Fall Encounters 04 - Owens Community College


Fall Encounters 04 - Owens Community College


Volume 2 • Issue 1 • Fall 2004

New Philosophy in Childcare

Early Childhood Education • Page 4

Alumni News

The Mud Hens, Whitewater Rafting

and More! • Page 6

Meet the Board

2004-2005 Alumni Association Board

Members and Their Bios • Page 8


Greetings Alumni!

Welcome to our Fall issue of our Encounters Magazine. This magazine is designed to keep all our Alums up-todate

on our exciting events and activities. Our ‘Class Notes’ section keeps growing. It’s so amazing to read about

all the accomplishments and successes of our Alums. It’s truly remarkable!

In June, we hosted our first Alumni Association Mud Hens game at Fifth Third Field and it was a grand slam

event! The rain stopped just in time for the game to be played – and a spectacular firework display topped

off the evening! It was so much fun meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces from the past.

Our Annual Alumni Association meeting was held on June 23. At this meeting, our members elected six

Board of Directors to three-year terms. The new directors are Mark Carr, Steve Cotner, Kaye Koevenig,

David Seeger, Bill Steele and Frank Weaver. This brings our Board of Directors total to fifteen. Pictures

and bios of our Board member are featured on Pages 8-9 of this magazine.

During the Annual meeting, we presented our ‘Year in Review’ – which included: our

Encounters Magazines, Profiles of Excellence in The Blade, the Findlay Campus Groundbreaking

- 20 th Anniversary Celebration, President George Bush’s Toledo-area Campus visit, March Madness,

Outstanding Service Award Celebration, Golf Classic, Backpack to the Future, and Association Night

at the Mud Hens. Wow – a great year and we have just begun!

Then in July, a group of our Alumni went whitewater rafting in Oak Hill, West Virginia. They braved the

rapids – both in and out of the raft – ate lots of delicious food and enjoyed the Ace Adventure complex. A great time was had by all,

and we will definitely be going back next year!

In September, we are hosting a networking reception “Looking Back…Looking Forward” for the Office Administration students,

faculty and alums. Participants will be introduced to the latest technology and trends while reconnecting with old friends. The event

will take place in our beautiful Center for Fine and Performing Arts Rotunda and Theatre.

We look forward to continued growth of our Association and planning many worthwhile activities and events. So, if you haven’t

joined yet – join today and start enjoying your membership benefits.

On a final note, I am enjoying the letters that I am receiving from you. I value your thoughts, suggestions and kind words.

I look forward to serving as the Alumni Association President in the coming year.


Janet M. Meacham

President, Owens Alumni Association


President of the College

Christa Adams, Ph.D.

Board of Trustees

Jack Sculfort, Chair

Ronald McMaster, Vice Chair

John Ault

Allan Libbe

R J Molter

John Moore

Carl Patterson

Richard Rowe

Dee Talmage

Foundation Board Members

Gary Dettling, President/CEO

Paul Meinerding, Chairman

Rasesh Shah, Vice Chairman

James Baehren, Secretary

John McDermott, Treasurer

Christa Adams

Charles Bills

James Carter

John Christy

Gus Franklin

Allan Libbe

Janet Meacham

Johnny Mickler

Harold Miller


John Moore

James Murray

Thomas Pounds

Edward Reiter

Arthur Smith

Mary Ann Whipple

J. Michael Wilder

Alumni Association Board

Janet Meacham, President

Michael Rickard, Vice President

Debra Green, Secretary

Susan Litten, Treasurer

Laura Moore, Manager


Mark Carr

Steve Cotner

Gary Dettling

Allen Gunn

Angela Jackson

Kaye Koevenig

David Seeger

Bill Steele

Frank Weaver

Encounters Magazine

Laura Moore, Editor

Amy Karlovec, Designer

Kylee Broughton, Contributor

Kristin Kaufman, Contributor

Get Out the Vote… 2004 Elections Impact on Higher Education

Chris Baldwin,

Special Assistant to

the President for

Governmental Relations

In November voters will go to the polls to elect

the next President of the United States. While the

Presidential race is crucial, there are also vital local,

state and congressional elections that will have

a great impact on the day-to-day lives of people

living in Northwest Ohio. One specific area that

successful state and federal candidates will have

a major impact is higher education.

At the state level, half of the seats in the Ohio

Senate and all of the seats in the Ohio House of

Representatives are on the ballot. State legislators

elected this Fall will face a $3 to $4 billion deficit

as they formulate the state’s next two-year budget.

Some have suggested that this deficit will force a

20 to 30 percent cut in state support for higher

education. The magnitude of these cuts would

have a significant impact on the accessibility and

affordability of higher education in Ohio.

At the federal level, all of Ohio’s seats in the

U.S. House of Representatives are on the ballot, as

well as one of Ohio’s two U.S. Senate seats. Federal

legislators elected in November will likely be voting

in the next Congress to reauthorize federal grant

and loan programs that make higher education

attainable for so many individuals.

As a member of the Owens Community

College alumni community, you have first hand

knowledge of the value of higher education. As

alums, we urge you to familiarize yourselves with

the candidates on the ballot this Fall and to know

their positions on higher education issues. As a

voter you have the ability to influence decisions

that will impact the affordable access to education

for future students at Owens and elsewhere.

If you have any questions, please contact

Chris Baldwin at cbaldwin@owens.edu

Owens Community College Bookstore Expands Services

The Owens Community College Bookstore is excited to

announce expanded services available to current students and

alumni. In addition to the many products sold at the College

Hall Store and new location – The Express Shop – off the SHAC

Performance Court, they are also offering medical and trade

reference books, reference materials and study aids “online.”

Just access the Bookstore Quick Link – off the Owens website

homepage – where you will see “general reference books” and

“medical reference books” options. Once chosen, these links will

direct you to websites that provide numerous titles, new and used,

in these areas. Since the Owens Bookstore is limited in the number

of titles carried, the connection to these services will expand the

resources available to students and alumni.

Titles can be ordered off the sites and shipped directly to

your home, making the process easy and quick. These sites can be

used by anyone – so spread the word! An added benefit is that a

portion of the purchase proceeds comes back to support Owens

Community College.


