El genio 'tras la animación de “Toy Story” - La Prensa De San Antonio


El genio 'tras la animación de “Toy Story” - La Prensa De San Antonio


30 DE MAYO 2010


El genio ‘tras la animación

de “Toy Story”

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La Prensa de San Antonio

mayo 30, 2010


Music for the Masses


June 3, 10, 17 and 24 – Lights, camera, action! Movies by Moonlight is back for a third year. The

big screen will once again light up downtown’s HemisFair Park, Thursday June 3. The free movies

will be shown every Thursday in the grassy area near the HemisFair Park arch and the Magik

Theater, located at S. Alamo and Nueva. Showtime begins at 7:30 p.m. Grab your blankets and

lawn chair and come enjoy the show. Concessions will be available. For a complete list of movies

or additional information call (210) 207-2111.


June 7 – July 30 – Wonderland of the Americas hosts Education that Rocks, creative art classes

offered for children and adults to show their creativity this summer. The conveniently located Wonderland

of the Americas, formerly Crossroads Mall, will host children ages 6-17 and adults. The

classes will teach the art of imagination, visualization and the creation of characters made from a

simple rock. For program information and registration contact (210) 367-9331.


Wednesday, June 16, 5:30 p.m. – Join us for an evening to play cards and sing with the karaoke

machine. Or, come just to socialize. Snacks will be provided. For more information or to register

call (210) 207-3285 or visit www.sanantonio.gov/parksandrec.


Que Rica Vida lanza Website


San Antonio man finalist of Bachelorette


Duelo sigue con éxito


Conozca el genio detrás de “Toy Story”


Find out how you can help San Anto Cultural Arts


¡Cachamos a Carmen Salinas en San Antonio!


Pablo Francisco at Laugh out Loud Comedy Club


Free jazz workshops for kids this weekend!



June 17, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. – Buick is back like you’ve never seen it before. Sunset Station will play

host to a celebration of the new “remixed” 2011 Buick Regal featuring the distinctive sounds of

Bob Schneider complimented with gourmet culinary creations and regal cocktails. The event will

also provide a look at what’s new in the world of Buick. Open bar and free admission. RSVP by

June 16 at regalremix@gmblogs.com.


Friday, June 18, 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. – The St. Anthony Catholic High School (SACHS) Alumni Association

will hold its annual Texas Hold’ Em and Casino Night event in June at the SACHS gymnasium,

located at 3200 McCullough. Doors open at 6 p.m. and games will run from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

For more information, contact Alejandro Calderon at calderon@uiwtx.edu or (210) 832-5622. All

benefits will benefit the SACHS Alumni scholarship fund.


June 19, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. – You’re invited to celebrate “A Decade of Fatherhood” at the Plaza Guadalupe,

located on 1327 Guadalupe. Come and find information on employment, education, housing,

money management, child care and much more. Free food, door prizes, free health screenings

and more will be provided. For more information call (210) 227-3463 or (210) 227-4940.

El Árbitro


mayo 30, 2010

La vida con Cristina

Slow and steady wins the race

By Cristina Blackwell


Remember the fable about the

tortoise and the hare? The hare

got off to a zippy pace and seemed

sure to win. But he didn’t, did he?

The tortoise, while naturally much

slower than the hare, kept moving

steadily toward the finish line and

was able to cross first.

What’s the message of this fable?

Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve

been a firm believer in this story and

have learned to apply it in several

aspects of my life. In fact, my favorite

animal is the tortoise!

This legend can be easily related

to dieting. To reach your weight

loss goals, you need to switch from

the hare’s mindset to that of the

tortoise. In other words, you must

break the “all or nothing” mentality.

Do you start diets with superhuman

goals–determined to reject any

temptation and work out seven days

a week, only to fall off the wagon

and give up hope?

Goals like these can be very

appealing, even motivating. But

I’m telling you right now –human

beings are imperfect. Why the heck

are you setting Superman goals

when let’s face it, we’re all a bunch

of “Clarks!” When you do skip a

workout or give in to temptation

(something we all do), you’re more

likely to throw in the towel.

Speaking of the fable, there’s a

book you may want to check out.

It’s written by Registered Nurse

Patricia Church who, after years

of on-and-off dieting, finally found

the right way to lose weight (120

pounds to be precise). It’s called

The Tortoise Diet and it’s all about

long-lasting fat loss- the slow and

steady kind-like the Tortoise and

the Hare theme.

When you live a lifestyle of

healthy diet and exercise, you

forget that many people simply

don’t know how to choose good

foods. The constant supply of

well-marketed quick-fixes (weird

diets, pills, and potions) also serves

to distract people from the simple

basics of eating right and getting fit.

The Tortoise Diet covers the

mechanics of healthy weight loss

(in great detail), and it addresses the

reasons why the concept of dieting

is flawed.

So start thinking like a tortoise.

Pace yourself. Have a slice of pizza

and take a day off now and then, but

don’t stray too far from the path that

will lead you to your goals.

La Prensa de San Antonio

By Dennis M. Ayotte Jr.

In Little League, it was always

frustrating when you had one

kid on the team that wasn’t all

that great. He couldn’t catch, he

couldn’t throw and worst of all he

never tried to improve his game.

More annoying, was watching

the other kids on the team with

all the talent in the world let it go

to waste because of laziness. In

the long run, these players only

contributed by keeping the bench


Whether it’s at work, school

or in organized sports it’s important

to do your part for the team.

Everyone is significant and contributes

to the success of a team.

By Johnny Hernandez


Just a few days ago, my girlfriend

and I sold our truck to a

nice, very well-educated, Hispanic

man who has worked for

AT&T as a bilingual telephone

operator for 25 plus years.

During a conversation about

jobs and careers, I mentioned to

him that I am currently a freelance

columnist for La Prensa Newspaper.

Almost immediately, he

asked if we were writing any stories

on the Arizona SB 1070 law

because his family has recently

been affected by that ridiculous


He explained to us how the

cute, adorable, young child he

was with at the bank was his

niece he had been taking care of

for a few days because her mother

Put me in coach

Some roles are larger than others

but each is equally important. For

months, day after day, the team

works and prepares mentally and


Every day the team becomes

more like a family. Not pulling

your weight will end up in poor

results and even failure. Think

of all the people you let down. If

you slack off it causes the whole

team to suffer. While you may not

realize it, others depend on you

to do well.

In life, your family and friends

are your team. If you let your

weight problems affect your

overall health, you’re letting the

team down. Your health issues not

only affect you but your family

and those closest to you.

We often don’t notice because

we tend to neglect the feelings of

those who care about us most. A

team will always be a team and

family will always be family.

Family will always be there to

pick you up and support you.

Plan out a maintainable workout

regiment and most importantly

make changes to your overall

diet and eating habits. Family and

friends are your number one support

group. So, when thoughts of

failure creep into your head look


to them for encouragement.

Let go of your insecurities and

ego and allow others to help. Family

and friends will help you along

to a healthier weight and better

health. They’re your number one

asset when attaining your goals

because no one wants to see you

succeed more.

Since you’ve been out of the

game for a while keep in mind to

drink lots of water and stretch as

much as possible to reduce soreness.

To help draw out a game

plan for workouts and new eating

habits search the Internet for tips.

There are tons of sites out there

full of great ideas.

Also, men’s health and fitness

magazines available at your local

grocery stores are inexpensive

and full of workout tips, recipes

and ways to avoid unhealthy


Remember, these tips will do

you no good unless you commit

to making a change and sticking

with your new lifestyle. You

can do all the research you want

and find out about the latest and

greatest ways to lose weight, but

unless you implement them you

are doing yourself no good.

It’s time to get off the bench—

the team needs you.

