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WASM Skills Workshop: Motor Disorders of Sleep

Advanced methods for recording, scoring and interpreting sleep

Developing your skills in using polysomnography for diagnosis and evaluation

for this complicated area of Sleep Medicine

Hands on experience with supervision and learning from world experts in these disorders

Innsbruck, Austria

February 4 - 5, 2011


Motor Disorders of Sleep are seen every day in clinical practice

of sleep medicine. Nevertheless they are often only described

qualitatively and not quantitatively. This workshop will offer

the necessary clinical and practical skills required for advanced

quantitative recording and scoring methods for periodic limb

movements (PLM), and REM without atonia (RWA/RBD). Furthermore,

it will give an overview of clinical features, video

appearance and PSG appearance of other motor disorders of

sleep, and review special clinical techniques for best recording.

Difficulties often encountered will also be reviewed.

Finally, other abnormal motor phenomenona in sleep will be

reviewed for accurate clinical identification .


2 day workshop (with possibility to add a skiing extension)

The practical skills sessions in the sleep lab are done in small

groups up to 4 persons assigned to an individual instructor and

a computer with real polysomnography material from REM

without atonia, RBD, PLMS and other disorders.

Friday Feb 4, 2011

Morning sessions:

Topic presentations

• Parasomnias of NonREM sleep

• Parasomnias of REM sleep

• Other motor disorders of sleep (except RLS/PLM)

Video Session motor disorders of sleep (Part I)

Afternoon sessions:

• Workshops in the sleep lab:

Practical exercises in small groups

(scoring REM Sleep, quantification methods for

tonic and phasic RWA)

• Scoring results / Q & A Session

Saturday Feb 5, 2011

Morning sessions:

Topic presentations

• Restless Legs Syndrome

• Periodic Limb Movements of sleep and


Video Session motor disorders of sleep (Part II)

Sunday Feb 5, 2011

free for skiing

Workshops in the sleep lab:

Practical exercises in small groups (scoring PLMS, PLMW)

Scoring results / Q & A Session

Outlook: Computerized versus manual scoring

After Lunch Program options:

• Option A:

Continued supervised training session with

practical scoring of RWA, PLM and other SRMD,

Q & A

• Option B:

Departure for Skiing (depending on weather conditions)


pictures-Tourismusverband Innsbruck und seine Feriendörfer


Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

Claudia Trenkwalder, Kassel, Germany


Elisabeth Brandauer, Innsbruck, Austria

Birgit Frauscher, Innsbruck, Austria

Viola Gschliesser, Innsbruck, Austria

Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland

Joan Santamaria, Barcelona, Spain

Friederike Sixel-Döring, Kassel, Germany

Claudia Trenkwalder, Kassel, Germany


Dept. of Neurology, Sleep Laboratory,

Innsbruck Medical University

Anichstr. 35, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria



Carmen Castells, Kassel, Germany

to order your registration form:


Phone: +49-561-6009-200

Fax: +49-561-6009-126

Registration fee

Early bird registration

(until 31 st of Oct 2010)

Resident or phD student: 250,- € 200,- €

Specialists: 350,- € 300,- €

Hotel Information

Innsbruck Tourism – www.innsbruck.info




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