The Graybeards - KWVA - Korean War Veterans Association

The Graybeards - KWVA - Korean War Veterans Association

INCHON from page 3

assaulted Radio Hill and by 0655 the stars

and stripes flew over that position.

Meanwhile, Taplett landed with his I

Company, which moved into areas supposedly

secured by the assault units. North

Korean troops, hidden in caves on the east

side of the island, fired on several I

Company squads. When, despite the pleas

of a Marine interpreter, the NKPA soldiers

refused to surrender, a tankdozer entombed

PRESIDENT from page 4

ed the Medal Of Honor after he was captured.

The Army kept it quiet until he was

repatriated for fear of his life had the

Chinese known of his heroics.) and myself

were invited to Hawaii to speak with the

troops. General Davis spoke with the

Marines on Ohau at the Marine base.

Hiroshi was given a demonstration of

modern day firepower at the Marine firing


Our KWVA insurance company notified

the court that they will represent the 4

defendants and the KWVA in the Oreste

Tramonte lawsuit.

My schedule for September and

October are keynote speaker at VA

Medical Center in Syracuse, N.Y.

POW/MIA Day. The Central New York

Chapter had a great program. Jim Ferris,

President of Department of N.Y. and the

CNY Chapter extended a great show of

hospitality and it was a honor for me binging


them in their positions.

By 0800, Taplett reported Wolmi Do

secured. His leathernecks dug in to fend off

any counterattacks and herded the few prisoners

of war (POWs) into a dry swimming

pool. Some of the NKPA soldiers fought to

the last; others, especially local Koreans

recently “recruited” by the Communists,

readily surrendered. Fanatical enemy troops,

however, soon opened up from the nearby

I went to the Syracuse Airport to fly to

South Dakota for a panel discussion of the

Korean War and Prisoners of War. My

flight had been canceled so I was directed

to another airline. I was flown to Newark,

New Jersey. At Newark my flight had

been canceled and I was switched to

another airline and flew to St. Louis.

When I arrived in St. Louis I was sent to

yet another airline and flew to Sioux City,

SD. After all the changing my luggage

arrived the same time as I.

The September bombing of the WTC in

New York has caused a lot of problems in

this country. We need to stop these terrorist

actions as soon as possible. I think our

president is doing the right thing by not

letting out information as to when and

where he will strike. The attack on these

terrorists should be swift and final.

Till next time I remain


islet of Sowolmi Do with light anti-aircraft

weapons. A reinforced rifle squad and several

tanks rapidly moved against them.

Supported by Marine Corsairs, the ground

force quickly silenced the enemy guns.

With the outer harbor secured, at the cost

of only 17 wounded, the first phase was now

over. General MacArthur asked Doyle to

send the following message to Task Force


The Navy and Marines have never

shone more brightly than this morning.”

With a large smile, the old soldier then

turned to the Army, Navy and Marine officers

gathered on Doyle’s flagship and said,

“That’s it. Let’s get a cup of coffee.” As he

drank his cup of thick Navy Java,

MacArthur penned a message to General

Bradley and the other Joint Chiefs: “First

phase landing successful with losses slight.

All goes well and on schedule.”

Executive Council and General Membership Meeting

As approved by Executive Council 07/28/2001

January 13 Through 17, 2002

Imperial Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.

Original date changed from October because of room cost and availability. . The

room rates are total for four (4) nights @ $198.00 single or $260.00 double for 4

nights, We have reserved 40 rooms. You will need an advance credit card

deposit for room reservation.

For name badges:


______________________________Spouse or other ________________

Branch of service ______________________Dates of service ________________

Unit Served with ______________________Membership Number ____________

(Most, if not all Veterans that were part of

the Pusan Perimeter know this landing was

the beacon of hope that would lead us to

believe we might go home again. For many

that was not true.

The above by no means covers all events nor

does it give credit to everyone that was part

of this operation. God Bless All. Editor

Vincent Krepps 2nd Inf. Div. Korea 1950-


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The Graybeards

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