Pam Chibucos, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, was recognized

with the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award for 2004. The award was established in 2003

to honor faculty members who have made significant contributions toward enhancing

the College’s mission of providing quality service and education, as recognized by their

fellow Owens Community College employees.

For more information or assistance, please contact Tom

Moylan, Manager, Owens Bookstore at (567) 661-7306

or tmoylan@owens.edu.

Kay Heck, Professor of Office Administration, was selected by Owens Community

College, as its recipient of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs

(ACBSP) Faculty Excellence Award for 2004. Heck represented the College in the

ACBSP Great Lakes Region competition for this award.

Pam Chibucos,

Associate Professor of Early

Childhood Education

Kay Heck,

Professor of Office



New Philosophy Shaping

Practices at Owens


Deb Ciecka

Sharon Libby

One look in the Child Care Center

on Owens Community College’s Toledoarea

Campus will tell you that it is not

your ordinary preschool/daycare center.

With beautiful curtains dressing the

windows and astonishing pieces of art

adorning the walls, the Child Care Center

seems more like home - and that’s the goal.

Under the direction of Deborah

Ciecka and Sharon Libby, Chair and

Vice Chair of the Early Childhood and

Paraprofessional Education Technology

Department, respectively, the Owens

Child Care Center is one of a number

“How you look at

children impacts how

you teach children.”

of schools across the United States

that has been inspired by the Reggio

Emilia philosophy in Early Childhood

Education. Named after a small town

in Italy, the Emilia philosophy stresses

reflection, practice and further reflection.

The philosophy states that every child

has the right to grow and learn in a

favorable environment.

According to Ciecka, education

in the United States focuses on adults

transmitting knowledge to children.

Under the Reggio Emilia philosophy, it

is assumed that children come to school

with skills and knowledge already learned.

There, it is the teachers’ responsibility

to provide a comfortable and safe

environment for knowledge to grow.

“The Reggio philosophy is really

based on a belief and an image of the child

as competent, caring and curious,” said

Ciecka, who recently had the opportunity

to study the philosophy in Reggio Emilia,

Italy. “Children are not empty vessels

to be filled up by adult knowledge, but

capable learners on their own, with rights

– not just needs.” Libby added, “If we

accept that children come to us knowing

things, that children deserve respect and

come with rights, we will get different

results. Their approach is that children

have a right to an education. It’s a very

subtle difference.” The difference may

be subtle, but it has ranked Reggio Emilia

as one of the 10 best preschools in the

world, according to a Newsweek article

from 1991.

In an effort to increase the focus on

visual arts and provide an environment for

knowledge to grow, faculty members in

the Early Childhood and Paraprofessional

Education Technology Department at

Owens have started on a journey toward

teaching under the Emilia philosophy.

“The first thing we started doing was to

address, with our own teachers, our

image of the child,” Libby said. “How

you look at children impacts how you

teach children.”

Exploring the image of children is

only the first step. According to Libby,

faculty members undergo deep reflection

about their role and about what teaching

means to them. “It’s a big challenge for

teachers to address the image of a child,”

Libby said. “You are confronting years of

practice. You have to think deeper than

ever before.”

In order for Owens’ faculty members

to fully embrace the Emilia philosophy,

the Owens Child Care Center underwent

a homey makeover. “We owe these

children the chance to be cared for

in a homelike setting where they are

encouraged to be the best they can be,”

Ciecka said.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is a

very demanding philosophy for Owens

Early Childhood Education faculty

members to follow. According to Libby,

they must constantly be observing,

recording, photographing and discussing

their students with each other. “It’s a

constant spiral of learning,” Libby said.

(Continued on next page…)

Profile of Excellence: Jami Recker

Owens Community College Alumna

Jami Recker, a 1999 Owens Community College graduate, can now admit that her

mother, Rae Hilvers, was right about the direction Jami’s career should take. At the time, this

realization took Jami two additional semester at Owens to embrace. “My mom knew best,”

Jami says, “and I now love admitting she was right!”


Infant Teacher

Apple Tree Nursery School

1999 Owens Graduate

“When I checked out Owens

preschool program, I fell in love.”

The Ottawa native grew up in a family of three girls. After Jami graduated from Ottawa-

Glandorf High School in 1996, she enrolled at Owens in the occupational therapy program.

In this profession, Jami would be working with a predominately older clientele, but deepdown

Jami’s passion was young children. It was her mother that suggested to Jami that she

continue at Owens, but switch to their award-winning early childhood education program.

Not ready to admit that mom was right, Jami continued in occupation therapy for two

more semesters. “I realized I was fooling myself and my true passion,” she recalls. “When

I checked out Owens’ preschool program, I fell in love.”

Jami describes the Owens early childhood program as “great” and her instructors

“amazing.” She found everyone to be creative and very hands-on in the teaching methods.

“The amount of experience I gained at Owens in labs and hands-on exercises, I could not

have gotten at any other university,” Jami said.

By December 1999, Jami graduated with her associate degree in Early Childhood

Education and began teaching for Toledo Hospital’s Child Development Center. Then in

June 2000, Jami was hired as an Infant/Toddler Teacher for Apple Tree Nursery. Apple Tree

is located on The University of Toledo campus and serves their faculty, staff, and students.

The pre-school program is open to community enrollment.

Jami’s students are infants ranging from six weeks to eighteen months. The children stay with Jami until they are ready to move

up to the next classroom. Each day, she draws upon the tools and techniques she learned at Owens. Jami loves being part of the family

environment, which is the cornerstone of Apple Tree, and it shows.

In May 2004, the Toledo Area Parent News and the local chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children

honored Jami with a Shining Star Award for Outstanding Teacher. Kari Bonnell nominated Jami for her unending and nurturing style of

teaching. Her peers agreed.

“Jami emits radiant energy. It is amazing how she can come into work five times a week and have the same amount of energy day in

and day out. Jami lives to love and nurture the children in her room. Her child-like energy is what draws the children to her. She can be

found dancing with them, crawling through tunnels with them or putting on some kind of show for them. She is a role model of what

every infant teacher should aspire to be,” wrote Kari.

If you ask Jami where she sees herself in five years, she is very

quick to answer, “I am exactly where I want to be and I cannot

imagine being anywhere else!” A statement that makes her mother

very happy.

