Middle School Newsletter February 2013 - Lake Shore Central ...


Middle School Newsletter February 2013 - Lake Shore Central ...

2nd Quarter Newsletter

February 2013

News From The Middle

“News From The Middle

Erich Reidell, Principal

Jill Clark, Asst. Principal

Lake Shore Central Middle School

Upcoming Events


18 President’s Day- No School

19-22 Winter Recess-No School

28 Middle School Musical 7 PM

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held for students in

Grades 6-7-8 on March 14 th and 15 th , 2013. Students will

only attend school in the morning on those dates.

If you would like to arrange a conference with your

child’s team of teachers, please contact their guidance

counselor. Mr. Connors is the Grade 8 counselor (926-

2424), Ms. Kuznia is the Grade 6 counselor (926-2422,

and Mr. Michael is the Grade 7 counselor (926-2423).


1 & 2 Middle School Musical 7 PM

6 Gr. 8 Parent Night @ High School

11 PTA Meeting 7 PM

14 & 15 P/T Conf. Early Dismissal 11:01 AM

20 Middle School Music Concert

21-23 Gr. 8 Washington D.C. Trip

28 Supt. Conf. Day – No School

29 Good Friday– No School

Grade 8 Washington D.C. Trip News

The Final MANDATORY Parent Meeting for the

Washington, D.C. trip is

Tuesday, March 12 th at 7:00 PM.



1-5 Spring Recess

12 End of 3 rd Quarter

16-18 NYS ELA Assessment

24-26 NYS Math Assessment

26 Father/Daughter Dance 6-8 PM

April 16-18

April 24-26

May 22

June 3

New York State Testing Dates

NYS ELA Assessment

NYS Math Assessment

Gr. 8 NYS Science Performance

Gr. 8 Science Written Assessment


Dear Middle School Parents & Guardians:

We have reached the halfway point of the school year and Middle School students are

busy participating in a variety of different after school and extra-curricular activities.

Most of the Middle School clubs have been meeting on a regular basis and much has

been accomplished.

Preparation and rehearsal for the Middle School musical “Legally Blond” has been

under way for quite some time now and as always we anticipate a great show. We hope

that you will join us for the performances on February 28, March 1 & 2, 2013.

Middle School community service activities for the 1 st semester of the 2012-2013

school year include: the 6 th Grade Student Government’s warm the children clothing

drive, 8 th Grade Team Pride’s trip to Camp Cradle Beach for fall clean up, and the VFW

canned food drive at the Middle School Holiday Concerts.

Important upcoming events include:

8 th Grade Parent Night - High School Aud. on March 6, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

Middle School PTA Meeting - MS LMC on March 11, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

Bald for Bucks – March 13, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference Days – March 14 & 15, 2013

8 th Grade Washington DC Trip - March 21-23, 2013

Math Science Technology Competition – at High School on March 27, 2013

A Middle School Kindness Committee has formed to promote the ideas of Respect and

Responsibility in our school community. The committee is working closely with the

Middle School’s Dignity for all Students Act coordinator.

The Dignity for all Students Act is recent legislation that prohibits discriminatory

behavior against, and Bullying, Harassment of students based on a number of protected

categories including: Race, Religion, Disability Status, & Sexual Identity. More

information and an Anti-Bullying reporting form is available on the District and Middle

School Websites, simply click on the “No Bullying” link on the left hand side of the


Parents are reminded that the Middle School Website is a valuable source of

information. Copies of school correspondence and information regarding extracurricular

club meetings are available there, as are copies of the News from the Middle

newsletter and the Middle School Calendar.

Extra-Curricular activities are an integral part of our program and there truly is

something for everyone. A description of each of our extra-curricular activities is

posted on the Middle School Website, as is a calendar detailing meeting dates.

I encourage you to talk with your child about these opportunities and for you to, in turn,

encourage them to get involved in them.

I hope your Holidays were warm and safe and I wish you the best in this New Year!

Erich Reidell


The Top 10 Reasons to Read For the Fun of It:

10. Books don't get caught in braces.

9. Unlike gym, you don't have to shower afterwards.

8. Reading won't cause pimples.

7. You don't have to remember any passwords.

6. Magazines and books don't "crash."

5. Graphic novels look good with whatever you're wearing.

4. It's cheaper than a new video game.

3. You can drown out your parent's music listening to an audio book.

2. You'll learn words that maybe your teachers don't know.

1. It'll confuse your parents.

Stop by the library and check out a book and one of our newest bookmarks!

