2011 Follow these directions in the event of an alarm


2011 Follow these directions in the event of an alarm


Follow these

directions in

the event of

an alarm

at Forsmark nuclear

power plant

The “Important Public Announcement” siren

Viktigt Important meddelande Public

-både Announcement

i fred och krig


7 sec. sek




Faran All clear över

30–40 sec. sek lång signal signal

If the alarm sounds, follow these directions

If you are outdoors

You will be warned by the IPA (Important Public Announcement) siren,

which sounds for 7 seconds, followed by 14 seconds silence, followed by

7 seconds and so on.

• Go indoors. You have better protection indoors than out.


If you are indoors

You will be alerted by your RDS receiver starting

and Swedish Radio P4 reading an announcement.

• Close doors, windows and ventilation.

Then contaminated air cannot get in.

• Listen to Swedish Radio P4 Uppland.

You will be told what has happened and what you should do.

• Help others. For example, take in people that need shelter indoors.

• Stay inside. Don’t go outside until the All Clear announcement has been

given by Swedish Radio P4 Uppland.

Protect animals

• Keep animals indoors.

• Listen to Swedish Radio P4 Uppland for advice on grazing animals,

pigs and pets.

Possible urgent measures:

• Take in animals that are outside, in the first place dairy cattle.

• Where possible close stable and food store doors and windows.

• Avoid using water from shallow, open sources or ditches.

Important Public Announcement (IPA)

The IPA (called VMA in Swedish) can also be used for other serious incidents

or complex disruptions. An IPA related to these incidents will set off RDS

receivers distributed to premises in the vicinity of the Forsmark nuclear

power plant. For outdoor warnings, sirens are located at selected locations

and they sound the same signal.

If you were not at home when an IPA was broadcast, you can get information

about what happened on www.svt.se and SVT Teletext page 100, for as long

as the IPA situation continues. On page 599 you will find the same message

that was read on the radio. You can also get information on

www.krisinformation.se and on www.sosalarm.se.


Siren testing

Siren tests are conducted on the first workday Monday of March, June,

September and December.

Outdoor siren:

Sounded at 1500 hours with the signal “Important Public Announcement”.

The test concludes with the “All Clear” signal.

Indoor alarm (RDS alarm):

Sounded at 1900 hours, and Swedish Radio P4 broadcast an announcement.


If the county administrative board orders an evacuation

• Via Swedish Radio P4 Uppland the county administrative board will

announce the areas that are to be evacuated.

• If you have access to a vehicle you should drive to an evacuation station

(indicated on the map by U ) outside the emergency zone. Listen to

Swedish Radio P4 Uppland to find out which evacuation station you

should go to.

• Take your pets with you.

• Listen to Swedish Radio P4 Uppland for advice on livestock and pets.

Measures that could become necessary:



Leave animals in their stalls with water and fodder

(hay and straw – no concentrated fodder) for a couple of days.


Give details of remaining animals to personnel at the evacuation

station or to the nearest police officer.

• If you can’t arrange transport for yourself you can go to the nearest

collection point. If you can’t take yourself to one of the collection points

you should contact the police who will evacuate you.

• Children in nursery, primary and secondary school will be evacuated

with their classes or groups to evacuation stations outside the emergency

zone. Details of evacuation stations in use are broadcast on Swedish

Radio P4 Uppland.

Important places during evacuation

!( U Skärplinge


Forsmarks kärnkraftverk

") 76 Öregrund

Norrskedika (Reserv)

!( U Östhammar


!( U


Evacuation stations



Norrskedika (Reserve)


Planning Zone

!( U Utrymningsstation !



