MedTech Camp 2011, Munich - Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

MedTech Camp 2011, Munich - Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

MedTech Camp 2011, Munich - Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


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1<br />

<strong>MedTech</strong> <strong>Camp</strong> <strong>2011</strong>, <strong>Munich</strong><br />

June 7 - 9 <strong>2011</strong><br />

Content<br />

Practicalities<br />

Outward journey<br />

Programme overview<br />

Daily programme<br />

List of Participants<br />

Places to visit<br />

Description of German partners

2<br />

German partners

3<br />

Danish partners

4<br />


� Transport from and to the airport is on your own arrangement<br />

� We have composed an intense programme, which we hope will<br />

challenge and inspire you<br />

� Tuesday 07/06: Be ready to depart from the hotel<br />

12:30 pm – please book fly matching this time.<br />

� Wednesday 08/06: Program starts at 8:45 pm and<br />

ends after dinner at approximately 10 pm.<br />

� Thursday 09/06: Program starts at 8:30 pm / 9:45 pm<br />

and ends at approximately 14:30 pm, where after you will<br />

travel home<br />

� Breakfast is included in the hotel fare<br />

� Lunch and dinner are included in the participation fee<br />

� Lunch will most likely be a “snack on the fly”<br />

� We have chartered a bus to get around<br />

� The sessions are held in English<br />

� Bring appropriate clothing – business casual is expected as a<br />

minimum<br />

� As a matter of course, we expect you to strictly shut down<br />

your mobiles during the sessions.

5<br />


Hotel IBIS<br />

You will stay at the Ibis Hotel in Garching,<br />

located about 12 km from the <strong>Munich</strong> city center<br />

Address: Hotel Ibis<br />

Daimlerstraße 5<br />

85748 Garching<br />

Primary contact<br />

Lena Warntjen and Marianne Seifert from<br />

Innovation Center Denmark participate in the<br />

entire official programme. Please feel free to ask<br />

questions or make suggestions.<br />

Lena<br />

Cell: +49 (0)179 1246851<br />

Email: lenwar@um.dk<br />

Marianne<br />

Cell: +49 (0)171 3096336<br />

Email: marise@um.dk

6<br />


TAXI<br />

A taxi ride from the airport to the<br />

hotel in Garching takes some 15<br />

min. and costs 40 EUR. We<br />

recommend to take a taxi, which<br />

is less time consuming.<br />

Public transport<br />

S-Bahn S8 or S1 from the airport in the direction of the city<br />

center .<br />

At Marienplatz change to subway U6 – direction Garching<br />

Forschungszentrum. Get out at Garching Forschungszentrum<br />

Train ride takes 45 min. The hotel is situated right at the<br />


7<br />

The organizational team<br />

Lars Brückner,<br />

Technical University of<br />

Denmark<br />

Special Adviser<br />

Marianne Seifert,<br />

Innovation Center<br />

Denmark<br />

Senior Consultant<br />

Health<br />

Lena Warntjen,<br />

Innovation Center<br />

Denmark<br />

Projektmanager<br />

Lars Fremerey,<br />

GTS Advanced<br />

Techonoly group<br />


8<br />


Tuesday 07/06 Arrival and accommodation<br />

Welcome and lunch<br />

Visit at GE Healthcare<br />

Visit at Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics<br />

DLR German Aerospace Centre<br />

Lecture German Danish Culture<br />

Dinner at a Bavarian Biergarten<br />

Wednesday 08/06 Track 1 One-on-One Matchmaking at Forum <strong>MedTech</strong> Pharma<br />

Lecture ABT fonden<br />

Gala Dinner hosted by the Innovation Center – Restaurant Eisbach<br />

Track 2 “The <strong>Munich</strong> Round Table. Medtech in EU policies for research and<br />

innovation 2013”<br />

Visit at Technical University IMETUM Institute for <strong>MedTech</strong><br />

