian Ocean: Bericht des Ad-Hoc-Ausschusses fUr den Indischen Ozean,-I..A/42/29,


Nov.1987, III, 7S. (GAJOR/42, Suppl.29). of the Declaration of the

Indian Ocean as a Zone of iPeace, report of the 1st Committee A/42/75.5,, Nov 1987,


Industrial DeMopment: Second Consiiltation on the Training of Industrial Mimpower,


Paris, France, '14 Sept;1987, report, -ID/353(ID/WG.469/15), Nov.9,.'1987) 57S.

Third Consultation on the Pharmaceutical Industry, Madr id, -Spain, 5-9 Oct.1987, report,

ID/356(ID/WG.466/24), Dec.28,1987,49S.

International Court of justice: Report of 'the ICJ, 1 Aug.1986-31 July 1987, A/42/4,.'

Sept.1987, III, 16.S. (GAOR 42nd -

Sess.Suppl.4). by the S-G,.A/42/-588,


International Law: Progressive Deve ,lopment of the Principles and Norms of International

Law Relating to the New Interriational,Econcimic Order, report of the 6th Committee,


A/42/834, Nov.30, 1987,. 4S. Programme of Assistance in the Teachingl Study,

'Dissemination and Wider Appreciation o( International Law, report of the S-.G, A/42/


718, Nov.10, 1987,31S. report of: the:6th Committee, A/42/833, Nov.30 1987,


International Law Commission: Rep*ort* of the ILC on theWork of its 39th Session, 4

May-27 July 1987, A/42/10, Sept.1987, VI, 136S. (GAOR 42nd. -

Sess.Suppl.10). idem,


report'of the 6th Committee, A/42/837, Nov.30, 1987 5S. Articles Adopted by

the ILC on Topics Considered at its 39th.Sessido,iiote by the S-G, A/42/429, July 31,


International Monetary,S stern: The CurrentInternational Monetary Situatio;n-, report of


the S-G, A/42/555;, Sept.28,1987, 36 S. -"External Debt Crisis and Development,. report


of the 2nd Committee, A/42/824, Dec.9,.1987, 13;S. -International -Debt Situation

in Mid- 1 987 report of.the S-Gj A/42/523, Sept.16,1988,34S.

International Relations: Report of the. Special. Committee on Enhancing the Effectiveness of

the Principle of Non-use of Force in International Relations, A/42/41,:June 1-987, 111,

25S. (GAOR 42nd Sess.Suppl.41). ' report of the 6ih Committee, A/42/766j

Nov.13,1987, 10S.

International Security: Review of the Implementation of the Declaration on the'Stiengthen7

ing of International Security, report of'ihe S-G, A/42/592, Oct.6, 1987, 15S.I& Ad

© 1988, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht













Bibliographische und dokumentarische Hinweise 615

denduM. -idem, reportof the I st Committee, A/42/760, Dec. 1, 1987,11S. -Strengthening

of Security and Co-operation in the Mediterranean Region, report of the. S-G, A/42/

570, Sept.30,1987,20S.-idem, report of the 1st Committee, A/42/759,, 1987,6S.

Israel: Israeli Nuclear Armament, report of the


S-G, A/42/581, Oct.16, 1987, 16S. idem,

report of the 1st Committee, A/42/756, Nov.16, 1987, 7S. of the -


Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting Human Rights of the Population of

the Occupied Territories, report of the S-G, A/42/459, Aug.10, 1987,,2S. idem,A1421


460, Sept.9, 1987,2S. A/42/461, Aug.10, 1987,2S. -.idem, A/42/463, Aug.10,

1987,2S. -idem, note bythe S-G, A/42/650, Oct.15,1987,54S.

Kampuchea: The,Situation in Kampuchea, report of the S-G, A/42/608, Oct.6,1987,5S.

Latin America: The Situation in Central America: Threats to International Peace and Security

and Peace. Initiatives, report of the


S-G, A/42/127, S/18686, Febr.12 1987, 3S.

Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 1985. Santiago, Chile, 1987,660S.

(UN Sales Publ.: 198ZII.G.2). [Doc.] LC/G.1466.

Law of the Sea: Law of the Sea, report of the S-G, A/42/688, Nov.5, 1987, 53 S.



of the Sea: Maritime boundary agreements, 1970-1984. New York, 1987, XVIII, 297S.

(UN Sales Publ.: 198ZV.12).

