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The mission of the School of Nursing is to generate

knowledge and prepare nurse leaders who create, lead,

and participate in holistic efforts to improve the health

of all people within the context of their environments.

The school has two locations: one in the heart of the

Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the

second in Rochester.

the university of


The University of Minnesota is one of the most

comprehensive public universities in the United States

and ranks among the most prestigious. It is both a

state land-grant university, with a strong tradition of

education and public service, and the state's primary

research university, with faculty of national and

international reputation.

Founded in 1851, the University of Minnesota has

campuses in the Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris, Crookston,

and Rochester—extension offices, and research and

outreach centers throughout the state.

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Research at the School of Nursing 2

School of Nursing research foci 2

Centers supporting innovation 3

Centers of excellence 3

Research support 6

Research grant topics 6

Research and scholarship interests index 8

Faculty experts 10 1


at the school of nursing

Robust scholarly inquiry is central to the University of

Minnesota School of Nursing.

School of Nursing faculty lead interprofessional

research teams with clinical and community partners

to improve the health and quality of care of individuals,

families and communities. Rich interprofessional,

collaborative research opportunities are available

throughout the university and the Academic Health

Center (AHC), which is comprised of six schools and

colleges that educate health care professionals.

Faculty research enriches the education of postdoctoral

fellows and students at all levels—from

doctoral to undergraduate.

School of Nursing Research Foci

School of Nursing research responds to societal needs

and aligns with AHC Research Corridors and University

of Minnesota Initiatives.

Focal areas of research include:

• Health promotion among vulnerable populations

• Prevention and management of chronic

health conditions

• Symptom management

• Health/nursing informatics and systems


2 Research at the School of Nursing

esearch at the school of nursing

Centers Supporting Innovation

Centers in the School of Nursing

The School of Nursing offers a rich and stimulating

environment with faculty leaders and scientists.

Our nursing centers provide research and scholarship

opportunities for faculty and students.

Center for Adolescent Nursing

The Center for Adolescent Nursing improves the health

and well being of young people by educating nurses

and other health professionals to respond to the

unique and emerging health needs of young people in

families, schools, and communities. 3

esearch at the school of nursing

Center for Children with Special Health Care Needs

The Center for Children with Special Health Care Needs

prepares pediatric nursing leaders to improve the

quality of care and systems of care for children and

youth with an added emphasis on those with special

health care needs. Graduates are prepared for

leadership roles in primary and specialty care of

children and youth, the organization and delivery

ofhealth services, policy, research, education,

and advocacy.

Center for Child and Family Health Promotion Research

The Center for Child and Family Health Promotion

Research aims to improve the health of infants,

children, adolescents, parents, and families in the

context of their communities. Center members develop

and disseminate evidence-based interventions and

best practices in primary and secondary prevention.

Center for Gerontological Nursing

The Center for Gerontological Nursing improves the

health, quality of life, and delivery of quality nursing

care to aging adults of diverse cultures.

4 Research at the School of Nursing

esearch at the school of nursing

Center for Nursing Informatics

The Center for Nursing Informatics focuses on the

development of nursing knowledge through the use

of standardized nursing terminologies and essential

minimum data sets. The ultimate goal is to improve

global health by the daily use of terms that adequately

reflect nursing practice. The Center is dedicated to

supporting this goal through ongoing standards

development that allows for and ensures clinical

information systems use of nursing terms, building

clinical data sets, and the collection and use of clinical

data for knowledge building.

Katharine J. Densford International

Center for Nursing Leadership

The Densford Center for Nursing Leadership improves

health and health care worldwide through the

education, collaboration, and promotion of nurses as

strong leaders and good partners.

Minnesota Hartford Center for Geriatric

Nursing Excellence

The Minnesota Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing

Excellence aims to advance the care of older adults

by preparing outstanding nursing faculty from

diverse backgrounds who can provide leadership in

strengthening geriatric nursing at all levels of academic

nursing programs. 5

esearch at the school of nursing

Research Support

The mission of the Office of Nursing Research

Scholarship (ONRS) is to support the School of

Nursing’s goal to become a top echelon, researchintensive

school by:

• Providing a collaborative approach to delivering

reliable, thorough, and comprehensive grant

assistance to faculty and students

• Serving as the School of Nursing hub for faculty

and student research and scholarship activities

• Gathering and reporting research information and

linking resources with faculty and students

We strive to provide excellent service to achieve

the goals of School of Nursing and the U of M.