Visit at Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies<br />

Lecture ABT fonden<br />

Gala Dinner hosted by the Innovation Center – Restaurant Eisbach<br />

Thursday04.08 Track 1 Workshop “Market Access Germany”<br />

Track 1 Save travel home<br />

Track 2 Visit hospital Rechts der Isar<br />

Track 2 Visit German Heart Center <strong>Munich</strong><br />

Track 2 Save travel home

9<br />

Tuesday 07/06 – all participants<br />

12:30 Hotel Ibis • Welcome and practicalities<br />

Transit: 5km with chartered bus<br />

13:30-<br />

15:00<br />

GE Healthcare<br />

• LabTour<br />

• Overview GE´s vision and strategy for<br />

the future in <strong>MedTech</strong><br />

Transit: 30km with chartered bus<br />

16:00 German Centre for Aerospace<br />

Institute of Robotics and<br />

Mechatronics<br />

www.dlr.de/rm/en<br />

Transit: Transport with chartered bus - place TBC<br />

18:00-<br />

19:00<br />

19:00-<br />

21:00<br />

Lecture on German Danish Culture<br />

Dinner at traditional Bavarian<br />

Biergarten<br />

Transit: Hotel Ibis Garching<br />

• Lunch<br />

• Imaging Diagnostics as one of GE Healthcare´s core<br />

competences<br />

• Introduction to the work of General Electrics Healthcare<br />

• Strategic Helicopter<br />

• Guided Tour of the institute<br />

• Overview of their activities and facilities with special focus on<br />

Medical Robotics<br />

• By Stig Olsen, Cand Mag. Institute for Scandinavian Studies<br />

<strong>Munich</strong>.<br />

Together with Stig we will exlore what unifies and what<br />

separates the German and Danish culture. Stig will give you<br />

some advise about German Culture and an insight into your<br />

own cultural ligation.

10<br />

Wednesday 08/06 – TRACK 1<br />

08:20 Walk and Talk to Bürgerhaus Garching (2km)<br />

09:00-<br />

16:00<br />

Forum Med Tech Pharma One on One<br />

Partnering Conference<br />

The One-on-One concept offers you the opportunity to establish<br />

contacts with international companies and research institutes.<br />

175 participants from 135 companies from 17 countries<br />

attended the Partnering event in 2009. These companies represent<br />

the entire value chain from research & development and suppliers<br />

to manufacturers and users. On June 8, <strong>2011</strong> you will meet the<br />

representatives of the companies and institutes that you have<br />

selected or that have selected you.<br />

Forum <strong>MedTech</strong> Pharma e.V. will prepare a personal appointment<br />

schedule for each participant with up to 13 One-on-One<br />

meetings, each of 30 minutes duration.<br />

At the event you will receive a digital catalogue with all company<br />

profiles and contact persons.<br />

The conference ends with an evening reception, that you are<br />

welcome to join.<br />

Transit: We recommend to use the Subway U6 in the direction of Klinikum Großhadern from Garching. Get out at<br />

Odeonsplatz - from there it is only a 5 minutes walk to the restaurant. A taxi ride will take approximately 30 minutes.<br />

18:00-<br />

19:00<br />

19:00-<br />

22:30<br />

Lecture Danish PWT Foundation (ABT<br />

Fonden)<br />

The PWT Foundation informs about their work, future strategy and<br />

funding possibilities for <strong>MedTech</strong> related research.<br />

Joint Dinner Restaurant Eisbach Marstallplatz 3 80539 München<br />

We recommend to use public transport or taxi to the restaurant<br />

22:30 Transit to the hotel: Chartered bus to hotel (13km).<br />

For those who want to stay in the city for a drink, we recommend public transport or taxi to get back to the hotel.

11<br />

Wednesday 08/06 – TRACK 2<br />

08:30 Walk and Talk to Bürgerhaus Garching (2km)<br />

09:00-<br />

12:00<br />

12:00 -<br />

13:00<br />

Round Table<br />

Discussion<br />

Lunch at Bürgerhaus<br />

Garching<br />

Transit : 3 km with chartered bus<br />

13:15-<br />

14:45<br />

Technical University<br />

<strong>Munich</strong> Institute for<br />

Medical Technology<br />

(IMETUM)<br />

Transit 27 km with chartered bus<br />

14:40-<br />

17:00<br />

Fraunhofer Institute<br />

EMFT (Modular Solid<br />

State Technologies)<br />

Transit to city center<br />

18:00-<br />

19:00<br />

19:00-<br />

22:30<br />

Lecture Danish PWT<br />

Foundation (ABT<br />

Fonden)<br />

The <strong>Munich</strong> Round Table.<br />

Medtech in EU policies for research and innovation 2013<br />

Host: Danish Technical University<br />

Lecture by Prof. Axel Haase<br />

• <strong>MedTech</strong> in Germany<br />

• Research at IMETUM<br />

Presentation of the Fraunhofer Institute EMFT by Dr. Karlheinz Bock<br />

• The concept for technology transfer<br />

• What is Fraunhofer Institute EMFT’s international innovation strategy?<br />

The PWT Foundation informs about their work, future strategy and funding possibilities<br />

for <strong>MedTech</strong> related research<br />

Joint Dinner Restaurant Eisbach Marstallplatz 3 80539 München<br />

Transit to the hotel: chartered bus to hotel (13km). For those who want to stay in the city for a drink, we recommend<br />

public transport or taxi to get back to the hotel.

