Orchid Pub Quiz Questions and Answers


Orchid Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Orchid Pub Quiz

Questions and Answers

Round One – Pot Luck

1. A is alpha, B is Bravo so what is H?

a. Hotel

2. What is the only mammal that can’t jump?

a. Elephant

3. What is the body’s largest organ?

a. Skin

4. In lonely hearts adverts what do the letters A.L.A stand for?

a. All Letters Answered

5. Who is the only unmarried person in Cluedo?

a. Miss Scarlet

Round Two – Sports

1. What female competitor was excused a sex test in the 1976 Olympic


a. Princess Anne

2. How high is a table tennis net?

a. 6 inches

3. On a dartboard, what is the opposite number to 20?

a. 3

4. What sport would you play if you were a toxophilite?

a. Archery

5. Who were the first two World heavyweight boxing champions in the late

19 th Century?

a. John L Sullivan and ‘Gentleman’ Jim Corbett

Round Three – Entertainment

1. Who directed the film ‘A Clockwork Orange’

a. Stanley Kubrick

2. In the film Mary Poppins, Mary said she would only stay until what


a. The wind changed.

3. In the Tarzan films, what was Jane’s last name?

a. Parker (Porter in the books)

4. Name the three films that have won the Oscar for best picture with the

name of a city in the film title. One point for each correct answer.

a. Casablanca, An American in Paris, Chicago

5. Eric Claudin is the disfigured genius in which classic 1943 film?

a. The Phantom of the Opera

Round Four – Science, Geography and Nature

1. Which town was the first to have a nudist beach in England

a. Brighton

2. Which claim to fame does Valentina Tereshkova have?

a. First woman in space.

3. What did British Honduras change its name to?

a. Belize

4. What is the largest English speaking city in the world in terms of


a. New York

5. On which river does Vienna stand?

a. Danube

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