Music for the masses and more

(his sister in-law) was arrested in

Arizona during a raid on the factory

she worked in and charged

with forgery.

His phone number was the only

other contact number she had for

family in the entire United States,

so he took the next flight out of

San Antonio and flew overnight to

pick up this bright, well-spoken

child, fluent in Spanish and English,

as soon as he hung up the

phone with Arizona police.

Naturally, the poor child was

traumatized by the whole event,

not even knowing her uncle well

enough to call him family, but

had no choice and was not aware

of what exactly was happening to

her mother. He further explained

to us that his sister-in-law would

later be deported after spending

some time in jail.

In the simplest words, Arizona

SB 1070 makes it legal for police

to ask a person of Mexican

descent for proof of citizenship

purely on suspicion during routine

traffic stops and other apprehensions.

It’s unconstitutional,

it’s harassment, it’s discriminatory,

and it’s being protested by

so many.

Thank God for our freedom of

speech, the power of music and

The Krayolas! Along with their

June 10 on-air performance on

KUT in Austin, Texas, and their

Gruene Hall performance on June

11, kicking off a short East Coast

tour to New York City, The Krayolas

have been spinning tunes and

turning heads, grabbing national

attention with political activist

tracks like “Corrido Twelve

Heads in a Bag” and “1070 (I’m

Your Dirty Mexican).” The former

speaks out on the drug war

violence exploding in Mexico,

see Music pg 11-E

4-E La Prensa de San Antonio

mayo 30, 2010

QueRicaVida.com renueva su imagen

Texto y Foto

Por Alicia Conde


Angélica Vale (segunda de izq.) y Adamari López (última en la

derecha) se desafían durante la competencia de comida. También

aparecen de izq. a der. Karla Martínez, Chef Cristina Martín Del

Campo, Chef Adriana Amione (detrás del florero) y Javier Romero.

General Mills, una de las

principales compañías fabricantes

de alimentos en el mundo,

tiró la casa por la ventana para

el relanzamiento de QueRicaVida.com,

el portal de internet

en español para madres latinas.

El nuevo sitio rediseñado

de QueRicaVida.com se inauguró

en Miami ante cientos

de miembros de medios de

comunicación de todo el país

e invitados especiales con la

participación de celebridades

hispanas como las actrices Adamari

López y Angélica Vale,

y personalidades de la cadena

Univision— Karla Martínez de

¡Despierta América! y Javier

Romero de Sábado Gigante.

“Es un motivo para celebrar”,

dijo Rudy Rodríguez, director

de mercadotecnia multicultural

de General Mills, “tenemos

un gran placer presentar este

sitio a la comunidad latina por

eso queríamos hacer una celebración

muy especial con tanto

talentos que se han presentado”.

A lo largo de sus cinco años

de existencia, Qué Rica Vida

ofrece consejos expertos e

información culturalmente relevante

a madres hispanas de

primera generación en Estados

Unidos acerca de la educación,

la salud y bienestar, la crianza

de los hijos, y la convivencia

entre familias durante la comida

por medio de una revista trimestral

gratuita del mismo nombre,

programas comunitarios y un

portal de internet.

Después de varios años en la

red, General Mills decide renovar

el sitio de QueRicaVida.

com para mejorar su funcionalidad

en general, como la

navegación y organización, con

el objetivo de que fuera más

práctica para sus consumidores

y familias. Con estos cambios

positivos el nuevo sitio se

compromete a seguir siendo un

recurso para las mamás latinas.

“Queríamos hacer una página

de internet que fuera lo suficientemente

fácil de navegar,

donde las mamás latinas puedan

participar y puedan dar su

opinión”, explicó Ursula Mejía-

Melgar, directora de la revista

Qué Rica Vida, refiriéndose

a que ahora el sitio será más

interactivo permitiendo que las

usuarias dejen sus comentarios

y compartan sus propias recetas.

“Queríamos también tener el

contenido adecuado”, añadió


Para lograr esto, entre los

numerosos cambios y mejoramientos

se encuentra la colaboración

de la experta en

salud de la cadena Univision,

la Dra. Aliza Lifshitz quien

proporcionará información para

la mujer y su familia acerca de

cómo mantenerse en forma,

alimentos saludables y todo lo

que necesita saber una persona

para mantener a su familia sana.

“Nosotros creemos fielmente

en llevar la información de

mayor calidad al mercado latino

y que mejor que tener a

la Dra. Aliza [Lifshitz] que es

tan reconocida y que tiene tan

buena información como parte

del contenido que le ofrecemos

a las mamás latinas”, apuntó


Por su parte, la Dra. Lifshitz

expresó estar muy contenta de

unirse a QueRicaVida.com.

“Me encanta porque es una

extensión de lo que estoy haciendo

en VidaySalud.com y

básicamente es la misión de

seguir proporcionando información

acerca de la salud que

es tan importante para nuestra


El nuevo sitio también contará

con la alianza de BabyCenter,

el principal recurso global

sobre bebés que mantiene informado

a más de 100 millones de

padres con asesoría de crianza

desde antes del embarazo hasta

que el niño cumpla ocho años.

Igualmente, QueRicaVida.com

contará con nuevas alianzas de

otras importantes plataformas

como AOL Latino, Univision:

Cocina, Yahoo! En Español y

MSN/Telemundo. Como antes,

el nuevo sitio seguirá ofreciendo

deliciosas recetas de las

distinguidas Chefs Adriana

Amione y Cristina Martín del

Campo y los populares cupones

de oferta.

El concepto de Que Rica Vida

nació cuando General Mills

se dio cuenta que había una

necesidad de sitios de internet

con consejos para las mujeres

latinas en Estados Unidos ya

que los existentes provenían

de países latinos o de la madre


“Para la compañía de General

Mills es súper importante estar

involucrados con la comunidad.

Nosotros estamos en nuestro

deber apoyar a la comunidad

latina aquí en los Estados Unidos

con nuestros productos y

con ayuda a la comunidad para

que la comunidad latina tenga

una salud muy fuerte y siga adelante

en este país”, compartió

Rodríguez con La Prensa.

Siguiendo el lanzamiento

oficial, los invitados gozaron

de una divertida competencia

de cocina, se deleitaron con

ricas comidas y mojitos, y

participaron en charlas, entre

otras actividades. Por medio

del ambicioso relanzamiento

de QueRicaVida.com, sus creadores

esperan en que se convierta

el portal favorito de las

mamás hispanas.

“Lo ideal sería que se convirtiera

en el preferido de las

mujeres latinas— en el número

uno—en lo primero que piensen

cuando estén buscando

una receta, una solución, un

tip; cuando digan, ‘me gustaría

hablarle a mi mamá’ y no pueden,

que vayan a QueRicaVida.

com”, concluyó Mejía-Melgar.

mayo 30, 2010

Grab The Popcorn!

By Luis Muñoz

Movie: “Sex and the City 2”

Rating: R (Sexual Content &


Studio: New Line Cinema

Where I Saw It: Santikos


I’m not going to lie; this is one

chick flick I actually liked and at the

same time, really hated. “Sex and the

City 2” is exactly what I expected it

to be: A movie made entirely just for

women, in the same way Rambo is

made just for guys. In other words, I

don’t know if I was actually enjoying

the movie or simply the loud laughter

from the ladies in the audience at

scenes that only women would ever

laugh at.

The fashion, the glitz, the glamour,

and every sexual innuendo a woman

could want (or understand); it’s all

there. In fact, I took one of my best

friends, Janet, to make sure I got a

woman’s point of view as well.

On more than one occasion, she

asked, “You’re not liking it?” That

should tell you about my level of

interest and lack of audible belly

laughs I burst out during a movie

which made the length of the “Titanic”

seem short.

