National convention, october 2-5, 2005, in bossier - Korean War ...

National convention, october 2-5, 2005, in bossier - Korean War ...

Recruiting Efforts Continue

Membership is a primary consideration for any association.

That is certainly true for the KWVA. It was discussed at length

at the Executive Council meeting in Arlington. Here is a summary

of a report filed by Jeff Brodeur after the meeting.

KWVA Recruiting Task Force Report

for Executive Council Meeting

Washington DC 7/25-05-7/28-05

Chairman Jeff Brodeur

Deputy Chairman James Ferris

Recruiting Task Force Members present for July 27, 2005

Executive Council Meeting;

1) Chairman Jeff Brodeur

2) Deputy Chairman James Ferris

3) Member Warren Wiedhahn

4) Member Bill Hutton

Accomplished as of date since conception on March 15,

2005 E.C meeting in Reno Nevada;

1. New Optional Patches Created

a) Patches are now in 20 states, England, Canada, and


b) It was created as an optional patch to attract younger veterans

into KWVA, although it is open to all members to wear.

c) KWVA Texas Sam Johnson Chapter now wearing new

optional patches at all events in Texas. Many are wearing the

patches for volunteer service at local VA hospitals. Sam Johnson

Chapter is led by Task Force Members Ed Buckman and JD


2. Why New KWVA Decals Were Created

a) If everybody utilizes these decals, this gives KWVA free

advertising and awareness of its presence in all 50 states.

3. Inroads Were Made in Korea With US Troups

a) Major Ross and the Iron Triangle Club of the US Army’s

2nd Infantry Division Troops in Korea were unaware of

KWVA eligibility .

b) Mr. Perry and the USO is now a contact of the KWVA

c) Post-war veterans going to Korea with war veterans in


d) Korea Veterans Association (President Dechert June 25th

trip) made aware of post-war Korea veterans presence in

KWVA, thus ensuring a long future of relations between the two


e) Task Force Member Ken Buckley from Maine has sent

several hundred copies of The Graybeards with recruiting flyers

inserted in them to Korea.

f) Korean Diplomats now aware of post-war Korean Veteran

participation in the KWVA. This was explained at the July

27th banquet by the new KWVA Directors and KWVA

President Dechert to their Korean counterparts, thus establishing

long relations between the two countries for decades to

come. No one will ever forget the sacrifices made by the U.S.,

Korean, and UN Forces before, during, and after the war in the

name of freedom.


g) A signed declaration by the leaders of KWVA, USFK-

VO, KVA ( Korea) , KVA (U.S.), and KVA (Canada) was read

by KWVA President Dechert recognizing the Armistice,

adding that war has never truly ended and the price of freedom

is very high.

4. Task Force

A) Create budget, bring in revenue. How?

a) Set PX up at convention to bring in revenue with decals.

b) Decals for sale in Graybeards.

c) Tom Sunseri’s KWVA Florida Website.

5. Increase Membership Numbers

a) Goal is to increase KWVA membership to 20,000-25,000

by 2006-2007.

6. Graybeards/KWVA Website/Chapter Newsletters/Media

a) Utilize both assets to bring in members. Both need more

material on post-war veterans. Both entities are our greatest

tools .

b) Many Chapters are including post-war and war material

in their newsletters.

c) Media is good tool to get out the news on the new

improved KWVA. Many Task Force members are utilizing the


7. Membership

a) No way yet to tell how many post-war veterans joined due

to recruiting efforts.

b) Projection of 17,500 – 18,000 members by Dec 31, 2005,

an increase from the current 16,900 members.

c) KVA members. 254 Members / 51 New National

Members / 40 post-war veterans / 80 National members / 20

Dual members of other chapters as of July 22, 2005 / 154

Chapter members not national members as of July 29, 2005.

Goal: 100-150 New KVA National members by 12-31-05.(8

months in KWVA)

8. KWVA National Flyers

a) $250.00–$400.00 PDF file created on disc from professional

printer. Email flyers to all Chapters. Chapters can print

flyers, thus saving thousands of dollars. Chapters will also have

recruiting tool to recruit Korea veterans of all generations.

9. Bills Passed and Ongoing

a) Maine Bill LD 1148, which puts the Korea Defense

Service Medal on the Maine license plate. This was passed

through combined efforts of KVA Chapter#299 and Clair

Goodblood Chapter#79.

b) Massachusetts Bill SB2136 recognizes all recipients of

the Korea Defense Service Medal. Passed by KVA


c) Both these bills can be used as recruiting tools for

younger members.

d) Federal Charter Bill in Process.

Jeffrey J. Brodeur

KWVA Recruiting Task Force Chairman


The Graybeards

July - August A


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