Equipment for Aluminium Cast Houses - Otto Junker GmbH

Equipment for Aluminium Cast Houses - Otto Junker GmbH

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We understand Aluminium

Equipment for Aluminium Cast Houses


OTTO JUNKER including the brand name

THERMCON is a world leader and household name in

the field of industrial furnaces and plant engineering

specialized in the supply of equipment for aluminium

cast houses.

Effective partner for furnace engineering and process

automation. Installations for melting and casting aluminium,

drying processes, heat recovery, burner installations,

furnace modernization projects and process

automation systems form the basis of the OTTO

JUNKER delivery program.

OTTO JUNKER extensive know-how and experience

within the field of furnace and plant engineering, our

quality assurance and dedication are decisive factors

in our ability to supply equipment of a consistently high


Perfect solutions and installations - based on sound

knowledge and experience. The combination of highly

qualified and experienced staff ensures that OTTO

JUNKER can supply state of the art equipment and

can respond to the ever-increasing number of technical

innovations, improvements and specific requests.

Quality assurance system

In accordance with the OTTO JUNKER Quality Assurance system, the equipment is designed to meet the following


Safe and efficient operation (operator friendly)

Low total cost of ownership

Low maintenance costs

Rugged and reliable construction

The OTTO JUNKER equipment is designed and built in accordance with the stringent quality standards that

OTTO JUNKER is renowned for; standards that are constantly evolving through the input and experiences of

operators of our equipment, throughout the world.

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OTTO JUNKER mission statement

Determine all problems impartially, find a solution through joint academic and industrial enterprise, and deliver the

result to the customer in the form of quality products.

Process competence

We offer complex process lines from one source. The product range of the OTTO JUNKER covers the complete

process chain from melting plants (complex foundry equipment, both induction-heated and fuel-fired) to heat

treatment plants (heating, annealing, homogenizing, heat-treatment, artificial aging, handling and adjustment


Technological competence

Due to the many years of experience of the OTTO JUNKER and the permanent technological development of our

products, our equipment is always provided with fully-developed state-of-the-art technology. We cooperate

closely with the RWTH Aachen University. In particular, their metallurgy and material technology as well as the

electrical engineering and IT divisions support our product innovation.

Range of products:

Scrap and ingot pre-heating system

Homogenizing furnace for extrusion billet and rolling

Charging machine


Melting furnace

Cooling chamber for extrusion billet and rolling slab

Casting furnace

Burner system

Recycling system

Switchgear and control systems

Porous plug system

SCADA system

Molten metal launder system

Feasibility studies

Molten metal launder pre-heating system

Furnace optimization

Launder laser level control system

Furnace modernization

Billet handling system

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Charging machines

OTTO JUNKER provides a wide range of charging

machines for ingots and scrap. Charging machines

contribute to the productivity and safety of an aluminium

melting operation. Charging time for a single

batch is less than three minutes and the input

material can be brought far into the furnace so that

as much as possible can be charged, early in the

melting cycle.

The charging machines are custom designed to

match either existing furnaces or new furnaces and

can have very wide (7 meters+) and long containers

to match virtually all furnace configurations.

Wide containers have the advantage that extrusion

scrap can be charged without the need for cutting.

The containers can be either mounted fixed on to the

machine or be exchangeable and part of the scrap

collection system in a plant, minimizing scrap


Movements of the machine are all hydraulic via the

hydraulic power pack mounted on the machines.

Load cells and communication with a cast house

SCADA system can be included in the controls of the


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Skimming machine

The rail bounded Skimming machines of OTTO

JUNKER are used to skim all type of reverbatory


The positioning of the machine due to the rail system

is very precise and all movements as well as forces

can be limited. All this results in a very gentle operation.

The advantages can be summarized as follows:

Safety - The operator is located in a well designed

and safely situated cabin.

Productivity - Skimming times are significantly

reduced resulting in increased melting time and

consequently increased production.

Metal Loss - Further due to precise skimming less

metal is lost.

Heat loss - Heat loss during skimming is reduced

because of the shorter time required for skimming,

this results in less energy loss thus less energy


Uptime - Controlled skimming by a skimming

machine prevents mechanical damage to door

lintels and furnace sill as well as refractory. Lower

wear leads to lower maintenance cost and higher

up-time of the furnace.

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Melting furnace

OTTO JUNKER provides an extensive range of

custom designed aluminium melting furnaces for all

production processes in the aluminium industry such

as DC casting of rolling slabs, T-Bars and extrusion

billets, for continuous casting lines of sheet, for wire

producing plants, for standard ingot casting lines etc.

The furnaces can be either stationary or tilting and

are suitable for melting ingot material and heavy

gauge clean scrap as well as for processing liquid

metal. Special configurations are available for the

melting of contaminated scrap.

Melting rates: 1 – 30 tons per hour

Bath Capacities: 2 – 150 tons

Burner systems available:

ambient air burners

recuperative burners

regenerative burners

O2 burners

Design features: Lowest possible energy consumption

due to appropriate furnace configuration, proven

furnace pressure control system, unique module type

doors with positive clamping to maintain excellent

sealing. Pre-fabricated door lintel refractory systems

for low maintenance.

Accessories include charging machines, skimming

machines, electromagnetic stirrers, porous plugs,

siphon systems for charging of liquid metal. Semiautomatic

tap out systems for stationary furnaces.

launder laser level control for automatic tilting.

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Recycling furnace

Multi chamber furnaces with integrated fume treatment

facilities and heat recovery to preheat the input

material are supplied to the secondary aluminium


The systems are suitable to recycle contaminated

aluminium in an environmentally sound manner,

meeting or exceeding the strictest clean air legislation

also with respect to dioxin emissions.