ON The Cover

(New Philosophy Shaping Child Care Practices at Owens continued…)

“We have started a new and exciting journey. Because of the Reggio

Emilia philosophy, we are now focused on providing children with

the right to express themselves through education.”

Ciecka added, “By implementing this philosophy at the

Child Care Lab, we give students the opportunity to see in practice

what is being heralded as one of the world’s best ways of teaching

young children.”

Ami Saar

(Early Childhood

’02) Owens

Preschool Teacher

demonstrates clay

figure techniques

to her students.



Take Me Out To The Ballgame!


Mud Hens Night

Home Run

for Alumni Association

Peanuts, crackerjacks and good times

were enjoyed by Owens Community

College Alumni Association members

at the first-ever Mud Hens Night at

Fifth Third Field. On hand to enjoy the

baseball game were almost 50 Alumni

members and their families.

The evening commenced with a hot,

grand slam buffet dinner, followed by

the Mud Hens versus the Richmond

Braves. During the evening, a visit was

made by Muddy the Mud Hen and

Scooby Doo. Both met and greeted

Alumni members and children and

provided camera-ready guests with

many photo opportunities. The Mud

Hens proved victorious and an

air of celebration wafted through the

field as the post-game fireworks

lit up the sky.

In a post-game wrap up, the results

were undisputed – the event was home

run with bases loaded for all!

Photos from Top:

“Muddy the Mudhen” give the Alumni

Association event a “thumbs up.”

Marti (’01) and Ryan Olszewski enjoy

the ballpark buffet.

Smiles all around -- Michael Sennett

(’04) and guest.

Is it Velma and Daphne? No, Scooby Doo

greats Alumni fans.

Owens Hosted 15th

Annual Diamante Awards

In honor of September being National

Hispanic Heritage Month, Owens Community

College collaborated with area institutions to

recognize and celebrate the profound and lasting

influence that individuals of Latino background

have on American history, values and culture.

The 15th annual Diamante Awards presented by

DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund took place

Friday, September 10, at the Center for Fine

and Performing Arts.

The Diamante Awards were created in 1989

by IMAGE of Northwest Ohio, a local Latino

advocacy group, to celebrate individuals and

organizations for their outstanding achievements

and service to Latinos. The Diamante Awards also

serve to raise scholarship funds for Latino youth

working toward a college degree.

The awards are a direct result of a one-of-akind

initiative sponsored by Bowling Green State

University, Lourdes College, the Medical College

of Ohio, Owens Community College, and The

University of Toledo. In addition to raising

scholarship dollars, the five institutions have

agreed to join together to raise funds through a

coordinated campaign and grant writing effort.

Owens Community College proudly hosted

this year’s premier Latino event, which began at

6 p.m. Guests enjoyed grazing and entertainment

by noted Latino band La Revancha. The awards

ceremony began at 7:30 p.m. and featured

Betty Rios, Community Liaison for Lucas

County Office of Job and Family Services, and

Marcos Popovich, Midwest Field Coordinator

for the United States Hispanic Leadership

Institute, as Masters of Ceremony. Dancing,

with entertainment by Los Cuatro Vientos,

immediately followed.

Alumni Association

Brave The Rapids

On Friday, July 16, Alumni Association members departed

the Owens Toledo-area campus for their maiden, whitewaterrafting

voyage. By the time the group arrived in Oak Hill,

West Virginia, they were primed for the adventure.

Early Saturday morning, the group arrived at Ace Adventure

Center, which features 1,400 private acres, bordering the

70,000-acre New River Gorge National River. By high noon,

the participants, flanked with helmets, paddles and most

important – personal flotation devices – started down the river.

The Crew (l to r): Carolyn Chapman, Kaye Koevenig, Mike Weaver, Ryan

McDaniel, Megan Dean, Ashley Ringenbach, Tim Saddoris, and Laura Moore.

Throughout the trip, the rapids ranged from Class II (easy) to Class V (very challenging). The day ended under the world’s longest

“Single Span Arch” bridge at 876 feet above the river. For beauty and immense power, no other eastern river compares with the

Lower New.

The inaugural alumni crew agreed that the trip was “excellent” and looks forward to BIG water and BIG fun next year.


2004 - 2005

Alumni Legacy

Endowed Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Cichocki

John Poddany

Thank you to our Scholarship Donors!

Denise Akers

John Alexander

Julie Bankert

William M. Butzin

William Caldwell

Walter J. Celley

Joanna Crosser

Daniel J. DeVerna

Tamela L. Druckenmiller

Eric L. Flechtner

Richard Graham

Jim M. Hauden

Joanna L. Heck

Raymond D. Henderson

Mark E. Jimenez

Joan L. Jones

Kahle Company dba K&L

Ready Mix

Kaye Koevenig

Rebecca R. Krouse

John E. Kurtz

Ron R. Lenz

Allan J. Libbe

Mary Martin

Janet M. Meacham

Terri L. Mohr

Laura J. Moore

Marcia K. Obarski

Marcia C. O’Connor

Patricia S. Penny

Linda L. Roznoski

Beverly K. Rust

Stephen P. Shaffer

John R. Soltesz

Tamara B. Storey

Mark C. Treadwell

Frank M. Weaver

James A. Wolsiffer


MEETThe Board

Janet Meacham, President

Regional Merchant Sales Officer

Fifth Third Bank

Janet Meacham is the Regional Merchant Sales Officer for Fifth Third Bank. Her responsibilities include

setting up the bank’s processing services with local businesses and businesses throughout the country. She

joined Fifth Third in 2000 and previously served as the Regional Merchant Sales Representative. Her

community involvement includes Junior Achievement, and she is actively involved with All Saints Catholic

Church as well as Rossford High School. Meacham earned an associate degree in business management

from Owens Community College in 1998. She and her husband, Dennis (‘84) have three children Amanda

Cichocki (18), Ashely Cichocki (16), and Madeline Meacham (9). She is a resident of Rossford.

Michael Rickard, Vice President

Athletic Coordinator, Student Enrichment and Athletics

Owens Community College

Michael Rickard is the Athletic Coordinator for Student Enrichment and Athletics at Owens Community

College. His main responsibility is to assist the director in performing department functions. He is also

a member of Maumee Rotary and Delta Eagles. Rickard earned his bachelor of education in athletic

recreation from The University of Toledo in 1984. He is also an Owens graduate, having received his

associate of science in recreation in 1982. He enjoys spending time with his children, Alexa (10) and Austin

(4) and is also an avid golfer, poker player and enjoys baseball and softball. He resides in Toledo.

