Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut

Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut



Hungarian vezetni “to lead, to guide”

Proto-Finno-Ugric *wetä-

Proto-Eskimo *tatyuR- “to lead by the hand” [?]

Sumerian gid (13x: Ur III, Old Babylonian, Middle Babylonian) wr. gid2 “to

drag, tow (a boat upstream); to pass along, transfer”

Hungarian vézna “thin, slight”

Proto-Finno-Volgaic *wäćkз “narrow, thin”

Proto-Ugric *wäńćз, *wäćз “narrow, thin”

Proto-Uralo-Siberian *wen(i)- “to stretch skin out to dry”

Proto-Inuit *inniq- “to stretch skin for drying”

Eskimo-Aleut ini- “to hang out”, ni-s “drying”

Sumerian sig (343x: ED IIIa, ED IIIb, Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Old

Babylonian, 1st millennium) wr. sig “(to be) weak; (to be) low; (to be)

thin; (to be) narrow”, gig (313x: ED IIIb, Old Akkadian, Ur III, Old

Babylonian) wr. gig “to be) sick”

Hungarian vigyázni “to pay attention, to beware, to look out”

Proto-Finno-Ugric *wića- “to notice, to see”

Proto-Eskimo *taŋ∂R- “to see”

Sumerian igi sig (8x: Old Babylonian) wr. igi sig10 “to see”

Hungarian világ “light; world”, villám “lightening”, villanni “to flash, to

sparkle, to twinkle”, villogni “to sparkle, to twinkle”,

Proto-Finno-Ugric *walkз(-) “light, white; to light”, *wal’з- “to shine”

Proto-Eskimo *tanqiR, *tanqiγ “light; moon”

Sumerian bil (50x: Ur III, Old Babylonian) wr. bil2; bil3; bil “to burn”

Hungarian vinni, visz- “to carry, to bring, to take”

Proto-Finno-Ugric *wiγe-

Eskimo-Aleut qani- “to accompany part of the way”

Proto-Inuit *aa-t- “to take”

Aleut aγa-t- “id.”

Sumerian gaĝ (538x: Ur III) wr. gaĝx(IL2); ga-aĝ3 “to carry”. Same etymology as

venni (s.v.).

Hungarian virág “flower”, virítani “to bloom”, virradni “to dawn”,

virrasztani “to stay awake”

Proto-Eskimo *tanqiR, *tanqiγ “light; moon”

Sumerian bur (78x: ED IIIa, Old Akkadian, Ur III) wr. bur2; bu7 “light; to glow,

shine”. According to EWU (pp. 1640ss.), the word-families vir- and

vil- (cf. világ) belong together (but not the family virr-). The Sum.

word bur, however, shows that this is not correct, the dark stem vowel


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