“Sex and the City 2” takes the franchise

to another level, but to which

level, is still a mystery. Obviously,

all of the girls are back, as well as the

men from the first movie.

In “SITC 2,” even a former love

interest of Carrie’s makes a cameo;

something that quickly becomes a

major part of the plot. What catapults,

or tries to catapult, this film, to the

next level is the extravagant location.

While it starts in good ‘ole New

York at the “gay wedding” of Carrie’s

friend, Stanford, it hurriedly moves

settings to one of the most luxurious

parts of the world, Abu Dhabi.

Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall,

is attending a movie premiere with

her ex-boyfriend and is invited by a

wealthy Sheikh to visit this amazing

desert country. Of course, the charming

Samantha somehow manages to

get all of her friends invited too in

an attempt to have a girl’s getaway.

If you have not heard of Abu

Dhabi, prepare yourself. The capital

of the United Arab Emirates is trying

very hard to become “the place” to

visit in the world, as was obvious by

the over-the-top way it was featured

in the movie.

One scene, a guided tour of the

hotel the girls stay at, easily could

have fit into my local travel show. It

was obvious it was paid for and that


I won’t bore you with the halfdozen

plots and sub-plots they tried to

shove into the movie. In fact, I don’t

think my editor will give me enough

room to write about them all.

What I will say is this: If you were

a fan of the TV series and of the first

movie, you will probably like it. If

you’re not already a fan and not a

girlie-girl type of woman, you most

likely will not. About the only thing

I enjoyed in this movie was the brief

performance by Liza Minnelli, a

performance which started out great

and soon turned hard to watch.

I have to admit, it’s obvious I am

not the main target demographic the

producers made this movie for. With

that being said, I do know a good

movie when I see it and I also know

an over-budget flop when I see it too.

So, is it good? Watch it and you


Luis Muñoz is currently an executive

television producer for “Vamos!

Travel Show” and has reviewed

movies for the last 6 years for TV and

print. Summer is almost here!

La Prensa de San Antonio

S.A. man hoping for the final

rose on “Bachelorette”

By Roxanne Macias


The Alamo City has yet another

claim to reality TV fame. S.A.’s

Hunter Wagner was selected as

one of the lucky 25 Bachelors

to compete for the heart of Ali

Fedotowsky, of ABC’s The Bachelorette.

Wagner, an Account Executive

who is originally from Fair Oaks

Ranch, currently resides in San

Antonio. He is a Churchill alumnus,

and then earned his Bachelor

of Business Administration from

Texas Tech University. He is employed

as an Account Executive

for ProQuest.

Wagner nominated by his brother,

Travis Wagner, has had a previous

claim to fame on YouTube. A

video of him playing the ukulele

as a wedding toast/roast last year

for one of his school friends,

was posted, and earned him over

23,000 hits.

According to the biography

posted on his Face book page,

“He is very athletic, charismatic,

funny, sensitive, good-looking,

and an all-around honest guy that

is well-liked by everyone that he


Hopefully this Account Executive

goes far in the reality competition

and makes the Alamo City

proud! Will Hunter Wagner make

it to the final rose ceremony or

will he continue on his search for

true love’s kiss? Who knows, but

he has the entire S.A. community

rooting for him.

The “Bachelorette” airs on Mondays

at 9/8 c. For more information

on The “Bachelorette”, and Hunter

Wagner visit ABC.com.

Hunter Wagner, 28 works as

an Internet Account Executive

and is from Fair Oaks Ranch,

TX, but lives in San Antonio.

(Courtesy photo)


6-E La Prensa de San Antonio

mayo 30, 2010

Por Domingo Banda

Foto cortesía de Universal

La música norteña sin duda es

una de las más popular es entre

el género regional mexicano. El

Grupo Duelo es uno de los grupos

más sobresalientes. Orgullosamente

originarios de nuestro

estado, el grupo no se ha limitado

en sus deseos de salir adelante y

han logrado construir una carrera


Recientemente el grupo lanzó

a la venta su nuevo disco “Solamente

Tú”, un trabajo que sigue

explorando los caminos del romanticismo

y el desamor, sello original

con el cual se han identificado

desde el principio.

Compuesto de doce temas,

este disco se ha colocado en los

primeros lugares de las listas de

Billboard y las ventas no se han

quedado atrás. “Seguimos en el

estilo romántico, hay de todo para

los enamorados y también para los

corazones destrozados. Son ocho

canciones de Oscar [Treviño] vocalista

de la agrupación”, comenta

Mario Ángel Peña animador del

El Grupo Duelo y “Solamente Tú”

El Grupo Duelo se ha colocado en los primeros lugares de ventas

con su disco “Solamente Tu”.

exitoso grupo.

Los chicos se han dedicado extensamente

a hacer la promoción

y han viajado por varias ciudades

de Estados Unidos y México con

el propósito de asegurarse que el

mensaje llegue a sus fanáticos.

Aunque parece fácil, el éxito

les ha costado mucha dedicación

y disciplina, desde que iniciaron

en Roma, pequeña ciudad al sur de

Texas. Lograr que su música fuera

escuchada en otros lugares fue una

tarea fácil para los miembros de

esta agrupación.

El Estado de Texas es muy

importante para nosotros nos han

apoyado mucho, en el estado de

California hemos batallado un poquito

para que entre nuestra música.

Acá es más tocada la banda,

pero poco a poco hemos avanzado

en este mercado, conquistando más

el público de estos rumbos. Creo

que con este último disco hemos

avanzado más porque enseguida

que salió a la venta se colocó en el

primer lugar”, dijo Mario.

Otra de las dificultades que ha

enfrentado la industria musical

es la piratería, de la cual el Grupo

Duelo no ha escapado. Por eso Pedro

Flores bajista invita a sus fans

para que compren el disco original.

“Ahora con la piratería es más

fácil obtener la música de un artista

o de un grupo, ilegalmente sin

pagar. Contrarrestar eso es hacer

la promoción y en todos lados para

que se venda el disco original.

Porque no solo nosotros, el Grupo

Duelo, dependemos de nuestro

trabajo, hay muchas familias

desde la compañía disquera, los

que diseñan el arte y más. Es una

gran industria que se ve afectada

y por eso le pedimos a nuestros

seguidores que adquieran el disco

original”, expresó Flores.

Con esto dejan claro que no se

preocupan solo de su bienestar sino

del bienestar de todas las familias

que dependen del trabajo que provee

el grupo.

Recientemente el grupo Intocable,

otro de nuestros orgullos

tejanos, dejó su casa disquera

para concentrarse en sus presentaciones,

ya que según lo que ellos

comentan de la venta de disco no

queda nada.

Nosotros quisimos saber la opinión

del Grupo Duelo y preguntarles

si ellos en el futuro podrían tomar

una acción como esta.

“Yo creo que el modo de nosotros

pensamos es que necesitamos el

apoyo de la compañía disquera

como lo es esta compañía, trabajamos

de la mano y estamos

en la mejor disposición de hacer

lo que tengamos que hacer para

promoción. Si es muy pesado y

complicado de hacer estas semanas

de promoción, andamos de arriba

para abajo y creemos que es necesario

tener el respaldo de la compañía.

También tenemos que seguir

tocando puertas y alternando las

presentaciones con lo que es la

promoción esa es la manera con la

que Grupo Duelo trabaja”, explicó

Pedro Flores.

El Grupo Duelo sigue adelante,

hace unos días se presentaron en

San Antonio con mucho éxito.

Raulito finds unexpected success

Story and photos

by Ramón Hernández

Raulito never rode his brother’s

coattails, but for years, he faithfully

stood in Emilio’s shadow - and now,

the tables have reversed.