Funding is available on a competitive basis for pilot

studies to launch faculty toward external funding

success. Examples include:

• Academic Health Center (AHC) funding—faculty

development grants, seed grants and translational

research grants

• AHC and U of M interdisciplinary grants

• U of M Graduate School Grants-In-Aid

Research Grant Topics

Health Promotion among Vulnerable Populations

• Healthy family meals to prevent childhood obesity

• Healthy eating and exercise for young people in

alternative schools

• Healthy youth development interventions to

reduce risky behaviors

• Promoting Latina teen mental health

• Understanding Somali refugees’ perceptions of

mental health care

6 Research at the School of Nursing

esearch at the school of nursing

Prevention and Management of Chronic

Health Conditions

• Comprehensive support for Alzheimer’s caregivers

• Exercise intervention for American Indian women

with gestational diabetes

• Exercise intervention to improve functioning in

Alzheimer’s patients

• Exercise training to reduce claudication:

arm ergometry

• Telehealth APRN care coordination intervention for

children with complex chronic conditions

• Web-based health care transition intervention

program for youth with arthritis

• Web-based intervention to help youth cope with

cancer treatment

Symptom Management

• Anxiety self-management for patients

on ventilators

• Management of urinary and fecal incontinence

• Mind-body interventions post organ-transplant

• Reducing poststroke depressive symptoms

Health/Nursing Informatics and Systems Improvement

• Developing predictive models to improve patient

outcomes in home care

• Discovering effective models for home

visiting practice

• Health and wellness services for seniors in

independent housing

Nursing staffing and practice models in

• long-term care

• Improving health care through data mining 7

esearch & scholarship


School of Nursing

Research Foci

Health Promotion Among

Vulnerable Populations

Adwan, Jehad

Avery, Melissa

Bearinger, Linda

Benbenek, Mary

Chesney, Mary

Duckett, Laura

Findorff, Mary

Friedrich, Cheri

Fulkerson, Jayne

García, Carolyn

Garwick, Ann

Flaten, Carol

Hadidi, Niloufar

Halcon, Linda

Henly, Susan

Hooke, Mary Catherine

Kerr, Madeleine

Krichbaum, Kathleen

Kubik, Martha

Kumpula, Renee

Lindeke, Linda

Lindquist, Ruth

Martin, Lisa

McMorris, Barbara

Monsen, Karen

Olson Keller, Linda

Pfeiffer, Jeanne

Robertson, Cheryl

Schadewald, Diane

Sieving, Renee

Talley, Kristine

Wyman, Jean

Yu, Fang

Prevention and Management

of Chronic Health Conditions

Avery, Melissa

Bearinger, Linda

Bliss, Donna

Bronas, Ulf

Fagerlund, Kathleen

Fulkerson, Jayne

Garwick, Ann

Gaugler, Joseph

Gross, Cynthia

Hadidi, Niloufar

Halcon, Linda

Henly, Susan

Herrick, Linda

Hooke, Mary Catherine

Kaas, Merrie

Kerr, Madeleine

Kreitzer, Mary Jo

Kubik, Martha

Lindeke, Linda

Lindquist, Ruth

Looman, Wendy

Martin, Lisa

McMorris, Barbara

Monsen, Karen

Peden-McAlpine, Cynthia

Robertson, Cheryl

Sieving, Renee

Talley, Kristine

Treat-Jacobson, Diane

Westra, Bonnie

Wyman, Jean

Yu, Fang

Symptom Management

Bliss, Donna

Chlan, Linda

Duckett, Laura

Fagerlund, Kathleen

García, Carolyn

Gaugler, Joseph

Gross, Cynthia

Henly, Susan

Herrick, Linda

Hooke, Mary Catherine

Kaas, Merrie

Kreitzer, Mary Jo

Lindquist, Ruth

Monsen, Karen

O’Conner-Von, Susan

Peden-McAlpine, Cynthia

Robertson, Cheryl

8 Research at the School of Nursing

interest index

Talley, Kristine

Treat-Jacobson, Diane

Waud White, Kathryn

Westra, Bonnie

Wyman, Jean

Yu, Fang

Health/Nursing Informatics

and Systems Improvement

Benbenek, Mary

Chesney, Mary

Clancy, Thomas

Delaney, Connie

Disch, Joanne

Duckett, Laura

Friedrich, Cheri

García, Carolyn

Garwick, Ann

Henly, Susan

Herrick, Linda

Kerr, Madeleine

Krichbaum, Kathleen

Liaschenko, Joan

Lindeke, Linda

Looman, Wendy

Monsen, Karen

Mueller, Christine

Olson Keller, Linda

Pfeiffer, Jeanne

Schadewald, Diane

Westra, Bonnie

Waud White, Kathryn

Yu, Fang

AHC Research Corridors


Avery, Melissa

Bronas, Ulf

Fulkerson, Jayne

García, Carolyn

Gross, Cynthia

Henly, Susan

Kreitzer, Mary Jo

Krichbaum, Kathleen

Kubik, Martha

Infectious Disease

Bearinger, Linda

Bliss, Donna

Duckett, Laura

García, Carolyn

Halcon, Linda

Sieving, Renee


Neurodevelopment and

Mental Health

Bearinger, Linda