Norrskedika (Reserv)

Collection points

Gudinge, hamnen (port)

Vavd, school

Ängskär, Solviksvägen

(summertime only)

Berkinge, by the Skållbo


Forsmarks kärnkraftverk

Valö, by the school

Vamsta, by the old radio shop

in the village

Forsmarks by, Bruksgatan

Johanesfors/Simundö, fork

in the road at Road 76

Road 76/Road 1100,

crossroads Öregrundsvägen

Stenskär, crossroads



(summertime only)

Öregrund, parking space at

the post office/old school

Gräsö, school

Gräsö, campsite outside the

barrier by the turning space

Gräsö, Söderboda, bus

Örskär – Färjeläget

Gräsö, Norrboda, bus

Örskär – Färjeläget


Iodine tablets

You should only take iodine tablets if requested to do so by the county

administrative board or the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

Take the tablets at the recommended times. The tablets must have

time to work before you get any radioactive iodine into your body.

The tablets protect the thyroid gland from radiation. They don’t protect

anything else. Adults over 40 don’t need to take iodine tablets as medical

research has shown that there is no risk of that age group developing

thyroid cancer from radioactive iodine.


Infants, younger than a month:

Children 1 month - 3 years:

Children 3 - 12 years:

Children over 12:

Adults, under 40:

Adults, over 40 don’t need to take tablets.

If pregnant or breast-feeding, tablets should be taken on

a maximum of two occasions.

The tablets can be chewed or swallowed

whole, they taste of salt; you should

therefore take them with water. For infants,

the dose can broken up and dissolved in

a little water or salt. One dose provides

protection for 48 hours.

The leaflet in the tablet box contains detailed information.

1/4 tablet

1/2 tablet

1 tablet

2 tablets

2 tablets

Read above


65 mg


Information in other languages


Information about Arabiska emergency preparedness for nuclear energy accidents can be obtained from

Uppsala Information County om beredskap Administrative mot kärnkraftsolyckor Board. finns att få hos

länsstyrelsen Finska Uppsala län.

Information om beredskap





beredskap mot kärnkraftsolyckor

finns att få hos länsstyrelsen

finns att få hos

Uppsala län.

Informationen om zur beredskap Länsstyrelsen Bereitschaft mot im kärnkraftsolyckor Uppsala Falle eines län. Kernkraft-Störfalles finns att få hos erhalten

Sie länsstyrelsen bei der Verwaltungsbehörde Uppsala län. der Provinz Uppsala län.

Rigth to left


Information BKS valmiudesta mahdollisen ydinvoimalaonnettomuuden varalta on

om beredskap mot kärnkraftsolyckor finns att få hos

saatavilla Uppsalan läänin lääninhallitukselta.

länsstyrelsen Kalmar län och Oskarshamns kommun.


Information om beredskap mot kärnkraftsolyckor kan finns du att få få hos hos

Informationen zur Bereitschaft im Falle eines Kernkraft-Störfalles erhalten

Länsstyrelsen länsstyrelsen Somaliska Uppsala Hallands Information län. län, Varbergs om beredskap kommun mot och kärnkraftsolyckor Kungsbacka kommun. finns att få hos

Sie bei der Verwaltungsbehörde der Provinz Kalmar


län und der Gemeinde

محافظة أوبسالا län) Uppsala

länsstyrelsen Uppsala län.


Informacije o pripravnosti za slučaj nesreća vezanih za nuklearne centrale

Tietoa se Information mogu valmiudesta dobiti om u beredskap Sreskoj mahdollisen upravi mot kärnkraftsolyckor Sreza ydinvoimalaonnettomuuden Uppsala. finns att få hos

Rigth to left

varalta on

Information saatavilla länsstyrelsen Franska

Hallandin om Uppsala beredskap Information läänin län. lääninhallitukselta, mot om kärnkraftsolyckor beredskap mot Varbergin kärnkraftsolyckor kan du kunnalta få hos ja kan du få hos

Länsstyrelsen Kungsbackan Information om kunnalta. Hallands beredskap Länsstyrelsen län, mot Varbergs kärnkraftsolyckor Hallands kommun län, Varbergs och kan Kungsbacka du kommun få hos kommun. och Kungsbacka kommun.