Today, Raulito is not only standing

on his own as a solo artist, but

thanks to faith, prayer and perseverance,

he is standing out - as a singer,

songwriter, spokesperson and soonto-be

television personality.

However, the “Mis Visiones”

recording artist has not been able

to do one interview without fielding

questions about his brother and

the accident. So rather than rehash

the past, Raulito opted to speculate

on why it may have actually been a

blessing and a miracle.

“I think it was a wakeup call,”

Raulito said during an interview

at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives.

“The accident was bad, but

a lot of things in our lives were bad.

The families weren’t getting along.

Things were very hectic. So much

was going on and there just had to

be a stop to it, but the Lord brought

us down on our knees and everyone

came together and there were prayer

rituals all over the United States,

Mexico and the Latin Hemisphere.”

The accident also reunited the

families. Then, Raulito fondly

recalled the teachings of his father,

Emilio Jr., and his mother, María

De La Luz.

“My dad was a barber. Mom was

a housewife and very religious; and

our grandmother was a Guadalupana,

so the first thing I remember

coming out of their mouths was

‘pray and give thanks.’ That’s been

our belief since they instilled that in

us as kids,” he said.

He remembers no matter what the

circumstances, the family always

prayed and gave thanks.

“Even in our hay day as Emilio

and Grupo Rio, we always prayed

because you have to believe there’s

a greater thing than just life,” Raulito

continued. “To us, the world

did come to an end at the time of

the accident, but by the grace of

God, we’re still here - And as for

my brother, I know he’s coming

back. That’s been our faith. He just

sang with Clay Walker and that was

a giant step.”

Raulito and his wife Josie, married

for 21 years, raise their children

in the Word of the Lord. It is no

small surprise that the children are

blessed with musical talent.

“Myself, I feel truly blessed,”

Raulito said, as his eyes welled up

with tears. “I just stare at my kids

and I give thanks. I’m very lucky

and sometimes I feel scared because

I have it so good.”

Rigo plays bass, has his own

rock band, Speed Limit, and has

already been the subject of a special

feature in Conexión. Lauren

Paz, 8, sings and placed second in

her first talent contest. Destiny, 18,

sings and composes. She wrote “Mi

Vida,” which she dedicated to God

and is the second cut in Raulito’s

compact disc.

Much is known about Emilio, but

few people know of Raulito’s accomplishments

and achievements.

So here is Raulito’s story:




Few people realize that Raulito is

the baby of the family.

In 1980, he joined the Terrell

Wells Middle School Choir, like his

older brothers did. He was amazed

to hear los pachucones malias singing

the Ave María. “I mean, these

were the baddest, meanest guys in

school and here they were as choirboys,”

he said.

At 13, Raul soloed “Special

Lady” at a school assembly and

had all the school girls screaming

for him. “That’s when I got the

performing bug,” he added with a


In 1984, when Emilio replaced

Ram as the lead singer for David

Lee Garza y Los Musicales, Raulito

joined the group as a roadie. Two

years later, he worked his way up

to sound engineer and he started

to sing two or three tunes in duet

with his brother. That gig ended on

December 31, 1988 and two months

later, Grupo Rio was born.

This time Raulito came onboard

as the sound engineer, but

four months later, the band asked

Raulito to sing back-up, and he

remained alongside Emilio for the

one-year tour with Clay Walker

until the time of the accident.

“After the accident, we did the

tour as a family with my kids and

Emilio’s kid, but promoters didn’t

want that because the kids were

too young. So with the help of my

cousins, jointly known as Massizo,

who backed me up and we were able

to honor all our previous commitments,”

Raulito explained.

The second responsibility was to

drive his mother, back and forth to

Houston. “I had 32,000 miles on my

see Raulito pg 7-E

mayo 30, 2010

Por Domingo Banda

Foto Cortesía de Arenas

Regresan a la pantalla grande

Woody, Buzz Lightyear y Jessie, si

estos nombres les suena familiar, es

porque, son los protagonistas de la

divertida secuela de Toy Story. Ahora

regresan en Toy Story 3 la cual se

estrenará el próximo 18 de Junio a

nivel nacional.

Son muchas las expectativas que

tiene el público, tanto los niños como

los adultos que han sido conquistados

por estos traviesos juguetes, que

se enfrentan a un sinfín de aventuras,

ahora con un nuevo grupo

de juguetes que viene a darle más

diversión a esta película.

En las películas animadas los

verdaderos héroes son quienes dan

vida a los personajes. En esta ocasión

tuvimos la oportunidad de platicar

con uno de los realizadores. Su

nombre, Carlos Baena originario de

Islas Canarias y criado en Madrid,

España, ha trabajado en otras grandes

producciones como Cars y Finding

Nemo para la compañía de animaciones


En la entrevista no quiso dar

muchos detalles sobre la trama de la

película, pero si nos dijo que habrá

grandes sorpresas.

La gente se la pasará increíble

cuando vaya a verla, hay muchísimas

sorpresas. Hubo una preparación

muy grande para este filme, yo he

estado trabajando en esta película

por como dos años. Esta ha sido la

película en la que más he trabajado

aquí en Pixar. Para hacer un trabajo

como este requiere de mucha

preparación, todo tiene que estar

preparado, contrario con películas

regulares”, dijo Carlos Baena.

Junto con otro grupo de animadores

se dieron a la tarea de darle

vida nuevamente a estos inolvidables

personajes y con quienes según él

es más difícil trabajar y nos explicó


“Yo creo que cada medio tiene

sus dificultades, las personas reales

tienen algo muy bueno y positivo que

es la improvisación, algunas veces

tienes actores que improvisan y eso

le da más realismo a las escenas. En

animación no tenemos esa facilidad

para improvisar todo tiene que estar

perfecto con todos los personajes”.

Con tantos avances tecnológicos

que le han dado a la animación una

nueva etapa es difícil ahora escapar

de las famosas películas 3D. Baena

aclara cómo para Toy Story 3 el

mundo de los juguetes será el mismo

que en las dos películas anteriores.

“Con cada película la tecnología

se intenta mejorar en esta película

de Toy Story 3 se intentó que la

tecnología no se pusiese por delante

de lo que era la historia de las dos

primeras películas. Se intentó que la

tecnología no fuera tan moderna para

que no pareciera otra película, ese era

un detalle importante, tuvimos que

asegurarnos que esta película sigua

siendo el mundo de las dos primeras

películas. La tecnología ah avanzado

car when we made our first trip and

by the end of a nine-month period,

I had logged up to 160,000,” said


His third responsibility was to

take care of his wife and children

and this is when Little Joe and

his son Ivan came to the rescue

by booking Raulito in El Paso,

followed by a couple of venues in


“Little Joe, Los Palominos and

several other grupos me hecharon

la mano and now the phones are

ringing more often, thanks to them.

I’m so grateful I can’t thank them

enough for restarting my career,”

he said.

The next turning point came last

year when Raulito and Orlando

Salazar formed Mis Visiones Records.

“The label’s name represents

the visions I have of my daughter

(Destiny) as a new act, my vision

to bring la onda back and the youth

back to Tejano music,” he said.

The label’s first release was

“Simplemente Raulito - Por Mientras.”

In it, he pays tribute to his

brother in the opening song, “Bajo

De Tu Sombra,” as he sings that under

his brother’s shadow, he learned

to live and had a very happy life.

“I was always under his shadow

although I casted a bigger one than

him,” Raulito quipped.

“Emilio IV and I came up with

the idea for ‘Tu Amigo.’ He thought

of the concept and I wrote it in Spanish,”

Raulito said.

