Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut

Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut


Hungarian anya “mother”

Proto-Uralic *ańa “wife of the older brother”

Proto-Uralo-Siberian *an’a “older female relative”

Sirenikski nana “mother”

Sumerian ama (863x: ED IIIb, Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Early Old

Babylonian, Old Babylonian) wr. ama “mother”, amagan (8x: Lagash II,

Ur III, Old Babylonian) wr. ama-gan “breeding female animal; childbearing


Akkadian ummu

Hungarian apa “father”

Proto-Altaic *áp’a

Proto-Finno-Ugric *appe

Proto-Uralo-Siberian *ap(p)a, *ïp(p)ï “grandfather”

Chukotko-Kamch. *aepae “grandfather”

Sumerian abba (107x: ED IIIb, Old Akkadian, Ur III, Old Babylonian) wr. ab; abba;

abba2 “old (person); witness; father; elder; an official”

Akkadian abu

Hungarian apadni “to decrease (moon)”, to ebb, to be on the ebb (of the sea),

to fall, to subside (river)”

Proto-Finno-Ugric *šoppз-, *šappз-

Proto-Eskimo *∂p-naR “cliff”

Chukotko-Kamch. ∂p- “steep; to fall into sea/river”

Sumerian šab (25x: Old Babylonian) wr. šab “to inspect exta; to incise; to draw,

design; to gather together, collect, scrape up; to break off, deduct; to

trim, peel off; to dig, hollow out; to have a grooved shape; to cut, fell (of

trees); to become loose, fall out; to disintegrate; to disappear; to make


Akkadian esēpum

Hungarian ápolni “to take care of”

Proto-Eskimo *∂ppaRiR “to lick clean” [?]

Sumerian ibila (133x: ED IIIb, Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Early Old

Babylonian, Old Babylonian, Middle Babylonian) wr. ibila; i3-bi2-la;

ibila2; i3-bi-lu “heir” or ubara, wr. ubara “divine protection”

Akkadian aplum

Hungarian ár “flood”

Proto-Ugric *Sarз “lake caused by flood”

Chukotko-Kamch. aer- “to flow out”, aer-iŋ “shore”

Koryak aj-γ∂jŋ∂n “low tide”

Wakashan erxe- “to flow”, eri “river”

Sumerian a ĝar (102x: Old Akkadian, Ur III, Old Babylonian) wr. a ĝar “to

irrigate” (a “water” + ĝar “place”


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