League of Arab States:- Co-operation between the UN and the League of Arab States, report

of the S-G, A/42/394, July 20, 1987,30 S. & Addenda.

Lebanon: Assistance for the Reconstruction and Development of Lebanon, report of the S-


G, A/42/553, Sept. 18, 1987, 9 S. Rights in Southern Lebanon, report of the S-

G, A/42/504, Aug.25, 1,987, 1 S.

Mercenaries: Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Drafting of an International Convention

against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, A/42/43,

April 1987, 111, 23 S. (GAOR 42nd -

Sess.Suppl.43). report of the 6th Committee,


Minorities: Report of the Open-ended Working Group on the Drafting of an International

Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and their Families, A/


C.3/42/6, Oct.9, 1987, 74 S. Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Populations, note by

the S-G, A/42/568, Sept. 18, 1987,3 S.

Namibia: Activities of Foreign Economic and other Interests which are Impedin& the Implementation

of theVeclaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and

Peoples in Namibia and in all other Territories under Colonial Domination and Efforts to

Eliminate Colonialism, Apartheid and Racial Discrimination in Southern Africa, report


of the 4th Committee, A/42/639, Oct.12, 1987, 16S. of Namibia, report of


the 4th Committee, A/42/698, Oct.29, 1987i 3S. UN Council for Namibia, a

summary of 20 years of effort by the Council for Namibia on behalf of Namibian

independence, DPI/920, Oct. 198 7, IV, 20 S.

Narcotic Drugs: Draft Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic

Substances, report of the


S-G, A/42/489, Aug.25"I 1987, 4S. Campaign

against Traffic. in Drugs, report of the 3rd -

Committee, A/42/781, Nov.18, 1987, 12S.

International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, report of the S-G, A/42/


594, Sept.30, 1987, 21 S. Co-operation in Drug Abuse Control, report of

the -

S-G, A/42/658, Oct.28, 1987, 37S. Methods for Testing Illicit Ring-

Substituted Amphetamine Derivates. Manual for use by national narcotics laboratories,


ST/NAR/12, Jan.1988, 11, 45S. for Opium/Crude Morphine, ST/NAR/11,

Jan. 1988,1, 23S.

Natural Disasters.-Report of the S-G on the Implementation of A/RES/41/201, A/42/657,


Non-Self-Governing Territories: Chapters of the Report of the Special Committee on the

© 1988, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht















6.16 Literatur

Situation with Regard to the Implementation of the' Declaration on the Granting of

Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples Relating. to 'Specific Territories not

Covered by other Agenda Items, report of the 4th Committee, A/42/730, Nov.10, 1987,


43S. from Non-Self-Governing Territories Transmitted under Article 73'


of the Charter of -the UN, report of the S-G, A/42/577/Rev. 1, Oct.9, 1987, 5 S. idem,

report of the 4,th Committee, A/42/726, Nov. 10, 1987, 4S.


by Member States of

Study and Training Facilities, report of the 4th Committee, A/42/729, Nov.10, 1987, 2S.

of the S-G, A/42/602, Oct.5,

of the Comorian Island of Mayotte, report

198 5 S.

Nuclear Tests:- Cessation of all Nu*clear-Test Explosions, report of the Ist Committee, A/


42/738, Nov.17, 1987,.'9S. of A/RES/41/54 on.the Immediate Cessation

and Prohibition of Nuclear-Weapon- Tests, report of the ist Committee, A/42/746,


Nov. 17, 1987, 3 S. Need for a Comprehensive Nuclear-Test7Ban Treaty, report

of the 1 st Committee, A/42/739, Nov. 17,1987,6 S.

Nuclear Weapons:- Conclusion of Effective International Arrangements on the Strengthening

of the Security of Non-Nuclear-Weapon States against the Use or Threat of Use of


Nuclear Weapons, report of the 1st Committee, A/42/743, Nov.13, 1987, 5S. Establishment

of a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in the Region of the Middle East, report of

the 1st Committee, A/42/740, Nov.13, 1987, 4S.- idem, in South Asia, A/42/741,


Nov.13, 1987, 4S. of the Declaration on the Denuclearization of


Africa, report of the Ist Committee, A/42/747, Nov.17, 1987, 9S. of

A/RES/41/45 Concerning the Signature and Ratification of Additional Protocol I of the

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© 1988, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht










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Human Lives or Jeopardizes Fiindamental Freedoms and Study of Underlying Causes

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