Debbie Green, Secretary

Secretary to the Vice President of College Advancement

Owens Community College

Debbie Green is the Secretary to the Vice President of College Advancement at Owens Community

College. Her responsibilities include providing administrative support for the Vice President as well as

serving as Assistant Secretary for the Foundation. Prior to joining the Owens staff, she worked as a Data

Coordinator for Brush Wellman and Green Office Services, a home-based office support company. Green

earned her associate degree in applied business/office administration from Owens Community College

in 1978. Green is a member of the Glass City Chapter of the International Association of Administrative

Professionals. She enjoys music and reading. She and her husband, J. Keith (‘83), have two daughters,

Katie (20) and Jenny (18). She resides in Graytown.


Susan Litten, Treasurer

MRI Technologist

St. Luke’s Hospital

Part-Time Faculty Instructor – Imaging Technologies

Owens Community College

Susan Litten is an MRI Technologist for St. Luke’s Hospital. Her responsibilities include performing

MRI/technical procedures. She also works as a Part-Time Faculty member for Owens Community College.

She is an instructor for the Imaging Technologies where she serves as a Lab Assistant in open labs during

the evenings. Litten earned her associate degree in radiography from Owens Community College in 1979.

She also is actively involved in her community serving as chair for the ways & means committee for the

Maumee High School band. She has three children, Eric Heinze (18), Bradley Heinze (16) and Kirsten

Heinze (14) and resides with her husband, Jonathan Litten, in Maumee. She enjoys reading, organizing

and planning, gardening and shopping.

Laura J. Moore, Association Manager & Director

Manager, Alumni Affairs

Owens Community College

Laura J. Moore is the Manager of Alumni Affairs for Owens Community College and the Alumni

Association. In late September 2002, Moore became the first, full-time manager of alumni activities for

the College. In this role, she is responsible for the overall direction, coordination and operation of all

alumni programming. Prior to joining Owens, Moore enjoyed an 18-year career with Dana Corporation.

Her community involvement includes Junior Achievement volunteer, Junior League of Toledo, assistant

coach for All Saints girls’ volleyball, member of All Saints School Advisory Council, and Maumee Valley

Girl Scout Association. She received her bachelor’s degree in business education from Bowling Green

State University in 1983 and earned an associate degree in business from Bowling Green State University

in 1981. Moore enjoys reading, sports, traveling and her children. She has three daughters, Kaitlin (11),

Kelsey (8) and Mackenzie (6), and resides in Perrysburg.

Mark Carr, Director

Vice President and Mortgage Originator/Lender

Sky Bank

Mark Carr serves as a Vice President Mortgage Originator/Lender for Sky Bank. His duties include

originating, approving and closing mortgage loans as well as cross selling other bank services. He has

been with Sky Bank for twenty-four years, where he has held various positions, including, Teller,

Collections Manager and Banking Center Manager in various offices. He received his associate degree

in financial management from Owens in 1980. He also attended Adrian College for one year. Carr’s

community involvement includes active participation at All Saints Church, as well as basketball and

baseball coaching. He enjoys coaching and watching his children participate in their various activities.

They are Marcus Carr (21), Kaycie Carr (19), Cody Carr (13), Makaila Korakas (20), and Morgan

Korakas (18). Carr and his wife, Lori, reside in Perrysburg.

Steven R. Cotner, Director


Corporate Intelligence Consultants

Steven R. Cotner is the President of Corporate Intelligence Consultants. His responsibilities include

investigations for corporate clients and attorneys, pre-employment screening, and security management.

He founded Corporate Intelligence Consultants in 1977 and previously served in law enforcement as an

undercover narcotics investigator. His community involvement includes the Perrysburg Rotary as well as

the Board of managers at the Perrysburg YMCA. Cotner received his bachelor degree in criminal justice

from Bowling Green State University in 1977. He also earned an associate degree in law enforcement from

Owens Community College in 1975. Cotner enjoys fishing and traveling. He and his wife, Debby Peters,

reside in Perrysburg.

Gary Dettling, Ex-officio Director

Vice President, College Advancement

Owens Community College

Gary Dettling, Vice President of College Advancement for Owens Community College, draws on over

15 years experience in fundraising, marketing, public relations and web development, as he oversees these

initiatives for the College. Prior to joining Owens in February 2002, he served as the Dean of College

Advancement at St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron, Michigan. At Owens, he has

initiated a variety of fund development strategies to include a capital campaign, strengthened the College’s

Foundation Board, and enhanced the College’s image through heightened marketing and public relations

endeavors. Dettling is a member of the Toledo Club, Toledo Country Club, and sits on the Board of

Directors of the Greater Toledo Area Chapter, American Red Cross. He also serves his country in the

National Guard, holding the rank of Major. Dettling earned his master’s degree in educational leadership

from Eastern Michigan University and bachelor’s degrees in education and history from the University of

Montana. He has two daughters, Sophie (4) and Sarah (2).


Allen Gunn, Director

Managing Partner

World Financial Group

Allen Gunn is the Managing Partner for World Financial Group in Maumee, Ohio. He is responsible for

growth and expansion in this region and coaches families in the creation of wealth. His previous experience

includes serving in the military, sales consultant for Toshiba and account executive for Innoware. Gunn

earned his associate’s degree from Owens Community College in 2003, majoring in marketing and sales.

He is active in his church, is a soccer coach for Perrysburg Youth Soccer Association, and has begun an

organization for fathers called All Pro Dads. Gunn enjoys golfing, driving and playing with his kids. He and

his wife, Fran, have four children, Thomas (12), Emily (8), Lily (6), and Luke (2) and reside in Perrysburg.

Dr. Angela K. Jackson, Director

Doctor of Optometric

Quality Family Eyecare, Inc.

Angela Jackson is a Doctor of Optometric and owner of Quality Family Eyecare, Inc. in Rossford, Ohio.

Her private practice serves over 5,000 patients providing primary eyecare including the treatment of many

ocular diseases, contact lenses and low vision. Previously. Jackson was an associate with Maumee Eye Clinic.

