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The Graybeards - KWVA - Korean War Veterans Association

I am looking for buddies from 10th Prov. Arty., C Battery

8th F.A. Bn, 25th Inf. Div. Korea 1950-1951. Contact Allen M.

Smith, 3338 Dupont Ave., N., Minneapolis, MN. 55412-2512.

Looking for Frederick Wooften, Enlisted July 21, 1949, Date

of Foreign Service August 1950 – September 1951. Contact wife,

Mrs. Jolene Wooften, 2047 Pleasant Grove Road, Brodmax, VA

23920 or contact Mr. James W. Prewitt, 410 Haw Branch Road,

Bamardsville, NC 28709.

I was stationed in A Battery, 38th Arty, 3rd Gun Bn.

(280MM) Unit in Korea outside Munsani on the DMZ. I would

like to have anyone contact me who was in the same unit at that

time. I would also like to know the status of the Big Gun Unit and

if they are still active today. I recall there was one Battalion in

Korea, one in Germany and one in Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Please contact Dennis Mueller, 210 3rd Avenue, Yodec, WY.


I would like to hear from Levi Goggans, Co. E 31st Inf. Regt.

Korea 1950 – 1951.He was from Alabama. Contact Lloyd

Pitman, P.O. Box 128, Preble, NY 13141.

I am looking for

buddies from 4th

Section, 159th F.A.

Bn. Shown in photo

left to right is myself,

Lt. Morgan and Harold

Hitchcock. Please contact

Albin A. Bilinski,

2940 N. Menard

Avenue, Chicago,

Illinois 60634-5241.

Looking for further

information on Sgt.

Harold F. Adkinson,

USA. The following is

the standard loss incident

document given to

family members by

4th Section, 159th F.A. BN.: From left, Albin


Personal Information: Sgt Harold F. Adkinson, RA-

14335129, 1St Ranger Company, became Missing in Action on 5

May 1951, with a Presumptive Finding of Death of 31 December

1953. He does not appear on the “Johnnie Johnson List” or in the

“Missing in Action, Captivity” report compiled from returning

POWs. He is mentioned in Field Search Case 0481F.

General Military Situation and Circumstance of Loss: Sgt

Adkinson was one of several Rangers lost during a major

Chinese offensive, now known as “the May Massacre [1951],” in

rough hill country east of Chunchon, South Korea. This fighting

was confused, since it included both stands and phased withdrawals.

On 16 May 1951, the 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd

Infantry Division, and attached units, including Sgt Adkinson’s

1st Ranger Company, were holding defensive positions along the

crest of a hill mass in east-central Korea, between the Soyang and

Hongch’on rivers, nearly 9 miles east and southeast of


North of the Soyang River, arrayed against the 38th Infantry

Regiment, were the 44th and 45th Divisions of the elite 15th

Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) Army and the four divisions

of the 12th CCF Army. Operating directly within the 38th

Infantry sector were the two divisions from the 15th Army and

two additional divisions from the 12th Army - the 35th and the


After conducting large scale probing attacks during the day on

the 16th, the Chinese crossed the Soyang River and attacked in

force- first against the patrol bases and later striking the defensive

positions of the 38th (Hills 598 and 1051). The patrol bases

of the 9th Regiment, deployed on the left flank of the 38th, were

not the main focus of the Chinese attack, and were bypassed by

the attacking Chinese forces. Minefields, wires, and artillery fires

initially blunted the assault. Disregarding casualties, CCF relentlessly

attacked, and positions of several companies were overrun.

Meanwhile, a combined force of 137,000 Chinese and 38,000

North Koreans launched a massive attack against the Republic of

Korea (ROK) division on the 2nd ID’s right flank in the early

hours of 16 May. The ROK forces fought well, but were forced

to retreat, thus exposing the 38th Infantry Regiment’s right flank

to the communist force. The communists, moving at night

through the hilly terrain, were able to infiltrate the 38th Infantry

Regiment’s rear areas. The communists then attacked the 2nd

Battalion’s outpost position just before midnight on the night of

17 May.

The first unit to be hit was E Company (located one mile north


Call MARVIN at 251-961-1384

The USPS will not forward Standard mail (3rd class) so please

be sure and notify The Graybeards of your new address so that

you will get your next issue. Contact the KWVA, PO Box

10806, Arlington, VA 22210, Attn: Membership Chairman or

call Nancy Monson at (703) 522-9629.

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