“I wrote ‘Chiquita’ for my son

La Prensa de San Antonio

y es un precioso regalo pero queríamos

que esta historia siguiera en el

mismo mundo tanto en los personajes

como en iluminación y todo eso”.

Baena nos habló de su visión en

cuanto a las oportunidades que da

Hollywood a gente de otros países y

del crecimiento que han tenido gente

como él, que ha llegado con un sueño

y lo están logrando.

“A mí me encanta porque lo

único que busca es que esto sea una

industria igual para todos. Que no

sea una industria que sea muy centralista

y que gente de otros países

tenga las mismas oportunidades. A

mí me encantó ver la película que

ganó el Oscar hace dos años que

because I wanted this album to

be about my kids. When Emilio

recorded ‘Contenta Mi Alma’ with

David Lee Garza, my father said it

came out okay, but it would have

been better if it had been done

slower,” Raulito continued.

“I remember those words from

my dad and he wrote the song, so

I thought I would honor him by

recording it his way.”

“Lo Que Hicimos Juntos” is the

most catchy and most commercial

tune in this album and with the right

promotion, could launch Raulito to

international fame as a solo artist.

“For ‘Señorita’ I pictured myself

in Poteet, Texas at the Kicker Palace

and you want to ask a girl if she

wants to dance. She tells him she’s

too good for him, but nonetheless,

fue grabada toda en India. A mí me

encantó ver que las películas entre

las culturas, cuando Javier Bardem

y Penélope Cruz ganaron el Oscar,

también fue algo que me dio mucho

orgullo siendo yo de España. Esto

demuestra que nosotros los hispanos

todos podemos”, expresó.

Carlos Baena tiene también una

escuela basada en Emeryville, California,

donde también se pueden

tomar clases vía internet. Cuando

hablamos de su instituto él nos

explicó por qué decidió poner esta


“Para poner esta escuela nos reunimos

dos de mis mejores amigos y yo,

nos conocimos en la universidad, a

she dances with him,” 42-year-old

vocalist said.

“The album has that old Emilio

feel to it because with the exception

of one song we did with keyboards,

the rest of the album is all the accordion

and saxophone. So we

went back to basics, with is the old

style plus the new emphasis that my

nephews put into it.”

The result is that Raulito won

“Revelación de Año” as a solo artist

at this year’s Premios a La Música


Soon he wil host a TV show

which will feature Intocable, Marc

Anthony, Manu Ginobili and other

internationally known Latin celebrities,

on July 9 with a tentative

airdate of July 11.

“This will be like a cross of ‘Jay


Carlos Baena animador de la película Toy Story 3

Raulito ......... (continued from page 6-E)

Toy Story la película que a roto records regresa en Junio.

partir de ahí decidimos hacer una escuela.

A mí me gustaba mucho la idea

que fuera en el internet porque yo soy

de España y me tuve que mudar hasta

aquí para poder estudiar lo que quería

ser. Eso fue difícil desde el punto de

vista cultural el tener que mudarme

a otra cultura completamente al otro

lado del mundo todo por lograr lo que

yo quería lo que eran mis metas y mis

sueños”, finalizó Baena.

La dirección electrónica donde

pueden encontrar más información

sobre la escuela de Carlos Baena es

www.animationmentor.com. De la

película Toy Story 3 pueden encontrar

más sobre sus personajes favoritos en


Leno’ and ‘Don Francisco’ with

plenty of audience interaction,” the

singer/songwriter revealed.

Today, Raulito averages two

gigs per week, but if he is back in

San Antonio by 10 a.m. Sunday,

all those in the family who can are

heard strumming their guitars and

singing their praises to our Lord and

Savior during the noon Mass at St.

Leonard’s Catholic Church.

Raulito misses working with


“I just pretend that he’s by my

side, smiling. God willing, I know

he’ll be back. We’ll be singing the

songs we wrote together and we’ll

be making people happy,” he said.

For more information, check out


La Prensa Te Ve

The TexMeXplosion: Jacque Schoonens, Geert Verheijden, Dwayne

Ve and Lynyrd Van Riet.

Óscar De La Rosa, lead singer for La Mafia leads an array of special

guests which included Los Palominos, Cristian Castro (not visible), Elida

Reyna, Shelly Lares, Frankie J, Bobby Pulido, Rubén Ramos, Little Joe,

Juan Hinojosa, Paulino Bernal plus original members and other former

Mafia musicians.

Little Joe cracks up at a joke by

Brandy López during an interview

on Latin Fusion TV

After spending four days in the recording studio with Flaco Jimenez,

his protégé, Dwayne Verheyden and his group plus his father William,

could not get enough as they hung out with Flaco during the

last night of the festival.

It took four SAPD officers to keep fans at bay from Flaco Jiménez,

who headlined the 29th Tejano Conjunto Festival.

La Mafia’s Robert Gonzales, bass;

and Viktor Pacheco, guitar provides

the group’s hot licks during

their 50th Anniversary Concert.

Janie Esparza of Janie’s Record Shop and daughters

Bertha, Barbara, Becky and Grace enjoyed the conjunto

festival at Rosedale Park.

Karlos Landin of Bino Baffetti accordions and Joél Guzmán at the

accordion booth.

Juan Tejeda, director and talent

coordinator of the Tejano Conjunto


Photos by Ramon Hernández

Eva Ybarra belts out a tune.

Conjunto greats Rubén Garza, Héctor Barrón of Los Fantasmas del

Valle, Juan Tejeda of Conjunto Aztlán, Rubén Garza, Jimmy Bejarano

Jr. of Los Cuatro Vientos in Ohio, Noriyoshi “Honorio” Imamura of

Conjunto J in Japan and Gilbert García of Los Dos Gilbertos.

Flaco Jiménez signs autographs.

KXTN’s Jesse Lechuga shows off

his La Mafia haircut.

Óscar De La Rosa leads an all star Tejano choir.

Joél Guzmán displays his progressive style on the squeezebox.

Robert Pulido is embraced by Cacy

Savala of Grupo Mazz.

Gilberto Reyes Jr. shows off his line of accordions at the Hohner


Sarah Fox provided the female vocals for hubby

Joé Guzmán.

La Prensa Te Ve

10-E La Prensa de San Antonio

mayo 30, 2010

Kindness trumps greed: it asks for sharing. Kindness

trumps fear: it calls forth gratefulness and love. Kindness

trumps even stupidity, for with sharing and love, one learns.

Marc Estrin

mayo 30, 2010

Music....... (Continued from page 3-E)

while the latter protests the seemingly

unlawful law Arizona Governor

Jan Brewer recently passed.

Rumors have it that 17 other

states are trying to file similar

bills…Texas included. Can

you imagine? Their would be

raids at every tacqueria restaurant,

fruteria stand and mini

taco truck across the West Side,

South Side…every side of San

Anto…purely on suspicion. Hispanic

cops who grew up in the

barrios would be interrogating

other dark-skinned cops, yelling,

“You’re my dirty Mexican! No,

you’re my dirty Mexican! Hands

in the air!”

Just about every house on the

block I grew up in near Zarzamora

and Gillette would get

ransacked by SAPD…purely on

suspicion of harboring illegal…

excuse my politically incorrect

English…undocumented immigrants.

See what I mean?

The one question I have is

where the heck are the immigration

reform policies? Time is

running out, man! But once again,

let’s thank God for now (whether

he or she is White, Black, Asian

or a dirty Mexican himself/herself)

for The Krayolas and others

who are protesting Arizona SB


You can find “1070 (I’m Your

Dirty Mexican)” on iTunes and on

the band’s website at www.thekrayolas.com.

