iSquared issue 4 - National STEM Centre

iSquared issue 4 - National STEM Centre


summer 2008


Chemotaxis: how bacteria move 8

By Nikita Vladimirov

Why mathematical modelling is useful for understanding chemotaxis, a mechanism used

by bacteria to enable them to travel up chemical gradients towards nutrient-rich regions.

Cover Story: We’re not all prisoners in here 18

By Chris Gaffney

How players can benefit from forming coalitions in Cooperative Game Theory.

Rheology: The science of deformation and flow 30

By Tim Reis

The mathematics behind some of the strangest phenomena in materials science,

including the “miracle” of walking on custard.


News 4

Mathematical greats 14

The life and tragic early death of Alan Turing, who is famous for founding the field of

computer science and for his contributions to British cryptanalysis during World War II.

Book review 24

The Music of Pythagoras, by Kitty Ferguson.

Interview 26

Quantitative analyst Iain Clark explains how maths is used in the world of finance.

Puzzles 36

Endnotes 39

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