Look for new smelly bookmarks each month.

Feb. - chocolate chip cookies and gummy worms

Mar. - popcorn and watermelon

Apr. - jellybeans and flowers

Submitted by Mrs. Cloos

Mrs. Cloos

Lake Shore Middle School's Spelling Bee

On Friday, December 14 th , Lake Shore Middle School students participated in their annual

spelling bee.

The whole student body participated in the first phase by taking a written test in their ELA classes.

Students who received a high score were invited to compete in the school bee with their relatives as


“Psychoanalysis” and “archaic” are just a few of the words that these thirty-five top spellers had to

encounter. In the end, the runner-up trophy went to 7 th grader Derek Crowden and the Champion

speller was 7 th grader Zachary Wilson. A reception of danishes, muffins, coffee, tea and juice was held

following the contest.

On February 6, 2013, Zachary Wilson will take an online spelling test conducted by the Buffalo News.

High achievers on this test throughout WNY will be asked to compete in the Erie County Oral Final

at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society on March 10th 2013. The WNY Champion and an

adult escort will receive an all-expense paid week's trip to Washington, DC for the Scripps National

Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done!





In ELA, students just finished reading their second

independent book and are wrapping up the book project to

go along with it. After analyzing poetry and applying

poetry terms and figurative language, we are moving into

persuasive writing. We are reviewing how to form an

opinion and support it and are learning how to form a

counter-argument. Students will begin to use articles to

strengthen their written arguments.

In Math 8, students have learned all about lines, angles,

triangles, and polygons. Students explored the Pythagorean

Theorem, its applications and will soon be learning about

transformations, congruence and similarity. In Integrated

Algebra, students have been exploring exponents, functions

and polynomials. They will soon be learning about

inequalities, sets, and systems of equations.

In Science 8, students learned about waves, the

electromagnetic spectrum, and also sound and light and

how they travel. In Living Environment, students have

been learning all about the five kingdoms. They will soon

be learning all about evolution.

In Social Studies, students learned all about the US

involvement in World War I and the change in Foreign

Policy to Isolationism as we usher in the Roaring 20s and

the Great Depression.

Students of the Month – November, December:

ELA – Julia Niedziela, Rachael Bilek

Math 8 – Kaitlyn Kleese, Alexa Haberer

Integrated Algebra – Alexander Headley, Danielle


Science 8 – Andrew Rinn, Christopher Kostusiak

Living Environment – Madison Stevens, Jared Allen

Social Studies – Jared Allen, Jordan Brandle

Course Selection:

Students on team pride will begin working on selecting

classes for high school. Students attended a presentation of

at the high school on Thursday, February 14th to hear

about the courses offered at the high school level as well as

graduation requirements. On Wednesday, March 6th, the

high school will host a "parent/family" night at the high

school to introduce the courses and graduation

requirements for the incoming 9th

graders. Students/parents will also learn about the

Freshman Academy.


All grade 8 students took a field trip to the high school on

January 29th to support the high school with their

production of Les Miserables. High school students put on

a portion of their production for the 8th graders. A great

job was done by all. The Middle School musical, Legally

Blonde, will on 2/28 - 3/2. Please be sure to support our

students and attend one of the shows!

NYS Assessments:

NYS Assessments are approaching quickly. Students have

begun preparing for the exams with the common core

curriculum. NYS ELA Assessments will be during the

week of April 15th, and the Math Assessments will be

during the week of April 22nd.



In ELA we continue to use reading strategies including

determining point of view, as well as breaking down longer

passages to more closely examine them. We are also

beginning a persuasive writing unit and have already

written a persuasive letter to Samuel Adams from the point

of view of a colonist who wants to join the Sons of Liberty.

We will be doing a close reading of the Declaration of

Independence and writing our own declarations using

persuasive writing techniques. Students are also continuing

to read their self-selected novels.

In Social Studies we have been learning all about the

causes of the American Revolution and the Revolutionary

War. Students have been introduced to topics such as

protesting, the Sons and Daughters of Liberty and the

Boston Massacre. We have now made our way to the war

and have experienced the battles of Lexington and

Concord, Bunker Hill and the Crossing of the

Delaware. The students have also analyzed historical

documents such as Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" and

the Declaration of Independence.


Mr. Piede wants to remind students to check their grades

every weekend as they are updated Friday afternoons and

posted in his classroom for Monday's classes to see how

they're doing (and don't forget, parents can check this

online too).