She is a member of St. Jerome Church, the treasurer of the Toledo Area Optometric Society and a volunteer

at Mildred Bayer Homeless Clinic. Jackson received her Doctor of Optometry from The Ohio State

University in 1997 and an associate degree in applied science from Owens Community College in 1991.

Jackson enjoys running, reading and playing with her children. She and her husband, Thomas have two

children Sophia (5) and Harrison (3) and is a resident of Lake Township.

Kaye Koevenig, Director

Assistant Controller

Owens Community College

Kaye Koevenig is the Assistant Controller at Owens Community College. Her responsibilities include

coordinating monthly closings of the general ledger, maintaining the accuracy of the general ledger

balances through the review process or the preparation of account analysis. She also ensures that the

College is meeting the financial recording and reporting requirements established by outside agencies.

Kaye has been an Owens employee since June 1986, working various positions such as: Student Worker,

Staff Accountant-Special Projects Staff Accountant and Assistant Controller. Kaye is actively involved in

the Junior League of Toledo and is also a Board Member for Erie Shores Credit Union. Kaye earned her

associate degree is accounting from Owens in 1992. She then received her bachelor’s degree in business

administration from Heidelberg College in 1996, and in 1998, her MBA with an emphasis on public

administration from the University of Findlay. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, outdoor

activities, gardening and thoroughly enjoying and making the most out of life. Kaye is a Toledo resident.


David W. Seeger, Director

President & Chief Executive Officer

Great Lakes Credit Union, Inc.

David W. Seeger is the President and CEO of Great Lakes Credit Union, Inc. He serves as the Director of

Marketing in addition to his administrative duties. He has also worked for Toledo Pubic Schools Credit

Union, First Federal of Toledo and First Federal of Delta. Seeger received his bachelor of arts in business

administration from Lourdes College in 1988. He graduated from Owens Community College is 1980

with his associate degree in marketing & sales. His community involvement includes serving as an Ohio

Reads Volunteer, a member of the Executive Committee for the American Heart Association, and as the

leader of the YMCA annual fund campaign. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Toledo, Chamber

of Commerce, Sylvania Chamber of Commerce, Perrysburg Chamber of Commerce, the Society of Credit

Executives, and the Credit Union Executive Society. Seeger enjoys music, reading and staying physically fit.

He and his wife, Tracy, reside in Maumee. He has two children, Anthony (20) and Jonathon (13).

William Steele, Director

Principal, Director of Marketing and Design

Spring Valley Architects, Inc.

William Steele is Principal and Director of Marketing and Design for Spring Valley Architects, Inc.

in Maumee, Ohio. He directs the company’s marketing and all building designs. He has fifteen years

experience as a licensed architect. A 1978 Northview High School grad, he earned his associate’s degree

from Owens Community College in 1981, majoring in architectural technologies. In 1990, he earned

a bachelor of architecture from the University of Arizona and then a master of architecture degree

with design communications. Steele is also the Public Relations Director for the American Institute of

Architects, Toledo Chapter. He is on the Ottawa Hills Schools building committee, a member of the

Oregon Economic Development Foundation and the Wood County Economic Development Commission.

Steele enjoys snow and water skiing, golfing, tennis and has recently taken up motorcycle riding. He and

his wife, Cynthia, have a seven year-old son, Benjamin (7). He is a resident of Toledo.

Frank Weaver, Director

Sports Flooring Specialist

Midwest Paper Specialties

Frank Weaver is a Sports Flooring Specialist for Midwest Paper Specialties. His responsibilities include

the design, installation and refinishing of high-performance sports flooring for public and private arenas.

Weaver enjoys performing in community theatre and recently played a lead role in the Owens production

of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Weaver received an associate degree in business

management from Owens Community College in 1999. He enjoys golfing and music. He resides in Toledo.

Looking Back…

Looking Forward

Networking Reception

Networking Reception

Center for Fine and Performing Arts

Rotunda and Theatre

Toledo-area Campus

September 22, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Reserve your tickets by calling Laura Moore,

Alumni Affairs Manager, at (567) 661-7410

You are cordially invited to a Networking

Reception to reconnect with old friends and look

forward to new trends in business.






William Caldwell (General

’65) retired from Chrysler

and resides in Oregon, Ohio.

Robert Osstifin (Electro-

Mechanical Engineering ’68)

resides in Maumee, Ohio.



Chris Fletcher (Agribusiness

Management ’70) works for

Lorain County JVS and lives

in Litchfield, Ohio.

Bonnie Giles (Marketing &

Sales ’70) lives in Temperance,

Michigan with her husband,

Jack. She works for Monroe

County Community College.

William Meader (Accounting

’71) works for FirstEnergy

Corp. He and his wife, Carol,

live in North Olmsted, Ohio.

John Alexander (Law

Enforcement ’73) resides

in Maumee, Ohio and is

the Administrator for

Lucas County.

Dennis Weaver (Electro-

Mechanical Engineering ’73)

works for National Machinery

and resides in Tiffin, Ohio

with his wife, Sharon.

Ben Huckleby (Registered

Nursing ’75) lives in Rio

Rancho, New Mexico.

Janet Eppard (Registered

Nursing ’76) works for Rescue

Mental Health Services and

resides in Oregon, Ohio.

Robin Kramer (Dental Hygiene

’77) works for Toledo Lucas

County Health Department

and resides in Sylvania, Ohio

with her husband, James.

Robin (Purkey) VanGorder

(Marketing and Sales ’77) is

the Agency Manager for Purkey

Insurance Agency. She and

her husband, Steve, live in

Oregon, Ohio.

Darlene (Walkowiak)

Torda (Executive Secretarial

Technology ’78) works for

Owens Community College as

the Secretary to the Executive

Assistant to the President/

CTO. Her husband, Arthur

(Mechanical Engineering/

Design Drafting ’76), works for

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

as a Tool and Process Engineer.

They live in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Darla Hamstreet (Registered

Nursing ’79) works for Owens

Community College and

Promedica at Flower Hospital.

She and her husband, Thomas,

reside in Petersburg, Michigan.

James Hemp (Design /

Drafting ’79) works for

Marathon Special Products

and lives in Luckey, Ohio.

Edward Nitkiewicz (Business

’79) resides in Whitehouse,

Ohio and works as an

Accounting/Credit Manager for


Mike Weaver (Hospitality

Management ’79) works for

Hinkle Manufacturing and

lives in Toledo.