12<br />

Thursday 09/06 – Track 1<br />

Transit: Walk on your own arrangement (same as the day before)<br />

10:00-<br />

15:00<br />

Workshop Market Access Germany, Regulatory Affairs and Reimbursement Strategies<br />

10:00 Welcoming remarks Dr. Ilja Hagen, Forum <strong>MedTech</strong> Pharma, Nürnberg<br />

10:15 The German market for medical devices – opportunities and challenges Sherille<br />

Veira-Schnitzler, healiz, Essen<br />

10:40 The German healthcare system: structure – primary and hospital care Prof. Dr.<br />

Thomas Schlegel, Prof. Schlegel & Kollegen, Frankfurt<br />

11:05 A new product on the market and the money flows? Pricing and<br />

Reimbursement in the German health care market Dr. Olaf Pirk, IMS Health GmbH<br />

& Co OHG, Nürnberg<br />

11:30 Direct contracts with healthcare providers – new opportunities for<br />

manufacturer Dr. Christoph Bischoff-Everding, Hildebrandt GesundheitsConsult<br />

GmbH, Hamburg<br />

13:10 Health Technology Assessments in Germany Sunya-Lee Antoine, Deutsches<br />

Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information (DIMDI), Köln ( )<br />

13:35 CE marking and responsibilities of manufacturers Dieter Eckert, TÜV SÜD<br />

Product Service GmbH, München<br />

14:00 Marketing medical devices in Germany - regulatory requirements Dr. Karin<br />

Lübbers, YES Medical Device Services GmbH, Friedrichsdorf<br />

14:25 How to translate the foresight into sales Ernst Mayer, medocon, Tutzing<br />

Save travel home

13<br />

Thursday 09/06 – Track 1<br />

Transit: 8:30 Transit to Hospital Rechts der Isar 17km<br />

9:00-<br />

11:00<br />

Rechts der Isar Guided tour of the hospital comprising :<br />

• Innovative Imaging methods – worldwide first PET-MR<br />

•Roman Herzog Cancer Center - living multidiciplinarity<br />

• Multidiciplinary stroke-unit<br />

Transit: 5km with chartered bus Sandwiches on the bus<br />

13-14:45 Herzzentrum<br />

München<br />

Guided tour of the hospital comprising:<br />

• Intensive Care Unit<br />

•Core Competencies in endoscopic surgery<br />

•Attendance of a medical surgery (if possible) – only for a small part of the<br />

delegation (max 5 PAX)<br />

Save travel home<br />

For those not having other plans we will be happy to reserve a table at a<br />

café for an informel finishing session.<br />

Pls. let us know wether you are interested

14<br />


NAME Organization Email<br />

Thomas Børner ABT-fonden thb@abtfonden.dk<br />

Søren Frederik Bregenov ABT-fonden sfb@abtfonden.dk<br />

Lars H. Pedersen Bioneer A/S lap@bioneer.dk<br />

Vibeke Dalhoff Copenhagen Capacity vda@copcap.dk<br />

Troels Bierman Mortensen Daintel tbm@daintel.com<br />

Noemi Rozlosnik <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> noemi.rozlosnik@nanotech.dtu.dk<br />

Rasmus Larsen <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> rl@imm.dtu.dk<br />

Lars Brückner <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> labru@adm.dtu.dk<br />

Jimmy Bak <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> jiba@fotonik.dtu.dk<br />

Claus H Andersen <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> chean@adm.dtu.dk<br />

Christina Jespersen <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> cjes@risoe.dtu.dk<br />

Peter E. Andersen <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> peta@fotonik.dtu.dk<br />

Stine Kruse <strong>Danmarks</strong> <strong>Tekniske</strong> <strong>Universitet</strong> kruse@adm.dtu.dk