Chesney, Mary

García, Carolyn

Garwick, Ann

Gross, Cynthia

Hadidi, Niloufar

Kreitzer, Mary Jo

Lindeke, Linda

Looman, Wendy

Robertson, Cheryl

Sieving, Renee

Yu, Fang

Memory Research and Care

Gaugler, Joseph

Yu, Fang


Fulkerson, Jayne

Gaugler, Joseph

Hooke, Mary Catherine

Kreitzer, Mary Jo

Kubik, Martha

O’Conner-Von, Susan

Schadewald, Diane

Cardiovascular Disorders/


Bearinger, Linda

Bronas, Ulf

Chlan, Linda

Fulkerson, Jayne

Hadidi, Niloufar

Henly, Susan

Kubik, Martha

Lindquist, Ruth

Schadewald, Diane

Treat-Jacobson, Diane 9

faculty experts

Connie Delaney, PhD, RN, FAAN,


Professor and Dean

Academic Health Center Director,

Biomedical Health Informatics


Associate Director CTSI-BMI

Acting Director, Institute for Health

Informatics (IHI)

• Academic computational


• Clinical, management and

international essential

(minimum) data sets

• Knowledge representation


Jehad Adwan, PhD, RN, MS

Clinical Assistant Professor

• Grief among pediatric nurses

• Diabetes management in


10 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Melissa Avery, PhD, RN, CNM,



• Exercise in pregnancy and

gestational diabetes

• Outcomes of nurse midwifery

care in vaginal birth after

Cesarean section

• Technology-enhanced learning

Linda Bearinger, PhD, RN, FAAN,



• Health promotion and youth

development with vulnerable

adolescent populations

• Prevention of risky behavior,

particularly around sexual health

and violence involvement

• Health care services for

adolescents and the

competencies of health providers

Mary Benbenek, PhD, MS, RN,


Clinical Assistant Professor

• Immigrant health

• Adolescent health

• Bone health 11

faculty experts

Donna Bliss, PhD, RN, FAAN


• Fecal incontinence: epidemiology

and symptom management,

dietary fiber management

• Prevention and management

of incontinence associated with

perineal dermatitis

• Nutrition support: dietary fiber;

tube feeding and diarrhea

Ulf Bronas, PhD, ATC, ATR

Assistant Professor

• Exercise interventions to prevent

and manage chronic disease

• Vascular pathophysiology

• Interaction between the

cardiovascular and neurological

systems in the development of

cardiovascular disease

• Daily physical activity and

exercise in older adults

Mary Chesney, PhD, RN, CNP

Clinical Associate Professor

• APN utilization in new models of

health care delivery

• Family adjustment after

international adoption

• Parent-child attachment/


• Neurobiological, cognitive,

social, and emotional effects

of early childhood deprivation

(hospitalization or orphanage


12 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Linda Chlan, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

• Symptom self management

• Integrative therapies to manage

anxiety in critically ill patients on


Thomas Clancy, PhD, MBA,


Clinical Professor

• Computational modeling,


• Social network analysis

• Agent-based modeling

Elaine Darst, PhD, MN, RN,


Clinical Associate Professor

• Sexuality

• Cardiovascular disease,

prostatectomy, disability, and

other illnesses affecting sexual

function 13

faculty experts

Joanne Disch, PhD, RN, FAAN

Clinical Professor

Nursing leadership and


Nursing faculty satisfaction,

productivity and retention

• Improving patient safety

through nurse-physician


• Care delivery models

Laura Duckett, PhD, MPH, RN

Associate Professor

• Breastfeeding of full-term and

• pre-term infants and maternal

employment; infant health

• Maternal-infant-family health

during the first year

• Parent-infant attachment

Sandra Edwardson, PhD, RN,



• Administrative/health policy

issues related to outcomes

• International health

14 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Kathleen Fagerlund, PhD, CRNA

Clinical Associate Professor

• Cost and benefits of nurse

anesthesia education

• Interactions of anesthesia and

Parkinson’s disease

Mary Findorff, PhD, MPH, RN

Clinical Assistant Professor

• Exercise behaviors in older adults

• Fall prevention and injury


• Occupational health nursing

• Injury prevention

Carol Flaten, DNP, MS, RN, PHN

Clinical Assistant Professor

• Technology-enhanced education

• Vulnerable and underserved

populations 15

faculty experts

Cheri Friedrich, DNP, RN, CNP

Clinical Assistant Professor

• Pediatrics primary care

• Asthma management

• Lactation

• Quality improvement in

clinical settings.