Plus, their music

video for “Fruteria (The Fruit Cup

Song) won first place at the recent

43rd Annual Worldfest-Houston

International Film Festival. Good

luck on the road, guys, and be

sure to drive the speed limit.

La Prensa de San Antonio

By Cristina Blackwell


S a n A n t o C u l t u r a l A r t s

(SACA), the community-based

arts organization, is in great need

of the city’s support. Starting

June 1, the public will have the

opportunity to vote for SACA as

a part of Pepsi’s Refresh Everything

campaign, which is giving

away $1.3 million to a winner

every month.

“The project was developed

with the belief that great ideas

can come from anyone, anywhere,

anytime,” said Jill Beraud,

CMO and president of joint

ventures, PepsiCo Beverages

Americas. “The first group of

winners proves it’s true. Each

of them is a testament to how

someone from any walk of life

can produce powerful, creative

and fun ideas that can make a


SACA is in the June round of

voting and could win a $50,000

grant for operational expenses,

renovations and moving expenses

to 2120 El Paso Street. “Our

new home will more than double

our current square footage, give

us a bathroom, and dramatically

increase our capacity to change

lives and impact the community,”

explained Melinda Higgins,

developmental coordinator of


Established in 1993 by a group

of community youth, the organization

began as a project of Inner

City Development on the Westside.

Today, SACA operates three

core programs: El Placazo Community

Newspaper and Mentor

program, Community Mural/

Public Art Program (CMP), and

the Multimedia Institute.

Their mission is to foster human

development through art.

“We empower people through

quality arts and relevant culture,”

explained Heather Eichling, executive

director of SACA. “This

Pepsi Refresh Everything grant

will continue to help us achieve

that mission.”

Because this is a nationwide

competition, the number of online

votes, not the worthiness of


Help San Anto help the community

the cause, determines the winner.

The public can vote once

a day for each organization all

month – the more votes, the better

chances at winning.

To help keep this organization

alive, log onto www.RefreshEverything.com

and create a Pepsi

Refresh username. You must register

to vote and help SACA win.

“Voting for San Anto during

this competition means so much

more than helping our organization

win $50,000 from Pepsi,”

stated Eichling. “It helps us better

at making a quality impact in

the Westside community, which

ultimately affects the health of

the City of San Antonio. You

don’t have to like or drink Pepsi

to vote in this competition – you

just have to care about the community.”

SACA serves about 107,000

individuals on the Westside, according

to the Web site. Almost a

third live below the poverty line,

only 40 percent of the children

will graduate from high school,

and teen pregnancy hovers at

about four times the national

average. But SACA believes

that 100 percent of those living

here can change those statistics

with the right tools for empowerment,

and that is what SACA is

all about.

Help SACA help your community.

¡Su voto es su voz!

12-E La Prensa de San Antonio

mayo 30, 2010

Legendaria actriz mexicana visita a San Antonio

Por Alicia Conde


Carmen Salinas, primera actriz mexicana, captada por el lente de

La Prensa en el aeropuerto de San Antonio con su manager Juan

El Chato” Cejudo, director de peliculas Jesse Estrada, actor Jorge

A. Jiménez, y su agente de relaciones públicas, Jose E. Lozano.

(Foto, Alicia Conde)

El viernes por la mañana, el

Aeropuerto Internacional de San

Antonio fue el escenario donde

La Prensa de San Antonio tuvo

oportunidad de platicar con una

de las actrices más aclamadas

de México, la gran Señora Carmen

Salinas. Portadora de un

sin número de reconocimientos

por sus actuaciones estelares

estuvo en la ciudad del Álamo

para filmar escenas de su más

reciente proyecto. Los doce

minutos con la actriz fueron muy

amenos, aprovechó cada segundo

al máximo para platicar un poco

sobre la situación de México, la

religión, recomendaciones para

los aspirantes de la actuación y

consejos para las mujeres.

Durante el fin de semana se

estará grabando la película del

director chileno Gonzalo Justiniano,

¿Alguien ha visto a Lupita?

en varias partes de Texas. Protagonizada

por la ex integrante de

RBD, Dulce María, y con la actuación

de Cristián de la Fuente,

Salinas explicó que el largometraje

se trata de una jovencita a la

cual todos toman por loca y el

drama empieza cuando una tía

malvada trata de meterla a un

manicomio. A Salinas le toca el

rol de la buena samaritana que se

topa con Lupita y le rinde ayuda

durante su escape. “Se desarrolla

una historia muy bonita con una

denuncia social y política de lo

que está pasando en México de

tanto narcotráfico que hay, tanto

asesinato, tanta cosa fea”, dijo


Cosa fea fue precisamente lo

que le pasó a la productora de la

obra teatral Aventurera recientemente

cuando tenían planeado

presentar su exitosa producción

en el norte del país. Al parecer

le ofrecieron disque protección

al señor que iba a llevar a los

actores a Chihuahua. Cuando

el señor les respondió que no

necesitaban de sus servicios, lo

amenazaron que si no aceptaba

Carmen Salinas en una escena de ¿Alguien ha visto a Lupita?, protagonizada por la ex integrante de

RBD Dulce Maria. (Foto cortesía)

la protección les iban a quemar

el lugar con gente y actores dentro.

“No pues no fuimos— está

violentísimo en México y más

en Chihuahua, hay mucha violencia”,

dijo Salinas quien también

confesó que en estos momentos

los mexicanos viven “con mucho

miedo… mucha angustia de que

va a pasar”. Salinas promete que

a pesar de la situación seguirá

con Aventurera en la provincia

de México y próximamente en

Estados Unidos.

La versátil actriz, a pesar de su

ritmo de trabajo imparable desde

los inicios de su carrera hace 56

años, asegura que sí descansa y

toma tiempo para disfrutar de la

vida y su familia. “Soy muy feliz

con mis nietas, con mi nieto y con

mis sobrinos. Siempre procuro

ayudar a mi familia y darle la

mano, para mí lo primordial es

la familia y después los amigos”,

explicó Salinas. “Claro que descanso”,

continuó “y me gusta ir

al cine”. También se divierte

viendo obras teatrales. “Anoche

me fui al teatro, a las 100 representaciones

de Buenas Noches,

Mamá de Edith González— está

muy bien la güera, maravillosa—

y con Rosa María Bianchi.

Asimismo, le gusta mucho estar

en su casa mandando correos

electrónicos a sus amistades cada

que tiene oportunidad. “Estoy en

contacto con los que quieren ser

mis amigos y a mis compañeras

de trabajo yo les escribo y las

aliento”. Para los amigos de Salinas

no es extraño recibir un recordatorio

de que se acerca el día

de La Divina Providencia para

que le recen. “Soy muy católica”,

compartió orgullosamente, pero

también aclaró que ella respeta

la religión de toda la gente.

Aprovechando la confianza,

amabilidad y sencillez de tan destacada

y multifacética actriz era

casi obligatorio pedirle unos consejos

para aquellas personas que

anhelan ser artistas. “Primero que

nada que tengan talento, segundo

que estudien mucho”, recomendó

Salinas. También aconsejó a los

que quieran entrar al medio del

espectáculo que dejen la vanidad

a un lado y que hagan todo tipo

de actuación. “Cuando uno es

actor/actriz uno debe de manejar

todos los matices de la actuación:

el drama, la comedia, la tragedia.

La actuación es a base de reflexión,

de análisis, de pensar ¿cómo

voy a vestir este personaje? ¿Qué

matices le voy a dar? ¿Cómo voy

a actuar? ¿Cómo me voy a maquillar?

