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OCP COUNCIL REPORT MARCH 2005 Council Approves Audited Statements for College Operations in 2004 as prepared by Hillborn Ellis Grant Chartered Accountants Statement of Operations – Year Ending December 31, 2004 Budget Actual Un-audited Revenue Pharmacist fees 4,691,493 4,893,126 Pharmacy fees 2,120,000 2,214,775 Registration fees and income 391,463 589,714 Investment 60,000 86,287 Sundry 227,990 250,751 7,490,946 8,034,653 Expenses Council and committees 1,927,000 1,793,035 Administration 5,098,978 5,029,709 Property 77,050 53,917 Niagara Apothecary 27,000 26,479 7,127,028 6,903,140 Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenses from operations for year, before depreciation 363,918 1,131,513 Depreciation - 384,264 Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenses for year 363,918 747,249 The audit and resulting financial statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The statements include a recommendation by the auditors that the College accrue, as a liability, the costs of bringing, to conclusion, all discipline cases initiated prior to year-end 2004. In addition, the costs for monitoring of all members found to be incapacitated and currently enrolled in the Professions Health Program have been accrued in the current year. Numbers for the prior years have been adjusted to reflect this reporting requirement. Membership fees continue to be recognized as revenue in the period to which the membership relates, and the membership year coincides with that of the fiscal year of the College – January 1 to December 31. For 2005, revenue exceeded budget due to higher than expected new registrations and renewals for both pharmacists and pharmacies. The College continues to remain in a very solid financial position. Policy Respecting Prescription Pickup Outside the Pharmacy Re-Affirmed College Council considered scenarios where prescription 6 Pharmacy Connection May • June 2005

medications for more than one individual have be delivered to a non-pharmacy outlet and kept in a storage area, pending pickup by individual patients. The current policy respecting prescription pickup outside the pharmacy is noted on page 10. Council directed that this policy not be changed, apart from updating the reference to the Health Disciplines Act and to the Drug and Pharmacy Regulations Act and definitions that pertain. College Policy Respecting Provision of Prescription Information to Third Parties Re-Affirmed With the advent of recent provincial and federal legislation governing the provision of personal health information, and in consideration of the proposed changes to the regulations to the Drug and Pharmacies Regulations Act respecting the confidentiality of prescription information, Council revisited the issue respecting the provision of prescription information to third parties. The approved position statement, printed on page 10, is no different in content or intent from the previous policy statement approved by Council in 1996. It does, however, take into consideration information from discussions that the College has had with the Privacy Commissioner, in making reference to the provincial and federal legislation to strengthen the position statement. This policy is effective immediately and members are reminded to review the Accreditation Standards for the Release of Information to Third Parties and Guidelines to those Standards (printed in the May/June 1997 issue of Pharmacy Connection or viewed on our website Council Approves Policy Respecting the Distribution of Medication Samples by Ontario Pharmacists In an effort to deal with concerns respecting recent drug shortages, and in response to membership and pharmacy stakeholders’ concerns respecting the distribution of samples in pharmacies, a review of current policy on drug samples was conducted. The approved policy (see page 11) clarifies for pharmacists, the process and conditions for dispensing of samples of products from Schedules I, II, III and of unscheduled drug products. The College’s policy for providing drug samples of Schedule I products remains unchanged. However, pharmacists may now provide samples of Schedule II and III products (nonnarcotic) at no charge, provided the conditions for sale (i.e. supervision and counselling) for these products are met. Effective immediately, this policy is consistent with the NAPRA (reference NAPRA Guidelines April 2001, (, and serves to bring Ontario pharmacists in alignment with other provinces as regards to the distribution of medication samples. Policy for Dispensing Methadone in Treatment of Pain* *Request for Member Feedback The proposed amendments (page 12) are being circulated for member feedback, which is requested by September 1, 2005. Comments should be in writing and directed to Della Croteau, Deputy Registrar/Director of Programs. The Methadone Maintenance Treatment Policy and Guidelines were first approved by College Council in December 2002 and the proposed amendments, which now include guidelines for methadone use for pain management (see page 12) are being circulated for member feedback. Council is of the opinion that methadone dispensing involves unique requirements beyond those of traditional dispensing. It requires the pharmacist to manage the patient more and to communicate with other health care providers. Pharmacists also require a greater understanding of the patient’s condition and its treatment protocols. This is most evident in the new guidelines for pain, where pain patients are classified into three categories with different requirements for care. Formerly, there were no guidelines for the treatment of pain for patients. Due to these complexities, Council has approved the new policy, which not only includes this new category for treatment, but OCP COUNCIL REPORT Pharmacy Connection May • June 2005 7

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