Chris Welsh (Business ’79)

earned his Bachelor of Arts

in Lodging and Institutional

Management from Siena

Heights University in

Adrian, Michigan. He has

resided in Boise, Idaho since

1994, where he is working

towards a Bachelor’s degree in

Photography/Graphic Design

at Boise State University

of Fine Arts.



David Seeger (Marketing &

Sales ’80) is the President and

CEO of Great Lakes Credit

Union, Inc. He and his wife,

Tracy, live in Maumee, Ohio.

Shirley (Sinclair) Carvalho

(Electronics ’81) lives in Weare,

New Hampshire with her

husband, Edward. She works

for EastPoint Technologies, Inc.

David Torda (Radiography ’81)

works for St. Charles Hospital

and lives in Toledo with his

wife, Laura.

Mary Wagner (Dental Hygiene

’81) works for Dr. Garber

& Associates with her husband,

Mark (Electronics ’82),

in Toledo.

George Brymer, Jr. (Computer

Programming ’82) is the Owner

and President of All Square, Inc.

He and his wife, Vicky, reside

in Toledo.

Timothy Keller (Electro-

Mechanical Engineering ’82)

retired from General Motors

after 30 years of service. He

now works for The University

of Toledo as a Judicial

Affairs Graduate Assistant

where he is also pursuing his

Ph.D. in Higher Education

Administration. He resides

in Lakeside, Ohio.

Kathleen McCarthy

(Registered Nursing ’83) works

for St. Vincent Mercy Medical

Center in Toledo. In June 2004,

her article, “Breaking Tradition,”

was published in Critical

Care Nurse.

Douglas Dreps (Biomedical

Electronics ’84) earned his

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

in Business Administration.

He now works as the Manager

of Clinical Engineering for

Memorial Hermann Healthcare

System’s eleven hospitals

and specialty facilities in the

Houston area. Doug celebrated

twenty years of marriage with

his wife, Robin. They have three

children, Steven (14), Nick (8),

and Lauren (4).

Daniel Jankowski (Business

Management ’85) works in

the Information Services

Department at the Medical

College of Ohio. He lives in

Sylvania with his wife, Sue.

Glenn Hardison (Design/

Drafting ’86) earned his

Associate degrees in Avionic

Systems and Maintenance

Production Management in

2001. He is now the Owner/

Director of Business Sense in

Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Business Sense is a one-stop

business-consulting firm.

Kim Roessner (Business

Management ’86) works for

the Ohio Department of

Transportation. She and her

husband, Bennett, live in

Bowling Green, Ohio.

Sue Sherman (Registered

Nursing ’86) works for

Northcoast Behavioral

Healthcare and lives with her

husband, Fred, in Toledo.

David Vermilya (Accounting

’86) works for Marco’s Pizza and

lives in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Carl Barnt, Jr. (Mechanical

Engineering ’87) works for King

Tool in Adrian, Michigan.

He and his wife, Mary, live

in Toledo.

Keith Szenderski (Marketing

and Sales ’87) works for the

City of Toledo and lives

in Toledo.

Joan Ciarelli (Accounting ’88)

resides in Milford, Ohio.

John Butson (Communication

Electronics ’89) works for

Interactive Intelligence, Inc. and

lives with his wife, Karen Marie,

in Metamora, Ohio.

Carol Krieger (Registered

Nursing ’89) works for the

Medical College of Ohio and

The University of Toledo. She

resides in Wauseon, Ohio.



Patricia Cairns (Accounting

’90) works for Penta Career

Center and lives in Toledo.

Carolyn Chapman (Office

Administration ’91) recently

earned her Master of Arts in

Organizational Management

from Spring Arbor University.

She works for the Lucas County

Board of Mental Retardation

and Developmental Disabilities.

She lives in Holland, Ohio.

Brian Sabo (Electro-Mechanical

Engineering ’91) works for

Recaro North America. He and

his wife, Amy, live in Oxford,


Matthew Traver (Fire Science

’91) works for the City of

Findlay Fire Department. He

and his wife, Julienne, live in

Findlay, Ohio.

Linda Hamilton (Registered

Nursing ’92) is a Staff Nurse at

The Toledo Hospital. She lives

in Walbridge, Ohio.

Kenneth Kamphorst

(Registered Nursing ’92) works

for the John D. Dingell VA

Medical Center in Michigan.

He resides in Toledo.

Pam Osborne (Information

Processing/Secretarial ’92) works

for HiSAN and lives in Findlay

with her husband, Jeff.

Holly Ray (Microcomputer

Business Systems ’92) works for

Photonics Systems in Toledo.

Nancy Mayer (Business

Management ’93) is retired

and lives in Toledo.

Doug Andrus (Business

Management ’94) earned his

Bachelor’s degree from the

University of Findlay in Finance

and Economics. He then went

on the get his MBA. He now

works as a Business Analyst for

Cooper Tire and Rubber. Doug

lives in Findlay, Ohio.

Debra Hansen (Registered

Nursing ’94) resides in Toledo.

Paula Cohen (Accounting ’95)

lives in Perrysburg, Ohio and

works for SJ Wozniak CPA, Inc.

Tanya (Snider) Tuttle

(Registered Nursing ’95) works

for Southern Ohio College and

resides in Findlay, Ohio.

Kristy Osstifin (Info

Processing/Secretarial ’96)

resides in Maumee, Ohio.

Harry Tinney (Landscape/Turf

Management ’96) works for

Black Diamond Nursery and

resides in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Angela Kurnik (Physical

Therapy Assistant ’97) works

for United Rehab and lives

in Toledo.

Eric Flechtner (Landscape/Turf

Management ’98) lives in Rio

Grande, Puerto Rico and works

for the Coco Beach Golf &

Country Club.

Jodi Hojnacki (Registered

Nursing ’98) works for

Heartland Home Health

& Hospice. She lives in

Sylvania, Ohio with her

husband, Michael.

Randy Saint John (Law

Enforcement ’98) earned his

Bachelor’s degree in Criminal

Justice from Lourdes College.

In 2003, he was hired part-time

to teach at the Toledo Police

Academy on the Owens campus.

He was recently assigned to a

Counter-Terrorism Unit with

Deputy U.S. Marshal Status.

