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Introducing Connie Delaney - School of Nursing - University of ...


Jewelry Benefits Top $100,000

“If you don’t wear it, share it,” Florence

Ruhland, MED ’59, tells family, friends, and

everyone else she solicits for donations to

her jewelry sales. This unique fundraising

idea has allowed Ruhland to turn her love

of jewelry into a $100,000 treasure chest

for the School of Nursing.

It all started when she retired in 1991

and joined the Nursing Foundation, where,

as chair of the Special Projects Committee,

jewelry collecting was underway.

Initially unsure of how best to proceed,

she and her committee—former faculty

member Jean Andrews, foundation president

Laurel Mallon and alumnae Janet

Erickson and Ruth Stryker-Gordon—

brainstormed ways to collect even more

jewelry and then sell it to raise money

for scholarships and program support at

the School of Nursing.

The response was enthusiastic from

the beginning. Donations have come in

from all over the world, with items selling

for as little as $1 or—in the case of a

particularly exquisite cameo set donated

by retired army nurse and world traveler

Dora Stohl, BSN ’41—as much as $1,500.

The first sale in April 1992 raised $755.

Since then, there have been a total of 29

sales, which surpassed the $100,000 mark

in May 2005.

“Every person who donated jewelry or

assisted in selling it shares in our success

and the achievement of this goal,” Ruhland

says modestly.

At least two $1,000 Jewelry Scholarships

are awarded annually, one to a graduate

nursing student and one to an undergraduate.

Ruhland appreciates knowing her

efforts are making a difference in the lives

of students. In celebration of surpassing the

$100,000 milestone in jewelry sale proceeds,

this year’s Jewelry Scholarships were

awarded in Ruhland’s honor.

“Thank you from the bottom of my

heart for awarding me the Jewelry Scholarship,”

she reads from one of the many notes

she has received from grateful recipients.

“I am a working student, and it greatly

eases my financial burden to be awarded

such a generous amount of money.”

The Nursing Foundation’s next jewelry sale will

take place on campus in early December 2006.

Sorting, pricing and arranging the jewelry takes

time and planning. So, please consider donating

your collectible, costume or vintage jewelry today.

For more information, contact Laurel Mallon

at (612) 624-2490 or,

or send your donation to:

School of Nursing Foundation

5-138 Weaver-Densford Hall

308 Harvard St. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

All gifts are tax deductible. For more information,

please call the Nursing Foundation, (612) 624-2490.

Double the Impact of Your Gift with

the President’s Scholarship Match

Because undergraduate scholarships and

graduate fellowships are such an important

part of providing the opportunity to

succeed, the University is offering a rare

chance to double the impact of your gift.


• Gifts of $25,000 or more that meet

qualifications are eligible.

• The gifts are then used to create an

endowment fund at the University of

Minnesota Foundation.

• About five percent of the fund’s market

value is paid out each year to fund the

scholarship. Each year, the University

matches this payout to double the

impact of the gift.


$1,250 Annual payout from a $25,000

endowment fund


$1,250 University Match

$2,500 Available every year for nursing students

Other examples:

A $100,000 gift = $10,000 for nursing students

A $1,000,000 gift = $100,000 for nursing students


• Employer’s matching gifts may be used

to meet the minimum.

• Gifts may be paid over five years.

• Several individuals may work together to

make a gift of $25,000 and be eligible for

the match.

• You may choose to support nursing

students pursuing degrees at the

baccalaureate, master’s or doctoral level.


• The scholarship may be named for you or

someone you’d like to honor.

• Gifts of $25,000 or more qualify donors for

the Presidents Club, which recognizes the

University’s most generous benefactors.

For more information about creating

scholarships or fellowships that will

benefit nursing students, please contact

Laurel Mallon, President, School of

Nursing Foundation, at (612) 624-2490

or at

48 minnesota nursing

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