IBM InnovationJam

• Jam = online collaborative brainstorm event

• ValuesJam 2003

– 10,000 postings over 72-hour period

• InnovationJam, August 2006

– Employees, friends, clients debated 4 major themes (e.g. “going places”)

– 30,000 postings in round one, 5,000 in round two

– Ten major initiatives launched by IBM, November 2006

• Online data not owned by IBM

– We are betting there is enough expertise in IBM that we can apply these

insights for commercial ends ahead of our competitors. We are living in an

era of open innovation, and we are betting with initiatives like InnovationJam

that we can stay ahead of the tsunami of commoditization in our industry.

But it is inherent in this approach that you don’t know where open innovation

will take you.”

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