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from Joanna Tuffy TD


Spring 2013


■ help for those in debt and

mortgage arrears

■ EU Presidency

■ Comhairle na nÓg

■ Junior Cert Reforms

■ Anti bullying Framework


The levels of unemployment are unprecedented –

including in Palmerstown and Lucan. My priority as

your local TD is to make this the Government’s main

focus this year. A number of initiatives were

announced in the budget. While more needs to be

done, there are opportunities out there for local

people in search of employment and who need

experience, education and training. Here are some

of the schemes that may suit you:

Momentum -

If you are unemployed for 12 months or longer you

may be eligible to apply for one of the projects on

the Government's new Momentum programme.

Projects include education and training in areas of

high employment in the future. Some projects are

aimed at those 25 and under. Momentum projects

include work placements and links to identified job

vacancies and employers. Lists of projects are

available on the Momentum website where you can search by

area or by category such as Dublin and or

Sports/Leisure or Engineering related.

Eligibility: You must either be in receipt of

Jobseeker’s Allowance/benefit for 12 months or

more, or signing on the live register for Social

Insurance credits for 12 months or more. Periods on

Youth Reach and certain other schemes may be

counted towards the 12 months required. You must

apply through your nearest employment services

office to confirm your eligibility and get assistance

in identifying a suitable Momentum project.

Participants continue to receive their jobseekers

payments while on the course.

Springboard -

Eligibility requirements for Springboard cover more

types of participants. The courses are free and are

delivered by private and state providers including

third level colleges. Keep an eye on if you want to increase

your prospects of finding work by adding to your


Eligibility: You can be in receipt of one of a number

of social welfare payments including Jobseeker’s but

also Carer’s Allowance and the Widow(er)’s Pension

amongst others - all listed on the Springboard site.

You might also be eligible if you are actively seeking

employment and either signing on for credits or

previously self-employed .There is no minimum

time for these eligibility criteria.

Joanna Tuffy TD holds an information session for constituents in her

office with Robert Dowds TD

Jobbridge -

3000 extra JobBridge places were announced in

Budget 2013 by the Minister for Social

Protection,Joan Burton TD. JobBridge is a

Government initiative designed to offer jobseekers

an opportunity to enhance their skills and add new

ones through an internship lasting 6-9 months. The

internships are very diverse with a range of

employers, both public and private. A report last

October found that 52 % of JobBridge 'finishers'

were currently in paid employment since finishing

their internships. You can apply at

Eligibility: You must have a live claim and be in

receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/Jobseekers

Benefit/One Parent Family Payment/Disability

Allowance or signing for Social Insurance

Contribution credits for at least 3 months (78 days).


The Tús initiative is a community work placement

scheme providing short-term working opportunities

for unemployed people since 2011. Unemployed

people who are eligible for the scheme will be

identified and contacted by their social welfare local

office and offered the opportunity to participate in

the scheme. If they agree they will be referred to

their local development company where they will

be recruited for a suitable placement when it

becomes available. You can read more about the

selection process on

Social Employment and Community Employment


There are to be 3000 Social Employment places

nationwide run by local authorities who are being

encouraged by the Department of Social Protection

to apply to sponsor these places. 2000 extra

Community Scheme places are to be provided

bringing the total places above 25,000. More details

in the Ballyfermot and Clondalkin Employment

Services Offices.

Where to get information:

As well as the websites listed above, you can obtain

information on jobseeker opportunities from

Citizens Information service in Lucan and

Palmerstown. In addition, if you wish to contact me,

I can arrange to post you out information and forms.

I am also holding information sessions for

jobseekers at my office and if you would like to

receive notice please email me or phone my office

with your contact details.

Please note that the above information is not a definitive guide

to training or education services. You should also consult with

the local Social Welfare Offices, the FAS Local Employment

Services Offices in Ballyfermot and Clondalkin, the local library,

the VEC and other training and education providers.See overleaf

for some useful contact numbers.


Joanna Tuffy TD

Dáil Eireann,

Leinster House,

Dublin 2

Dáil Office: 01 6183822

Constituency Office: 01 6218400



Joanna Tuffy TD

Robert Dowds TD

01 618 3446

Cllr. Breeda Bonner

087 413 2627

Emer Costello MEP

01 874 6109



I welcome the announcement by the Minister for Children

and Family Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, that €1 million is

being allocated by the Government for the development of

new youth cafés.

Thanks to the efforts of local young people, the youth

services, the Council, residents and local public

representatives, there are a couple of youth cafés in Dublin

Mid West. These have provided a place for young people to

go and hang out with friends and make new friends. They

also facilitate youth services and training. I would like to see

more youth cafés both locally and nationally and this

funding allows for that possibility. The Labour/Fine Gael

Government has already provided €700,000 in 2011 and

2012 for youth café developments.

Community and voluntary organisations with a minimum of

three years experience of working with young people and

the delivery of youth services can apply and information is

available from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs

and Pobal. There is a toolkit and a booklet "Youth Cafés in

Ireland: A Best Practice Guide” on the Department of

Children and Youth Affairs website.



The Personal Insolvency

Act has been made law.

