The Graybeards - KWVA - Korean War Veterans Association

The Graybeards - KWVA - Korean War Veterans Association

Editor’s Pen

My devotion and efforts to provide you,

the membership and readers, a magazine

that remembers the Korean War, those

that fought in that war, including those that

still defend the freedoms enjoyed today in

Korea, and most of all to those that paid the

supreme sacrifice. Below was my statement

made in 1997. No one had a complaint then.

Rules to follow:

I will avoid letters that are negative

toward our association and the veterans

that fought in the Korean War. Thanks for


Vince Krepps

I am in my 6th year, so I guess you agreed

with the above rule. After two (2) years of

reading some nasty e-mails from those that

have an ax to grind I must respond with this

‘Editor’s Pen’ for two reasons as follows:

1: To say goodbye and thank the veterans

of the Korean War and DMZ veterans.

It is very hard to say goodbye to something

or someone you love. I have been honored

to tell the history of the Korean War

with your stories and even some of mine. I

have done my best to print most but I know

some have been omitted due to length,

unreadable, newspaper stories and a host of

other reasons. The photos and other sections

printed or not printed follows the same

guidelines explained above. I am very proud

of your events and efforts to Tell America in

your home states provided to me by thousands

of photos and text. Your Memorials in

your states makes all Korean War Veterans

proud and all are beautiful. No Service

Medal will ever be above the deeds you have

all done to remember the fallen or those that

served. Many times in reading your letters,

stories and the Taps list has required me to

get very emotional but it was more important

to get your messages out to others. Lastly I

thank each of you for the support you have

given me over the years and in some way I

hope you know my heart has a place for all

of you.

2: To give those that are happy with the

association as it is and wish to keep it that

way my opinion on how to do so.

Several past and present officers, also

members or ex-members that will remain

nameless have circulated their views on

President Coon’s and others actions over the

past few years including mine. Seeing several

Executive Boards, Presidents and Editors

in action during these past 10 years I have not

seen anything new. All have had their detractors

and dissenters. During President Coon’s

years in office he has restored our association

to financial health and has established

KWVA as a veterans organization of high

standing. I must admit The Graybeards is

the best Korean War veterans magazine there


President Coon was given a slate of major

problems. This required stepping on some

toes and making changes. As usual stepping

on toes and making changes caused those

that were in some way related to the problems

to rally and attempt to block President

Coons actions and even in some cases disrupt

scheduled meetings, agenda and the

business of our National Association including

this election.

To make a long story short, in order to

keep the KWVA’s business going several of

these dissenters were relieved of their duty

for the “Good Of The Order” of your association.

Needless to say they did not go quietly,

they only found a support group to continue

the disruption. We now have a whole

gauntlet of innuendos. These dissenters are

not even 1/4 of 1% of our membership. Their

innuendos are also false.


Articles to be published in the Graybeards must be sent to the editor no later then the

second week of the first month of that issue. Example: Sept-Oct 2004 articles must be

received by editor no later then Sept 10. We print on a first-come-first-served basis.

We also have a backlog.– Editor.

Vincent A. Krepps (Korea, 2nd I.D. 1950-1951)

Please do not mail or e-mail any more articles, advertisements or photos to me. I

have enough for the July-August issue and what is left over will be mailed to the

new editor.

Now to my feelings or opinion.

I will stop here and also throw the ball

into your court. With your vote you can

decide the board that will and should carry

on the business of commemorating you our

members and veterans of the Korean War

and DMZ Veterans through 2004 and years

to follow and your magazine (opinion free).

I suggest you vote for the following:

President - Jack Edwards

1st Vice President - Don Byers

2nd Vice President - Mike Mahoney

Directors - Harley Coon, Ken Cook, Jack

Delap and Paul Sutphin.

I will be the Editor of The Graybeards

through July-August 2004 issue. Everything

that I have done over the past 6 years plus

will be the same up to the September-

October issue. Commitments I have made to

advanced copies orders and advertisers will

be filled. The new editor has also agreed to

keep this promise. I do not know the commitments

beyond expired contracts as of this

date. You must read the Sept-Oct issue for

additional commitments by the new editor.

Please do not mail or e-mail any more articles,

advertisements or photos to me. I have

enough for the July-August issue and what is

left over will be mailed to the new editor.

The address of the new editor is:

Arthur G. Sharp

152 Sky View Dr.

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Tel: (806) 563-6149 email:


Thanks for being such great members and

veterans. Thank you for the donations over

the years. They are still needed and will be

turned over to the Treasurer. I am sure the

new team will keep The Graybeards at a high

quality working with those officers and

directors mentioned above. I cannot promise

anything beyond that.

God Bless,

Vincent Krepps,

Editor, The Graybeards

May/June, 2004 Page 7

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