The Graybeards - KWVA - Korean War Veterans Association

The Graybeards - KWVA - Korean War Veterans Association

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7th Infantry Bayonet Division


(Dedicated to John McClain)

In the trenches of Korea he was there

As a medic who gave us his utmost care;

Doing all he could to help us survive,

His only goal - to help us stay alive.

A late night call brought bitter news,

For once we can walk in the medic’s shoes;

A buddy is down, body ravaged by pain -

It shouldn’t happen to our John McCain!

He only asked that we understand

That life for him was not as planned;

That we have to go when it is time,

He is a friend, both yours and mine.

We feel helpless when cancer strikes

A man we all respect; and the likes

Of a man who stood by us over there

Is only asking for a prayer.

He asked that we just let folks know

He was proud to serve as a G.I. Joe;

And in his pain remembers us all,

As his life enters an early Fall.

When the only help we can give is prayer

To let him know that we truly care;

Let us not forget nineteen fifty-three

When he was there, for you and me.

I’m sure that in Heaven there’s a place,

Where all pain and sadness are erased;

The journey is hard and not without fear

As we each make our way home from here.

God bless you, John, and your family

Who have come to mean so much to me;

We will not forget the man you’ve been,

Someday, somewhere - we’ll meet again.



Porkchop Hill

We are the fighting bastards of Porkchop Hill the Chinese know us well

There were many of them from the C.C.F. that we have sent to hell

On Old Baldy too we killed some too and sent them into hell

We’re the battling bastards of the seventh and they know us well

In Siberia too we killed a few and salted them away

We’re the fighting men of the seventh and we are here to stay

We fixed bayonets of Porkchop Hill

Went to the C.C.F. for the kill

Only ten came back alive

It was sad the rest all died

I was one of the ten that came back then

And I will not forget the rest of them

We wear the patch of the hour glass and our time is running out

We are the battling bastards of the Bayonet Division

and that’s what we’re all about

With courage and pride we served our time and now must fade away

So like old soldiers we never die and as the sand that shifts sifts thru the hour glass

We will just fade away and leave our mark in history of the past

Joseph Szepessy

93 Ellen Avenue

Hudsdon, NY 12534

In Want of Youth

Ah, that innocent distant year

when my buddies were so near.

We play upon the fields in light,

under the trees’ cover at night.

No disorder or drugs abound

our gleeful thoughts of joy are sound.

Respect for God and law come first;

no distrust, no fear, only thirst

for knowledge, comradeship, and truth,

the world at war in want of youth.

Our nation endured the loss

when friends were laid beneath the cross.

Now, we share secrets, long suppressed

of our war years gone unaddressed.

George Popp

Sent in by daughter, Rebecca Popp

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The Graybeards

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