Brochure (English)

Brochure (English)

A new appearance for the

office building

Milupa Vermögensverwaltung


Puch bei Hallein,


After refurbishment

Before refurbishment

Facts and figures

Year of construction: 1974

Year of refurbishment: 2003

and 2005

Gross floor area: 1.391 m²

Heating requirements after the

renovation: 27 kWh/m²a

LEK-factor after the renovation:



Milupa Vermögensverwaltung

ltd., Puch bei Hallein

Planning and Project Management:



DI (FH) Benjamin Zauner,



In accordance with its

product (baby food), the

renovation should guarantee

a more modern and

vivid exterior for the administrations

building of

Milupa GmbH in Puch near

Salzburg. Originally, the

only plan was a renewal of

the entrance area but during

the planning phase, it

became apparent that

there was an inadequate

escape route, which had to

be improved. Additionally,

the staff complained about

a draught in all offices and

moreover, the heating energy

requirement was exorbitant.

Finally, a general

renovation was carried out

in two phases. The renovation

included renewing the

entrance area and sanitary

facilities, redesigning the

escape route, reorganising

the rooms, and improving

factors regulating energy

consumption. All of these

measures could be put into

practice without impeding

office work.

The first stage of the renovation

could be finished in

2003 after a working time of

only two months. The then

already old-fashioned and

uninviting entrance of the

building was transformed

into a cosy welcome area

and waiting hall flooded

with natural light.

The second stage of the

renovation was carried out

in 2005. In order to keep to

the regulations concerning

escape routes, the canteen

was transferred from the

top floor to the basement,

which is built into the

ground up to its half. The

escape route now leads

over the new terrace that

has been built like an extension

(without any obstacles)

of the canteen. In the

rest of the building the sanitary

facilities as well as con-

Best Practise

ference rooms were extended

and renovated.

Also, the heat insulation

and the windows were

renovated during this stage.

Measures in Detail

Renovation of the windows

Instead of replacing all

parts of the windows, the

consisting window frames

made of larch have been

kept. Only the window

panes have been replaced

by double glazed glass and

the boxes of the blinds letting

in a draught have been

replaced. Furthermore, the

reveal has been cut out

around the windows and

insulated accordingly.

These measures could

solve the problem of the


Insulation of the exterior


Because of the architect’s

insistence, also all exterior

walls have been renovated

concerning its insulation. It

was agreed to use 18mm

EPS-slabs as insulation

material. The U-factor of

the entire exterior of the

building now amounts to

0,21 W/m²K.

Insulation of the floor of the


As the canteen was transferred

to the basement

(cellar), and the sanitary

facilities had to be renovated

down there, the

whole floor in these areas

was insulated with 11cm

XPS slabs.


The positive results of the

renovation, which are the

friendlier reception area, an

improved working atmosphere

in all offices, and the

new, clean and neat canteen,

have led the staff to

forget about the irritations

especially during the noisier

working phases.

Waiting area

before renovation

Financing / Costs:


Renovation phase 1:

Total costs: € 200.000

Renovation phase 2:

Total costs: € 320.000

Which can be split into:

Builder work in the interior:

€ 46.000

Renovation of the exterior:

€ 40.000

Sun screening on the exterior:

€ 6.500

Replacement of exterior

window glass: € 13.000

Renovation of heating and

ventilation systems:

€ 38.500


No subsidies have been


Insulation of the top floor


Because of the transfer of

the canteen, the top floor

can now be used as a store

room. Therefore the construction

of the roof remained

unchanged and

only the ceiling between the

second and the top floor

has been insulated.

Waiting area,

kitchen and

reception area

after renovation

Refurbishment office building

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