Jayne Fulkerson, PhD

Associate Professor

• Family-based health promotion

in community settings

• Child and adolescent obesity

prevention, particularly through

the home food environment and

family meals

• Research methodology,

evaluation, measurement, and

instrument development

Carolyn García, PhD, MPH, RN

Assistant Professor

• Promoting healthy physical

and emotional trajectories into


• Trans-disciplinary eco-health

research to advance global


• Use of mHealth and photovoice

strategies in health promotion

16 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Ann Garwick, PhD, RN, LMFT,



• Children and youth with special

health needs

• Childhood asthma

• Cross-cultural health and

culturally competent care

• Family health and caregiving,

stress and coping

Joseph Gaugler, PhD

Associate Professor

• Longitudinal implications: care

for disabled adults

• Effectiveness of services for

caregiving families

• Effects of social integration on

outcomes in long-term care

Cynthia Gross, PhD


• Use of mindfulness interventions

to reduce chronic insomnia and

symptoms of transplant patients

• Quality of life outcomes after

transplantation and with chronic

health conditions

• Quality of life measurements

and clinical trials 17

faculty experts

Niloufar Hadidi, PhD, CNS,


Assistant Professor

• Problem-solving therapy to treat

post-stroke depression

• Impact of problem-solving

therapy on brain networks in

depressed stroke survivors

Linda Halcon, PhD, MPH, RN


• Complementary/botanical

therapies and infectious diseases

• Stress and coping interventions

• for refugees

• Health promotion and disease

prevention through lifestyle


Susan J. Henly, PhD, RN


• Psychometric methods for health

sciences research

• Longitudinal models and health


• Multilevel models and quality

of care

18 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Linda Herrick, PhD, RN

Clinical Associate Professor

• Postoperative pain management

• Patient satisfaction

Nursing management

Mary Catherine (Casey) Hooke,


Assistant Professor

• Interventions for fatigue and

related symptoms in children

with cancer

• Physical performance and

exercise in children with cancer

• Measurement of symptoms in


Catherine Juve, PhD, RN, WHNP

Clinical Associate Professor

• Distance learning

• Cross-cultural study on

menopause 19

faculty experts

Merrie Kaas, DNSc, RN, CNS-BC,


Associate Professor

Nursing interventions: older

adults with late-life depression

• Advanced practice psychiatric

mental health nursing

• Family caregiving of persons

with mental illness

Madeleine Kerr, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

• Intervention-effectiveness


• Preventing occupational

hearing loss

• Latino worker health promotion

• Public health informatics

Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN, FAAN


• Mindfulness-based stress

reduction to improve health


• Integrative care model to

manage women with eating


• Meditative movement and

health outcomes of older adults

20 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Kathleen Krichbaum, PhD, RN,


Associate Professor

• Complexity compression:

factors influencing the nursing

work environment

• Education interventions to

improve nursing student

learning outcomes including use

of simulations

• Quality of long-term care

delivered to elders

Martha Kubik, PhD, MSN, RN

Associate Professor

• Obesity prevention in children

and youth

• Wellness policies and practice in

the school environment

• Global health with a focus on


• Youth development and youth

health promotion

Renee Kumpula, EdD, RN, PHN

Clinical Assistant Professor

• End-of-life nursing

• Spiritual care

• Learning assessment, adult

learning theory and program

evaluation 21

faculty experts

Joan Liaschenko, PhD, RN, FAAN


• Bioethics

• Communication and

collaboration for end-of-life care

• Clinical research ethics

Linda Lindeke, PhD, RN, CNP,


Associate Professor

• High-risk infants: school-age

outcomes of adverse events

• Advanced practice nurse roles,

strategies and policies

• Care coordination; care quality

metrics and outcomes

Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, ACNS-



• Enhancing quality of life for

women with or at risk for

cardiovascular disease

• Adherence to health behavior


• Complementary and alternative

therapies to reduce stress

and anxiety

22 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Wendy Looman, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