This Act provides for

certain categories of

people to work their way

out of debt by reaching

agreement with their

creditors. The new

mechanisms under this

act are Debt relief, Debt

Settlement Arrangements

and Personal Insolvency

Arrangements. There is

also a shorter period for

discharge from bankruptcy

brought in under this

legislation. The legislation

won't provide the way out

of debt for everyone but it will help some people in

unsustainable debt. Under the legislation an Insolvency

Service is due to be established and when this happens

debtors should be able to start accessing the mechanisms for

debt relief under this bill. There are services that will advise

people in debt and or mortgage arrears including the Free

Legal Aid Service, MABS and the Citizens Information Service.

Banks are also regulated by the Central Bank and the Mortgage

Arrears Resolution Process. Some mortgage holders are eligible

for Mortgage Interest Supplement through the Department

of Social Protection.

If you’re affected by debt and need someone to point you in

the right direction please feel free to contact me for advice.


Clondalkin Employment Services Office

Main Street, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Tel: +353 (0)1 4591766

Tel: +353 (0)1 4591612

Clondalkin Local Employment Service

Unit 3, Oakfield Industrial Estate, Clondalkin

Phone: 4577308 Email:

Bawnogue Local Employment Service (Contact Point)

Bawnogue Enterprise & Community Centre, Clondalkin

Phone: 4578861

North Clondalkin Local Employment Service (Contact Point)

Clondalkin Enterprise Centre, Neillstown Road, Clondalkin

Phone: 01 4575924

Ballyfermot Employment Services Office

Ballyfermot Hill, Dublin 10

Tel: +353 (0)1 6055900

Clondalkin Adult Youth & Education Centre

(County Dublin VEC)

Telephone Number: 01 4670043


For further information regarding Local Property Tax you can

phone the Revenue Commissioners on Lo-call 1890 200 255

by post: LPT Branch, P.O. Box 1, Limerick, or Aertel: Page 593.


Please note it is recommended that you only ring Lo-Call 1890

number using a land line as calls using mobiles may be

expensive or if I can be of any help please do not hesitate to

contact me at 016183822.





Mortgage holders offered long-term restructuring by their

lenders can avail of free, independent financial advice from

more than 2,000 accountants nationwide. The provision of

the advice is a key element of the Mortgage Arrears

Information and Advice Service and the Government’s wider

response to the mortgage arrears issue. The Mortgage Arrears

Information and Advice Service is run by the Citizens

Information Board under the remit of the Department of

Social Protection. The Service includes the website and the Mortgage Arrears

Information Helpline (0761 07 4050), both of which provide

information to people who are having difficulties meeting

their mortgage repayments.

The Service also includes a Panel of Accountants, established

to offer independent financial advice to borrowers who are

offered a long-term resolution proposal by their lender, such

as a split mortgage, mortgage-to-rent, or long-term interest

only. The cost is borne by the lender, who will pay €250 to

an accountant of the borrower’s choice from the panel.



Ireland holds the Presidency of the European Union until the

end of June. As part of this I am co-chairing two meetings in

Dublin Castle of Chairs of Committees in the Parliaments of

EU member states and the European Parliament - a meeting

in April on the issue of Youth Unemployment and in June on

the Digital agenda. I hope that the outcome of Ireland's term

of holding the Presidency is that a Youth Guarantee is adopted

by the EU that would guarantee young people unemployed

for a certain length of time either a job, or a place on a

suitable training programme. I will also urge that the EU

counter austerity by investment in education, and capital

works that will create jobs.


Minister Ruairi Quinn has launched an Anti Bullying

Framework for schools. It is a template for schools to tackle

bullying and involves a whole school approach.




As Chair of the Oireachtas

Education and Social Protection

Committee I Chaired a meeting

addressed by representatives of

Comhairle Na nÓg and Dail Na

nÓg who spoke of work they

had done on the issue of the social, personal and health

education curriculum and sexuality and relationship

education and mental health promotion in schools. The

representatives gave evidence of a lack of consistency in the

delivery of these subjects in schools and the need for

initiatives to tackle this deficiency.

If you are a young person interested in having your say in

politics you might like to find out more about the work by

the local Comhairle Na nÓg - South Dublin County who can

be contacted through the Community Services Department

in South Dublin County Council. Phone 414900 (ext. 4183) or


Joanna Tuffy TD


Cllr. Caitriona Jones and Joanna Tuffy TD

at Archbishop Ryan SNS Art Exhibition

Cllr. Jones, Robert Dowds TD, Joanna Tuffy TD and Cllr. Eamon TUffy

with Liffey Sound Maria Murphy at Launch by Liffey Sound

Robert Dowds TD and Joanna Tuffy TD with Minister Joan Burton at

Ronanstown Youth Service

Event to mark long and distinguished service of Michael Gannon

Tommy Keogh signs 'Monastery Boot' for Cllr. Breeda Bonner

and Joanna Tuffy TD

Joanna Tuffy TD, Emer Costello MEP, Dr. Safra Ahshamari and Cllr.

Eamon Tuffy at launch of exhibition at Clondalkin Intercultural Centre

Eamon Gilmore, Michael Gannon, Jack O'Connor and Joanna Tuffy


Cllr. Breeda Bonner and Joanna Tuffy TD with Tommy Keogh at the

launch of 'Monastery Boot'


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