Facilities Manager Dashboard Fileds - Off-script.com


Facilities Manager Dashboard Fileds - Off-script.com

Facilities Manager

Dashboard Columns

Below are the fields/columns available for customising the Dashboard views. The dashboard can be

customised by creating a copy of one of the standard views and then editing that view.

When adding columns to a dashboard view, the ‘Group’ must be selected first, the browser will

refresh and the available columns for that group will then be available in the next drop down.

Further detail about how to customise the dashboard views can be found by using the online “Help”

facility in Facilities Manager.


Device Properties




Serial Number

Asset Number


IP Address

MAC Address

Firmware Version

First Scan Date

Device Purchase Date

Custom Field #1

Custom Field #2

Reporting Groups

Smart Alert Profiles

Assigned Cost Profiles

Actual Cost Profile

Facilities Manager

Dashboard Columns

Please note Toner and supplies details are will only be available if the device is licenced at the

appropriate level.

Coverage and Cost figures are only calculated once a device has been assigned to the appropriate

Cost Profile within Facilities Manager.




Black Toner Level

Cyan Toner Level

Magenta Toner Level

Yellow Toner Level

Waste Toner Level

Mono Toner Coverage (%)

Color Toner Coverage (%)

Overall Toner Coverage (%)

Black Toner Coverage (%)

Magenta Toner Coverage (%)

Cyan Toner Coverage (%)

Yellow Toner Coverage (%)

Black Toner Impressions Remaining

Cyan Toner Impressions Remaining

Magenta Toner Impressions Remaining

Yellow Toner Impressions Remaining

Black Toner Depletion Date

Cyan Toner Depletion Date

Magenta Toner Depletion Date

Yellow Toner Depletion Date


Technical Information


Last Scan Date

Information Collection Engine

Information Collection Engine Version

Facilities Manager

Dashboard Columns

Please note each of the Page count and Cost groups contain all of the columns listed in the opposite

column of the table below.


Page Counts - Lifetime

Page Counts – Today

Page Counts – Yesterday

Page Counts – Past 24 Hours

Page Counts – This Week

Page Counts – Last Week

Page Counts – Past 7 Days

Page Counts – This Month

Page Counts – Last Month

Page Counts – Past 30 Days


Total Count

Mono Count

Color Count

Copy Count

Mono Copy Count

Color Copy Count

Print Count

Mono Print Count

Color Print Count

Fax Count

Scan Count

Mono Scan Count

Color Scan Count

Large Paper Count

Staple Count

Duplex Count

Pages Printed From Device Local Storage Total

Pages Printed From Device Local Storage Color

Pages Printed From Device Local Storage Mono

CYM Developments

K Developments


Costs - Lifetime

Costs – Today

Costs – Yesterday

Costs – Past 24 Hours

Costs – This Week

Costs – Last Week

Costs – Past 7 Days

Costs – This Month

Costs – Last Month

Costs – Past 30 Days


Total Assigned (Billable) Cost

Assigned (Billable) Cost Per Copy

Total Actual Costs

Actual Cost Per Copy

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