15<br />



Jens Branebjerg Delta jab@delta.dk<br />

Thomas Juhl Olesen Delta thomas.j.olesen@gmail.com<br />

Poul Svensgaard Delta psv@delta.dk<br />

Claus F. Nielsen Delta cfn@delta.dk.<br />

Lars Fremerey GTS lafr@gts-net.dk<br />

Marie Langskov Ingeniørforeningen IDA mla@ida.dk<br />

Martin Stenfeldt Medico Innovation mst@medico-innovation.dk<br />

Sofie Wandrup Medico Innovation swa@medico-innovation.dk<br />

Lars Svane <strong>MedTech</strong> Innovation Center lsh@mtic.dk<br />

Svend Vitting Andersen Pallas Informatik SVA@pallas.dk<br />

Kresten Givskov Siemens /Medico Industrien kresten.givskov@siemens.com<br />

Henriette Hall-Andersen Teknologisk Institut hha@teknologisk.dk<br />

Morten Kronholm Teknologisk Institut mkm@teknologisk.dk<br />

Birgit Lübker Teknologisk Institut bilr@teknologisk.dk<br />

Rune Clausen Larsen<br />

Teknologisk Institut, Center for<br />

Robotteknologi rkl@dti.dk<br />

Birgit Kjærside Storm Aalborg <strong>Universitet</strong> BKS@bio.aau.dk

16<br />

Information on the German Partners<br />

Companies:<br />

1. GE Healthcare<br />

2. Siemens A/G<br />

Research Institutions<br />

1. DLR – German Aerospace Center<br />

2. Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State<br />

Technologies<br />

3. IMETUM Institute for <strong>MedTech</strong> / Technical University<br />

<strong>Munich</strong><br />

Hospitals<br />

1. Rechts der Isar<br />

2. Herzzentrum München<br />

Innovation Center Denmark

17<br />

GE Healthcare<br />

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services<br />

that are shaping a new age of patient care. GE´s expertise in medical imaging<br />

and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring<br />

systems, performance improvement, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical<br />

manufacturing technologies is helping clinicians around the world re-imagine<br />

new ways to predict, diagnose, inform, treat and monitor disease.<br />

GE Healthcare's broad range of products and services enable healthcare<br />

providers to better diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, neurological<br />

diseases and other conditions earlier.<br />

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare is a $17 billion unit of<br />

General Electric Company. Worldwide, GE Healthcare employs more than<br />

46,000 people committed to serving<br />

healthcare professionals and their patients in<br />

more than 100 countries.

18<br />


Siemens AG is a German engineering conglomerate – the largest of its kind<br />

in Europe. Siemens has international headquarters located in Berlin <strong>Munich</strong><br />

and Erlangen. The company has three main business sectors: Industry,<br />

Energy, and Healthcare; with a total of 15 divisions.<br />

Worldwide, Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 420,800<br />

people in nearly 190 countries and reported global revenue of 76.651 billion<br />

EUR for the year of 2009.<br />

Siemens Healthcare is located in Erlangen / Southern Germany. Their<br />

innovations combine state-of-the-art imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and IT<br />

solutions for an earlier prevention and more specific diagnosis, thus<br />

enhancing patient care.

19<br />

DLR - Department of Robotic Systems<br />

The research carried out in the DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics is<br />

based on the interdisciplinary (virtual) design, computer-aided optimisation<br />

and simulation, as well as implementation of complex mechatronic systems<br />

and man-machine interfaces. The institute is regarded as one of the<br />

worldwide leading institutions in the field of robotics. The long-term goal of<br />

the robotics activities at DLR is based on the idea of relieving man from<br />

inhuman and dangerous tasks.<br />

In the last decades robotics and mechatronics have found their way into<br />

many medical applications. Especially surgery has shown large potential for<br />

the use of robotic systems.<br />

This technology is still in its early stages, but it will significantly change<br />

future surgery. The Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics contributes to this<br />

process by several research activities which reach from the development of a<br />

universal surgical robot and sensorized surgical instruments over advanced<br />

telemanipulation concepts to intraoperative autonomous functions and<br />

preoperative planning and registration.

20<br />

Fraunhofer EMFT<br />

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies<br />

EMFT belongs to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, one of the top international<br />

research organizations, which plays a leading role in European applicationoriented<br />

research. The institute´s work focuses on microelectronics and<br />

microsystems engineering.<br />

Fraunhofer EMFT researches innovative possibilities arising from interfaces<br />

with other areas of expertise. These include the development of<br />

biocompatible materials for medical engineering, interactions with bacteria<br />

for energy harvesting and the use of polymers in a range of different<br />

applications, such as electronics, displays and photovoltaics.<br />

Due to its modern infrastructure, range of technologies and vast network<br />

with the industrial world, public authorities and universities, Fraunhofer<br />

EMFT is in an attractive spot. A number of companies have already signed<br />

on as strategic partners, such as Siemens AG,<br />

Ketek GmbH, Panasonic, Thin Materials and<br />

TÜV Süd.