Y hay ocasiones en que

tú tienes que renunciar al maquillaje

y salir con la cara lavadita,

y las que son buenas actrices y

buenos actores, les vale gorro

salir sin pintura… yo no sé cual

sea mi mejor ángulo, ni me interesa

saberlo ¿por qué?, porque tú

tienes que no estar preocupada

por verte bien, sino por actuar,

por hacer un bonito papel, hacer

una bonita actuación”.

Sobre el desnudo, Salinas dijo

que en realidad el desnudo no

es justificado y dio el ejemplo

de que Dulce María se rehusó a

desnudarse durante una escena

de lago en ¿Alguien ha visto a

Lupita? “No hay necesidad de

desnudar”, dijo Salinas, “ahora

si ya lo requiere la película, que

sea un gran guión, bueno—yo no,

soy una señora de respeto, nunca

lo hice de joven menos ahora de

vieja— entonces que lo hagan, si

están bonitas con más razón, pero

si no está justificado un desnudo

no tienes porque hacerlo”.

Salinas exhorta a las mujeres

que se den a respetar y a valorar

y que nunca se dejen que las

golpean o maltraten. “En la vida

hay que darse su lugar siempre,

hay que guardar las proporciones,

respetarte, y darte a respetar.

Que nunca, en ningún ámbito,

en ningún trabajo la mujer debe

de permitir que un pelado la

manosee, que la ande agarrando,

tentaleando sus pompas o aquí y

allá. Yo nunca permití eso”. De

acuerdo a Salinas, si las mujeres

se dan a respetar en el ámbito de

trabajo desde un principio, no hay

quien deba faltarles el respeto, y

si aún se atreven aconseja, “En el

momento que tengas que dar una

cachetada, dala, no lo pienses,

dales una cachetada pero sabrosa

y verás cómo te van a respetar”.

mayo 30, 2010 La Prensa de San Antonio


SAWS sponsors 13th Annual Festival of Flowers

By Angela Covo


By Cristina Blackwell


If you haven’t yet heard of

comedian Pablo Francisco,

you’re missing out on some

serious laughs. Widely known

for his Don LaFontaine impression,

Francisco, 36, has audiences

bursting with nonstop

laughs with his impersonations

of a variety of voices like Arnold

Schwarznegger, Keanu

Reeves, Al Pacino and even

Kermit the Frog.

Who’s Don LaFontaine, you

ask? If you’ve ever sat through

a movie preview, you know

this guy, best known for his

deep voice in movie previews

beginning with, “In a world

…” -- and Francisco nails it.

His impression is so good that

when word got to LaFontaine,

he wanted to meet the guy who

could mimic him so precisely.

“You have a better voice

than I do,” LaFontaine told

Francisco when they first met.

This led to a lasting friendship

between the two – so close, in

Texas Farmers Market at the Festival of Flowers. (Courtesy Photo)

San Antonio Water System

presents the Festival of Flowers,

an all day affair starting at 9 a.m.,

Saturday, at the Alzafar Shrine on

1604. The event, which only happens

once a year is addictive, and

promises to satisfy the gardener

within every South Texan.

“Whether you are a new gardener

or an experienced gardener,

you will learn and have fun. This

is also a once-a-year opportunity

to buy the healthiest plants directly

from the growers, including

herbs, tropical plants and even

orchids this year,” Anne Schiller,

co-producer of the show, told La


For the first time, Bexar County

Master Gardeners and the Texas

Nursery and Landscape Association

will present the Alamo Horticulture

Show and Contest at the

event, open to amateur and home

gardeners of all ages. Contest rules

are on the Web site at http://www.

fact, that LaFontaine left his

recording studio equipment

to Francisco when he passed

away in 2008.

A funny thing happens when

audiences meet Francisco for

the first time. In a matter of

minutes, crowds go from the

quiet response that often greets

a relative unknown, to enthusiastic

laughter and applause.

“I never thought I was funny,”

said Francisco. “I just

started mimicking voices off

the T.V. when I was younger

and I put together a little skit

with Kermit the Frog doing a

drug deal with Tony Montana

and it seemed to be pretty


He tested the routine to an

audience at a high school talent

show and his stand-up career

was born. “But it wasn’t my

high school,” he admitted. “I’d

be too scared.”

Francisco got his first professional

break at 17, when

he and a friend formed a duo

called “Blowout Boys.” They

snuck into a local steakhouse

and took honors in a comedy


Plants must be entered

into the competition no later than

10 a.m. and winners will be announced

at 12:30 p.m.

Even if you don’t participate

in the contest, the show offers a

whole host of things to see and do:

from a citywide plant exchange,

to a plant give-away from SAWS

for a complimentary water-saving

plant to each adult – while supplies


This is also a great occasion to

get answers to those tricky questions

and fabulous solutions to all

kinds of gardening dilemmas from

some of the top experts in Texas.

Bob Webster, the master organic

gardener from Shades of Green

in San Antonio, will be at the Organic

Round Table at 2 p.m., and

Dr. Jerry Parsons will be available

to answer your questions at the

“Ask the Expert” booth.

As if that wasn’t enough, there

will be live radio broadcasts of local

gardening shows, herb cooking

demonstrations (featuring dill, the

2010 Herb of the Year), a floral design

challenge, and the “Go Texan

competition against older opponents.

“A lot of them read

their stuff from notes,” recalled

Francisco. “At least we had

memorized our material!”

Francisco now tours 40

weeks a year across the country

and overseas, where his

popularity soared to a level

that took him by surprise. “It’s

a bit uncomfortable for me,” he

said. “They treat me like I’m

somebody special, like I’m a

celebrity or something.”

He sold out the world renowned

Milky Way in Amsterdam

and the Troxy in London.

His show sold more than

26,000 tickets on his third

16-city tour of Sweden. These

days, he’s building a one-hour

Comedy Central special to be

filmed later this year while

packing colleges and major

concert venues all over the


Francisco attributes his rise

to fame to the worldwide access

to his material on You-

Tube. Thanks to the internet,

he’s now reaching a younger

audience. “I bring a young

crowd in, they’re all computer


But there is no need to search

for him online because he’ll be

right here in San Antonio June

4 to 6, at the Laugh Out Loud

Comedy Club near 410 and

Farmer’s Market”, sponsored by

the Texas Dept. of Agriculture,

to secure all those vegetables you

meant to grow.

Four seminars are scheduled

throughout the day: learn about

colorful Spanish-style courtyards

from Mark Peterson, about cactus

and other succulents from Jeff

Pavlat, about homegrown vegetables

from Patty Leander and

energizing landscapes from Randy


Henry De Leon, Florist Extraordinaire,

will teach the crowd how

to create beautiful floral designs

for the home or office at 2 p.m. on

the Main stage and Bexar County

Master Gardeners will also be

on hand to demonstrate rainwater

harvesting and help explain

Lady Bug Natural Square Foot


Admission is $6 for adults, and

children under ten get in free. The

event is over at 5 p.m.

Pablo Francisco brings laughs to San Antonio

From June 4 to 6, comedian Pablo

Francisco will be performing

at the Laugh Out Loud Comedy

Club. (Courtesy photo)

Blanco. Join him as he weaves

together his arsenal of characters,

spontaneous outbursts,

and clever insights to create an

unforgettable show.

Rest assured his drop-dead

funny spoofing will leave

you struggling to catch your

breath. His rendition of intensely

melodramatic Spanish

language soap operas and his

narration of an action-movie

preview starring Arnold

Schwarzenegger as a tortilla

vendor bring screams of laughter

coast to coast.

Tickets are $20 per person

with two showtimes on Friday

and Saturday – one at 8 p.m.

and a late show at 10:15 p.m.

The Sunday show is at 8 p.m.

For more information, visit

www.lolsanantonio.com or call

(210) 541-8805.