• Social capital and family health

• Quality of life among children

with neurodevelopmental


• Children and youth with special

health care needs

Lisa C. Martin, PhD, MS, RN,


Clinical Assistant Professor

• Diabetes prevention and

health care in American Indian

adolescents and children

Nursing workforce diversity

• Community-based participatory


• Qualitative research methods

Barbara McMorris, PhD

Associate Professor

• Prevention of risky health

behaviors in adolescence

• Promotion of health among

vulnerable populations

• Program evaluation, research

methods and complex statistical modeling 23

faculty experts

Karen Monsen, PhD, RN, FAAN

Assistant Professor

• Home visiting intervention


• Translating and disseminating

effective applications

• Omaha System psychometrics

and applications

• Data mining and machine

learning methods

Christine Mueller, PhD, RN, FAAN


• Quality of care in nursing homes

• Long-term care nursing


• Geriatric nursing education

• Nurse staffing and nursing

practice models in long-term care

Susan O’Conner-Von, PhD, RNC

Associate Professor

• Pediatric pain and palliative care

• Preparation for surgery

• Web-based education for

adolescents with cancer

24 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Linda Olson Keller, DNP, RN,


Clinical Professor

• Public health nursing workforce;

enumeration and population


• Evidence-based public health


• Emotional intelligence and

leadership in the workplace

Cynthia Peden-McAlpine, PhD,


Associate Professor

• Hermeneutic and

phenomenological methods

• Family/provider communication

at end of life in ICUs

• Family values/beliefs in end-oflife

decision making

Jeanne Pfeiffer, DNP, MPH, RN,


Clinical Assistant Professor

• Disaster preparedness

• Infection prevention

• Global health promotion 25

faculty experts

Christine Poe, DNP, RN, CNP

Clinical Assistant Professor

• Childhood obesity

• Parenting

Teddie Potter, PhD, RN

Clinical Associate Professor

• Partnership

• Diversity and inclusivity

Nursing education

Deborah Ringdahl, DNP, RN,


Clinical Assistant Professor

Nursing clinical practice

application of integrative


• Clinical practice in nurse


• Women’s health; integrative

health; reiki and self care

26 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Cheryl Robertson, PhD, MPH,


Associate Professor

• Refugee trauma, stress and


• Community-based coping

intervention research

• Eco-health strategies in central/

eastern Africa

Diane Schadewald, DNP, RNC,


Clinical Assistant Professor

• Health promotion among

adolescents and young adults

• Quality improvement in

primary care

• War and public health

Renee Sieving, PhD, MSN, RN,


Associate Professor

• Promoting health and healthy

development among vulnerable

populations of young people

• Preventing risky sexual

behaviors, violence, and school

dropout among adolescents

• Improving adolescent

health services 27

faculty experts

Kristine Talley, PhD, RN, GNP-BC

Assistant Professor

• Preventing excess disability and

frailty in older adults

Nursing rehabilitation of older


• Preventing and managing

urinary incontinence in older


Diane Treat-Jacobson, PhD, RN,


Associate Professor

• Outcomes of exercise training in

patients with peripheral arterial

disease (PAD)

• Quality of life assessment and


Bonnie Westra, PhD, RN, FAAN

Associate Professor

• Knowledge discovery/data

mining with electronic health

record data

• Knowledge representation and

minimum data sets

• Health information technology

and community-based care for

older adults

28 Research at the School of Nursing

faculty experts

Kathryn Waud White, DNP,


Clinical Assistant Professor

• Clinical doctoral education

• Nurse anesthesia

• Staffing models

Jean F. Wyman, PhD, RN, GNP-



• Urinary incontinence outcomes

and measurement

• Fall prevention and exercise in

the elderly

Fang Yu, PhD, GNP-BC, RN

Assistant Professor

• Non-pharmacological

interventions for improving

cognition and function in older


• Aerobic exercise in older adults

with dementia 29

fore more information,


Ann Garwick, PhD, RN, LMFT, LP, FAAN

Senior Executive Associate Dean for Research


University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship (ONRS)

5-140 Weaver-Densford Hall

308 Harvard Street S.E.

Minneapolis, MN 55455







30 Research at the School of Nursing







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The University of Minnesota shall provide equal access

and opportunity to its programs, facilities, and employment

without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin,

gender, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status,

veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender


The University's mission, carried out on multiple campuses

and throughout the state, is threefold: research and discovery,

teaching and learning, and outreach and public service.

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