Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut

Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut


Hungarian lék (< weyk) “hole in the ice; leak”

Proto-Uralic *le(j)kka(-) “crack, fissure; to split, to cut”

Proto-Eskimo *nayuγ- “to hollow out”

Akkadian laqūm, leqūm “to take; to take away, to remove”

Hungarian lelni “to find”

Proto-Finno-Ugric *lewδδ-

Proto-Inuit *nani “to find”

Sumerian lal (9977x: ED IIIa, ED IIIb, Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Early

Old Babylonian, Old Babylonian) wr. lal; lal2 “to diminish;

diminution". The PFU form that is only reconstructed of the basis of

Finnish löytä- and Estonian leidma is thus wrong.

Hungarian lélek “soul, spirit, breath-soul (vs. body-soul, cf. jonh)”, lélegzik

“to breathe”

Proto-Finno-Ugric *lewlз “breath; spirit”

Eskimo-Aleut ∂p∂- “to choke, to suffocate” [?]

Chukotko-Kamch. w∂je-ŋto- “to breathe”, w∂ji- “air”

Sumerian lil (92x: Ur III, Old Babylonian) wr. lil2 “wind, breeze; ghost”

Hungarian lépni “to step, to take a step, to tread; to move; to play (e.g. a


Proto-Ugric *läppз- “to enter, to go into”

Proto-Eskimo *napa- “to be standing (upright)”

Sumerian lib (3x: ED IIIa) wr. lib “inner body; heart”

Hungarian lép “milt, spleen”

Proto-Altaic *li_ap’V “spleen”

Proto-Turkic *japal

Proto-Mongolic *niγalta

Proto-Tungusic *lip-če

Proto-Uralic (?),

Proto-Finno-Ugric *läppз, *δäppз, *leppз, *δeppз

Proto-Eskimo *napu “cross-piece of sled” (cf. German Zwerch-fell, Zwerch “cross-,


Sumerian lipiš (40x: ED IIIb, Old Babylonian) wr. lipiš; lipišx(|AB2.ŠA3|)

“inner body; heart; anger, rage”

Akkadian libbu

Hungarian lepke “butterfly”

Proto-Uralic *l8ppз

Eskimo-Aleut n’apa- “to be upright”

Sirenikski japaR- “to raise”

Sumerian lib (8x: Old Babylonian) wr. lib “dazed silence; (to be) dazed”. The


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