watt's new ++ - Osram


watt's new ++ - Osram

NO. 13 | OCTOBER 2009

watt’s new ++


Heading for the

future of lighting.

The good old incandescent lamp is going.

Cutting-edge LED technology is coming.

The incandescent lamp has finally earned its place in the

history books, but LED technology is already writing the

next chapter. We have been a very busy team of authors

with our innovative OSRAM PARATHOM ® LED range, which

includes in particular two new bright lights in the LED firmament:


PARATHOM ® Classic B 25. They come in exactly the same

shapes as traditional candle and incandescent lamps, which

means that there are no longer any obstacles to overcome.

Quite the opposite in fact – your customers can only benefit.

OSRAM PARATHOM ® produce a very pleasant warm white

lighting color and contain no mercury or UV radiation. Compared

to traditional incandescent lamps, they consume up

to 80 percent less energy, which will make your customers

happy, as well as benefit the environment. And not just now,

but in the long term as well, because these lamps have a life

expectancy of up to 25,000 hours. Everything looks good in

an OSRAM PARATHOM ® light, particularly the future.


The best strategy again

a brilliant argumentatio

Warm Comfort Light: OSRAM invents the energy-saving

Poor light, awkward shapes, slow ignition: there are many prejudices

against energy-saving lamps. And all of them are wrong! The OSRAM

DULUX ® family finally brings some much-needed enlightenment:

Dear Readers,

I hope you have a good start to the New

Year. Too early? No, because this fall and

winter, we will see the start of a new era in

the lighting market. The ban on incandescent

lamps is about to come into force and

the market will be revolutionized. We are

already seeing the initial results.

• Warm Comfort Light – the brand-new lighting color from OSRAM that

gives a sense of well-being. As the first ever supplier of these lamps,

OSRAM brings a great combination of pleasant lighting color and huge

energy savings to the market. And it goes without saying that these

lamps also come in the same shapes as the old incandescent lamps.

• Quick Light technology: the light switch was invented so that you could

get light at the flick of a switch. This is exactly what happens with OSRAM

DULUX ® Superstar and OSRAM DULUX ® Intelligent:

The revamp of the OSRAM DULUX ® energysaving

lamp range was a complete success.

The new packaging design not only saved

space on your shelves, but also filled your

customers’ carts – thanks to new lighting

colors, such as the lovely Warm Comfort

Light, and an almost unlimited choice of

shapes and sizes. We fully expect this success

to continue. Due to its huge popularity,

we have decided to continue the OSRAM

bar code collection campaign. This time, we

have a particularly brilliant mind to inspire

your customers to take part. Who is it?

That’s something you’d best read for yourselves.

Finally, what’s the best way of increasing

sales? By using the speed of light, of

course. OSRAM and Paramount Pictures

have teamed up to launch special OSRAM

multipacks with a great competition to celebrate

the release of the new Star Trek film

on DVD and Blu-ray. This should be just as

exciting for you as for thousands and thousands

of Trekkies.

Successful retailers need to be at

least as smart as their customers.

The OSRAM bar code collection campaign continues.

OSRAM ENERGY SAVER lamps are made for the future. They save the environment,

save customers money, and enable them to earn some fantastic rewards.

Given that saving energy is quite simply a clever thing to do, we’re giving customers

the opportunity to win a DVD outlining the ideas of a clever mind: the documentary

“An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore. OSRAM isn’t just a treat for the

eyes, but also for the mind. Further useful information can be found at:


I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter

and wish you a Happy New Light Year.

Udo Beer

Hier verschwenden Sie Energie!

Kaufen Sie lieber eine Energiesparlampe.

st prejudice:


amp that gives a sense of well-being.

full lighting power in the shortest time possible.

• Perfectly formed: classic, stick, reflector, or modern

twist shapes – for each old socket there is

a new lamp from the comprehensive OSRAM

DULUX ® family to fit it.

• Advertising star: it’s no secret – if you want to

sell something, you need to advertise it. And if

you want to sell a lot, you need good advertising.

We have produced an in-store TV ad that

will convince even the remaining reluctant few

at the POS. Treat yourself to an ad break:


The blockbuster at the POS:

the great OSRAM

sweepstake begins.

© 2009 PPC. TM & © CBS. All Rights Reserved.

OSRAM DULUXSTAR ® has landed,

right on time for the ban on

incandescent lamps and the Germany-wide

release of Star Trek 11

on DVD. The lamp is being sold in

special multipacks at the POS,

and is decorated with Star Trek

sweep stickers.

The lamp will enable your customers

to enjoy the light they’re used to

from an incandescent lamp but

with the added extra of cuttingedge

energy-saving technology.

And this isn’t the only thing they

can look forward to! Flat-screen

televisions, telephones, laptops …

the packaging will attract customers

with prizes that will make

them jump so high for joy that

they might as well be on a flight in

outer space themselves. But

what’s in it for you?

Beam yourself up to


to find out.


LED designs by childlike minds inspire children’s


OSRAM BeetLED and OSRAM ORBIS ® : new lights for children’s bedrooms.

Busy little pixies, flying dragons, and fairy kings in grass green colors … The most amazing

things can happen at night in children’s bedrooms. And in the heads of OSRAM lighting designers

as well, it would seem. Our creative designers have used their imaginations to come

up with two amazing nightlights: a fun plump ladybird light and an LED moon rocket. It really

is inspiring that such a magical design can be so many things in one package: a pleasant

sleep-inspiring glow that gently casts out nightmares. An integrated security light ensures

that no one stubs their toes in the dark. And if something’s the matter, Mummy and

Daddy can use the torch function to see what all the fuss is about. Ah, to be a child

or a lighting designer – that would be the life!

199R106GB 10/09 XXX OSRAM CRM&S MK AB Subject to change without notice. Errors and omission excepted.


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