Sep/Oct 2005 - Korean War Veterans Association

Sep/Oct 2005 - Korean War Veterans Association

Battery “A,” 300th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, Wyoming Army National Guard

“A” Battery, 300th

Armored FA Bn. Mini-

Reunion attendees:

Back(L-R) Walt Slane

(WY) Bob James (WY)

Chuck Jones (WY), Bill

Whitt (WY) Howard

Norskog (ID), Ray

Peterson (CO), Dick

Thune (MN), Leo Cline

(ID), Ken Tveit (MN), Bill

Bellis (FL), Ron Fry (CA),

A.J.Burns (OR), Bob Whitt


Front row (Kneeling, L-R)

Gunar Lapins (WA),

Henry Mizutani (NV),

Chuck Mills (WY), Pete

Cavelli (WY), Frank

Manning (WY), Vern West

(TX), George Romagno

(CA), Laurel Auxier (CA).

A total of 29 Battery “A” Korean War Veterans and 22 wives

and guests were in attendance at the unit’s mini-reunion at the

Holiday Inn in Thermopolis, Wyoming, 13-15 July, 2005.

The 300th Armored Field Artillery Battalion was equipped

with M-7 full tracked artillery pieces (affectionately known as

the “Priest”) that had WW2 combat history from North Africa,

through Italy, and up to Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge.

The first of 514,212 rounds of 105 mm ammunition expended by

the 300th in the Korean War were fired in support of the 9th and

23rd Infantry Regiments—2ND Infantry Division at Soyang


Then, it was on to Inje to join the 187th Airborne Regimental

Combat Team and the 72nd Tank Battalion in Task Force Baker.

In the first 26 days of combat, the 300th exceeded the 100,000

mark in rounds fired at the NK and CCF.

At war’s end the 300th was nearly overrun by the CCF at

Kumsong River while firing support for the 6th Republic of

Korea Infantry Division. Only with a great concealment barrage

of smoke rounds fired by the 176th A.F.A. Bn., Pennsylvania

National Guard did the three firing batteries of the 300th escape

amid a hail of small arms and automatic weapons fire.

Men of the 300th were awarded 12 Silver Stars, 83 Bronze

Stars, 283 Purple Hearts, 48 Air Medals for Meritorious

Achievement in Flight, and 12 Prisoner of War medals.

Dick Thune, 5880 Parkwood Court, Baxter, MN 56425-7432

38th Ordinance

Unit members and their guests

gathered in Branson, MO, for their

biannual get-together. The 38th

Ordinance was a combat support unit.

The Association holds a reunion every

two years.

Anyone who wants to get more

information about the Association or

its reunions can contact Bill

Mack D. Owens, Jr.,

101 Springtree Dr

Brandon, MS 39042-2327


Members and guests of the 38th Ordinace

unit gater in Branson, MO

September - October 2005

The Graybeards

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