Our team is very excited to be taking a field trip with the

entire seventh grade to Shea’s to see “Rock the Presidents”.

We are very lucky to be going on such a great trip, and

with the support of our schools’ PTA we are able to make a

day out it and also go out to lunch at Ilio DiPaolo’s. Our

team has been preparing for the trip by learning proper

theater and dining etiquette. We are very excited to

represent Lake Shore Middle School in the community!

In Math class we are beginning to work with threedimensional

figures. Students will investigate the

difference between volume and surface area, and use

formulas to find these values for pyramids, prisms and

cylinders. The students completed a project to create these

items from nets, so that they are able use the models to

support their learning. Our next unit of study will include

probability and statistics.

In Mr. Piede's science 7 classes we just finished our

Genetics unit. We talked about how our families get our

genes, and why we look like our parents (some kids didn't

want to comment on this). And we also practiced

predicting results of a genetic cross using a Punnett

Square. Evolution is next, so we will look at how the

organisms of the world have changed, from dinosaurs to

humans. We also will be studying Mr. Piede's favorite

scientist Charles Darwin and his work dating back to the

Galapagos Islands. Be sure to ask your son or daughter if

their moth survived in the moth lab!

Accelerated science completed weather recently and are

next studying earth's surface and how it changes. Erosion,

abrasion, and making contour maps are just some of the

topics...and eventually discussing the student favorite


GRADE 7 & 8


Happy New Year from Team Spirit! The team has a lot to

look forward to as we start the year. The 7 th grade students

have their fieldtrip to Shea’s and Ilio DiPaolo’s coming up

on February 5 th . It should be a great time for all of the 7 th

grade students in the building. 8 th grade students will be

taking a couple small trips to the High School over the next

few weeks. They will be going over to get a sneak peak of

this year’s musical at the end of the month. In February

they will head over again to learn about what next year will

be like at the High School for them. They will learn about

the different classes and opportunities that the High School

holds. Team Spirit is off to a busy start in 2013!

In 7 th and 8 th grade English classes, students finished

reading their (assigned) novels and wrote an expository

essay about characterization. We’ve been learning new

word parts and vocabulary every week, and one of the

students’ favorites is: bibliokleptomaniac (a book thief)!

Recently, students listened in on the librarian’s book talk

and were able to select a book to read for an independent

reading unit. They’ve been independently reading in class

and at home and are responsible for completing a book

project that will be due in February. After they’ve finished

reading their first chosen book, their task is to choose a

second book to read; some students have already read more

than one book! It has been very refreshing to observe

students reading for pleasure and to listen to their

excitement as they tell me what’s happening in their

stories. Soon, they will be conferencing with me and

speaking about their books in front of the class.


8 th grade science classes have been on the move. They

have been learning about motion, forces, and energy. They

have dropped eggs using various size parachutes to see the

effect size has on air resistance. None of the eggs survived

the drop, but everyone had fun hypothesizing which

parachute might save the egg. Before their current unit the

8 th graders completed a unit on Earth that included learning

about rocks and minerals. After they finish the motion

unit, the students will be moving on to electricity and


7th grade social studies classes have been learning about

the American Revolution. We have been researching

information on the Boston Tea Party and minutemen. The

seventh grade enjoyed learning the Shot Heard Around the

World song and reading plays on the Midnight ride. We

have charted, made maps and created Venn diagrams about

the battles and causes of the American Revolution.

8th grade social studies students have been learning about

the United States growing as a world power. We enjoyed

reading stories about the Spanish American War and

building the Panama Canal. We have reenacted events

from canal building and learned of the hardship that went

with this engineering project. Finally, we learned what is

meant by speak softly but carry a big stick.

In 7 th grade science classes the students have completed

units on cells, genetics, and evolution. They modeled

natural selection by making moths that blended in with

their surroundings, in hopes that they would survive.

Many moths survived the attack of hungry birds that came

looking for them and they are still hanging around the

classroom. Currently, the students are learning all about

chemistry, they love the chemistry songs that help them

remember details of the unit.






Team Mahalo students continue to work hard this year and

show many successes. It is the midpoint of the school year

so, it would be a good time to evaluate and replace general

school supplies such as pencils, paper, and binders.

In March many students will be participating in Bald For

Bucks. This program started by Anthony George, a Social

Studies teacher at the High School, raises money for

Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Please consider allowing

your child to participate in this very important endeavor.

