2ndNWAC program 01.09.10


2ndNWAC program 01.09.10

Prelimnary program

2nd Nordic Wrist Arthroscopy Course

1.-2. December 2010

The Panum Institute



PC Ho, Hong Kong, SAR

Lars Adolfsson, Linköping, Sweden

Anders Björkman, Malmö, Sweden

Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt, Oslo, Norway

Peter Jørgsholm, Vejle, Denmark

Niels Thomsen, Malmö, Sweden

Hans Tromborg, Odense, Denmark

Organizers: Department of Hand Surgery, Malmö University Hospital, Sweden

Hand Surgery Clinic, Mølholm Private Hospital, Denmark

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Institute of Anatomy, Panum, Copenhagen

Anatomy - lecture

Moderators: N Thomsen (chairperson), PC Ho, A Björkman, P Jørgsholm

09.00 Welcome P Jørgsholm

09.05 Surface anatomy N Thomsen

09.15 Portal anatomy N Thomsen

09.25 Arthroscopic anatomy – hand PC Ho

09.40 Arthroscopic instrumentation A Björkman

09.50 Complications PC Ho

10.00 Coffee break

Basic arthroscopy - workshop

Moderators: PC Ho (chairperson), N Thomsen, L Adolfsson

10.30 Demo – Red pepper triangulation PC Ho


11.00 Demo – Radio carpal arthroscopy N Thomsen


11.30 Demo – Midcarpal arthroscopy L Adolfsson


12.00 Lunch break

Ulnar Sided Wrist Problems - lecture

13.00 Ulnar sided wrist pain JR Haugstvedt

13.20 TFCC resection, suture and reinsertion PC Ho

13.40 Ulnar shortening P Jørgsholm

14.00 Coffee break

Ulnar wrist compartment arthroscopy - workshop

14.15 TFCC resection A Björkman


14.45 TFCC suture JR Haugstvedt


15.15 TFCC reinsertion PC Ho


15.45 Wafer procedure P Jørgsholm


16.15 TFCC reinsertion - open PC Ho


16.45 Ulnar shortening - open P Jørgsholm


17.30 Close

19.00 Course dinner – Nørrebro Bryghus

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Institute of Anatomy, Panum, Copenhagen

Radial sided wrist problems - lecture

Moderators: L Adolfsson (Chair), P Jørgsholm, JR Haugstvedt, PC Ho

08.00 Ligament injuries in the wrist L Adolfsson

08.20 Scaphoid fractures P Jørgsholm

08.40 Distal radius fractures H Tromborg

09.00 Wrist ligament injuries in fractures PC Ho

09.10 Coffee break

Radial wrist compartment arthroscopy - workshop

09.30 SL/LT-ligament testing L Adolfsson


10.00 SL/LT-ligament pinning L Adolfsson


10.30 Scaphoid fracture P Jørgsholm


11.15 Distal radius fracture JR Haugstvedt


12.00 Lunch

Advanced wrist arthroscopy – lecture

Moderators: PC Ho (chair), L Adolfsson, N Thomsen

13.00 Gangliectomy dorsal/volar PC Ho

13.15 SLAC/SNAC/ HALT arthrosis L Adolfsson

13.30 Small joint arthroscopy (CMC I, MCP, DRUJ, PIP) N Thomsen

13.45 Scaphoid delayed and non-union eastern approach PC Ho

14.15 Arthroscopic PRC and four corner fusion PC Ho

14.30 Coffee break

Advanced wrist arthroscopy - workshop

15.00 Demo – Gangliectomy dorsal/volar PC Ho


15.30 Demo – Styloidectomy/hemihamectomy burr L Adolfsson


16.00 Demo - CMC I arthroscopy N Thomsen


16.30 Demo – DRUJ arthroscopy H Tromborg

17.00 Course evaluation/certificate N Thomsen

17.30 Close

Course price including coffee, lunch and course dinner 8.500 dkk

to be paid not later than 15.11.10 - marked with course participants name:

Lægernes Pensionsbank kontonummer 67716824346

IBAN kontonummer:DK1067710006824346



Simple but nice hotel very close to course site

Hotel Nora, Nørrebrogade 18C, phone 45 35372021


Rooms at a reduced course price.

Single room - breakfast included 800 dkk

Double room - breakfast included 950 dkk

Harbour front 4 star international hotel, ½ hour metro/walk, 15 min taxi

Admiral Hotel, Toldbodgade 24-28, phone +45 33741414


Rooms at a reduced course price.

Single room – breakfast included 1255 dkk

Double room – breakfast included 1390 dkk

Map: http://kort.eniro.dk/m/pBexv

The Institute of Anatomy, Panum, Blegdamsvej 3, 2200 Copenhagen

Contact helen.wilhelmsson@skane.se phone +46 40331725

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