See for yourself at www.


visit his Web site at

www.pablofrancisco.com or

friend him on myspace at www.


14-E La Prensa de San Antonio

mayo 30, 2010

SAS Fest hosts free jazz workshops

Michelle Gamboa

San Antonio is getting ready

to jazz things up next weekend

with the legendary San Antonio

Summer Art & Jazz Festival, also

known as SAS Fest. This threeday

extravaganza will feature

free entertainment, delicious

Texas cuisine and guaranteed


Jazz offers a rich legacy that

touches all generations and continues

to be an important component

of contemporary culture.

That is why the SAS Fest will

host two free jazz workshops

during the event. The purpose is

to promote, preserve and present

this music so that the youth can

develop a sense of ownership

and pride in jazz as a cultural


“Every year, SAS Fest features

a different instrument associated

with jazz music,” explained Anthony

Tobias, executive director,

event coordinator and founder

of the SAS Fest. “However, this

program will not be a success

unless we have enough interested

students attending this year. The

continued success of this program

is dependent upon the involvement

of music educators.”

The goal of SAS Fest is to

provide young musicians with

opportunities to develop deeper

relationship with this rich medium

of expression. Best of

all, it’s free. “As a professional

in the music industry, performances

given by these types

of professional jazz artists can

cost anywhere from $75.00 to

$100.000 or more per workshop

per student.”

The workshops create a safe

environment in which young

people with different levels of

musical experience are able to be

a part of a creative jazz ensemble

under the guidance of professional

master musicians from

around the country. Through this

initiative, SAS Fest continues

to make jazz accessible to San

Antonio area youth, bringing

together aspiring musicians from

diverse backgrounds, joined by

their common interest in jazz.

“Any great culture of civilization

is defined by its art and music,”

said Tobias. “These types

of workshops are very important

because they give children

a source of education that the

parents may not otherwise be

able to afford for their children,

especially important during these

tough economic times.”

The workshops are developed

for young musicians in middle

and high school and feature

instruments associated with the

style of jazz music. Although

they’re aimed at underprivileged

school districts in the San Antonio

area, they are open to any

person interested in wanting to

learn more about the instruments

associated with jazz, jazz music

and the music industry itself.

“We know that this event will

be held after the school term

is over; however, we strongly

encourage instructors to inspire

students to attend these free

workshops,” concluded Tobias.

“We suggest that music teachers

offer extra credit to students

attending these workshops in

order to encourage them to take

advantage of this program.”

For more information or to

volunteer for the San Antonio

Summer & Jazz Festival, please

call (210) 229-9204 or email

Anthony Tobias at Director@


In efforts to develop pride in jazz

music, SAS Fest will be hosting

two free workshops during its

event, providing young musicians

a new or deeper understanding

of jazz. (Courtesy photo)

mayo 30, 2010

La Prensa de San Antonio 15-E

16-E La Prensa de San Antonio

mayo 30, 2010

By Nina Duran

What ha-happened

was …

I can’t start this article with “the longer I live” simply because

I feel I’m still too young to use such words. However, I can begin

by saying, with every passing day, I realize more and more the

impact attitude can have on my life.

A negative attitude will never help a helpless situation. I’ve

recently started to accept the fact that I can’t control what happens

in life, but I can control my attitude towards what happens

and make the best of every situation, no matter how detrimental.

That tiny act can make a big difference.

What’s meant to be, will always find a way to be.

Every day we have the remarkable ability to change our attitude,

if we allow ourselves to do so. Some of you may be thinking

this isn’t so, but I can tell you, from a very recent experience,

that with a little faith, everything is possible … including the

most hopeless of hopeless situations.

To me, attitude is everything. It can make or break a marriage,

a home, a company or even a fragile life. Attitude is more important

than money, education, the past, present or future. Since

attitude can determine and mold our way of thinking, it’s vital

to remember that we hold the key to happiness and to the life

we’ve always dreamt.

We cannot change the inevitable. We cannot change the fact

that people will act a certain way. We cannot change the choices

that others make. We cannot change our past.

However, we can change our attitude.

We can change the way we see others. We can change how we

act and react to different situations. We can change our prayer

methods and begin to ask God for help at all times, not just when

we need it.

It’s important to focus on that which is “changeable” and to

be aware that we are in charge of our attitudes.

Does everything happen for a reason? I’m not too sure about

that one. However I do believe that God strengthens us by handing

us little adventures here and there. How would we ever know

the sweet in life without the bitter?

In life, God never promised us a day without rain, laugher without

tears or light without dark … but He did promise us comfort

in time of need, strength for a day and power in times of help.

For me, this is enough to change my attitude … or at least

attempt to.

We’ll never know unless we try, right?

Nina can be emailed at nina@laprensasa.com

Querida Nina:

Hace diecisiete años conocí a un hombre, estuvimos

dos años juntos, y él tuvo que irse a México por

dos semanas. Nos queríamos mucho, éramos muy

felices. Pero en el tiempo que él se fue, yo conocí a

otra persona y empecé una relación con él, hoy 15

años después, estoy arrepentida de haber dejado a

ese hombre. Lamento mucho haber dejado al amor

de mi vida. El me amaba mucho. Hoy por medio

de esta carta quiero pedirle perdón, y quiero decirle que me gustaría

poder verlo. Paulo, si lees esta carta por favor escríbele a Nina para

poder contactarnos. Paulo tu nombre está escrito en mi corazón.


Querida Florita:

Muchas gracias por tu confianza. Realmente me conmovió tu carta. Y

entiendo por lo que estas pasando, se que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde

que estuviste con Paulo. Sé que crees que te equivocaste al dejarlo, pero

por algo pasan las cosas y solo el tiempo dirá que pasará entre ustedes. Me

parece un gran acto de amor y de fe, el que estés buscando a Paulo para

pedirle perdón. Espero que él lea esta sección de Querida Nina y pueda

ponerse en contacto con contigo. Que Dios te bendiga y mucha suerte. No

pierdas la esperanza.

Querida Nina:

Mi novio y yo tenemos 3 años de noviazgo, pero mi mamá se ha portado

muy grosera con él, la verdad yo no sé porque. Él es muy lindo

conmigo, me trae flores, es detallista y romántico. Hace días mi mamá

lo insultó, he tratado de entender a mi madre, cual es la razón por la

que lo trata mal. Mi novio ignoraba el mal trato o simplemente no decía

nada, pero ya no soportó más esa situación, se cansó de mi mamá y

no lo culpo. Por un lado entiendo a mi mama porque soy hija única, y

mi papá se murió cuando yo tenía ocho años, y por el otro, yo quiero

muchísimo a mi novio, ¿qué hago? Por favor ayúdame.


Querida Mortificada:

El amor de una madre, a veces cae en la sobreprotección, sin embargo tu

mamá no tiene porque portarse así con tu novio, y más si dices que es un

buen muchacho. No sé qué edad tengas, pero independientemente de eso

tienes derecho a elegir con quien relacionarte, claro, sin dejar de respetarte

y respetar los valores que tu madre te ha inculcado. Habla con tu mamá, se

que tal vez ya lo hiciste, pero sigue intentando, con el tiempo ella entende

que tu felicidad es estar con él. Las madres siempre queremos lo mejor para

nuestros hijos, solo que a veces no actuamos de la mejor manera. Por otro

lado no creo que tengas que elegir entre tu mamá y tu novio, el hecho de

que tu papá haya muerto no es motivo para que sientas que no puedes hacer

tu vida con alguien que tu mamá no apruebe. Lucha por lo que quieres.

Escriba a Querida Nina, 230 N. Medina San Antonio, TX 78207 ó al correo electrónico: Qnina@laprensasa.com

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