Team Mahalo students will be studying the following over

the next several weeks:

Math: Coordinate Planes with integers and reflections,

absolute value, expressions, equations, functions and


Science: Eleven systems of the body

ELA: Continue to prepare for the state assessment by

practicing reading, and paired writing.

Social Studies: Ancient China

Reading: Focusing on science fiction and fantasy

Team Mahalo students continue to work hard this year and

show many successes. It is the midpoint of the school year

In Reading we just wrapped up a unit on poetry. The

students worked hard writing and reciting their own poems

to the class, as well as reading some well-known poems by

famous poets. We also completed our second book talk for

the year. Students read biographies or autobiographies and

did a wonderful job presenting what they learned to the

class. We all learned a lot about a wide variety of famous

people in history and today. In the upcoming weeks we

will be doing another DIBELS assessment and will be

starting a new novel. I hope the students are continuing to

read to meet their 25 book and genre requirements for the

year. Check your child's progress at home. They all have a

chart where they should be logging their books.

Remember, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the

body." -Joseph Addison.

In Science we have started our Human Body

Unit. Students will be learning about all of the systems of

the body. Doing hands on activities to reinforce what is

learned in class.

In Social Studies we are nearing the end of our Ancient

Egypt unit. The students have been actively involved in

close reads using passages titled The Mummy's Curse and

Tutankhamen's Curse. They have also learned about

Egyptian gods and goddesses, the importance of the Nile

River, hieroglyphics, and the role of the pharaoh. One of

the students' favorite topics is mummification and the

afterlife. We should be ending this unit with the building

of the pyramids and their significance to Egyptian society.

Math students have been learning about algebra

expressions and solving questions using order of

operations. Also, students will be learning about properties

and will solve problems that contain variables.

Students in Mrs. Conrad's English Language Arts classes

finished a unit on figurative language. Students learned

about different literary devices through song. Currently the

students are preparing for the New York State English

Language Arts Exam by brushing up on their reading

skills. Through centers and group work the students have

mastered main idea, making inferences, sequencing,

context clues, author's purpose, and figurative

language. The students have also been working hard on

short responses and essay writing.

Make it Clear to Your Child That You Value Honesty

Being honest is the foundation of good character. You can’t be a person of character if you lie, present a false image to

others, or go back on your word. Practice honesty with your child and stress its’ importance. When your child asks for

a reason to be honest, try these:

Honest people have self-respect. They know who they are and they never have to worry about being caught in a


Honest people have the respect of others. Family members, teachers, and friends respect honest people because

they can count on them.

“Honesty is the best policy” is more than just a saying. Being honest will keep your preteen out of trouble.

Honesty encourages another good quality – responsibility. Honest people admit their mistakes and try to fix


Honesty will earn your child more freedom. If you can trust your child, you won’t always be looking over their

shoulder. You may also grant them privileges. Teachers also tend to give more freedom to students they trust.

Parent Verification Forms:

Parents are reminded of the importance of updating and returning the Parent Verification Update

Forms to the Middle School Main Office as soon as possible. These forms are critical if there is

some type of emergency, and for those times when someone other than you needs to pick your child

up at school.

Students cannot be released to adults who are not listed on the verification update form.

Your understanding and cooperation with this is appreciated.

Updates from the Technology Room

As we enter the second half of the school year the men in the technology wing have been busy creating and

innovating new projects! The technology team has been very excited with the effort and final products that have

been turned out by our very own middle school students!

Updates from 6 th grade Technology:

The newest member of the Technology team, Mr. Linn has been hard at work innovating the 6 th grade curriculum!

The 6 th graders have been given the task of creating an egg crash vehicle that can withstand a drop from

approximately 8 feet down a ramp, to an inclined ramp, to ultimately a 4 foot vertical drop to the ground. Check out

Mr. Linn's website to see the footage captured by a GoPro point of view video camera! Along with the egg crash

vehicles students have been constructing and testing truss bridges, one of the most recent bridges held upwards to 35


Updates from 7 th grade Technology:

Mr. Linn, Mr. Gardner, and Mr. Seivert have completed their technical drawing unit and holiday projects where

students designed and created custom ornaments for someone special during the holiday season. At this point

students are beginning units in Biotechnology, Communications and a new home construction unit where students

are building scale frame homes, measure twice and cut once!

