CHANGING FACE of NURSING - School of Nursing - University of ...

CHANGING FACE of NURSING - School of Nursing - University of ...

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Stories and memories bring history to

life. To celebrate the School of Nursing

Centennial in 2009, we are asking

nursing students, alumni, and friends to

submit favorite memories, stories, and

photos. Submissions will be posted on

our new Nursing Memories Web site at for

everyone to enjoy.

Send stories and photos to:

School of Nursing

Attn: Cathy Konat

5-140 WDH, 308 Harvard Street SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

Or e-mail to

We cannot return your photos. Please send copies only.


“In 1994, I became president of a dynamic group that began the

building process for the Katharine J. Densford Center for Nursing

Leadership. We spent many work sessions along with Dean

Edwardson and other nursing leaders from around the country

brainstorming and putting our vision on paper. We wanted a

leadership center where ideas could be shared, potential recognized,

and students at all levels could grow. It was an exciting time!”

— Mary Bishop ’79

“Responsibilities are frightening to remember. At 17, I was the only

nurse for 40 patients. Penicillin had been discovered, but it was

not long-lasting, so we had to give those shots every three hours.

I did learn not to waken people to give them a sleeping pill.”

— V. Lynette McKewin Kimble ’48

“During the summer of 1946…a polio epidemic was rampaging, and

the students at General particularly were caught in the middle of

it. By the time I came back to General, our patients on “Contagion”

were those in the old iron lung. We all had to know how to care

for those patients and to work the bellows by hand should the

electricity fail.”

— Juanita Niemann Peterson ’48

“First day of full-time clinical experience on Station 42, Wangensteen’s

unit I think. I was so naïve I thought the orderlies were doctors—

and very diligent ones—since they were weighing the patients at

7:30 a.m. Sharing joys, zaniness, sorrows, disappointments,

embarrassments with wonderful women who were an essential

part of who we became because of all we experienced on the way

to becoming professionals.”

— Patricia Short Tomlinson ’57

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