IroNova Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for IRO smartband on Indiegogo.


In an effort to raise $5000 for the IRO bracelet, the first universal smartband, French - US company IroNova is running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

ong>IroNovaong> ong>Launchesong> ong>Crowdfundingong> ong>Campaignong> ong>forong> ong>IROong>

ong>smartbandong> on Indiegogo.

In an efong>forong>t to raise $5000 ong>forong> the ong>IROong> bracelet, the first universal ong>smartbandong>, French -

US company ong>IroNovaong> is running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

GlobalCommunicationLeader-April 23, 2014-

Marseille, France - Fitness experts agree that the more that's known about daily activity, the

greater opportunity there exists ong>forong> improvement. That's the basis of the new cutting edge fitness

tracking bracelet ong>IROong>, from ong>IroNovaong>, a company known ong>forong> its innovation, which is being described

as “the first universal fitness tracker.” ong>IroNovaong> recently announced a crowdfunding campaign on

Indiegogo to speed up the process of bringing ong>IROong> to the market.

“We've been working on ong>IROong> ong>forong> over two years, both in France and New Jersey, and have had

several trial runs and working prototypes,” commented Yann Frachi CEO of ong>IroNovaong>. “We need

support to bring the prototype to a final finished product.”

ong>Crowdfundingong> through Indiegogo has become a popular way ong>forong> companies to fund their vision, and

also ong>forong> customers to get in on special offers and unique opportunities to own first releases of

products that stoke their interest. ong>IROong>'s campaign includes a wide range of offers based on donation

amount, which are creating enthusiasm among both those interested in fitness and the tech savvy.

ong>IROong> is a far cry from the fitness trackers of the past. Its technology revolves around its 3D motion

sensor and revolutionary software that records and measures activity levels. The bracelet tracks

movements on a continuous 100-hour basis. ong>IROong> displays a color to help the user progress to the

next level of activity, giving a quick and easy way to keep an eye on results and the effectiveness of


ong>IROong> has both USB and Bluetooth capability and allows users to share their ong>IROong> levels on Facebook

through its application, which will be available ong>forong> both computers and mobile devices.

The company lists 7 areas that will benefit from being more active with ong>IROong>. They include, weight

control; being energetic; seeing an improvement in mood; being healthier; sleeping better; having

more fun and even a more dynamic sex life.

ong>IroNovaong> has set a target ong>forong> September 2014 ong>forong> the first bracelets to ship to those you have helped

fund the campaign with $40 donations or greater.

For more inong>forong>mation on ong>IROong> and ong>IroNovaong> visit their site at or their

Indiegogo page:>IROong>byiroNova/

ong>IROong>NOVA Beyond Time

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