Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut

Hungarian and Eskimo-Aleut


Classical Mongol üde “midday”

Sumerian ud (29106x: Lagash II, Ur III, Old Babylonian) wr. ud “day; heat; a

fever; summer; sun”

Hungarian i-fyú “young; a youth”

Proto-Ugric *äjз “small, young”

Proto-Eskimo *mik∂- “to be small”

Sumerian a’e, wr. a2-e3 “foster-child”

Hungarian igaz “authentic, genuine, real, true, veritable; honest, just, loyal,

straight, true; truth”

Proto-FinnoVolgaic *wojke “straight”

Proto-Eskimo *ilumun “truly”

Sumerian igi (3906x: ED IIIa, ED IIIb, Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Early

Old Babylonian, Old Babylonian, uncertain) wr. igi; i-bi2; igi3; i-gi “first,

earlier; front; face”

Hungarian ige “verb; word”

Old Turkic üge “magic word; word”

Proto-Eskimo *iciγwa “that is what I thought”

Sumerian ug, wr. ug2 “lamentation”

Hungarian igen “yes”

Proto-Finno-Ugric *šeŋä “good, healthy; straight”

Proto-Eskimo *i(i) “yes”

Sumerian sig (8x: Old Babylonian) wr. si-ig “to be clear”

Hungarian ígérni “to promise”

Proto-Ugric *eŋkз-rз- “to chant music words, to swear, to vow”

Proto-Inuit *n∂Riuqšuq- “to promise”

Sumerian en, wr. en2 “incantation, spell”

Hungarian íj “bow”, ív “arch, bend”

Proto-Altaic *DŽēja “sharp point, arrow”

Proto-Uralic *joŋ(k)sз “bow”

Proto-Turkic *jāń > jāj

Proto-Eskimo *ivalu “sinew”; *uli(C)un “sinew from back of animal”

Sumerian gun (1x: Early Old Babylonian) wr. al-gu2-gu2 “to twist”

Hungarian iker “twins”

Turkish ikiz

Chukotko-Kamch. aek∂k(ae) “son”

Proto-Inuit *akkak “paternal uncle”


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