He also works part-time for

the Berkey Police Division.

He credits his education with

achieving his promotion to

Captain. Randy took the

Law School Application

Test (LSAT) in June 2004

and plans on attending law

school at The University of

Toledo. He has three children,

Jordan (18), Scerena (4), and

Angeleena (2).

Attention All Nursing Graduates:

We have a solution for you!

The Owens Student Nurse Association would like to

start a “uniform recycling” program. This program would

offer student uniforms, lab coats, and books for Owens

nursing students to purchase for a small cost. Items will be

listed online at a set price. The money made at the end of

each semester will be used for the purchase of nursing pins for

those who may not be able to purchase one. The long-term

goal is to cover the cost of pins for all the graduates.

Are your old textbooks gathering dust?

Have you stuffed your student

uniform away in a box?

Are your HESI and NCLEX study

guides taking up too much room

on your bookshelves?

What items can you donate?

• Gently used uniforms and lab coats

• Textbooks, reference books

• HESI and NCLEX materials

• Any drug books or PDR’s

(including out of date materials)

How can you donate?

Drop off donations to

the Nursing Office

Email the SNA at




Andrea Cutcher (Business

Administration ’99) works

for The University of Toledo

as a Senior Human Resource

Specialist. She became

engaged in July 2004 while

in San Francisco, California.

She was elected to office

of Secretary for the Toledo

Area Human Resource

Association for 2004-2005.

She is also serving as the

Sponsorship Chair for the

Ohio Human Resource

Conference. She lives in

Maumee, Ohio.

Connie Dunn (Digital

Media ’99) works for

Canberra Corporation and

resides in Toledo.

Carrie Heringhausen

(Water Treatment Certificate

’99) resides in Toledo with

her husband, Jason, and

works as an Environmental


Dominique Pasqualone

(Corrections ’99) earned

her Bachelor of Science in

Criminal Justice from The

University of Toledo in

May 2001. She works for

the Wood County Sheriff’s

Office and recently returned

to Owens to earn her Ohio

Peace Officer’s Certificate.

Eric Paul (Business

Management ’99) works

for Owens as a Computer

Technician. He lives is

Gibsonburg, Ohio.

Jason Pietrzak (Computer

Electronics ’99) lives

in Toledo.

Becky Rudnicki (Registered

Nursing ’99) works for

Daimler Chrysler. She and

her husband, Dennis, live

in Oregon, Ohio.

Teresa Sulaica (Business

Administration ’99) was

recently named Retail Banking

Officer/Branch Manager for

The Exchange Bank. She

oversees branch operations

and business development

while building, growing and

enhancing relationships with

current and potential customers

in Wood and Lucas counties.

Teresa is a graduate of the

University of Findlay and is

active in the March of Dimes,

Rotary International and the

Holland-Springfield Chamber

of Commerce. She lives in

Sylvania Township, Ohio.

Carolyn (Curry) Warnimont

(Environmental Management

’99) lives in Findlay, Ohio.



Catherine Bargy (Accounting

‘00) works for Toledo Ticket

Company and resides in Toledo.

Matthew Good (Basic

Supervision Certificate ’00)

works for Aramark Uniform

Services and lives in Swanton,

Ohio with his wife, Cathie.

Lynnette Lemke (Health

Information Management

Systems ’00) works for St.

Vincent Mercy Medical

Center and lives in Toledo.

Rachael Lanning (Business

Administration ’00) and her

husband, Nevin, live in Toledo.

Rachael works for NAMSA as a

Marketing Assistant.

James Wolsiffer (Electrical/

Electronics ’00) works for

Buckeye CableSystem and lives

in Millbury, Ohio with his

wife, Laura.

Stacy Cowell (Education ’01)

lives in Rossford, Ohio. She is a

student at Bowling Green State


Tammy Esper (Digital Media

’01) resides in Toledo and works

as a Production Artist/Designer

for Naptime Productions.

Erica Hayes (Registered

Nursing ’01) works for The

Toledo Hospital and resides

in Toledo.

Jamie (Grosteffon) Morris

(Business Management ’01)

and her husband, Mark, live

in Perrysburg, Ohio. She works

for Norplas as an Assistant

Safety Coordinator.

Deborah Shuff (Registered

Nursing ’01) works for

Flower Hospital and lives

in Perrysburg, Ohio.

John Westhoven (Agri-

Business Management ’01)

earned his Bachelor’s degree in

Organizational Management

from Bluffton College in May

2004. He is employed with the

Pioneer Hi-Bred International,

Inc. – Grand Rapids Production

Plant in Grand Rapids,

Ohio. He works in the Seed

Conditioning Department. John

resides in Liberty Center, Ohio.

Nicole (Whitcum) Vail

(Office Administration ’01)

and her husband, Joshua, live

in Northwood, Ohio. Nicole

works for Bay Park Hospital

as a Unit Secretary.

Dana (Coker) Blalark

(Education – Trans. Middle

Childhood ’02) is the President

of Elect Ladies in Detroit,

Michigan. She resides in Toledo.

Richard Cook III (OPOTA

Certificate ’02) is a Police

Officer for Clay Center, Ohio.

He resides in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Dwayne Cuthbertson

(Marketing and Sales ’02)

works for Angels Lobster Feast

and lives in Orlando, Florida.

Bethany Dixon (Accounting

’02) resides in Toledo.

Kristin Gawronski (Business

Administration ’02) works

for Pilkington and resides in

Maumee, Ohio.

Ralph Hall (Computer

Systems Certificate ’02) lives

in Sylvania, Ohio.

Joanna Heck (Registered

Nursing ’02) lives in Swanton,

Ohio and works at St. Charles

Mercy Hospital.

Matthew Holdridge (Digital

Media ’02) lives in Toledo and

works for Naptime Productions

as a Production Artist.

Mary Pavlov (General Studies

’02) married Chris Ebright on

February 21, 2004. She attends

Bowling Green State University,

where she is working towards

her Bachelor’s degree in Social

Work. Mary also works for

Sunshine Inc. of Northwest

Ohio as a Residential Specialist

working with mentally retarded

adults. She and Chris live in

Rossford, Ohio.