Länsstyrelsen Hallands län, Varbergs kommun och Kungsbacka kommun.

Informationen Warbixin

Information Lettiska





zur Bereitschaft diyaargaroowga

mot kärnkraftsolyckor

im Falle shilalka eines tamarta


Kernkraft-Störfalles atamka

att få hos

waxaa erhalten laga

Sie Informacije heli


bei karaa der maamulka Verwaltungsbehörde o Uppsala pripravnosti goboleed

län. za slučaj ee der Uppsala. nesreća Provinz vezanih Hallands za län, nuklearne der Gemeinde centrale

Varberg možete dobiti und Kungsbacka.

u Sreskoj Information upravi om Sreza beredskap Halland, mot Opštini kärnkraftsolyckor Varberg i Opštini kan du få hos


Information Estniska






mot kärnkraftsolyckor

de protection contre





få hos

Kungsbacka. Länsstyrelsen و (Varbergs Hallands län, kommun) Varbergs فاربيري kommun بلدية ، och (Länsstyrelsen Kungsbacka Hallands kommun. län)



à la






بلدية كُنغزباكّا kommun) .(Kungsbacka

Informācija Information par om sagatavotību beredskap mot kodolnegadījumiem kärnkraftsolyckor ir finns pieejama att få hos Uppsala

novada länsstyrelsen administrācija. Uppsala län.

Information om beredskap mot kärnkraftsolyckor finns att få hos


Teavet länsstyrelsen tuumaõnnetusteks Uppsala län. valmisoleku kohta saab Uppsala läänivalitsusest.

Informaciją Information apie om beredskap pasirengimą mot branduolinėms kärnkraftsolyckor avarijoms finns att galima få hos gauti iš

Upsalos länsstyrelsen

Polska apskrities Uppsala administracijos. län.

Информацию о готовности и мерах в случае аварии на атомных

Information om beredskap mot kärnkraftsolyckor finns att få hos

электростанциях Turkiska можно получить у областной администрации лена

länsstyrelsen Uppsala län.


Informację Information


na om temat beredskap przygotowania mot kärnkraftsolyckor do awarii jądrowych finns att można få hos uzyskać w

urzędzie länsstyrelsen wojewódzkim Uppsala län.

Information om beredskap

w Uppsali.

mot kärnkraftsolyckor finns att få hos

Nükleer länsstyrelsen Grekiskaenerji Uppsala santralı län. kazalarına karşı alınacak önemler konusunda

bilgileri Uppsala il bölge müdürlüğünden (länsstyrelsen) edinebilirsiniz.

تتوفر معلومات عن التأهب لحوادث الطاقة النووية لدى مجلس إدارة

اطلاعات در مورد آمادگی برای حوادث هسته ای از طريق

Län) (Länsstyrelsen Uppsala لنس استيرلسين اوپسالا لن در دسترس است.‏

يمكنك الحصول على معلومات التأهب لحوادث الطاقة النووية من مجلس إدارة محافظة هالاند

اطلاعات در مورد آمادگی برای حوادث هسته ای را می توان از هيئت مديره شهرستان

‏(هلند)‏ ،Halland ‏(واربری)‏ Varberg و شهرداری(کنگسبکا)‏ Kungsbacka به دست آورد.‏

Informata Information mbi om gatishmëri beredskap në mot rast kärnkraftsolyckor fatkeqësie bërthamore finns att mund få hos të gjeni në

administratën länsstyrelsen Uppsala e prefekturës län. së Uppsalas.

Ενημέρωση για ετοιμότητα σε περίπτωση ατυχήματος πυρηνικού

εργοστασίου μπορείτε να βρείτε στη νομαρχία του νομού Ουψάλας


In the event of an emergency you

can obtain more information from:

County Administrative Board information centre:

Tel. 018-19 53 00

County Administrative Board website:


Joint authority crisis information:


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