Updates from 8 th Grade Technology:

Mr. Linn, Mr. Seivert and Mr. Saramak are now finishing up the second run of 8 th grade Technology. This year new

content was added focusing on career awareness and giving back. During quarter 1 students had the opportunity to

welcome guests from MOOG Corporation during their engineering design unit. Keith Wojciechowski, engineering

technician within the aircraft division, and Nick Geile, an engineer within the space and defense division, came to

Lake Shore in mid October to talk to our 8 th technology students about the role of education in their careers. The

students were prepared with questions to ask the two after their presentation and were extremely excited about the

visit; check out Mr. Saramak's website for pictures!

Along with career awareness student's had the heart-warming opportunity to give back. After the tragic events in

Newtown, CT 8 th grade students created 26 memorial LED lighted “Twisted Tree” projects, which were sent to

Newtown. Students worked tirelessly to complete the projects in only 3 days. Students worked as part of a

manufacturing system to create needed sub assemblies to get the project done by the deadline. The beautiful work

done by the students was a representation of the type of school community we have here at Lake Shore!



Space Day for Team Valor

On Tuesday, January 22, students on Team Valor were visited by MOOG Aerospace Engineers. This presentation

took place after a unit of study on Astronomy in Mrs. Kerl's science class. Mr. Peter Kerl and Mr. Robert Bauer,

Aeronautical Engineers from MOOG Inc. came to the middle school and presented on the past, present, and future

plans for our space program. Students learned about the Mars Lander Curiosity that landed on the surface of Mars

this past August, the now retired Space Shuttle, and the next generation of rockets. The Students were also treated

to an exciting cryogenic demonstration using liquid nitrogen to show how components that will be used in space

react to extreme cold. It was an exciting and very valuable learning experience for all who participated. We think

we may have inspired some future engineers and astronauts. Just think you might see one of our Lake Shore

graduates going to the Moon then Mars and beyond!

Mr. Robert Bauer and Tessa Walker

perform a cryogenic test with liquid


Mr. Bauer and Mariah Scritchfield test

how electrical conductivity is affected

when freezing components.

Reagan Kaylor, Taylor Smith and

Mr. Bauer and Mr. Kerl discuss sizes

and locations of objects within our

solar system.

MATH 7 – In chapter 8 we will be “getting into shapes”. Students will be finding the areas of circles, triangles, and

trapezoids. Students will then be calculating the volume and surface area of prisms, pyramids and composite figures.

Important vocabulary words for the chapter are: circle, composite figure, lateral face, lateral surface area, pi, pyramid,

semicircle, slant height, surface area and volume.

ACCELERATED MATH 7 – Chapter 9 is probability! Dice will be rolled, coins will be flipped, and spinners will be spun.

In this chapter, students will learn about probability and learn to make predictions. This will include problems involving

probability of simple events, theoretical probability, experimental probability, and sample spaces. Important vocabulary words

for the chapter are: complementary events, experimental probability, independent events, probability, relative frequency,

sample space simple event, and theoretical probability.

Musical Time Again

This years Middle School Musical is “Legally Blonde”. Perennially perky Elle

Woods is a girl who loves to be pampered and shop for the latest all-pink

outfits (and matching handbags, of course). But don't let this seemingly ditsy

fashionista fool you, this sorority sister is smarter than she seems and doesn't

take "no" for an answer. So when her boyfriend dumps her for someone "more

serious," Elle sets out to win him back by putting down the credit card and

hitting the books. Ready to revamp her image, Elle goes where no Delta Nu

sorority girl has gone before: Harvard Law School!

Come join this outrageously funny tale with Natalie Cummings in the role of

Elle and Jacob Dombrowski as Elle’s boyfriend Warner. And we can't forget the

sorority sisters and law students that help Elle along the way played by Sean

Campbell, Logan Hornberger, Aryn Fitzgerald, Carissa Littlejohn, Kiara Ray and

Eliza Vail.

Legally Blonde will play in the Middle School

Auditorium on February 28 th , March 1 st , and 2 nd

at 7:00pm.

Tickets will be available at the door for $5.

Lake Shore Middle School Music Department

The Lake Shore Middle School Music Department has been a flurry of activity as students have been preparing for ECMEA

Solo Festivals and All County Ensembles! This year, nearly fifty 6 th , 7 th and 8 th graders prepared for All County auditions and

solo festivals. Students worked hard preparing scales, sight-reading and solo literature and performed for judges in January.

All of the students did a fantastic job and a large number of them were selected for ensembles based on their auditions!