Linda Roznoski (Business ’02)

is the proud grandmother of

two boys. Her first grandson

was born April 27, 2003 and

her second grandson was born

September 23, 2003. She works

for the Lutheran Home Society

Family and Youth Service as

an Administrative Assistant

in Accounting. She and her

husband, David, live in Toledo.

James Rutkowski (Auto

Business Management ’02)

works for George Ballas Buick

GMC Truck and resides in

Temperance, Michigan.

Pat Sill (Accounting ’02) works

for Chemcentral and resides in

Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Wanda Terrell (Social

Sciences ’02) went on to

earn her Bachelor’s degree in

Individualized Studies from

Lourdes College. She credits

Owens with preparing her

to complete her degree. She

followed in her mother, Juanita

Terrell’s (Early Childhood

Education ’74), footsteps and

also graduated with honors.

Wanda has a 15-year-old son

who is a sophomore at St. John’s

Jesuit High School. She is also

currently pursuing her MBA at

Lourdes. Wanda says she enjoys

living and working in Toledo.

Elizabeth Tester (Accounting

’02) works for Robison,

Curphey & O’Connell

and resides in Toledo.

Sitta Washington (Registered

Nursing ’02) works at St.

Vincent Mercy Medical Center

and lives in Toledo.

Thomas Clark (Computer

Programming ’03) resides in

Bowling Green, Ohio. His

summer plans include taking

a month off from work to visit

family in Washington and

Oregon. After his visit to the

Northwest he will then travel to

Michigan for a relaxing, week

long vacation.

Edward Deisher (Criminal

Justice ’03) works for Walgreen’s

and lives with his wife, Kelly, in


Allen Gunn (Marketing

and Sales ’03) decided it was

time to leave the rat race

of corporate America as a

Telecommunications Sales

Consultant and do something

important for his community

and family. He says “ I used

many of the lessons learned

while attending Owens to

get my owns business up and

running and now have time

to do the things that are really

important in life.” He is now

able to be more involved in his

community and Church and

“to give back out of the surplus

he is now receiving.” Allen is

the Managing Partner/Principal

of World Financial Group and

resides in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Frances Hoke (Microcomputer

Business ’03) works at Loma

Linda Restaurant and lives in

Maumee, Ohio.

David Knisel (Skilled Trades

Electrical ’03) currently resides

in Toledo.

Brandon Norviel (Accounting

’03) resides in Fostoria, Ohio.

Greg Baumgartner (Hospitality

& Food Management ’04)

works for Island House and

lives in Fremont, Ohio.

Debra Keiser (Microcomputer

Business Systems ’04) lives in

Findlay, Ohio.

Sean Matson (Computer-

Aided Design ’04) works for

The Home Depot and lives in

Maumee, Ohio.

Carrie Mayweather (Education

– Transfer Early Childhood ’04)

lives in Toledo and works for

EOPA Head Start.

Request for



Emily O’Neal (Marketing

and Sales ‘ 04) works for

Charter One Bank and lives

in Rossford, Ohio with her

husband, Dan.

Matthew Schanke (Wide

Area Networking ’04) lives

in Toledo and works for

Matrix Technologies, Inc.

in System Services.

Alison Lipinski

(Occupational Therapy

Assistant ’04) resides in

Toledo where she is

employed by the

Medical College of Ohio.

Name ______________________________

Address _____________________________


City _______________________________

State ____________ Zip _______________

Gayla Coleman (Digital Media

’03) received her Bachelor’s

degree from Bowling Green

State University. She is a

part-time faculty member at

Owens in the Center for Fine

and Performing Arts and is

currently working towards her

Master’s degree in Technology

from BGSU. She is a member

of Epsilon Pi Tau, Phi Theta

Kappa, Tau Alpha Pi and Chi

Alpha. She owns GJC Graphics,

where she is also the

Senior Designer.

Charlene Day (Accounting ’03)

is an Administrative Assistant

for Eight Federal Credit Union

and resides in Toledo.

Desiree Shumaker (Registered

Nursing ’03) works at Bucyrus

Community Hospital. She

lives in Tiffin, Ohio with her

husband, Gary.

Raymond Stacy (Computer

Programming ’03) lives

in Toledo and works for

Technology Solutions, Inc.

as a Programmer.

Tamara (DeBrosse) Storey

(Marketing & Sales ’03) works

for Newlove Realty Inc. as a

Manager/Realtor. She lives

in Toledo.

Timothy West (Biology ’03)

lives in Millbury, Ohio.

Phone ______________________________

E-mail ______________________________

Graduation Date/Major:


Please complete and mail to:

Owens Community College

Alumni Association

P.O. Box 10,000

Toledo, OH 43699-1947

or complete online at:


Annual dues only $20 per year.

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Back to School IN STYLE

Youth Fleece V-neck Pullover

100% polyester; gray with red;

Sizes 2,4,6 and small, medium

and large. $13.95

Youth Sweatpants

50% cotton 50% polyester; red

with white Owens lettering;

Sizes 3,4,5/6,7. $11.95

Alumni Coffee Mug

Ceramic mug with Alumni

wording. $4.95

Owens Express Ball Cap

100% cotton; black with Express

logo, adjustable band. $9.95


Adult Hooded


50% cotton

50% polyester;

red with black

lettering or

black with

white lettering;



Specify color choice and options when necessary. Prices valid

through next issue. Allow two to four weeks delivery – unless

stated otherwise. All orders are subject to availability.

SHIPPING & HANDLING *(For the contiguous U.S.)

Up to $14.99....... $3.95

$15 to $24.99 .... $5.95

$25 to $49.99 .... $6.95

$50 to 74.99........$7.95

$75 and up.......... $8.95

........ *unless otherwise noted


Alumni Association member discount

(Subtract 15%)

7% Sales Tax (Ohio residents only)

Shipping & Handling (See chart below)

Total amount mailed

MAIL TO: Owens Alumni Association, P.O. Box 10,000, Toledo, Ohio 43699-1947


Include your check (payable to: Owens Alumni Association)

OR Charge to: ❍ VISA ❍ MASTERCARD (Sorry, no CODs)

Card No. _____________________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________



City_______________________________________ State______________ Zip ____________________

Phone_______________________________________________ Graduation Year __________________

Questions? Call the Owens Alumni Association at 567-661-7410 or fax 567-661-7667


P.O. Box 10,000

Toledo, OH 43699-1947

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