Charging can take place at three places in this

particular furnace: ingot materials to establish the

molten metal heel at start up or to correct alloys or

enhance melt rate can be charged on the dry ramp in

the heating chamber where the burners are installed,

baled or loose light gauge scrap can be charged to

the enclosed side well chamber where as small scrap

pieces such as edge trimming, punch scrap, chips etc.

can be charged in the charge well.

Metal circulation between the chambers is either by

an electromagnetic pump or a mechanical pump to

suit every particular application and budget. Charging

to the side well chamber can be by a special charging

machine that seals entirely against the furnace so that

no fumes can escape into the building whilst charging

and all fumes are processed in the integrated thermal

oxidizing system and subsequently are vented to the

atmosphere via the fume filtration plant.

Furnace melt rate’s can be up to 10 tons per hour

depending on charge mix and bath contents typically

between 50 and 130 tons of liquid metal.

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Casting furnace

OTTO JUNKER range of custom designed aluminium

casting furnaces for all production processes in the

aluminium industry such as DC casting of rolling

slabs, T-Bars and extrusion billets, for continuous

casting lines of sheet, for wire producing plants, for

standard ingot casting lines etc. The furnaces can be

either stationary or tilting and are suitable for alloying,

holding and casting.

Bath Capacities: 2 – 150 tons

Heating systems that are available:

ambient air burners using gas, light oil and heavy

fuel oil

electric heating elements

Design features: Cascade free casting of the liquid

metal through casting spout systems arranged in the

tilting axis of the furnaces. Lowest possible energy

consumption due to appropriate furnace configuration;

proven furnace pressure control system; module type

doors with positive clamping to maintain excellent

sealing. Prefabricated door lintel refractory systems

for low maintenance.

Accessories can be to be used with the furnaces can

be skimming machines, electromagnetic stirrers,

porous plugs and siphon systems for charging of

liquid metal, Semi automatic tap out systems for

stationary furnaces, Launder laser level control for

automatic tilting of tilting furnaces.

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Molten metal launder system

Launder systems are an essential part of any casthouse.

Well designed launders contribute to a smooth

and efficient casthouse operation where fast transfers

between furnaces are important and clean and low

turbulence casting launders play a significant role in

producing high quality products.

OTTO JUNKER has excellent experience in designing

and installing launder systems, based on its own

proprietary software program to design launder

systems with and without lids, the use of the most

modern launder lining materials and launder (pre-)

heating systems ranging from gas firing for transfer

launders to electric heating for casting launders.

Launders are sized to meet the required transfer

and/or casting capacities, complete with laser launder

level control systems for (semi) automatic transfer and

automatic casting, safeguarding by high level metal

probes, launder thermocouples for fine tuning the

molten metal temperature during casting etc.

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Billet handling system

Billet handling systems are available ranging from

manual operated billet grabbers to entirely automated

systems that do automatically stack the billets from

the moment the billets have been put on the lay down

table (the entry of an automatic billet handling system)

for processing through the homogenizing furnace, the

cooling chamber and the billet saw.

The whole process is controlled by a dedicated PLC

system that moves the billets from furnace entry to

billet saw exit, based on menu’s in which the heat

treatment curve in the homogenizing furnace, the

cooling cycle in the cooling chamber and the required

sawing operations are programmed.

The billets are grouped in the exact number depending

on diameter for each layer, such layer is then

moved over the spacers that separate the layers and

allow for the air passage between the layers in the

homogenizing furnace and the cooling chamber.

The crane then will lift the layer by grabbing all spacers

on each side and will stack the required number of

layers to form the batch for the homogenizing furnace.

The number of layers depends on the diameter of the


Once the stacks are completed and the homogenizing

cycle completed, the billet charging machine will

automatically start the cycle to remove the previous

batch from the cooling chamber, to bring the batch

that has completed the heat treatment cycle in the

homogenizing furnace to the cooling chamber and a

newly assembled batch will be placed in the homogenizing


No operator interference is required between the lay

down table and the exit of the saw.

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Homogenizing furnaces & cooling chamber

OTTO JUNKER batch type homogenizing furnaces for

extrusion billets allow homogenizing of a wide range

of billet sizes with very close temperature tolerances.

Batch type homogenizing furnaces provide the necessary

flexibility when producing billets in many different

diameters and alloys.

The furnaces together with the charging machine

operate semi automatically, controlled by PLC

systems with HMI interfaces that allow control of the

process via menus for each size and alloy and even

custom designed menu’s so that each batch can be

treated in accordance with special requirements of

individual customers or for specific end-products.

In-furnace cooling can be integrated in the homogeing

furnace to allow initial cooling down of the

billets in accordance with the metallurgical requirements

for optimum characteristics of the homogenized


end product.

Heating can be by gas, light oil or electrical. Gas and

oil heating can be by direct firing or via radiant tube


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OTTO JUNKER offers an extensive range of products for the manufacture

and treatment of semi-finished and finished aluminium products.

Our product range also includes the following:

Induction melting and pouring systems for

melting down aluminium chips and small scrap


Pusher type furnace for preheating of slabs

prior to hot rolling

Chamber-type homogenizing furnaces and

cooling chambers for extrusion billets

Heat treatment lines for castings and forgings

Technological competence:

OTTO JUNKER has many decades of experience and remains committed to ongoing product devel-

opment and improvement. As a result our equipment will embody the most up-to-date technology at

all times. Apart from proprietary development, OTTO JUNKER cooperates closely with the RWTH

Aachen University.


Postfach 11 80 • D-52147 Simmerath

Tel.: +49 2473 601-0 • Fax: +49 2473 601-600


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