Students worked with Mrs. Anna Agro (chorus), Ms. Alicia Louttit (orchestra), Ms. Jennifer Meyer-Davis (band) and Mrs.

Carrie Poissant (band) in preparation for the festivals.

Congratulations to the following students on being selected for this year’s ensembles! We are very proud of your hard work

and success!

Band Students: Mackenzie Fox (clarinet-band), Audrey Parks (clarinet-band), Brendan Wheeler (trombone-orchestra) and

alternates Emily Leitten (flute), Madison Miranda (clarinet), Ajay Cybulski (tenor saxophone), Justin Holland (trumpet),

Robert Wolf (trumpet), Hanna Prince (trombone), Adam Brzozowicz (baritone), Aaron Freeman (percussion) and Sophia

Koenig (percussion)

Orchestra Students: Lauren Ingrao (violin), Becket Panfil (violin) and alternate Zachary Wilson (violin)

Chorus Students (SSA Chorus): Emily Birkemeier, Natalie Cummings, Aryn Fitzgerald and Carissa Littlejohn

This year, Lake Shore is hosting the ECMEA Junior High All County South Festival! Please come see these talented students

perform on Saturday, March 15, 2013. Band and SSA Chorus students will perform at 1:00 p.m. in the LSHS Auditorium.

Orchestra and SATB Chorus will perform at 4:00 p.m. in the same venue.

Pictured below: First row, left to right: Becket Panfil, Robert Wolf, Aryn Fitzgerald, Zachary Wilson and Aaron Freeman.

Back row, left to right: Emily Leitten, Natalie Cummings, Lauren Ingrao, Justin Holland, Adam Brzozowicz, Sophia Koenig,

Carissa Littlejohn and Mackenzie Fox. Not pictured: Audrey Parks, Brendan Wheeler, Madison Miranda, Ajay Cybulski,

Hanna Prince and Emily Birkemeier


In December, the Sixth Grade Advisers set up our “Tree of Warmth”. They asked the school community to

donate hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, and socks which adorned the tree. The advisers collected over 100 items

which were then donated to Operation Good Neighbor to benefit families within our community, as well as Saint

Luke’s Mission of Mercy. Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthwhile cause.

The Middle School Musical “Legally Blonde” will be performed from February 28 – March 2 nd at the

Middle School. Please support the 6 th Grade Adviser’s only fundraiser, which is selling snacks during the

intermission of the play.

The Advisers continue to update our Character Education Bulletin Board with Sixth Grade Students who

exemplify character behaviors.

December/January students include:

Christina Dingelday – Caring, Kaitlyn Miteff – Courage, Bladen Eimer- Honesty, Ally O’Connor-Loyalty,

Tabitha Allen-Citizenship, Antonia Fleming – Fairness, Anthony Mascio – Respectful,

Dylan Zolnowski – Perseverance.

Home & Career Skills 8: Mrs. Cislo's students are on the tail end of completing a draw string tote bag. This group of students

have the fortunate opportunity to use brand new sewing machines. The last time all students were able to do this was when the

Middle School opened in the '70's. Students are doing an amazing job completing these projects. Students cut their own

patterns, applied directions, completed each step and have mastered the use of the sewing machines. Parents can expect to see

the completed tote bags by the beginning of March.

Health 7: Two quarters have finished and half of the seven grade class has completed 7th grade Health. 7th grade Health class

covers a range of topics which include: diet, fitness, stress, bullying, communication, benefits of abstinence, suicide, tobacco &


PTA News

Cindy Latimore and Tammy Patterson

are our PTA Facilitators.

The Middle School PTA has been very

active over the years. Our goals for

the Middle School PTA are to:

- Promote parent involvement.

- Improve school home


- Collaborate with all stakeholders

to enhance the educational

experience at the Middle School

to ensure the success of all of our


The dates of the PTA Meetings for the 2012-2013

school year.




The Middle School PTA is always looking to

increase our membership. If you would like to

join or simply like to learn more about the

group, you can contact Mrs. Tammy Patterson at

549-6614, or Mr. Reidell at 926-2402.

You can also contact Mrs. Latimore at:

cjlatimore@verizon.net or Mrs. Patterson at:


EDUCATION Program. The Middle School PTA is running this program

and the funds generated will be used to support Middle School

activities and programs. Please clip your BOX TOP$ for EDUCATION

coupons and have your child turn them in to one of their Team

Teachers. For Extra Chances to earn more BOX TOP$ go to

www.btfe.com and sign up today

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