21<br />

IMETUM / Technical University<br />

The institute is a central research unit of the Technical University <strong>Munich</strong><br />

dedicated to advancing science and application in medical engineering.<br />

Located in the science park Garching IMETUM supports interdisciplinary<br />

cooperation of engineering, sciences, information technologies and<br />

medicine.<br />

IMETUM partners with industry to develop new technologies for clinical<br />

applications. The institute offers a flexible infrastructure for many research<br />

groups in the field of medical engineering. The main focus is biomedical<br />

imaging technology from nanometer resolution using atomic force<br />

microscopy to different optical microscopies, phase contrast x-ray imaging,<br />

magnetic resonance imaging and image post-processing.<br />

A second focus is on bio-inspired information processing,<br />

cell biology and applications of magnetic fields and<br />

magnetic nanoparticles to medicine.

22<br />

Hospital Rechts der Isar<br />

With a workforce of over 3,700 personnel, the university hospital is a<br />

renowned centre for the care of the sick, for medical research, and for<br />

the teaching of medicine. Rechts der Isar is composed of more than 31<br />

separate clinics and departments treating some 40,000 in-house<br />

patients and 170,000 out-patients yearly.<br />

This 1,100-bed hospital covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine<br />

with state-of-the-art efficiency. Through the close cooperation between<br />

health care and research, the latest advances in medical techniques can<br />

be quickly integrated into patient treatment procedures.<br />

The hospital follows a multidiciplinary vision, where specialists from the<br />

various medical fields work hand in hand on a therapeutic concept<br />

tailored to the patient's specific needs.

23<br />

Hospital Deutsches Herzzentrum München<br />

The German Heart Centre <strong>Munich</strong> has gone down in history as a paragon for<br />

the consolidation of state of the art medical treatment of cardiovascular<br />

diseases at one centralised location. Since its foundation it has served as a<br />

model for other institutions numerous times.<br />

The new medical concept of treating patients of all ages with all types of<br />

cardiovascular disease at one facility has gained acceptance and has been<br />

applied to other areas of medicine.<br />

The guiding principle of the hospital is to consolidate at one location the<br />

various medical branches required for the diagnosis and treatment of<br />

cardiovascular disorders, thus providing optimal patient care through<br />

constant close interdisciplinary cooperation.

24<br />

Innovation Center Denmark<br />

Build a knowledge bridge between Denmark<br />

and the world´s knowledge hubs

25<br />

Innovation Center Denmark, <strong>Munich</strong><br />


Our mission is to build bridges between companies, research institutions and<br />

capital in Denmark and <strong>Munich</strong>. We aim to accelerate the entry of Danish<br />

companies into Germany, promote German investments in Denmark,<br />

facilitate research cooperation and provide inspiration to help drive<br />

innovation in Denmark.<br />


ICD <strong>Munich</strong> is one of the direct results of the globalization strategy designed<br />

by the Danish government in 2006 to help achieve the ambitious objective of<br />

becoming one of the leading knowledge-based nations in the world by 2016.<br />


Two ministries work together at the ICD: the Royal Danish Ministry of<br />

Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and<br />

Innovation. We work closely with the Embassy in Berlin and our mother<br />

organization in Copenhagen.

26<br />

Innovation Center Denmark, <strong>Munich</strong><br />

What we do?<br />

We connect cutting edge Danish and German entrepreneurs, researchers,<br />

investors and companies to create innovative business models and market<br />

strategies and deliver inspiration that drives innovation.<br />

Our work is focused on 3 distinct technology sectors:<br />

• Information and Communication Technology<br />

• Clean Technology<br />

• Life Sciences<br />

Within each of these sectors our services can be broken into 3 areas:<br />

Business Innovation – Advise and inspire Danish startups and high-tech<br />

companies who are looking to establish a presence in Southern Germany<br />

Invest in Denmark – Advising German companies about the establishment<br />

of business activities in Denmark<br />

Research - Facilitate the collaboration between research institutions and<br />

universities in Denmark and Southern Germany.

27<br />

Innovationcenter Denmark – The Health<br />

team<br />

John Jacobsen,<br />

Consul and Head of Mission<br />

Marianne Seifert,<br />

Senior Consultant<br />

Health<br />

Lena Warntjen,<br />

Projektmanager<br />

Judith Niehaus,<br />

Senior Consultant<br />

Health<br />

Innovation Center Denmark | Sendlinger Tor Platz 10 | 80336 <strong>Munich</strong><br />

Tel.: +49 89 5458 5414<br />

mucicd@um.dk<br />


28<br />


BMW Welt<br />

Olympiapark<br />

Olympiaturm<br />

Restaurant 181<br />

Pinakothek 1-3<br />

Augustiner Biergarten<br />

Englischer Garten/<br />

Chinesische Turm<br />

Hofbräuhaus<br />

Bier- & Oktoberfestmuseum

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